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  1. It will be difficult for him to get minutes, lot of wingers in MTL and I like their depth personally. Even for the young players like Assi and Saliba and Zouhir I’m not sure how much they’ll play.
  2. I think Peruzza is likely headed for the 3 in the depth chart, big of Armas to bring him on for Mullins at the 45, they’re high on him.
  3. He’s supposedly exceptional in the technical and IQ aspects. Coming off the bench I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he can create more than an Endoh, Dorsey or etc. Nelsen also needs to play, matter of time till a body is dropped.
  4. Needs a better look before I can say if he’s a starter or a sub.
  5. He won’t be turned into a right back, maybe a 10 though. thought he did enough to justify his inclusion and show he deserves more time.
  6. He’s a level above I don’t think the Europe talk will stop. Marvellous goal today and just a great performance.
  7. Didn’t take long for him to show a bit of class
  8. Hes coming into the game, suggestions he should have come on at half.
  9. 1 sub left TFC down 2, maybe comes on for Delgado, don’t think they’ll sub a CB on. Endoh and Dorsey are on the bench and if you’re looking to create something it’s probably between Endoh and JMR.
  10. The panic is over, he’s on in the 58th
  11. I love this play the kids movement, Peruzza almost connected and scored.
  12. No idea, his few good plays have been good but the bad ones are bad.
  13. He had a couple of plays but he looked very tired, as does the entire team.
  14. It’s a tired team too, so I don’t think it’s fully indicative on Signh’s pace, there’s also the experience factor. But MTL will take that matchup everyday if it’s there.
  15. It’s hard to read into anything right now, this is a tired team.
  16. Yea, pace and power, as soon as the foot race started Quioto was the long favourite to win.
  17. Armas decision to not rotate biting him in the ass, Signh outclassed on the second goal, but MTL clearly better right now.
  18. I wonder if it is him. How old ? And a M ?
  19. Wonder if he’s not fit or if he’s injured
  20. I don’t love Matt Doyle, but agreed the 3 look like they belong and they’ll start today.
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