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    • Yes for sure. I don't blame you or anyone for feeling differently about Arfield due to not being a product of Canadian soccer, or due to Canada not being his first choice. I may not feel that strongly about it, but I get it and I don't think it is xenophobic at all. There is no malice in it. It would be strange NOT to prefer players who were produced by Canada, or picked Canada as a first choice. It only gets to be xenophobic once you prefer players who were born here, or originated from here full stop. Once the distinction is made that it's strictly a matter of being a product of Canadian Soccer, rather than having/not having the cultural trappings of a born/bred Canadian, it takes on a less/non xenophobic complexion. And most importantly, the only thing I took issue with was the idea of Arfield not being good enough, but we are past that one. Although I mus admit I am slipping into @Califax territory when it comes to Kaye. I can easily be convinced Arfield is an upgrade at this point.
    • You can watch the remaining 9 October CPL matches for free on mobile, web & Telus TV via the new Telus Sports app.  They call it a fully-immersive Sports Metaverse service. Only real detail provided is that 8 different camera angles can be selected. The tech provider (YBVR) has done similar things with Real Madrid, Aussie Open & EuroLeague basketball. https://telussports.ybvr.com/ https://mediaprocanada.tv/en/news/MEDIAPRO_Canada_YBVR_and_TELUS_join_forces_to_deliver_immersive_viewing_experience_for_CPL_fans  
    • https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjYcLT5AIhE/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Alistair's question 🤣 
    • Arfield definitely loses some points for (I guess, still not 100% sure what happened) choosing to no longer play for Canada. That's a perfectly reasonable perspective. I just rate him so much higher than all our other midfield players other than Eustaquio. Osorio is obviously having issues, Hutch is getting older by the second and having issues. Kone is unproven and plays deeper, MAK I don't really rate and plays deeper. Piette has stepped up and plays deeper. I would just think them making it out of the group would be so amazing and all things considered Arfield would help dramatically. Even just off the bench. I don't know how that's even debatable 
    • YES.  Players like Adekube (and even Lareya if he starts) give you the flexibly to easily switch on the fly from three at the back and 5 in MF TO 4 and 4 and/or vice versa.   Formations are not as intransigent and constraining as some may think it is.  It is more important to put the best 11 on the pitch.  And have the players fit the formation than have to force the players to fit teh formation.   As long as you have balance of 5 and 5 who are defensively and offensively focused (or both).  
    • He is actually one of the few I know that grew up in Morocco, along with Aguerd (who I only know because West Ham signed him) and En-Nesyri (who we played against last year). 
    • Unfortunately this rarely happens in  club or international football as one can't have too many forwards/attacking players in the starting XI, but having quality subs is very important and can be the difference maker.
    • Mine (line) wasn't.  Mine (younger brother) was off the charts better.  Should have done more.
    • A good back 3 shifts to a back 4 pretty easily, which is I think what you are saying. My problem is that just leaves Vitoria and Miller in the middle.  Both give up something to elite forwards. A back three is supposed to mean having quicker, smarter players that are looking to give help with those forwards (and in other areas).  I would like 3 in middle of midfield and Adekugbe and Buchanan wide but I am not sure who the 3 in the middle would be from those available, in order to justify giving up Larin.  I just watched West Ham play a 343 tonight but it was an attempt to dominayte a lesser team.  (Might have worked if we had our finishing boots on) We (Canada) can't look to do that at the World Cup.
    • That's ok, it's just a line anyway. 
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