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  1. This kid has been reported on before and may have a prior thread. I'm just too lazy to look it up.
  2. What youth coach are you talking about?
  3. In one of his interviews, I think Premiere Podcast, he said he has played with Davies and David in Canadian Youth team camps and knows them both well. Can't remember if he said he keeps in touch with them.
  4. His sisters sure sound Canadian in that video! I don't know. A year or two ago, I would say we had no chance. Now, he can watch Phonzie on TV every week, and hopefully David and others pretty soon too. And remember, our U15s beat Mexico 2-0 in the Concacaf championships (Flores didn't play), so we have more talent coming!
  5. How about both? I know there is a cute GIF for this out there somewhere.
  6. Hopefully TFC can see the benefit of what a loan could do for their young players (see Dunn, Julian). Not sure it worked as well for Campbell and Mohammed, but Shaffelburg, Okello and Nelson would certainly be candidates for loans next year if TFC doesn't see major minutes for them. Its also a good way of evaluating them.
  7. If they were to play, I think they would need a US home base because they wouldn't be able to come home to Canada without a 14 day quarantine.
  8. Made the bench on MLS Team of the Week. (So did Hasal).
  9. Yup, but that's all that's out there. No details from any of the 3 teams that I have heard.
  10. Yes, but they would have to be based in the US.
  11. WTF?? You can't be ******* serious.
  12. So, 26 teams with a rotation of around 15 players each that play regularly, being somewhat conservative, is around 400 players (390). That puts Osorio well into the top quarter of players in the league thus far, with Piette and Laryea very close to the upper quartile. ZBG is well within the top half of players in the league at age 21. Johnston (also 21) and Kaye (who everyone says is having a down year so far) are around the 50 % mark.
  13. Actually, they may not need a bridge for Baldisimo. I kept asking myself all night - why has this guy not been playing!
  14. Good points. But maybe DiChiara (didn't realize he was that old!) can be the bridge for a couple years to Baldisimo? I have to say, Baldisimo looked damn impressive the other night vs. Impact. Sissoko didn't really impress me that much if I'm honest. I liked N'sa much more. And isn't Sissoko 24?
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