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    • Well first one leaves out Hoilet, second leaves out Arfield.  I know what your saying, but Herdman wants them all in, thats why he keeps sticking Davies at LB.  It'll end up being a situational thing, which is fine.  Its good to have versatile players like Davies, lareya, Miller that Herdman can move around a bit.  Its a luxury that we havnt had lately.  
    • Solution play him at wingback with 3 at the back to provide cover.  ------------henry-vitoria-miller Laryea-arfield-piette-osorio-davies ----------------cavalinni-david   Or --------zator-james-cornelius Laryea-piette-osorio-davies ------david-----larin----hoilet  Any combination of these players seems ideal to me.   
    • Plus Bayern play a different system than our 4 3 3. They have Kimmich and Alcantara holding and controlling the midfield. The 2 of them dominate possession and are solid defensively. One is always available to help Davies.
    • Hardly put a foot wrong today, good to see him score another. It really seems like they a ton of trust  in him now, it’s hard to imagine him not playing the full 90 any time soon.  On the subject of LB for Canada, I’ve mentioned multiple times before that it’s not the same situation as playing LB for Bayern and I’m not a fan, Bison basically summed up why. It’s one thing having Alaba and Boateng covering for you, it’s another if it’s whoever we have at CB lol. Bayern’s backline is world class and ours is...lower class?
    • I hope we see Davies, David, Larin and Millar all in the Bundesliga next season. Then I hope Dusseldorf and Bremen get regulated, leaving Reyna, Mckennie, Adams and Brooks as the only Americans in the division.  Maybe then ESPN FC would have to settle for a "North" Americans in the Bundesliga power rankings
    • Bayern definately play to his strengths. Most of the time he is free to run wild, knowing his speed will let him recover, and his CB are at home watching the henhouse.  If we expect our Vitoria/Jackovic/Edgar/James/Henry et al to cover for him against decent opposition it will get ugly like against the USA.  A smart coach would realize duplicating these exploits for Canada with our personel just isnt going work.  Play him at LB, but restrain his offensive game, or play at wing with a def LB behind him and sit another winger that Herdman wants to get into the game.  I dont think you can have both...until the CB position improves, and maybe not even then.  
    • TBH that's the 1st I have watched of this other than a couple Euro ties where it was mandated and York 9 (sorry @zeelaw) I couldn't help myself, I got used to it quickly and will adapt! Time for the CPL to work something out!
    • This match wasn't a great example perhaps because of Bayern's dominance but he was way up the field for long periods of time, his recovery speed is obviously amazing allowing him to do so, I would say in this set up it is the perfect position for him, now Canada may be another matter!
    • You guys complain too much, who needs bundasliga??  I very much enjoyed the Korean baseball on TSN this morning,  And I think there is some frisbee football on later today.  I'm sure TSN makes loads of cash of this trash.  
    • One thing that seems evident to me in watching Davies over the last several games is that his real ability as a defensive back is when he tracks back. We know what he can do offensively but I am not convinced he is a true defender. It ain't in his DNA. As others have pointed out, for Canada we need him up the field when playing strong opponents, in part to keep their defenders on the back foot, but also to strengthen our defending. With a true left back behind him, Davies can get up the field safely AND provide additional support tracking back. I remain unconvinced that left back is his best position. It works for Bayern because of the quality in the squad and how they line up.
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