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  1. This. The bigger take from his performance yesterday is that despite not playing since September, he looks assured in net. He's never looked out of place in any match he's played in, he's comfortable in his reactions and movements under pressure. Good with his feet. Doesn't shy from the aerial balls.
  2. Why would you take him out after one game when he hasn't played since September??? What good would it do to switch to a 3rd string GK when he's in the same, if not worse, situation where they haven't any real reps in ages? Could have been 6-0 or 7-0 the way Caps defend. They need to give the kid a run of 6-7 games here, there's value in it for the club to do so.
  3. I agree. The finances between a loan to a Championship vs League One are quite different, a lot more risk for a Championship team. League One teams receive more favorable terms from Premier League sides (Championship quality player, Full wage coverage, small loan fee that reduces to 0 based on games). If he's playing every weekend, I'm happy.
  4. I think we would all love him to be in the rotation for premier league minutes or at least go to the Championship/1st tier in a smaller country, but the reality is he will have very little say on it. He will go wherever Wolves wants him to go whether that's Championship, League One or League Two. At 19 and coming from Wolves, there's very few Championship managers that will be interested in a loan as it's high risk and they're aren't there to develop someone else's player unless the player can be of impact from day 1. One bad game and he can find himself on the bench for an extended period and the loan becomes a fail. My guess is League One or one of Wolves affiliate clubs in Europe like Grasshoppers or Famalicao (not realistic).
  5. Would think it's the opposite tbh. Not sure Sporting or any of the big Portuguese teams are the right fit. Not as easy of a place to transition to like Germany is for players from this market. They also place high importance on developing their own (Portuguese talent) within that 18-22 age bracket which is how they make $$$. If you look at their Transfer History over the years, the players that arrive at the club at the older end of that age spectrum are either players who have proven themselves in the domestic league with smaller clubs (Pedro Goncalves, Nuno Santos, Tabata etc.) or players from major clubs outside the league looking to find their feet (Jese, Vietto etc.).
  6. I think you are underestimating the level of those French/German teams mentioned lol, and maybe a tad overestimating Tajon's level right now atleast. His agent puts out a lot of fluff and name drops big teams to the press about all his players, in fact the same teams that have been rumored for Tajon and have also been rumored for a few of his other players like Busio (SKC). Freiburg and Sporting are two names that have been heavily mentioned in the scouting world, a mid-low table Bundesliga team would be excellent.
  7. PSV is on the verge of loaning Dante Sealy, a young American winger from FC Dallas which would be at a non-eu salary. Sealy is an 03 so maybe more so for the Jong team however this is more aligned with the signings PSV makes from abroad. PSV would have to pay Buchanon 400,000 Euros to meet the non-eu requirements in Holland. I'm not sure at his age it's a PSV move but it would be fantastic.
  8. Nothing serious, cramped up and held back to be cautious. Will be back for final match on weekend against United, could get extended minutes. Played as a wingback yesterday.
  9. I'd hope that we'd be looking to create goal scoring chances all the time and not just with particular players!๐Ÿ˜„
  10. This. Jebbison will end up in a Canada Jersey. It will happen in time, for now just enjoy his progress. He's played a few minutes and we're discussing rumors of Bayern, BVB๐Ÿ˜…. Lets not make him out to be the next big thing as we have a tendency to do with every young player. Right on que, he scores๐Ÿ˜„
  11. Can't stand the decision to bring Raposo in, give Kamron these minutes. Arguably equal players and Kamron is 5 years his younger.
  12. He actually works out weekly at the OVO gym with the personal trainer of Drake... I'm being serious as well ๐Ÿ˜„ Can't have any excuses for getting physically stronger over the last year.
  13. I think Ali will be on his way out sooner rather than later, not sure its much of a secret amongst the group that he isn't happy with the club. Campagna will struggle to get near the roster IMO, not the time to throw him in the deep end and he's not ready. Will be good for him to get experience in the first team environment over the coming months and maybe get a loan to Europe for the fall given his passport. Given he's going into his U18 year, he could go on loan to the right team in the right league and in the perfect world maybe get bought before he ever see's a minute for Caps.
  14. Can play as a 10 as well, think his best role with VWFC depends on who he's playing with. He likes to drifts inside from wide positions so he ends up in the spaces in front of the Striker a lot. Hardly ever see him stay very wide, it's not his game. He's got a great relationship on the field with Cava, interested to see if they can replicate the combinations as they did in preseason.
  15. A tiny sample, but the sequence where he shielded the ball and dribbled out of pressure to play the pass into Gaspar is something that he does so well. Finds solutions. Those who have watched him will know he's special on the ball, different to what we have in the national pools.
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