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  1. It would be nice to see a couple defenders have break outs years like Miller, Lareya and lesser extent Didic, Zator, Waterman did. Alistar Johnson, Montgomery, Comsia, Yao, Laurent, Kennedy etc, step up and make Herdman call you.
  2. I wonder why Babouli wasnt there last year? Seems like a real obvious thing to happen.
  3. Miller is young and good but StCLair should get a chance to play this year.
  4. Ahh Mr K....Now you are complaining just for the sake of it. Tiebert would have magically broken down Iceland?? Did you really think if we had Hamilton in camp instead of...oh i dont know... Nelsen, we would have beaten Iceland? Now I like Teibert and hamilton, but Nelsen has pace and some trickiness and I have no problem with him coming on. Not using the other subs is something harder to explain.
  5. Oh boy, here comes the avalanche of midfielders again.
  6. I dont understand the complaining about Nelsen?? Do you think he played bad? To me it was Tesho and Rickets that didnt produce much, Nelsen looked lively when he came on. If not Nelsen, it would have been Borges or Shafflebourg. And I think you need to trust the coaching staff a little, they have been watching them train together for an entire camp. And they thought Nelsen was the guy to get some offense going. Bair could have come on earlier for Rickets, maybe the fresh legs would have sparked something. But poaching a goal against even a Iceland B team was always going to be tough. Not a good result, not what we hoped for, but its not surprising.
  7. Wait a minute...does that mean Norwich city doesnt play is Norwich? Oh man, now I am confused.....
  8. Yes TFC guys are cheering for him too! I hope Ballou gets a brace against TFC. With the assists going to Shome and Waterman.
  9. Just goes to show you, sometimes when these big wigs say things are going on behind the scenes...things actually are. It does make sense if the players new something was happening because I thought they would have dispersed long ago. Even TMG hasnt officially announced a signing eh??
  10. James hasnt played much for awhile at his club....and there is always a point when the coach goes with someone new. Personally I would still take James over Didic (due to experience) but us fans opinons are ill informed and dont count for doodle squat. So I wouldnt even get stressed....lets see what Herdman/coaching staff thinks.
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