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  1. Anyone remember when MAK made the roster for the GC in 2017 and we fought over what level he was at, how many USL starts he had blah blah blah. If we had camps/friendlies and pulled in a wider net of players maybe we would know if Borges, Zator etc could hang with the full squad. If Herdman/coaching staff see enough from him in CPL to give him a shot then thats ok with me. Some will work (MAK) some wont (Aleman, Manella, Aparcio) but I wont fault the coach for giving some of the kids a try.
  2. Or make it really CDN. The 3 stars of the week.
  3. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/07/15/mls-provides-updates-st-louis-charlotte-sacramento-expansion-bids
  4. Look at it from an american point of view. They work in partnership with MLS (unlike NASL) they can act like a feeder system of sorts for US college kids trying to make MLS. And its a test run for a lot of expansion sites. And look at all the little hotbeds of soccer support they have found. Cincy, Indy, Vegas, Hartford.....Hartford is drawing almost 6000 fans. Everytime i think we might be closing on the US I look at the 300 USL-Champ and USL-One teams...they actually have the makings of a pyramid. They could have pro/rel if the will was there. But you are 100% right, why would a CDN team choose to stay in that system now that there is a viable CDN option??
  5. How about Montgomery, Comsia (16 USL games), St CLair, they are all 22. Is 97 the cut off?
  6. I thought those stats looked better than last year as well. I guess it just goes to show how bad it really is. Last year we had 11 guys over 1000 min, 4 guys over 2000min. Overall we had 30 CDN play in MLS last year, and we already have 30 this year. So from the looks of it we might get a few more in all metrics.
  7. Keep him the hell away from TFC. Why would he come here, and why would we want to take him away from Liverpool?? Get a loan in England and see how it goes. He comes here and he is in the middle of a log jam of CDN fighting for minutes on a team that seems to stockpile USMNT players. No doubt he would be a good player for TFC, but he is better off where he is.
  8. Doesnt the lacrosse team bring in over 10,000 a game?? I know its not good to compare apples to oranges, but support of secondary non hockey sports will tell you something. The Winnipeg goldeyes baseball have been around 20 years, and draw 4000 (near the top of their league), Valour open up shop and are bringing in roughly 6000. If a soccer club in Saskatoon can get half of what the lacrosse boys get, they would be a huge CPL success story.
  9. Yeah, something about being with an approved academy etc, and then signing first pro contract with MLS or affiliate. Somehow I dont think Borges is going to qualify, even with MLS ever morphing, murky, convoluted roster rules. Unless its LA or Atlanta that want to sign him, then he'll miraculously be domestic for some reason.
  10. Wright got his second goal of the season for Birmingham. He was all over the highlights for this game even though he came in as a sub. I think hes gotten into 10-11 games for them so far, and has gotten a couple games for the REVS.
  11. Keep sending them up until something permanent sticks.
  12. Wouldnt he be considered a INT payer (for 88% of MLS) and have all that stigma and roster restrictions etc?? Or has all that been relaxed?
  13. Excellent article, heres hoping Molinaro resurfaces somewhere.
  14. Looks like his gold cup trip didnt hurt him at Orlando. Started last week and again today. Although Orlando does have some CB's out with injury.
  15. He doesnt displace anyone yet. But we still need to keep a guy like him in the pool. Who knows when we'll have a guy injured or a couple guys not released from the bigger european squads. Thats why a camp poutine/friendlies is so important, give B and C guys a shot, work more players into the system and you never know when one of them will have to fill in at a GC and save/sink your ass, ie Godinho.
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