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  1. I'm sure your just speaking in the heat of the moment but this is in no way the most egregious. This kid was born in the USA and only went to their program after not making the Canadian ID camp. We're all disappointed but come on.
  2. https://www.losc.fr/losc-tv/interview-jonathan-david-suit-son-style From Lille's website. Interview in french. Maybe someone who speaks the language can help us out.
  3. Article states he's part of the Golden Generation from Portugal. Pretty high praise considering the pedigree of the other players in that group.
  4. Okello goes 72' and James goes 90' as Mitdjylland wins 1-0. Both players made the game sheet as they both received yellow cards.
  5. Sounds like the game will be December at the earliest. I hope match fitness isn't an issue. Tried to do some research on the Hattian league. Sounds like the league was shut down in March after just 4 games and they haven't played since. Arcahaie had 5 points at the time (mid table). Hamilton should be the more in form team based on this.
  6. He scored in Rome last year in a Europa clash, hopefully he can grab some confidence from that.
  7. I'll take a stab at it. Pro-Covid = In favour of Covid Restrictions and Lockdowns.
  8. Wow, cant wait to see this guy at our November camp....Damn!
  9. Bloody Hell! They score two after pulling him off.😡
  10. Impresive! Sounds like he was the clear 3rd keeper and he won the starting job. As said, it will be interesting what happens when Coleman is back. At the very least he's showed he can be a starter at this level, if he's dropped, other clubs will come calling.
  11. That's gotta be some kind of record for a non Voyageur's cup game.
  12. On the bench for today's UCL clash against Liverpool
  13. Rob Gale was on TSN1290 today and said the move was mutual. He's getting married to a Toronto girl this year and he's planning on moving there. FWIW he says he has some coaching opportunities there.
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