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  1. I think he was a brilliant acquisition as a backup to Lewandowski and trust me I questioned it at first too but he's done what's been asked of him in limited time.
  2. I agree somewhat while also disagreeing...if that's possible 😁. I still think he's "one" of the best at the position but definitely not "the" best. The real difference I noticed this year is that Flick has him on more of a leash and I don't understand his reasoning. What made Phonzie so dynamic last season was his two-way play but this season he's hardly looked to make an impact offensively and that has made his sometimes defensive naiveté more glaring. But that's ok too because he is still learning the position and will only get better. I still think he's tailor-made for this position at thi
  3. Depth? Lewandowski, Gnabry, Goretzka and Süle were missing today and they still beat PSG in Paris. Over the two legs I thought they were the better team but lacked the finishing to put PSG away. All part of the game and PSG deserved to go through (I guess) but ask Liverpool how their season has gone with all of their injuries. How much more depth do you expect them to have? They just had some bad luck that they've been able to overcome before but not this time. At this point I just hope it's not one of the plastic teams that wins the whole thing.
  4. Yes we deserved a tie in that game. Canada was tactically sound and we kept an extremely talented French team at bay for almost all of it. Btw I don't think we hit the post but the pole that supports the net in the back. Made the whole net shake and look like we scored if I recall correctly. I dream of the day Canada is in it again.
  5. There you go again making wild assumptions based on your batshit crazy ideas. So the " silent majority " isn't that silent obviously since they seem to be in touch with you about absolutely everything. It's also very weird how you can make nationalism and patriotism seem like dirty words...kind of like your hero DJT. I've said it before but I believe it bears repeating...if you like it so much better down south of our border then go move there. I'll gladly even give you a drive. Let me know what time works best for you.
  6. Honestly...you're too ignorant to insult any more plus you've taken almost all of the fun out of it. Your hypocrisy seems boundless. I agree with the insults directed at Duane to have been unnecessary because up until recently he seemed to genuinely give unbiased opinions. Of late I have started seeing him in a bit of a different light but will still give him the benefit of the doubt because in general I feel he has Canadian soccer's best interest in mind...even if he sometimes appears misguided. You on the other hand are just a mental midget of the highest order...please enjoy the oxymoronic
  7. Sorry...I'm lumping you in with SpursFlu on this...and you can take your faux civility in whichever of your body cavities you prefer.
  8. Thank you for pointing this out but it won't change his way of thinking. It does confirm what a despicable human being he is though.
  9. Sounds like the douchebagy thing you would do. Don't ever change asswipe...you and all the deniers.
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