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  1. Oh geez, I forgot about Pasquotti. Thanks Ingham. Pasquotti in for Petrasso for me.
  2. ^ I agree with it all except the backline. I would go. Chung Zator Temguia Abdi
  3. The second half one. From where I sit, it looked like a sure push in the back.
  4. Speed kills and he has it spades more than any other defender on TFC other than maybe Mavinga. I don't like his penchant for diving or going down so easy though. And the refs around the league are already picking up on it. How else would anyone explain that blatant penalty non-call from yesterday's game.
  5. Great run before the layoff for the assist on the first goal as well.
  6. Straith hasn't been seeing the field lately at Rostock. Surprised he was called ahead of James.
  7. I would like the Fury to willfully join the league, not be "forced" to do so.
  8. I watched the last part of this game and remember Hamilton being pretty active. He had some chances but couldn't finish them.
  9. I thought I recognized that name when I saw the headline.
  10. No Boakai in the 18 for FC Inter today (#CPL). Godinho (Zwickau) and Adekugbe (Valaarenga) start for their respective teams. Hainault on the bench for Kaiserslautern (vs. Zwickau).
  11. I made it out to this one and the "close to 7,000" number does not surprise me. The west side was a little sparse, but a much bigger crowd on the east. I was at the south end of the east side and looking across the stand it seemed like a good crowd.
  12. Finished 2-2. Elva goes 60, Straith stays on the bench.
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