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    • "Doomsday scenario"   https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/doomsday-scenario-fascinate-nottingham-forest-4029970    
    • You're talking about soccer balls, right?
    • Its not where he is ranked that stands out to me (nor does it matter), its the tier of player that he is in contention with. Without a doubt Phonzie is up there with the best of the best of his generation.
    • I didn’t see a second of that game I don’t think, but I remember the scorers being mentioned on Soccer Saturday with Graham Leggat. It is a random memory that I remember De Rosario and Kindle (but I can never remember if his name is Kindle or Tindel, first name Steve I think?) scoring in the same game. Unless I am remembering a World Cup qualifier where they both scored. My impression at the time was that De Ro always scored, but it looks like he only got the one in the World Cup. This ends my useless anecdote
    • There weren't as many teams back then, outside of England. It was also a hand to mouth situation as far as the financial operations were concerned. Now all the teams are so leveraged against other assets and it's far more complicated. But I do recall reading in Soccernomics them referencing that a few teams stumbled to regain their footing in England after the War and a few dissapeared but shockingly not many. It a lot of countries in Europe and in some cases still they were considered public institutions so it's a different model. Eastern Europe, Spain etc. I'm just thinking out loud so I stand to be corrected All you have to do is go back a few months and look at Bury. Sure there are ways to get around the debt load but if there are no prospects for sufficient revenue on the horizon it's just a charity case at that point and a lost cause
    • I don’t know much about soccer history. Did many teams fold during either world wars?
    • That must be tough. Even if her symptoms don’t cause her much grief (I didn’t understand some of her post, but “heart failure” doesn’t sound fun) it must be very tough to be kept away from your newborn baby. All the best Karina!
    • I'm tempted to make the argument that removing some of the money from certain levels of professional football is exactly the medicine which has been long called for.  However, there's that law of unforseen consiquences over there, lurking in the shadows getting ready to pounce so I'll keep that suggestion on the passive level. But I don't know.  No one has a real idea what will happen next, in the summer.  By that I mean what ever passes for the recovery of day-to-day life and the economy.   And whatever happens here may not be whats happening over there.  The world is a big place. Wow.  That's all sort of cryptic isn't it?  Am missing my football thought.  Doesn't get any more black & white than that.  🙁       
    • Seems like a player with a fair bit of potential. I like the AO moves thus far. 
    • Out of all the matches listed above, the one I would love to see the most is the 2-1 victory over Hungary, which was played on June 23, 1997. This was the only game that Canada has ever won at this elite level after having conceded the opening goal. Does anyone recall anything at all about Canada's only come-from-behind World Cup victory? https://www.fifa.com/u20worldcup/matches/round=191277/match=31005/index.html#nosticky https://www.fifa.com/u20worldcup/archive/malaysia1997/teams/team=44020/matches.html The only Canadian match from this tournament that I have been able to find appears on the following YouTube video:  
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