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    • At no point has anyone in this thread suggested that having more pro soccer in Canada was a bad thing. All I questioned is the narrative that the quality of CanPL is going from strength to strength in playing standard terms, which appears to be something akin to an article of faith for some posters on here. Something to ponder is the following. When CanPL was about to launch it was expected to be significantly higher budget than it ultimately turned out to be. There were players who kept their careers in a holding pattern waiting for the league to launch rather than heading off to some obscure club in Scandinavia as they might have previously. Now that CanPL is a concrete reality players like Morey Doner, Mohammed Omar, Osaze de Rosario and Easton Ongaro are drifting away to less than stellar opportunities elsewhere rather than hanging around into their early 30s. CanPL rosters skew heavily towards younger age cohorts who are not necessarily as good as players like the above in the here and now but will give pro soccer a go for a few years on a low salary. For the league to have been improving year on year in playing standard terms more domestic players would need to have been hanging around into their peak performance years and there would need to have been less of an emphasis on bringing in younger import players.  
    • That "absolute shitshow" still managed to produce Jacob Shaffelburg and Jacen Russell-Rowe in recent times so that they are playing as domestic players in the United States in MLS. Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty may not be living up to the hype but he is still going to have a solid career at that level. A more balanced response to Jesse Marsch's comments would have mentioned that but if your employer is going to be controlled by Timeless Inc. (CEO: Scott Mitchell) moving forward you are going to sing a certain tune if you want to hang around. Worth noting that Moise Bombito, Ismael Kone and Ali Ahmed have all emerged onto the scene post-2019 without being anywhere near CanPL but MLS is supposed to just get out of the way? If Onesoccer was an impartial news source Oliver Gage's tweets would have rated a mention.
    • Interesting, I had never thought of that. There is so little crossover, that is perhaps why.  It is true that many strong and less strong national futsal programs aggressively pursue dual nationals, mostly Brazilians who have played in their leagues. 
    • I'm a bit gobsmacked over this.  Hard to believe that anyone could have so much rotten luck in a single year.  I hope it balances out and she gets her due of amazing luck when she comes back,.
    • True, but Andre was pushing 30 when David arrived, and he's been club captain.  He was also out of contract this summer, did they renew him? I also agree with those saying that Lille has in general done extraordinarily well moving players on and up, Maignan, Botman, Reinildo, even the middling transfers have been very strong, really they have done very well. 
    • Let the boycotts begin.  
    • Worth remembering that they got 70 and 80 million €s for  the last couple of real forwards that left the club before he got there. It would seem they got burned waiting on something approaching that. To be honest, they have won a lot more of those poker games than they have lost.
    • Benjamin Andre is the other guy still there from the championship winning side. He has some offensive limitations that I think are the reason he never reached the next level (consistent CL club, national team) but he's a heart and soul player that's easy to like.
    • Previous Concacaf U20 hosts: Mexico, Honduras, Honduras, USA, Costa Rica, Jamaica Previous Concacaf U17 hosts: Guatemala, USA, Panama, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica Previous Concacaf U15 hosts: Curacao/Dominican Republic, USA, USA, Cayman Islands Seems like the U20s should rotate around the top five, U17s around 6-10th, and U15s anyone below that.
    • Honestly, as an Impact fan, I have never hated TFC. We are allies in helping Canadian Soccer get better and we now need to have each other's backs if we ever need to fight off a misguided attempt at conscripting us into the CPL, as well as coordinate our messages as to why this would be a horrible idea when someone brings the subject up. I am, however, really passionate about beating them
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