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  1. Yeah, I' ll throw Ingham a vote as well. Also liked Kadin Chung from Pacific today.
  2. Didn't know Duverger was Canadian. I counted the other 3. Thanks.
  3. I would agree with those nominated above. Borges and Zator have been really impressive. I have also been very impressed with Zoom Langwa.
  4. David starting for Gent today. .........and scores in the 45th!
  5. Ice Dogs get good crowds. I went to about 5 games this year. Place was pretty packed each time.
  6. I don't think this is true. There is at least one men's leagues with multiple divisions that span the peninsula. A women's league as well. I don't play, but a few of my buddies do. Each centre has burgeoning youth programs as well. I was involved in youth soccer but haven't been in a while. I don't think support will be a problem if marketed properly. Roma Wolves used to draw in the hundreds for their games. Again, not sure, but I would think Niagara stands as good a chance as other "smaller" communities, although I agree with Alex D. Not sure where the money would come from. I did hear a rumour that a Welland businessman was interested in bringing a CSL team to Welland a while ago. That was a while ago, and the budget would be way less than a CPL team would be.
  7. Surprised no Nelson, Fachinieri, Vellios and Omeonga, but I guess they feel the job is done?
  8. Or better yet, convince Comnebol (sp?) that a joint Copa Americas held every 4 years (like the euros) would be better for both regions.
  9. Thanks for the updates and commentary Kadenge. did they win? No one is showing the final score.
  10. I thought Ciman had a poor game as well. Zavaletta was better and that in itself was telling.
  11. What about Zajac as the target man? Is he that type of player? Haven't seen much of him other than the cameo vs. York9.
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