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  1. Good point. My point was the success factor of South/Central American coaches over European coaches in MLS.
  2. He actually drew both fouls that resulted in yellows to the same defender in the span of 10 minutes, that resulted in the red.
  3. Ben Olsen was actually the first name that popped into my head as to a replacement (ducks). I'd like to see what the guy does with some talent. Plus, as Big M noted above, he is not afraid to play the youngsters. I'd rather see a retread NA coach than some supposed great European coach (Winter, Johnston, Carver, Mariner, DeBoer, Gullitt) that doesn't know the league. South/Central American coaches also seem to have more success here than European ones.
  4. Hmmm, Livescore says David starting with Yilmaz. 😡
  5. I have to thank guys like Obinna and Bearcat for saving me so much typing! This post pretty much sums up my thoughts. Although I didn't hear the interview, Josh Kloke was on the Fan in Toronto this morning and said, since TFC spends so much on their Academy, its time to cut loose the injury prone veterans and give those graduated players a chance to play. I agree wholeheartedly. Priso, Okello, Rutty, Dunn, Peruzza should all be regular rotation players next year or let them move on.
  6. They played on the weekend.
  7. Dino was one of the keepers for our U15s in the Concacaf Championships.
  8. Now tied for third in the league in goals with 5 with 3 others. The two ahead of him are tied at 6.
  9. In each of Yankov's interviews I have heard or read (three?), he has stated that whichever senior team calls him first, that is who he will play for. Bulgaria called him first, he responded as he said he would. Best of luck to him.
  10. From Canucks Abroad twitter: No idea what this says, but someone replying in English says good news for Canada.
  11. I think for the most part, Cornelius looked pretty good this year. Arguably, in many outings, he looked better than Veselinovic, especially earlier in the year. I would like to see him stay and win the job outright. A little adversity sometimes helps mould the player.
  12. I really like the way Priso explodes into tackles. He seems to close very fast with great acceleration. I only assume Hugo Mbongue is his younger brother (same last name), but yes, seems to be a gifted goal scorer as he scored a bunch in the Concacaf U15s along with the impact kid Assis, and orchestrated by Marshall-Rutty. Of note, they struggled a bit more when playing against Slovenia in two matches.
  13. In the times I watched him, he didn't look very noticeable, good or bad, which is normally good for a defender. Considering he's just 18, it is probably a good endorsement. I do remember one blow by though, but can't remember who it was that blew by him. The important thing for him is he got valuable playing time and experience against men.
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