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  1. This one hits close to home. My wife contracted this type of cancer in 2003. She died 2.5 years ago. I miss her every day. Best of luck Aramis, my prayers are with you.
  2. I'd like to see Okello, Nelson and Marshall-Rutty, at least, loaned to CPL clubs if they aren't getting playing time with TFC, even over the TFC II players.
  3. Awesome! Exactly the type of moves that should be happening with our best young prospects.
  4. Henry has played higher levels than Straith for most of his (and Straith's) career. And Henry is better than Straith. That is not a knock on Straith. It is just my opinion that, mistakes and all, Henry is currently our best CB. I am hoping the speed and aggression (press) of the South Korean game makes him a better player.
  5. A little melodramatic, don't you think? I don't think anyone on here used the word "hate". A very strong word in this day and age. A lot of Canada and TFC fans don't always agree with Vanney's player choices. Nothing wrong with that. Spencer and Zavaletta were two prime players. As a TFC fan I agree for the most part. Spencer was terrible on TFC, and the last two years of Zavaletta were bad, but at least I will give him credit for playing well in the championship year and CCL run. Vanney is a good coach. I think people on this site (Reminder - Canadian soccer supporters site!) would rather see Canadians play over middling to poor Americans, even if those Canadians are also middling. By the way, how's Mark-Anthony Kaye doing in LA?
  6. In Bulgaria, Dominik Yankov set up the first goal and scored the third. Botev Vratsa up 1-3.
  7. Caniggia Elva starts and goes 80 minutes (with a yellow) in a big 0-2 win for Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt now 1 point away from the promotion playoff position.
  8. In fairness, Pepple was brought to the final camp prior to the U17WC. Who is Ole?
  9. Norway Adekugbe starts for Vaalerenga.
  10. In Germany, B3, Elva slated to start for Ingolstadt. Godinho still out injured.
  11. TFC extends Laryea. https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-fc-sign-canadian-defender-richie-laryea-to-new-deal-1.1488988
  12. Sorry guys, my mis-read. As I said, not a twitter guy. Maybe it was the CA guys providing his instagram page? I'll change my username to TGAA_Ivan. 🙄
  13. I'm not a twitter guy, but I do follow Canucks Abroad. It looks like Marmoush re-tweeted the CA tweet so he has at least acknowledged it?
  14. I agree with you for the most part An Observer, but I would just like to add a bit of context. David did look dominant, but that team did not progress through the Concacaf play downs. Nelson was equally dominant in the Concacaf play downs where he had to share the stage with Habibullah and Russell-Rowe. Other than Okello, David was pretty much on his own (Davies didn't play). In the U17WC, Nelson did look more Aleman-like, but against much better competition.
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