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  1. So for him to come to the Olympic qualifiers for us he would have had to done his one time switch, not just for a full national team call up?? Sorry to keep asking, I am not wording my question very well.
  2. Wouldnt he have to file a one time switch either way? Or can you go back and forth with youth teams??
  3. Interesting that it is Biello contacting him about repping canada.
  4. If GSP didnt win a Marsh trophy and he was on top of the mens MMA for many years I doubt Spencer will get alot of support. But stranger things have happened. We've never had a mens soccer player win it, so it would be big if he did...
  5. Of course. He has risen to the top of his field, best CDN soccer player in years, the whole world is sitting up and taking notice.
  6. Salary of 1.7 Euro?? I might move to Moscow for that.
  7. As some one else put it, its just good PR if nothing else. Getting the people involved tested, is a no brainer for venture thats going to be in the public eye and have a lot of scrutiny on it. Maybe I'm just an old grouch, but why are certain people posting random goobers from twitter complaining about ****?? And then wanting to argue with us about it on here. Argue it on twitter where the guy is posting....if I wanted to read idiots on twitter and reddit I would be there and not here. If its pertinent info go ahead, but do we really need clutter our board with twitter crazies?
  8. At this point is there anyone else waiting in the wings?? Crepeau has had back to back good seasons first in USL and then at MLS. Who else is actually playing at a decent level?? Leutwiler has barely played in the last 3 years, Pantemis and Carducci both need to have outstanding mini seasons in CPL before they would leapfrog anyone. Someone else needs to step up soon because the zombie cant play forever and it would be nice to have a couple of choices for a replacement.
  9. Pulling a random tweet out of the air to help push whatever BS narrative you are pushing is pretty weak. There is enough pent up anger out there lately that Mr Parrot droppings could probably find someone blaming Trudeau, Trump, the Pope and aliens for whatever is pissing them off at the moment. Why you would revel in the fact that some people are pissed at the CPL management is beyond me. And of course you need to circle back around and make it about MLS vs CPL even though you piss and moan when anyone else does that. Its been bad for CPL (along with every other sports league and 99% of other business), and most people are getting some sort of raw deal with the virus, either health wise or financially. You acting all gleeful about a twitter ranter being pissed at CPL and using it to try and prove some point about MLS is just the usual BS you push around here.
  10. Fire this thing up again. Davies, Usain Bolt, Antonio Brown, JJ WaTT, Zatlan, Federer, Connar Macgregor, Micheal Phelps, Kevin Durant Ovechkin, McDavid and Rich Froning. TSN doesnt have anything else on. Davies would clean house. I can see him lifting the atlas stones against Rory mcelroy and Brad Gushue.
  11. Didnt CBC have a show like that late 70s early 80s? Pros from different sports competing and at the end they had some sort of stair climb race up and down some very tall tower that basically killed everyone. I'm remembering Ken Reed (skiing), Ben Zambiasi (Ticats), other baseball, hockey etc etc competing in a bunch of events.
  12. Isnt Gloire Amanda still at Oregon state U? Going into this junior year I think. He had a good first year, made top drawer freshmen best 11, soph he was injured and wasnt as productive.
  13. I know, they are stuck with MLS.
  14. Well first one leaves out Hoilet, second leaves out Arfield. I know what your saying, but Herdman wants them all in, thats why he keeps sticking Davies at LB. It'll end up being a situational thing, which is fine. Its good to have versatile players like Davies, lareya, Miller that Herdman can move around a bit. Its a luxury that we havnt had lately.
  15. Bayern definately play to his strengths. Most of the time he is free to run wild, knowing his speed will let him recover, and his CB are at home watching the henhouse. If we expect our Vitoria/Jackovic/Edgar/James/Henry et al to cover for him against decent opposition it will get ugly like against the USA. A smart coach would realize duplicating these exploits for Canada with our personel just isnt going work. Play him at LB, but restrain his offensive game, or play at wing with a def LB behind him and sit another winger that Herdman wants to get into the game. I dont think you can have both...until the CB position improves, and maybe not even then.
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