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  1. Brutal to watch. I hope several players get the "hairdryer" treatment before next game. Or better yet just ride the pine. Very lackluster, there didnt seem to be much energy out there from about half the squad. I get it, a dozen matches in 15 days but jeepers show some heart. If that was all Delgado and Bradley had left in the tank, why not start Frasier and Chapman. At least they would have been hungry and worked hard for more minutes. Didnt Bradley prove last year he isnt a start every game guy anymore. Hamilton wasted a few good chances but at least he was getting them. Altidore didnt do any better when he came on, once Pozuela went out it seemed like chapman was the only one wanting to go forward. It was funny to listen to Caldwell complain about having no cap room. Why is that I wonder?? Is VDW wages still counted on the cap? And why are we paying Zav and Delgado 260 and 230?? I dont even want to know what they are paying Ciman, Boyd or even Deleon. I dont think they dont have cap room to make any really good moves in July.
  2. Wasnt he the Keeper coach at UofT?? I think he said he hadnt officially retired yet (look at Onstad or Sutton coming out of retirement) and isnt he only 28-29. Still prime goalie age. What does a coaching job in University pay??
  3. With his pedigree he could go back to USL or take the Dos Santos route as an assistant with a MLS team.
  4. Looks like Hamilton, Osorio and Morgan get the start today. Would have liked to see Chapman or Frasier in for Delgado, but what do I know? Hamilton has to have a better game (snakebit on wed night), if he can make things happen up front it might just win over Vanney for when Altidore comes back and cement him in the #2 spot. Its not like Boyd has done ANYTHING positive in MLS this year.
  5. I'm not so worried. Gale doesnt even know what he has yet. Better get every player out there and see what sticks. Plus its too crowded a schedule to get hung up on one lineup, there is going to be big time rotation.
  6. Business works by us all freakin out because Rollins says its a done deal between CPL and Fury ownership??
  7. So we are taking Rollins as gospel now? Lets not whig out over every tweet or rumor.
  8. You see that all the time though, late in a game and the ref just wont call that obvious second yellow because they dont want to send a guy off. It was a yellow all day long if another player pulled that or it was the first half. I thought they did a good job, but I havnt been too disappointed with the reffing like some though.
  9. I got to my first game on saturday against halifax. The new stadium is impressive, any negatives from a smallish crowd in the big stadium were offset by the excellent set up. Parking, concessions, seating, sound system etc etc. no temporary bleachers and port-a potties. It was loud enough my 4year old was covering his ears when we scored and MrsC and the RRR kept up the singing until the end. A pretty good crowd for a day that had threats of rain. If we can draw between 5-7g a game the owners should be pleased. Ali Musse stood out for me along with Bustos (although i expected him to be a cut above). Overall a good game, decent level of play and a great experience for my family. Did anyone else notice Bustos climb into the stands and take a bunch of pics with what I assumed were family members at games end?? Very nice to see.
  10. Sure you can. I'm not trying to take anything away from Atiba because I agree about him being the best. But I think we have a couple of teenagers right now that have good shots at being a better player/more successful in the next 10-15 years. Breaking into the Belgian and the Bunda as teenagers is a very good start, whether they continue on to Atibas heights, who can say. And behind Davies, David, Millar etc you have Nelson and HAbibullah that could have similar shots at going on to big things.
  11. Cuban ref doesnt fall for gamemanship, canada wins in a shootout..on to the u-17WC.....Valour beat Halifax while my 4year old and I scream with MrsC and the RRR, CPL doing well, BBTB has to eat his boot??? I'm dizzy....I need to sit down.
  12. Maybe a knock and they left Shuttleworth at home to recuperate?? Either way, StClair is getting closer!!
  13. Good plan, Shaffleburg looked good in preseason and in the few USL-1 games I have seen this year. And why not Nelsen, or maybe even Perruza?? I do think that Altidore will miraculously be healed by the time he is needed (late May/June), and wont be called by USA for the gold cup.
  14. Buchanon was a GA high draft pick, I'm sure he'd get a look see on most MLS teams.
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