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  1. Good quote from him even players these days know to make such comments “It wasn’t an easy road back these last six or eight months with this injury so I’m really happy to come back and help the team,” said Tabla. “I just want to keep working to help the team and prove to the staff that I can be of value to the team.” https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-cf-montreal-beats-hfx-wanderers-advance-to-semi-finals/ I think if he can keep up this attitude, there is hope for him yet
  2. While we definitely have much better options that we did when he committed, if he can translate this to MLS and become a regular started he will be in the mix. Likely not until the January window at the earliest but lets see what he can do in the remainder of the season. Also, great to see him playing again and loving it as youllneverwalkalone said. I didn't watch the match, but great to see he was also putting in the effort. My sense is Tabla is a sensitive type and Henry's constant belittling of players likely didn't go down with him. Nancy seems a much better people manager and he has the side bought into this approach and playing with confidence. I think this suits Tabla
  3. Ahmed is a very common name in that culture as I believe it references Muhammad so I would doubt it but who knows
  4. I have been there quite a few times for work. It’s definitely in the hills (so not lowlands per se or at least not flat). Walking around in the city is quite hilly. I remember some of my colleagues complaining about it. That being said, its definitely not in the mountains. Plus the Alps are not that high above sea level in general. Even the highest ski resort which is Val Thorens in the trois valleys and it is only 2300m above sea level which is essentially Mexico City (and that place is pretty desolate as i have been a few times….you really only go for the guaranteed snow during the day or stay to join the crazy Skandi parties at night as its a big hit with them). Basel by the way is a pretty town if a bit boring. Great places to run in and around the city including along the river. I suspect is a good place to play football as not a lot of distractions.
  5. Understood. While I am a Voyageur and have been on here since the network 54 days, I prefer to sit on the sides of the field rather than behind the goal. And Rob said being on the Canadian Red list can get you access to codes for that. Apologies as Rob posted the link, I thought it was part of the Voyageurs
  6. Subscribed but you should change the phone settings for overseas Vs as it only takes Canadian numbers (and probably American ones as well)
  7. I think the lack of chatter is down to both him playing for Montreal which few seem to follow on this board (at least compared to TFC and the Whitecaps) and the fact he plays a position of strength for us now at the National team level. If he was a CB, there would be more discussion
  8. Not that long ago, we had a lot of youth camps and matches (around the time of the England friendly where tomori appeared), and really not a lot came out of it (I still believe in them though); and at that time, we weren't playing many men's senior matches if memory serves. Considering Covid, the cancellation of the FIFA World Cups and Concacaf regional tournaments, and the state of the finances of the CSA, I think prioritising funding for the senior team's focus on World Cup qualification with the generational talent we have is the best allocation of the scarce resources we have. If we do well and qualify (which I think we all believe we can), that will be the best avenue to get significantly increased funding both for the lead up to 2026 and to fund youth programs. I wish we were in a better spot but we are where we are and I think the CSA is making the right choice. Sure, you can criticise them for past efforts but I am making my judgment on where we are today and I fully back what they have prioritised. Remember, we haven't played friendlies or competitive matches with paid attendance in 2 years until this latest window which is completely down to Covid but at the same time have had to play more matches this year than ever which has jacked up our costs immensely because of the number of matches and the Covid protocols we have had to follow for each of them. We just don't have the cash for "friendlies" for youth matches which I acknowledge may lead us to lose a player or two but frankly, qualifying for the 2022 will likely result in us gaining more players overall. If i was running the CSA, this is exactly the decision I would take.
  9. As I have mentioned before, he looks great at dribbling the ball. I have no idea if he has any vision to pass it or to read the game to put himself in good positions to score or receive it. Or play defense. Others who have seen him more may comment (and I realise he is young so has time to develop that).
  10. I read the above as Concacaf leaning to supporting a World Cup every 2 years...otherwise, I don't think they would have taken a shot at UEFA if they were leaning to oppose it.
  11. I suspect we will see a similar approach to the Mexico match as we saw to the US in the last window. Starting with a weakened team which will bunker and hit them on the counter in the first half, with possibly subs of some starters coming into the second half if its close and then take the game more to them (as we did in the Gold Cup). Due to the altitude and the increased travel, its possible we may seem some more rotation and with a more an emphasis on players with engines who can run at altitude for 90 minutes.
  12. It doesn't sound too good there....from wikipedia (so take it for what its worth): "San Pedro Sula was the "murder capital of the world"[8][11][12][13][14] until early 2016 when Caracas, Venezuela, surpassed its homicide rate.[15] Since the 2009 Honduran military coup "unemployment and underemployment rates have doubled while the number of people living in extreme poverty has skyrocketed."[8] In 2013, the city had 187 homicides per 100,000 residents.[16] This surpassed Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's rate of 148 killings per 100,000, or an average of about three homicides per day;[13] Ciudad Juarez had previously topped the list for three consecutive years.[17][18] Both cities are major operational and strategic distribution points in the illegal drug trade, particularly to the United States, and have significant gang activity.[11][17][19] In response, authorities launched Operation Lightning, saturating violence hotspots with police and soldiers.[13] Meanwhile, arms trafficking has flooded the country, with just under 70% of all firearms being illegal. 83% of homicides in the city involve firearms.[12] According to the Los Angeles Times, "the homicide rate is stoked by the rivalry of the brutal street gangs, mostly descendants of gangs formed in Los Angeles and deported to Central America in the 1990s, including Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and the 18th Street gang. Their ranks are fed by the disastrous economy of Honduras, and emboldened more recently by alliances with Mexican drug traffickers moving cocaine through the country."[8] Crime and economic stress have led to the migration of large numbers of unaccompanied minors to the US border. The latest data from the CBP shows San Pedro Sula as the major source for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) migrating from Honduras."
  13. I am really pulling for this kid. We really could use the CB depth and he seems to be good on the ball as well as a good defender. He seems the most likely with James and Cornelius to push into the conversation over the next year at CB for the national team.
  14. Its amazing as he has been "hurt" since April. Its going on six months and it was reported I believe initially as a groin strain. Its almost like there is something else going on here. Curious why no journalists have been asking questions about it.
  15. i always justified it that as I lived in the UK I was able to support 3 other sides so I need not feel bad about not supporting England! 😀
  16. I support Canada but haven't lived in Canada for getting closed to 30 years now. And for 17 of those years, I lived in London (and have a UK passport to show for it) and I can never bring myself to supporting England against anyone (although I don't think I am alone in that...they are hard side to support for a neutral). I guess that made me a bad immigrant.
  17. Luckily, you’re not the manager. 😄
  18. All of them were red card offences. They were all intentions to injure (stomp, knee to head, and kick to the legs).
  19. Also, anything done for Qatar would have one eye on 2026. I suspect any player like Tomori or Ferdi who would be around in their prime for 2026 would be included if they commit.
  20. In spite of US's troubles this window, I put them clearly in second as they had 2 away matches and one home; whereas for us, it was the other way around (as with Panama).
  21. he barely touched the ball before he scored. Not sure i would call him their best player.
  22. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-cf-montreal-bans-rowdy-supporters-groups-after-incidents-of-violence/
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