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  1. I agree with the pompous part but idiocy seems a bit harsh...and this coming from someone that loves to sling a well-aimed barb with the best of them 😁. Btw...Davies and Durrans do not play in the same stadium.
  2. Neuer hasn't been a top keeper the last 5 years? I'm going to assume you are excluding this past season where he won the Golden Gloves as top keeper in the world and led BM to the treble.
  3. At least you're a consistent douchebag. You've always maintained that you don't give a fuck about anyone else but yourself and your social life.
  4. Sorry for these consecutive responses...I was just catching up on this thread.
  5. So proper word choice mitigates the situation the world finds itself currently in? Interesting.
  6. So if the rest of us are just accepting what the CSA is offering but you think we shouldn't please tell us what exactly you're going to do about it.
  7. How is anything he said just considered banter? Seriously? But fair enough...I'll rescind the offer of meeting him in an alley. Probably a little over the top and said in the heat of the moment. Still an extremely scummy view of things by him but whatever right...it's just banter.
  8. You're the epitome of a douchebag...and that includes anyone else here who agrees with this viewpoint. As far as having a beer with you...I wouldn't step into any pub or bar you were in...but I would love to meet you in the alley next to it. The nerve of you thinking you value this country or one's own family more than the rest of us because of your Trumpian views. Go fuck yourself.
  9. Well then once DT gets ousted next week and then concurrently goes to jail things should be even better for you guys.
  10. Simple question requiring a simple answer from a simpleton...Wtf is wrong with you? Just want to hear it from the horse's mouth...with all apologies to horses everywhere.
  11. Seriously dude? Grow up will you.
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