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  1. Any way to get word out and maybe some will come back at TFC remaining home games??
  2. Keep letting those MLS teams try and take a night off. Its bitten Vancouver hard and almost took a chunk out of Nancys ass. Too bad they couldnt finish it but kudos to Forge for scaring the shit out of them.
  3. After that performance, how could anyone rate mavinga?? What the heck is going on with him?? Is it bad communication or unfamiliarity with Bradley?? The youngsters are looking more comfortable, more confident, Rutty and Okello, but even Nelsen is seeming to find his footing. But a vet like Mavinga.....its almost like he is trying to give the brass a reason to shit can him.
  4. I thought someone was telling us we would have to eat our hats because Vanney was killing it in LA?? Hmmmm
  5. 2 years ago? Where was Johnston on the depth chart 2 years ago?? The guy is doing all the right things, playing and doing well at the level he is at. And he is still 21, younger than most NCAA college kids when them come into MLS as unfinished products. High hopes for him!!!
  6. HAHHA, he was pumped for the game when he saw all the traffic on his thread. Wooooo!!
  7. Whats the MAK treatment? Love him for 2 years then shit on him??
  8. Clanahan is really talking out his ass here, even though that clip is a year and a half old. Just be honest eh?? Dont shit on the academy system and then sit back and let all those kids flow into your league. CPL cant pay for academies.....and if there is an influx of cash it will prob be spent on things like better salaries or just keeping the league afloat. But let the teams do what they want. Even if we get a L10 version up and running in BC/West it still doesnt address the younger kids. We need more teams, more leagues, more coaches and kids getting good coaching younger, not the other way around.
  9. Get Herdman on the horn with Justin and make this happen, should have been done long ago.
  10. This is low hanging fruit. They bring in a 35year old former starlet and all the TFC faithful are happy. Anyone with any objectivity would say they have way too many guys 30+ who have trouble staying healthy already. On top of the guys already mentioned, Gonz-33, Dwyer-31, Mavinga -30 will soon be in the same category. Soteldo might not be the player they thought he was but at least he is in his prime years and is something they can build on. I It might not be sexy and get a lot of clicks, but spending some time developing a couple young players might just solve some problems. If Priso, Singh, Okello, Rutty, Nelsen can keep improving and become solid bench players and maybe one of them becomes a decent starter, thats a good cost effective start. Cut a bunch of deadwood, have Achara and Akinola healthy on day 1, explain to Bradley he needs to manage his minutes, and get Mavinga, Poz, Delgado, Jozy..WHOEVER is doing the grumbling and has a bad attitude in line. Bring in at least 1-2 CB that will flourish in MLS. Keeper is covered, so are the FB/wings, Bradley/Oso/Delgado are not going anywhere, Akinola is coming along nicely and we are prob stuck with Jozy. I can see why Curtis thinks he doesnt need much to push this team back into the top of the east. They better get a coach that can sort it out and do it with the personel thats in place...thats prob more important than the rest.
  11. Its the most he has ever played. He can still go on those slaloming runs..are they playing him more of a wingback in a 3back system?? That would fit right into herdmans plans. No goals or assists though, I think I would still call Pasher first (amongst the fringe MLS mids), maybe even Choiniere if we want to go younger/future. Although Edwards is still only 26. Seems like 10 years ago he was breaking in with TFC2.....but its nice to see a CDN journeyman out there taking up a spot at an american club.
  12. Is there no where we can have Jan camps in Canada?? I am tired of camps in Florida and the accompanying friendlies down there as well. Hate to see a couple sellouts in Edmonton and any momentum we build from that not continue in Jan.
  13. Unless its a second wife thats his mom, we are out of luck. There is a nice clip of him on twitter, making a nice run a few weeks ago, and its quickly followed by Minny fans complaining that he got away to SKC, HAHAHAHA!!!
  14. This just seems weird, why would the league pressure them to close the academy?? Unless it was an ultimatum to put the focus on the big club, so you are still in business next year. Priorities............
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