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  1. Not sure I agree with that. If we just look at the presumptive 6 group winners (let alone the 3 that will make it to the Ocho): Canada, Haiti, El Salvador, Panama, Curacao, T&T Which of these is Suriname better than on paper? Maybe T&T, maybe Curacao? Suriname looks better now than they did a month ago, but let's not cower in fear just yet. Could they beat us in a one-off? Yes. Could they beat any CONCACAF team? No. But we could.
  2. I think Bermuda has to outright win against Suriname for it to change anything for us. We would still be in 'win or draw and we're through': If Suriname gets a draw against Bermuda, they are sitting at 7 and us at 9 going into the game. We would still need a win or a draw to get in. If Suriname gets a win against Bermuda, a draw against us puts us both at 10 pts, but we'd certainly win out on GD. So again 'win or draw'. If Suriname loses to Bermuda, then we can still lose the last game to Suriname and go through on GD. This is the only scenario where 'win or draw' isn't the req
  3. They had a pretty good run up in Nations League qualifying a couple years back. Came within +1 GD I think from qualifying for GC 2019. I think Montserrat is considerably better than Cayman Islands, both Virgin Islands, etc.
  4. I don't know if any of you are in the US and watching on FS1. But man, these commentators are awful. So biased for Mexico, but then talking about Tajon non-stop when Canada has the ball.
  5. Grew up as an absolute soccer hater. Like a 'this is not a real sport' hater. But I happened to be in Australia when they beat Uruguay in penalties to qualify for the world cup for the first time in decades, and the joy in the Australian fans was infectious. Been following team Canada ever since. I may have overcorrected though, because when the Euros are on I am the obnoxious guy in my friends who goes 'yeah but did you see the lineup Canada put on against Martinique?!?!'
  6. I have no way of watching this stream so I'm relying on all of you for analysis. Are they bunkering and we can't break it down? Just terrible at finishing? I see Cav has missed a few chances...
  7. One of his strengths is as a business development type speaker, so in his role at CSA if he can bring more money into CSA coffers, it doesn't matter to me if he sounds sleazy.
  8. He was my prof for 4th year business strategy at McMaster. He's a good prof, but imagine this energy at 8:30am after yet another all nighter spent working on your courses called 'Solid State Physics II' & 'Lasers and Electro-Optics'. It was exhausting.
  9. In fairness, when I lived in the Ottawa Valley, I hated soccer. It took a trip to Australia that happened to be during the Australia-Uruguay inter-confederation WCQ matches in 2005 to change that. Also, Deep River is like 90% snowmobiles and hunting, but the other 10% is nuclear physics research. It's a very odd place to grow up.
  10. In one of those oddly specific coincidences, I'm a Chinese-Canadian from the Ottawa Valley (Deep River), so these two rules clash.
  11. Forgive the further aside, but in Chinese culture it's the exact opposite. Every aunt/uncle has a different title based on whether they are older or younger, if it's a sibling of your mom or dad, and even which order they were born. I was 32 years old when I realized that my aunt's name wasn't '5-aunt', and that's only because a 25 year old said that he had just figured out that *his* aunt's name wasn't '4-aunt'. It's so confusing, I don't even know what my nephew is supposed to call me or my wife.
  12. On Wotherspoon, can we all just agree that it's a shame that we now have a guy nicknamed 'spoony', but unfortunately 10 years after 'Taste the Soup'. That banner practically writes itself.
  13. The data pretty much supports this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_language_in_Europe Personally, in my travels in Europe the only place where I couldn't understand the train announcements was in England. It sounded like we weren't even speaking the same language!
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