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  1. No sign of Godinho in the 18 for Zwickau. They are up 2-1. Elva starts for Ingolstadt. They are up 1-0. No Straith for Rostock in the 18 for yesterday's game.
  2. Probably after they figure out the Ottawa situation, which according to many, will happen next week.
  3. On the CPL web site, they have Cordova listed as Canadian on the Calgary roster (in and out article). That can't be true, is it?
  4. Haha. No not at all. Just a good guy. Came up to me after in the boarding area and wished me a safe flight, as he was on the team flight a half hour earlier. He didn't have to do that. I respect the guy.
  5. Really? I ran into him boarding a plane in Vancouver and he was a great guy. I would definitely recommend chatting to him.
  6. He may be right with 20/20 hindsight, but obviously neither Bradley nor the club thought the injury to be serious as it turned out. And no, I don't think Bradley and the Club "worked out a longer offseason". Not in Bradley's character or the club's best interests for a TAM player as someone noted above.
  7. Made even worse after Altidore goes off on TFC for "mishandling" the situation. He should be an expert given how much time he has spent on the sidelines and on the training table.
  8. Well, TFC do have 6 Canadians on their roster (and a bunch of Americans), with an additional 14 on their TFCII roster, although some of these players aren't signed to my knowledge (Jayden Nelson is on the TFCII roster, but not signed YET!). There is talk they will sign more homegrown players to their full roster, but not sure what that means regarding playing time (see Dunn-Johnson and Okello). Read that they re-signed Luca Uccello to TFC II as well on the weekend.
  9. Agree with this post 100 %. I was at the game vs. the US in Toronto where Davies played up front. He was dominant against one of the strongest teams in our region. Nowhere near as dominant when he is playing LB.
  10. Don't really care what their reasoning is. If they are helping the league grow and helping to assure the success of the league, it is, as you say, a good thing.
  11. Well, if Mediapro did indeed have a role in making this happen, that suggests to me that the Mediapro deal is even better than we all think it is or may be.
  12. Didn't Brym leave Belenenses and go back to Lille? Thought I read that somewhere.
  13. I think it is actually 4 goals in 3 games.
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