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  1. That's the way I read it. Sounds like 3 friendlies or 1 official match before they turn 21. I guess after 21 it's still 1 game and your capped.
  2. He would have had a ton of Playing time at his preferred position with Valour's lack of attacking options. Hope this move works out for him.
  3. 1st Best team in Portugal - 2nd 3rd 4th - Best Team in MLS Worst Team in Portugal - - Worst team in MLS My take...much more parity in MLS. The best teams in Portugal are much better than the best teams in MLS. The worst teams are pretty even.
  4. I love this part. As we've speculated, Sounds like they are using the 2026 WC to their advantage in recruiting. In this case it seems to be working.
  5. York 9's win against Forge and Ottawa beating Cavalry makes everything wide open again. I'd say the only certains are Cavalry making playoffs and the Eddies not. My Top 4 Cavalry Forge York Pacific
  6. Doing a ton of advertising during the broadcasts. Wouldn't be surprised if the deal was to spend $1M and get some advertising in return.
  7. IMO there isn't much incentive to get better this year. With no fans, spending a ton of money for a few wins won't give them much of a return on their investment. Their mailing it in until they can play in front of fans.
  8. Thanks, I had no idea they were broadcasting Valour games.
  9. Where did you listen to the game? 1290?
  10. Agree with this. I did see him helping out with coaching a local youth team before leaving for PEI.
  11. I think what the Management of the teams decide will be an indicator of how good these kids are. Unlikely, but if either of these guys turns into the number 2 Keeper that would be huge as it guarantees playing time in Serie A. I expect they will be shuffled between third keeper and Primavera teams which would not be a bad place to develop. As mentioned a loan to a team where they would be the starter would probably be best.
  12. CONCACAF should buy a tiny deserted island in the Caribbean and lay down a pitch.
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