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  1. I was just hoping he would move up a division (or two). Seemed like he had a decent season and he probably only got released because he wasn't going to make the first team any time soon. Saarbrücken is a club rich in history and has promotional ambitions so maybe that's the route he needs to take.
  2. Signed a 1 year deal with FC Saarbrücken in the Regionalliga(4th division)
  3. You're wrong...BBtB says there will be and he wants one so end of discussion.
  4. Unfortunately it's also being promoted by the likes of you which immediately convinces me a) it's a bad idea and b) it'll never happen. But you keep dreaming there Uncle Sam the Parrot.
  5. I agree...I'm also very happy for my season tickets and yes even when we don't get a result the games have always been entertaining. Saturday's game was the exception...actually it was an absolute **** show. Just seemed like they weren't into it at all. Having said that I'm still waiting to watch a game at home in perfect weather...Mother Nature has been somewhat cruel so far this season...and not just to the Forge.
  6. https://www.kicker.de/752933/artikel/godinho-unterschreibt-beim-fsv-zwickau
  7. Marcus has signed with FSV Zwickau of the German 3 Liga according to Kicker online.
  8. I don't think I misrepresented what you said at all, especially since you used the term committed several times now.I do agree that he cannot be expected to react immediately or read Godhino's mind but as a keeper or even an outfielder you should be aware that the pass MIGHT be slow/short and react accordingly. His reaction need not be immediate but at the same time he had more than enough time to change direction and deal with the situation. He didn't...hence this goal falls mostly in his lap. You also use an example of a player judging a ball to go long and then having to step forward when they realize it's not travelling as far as they thought. That is called misjudging the flight of the ball and is only excusable in heavy wind situations...otherwise that particular player is to blame.I won't even bother getting into his half-hearted attempt to clear the ball when he did get to it...it was weak to say the least. Anyways...agree to disagree.
  9. I disagree...I think like most sports soccer is reactionary and I believe the only time you've fully committed to a move is when you've left your feet such as a slide tackle or a dive by the keeper. Personally I don't care if Borjan plans to back up all the way into the players' tunnel, when the pass occurred he was extremely slow reacting to it. This one is totally on him. Honestly I don't even think the pass from Godinho was that bad. Had Borjan reacted promptly he would have had plenty of time and options to make a safe play. I say this as a goalie and huge fan of Milan's and am not too chuffed about the whole thing to be honest. Also as a goalie, Milan's reaction to chide Godinho was totally appropriate....my brother would have heard far worse from me(whether it was his fault or mine)😁
  10. Sorry...I don't see it that way. I would give maximum 5% blame to Godinho. I love Milan but this one was on him. Either way...**** happens...I'm not too worried about it and refuse to go into panic mode over this loss. Blame goes all the way around with Herdman bearing a little bit more responsibility obviously due to his substitution choices but even then I'm not in the " Fire Herdman now" camp like many people on here. Way too much panic spreading around...people need to relax and let him continue with his process. I'm sure he learned from this tournament and this game just like the players have. Nations League up next and looking forward to the games against the US but looking even more forward to 2022 qualifying to start.
  11. I agree...went there with my wife a few years ago and loved the beer and food. My wife is still with me but definitely looks at me with one eyebrow raised since then.
  12. No...just a fully stocked beer fridge in the basement...no complaints here though
  13. True that combination would have been very nice as well as having a waterfront stadium but traffic on game days would have been a nightmare due to how bottle-necked the area is. I'm not sure what the parking situation was designed to be but I'm pretty sure you would have some some neighborhood parking as well.
  14. Lol if only he did...I mean he would love to but then he realizes that would mean I would be there even more and has second thoughts.
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