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  1. You're the farthest thing from family I'd want to have you asshat. Are you even listening to yourself? Since you value your personal liberties over the greater good of everyone else and you're obviously immune to the virus why don't you do some good with your superhero status and volunteer at a retirement home? I mean what's the worst that could happen? Well besides you killing off more of our senior citizens. Your utter ignorance is beyond upsetting...it is perturbing. I hope your own extended family stays the **** away from you.
  2. Please shut the hell up you inbred fucktard. Your two cents worth on every topic is neither necessary nor wanted. What is wrong with you...besides enjoying hearing yourself talk? Why don't you just sit back, read and learn something for a change? There are so many posters on here that make valid contributions even though they may be contradictory to each other at times. But most importantly they are willing to listen to other opinions without need for constant rebuttal. Also they don't feel a need to ramble on incessantly making multiple consecutive posts like you do. If you have something valid to add...please feel free to do so. Otherwise shut the **** up. I will now await my next banishment by some lame ass moderator that has a comparable IQ as TGAA_Star.
  3. Just exactly how often did you get dropped on your head as a baby? Do you talk to yourself a lot? Is Peggy your imaginary friend? I have so many questions...
  4. Dude you are beyond ridiculous. Why don't you spend some time gathering perspective instead of promoting pie in the sky scenarios. I love this sport as much as anyone but right now I couldn't give a **** about when it starts again. I'm too busy taking care of my family and worrying about their well-being. Do you even realize that we haven't peaked here in Canada yet in terms of this pandemic? Get a grip.
  5. Well with Borges gone from the Forge, who haven't signed anyone of note this off season btw, I could see him end up there. Fisk mentions wanting to take the next step up and show himself for the national team... where better than Hamilton with Champions League matches and a chance to defend a title. I know Ottawa has the financial flexibility but are they really a step up from Pacific FC?
  6. I'm pretty sure he's put everyone on ignore and is merely conversating with himself but I'm sure having said that I'll be banned by one of the administrators again for violating his free speech rights. Oh well 🖕
  7. I'm pretty sure he's many things but ok.
  8. Wow...now you're an expert on Scottish society...is there anything you can't do or don't know?
  9. Never got an answer to whether Ozzie the Blizzard has been to a CanPL game yet but he's telling us what to watch...hmmm
  10. What does this have to do with the current thread...besides you trying to be as offensive as possible. Oh well, small minds...
  11. Wow Robert...that's amazing. You used an article from 2016 to prove the CPL is the worst league in the world. I have no idea why something doesn't jive here but maybe you can enlighten me. You rank right up there with BBtB for biggest douchebag...and that's currently btw. You off your meds again?
  12. That's it...keep patting yourself on the back. Pretty soon you'll claim to be the guy responsible for starting this league. You never cease to amaze.
  13. Next month? I'm already lolling now.
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