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  1. In fairness, Dasovic had a run as U20 and U23 coach and couldn't qualify us for either youth WCs or Olympics.
  2. Didn't his father use to post on here regularly?
  3. Franklin made a couple horrific mistakes against Brazil, but in between those mistakes, I thought he showed a lot of promise. Also he's a 2003 so a year younger (as is Habibullah).
  4. The players that stood out for me were Facchineri, Franklin, Kerr, Rea, Habibullah, Russell-Rowe and Nelson.
  5. Rutty is not with this age group.
  6. But I thought his choice was to play for Croatia? HIS choice.
  7. He did get a fairly nice round of applause when he came on. Didn't really do anything in his time on the field though.
  8. The kid (Passacquale) is only 15 though, pretty young to go to a U17 WC. Our U15s were very talented, possibly best in Concacaf (we'll never know as Slovenia and Portugal met in the final) with Marshall-Rutty and Mbongue (Ralph's brother?) from Toronto and Assi and the other kid from Montreal (sorry, cant remember his name). None of these boys were called to our U17s.
  9. Didn't Doner play for Guyana in the Gold Cup? Or do I have the wrong guy?
  10. I would say his drop off started when he joined Albacete, not the Impact.
  11. My flight out of Buffalo to orlando was $270 from Southwest.
  12. The VC games were always part of the season ticket package. The first series of CCL is usually part of the package, subsequent rounds you need to buy tickets.
  13. Oh geez, I forgot about Pasquotti. Thanks Ingham. Pasquotti in for Petrasso for me.
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