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  1. Just let Toronto host all 10 games. They seem to be the only city that wants it and they have the infrastructure to do it. It would save millions in tax dollars and we all wouldn't have to zig zag across the country to watch the CMNT play. The Tourist dollars would be huge for the city.
  2. Thanks Ansem for taking the time for a well thought out response to that ridiculous post. Sorry for the quote but I just didn't feel "liking your post" was adequate.
  3. Never should have taken David off.
  4. Thanks for the list Bdog. Might want to add Bayern's Club WC Final on Thursday 1PM EST. Showing on TSN. I know this wasn't confirmed when you made the list.
  5. I don't think TSN 1290 Winnipeg broadcasted the games but they did talk the team up quite a bit and Rob Gale was a regular interviewee.
  6. Brought in at the half to break the deadlock and does the job! His value is going to keep going up.
  7. Thunder Bay is about an 8 hour drive from Winnipeg. I've always been impressed that they have a PDL team.
  8. Davies David Borjan Estaquio Arfield Atiba 6...I know, but didn't have the Heart to leave Atiba off.
  9. I'd have 3b at about 25%, otherwise pretty accurate.
  10. He gave up more money than he will ever make in Sponsorships and Media appearances. Alphonso should have won but Laurent is a guy we should all be proud to call Canadian.
  11. I'm sure your just speaking in the heat of the moment but this is in no way the most egregious. This kid was born in the USA and only went to their program after not making the Canadian ID camp. We're all disappointed but come on.
  12. https://www.losc.fr/losc-tv/interview-jonathan-david-suit-son-style From Lille's website. Interview in french. Maybe someone who speaks the language can help us out.
  13. Article states he's part of the Golden Generation from Portugal. Pretty high praise considering the pedigree of the other players in that group.
  14. Okello goes 72' and James goes 90' as Mitdjylland wins 1-0. Both players made the game sheet as they both received yellow cards.
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