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  1. So Korea starts in Feb?? Henry should be in good form for canada's end of March WCQ games??
  2. You must have watched those highlights closer than I did, I thought Pantemis and StClair got into both scrimmages. Maybe Herdman watched StCLair in MLS playoffs and needed to see more of Pantemis. But I was meaning #2 on the impact. Diop doesnt impress me much and they'll be chances for a #2, so I am glad to see the team give Pantemis a vote of confidence with the contract. They could have easily signed some journeyman back up instead.
  3. New contract, looks like he is the number 2. Hopefully he can still get some games next season. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/01/25/cf-montreal-goalkeeper-james-pantemis-agree-new-contract
  4. There are very few guys on here who slag CPL, and thats not whats happening here. CPL being a good league for young guys, or guys that fall through the cracks etc. Right now we all want our guys to play there, do very well and then move on and go as far/high as they can. Its not a european thing, if James came back and got regular minutes with an MLS squad we'd all be happy. I am no expert on Denmark vs Greece vs MLS but I am pretty sure the levels are higher than CPL..FOR NOW. I would rather have CPL spots going to younger guys that have not gotten any shot at all.
  5. We've had combo CB/F before.
  6. Who is a regular CB then?? Cornelius, Viitoria/Jackovic...who are both almost closer to 40 than 30, Henry...most people spit on the ground when you mention him and.................................???? The state of our CB is not much better now. He has played for us and played pretty good, if he can get regular minutes and on form, why wouldnt he be in the mix for regular calls??
  7. Money needed may not be that big, but if they have to start from scratch, with no stadium it will be a tall order. How many of the smaller markets have decent places to play?? If there were a nice grounds in saskatoon ready to go, I'm sure the ownership group would already have a team in there. Winnipeg has a team in good part because there is a stadium there, that was begging for another team to move in and to help fill it up all summer.
  8. Except he has got called and has done a pretty good job for us in the CMNT. No matter what his resume tells you. Look at Gerba, what in his resume would tell you he would score so much for Canada?? Sometimes guys just cant a good situation going at their club, doesnt always mean they arent useful with the national team. Same as you wouldnt judge Larin from his first couple years in turkey, or David from this year in france.
  9. Yeah but Waterman was coming from Usports in his early 20's. He needed to progress, needed to learn to be a pro player and CPL was an obvious step up, then MLS, CMNT etc etc because he was good enough eh?. He used CPL as a stepping stone. James has been in Europe, pro enviroment Hungary/Denmark etc for years. At 27, how much will it help him to come to CPL?
  10. How many saw the 16 years later on this thread and in their head it was in the spongeBob french accent??
  11. How many times have we had a camp and the game has ended up being a let down?? A questionable performance against Moldova, new zealand, Morocco or Uzbekistan. And we say well at least they got 10 days of practice and drills etc out of it. At least the Gaffer got to see everyone and the guys got to build chemistry etc etc. We all wanted to see a game, but at least they did something...it wasnt a total waste. TFC fans should be happy, it was nice seeing Priso, Nelsen and Okello all working together. I hope Armas was watching the same highlights we did.
  12. Still some spring in those old legs!!
  13. I hope you mean the younger Bunbury!!! Dont disrespect the legend...6 years in top flight Portugal, retires as the clubs alltime leading premeira scorer, 60+ games for canada and 15 goals. Even Teal has had a solid MLS career, 11 years, 60+ goals, 30 assists. US is deep and they arent giving away caps...there is interest in him now, when he is young and hot and not committed, but he'll hvae to keep pace with a bunch of those guys you mentioned. For us, even if he is a solid MLS striker he could get alot of games in a red shirt.
  14. BUT.....as a young man looking for cash as well as paying time, he could do worse. Of course I am assuming Miami is one of the bigger spending USL clubs.
  15. Thats the 2 I could find...I'm still trying to figure out who this Pass guy is. 2 CDN drafted, not the greatest, but both CB?? Hmmmmm, interesting.
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