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  1. The league has to get this part figured out.
  2. I can see him going to a lower PL team, he’s around that quality right now. You don’t undress Gallardo if you’re not close to that level. this same guy tweeted that Traore could be sold…
  3. I didn’t even know Forge had young players and that they even played them.
  4. Who’s Cleary and Son ? early but man are we good at that level…
  5. Very likely, wonder if he gets tried at CB ? would have to imagine that he’s close to a call if he can those some minutes early.
  6. I wonder if bayern asked them to find more Phonzie’s 😂
  7. I’m just happy to hear he started
  8. I do think he can and will get faster, he’s certainly tricky and not far off from the PL, he embarrassed Gallardo last night.
  9. Atleast he’ll play, and didn’t they just lose a CB ?
  10. I lurked for a while before posting anything ahahah. But yea I’ve been around since Tesho committed, those were some tough days. But man is the sun shining bright this morning.
  11. Tough night, hard ending. it’s almost like a dream guys, a good one but with a bittersweet ending. I’ve been on these boards for about 10 years as a lurker/poster, and been following our soccer team since about 2011, around the dawn of the Larin/Akindele era. I know some of you have been around way longer, I just want to say what a journey this has been. I know we aren’t done, I know we aren’t there yet, but when we started we could only dream of a result like this, with a team like this, missing so many starters and having so much depth. Looking at what 10 years of mls has done, I can’t wait to see what 10 years of Can PL and the golden generation can do. I never imagined us having kids (Dieu) going on trial at Bayern… or competing for a kid who’s in Arsenals academy. I remember a time when our guys had to kick and run, today we were able to repeatedly dribble past the Mexicans and play out of the back… look how far we’ve come. Look how far we’ve come, I can’t wait for the rest. night boys
  12. I think it will be fast now, they are top talents. Either way doesn’t matter, next gold cup is ours and those fuckers are going to be terrified.
  13. We will pass the Mexicans, it’s coming boys. This might not be their A team, but they were closer to theirs than we were ours. 10 years ago we aren’t in this. We’re close boys.
  14. Guys i know we didn’t do it, but I am so proud. We sent a warning shot, we’re close, we can touch them and we’re coming.
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