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  1. Remember, someone is always accusing us V's of pushing an Us vs them agenda with MLS, seems like Garber has a BEEF with us.
  2. MLS is a a lot better league. Period. More money, DP, TAM GAM etc allow them to build rosters that are clearly superior. But top to bottom?? HAHA, there are some **** teams and plenty of **** players getting starts in MLS. I am sure if you took a top 11 of the CPL at the end of the year, you could fit a couple of them into a MLS starting job somewhere depending on need. The same way a few USL guys move up and a small % win spots.
  3. This is a Tony Soprano/ganster move. Youse guys better let Vancouver start a USL team in canada (even though they shut it down on their own saying it was TOO EXPENSIVE, and montreal shut theirs down on their own as well), or there will be trouble! And dont start causing trouble for Ottawa or TFC2...its our turf..back off! Or if you watch the WIRE....Avon needs his corners!!!
  4. So we are back to the question of why the other networks wont show them....having the highlights on CBC sports, or sports net would do a lot for the prestige, visability and profile of the CPL. How does it hurt them...CBC actually has a dog in the fight and would probably love to have more viewers when they broadcast the CPL.
  5. GEEEPERS BATMAN......reserve teams!!! There is going to be parrot **** all over this thread. Garber is goign to threaten CSA about MLS teams dropping investment in CDN soccer unless they play ball with regards to USL and Canadian clubs?? Seems like this is a premptive shot across the bow for the Ottawa sanctioning baloney that is coming up soon. F&ck Garber!! If the Cdn MLS clubs stop investing in CDN soccer then they can see their CDN support/fan base dry up. “Now at some point that needs to be resolved or the Canadian player is not going to get developed as effectively as they need to get developed. Right now, the Whitecaps don’t have a USL association because they’re not permitted to have a USL team here in Vancouver. Toronto has a USL 3 team, and there are a wide variety of reasons for that, and Montreal they had an affiliation [with USL side Ottawa Fury].” Garber
  6. This reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. If you talk nonsense 90% of the time, eventually no on listens to anything you say that has any value. And then you can make a big show of "getting back to the purpose of the thread" when it was your baloney that derailed it. You started this "papering the stadium" and claiming false attendance numbers before the first ball was kicked. For what purpose??? I really dont understand, most intelligent people can admit there are a million different factors going into whether the league survives or not.
  7. I did a double take on Seedorf and wonder, wow he must really take care of himself.
  8. I never...EVER thought about what percentage of tickets sales were freebies, or would have ever dreamed of searching ticket master to try count blue dots and prove/disprove a teams announced attendance. Let alone do that after almost every game all season. The almost constant narrative that started IMMEDIATELY after launch, that certain teams were in trouble, the league isnt doing as well as everyone here thinks and the fact finding missions to go and try and prove it, for some sort of NAH NAH NAH, I"m smarter you than you ego trip, is what really makes me wonder. I cant believe this lasted the entire season.
  9. Geesh, dont say that. When it was suggested a run out with CMNT and a goal would help get Larin on track everyone was offended. Personally i agree that some u-23 success might build up his confidence.
  10. The worst part is, he got rewarded for a couple of those dives earlier in the season. And now once he gets into the box, it looks like he is thinking penalty rather than finishing the run, creating a scoring chance etc. Still it takes all kinds, and I can sure see some CONCACAF refs falling for that.
  11. You are the one bringing any supremecy BS into this. The thread was talking about the CPL highlights getting on more TV networks. You brought up minor leagues etc.
  12. I have seen Valor highlights on the local Manitoba TV, but never on TSN.
  13. Wait..is that why there are never any highlights on TSN etc??? Onesoccer doesnt release them for nightly sports report??
  14. That is so great! You are a legend MrsC!! It must have been so special for them to have all the hard cores chanting and singing with Tyler playing so well.
  15. Pretty sure he has been in some youth camps...
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