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  1. Ditto again. Can't make this one live (early flight in the morning for annual golf trip) but will watch from home. Looking forward to a packed house and the boys doing us proud!
  2. Sorry if I missed this somewhere in this thread, but does the fact that Wotherspoon and Hoillet can't play in Mexico mean that Jimenez can't play in Mexico either?
  3. I thought the exact same thing when I saw Brym's name included.
  4. What about the Vezina kid, GK at CF Montreal. Been talked about as an up-and-comer for a while. Not sure of age.
  5. Your 3 tag-ins seem more than reasonable to me. Maybe Ennin, Paton and James, but I would prefer your 3 should the others need replacing.
  6. Okay, see your point. CPL clubs lose a group stage involving MLS and Liga MX clubs that could have been lucrative. But they still get a H&H (maybe multiple) for two clubs, with a chance for a third via the Canadian Championship. I think its okay for both CPL and Canadian MLS teams, which now have more opportunity for Champions League entry than they had previously.
  7. A little melodramatic, but I agree with a few of your points. 1. I agree that Ansem's take makes no sense in light of the TV numbers you were able to produce. In reality, MLS (or SUM) is trying to capture the Latino market in the US and the Leagues Cup is the best way of doing so in the absence of a merger, which IMHO, will never happen. The Leagues Cup, of which I was never a fan, is the best of both worlds for Liga Mex and MLS for the money which Montagliani was trying to secure for Concacaf. An FU to Concacaf by the two biggest leagues in my opinion. I am pleased the Canadian clubs are part of this and have more opportunities for Champions League entry. 2. I don't understand your take on how the CPL got elbowed out of the Champions League bit from the prior proposal. They had two spots allocated to them then, and two spots now. No difference. They were never part of Leagues Cup, and frankly, I couldn't care less that they are not part of it now. I agree with you on the much less than optimal timing for CPL clubs, but in the old format, would it have been any different?
  8. But Phillip was an assistant for Marc with the Whitecaps, so technically his team did lose to a CPL team as well.
  9. I thought I read it was in Hamilton, but that may be just wishful thinking. I thought the crowd, though not overly large last night, was pretty enthusiastic. Seemed like most actually knew this game was important!
  10. If memory serves, I believe that's the second time so far this season after only 4 games!
  11. IIRC, Zator was on the bench to start the season, but rather quickly won a starting job. Vasalunds won most of the games he played, then went on a losing streak when he left. I stopped following them because frankly I couldn't care less about them after he was gone. Ongaro scored 3 goals in 7 games, thereabouts, so I don't think either underwhelmed. I think the teams just didn't want to pay the requisite transfer fees for the players. That could be construed as the teams didn't feel they were worth it however.
  12. You could be right. I thought he played as a forward left winger (Davies for the NT), but I only see highlights and Livescore formations so not really sure.
  13. Not sure I would advocate calling him in for the next window seeing how he plays the same position as our best players, but playing in the Russian Premier League and seemingly doing well, he has to be in the picture, as well as Liam Miller, who also plays the same position and wasn't called. Definitely has to be considered if we get an injury to Davies, Buchanon, etc.
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