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  1. Crepeau Johnston - Henry - Miller ZBG - Piette - Eustaquio - Davies Hoilett David - Millar I think it’s tough to not start Osorio after his performance today but I think he’s better to be fully rested for BMO Field. I also think one of Tajon / Davies / David also has to be rested.
  2. Not that I think it will happen but it would be fun to see Cava in Europe
  3. I'd imagine Haiti will be trying to cap him
  4. Would be really fun if Shaffelburg emerges as a legitimate CanMNT option
  5. Easy to tell that someone family members have found this website lol
  6. He played 5 minutes last Sunday in a 3-1 win!
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Only chance we ever had at this guy was if we made the WC (and Egypt didn't) and he still hadn't been called up by Egypt. Not the end of the world because I'm pretty sure Omar has made it clear in the past he wants to play for Egypt. Best of luck to him!
  8. I have had this opinion in the past but all the really good players on the states have a "I can do this on my own" mentality that hurts them a lot. I think we've seen Davies show that attitude sometimes as well and it's resulted in him having some poor performances sometimes. Luckily Davies is a different level of good and he doesn't always do that but it seems like the guys on the USMNT do. On Canada we have guys that buy into a system and are able to play their role well on most given nights. USMNT for me are just a bunch of guys trying to skill their way to win which often does work because they just have that many high quality players. When it doesn't work and other teams push back as a team they fall apart.
  9. I’m thinking the opposite where USA losing to El Salvador would mean they try extra hard against us at home
  10. Every game but Jamaica vs Mexico. We don’t want Jamaica picking up points versus Mexico
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