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  1. Yep...the self congratulatory tangent he's on now is almost as bad as the negative angle replies to most posts on here. Still the biggest douchebag on here in my eyes...and I'm guessing others but I don't want to speak for them.
  2. Choiniere was easily MotM. Didn't connect on everything but worked his ass off to get the ball back immediately. You're right about Kadell Thomas, heard his name being chanted constantly by the young kids in my section. Was a bit cocky but that's the sign of a young man gaining confidence and rightfully so...he's the real deal and will only get better. I like the coach just bringing him on as a sub for now but I expect him to be a full time starter soon. Frano as captain impressed me last night as well as did Quillan Roberts who seemed to calm things down at the back. All the goals were fairly impressive and a clean sheet is always nice. Krutzen's corners should create plenty of chances this season as well. Really looking forward to Sunday's match vs Cavalry so we can knock them off their perch. Fairly big game early in the season...if the weather co-operates we should see a much bigger crowd than yesterday which considering it was midweek on a cold and windy day was not bad at all.
  3. Where or how do you get your season seat holder code to sign up for the cheaper rate?
  4. Good things ARE happening...some people are just blind to it. I'll try to behave but make no promises lol
  5. Lmfao it always makes me feel better when I get to tell a mental midget how I feel. Thank you for the opportunity and keep making dumbass comments so I can tell you how I feel some more.
  6. In what sport is anyone fully up to speed by their first competitive challenge? Stop being such a doubting Thomas as someone likes to label you on here or such an ignorant douchebag ( my favourite by far).
  7. You give a bag of hammers a bad name.
  8. Don't go then if you don't feel safe...or will you even be there? As far as ******** high horses...you ride your's far more often than Ted(if he even does). He didn't tell you not to have an opinion or be critical of the club but to stop lying...I think that's a fair request.
  9. BBTB...why did you change your handle?
  10. That's the problem though isn't it...you claim to support the CPL and yet you put a negative spin on absolutely everything. You want the CPL to succeed but only if it follows your idea of how a league in Canada should be run...which of course involves the US system because in your eyes that is the only way we'll succeed. The CPL is happening...we are 2 weeks away. Just support it for ***** sake and stop being such an annoying ****. Have you even bought any tickets or will you have some convenient excuse not to go?
  11. Cardinal Newman could arguably be considered one of the best all-time high school programs in the country...not that that means anything lol.
  12. How is that too difficult to understand? It is within their powers because of how the league is structured. Whether they would do that is the big question but Garner seems like a vindictive little man to me so...
  13. Elva has had a really good run lately for Würzburg though...notice should be taken. It took him a while to get integrated but it seems he's won himself a starting spot.
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