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  1. Well, I think he is definitely close to the best Canadian in MLS. I have him just behind Cavallini (and Cav hasn't proven himself in MLS yet). He and Kaye (and Piette) are close, but Oso has a pretty good resume, as a solid contributor on one of the best MLS teams.
  2. That was a great interview. So many interesting topics.
  3. They could be re-airing the documentary that is already out there?
  4. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but just for kicks, and because I'm bored AF, my top 10 list is as follows: I actually considered 13 players with HM to Liam Millar, Sam Piette and Cyle Larin: 10. Doneil Henry 9. Mark Anthony Kaye 8. Jonathan Osorio 7. Miljan Borjan 6. Lucas Cavallini 5. Scotty Arfield 4. Junior Hoillet 3. Atiba Hutchinson 2. Jonathan David 1. Alphonso Davies
  5. Not sure where to put this. Looks like TSN is doing a special (Thursday 730 EST) ranking the top CANMNT players in the world currently.
  6. I am the same age as Gretzky and played high level baseball against him. I played with and against quite a few guys who went on to sign pro contracts and played minor pro ball. Gretzky was the best baseball player i ever played against.
  7. Good for him. Moor would be #3 at best at TFC, and makes too much money for a #3. Not sure people said he was done, just surplus to requirements.
  8. I wouldn't blame Crepeau on that one. He may have not needed to come out, but he clearly called for the ball and the new RB Bikel cleared anyway, which left Crepeau in no man's land.
  9. .......and they signed young Canadian keeper Johnathan Sirois to a homegrown deal. Didn't notice this posted.
  10. That's great for Coupland and the hopes of the CMNT. Is he a 2004? If he is as good as advertised, we should have a pretty good class of 2004s with Marshall -Rutty and Mbongue at TFC, Assis at Impact and this kid as a start.
  11. No Paton either for Ross County. Wotherspoon started for St. Johnstone.
  12. I looked up Nogueira's season so far. He is playing for the Maritimo U23s. He has made the 18 twice this year. Once, he stayed on the bench. The other he played and they lost 4-0, their worst loss of the year.
  13. Looked him up on Transfermarket. Seems he's been in and out of the squad this year. I don't know, does a squad player in second division Holland qualify as a lock? I would say no.
  14. He's been called to youth teams previously, but it's been awhile.
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