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  1. MEH...he should be used to playing without Altidore by now. Should have contingency plans. Ride Bradley like a rented mule and he is breaking down and looking used up...thats no surprise. And with this kind of schedule you'd probably be sitting a couple starters in a midweek game anyways. I wonder what he would have done if he got a tough question. Like.... you are shitting the bed at the worst possible time, how are you going to turn this around in the next week with the guys you have before you flame out in the playoffs?? Or whats wrong with Bradley??
  2. Many ways to skin a cat. Hard nose, easy going friendly guys, teachers/motivators, aloof delegators etc etc. But the players need to buy into it and it needs to work, you need to win. It seems like Henry isnt getting things to work and not just with Tabla. Plus he needs to keep a coaching for dummies book in his pocket explaining MLS subs until he learns.
  3. Fixed your post, although both are probably true.
  4. At least this should kill some of the Vanney for coach of the year baloney that was starting up. Might as well line up the dead horse and beat it. The cool little plan of a group of 12 players that he trusts and he rides them to the MLS finals hasnt worked this year. Maybe if Vanney had opened up his bench earlier on TFC wouldn't be left with no options now. Why wouldnt Nelsen have started this game or SHaff?? What has ENdoh done at all this year to warrant a first off the bench policy?? Grrr...this is just getting tiring. As far as SHaff, I kind of wish he never signed for TFC....he might have been better off starting for Halifax and making a splash there than rotting in Toronto. And as much as I like what he brings, Nelsen should get into the game first. As for this not being the TFC we see in the playoffs...it wouldnt surprise me if Bradley plays every minute until he comes up lame/injured again and the team does better with him in the press box.
  5. I wish someone was on the bench screaming at Henry..."you picked the wrong lineup...the formation is all wrong...read your f#ckin mls rule book and learn how to make substitutions..". I guess that sort of style works for some people......
  6. Yao is 20..same boat as Dunn, very promising but stagnating and needing to play. They go from, this kid is an exciting u-17 to..man he is already 20 and he hasnt even gotten a look, in the blink of an eye.
  7. The gap is huge!!! Oh boy. Waterman didnt seem to be anyones choice as best CB in CPL and he is playing in front of Yao this year with Montreal. No disrespect to Yao, because I do think he looks very promising but I dont think a loan to CPL would be beneath him. I think it did Dunn a lot of good.
  8. So they need to find a mystical league in Europe, that has the highest quality players and will play kids with no experience from outside their program....when their own MLS club wont play them in MLS. But a league right in Canada, with some recent MLS players on almost every team, that has a mandate to play young CDNs isnt a reasonable transition??
  9. N No, you are not dreaming....a squad may be announced soon. Let the parades begin...
  10. Dunn also greatly benefitted from CPL loan, vs USL-2 or whatever TFC 2 has been playing in. They would be playing against former part time MLS (Aird, Levis, Bekker, Bustos, Babouli, Porter, Telfer, Petrasso etc) and INT like Dejong, Edgar, Haber, Ledgerwood. On top of that a CPL team gets to face off against CONCACAF rivals and MLS in V-cup, so there are chances to play against top level opponents occasionally. It might be a big jump to MLS, but where are the other intermediate chances for MLS kids? USL-CHAMP isnt much (if any) better than CPL.
  11. Well guys are slotting in Millar, Kennedy etc at RB based off 1-2 games there. Petrasso put in a bunch of RB for us a few years ago and didnt look too bad...if we are just grasping at straws.
  12. How did Fachineri do with Ottawa at the Island games? He is anther one who could climb the list either by getting a full solid CPL season or getting a few games with VWC.
  13. So down 3 in 87th minute and you pull an offensive player you just put on?? Thats one way to do things I guess. I wonder how Henry's management style will go over in USL-1 or whatever lower league he sinks to after this??
  14. I dont know, at 2015 gold cup we had Edgar in the English championship, Hainault in 2Bunda, Jakovic in J-league and Straith was in Norway. I think to say we have slipped at CB in the last 5 years isnt being overblown.
  15. That takes a lot of courage to pile on the guy who came on when the game was lost. Philly had been taking it to TFC all first half, were already up by 2 and they want to talk about Fraser?? I think it was free kick who said as soon as he saw the line up it was going to be bad. I am not a twitter guy but the "pundits" better be all over Bradley who is supposed to be a leader on the team and the guy who thought it would be great to play Gallardo.
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