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Rule 1 - Be excellent to each other

This may sound lighthearted, however, it really is important and should be taken seriously.

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Rule 2 - Common Goals & Community

Accept that this is a community and we have a common goal of supporting and improving the game in this country at all levels.  This does NOT mean we all agree on how to do that. What it does mean is that no matter how much you may disagree, on say how youth development should proceed you should at least in principle be working towards similar goals

If you are part of a supporters group, post in this forum, write a blog, coach a team… you all have more in common with one another than you don’t.  Remember that.


Rule 3 - Would you say this over a beer?


Before you write something, ask yourself if this is something you would say over a beer.

If you wouldn’t say it over a beer, don’t type it.

Rule 4 - Game on, Game off - we are all neighbors

We need to be able to separate taking the piss and self deprecating humor from actual anger.  When the whistle blows, take the piss out of one another. Have at it. However, when the final whistle blows you have to go back to being neighbors again.


If you get angry, take a break.  This is all supposed to be fun. There is no other reason to be doing it.


Rule 3 - Anger and abuse

Abuse will not be tolerated in public or private messages.

We all make mistakes, have bad days or let life spill over into the things we type.  For this we will make use of warnings and temporary bans with increasing severity if the behaviour persists.

Rule 5 Relentless and unnecessary negativity

This is for many a way of life in Canadian soccer as there is, and remains, a lot to be negative about.  I spent too much time this way to recall, and I wish I could have that time back. It didn’t help me get anything done, it achieved nothing. The biggest reason not to persist in this is that it isn't mentally healthy, and this I can personally attest to.

Similar to rule 3,  ask yourself… “does this need to be ripped apart?  Do I really need to react to this? “

Instead ask yourself… “is there a constructive and moderated approach to critiquing this?”

This isn’t so much a rule, I can’t see how it could be and I can’t see how to make it one fairly. It’s just an important point that needs to be made.

Rule  6 -Politics

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