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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/25/what-we-do-isnt-rocket-science-how-fc-midtjylland-started-footballs-data-revolution just posting this here as it’s not about James, but about his team which I thought was interesting
  2. I personally think 16 is too big for Canada and will dilute the level too much unless they increase the number of foreigners to ensure competition for spots. Also, not sure there are really 16 locations in Canada that can sustain the attendances required.
  3. I would be more concerned if I was the Whitecaps. A credible organisation with a much better track record of running a football team than yourselves setting up in your backyard
  4. Not sure yelling at millennials is the best way to motivate them. Many just shut down with that kind of behaviour. Possibly better to put your arm around them in the dressing room after, praise them and then quietly explain that in the situation that occurred you need to present yourself as an outlet. And then to have someone go over the tape with him afterwards and take the same approach. And this is from someone who doesn’t have kids and is 54. I have found that in motivating the under 30s in my office that they only really respond to praise and then politely pointing out thinks they can try in the future or perhaps doing it this way is a better way. They are a whole generation who has not been heavily criticised by their parents, extended family, teachers, etc and most don’t know how to deal with it.
  5. Flores as well in the dual category; and possibly Assi from the impact who pardoned the pun made a bigger impact with the U15s than Rutty.
  6. I don’t follow American football but I do hockey and basketball and with both, there are many very highly rated players for basketball going from high school to college (and they are older than the kids in the guardian article) that never pan out and never get selected to the nba and with hockey, the same going from bantam you junior who never get close to the NHL. Crap in the NBA, you have really highly rated Canadians that were much older than 17 when so rated that didn’t. Wiggins was suppose to be a generational talent akin to James and he is mediocre at best but I will give you the fact he made it to the NBA as the number 1 selection; and then there is Bennett who was also number 1 and frankly sucked big time and only played some garbage minutes in the NBA. I could list a bunch more Canadians who at 17 would have been rated as top 20 or 30 in the world but never came close to the NBA.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/06/from-degaard-to-mastour-what-happened-to-next-generation-2015 I found this an interesting read. This gives the top 20 premiership sides u17 players in 2015 and the top 50 globally for the same age and year and shows where they are now what is really noticeable is that even the cream of the cream at that age rarely go on to very successful pro careers. i post it as all too frequently we hear someone saying Canada is terrible at identifying young talent as x got cut from y youth team and now 2 or 3 years later is starring somewhere and is better than those on that team. What the Guardian list shows is that even the really elite fail to pan out most of the time at that age so there are tonnes of players who weren’t part of that elite at that age that even a few years later are playing at the highest level. i think it underlines the point that the most important thing is to keep as many of the good 15 and 16 years olds playing in a competitive environment into their early 20s as you just don’t know who will turn out and who will not. That is where the CPL comes in but also the Div 3 leagues like League 1 in Ontario and PLSQ in Quebec plus university soccer on both sides of the border.
  8. Colyn was injured, not left off
  9. that's 4 to 6 weeks....done for the regular season, possibly could come back for (part of) the playoffs especially if they go deep into it
  10. Amazing story. I could see why the cash for playing for the US could play a role in his decision. Still hope he chooses us. Would be a great addition and as Herdman says, be part of a generation that would put Canada on the football map
  11. Just to be clear and without revealing any confidences, I have personally had multiple meetings in 2019 with Chinese officials in Beijing where they have said they are no longer going to allow capital to be exported out of China to fund frivolous ventures including sports, entertainment, etc. I suspect that will loosen over time as that is a great way to export soft power which the US has done quite effectively for the last 100 years or so. But considering their need to fund their own extravagant debt levels domestically which are only accelerating do to Covid and US tensions, as well as funding their belt and road initiative globally which is a Xi imperative, I suspect it will continue for some time. if you are a western media company where your majority shareholder is Chinese, you are likely going to be starved of capital in the near term unless they are willing to divest themselves or give up control to someone else. But you need to find a willing buyer for that which in the time of Covid maybe difficult.
  12. Not sure what point you are trying to make about investment and control. If you have control, you have invested more money to get that control. And if you are constrained by how much capital you can invest, you won’t have a 10 or 15 year time horizon but looking to get it out as soon as you can. From my understanding, the Chinese communist party is no longer approving capital to be taken out of China to fun sports enterprises so I suspect the Athletic article is correct which has profound implications for Mediapro if their controlling shareholder is Chinese.
  13. what continues to concern me about him is the "...and gave up when he lost the ball" and "...loudly yelling at him to press at certain points...". These are somewhat teachable but you need the right attitude to do that. That is what he needs to change
  14. bad sprains can be worse than breaks or tears. Take this from someone who had one from falling off a climbing wall. It took along time to heal. My doctor and physio both told me it would have been better to have a tear
  15. I guess we can start calling him Wankoff now.
  16. Nope. He has played for England after he turned 21
  17. Are they being played with fans or empty stadiums?
  18. That’s pretty much my side. I would consider dropping David to Osorio’s spot and playing Larin up top
  19. I was just making an observation...read into what you will
  20. I see his diving ability was not impacted by the lay off. Definitely has the talent...lets hope he gets it back on track and the lay off has lit a fire under him to show what he can do
  21. 2022 is only two years away. You really need a couple of these guys to breakthrough in 2021 ad really don’t want to be heading into the World Cup with a player who really has only played half a season or so at a high level. I think the realistic scenario is two of Henry, Cornelius, Vitoria, and James if we qualify for 2022. Possibly Kennedy. If we get lucky, someone else emerges quicker than normal and Ferreira regains his form and wants to play for us. Even then, the back line will be likely our weakest link and we still have 2021 and first half of 2022 to get through WCQ. It is what it is. As someone said, 2026 should be better
  22. He’s definitely one of my hopes for a breakthrough in the next year
  23. Anyone know how this guy did in the last two matches? In the Buchanan thread where there was a highlight of his assist, he looked big and very fast tracking back but he did leave his man to close down Buchanan who then just dumped the ball off to him who scored. Frankly Binks should have tried to shut down Buchanan and Yao should have stayed where he was in my view but I think Yao tried to overcompensate for Binks acting like a pylon and it cost them. Binks should have also spotted the danger when Yao tried to close down Buchanan but didn’t and just stood there. So I put most of the blame there
  24. Tbh, I don't know whether the Premier League 2 is of a higher standard to first tier in Serbia or the like or not. I would have thought its a pretty high standard so simplistically stating a full professional league is better than the reserve league to the premiership is debatable.
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