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  1. I dont like the fact that the league is paying peanuts anymore than the next guy. I suspect there plan was always to be prudent and get through year 1 and build from there. And then a global pandemic hit and last year they had no fans (ie. no real revenue) and this year is likely to be some of the same. I get how that is challenging for the players and as we have seen, some have left the game which is very unfortunate. But expecting them to raise wages (even by putting in a floor) is unwise at this moment in my view as frankly, their focus needs to be on survival during this period. Hope
  2. Against a side whose best player is a quality striker, this is a very risky strategy especially as both your fullbacks are attack oriented. We know they are good a bunkering and they are fast. I can picture them absorbing pressure, intercepting a ball, and then just hoofing it up the field and having their striker out run Vitoria from the center line. 1-0, then bunker some more and do the same as we start to commit even more men forward
  3. It actually doesn't matter when Suriname last played as the side they have now is totally different and improved. Their ranking also doesn't matter for that reason as well.
  4. Looking at Suriname, they are a country that could qualify out of Concacaf for the World Cup. I am not saying they are favoured to do so or that they will but just that its a realistic possibility. And the problem for us is that its one match, it likely will on a neutral ground negating our homefield advantage, and we wont have played a match against a decent opponent for over a year and half by then (i don't count Bermuda as decent). Of course, they won't have played together much either but in normal circumstances that would be a huge advantage for us but isn't now.
  5. Seems they will play 4 matches in June in centralised hubs but that means they won’t finish their third place playoffs until May/June 2022. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_(AFC)
  6. https://www.insidethegames.biz/index.php/articles/1104427/afc-world-cup-qualifiers-postponed-june As predicted, Asia is postponing March matches and then playing June matches in centralised hubs. I guess they still have enough flexibility to complete everything on time.
  7. I think in G&M article today they said Altidore was doing his quarantine.
  8. I think its going to be difficult for clubs to say "no" to players leaving as Europe starts their qualifying then as well. It will be questionable to say we are ok with our players going to European sides but not the rest of the world. I would suspect that if they can do quarantine requirements, its incumbent on us to find a neutral venue that is not on the list of risk countries other than perhaps for the UK where we benefit by the fact the omissions mean more to Bermuda than to us.
  9. I probably agree with you as I think a bad camera angle with a view of the stands trumps a good camera angle with a view of some people standing around a field; but I hope they can sort this out in the next year or two to get a better camera angle (and extra seats in the center of the pitch) as it really impacts the enjoyment of being able to watch a match on tv
  10. Nelom and Donald are very good pick ups. That’s 5 solid players on top of whatever else they have. It’s not going to be a walkover. Of course, on paper we are still much better with much better depth.
  11. We should win I don’t think it’s so simple. Of course, we should win but this group will likely come down to one match at the end with Suriname and anything can happen in one match. All it takes is a bad 15 minutes, a mistake or two at the back, and being unlucky at the other end and we are out. This is even heightened as we haven’t played for well over a year. Frankly, the group stage worries me much more than a two leg playoff against a Haiti as while I think they could beat us in one match as happened in the Gold Cup, I think the odds of that happening over two legs is very low in
  12. I dont think we will ever overtake Mexico but I think that we now have the ability that we can put together a very competitive side in Concacaf and if that side gels well together on occassion and Mexico underperforms, its not out of the realm of possibility that we can top them in the Octagon and even top the group. But I wouldn't bet on it.
  13. Maybe Tommy confused York United with York City...
  14. The problem with a centralised location is not the getting in (as the assumption is they would pick one that has no quarantine to get in), the problem is getting players back to their home/host countries without a 2 week quarantine. Most players or their teams wont allow them to play if they have to quarantine for 2 weeks on the way back. Also, as I have said before, I think there is no way that the Asian region will be playing qualifiers anywhere in March. Look at what is happening with the Australian open and Australia is indicative of the Asian region. Very very tight quarantines.
  15. I don’t think we will withdraw from this. If we do, we can kiss goodbye ever hosting the Olympics (winter or summer). Our reputation would be completely damaged and our credibility when bidding for anything seriously undermined. The federal government will ultimately recognise that. The World Cup is the largest global event other than perhaps the summer Olympics.
  16. Looking at his wiki page, I think he skipped league 2 and went from the conference to league 1 with gillingham. But when at Walsall he was loaned to Grimsby town who was in league 2 at the time and it says he had one goal for them. assuming league play and not cup, that would mean he scored in all 5
  17. My recollection is yes. Didn’t he score in the conference as well with rushden and diamonds
  18. i can direct you to google where you would find that in 5 seconds
  19. Living in HK, I also think its highly unlikely that Asia plays in March. They have been much much tighter around border crossings than elsewhere in the world. Even if Concacaf plays at neutral sites, I don't see Asia playing which means either FIFA needs to clear calendar space as you suggest or Asia needs to rejig their qualifying which is more difficult as they have already started. Or they move Qatar to 2023? I suspect FIFA will do everything possible to not move it so freeing up calendar space makes sense
  20. Based on the highlights, the young guys dominated the older guys and got the better of them in the previous match as well. Good for the future but not so good for the present if our older guys can’t get the better of the younger ones
  21. I always thought Hume was a special youth player who didn’t reach the heights he could have due to his personality. Obviously, this is very common. I still personally believe he suffered from being at Tranmere and in England at a time when English football was light years behind where the continent was but was still full of arrogant dickheads who thought they were gods gift. I lived there doing that period and saw so many players who were stars at 18 or 20 but faded away to has beens by 25 for that very reason.
  22. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-canadian-brothers-marcello-and-matteo-polisi-eagerly-await-mls/ As these two didn't get selected (I believe), probably a good pick up for one of the CPL sides...Pacific would seem a possible beneficiary
  23. he got a hockey assist on the goal as well. 😉
  24. My view on him is that if we make the World Cup and Turkey doesn't, and the Dutch don't call him, he may commit to us (especially as he will know he will play in two World Cups in a row as we will co-host the next one). But I don't think he is going to commit any earlier to help us get there.
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