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  1. So a Manager who's there to win games or get fired should be giving younger players senior minutes just for their confidence? Why do all clubs in the world give out pro deals to academy kids when most won't make the grade? Being a good youth player is one thing, being able to apply your ability to the first team level is another. Maybe MDS doesn't trust them, but neither did Martin Rennie, or Robinson... has to be for a reason no?
  2. They had one half session with the U23's and Pacific then a friendly match. There has been a lot of disputes between the two with players. It's a different to play a match when that's the only team they could have possibly played in the province.
  3. As a young player, you have to give coaches confidence. People need to see how they perform against first team players in training before saying they deserve a chance, you get a clear idea of how close/far they really are. I love that we get optimistic about every prospect, especially homegrown signings but the truth is very few are special and capable of competing for minutes right away.
  4. There's hype on every HG, doesn't mean they should play right now. Gianfranco is two years older and had "hype" and still isn't ready to get minutes. Same with Pecile. Habibullah is probably the most pro ready out of any in the academy.
  5. Forming an impression from one pressure-less friendly that a 16 year old should be in the rotation is a bit much. Still some ways to go but could be a top player if put in the right environment. Not sure how many cpl teams would be interested in loaning a 16 year old CB, if I were Caps I'd be trying to loan him to a youth league in Europe given that he's Italian. Should note that I've heard the Caps aren't the most friendliest with the CPL, especially with Pacific. They rejected taking last year's HG's on loan and this year as well. Few of the academy boys were there to fill de
  6. 😄 Matteo is full of confidence, so much composure to bring the ball down and look to play. He was converted from a CM.
  7. No chance IMO we see him play for Caps 1st team again, last year he was training with the youth and I think that sums up what they think. Vancouver's fault here, he should have never been pushed into the spotlight at that age when he was no where near ready but I guess on the back of the Davies transfer they wanted to play up their pipeline. He's played 8/16 matches he's dressed for SPAL, hasn't played a full 90 yet in the league, played 69 minutes out of a possible 360 in the last four matches. I really don't get why people think SPAL will purchase him.
  8. He was called to the Olympic qualifiers but held back over fear of his concussion recovery. He's also a Czech citizen.
  9. Ayo is not on a GA contract, he's on a regular homegrown contract. The term only applies to college players from outside the MLS system whereas he was in the academy.
  10. GA deals are only for players that are top underclassmen as voted on by all MLS teams prior to the draft. Players from within MLS academies are ineligible. He's from TFC's academy, therefore the only deal he can sign is a Homegrown. If Toronto doesn't want him, they can trade his HG rights to another team or make him wait until he's exhausted his 4 years of eligibility and try his luck in the draft... if its still around by then.
  11. He can't be GA candidate either as long as Toronto have his rights.
  12. Amanda isn't eligible for a GA contract, he's a Senior and he's too old. It's Whitecaps HG or someone will have to take a flyer on him as an international. De'Andre Kerr's rights should be moved.
  13. Possibly, but my opinion is that they weren't really in demand. I don't think anyone is lining up to take them on loan either. I like Pecile, if I'm comparing him to Metcalfe, I'll take Pecile given he's a few years younger and arguably a better skill set in the middle.
  14. Sorry, I completely forgot Metcalfe and Boehmer signed last year. I was referring to Pecile.
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