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  1. ......and tied for 10th in Ligue 1 scoring overall.
  2. 1992 wasn't bad. Produced Osorio, Cavallini and Tiebert off the top of my head.
  3. I noticed they invited Habibullah, Campagna and Brienza from their academy to camp.
  4. In the last year or so, I've been thinking Okello would make a good centreback if he has the mind for it. Definitely has the build and mobility. On Bradley, I agree with you, but I don't think they would put him out to pasture yet especially with the money he is making. I wonder if Armas will have the stones to sit Bradley (and Altidore) if they can't play his brand of football.
  5. Kennedy starts at CB for Jahn Regensburg today. Game starts at 12:30 ET.
  6. Is Antonio actually from Jamaica, or just yet another whose parents or grandparents emigrated from there?
  7. I'm hoping we'll play a few exhibition games against MLS and CPL teams in training.
  8. I don't see Kamal Miller on the list either. No surprise about Kennedy and Liam. A little surprised Halbouni isn't there.
  9. Theo Corbeaunu scores a Jonathan David goal today in a Wolves U23 2-0 win (his shot bounced in off a defender for an official OG).
  10. Hockey assist on the Bayern goal today.
  11. You think so? Remember Lille has already beaten AC Milan 0-3, and tied them at home. They trail Serie A leaders Inter by 1 point. They are also leading Ligue 1, which includes PSG, who dismantled Barcelona 1-4 yesterday. I don't think so, but I guess we'll see shortly.
  12. Filed his one time switch to represent Serbia? He has never played for Canada, or Serbia, before the Serb call.
  13. And Brest beat them last time out with 3 early goals (David didn't start this one) so they'll need to be sharp from the opening whistle. This will be a tough game.
  14. He did recently accept a call up to Serbia U20s. I wouldn't put in in stone yet.
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