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  1. He never had to formally switch from Canada to England as he was not cap tied to us at the youth level as he only played friendlies
  2. Yeah. They wont be quarantining for 2 weeks in the place where the bubble is before the match; nor will their clubs want them to quarantine for 2 weeks when they get back. The good thing is that from what I have read, we probably will get a vaccine in Q4 this year or Q1 next year (although no guarantees); but the bad news is that its unlikely that will be 100% effective or even readily available until Q4 2021 globally (with high risk people getting first priority such as those in nursing homes or front line health care workers in the early days and eventually be rolled out to others in some staged orderly fashion....although its not clear whether some countries such as the US and China wont horde it for themselves firs if one of their companies develops it first). You might be able to see the Olympics getting an exception in mid summer next year for all the athletes, support personnel, officials, sponsors, etc and perhaps even the Euros but you wont see that this autumn or likely even next March for football players so they can fly around the globe for World Cup qualifying.
  3. It looked like weak defending. However, I did notice in the highlights a few other players slipping so I wonder if the turf was slick
  4. Yes. I hope he sorts things out.
  5. Go on Upwork. There are many people there and you can read the reviews from their previous work.
  6. I think they need to give this a go and try to start the qualifying in October but I wouldn't bet on it happening. Looking at the other regions like Africa, Asia and South America (the first two have already started qualifying and South America has been pushed to start in October like us), I think the World Cup going ahead in 2022 is really questionable if qualifying doesn't start this autumn. A few thoughts on the other regions (hint, Concacaf has the biggest issues): Europe: doesn't start until March 2021 so they have the most flexibility Asia: already well into the second round which they need to finish the third and fourth round. They need all the dates left to finish unless they do like concacaf and use 2 extra dates in June 2021 and Jan 2022 which seems possible. Africa: first round completed but have alot of flexibility as aren't currently using the March 2022 dates and possibly could add Jan 2022 dates if needed. Cant add June 2021 as that conflicts with the Africa Cup of Nations. South America: Needs all the dates including the extra ones in Jan 2022 and cant use the June 2021 extra dates as conflicts with the Copa America. Would need to move away from a single table format to probably two groups of 5 with top two going through and the two third place playing off for the intercontinental playoffs. But that would mean FIFA sanctioning teams qualifying with only playing 8 matches which probably could work. Concacaf: Needs all the dates left for qualifying. Would likely need the Octagon turned into some sort of single leg rather than two legs against each side which probably would mean the use of a neutral venue as while they are doing that at the initial stage now I cant see them being able to do it in the Octagon as countries would complain massively as there would alot of bias plus you have to play 7 matches which means some would get 4 home matches and others 3. And all the above is predicated that qualifying could start in March 2021 without a hitch if it cant go ahead this autumn. I suspect that its highly unlikely there will be a vaccine then at least in wide distribution and the nothern hemisphere will be coming out of winter we are sure to see another wave. So unless the world's tolerance to Covid and the related deaths increases dramatically (which is possible), it will be challenged to even start it then. My expectation is that leading up to the end of the year, the calls for moving the World Cup to 2023 will intensify as I doubt qualifying will go on around the world in the autumn without a hitch.
  7. The USD will not lose its reserve currency status until there is something that can replace it. There are only two realistic candidates. The Euro and the RMB. Whatever weaknesses the dollar has, the Euro has plenty more as was exposed by the Greek debt crisis and the PIIGS in 2011. The only way the Euro replaces the dollar is if you have a pan-European government with taxing power and transfer payments between the North and the South (like Canada has between provinces). That is not going to happen anytime soon. As for the RMB, you can't have a reserve currency if you dont have free flow of capital and no capital controls. That is at least a generation off in China as the Communist Party knows full well that opening the border would result in a huge swooshing sound of money leaving that market to multiple safer havens in the rest of the world. In recent years, the tide has been the other way with the border tightening and RMB internationalisation going in reverse.
  8. That’s a better statistic but it also shows that the you are now having significantly less deaths in countries that have this under control which likely means that people who likely were going to die anyway just died a bit earlier. What a better measure will be to understand in a year or two how many people died in 2020 and 2021 and from what compared to previous years.
  9. Especially if our away match is against them
  10. If he is going to remain third choice, they should loan him to CPL so he can play and get some more experience. You only really learn and gain confidence from playing regularly.
  11. I agree with this and that we will have to start living with it. I just don't think that will happen globally until 2021 so I just don't see World Cup qualifying starting up in October and November. I just don't think people globally are there yet. I certainly can tell you they aren't in Asia and I cannot see China, Korea, Japan and Australia opening their borders to allow travel in and out without quarantine. You don't need many countries to not comply to throw qualifying into doubt
  12. Honestly, I don’t think that is what is driving him. If he make $500k a year, it’s a nice piece of change and he will keep on doing it until it doesn’t happen as he knows that once he’s done he is going to have to live off the savings and investment of that for the rest of his life as he is unlikely to replicate anything near that for the rest of his life.
  13. Personally, it’s a pipe dream they will start qualifying in November. I live in Hong Kong and they just extended travel restrictions until 31 December. So Hong Kong where I live (assuming Asia is on the similar qualifying timetable as Concacaf) is out of World Cup qualifying. Of course, who cares as they aren’t going to qualify anyway. But anyone travelling to Brazil anytime soon. Are we kicking them out to? Oh no, all their players are in Europe so you can just play there. Oh sure, so the South African based players on Peru and Chile will be banned from travelling to those matches to play Brazil. It will be a farce. Just delay the tournament till 2023 and start qualifying in late 2021 when hopefully we have a vaccine
  14. I would more accept this line of argument if he was seen to dominate at his age group or thereabouts. It seems from those that have seen him at that level recently he has not stood out. Anyway, I hope you are right.
  15. If they even get half those guys, they will be formidable. Would be our luck to go out against them as they emerge as a new footballing power within Concacaf
  16. i didn't say he is overhyped but just stating a fact. Perhaps in a year or two, he will surpass them as he ages. I think some of the disappointment here is that he was signed very young like Davies so people may have had unrealistic expectations but it also seems that his development based on the observations on here has plateaued over the last couple of years
  17. Well, if what is rumoured in the Road to Qatar thread is true, we may get our first opportunity to try to get him to file his one time switch in November which is only 4 months away. Would be a perfect opportunity if we draw a minnow or even as Suriname as I am sure at minimum he could help as an impact sub if we need it or to get a run out if we dont
  18. I like the format and I believe its quite fair. Yes, we may need to in worse case scenarios defeat Suriname in a home and away and then a Panama or a Trinidad (I suspect we and El Salvador and Curacao will be ranked so we avoid each other). I dont think those are gimmes but if we cant beat them in a home and away, we shouldn't be in the octagon and definitely not the World Cup.
  19. Considering where he plays, it seems Raposo and Bair have moved ahead of him on the depth chart on the wing as that is where he would likely get minutes. If its at 10, I think that is always a hard place for a young player to get any minutes unless they are exceptional. Normally, they have to start on the wing and work their way in. Or go down a level or two (like to CPL) to get playing time and prove their worth before getting a chance at the 10 spot.
  20. Agreed. Either in the MLS or in Europe at a level where he can get meaningful minutes
  21. I read somewhere that the Whitecaps have signed a single match contract with Dave Ayres to play keeper
  22. That could be the reason. We don't even know if the CPL will have a season at all this year for sure. I would suspect there might be some reservations in loaning players if there is no guarantee the league will play
  23. I hope you are right but until they have a body of work to back up that consistency we just dont know. I didn't watch the TFC match, but it was reported that Laryea gave up a needless free kick today that led to tying goal. If true, that is worrying.
  24. I am in the camp that RB is still an unproven position for us at national team level. Yes, we have two better options than we had a couple of years back but neither has either a long run of games at a professional level at that position or at the national team where we can be confident of their abilities. Look what happen with Godinho at the Gold Cup and the same could happen with these two once we get a more consistent look at them over a period of time. At this stage, I would put Henry at CB well ahead of them at his position (and we see that as our problem position!). Not because he doesn't have limitations but simply because he has a body of work over multiple years at the same or higher level than these two where he has been a consistent starter (which of course has exposed his limitations). If we had a RB or two of Hoilett's or Arfield's level or even Osorio at their position, then I would agree. But so far we dont. We have two unproven inexperienced RBs that have potential but neither are someone I would feel confident on relying on if World Cup qualifying started tomorrow.
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