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  1. I like this, although I would give St. Clair the start. And as someone stated earlier, Sturing against the US scares me. However, it would also show what he's got.
  2. Time for TFC to move Deleon whether he is vaccinated or not!
  3. I didn't receive an email either.
  4. Hmm, I thought Corbeanu was born in 2002.
  5. Wheeler said he got the correct pronunciation of Corbeanu's name from Corbeanu himself. Anyway, I thought our defence dealt with pretty much everything that came their way, other than the OG where both Miller and Kaye could have done better. Disappointed with Kaye (Invisible, other than the OG) and Estaquio (too many giveaways). The rest I thought were good to varying degrees, including the subs.
  6. Isn't this the same injury David had? And he was back playing in 2 weeks?
  7. Cornelius not even in the 18? Is he hurt?
  8. Maybe this is the kid Paulus was talking about when he said there is a 16 year old ready to play for the Eddies.
  9. There are no words to their anthem. But when their fans are harmonizing the anthem in a full stadium - awesome! UT, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I think Morey Doner has been excellent for Wanderers so far.
  11. The thought of bringing in Ferreira for a trial occurred to me as well after last night's debacle.
  12. I realize the quoted post contains some level of sarcasm, but do you guys really think Priso was "that" bad? I honestly though Laryea had his worst game defensively, and Osorio did absolutely nothing. Shaffelburg was meh, and Akinola was maybe our best player. I honestly thought Priso was okay compared to the rest of the squad, which I know isn't saying much. The back 4/5 was embarrassing.
  13. And with each other on the NT!
  14. Came on in the second half. I don't recall any significant contributions, but he did okay. Lots of battles with Petrasso. Would have to say Abzi looked much better, at least yesterday he did.
  15. And as much as I didn't really notice Ulloa, it should be said that Valour's 18 year old CF Montreal loanee Sean Rea was quite noticeable and lively. Almost scored on a great cross by Ricci with a defender draped all over him, and sent Ricci in alone on goal, but the play was whistled down for offside. Didn't look offside on the replay (Humey agreed). Anyway, the kid looked like he belonged.
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