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  1. Dont feel bad Theo, guys on here dont think Arfield was a EPL level player and he got into almost 100 gams for Burnley. Tear up league one and you'll be back to the big show, skys the limit.
  2. Whats the sense of it?? By morning 3 guys will come on and say Delgado was the best player out there and Priso doesnt belong on the roster. Perez is sticking with the same guys and hoping for something different, he deserves what he gets.
  3. Is Ayo waiting on surgery to repair his tear?? Dont they usually get that done pretty quickly?
  4. As soon as I saw this thread I was going to post this, but I resisted. But i wondered how long it would take to devolve into him questioning every games attendance (except for Halifax for some reason) and the inevitable posting of game pics and highlights and ticketmaster maps. It took 3 posts. And in about 3 pages he'll be talking about a club folding due to poor attendance. Anyway, have fun with it.
  5. Even when I am wrong, I am right. Dont ever change UT.
  6. And so the ugly saga starts anew. Every game, pics of ticketmaster, then screen caps of the game, then speculation, then whining about "papering the house", then complaining about special promotions or deals on prices. Is this really going to be a thing again this summer?? Is there any way to hit ignore for an entire thread?? I know, I know...dont read it, its a free country etc.
  7. i wonder what kind of a deal CBC had for CPL games?? I was hoping we would see that again this summer, get more exposure, bring in some more fans.
  8. Maybe that does tell you something. Maybe making the jump to some low level asian/scandanavian league doesnt pay as much as we think.
  9. Maybe some more corporate money will come into CSA coffers if the mens team can keep the good times rolling. Maybe if Buchanon jerseys start flying off the shelves.
  10. I think 3rd and 4th get 200 and 150 grand each past years. So it prob wont be more than 200g.
  11. I was surprised it was Waterman who got signed, I didnt think he was the best CB in the league, but what do I know eh? Maybe AJB, kidding?? The kid from York (Wright?) looks pretty good and he is very young. Farsi and Abzi look a step above the crowd wouldnt surprise me if they went somewhere (higher than CPL, lower than MLS). Seriously a start up league with low salaries, no track record and no academies are not going to atrack young talent away from MLS. You wouldnt expect too many 5 star recruits coming in and jumping a level right off the bat. But, in year one they found 1 guy from nowhere who jumped, none in the f#cked up season last year, hopefully we get another one this year..(too early to say who, not too late for someone to bust out).
  12. Ohhh, I didnt expand what you quoted. My mistake...you are correct, but hopefully that changes soon.
  13. Morgan got another game tonight against Pasher and Houston....second start of the season. Considering I dont think he played at all in MLS last year, its nice to see him keep plugging away.
  14. You havnt heard of Waterman?? He got 6 starts for the Impact last year and has 7 so far this year, in fact he started tonight.
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