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  1. Other than those 3, Dias and Flores, is there anyone else in Europe? I see the Feyenoord kid was left off the training camp roster.
  2. The Macron sponsorship banner is interesting from a CPL perspective.
  3. What countries are Singh and White playing for? Corbeanu is in Romania, right?
  4. African teams are usually dominant at this age group. Angola will be very tough. Although we played well against an African team last time around. Can't remember which nation we played though.
  5. Especially with 2 Canucks on Cruz Azul!
  6. ...and on the soccer side, I see Kilmarnock has a Europa League qualifier today. Is Liam still there?
  7. For GianLuca - Colton Orr was a keeper for the Manitoba Provincial Team so he played soccer at a high level and regularly talked soccer during his days with the Leafs. So, maybe ........
  8. James faster than Henry? I don't think so.
  9. How do we know Cordova is any better than Godinho or ZBG? Anybody seen him play?
  10. Laryea goes down way too easy in my books. Seems he's already getting a reputation.
  11. A buddy of mine plays old-timer soccer in Burlington with some well-connected people that would know. Was told that a young star in the system was being pushed to the US and that they were very disappointed. My buddy did not know the player's name so it may not be him, I'm just putting 2 +2 together. Regardless of who the player is, if this is actually happening within the TFC system it is very wrong. I guess we'll see.
  12. Heard a rumour that the TFC brass (Vanney & Manning) is pushing a very talented youngster in their academy to the USA. Hope its not this kid, but really, I will drop all support for TFC if it ever comes out (a la Akinola) that they are pushing kids that grew up in Canada to the US.
  13. Heard Adjei was sick for last game. Doesn't sound like anything long term.
  14. Maybe I am missing something, but has Barco been anywhere near as dominant an MLS player that Davies was?
  15. Strange that we get two articles a day from Sportsnet on the Gold Cup (Molinaro and Galindo) yet nothing from TSN who's covering it!
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