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  1. Rating apps can be wonky but FotMob gave David a 5.5, is that a reflection of how he actually played?
  2. That road feels a lot less daunting after the last month.
  3. This is my outlook as well. Stoppage time heart break is tough but I would’ve bet a pretty penny on some dodgy call(s) happening in extra time in favour of Mexico. Mexico vs USA is the wanted final and the final they get, anything else would be seen as major shock.
  4. Our midfield depth only goes so far down. I’d imagine by the end of WCQ we will have had 7-8 different CM/CDMs play. If Arfield wants to play we will invite him.
  5. I’ve been critical of Kaye this Gold Cup but he was very good tonight
  6. Hopefully that goal just opened up a lot of new eyes in Europe
  7. Look at how far we’ve come, our C+ team went toe to toe with Mexico’s A- in crowd with over 60,000 Mexicans. We are going to pummel them in Mexico with no fans.
  8. Not sure why people are complaining about the stoppage time stuff Johnston was down for 3-4 minutes during stoppage time
  9. Theo has scored some bangers at the U23 level and has a lot of unpredictability in his game (a bit like Tajon). Akindele is very good at hold-up play so obviously there’s some advantages of playing each. To me it comes down to professional experience and that you can still get goals from Tajon/Junior and then use Akindele as the hold-up man. In saying that if Akindele is not doing much to help get Theo in there as soon as possible.
  10. Not really new news but: https://www.teamtalk.com/news/exclusive-warnock-talks-triple-reunion-middlesbrough-transfers TeamTalk are a somewhat reputable source so maybe there’s some actual legs to the rumour. If I recall correctly the original Middlesbrough rumour was just some local newspaper writer making a connection to Hoilett and Warnock.
  11. Seems like he might be the #9 in this video with no name on the back??? edit: Well it seems none have names on the back but I still think it might be him.
  12. Mexico should win but they also drew to Trinidad and Tobago and didn’t look great against El Salvador, so anything can happen is my mentality going into this game!
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