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Luc de Fougerolles


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Full name    Luc de Fougerolles
Date of birth - 2005
Place of birth- England? 
Playing position- Right back, left back

Height-178 cm

Luc de Fougerolles | Fulham Wiki | Fandom

Luc de Fougerolles is a defender who currently plays for Fulham's academy. Comfortable on the back line either centrally or on the left, he broke through to the U18 squad in the 2021-22 season aged 15.

Name | Birthyear | Where they grew up | Active start/first club

de Fougerolles, Luc | 2005 | London, ENG | Battersea Bedhead

Luc de Fougerolles... he/him... speaks English... his father Jean de Fougerolles was born in Montréal... grew up participating in soccer, rugby, cricket, swimming... he was five years old when he started playing soccer for Battersea Bedhead... enjoys cooking/food, travel, tennis, skiing... growing up, favourites included Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard, Chelsea FC, Fulham FC...

Profile - Canada Soccer

Luc De Fougerolles - Player profile 21/22 | Transfermarkt

England - L. De Fougerolles - Profile with news, career statistics and history - Soccerway


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On 4/5/2022 at 7:30 PM, blueseeka said:

Do we know how strong his Canadian connection is? Everything seems to be born and raised in France.

Amazing having a 15 year old playing at Fulham u18. Very promising



It says in the opening post he started playing soccer at the age of five at Battersea Bedhead so I don't think he was raised in France.

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As a Fulham fan i can tell you he is very highly rated. Fulham has a top 3 academy in the UK.

He is currently part of the England setup, although only at the U16 level. 

In the last 5 years you can thank us for helping develop Liam Millar and Harry Paton. 

Future is bright, and im hoping he decides to play for Canada. 

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Noticed he was on the bench today for Fulham u21 in their game against Chrystal Palace. Did not get into the match, but did play the 2nd half last week against Manchester United u21. They were down 2-0 when he came on and the game finished 2-1. 

So far this season he has made 2 appearances in Premier League 2 were they sit in 5th place. While in the Premier League Cup he has made 3 appearances and Fulham finished with a perfect group stage record with 6 wins to move onto the knockout rounds. As well as 13 appearances and a goal for the u18s.

He apparently plays as a fullback and just turned 17 in October.

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La Presse did an article in French on him (translated link here hopefully works): https://www-lapresse-ca.translate.goog/sports/soccer/2023-07-16/luc-de-fougerolles/montrealais-de-seconde-generation-espoir-de-premier-plan.php?_x_tr_sl=fr&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc

Relevant excerpt:

That said, Luc is not a complete stranger to Quebec. He came there on several occasions to visit his family on his father's side and to spend holidays there. His father also made an effort to teach him the language of Plume Latraverse, although he had lost some of it in recent years due to his busy schedule. “I still speak French a little bit,” he laughs.

He needed little more to be eligible to represent Canada internationally.

Fulham have kindly handed over video footage to the Canadian team and academy coaches have also been in touch with Canadian leaders to preach for their colt. The phone rang pretty quickly afterwards.

The full-back was called up in April 2022 to represent the Under-20s and, unsurprisingly, he was the youngest player called up. However, COVID-19 prevented him from joining the Canadian team for the camp.

It should be noted, however, that representing Canada at this age does not commit De Fougerolles to anything for the senior team. He could decide to wear another uniform when the time comes, for example that of England.

It is obvious that having two nationalities only increases my chances of playing on the international stage. It's a dream that I want to realize at some point.

Luc de Fougerolles

However, he does not want to close the door to the English selection at this point. Or even to an as yet unknown selection.

“Maybe if I dig a little deeper, I could get another [nationality],” he drops.

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On 6/26/2023 at 7:23 PM, sandman said:


Won scholar of the year at Fulham. Broke into the U21's as well despite being 17. 


Highly rated, and is on the England radar for the next U21 cycle 

Shit!  The ideal scenario is he's gooood, but not too goooood.

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