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  1. Hagi owns/coaches the club he plays for. Given I know a lot about this player and his story, Hagi just recognized his ability early and has kept him very close which has obviously developed into a close personal relationship between the families. He's even got Hagi Jr. mentoring him, and has pushed him to the same representation over a very big agency that has a number of Canadians. Good thing for the kid, bad thing for Canadian supporters as Hagi is really pushing him up the ranks in Romania and positioning him for something bigger next season. This is exactly the reason why not having active youth national teams is a massive disadvantage for young Canadian players. These camps/matches are exactly where European teams are 1st identifying talent.
  2. Has had a bumpy start to life at Wednesday with two illnesses, but when he plays he's a real bright spot. Today was a strong performance, was relentless in one vs one's. Really should have had a goal after beating two defenders in the box but was robbed by the GK. Hoping he gets to start on weekend.
  3. Lets not jump the gun here 😄... we are not at USL Championship level yet. Not sure which Reynolds you are referencing but if its Bryan, he played 20 first team games and almost 25 games for the youth national team in order to get that exposure. The players from US/Canada/Mexico are scouted by top teams first in national team competitions. I think Woobens and Lowell could play somewhere in Europe and succeed, but right now, it's going to be more of their agents reaching out to teams rather than other way around. This applies to everyone in the cpl, any league where we'd like our players to be going to just simply isn't watching. It will take time.
  4. Mael Henry (CM) & Loic Cloutier (CB), both from Montreal U23's. Both were key players for the 2004 Canada cycle that had the WC Qualifying cancelled.
  5. Have to disagree here based on personal knowledge of this boy and others in the past. They would 100% choose Canada. Especially in the case of this boy, moving to Romania was the absolute last resort. His family is still in Canada. My biggest gripe with the CSA is they are really not proactive with anything when it comes to youth. For example, someone who doesn't even work in the sport brought this player to the attention of the CSA and it wasn't even until the kid debuted for Romania until they sent an introductory email. Player identification is horrible, they leave it up to the pro clubs to find the players but they can't even get it right.
  6. For anyone curious, the CSA did reach out once but the issue is they are still not planning to hold any camps for this 06 cycle until later next year. Hagi will continue to push the Romanian federation to move him up the ladder although I think the boy and his family would prefer Canada. Hagi's plan is to sell him at the seasons end.
  7. Will be back for Saturday
  8. Personally don't buy the rumors that Vancouver is asking for too much. He has one option year left on his deal (2022) so there would be no need to negotiate an option to purchase for PSV seeing as how he would be free the year after. There was no loan fee with SPAL and there wouldn't be with PSV seeing as how he'd be playing U21 football. Whitecaps would have to re-sign him to a longer deal in order to make any transfer money (Similar to Dante Sealy loan), but they clearly don't value him for the 1st team so can't see them wanting to offer a new deal. The quickest and easiest way for Caps to make money here is to not pick up his 2022 option and collect Training Compensation from whatever team picks him up. If it's a name like PSV, they will ask for the full amount which could be in the range of a couple hundred thousand $$$ and could ultimately put them off because the player no longer becomes a risk free asset that they can try for a season.
  9. Before everyone on here goes overboard with the opinions/comments, and starts jumping to conclusions… he was ruled out through illness, didn’t train the latter half of the week either. Let’s all relax 😅
  10. I told people to watch for this kid months ago😄 CSA was made aware of him a long time ago. The issue is that the CSA has no money for the youth so that means no camps anytime soon despite the 06's being a U17 World Cup cycle. By the time Canada holds a camp for them next year, Enes will probably have played 10+ matches for Romania.
  11. The club has a long history of trying to go around the agents of targets by using their own people. I heard something about Axel's german agency doing this with a couple of targets back in January. Essentially call targets saying Caps are interested and when the player's agent finds out, all goes quiet. It's funny, they are consistently terrible on and off the pitch, yet no one takes a close look at the leadership team (Soccer Operations etc) and how they are able to stay in their jobs so comfortably.
  12. Davies was and still is being represented by someone who is a family friend. That person doesn't have the knowledge or expertise to transfer a player so Robinson stepped up and introduced some agents to the family who could help broker the deal. They didn't go with David Baldwin/Avid but they went with Neil Sang from the UK who had all the contacts. I'm sure Robinson got taken care of.
  13. I don't doubt this. Supporters were furious when they found out about the whole Robinson/David Baldwin(Avid) relationship on transfers.. but little do most know that this is still going on in the club just with MDS's people. These players despite having their own agents had their transferred brokered by one agency connected to the Caps coaching staff. Vite Caicedo Owusu Bikel Cavalini
  14. I 100% agree with you that academy boy's shouldn't just be given chances and I've made my feeling's clear about most simply not being good enough. But, hes is not just any academy player. If you ask around the team, there's major support for him among the senior players. I guess my frustration is, if you have this player in your hands that you're aware had outside interest, and is someone you pitched a pathway to Europe to, why would you slow the kid's trajectory down? Maybe he should have waited to be of age to go to Europe instead🤷‍♂️ I also can't understand MDS's love for Raposo. To be fair he showed quality at the beginning of last season but has since not justified any of his minutes.
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