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  1. I thought he was average, not good nor bad, can’t say the Center 3 were given too much to do.
  2. There’s nothing to play for though
  3. I think Caldwell mentioned there’s physical/fitness issue that has been a part of why he hasn’t played so much, but for his first start wow.
  4. Subbed off at the 80, looked tired at the end, however didn’t put a foot in wrong, was TFC’s best and most dangerous player, just fantastic, had me on the edge of my seat with every touch, looked like the player that was advertised tonight.
  5. This poor kid…. Altidore gets 45…
  6. He’s coming in now for Soteldo.. so Rutty should shift up top on the right.
  7. I’d imagine they kick tires on him this off-season, but it may be Miller who’s moved, I think everyone knows St.Clair has the higher ceiling.
  8. It’s been 18 minutes but he’s looking awesome… if this is what he looked like in training it’s really embarrassing that he didn’t start sooner.
  9. Well LOL Bono and Rutty looking great so far
  10. Well he’s on the bench over players who should sit before him.
  11. Yep, it tells all though that he’s not playing now.
  12. Hoping he gets some minutes, I know he had some injuries but not sure why Mullins is starting over him other than him being injured.
  13. Nothing to play for and he’s on the bench… they should just release him so he can find time elsewhere.
  14. Confirmed what we all suspected, not rated by brass and not good enough for TFC, needs a new start.
  15. Not sure what to make of him not starting, probably time he requests a move, reality is that either he’s not good enough for this level as he didn’t pan out, or TFC simply don’t rate him. It’s unlikely he is going to be the player we thought he would at this point it time. nothing to play for and he’s on the bench…
  16. Yea. Unless they force a transfer… I’d imagine though that he’s gone at season end, he looks like he has the quality to play higher.
  17. Yea will he interesting to see this off season… mls teams have a reputation for not paying their domestics.
  18. I think everyone is to blame but can only make the most of it.
  19. Yea but Ballou was brutal that game and Henry was sending a mesSage.
  20. Agreed 100%, and looking to the highlights he may be both a 10 and on the right wing, he hit some good balls.
  21. Long fucking overdue, agent must of pressed hard and there’s got to be some pressure above him.
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