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  1. Would that be in a signing bonus kind of thing (paid by the buyer), on top of the transfer, or do they actually get 10% of the fee from the selling club?
  2. I'm starting to think the Henry haters should be forced to watch a highlight video of Mitter. Just so they can see a real disaster is like. Not exactly a red card penalty kick fiasco, but a guy who spends more energy yelling and pointing after the goal than he ever did marking before it.
  3. Long story short, because of nuianses with GA draft picks, homegrowns, DP signings etc...lets just say 30% goes to the league, plus or minus a few % points. Heres a nice little article from a few years back using Atlanta as an example. https://www.dirtysouthsoccer.com/atlanta-united-fc/2017/10/19/16465762/mls-transfer-rules-regulations-fees-percentages
  4. If you could manage to "fix" Calgary boots when they are playing Valour there is a case of beer in it for you.
  5. Its hard enough trying to get people to ease up on Henry...dont mention Godinho...a mob with pitchforks will form within minutes.
  6. you sure this isnt copy and paste from rumors we heard last summer?
  7. Funnily enough, Hossam El Badry was my first choice to replace OZ (after he got the sack and before Herdman was chosen). Although he is based in Egypt, his family is based in Canada and he seems to come here at least semi-regularly: You must have had some inside info on that one. Didnt it happen at the same time, same announcement etc....I thought it was a joke as Zambrano was prepping for the u-23 camp coming up the next day I think.
  8. Please dont quote him...if he wants to exclusively wants to vent his views on twitter then leave it there eh??
  9. Valours INT players were a wash out. I'd rather go with young CDN than bring in INT and have them **** the bed (I'm looking at you Hoyle).
  10. Yeah but 18 games into the season, the first post about his play is "look he fell and it led to a goal". How long does a guy have to play relatively mistake free (no red cards/penalties etc) before people start to ease up? Other than Jakovic we dont have anyone playing regularly, not James, Cornelius, Vittoria Miller, so they dont have opportunities to make any mistakes/goofs.
  11. Cripes. 18 games this summer no one says anything. Reminds me of the joke. I built the fence, i fixed the chair, i built the deck does anyone call me Joe the carpenter..no, but you F$$K one sheep.........
  12. I really am pulling for Gale. I hope the whining, blaming etc was just being unused to daily pressure and scrutiny from the press all summer long.
  13. KJ has a nice interview with Kaye...where he talks about how Bradley has helped him along. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/mark-anthony-kaye-maestro-of-the-midfield~2005854
  14. All it took was a global pandemic and the interuption of every sport on the planet to get TSN to do a little cut and past reporting on the CPL.
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