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  1. Shhh, dont say that or UT will be here in a flash.
  2. We have all seen the cricket pitches/cow pastures in CONCACAF, or the baseball fields in MLS. And if we can play games on the "grass" in Vancouver, I'm sure we could lay some green shag on a parking lot in the east end of WPG and it would pass.
  3. Have things changed, didnt we play WCQ in NWT and NFLD back in the day??
  4. Well I hate to say it, but come time to decide on the next home game there will be half the board saying they HAVE TO BE IN TORONTO. If we have to go down this side road and play another 7-8 home dates against minnows, why not move them around. Exactly, instead of 10000 in TO, with 2000 being road support, have 6600 rabid Halifax fans foaming at the mouth.
  5. You snooze you lose.....I hear on good authority (anon reddit user or maybe some dude on this board) that the TO fans are tired of watching minnows and the games are going to get passed around..Halifax, WPG, the gordie bowl etc.
  6. I thought maybe I was the only one. Jesus, that didnt take long.
  7. I dont know...it all sounds good but after all these years with MLS, how many duals have we naturalized?? I think maybe we have lost more to the US as the MLS clubs have steered potential CDN duals that way. I wouldnt hold my breath on the CPL bringing in guys that can make our squad.
  8. How about this...on #1 David is beaten to the low cross into the box, and Davies lets his man go, not covering the left side and thats right where the ball ends up, #2, Vitoria blows the header, then doesnt attack the crosser and both defenders (mainly Henry) let Zardes go between them. Goal #3, Henry misses the header this time but it looks like Long was Vitorias man, either way screwed up set piece that everyone owns a piece of. #4 Cornelius blows the header and Piette chests it to Zardes who buries it. At the end of the day, Vittoria and Henry did not seem to be on the same page at all, harsh to hang it all on Henry. Some of that even has to go to Herdman, as cornelius and Vittoria seemed to be working well, maybe had better communication etc. Probably even Henry and Cornelius would have done better together. But Herdman is watching them in camp, he should know who pairs up best etc. Maybe if we played more games we could figure this stuff out.
  9. Rotate out the top guys if they get bored with the national team (which I dont think will happen). Plenty of guys who cant get a game you can work in. A couple CPL/USL guys could use a boost even with an invite, maybe let Crepeau have a couple starts
  10. Has there been no more word on Henry's transfer?? I'm curious to see how much they sell him for. And on a related note, did Davies transfer had a performance clause included?? With him getting all this game time, I wonder if the Whitecaps are getting a bunch more German cash.
  11. Hey if you TO guys are sick of games, spread them around..send one to Halifax or Winnipeg. I'd be happy to watch our B team beat up a caribean team.
  12. Because it was at home, now you are on the road and you are damn sure the USA was going to do things different with a different roster. The adjustments herdman made for the first game worked..he tried to craft a gameplan to match the opponent and situation for game 2 and we got ****** by a bad bounce minutes into the game. And from there on they couldnt get it back and I blame that on too few games, not enough real tests for this team in the last few years.
  13. if this is the case I hope Herdman uses the extra games to work in more options all over the park and not just throw out his best 11 wherever they fit regardless of position. David and Cav had sub par games againt the USA, too bad Akendele or Larin werent fully integrated and ready to go on the bench. See if Fraser's great game was just a fluke or if Eustaquio can do the same thing as Piette only with better passing. Same with the "real" LB and RB. Adegube, Cordova or whoever the #2-3 options are need to get in camps and get into a game in case they are needed. Get Crepeau/Leutwiler a game, god forbid Borjan goes down and we havnt played anyone else in years. I'd love for David and Cav to get some records, but better for Eustaquio, Millar, Larin, Akendele, Kaye etc to wet their beaks.
  14. Any word on Fury movement?? Seems strange, if they really are not playing anywhere that no one has jumped ship yet.
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