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  1. Nuno also said if the opportunity for him to play arises they will because they trust him. EDIT: Some odd clips throughout of Theo, mainly wearing an orange top. Clip at 10:10 of him playing in a scrimmage with Raul.
  2. Reading the Wolves forum (Molineux Mix) they seem to all agree that Corbeanu should at least be on the bench the rest of the season and given a chance since Neto is out. Guess we will have to see what Nuno does.
  3. He’s the 7th player 21 or younger to reach 10 goals in a top 5 league, I call that pretty good 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Watch them call it an own goal again lmao
  5. HITC and some other Turkish media outlets have been rumouring that Everton will try to sign Larin in a swap deal (+cash) for Cenk Tosun, who is currently on loan at Besiktas from Everton. There's also reports Everton are interested in American striker Daryl Dike.
  6. Well it's now being reported by TSN
  7. Lol I love the translation from google
  8. People were really complaining about not starting the best possible lineup because we want to get a good goal differential lol
  9. Another assist and it’s 2-1
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