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  1. Fall has officially hit Winnipeg and Thursday's forecast is particularly bad.
  2. Difficult but doable. I think 3 would be easier than 2. doubt we're able to get a result in the US, but can certainly get a result at home.
  3. My MOTM for the game.... The Camera Man that captured David's goal and all its glory. From Kaye's pass to the heel to himself the dribble and Megging the goalie. WOW, now the whole world can see his class. It made Planet Football's website with the caption "Goal of the Weekend?"
  4. Never!!! Until he's capped by England. Until then I will continue to hope he is a fringe Premier Leauge player which makes him good enough for Canada but not good enough for England. After we cap him he can go on to win the UEFA player of the year of course.
  5. Trying to prevent the corner was my guess. Worked out this time but please don't do that again. Honourable mention for MOTM for me, Made some big saves to preserve the win.
  6. Didn't One Soccer claim they were going to show all Home National Team Games? Not sure about the away games.
  7. whoops, sorry badname22. Spoiler alert. must have hit post 1 second before me.
  8. You're not alone. He just got fired!
  9. Sorry for the late response, was unplugged for a few days. No more than a gut feeling but I think a combination of him playing for our youth teams and a guaranteed spot in 2026 puts us ahead of Nigeria.
  10. Agree that if he becomes a starter at Chelsea it's over for us. If he remains a fringe player in the PL then he will not pass up the opportunity to play in a World Cup for Canada. It could be as early as 2022 IF we qualify, but for sure by the run up to 2026 where we are a guarantee, he will join us.
  11. One professional team in all of Western Canada simply wasn't enough. Cant put full blame on the Whitecaps when realistically only 1 or 2 kids a year had a shot of making the big league. That's why this league is so important to the whole country. we've increased professional opportunities by about 900% when you factor in going from 4 pro clubs to 11, and adding to the percentage is the ratio of Canadians on CPL and USL clubs is crazy high.
  12. Top goal scorer for Tarxien last year with 7 in 20 apps and added 4 goals in 3 cup games.
  13. The one thing I would add that most aren't discussing or using in their calculations is the chance that we wouldn't have qualified for the Hex. We haven't in over 20 years, and while I was optimistic we would have made it this time, you have to factor that in the calculations. Based on Round 3 of the 2018 Qualifying, our group was Mex, Hon, Can, ElS. What are our odds of advancing to the Hex if we were dealt a similar group? 50% at best probably somewhere in the 30-40 range. Any calculation needs to start with this. I don't like the new format but based on this, I think our chances are slightly better with the new system.
  14. Wow, looks like a great signing. Local boy Marcelo Paolucci used to play for the Winnipeg Fury. Long shot that they are related but good Omen non the less.
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