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  1. NCAA doesnt let underclassmen enter draft early without being a GA pick. He is not eligible to be a GA pick because of the academy/HG thing he has going on. Top drawer rate him as the #1 player/prospect etc in college soccer now. It seems like he can leave school, sign with VWC as a HG, or have them trade his MLS rights etc. Or he can leave school and sign pro in Europe etc, or I guess even CPL. The whole GA thing was to keep good underclassmen from just jumping to europe and avoiding MLS and the draft altogether eh?? Get the unaffiliated american/NCAA talent into the american/MLS leag
  2. Larin bagged 14g and was top 5 in the country and got 9g as a sophmore, was a GA pick, first overall and on from there. Rapaso got 15, Buchanon 10g i think, but its a crap shoot eh, with the widely variable levels of play. However, Top drawer just came out with their updated player rankings, you'll recognize a lot of these kids from MLS academies. Upperclassmen: Amanda #1 Oregon, Heibert, #13 Miss ST, Jensen #24 Oakland, Oluaseyi #39, st johns, Mullings #80, FGCU. Frehshmen: Krakowiak #10 James madison (dual polish), Kerr #24 Syracuse, Cambridge #34 Portland, Russell-Rowe #41, Rad
  3. Now thats super trippy. What are the chances?? And you both spotted each other?? So if I put on my Celtic cap and scarf, with the Valour jersey and walk around downtown WPG, what are the chances I run into MrsC, Cheeta, Winnipeg Fury, T-Bison and Top cheese??
  4. Ah ya got me there. That is mostly what I got at Valour games, but Mrs C and the trench/hardcores were really rocking. Most people seemed to enjoy themselves, even with a brand new team/players and no Ronaldos on the field.
  5. The stadiums are freaky?? I would counter they have character, or are unique. If you are talking about the fans, I would say they are passionate, dedicated and opinionated.
  6. Scored a brace in exhibition action against a teenage Whitecaps squad. Indy picked up a scottish stiker as well in off season, but hopefully Hamilton get plenty of chances. He is in the new puma jersey reveal for indy with a huge scarbough tatto!! Look for Haworth as well.
  7. Just a little like a used car salesman, always overselling and you come away feeling greasy?? I have gotten that vibe off him from day 1 with the womens program.
  8. Hoilet was still wanted by Jamaica, and he was 25 when he committed to us, not quite as bad as the others mentioned. I think one of the knocks on Ayo is the fact he is playing for a CDN team. I can understand Hoilet/Deguz etc playing/living overseas and getting swept up and wanting to choose that country. But Akinola is in TO, he still lives here and it seems like he cant decide. For me thats a bit harder to swallow.
  9. DIdnt Osorio get frozen out by Floro after a incident when he got subbed out?? Seems to me Floro did the same to Tiebert for some reason towards the end of Floros term.
  10. Bagged a goal in the one and only preseason game against columbus. Nice little article on him, hadnt seen it before. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/young-striker-jordan-perruzza-enjoying-173248356.html
  11. As much as I think Vanney was short sighted, he probably isnt any worse than a lot of MLS managers. The whole organization has to be behind it. The worst part is, TFC sinks plenty of money into the academy, has plenty of good prospects (tons of talent coming out of the area) but never seems to have enough faith in the kids. And it doesnt have to be a crazy youth movement, just a couple of comfort food players out the door. Skip just a couple late 20 journeymen for a couple kids. Endoh for Shaff/Nelsen/Rutty, Mullins for Perruza/Hamilton, Maybe you are a bit worse off, but maybe one of tho
  12. Well the goldeyes stadium in WPG cost over 20 mil, many years ago and its 7500 capacity. What they are picturing in that article doesnt look anything like it, but with inflation etc, its probably right.
  13. Someone was braggin about mullins scoring in the preseason....seems to me it was off a beauty cross from Shaff. I still think he can do more than just hustle, he is not Delgado.
  14. Do we have a young winger someone doesnt want to move to FB?? Seems to me didnt TFC try it with Raheem Edwards before Lareya? We'll know its a real thing when calls for Corbineau and Nelsen to become FB hit the boards.
  15. Wasnt someone just posting Shaffleburg transition to FB as well? Its funny people are commenting on Lareya having a subpar game, when it was clear Leon were focusing on exposing him on the defensive end. The same will happen to Buchanon if he continues at FB, he'll have games where he'll be swamped with defensive duties and the fans will be dissapointed I'd like to see him stay a winger.
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