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  1. Biello talked about him in that Premier Podcast interview last year. They know about him.
  2. If we don't make the OCT, our "B" Squad will look a whole lot different!
  3. Or try living in Ontario, the only jurisdiction in the world where retired guys like me can't play golf because Ford's buddies "go for pops" after they play. I know I am being a selfish prick (for which I don't care) but how rational is that?
  4. I'd like to see a little more intensity/urgency from Okello, and even Priso. Not saying they need to be the proverbial "chicken with their head cut off", but just up the intensity. In Priso's case, just a bit. In Okello's case, alot!
  5. It's a 2 year old article, but says (paraphrasing) after a call up to the US U20s by Tab Ramos: Canada is the country where I grew up. They welcomed me and I owe it to them to play for them, to fight for them.
  6. Laryea also suspended.
  7. I remember going to Club Roma about 10 or so years ago to watch the TFC Academy play St. Catharines Wolves in an old CSL game. That academy team had Doneil Henry, Jordan Murrell, Jonathan Lao, Allando Matheson and a few others I am probably forgetting. But the player that stood out the most to me? Tyler Pasher.
  8. And now, a new DP - Soteldo
  9. He has definitely had an impressive start to the season, but I don't think think he starts ahead of Adekugbe yet. Nice to have some added depth though!
  10. That's great news. Happy for the kid and the Whitecaps. Like many, I'm hearing this kid is really good. The article also mentions Habibullah has signed. Must have missed that one!
  11. Sorry, what is a rabona?
  12. I agree, he played great. But I have to ask, where was that during OQ?
  13. I don't think he was dominant, but reports were that he was pretty good. Basically, a starter from the minute he got there, and scored a couple of goals. Having said that, I agree with you and Leo above. Let's see how he maintains his level of play in MLS. But he did look pretty good against a top Mexican club!
  14. I think TFC should loan JMR to a CPL club. He needs to be playing regular minutes this year.
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