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  1. There were a series of interviews done with CMNT players years ago after BMO was built and it was pretty unanimous that they prefer grass to turf. I could care less (did I get that right?) as I don't live in either city, so no partisan BS from me.
  2. Hate to say this...but this is why we wont be beating Mexico tomorrow. $$$$$$$
  3. He was very vocal during the BLM movement and coincidently this is when a portion of the fan base turned on him.
  4. Voted yes. Agree there are probably better options but he's been supporting and covering Canadian Soccer as long as I've been watching. I don't mind the homerism.
  5. Maybe this what you meant, but King's Head doesn't require a Vax card/proof of Vaccination, the Provincial Government does. King's Head are just following the rules.
  6. DAMN!!! And I thought that game was exciting in English!
  7. I guess "resting" Estaquio against the US was the right thing to do after all. Lol
  8. Saw this as well and was impressed. Seems like they got a solid group of assistants.
  9. Contrary to what has been posted/said, for this anonymous CPL Player, it's absolutely about money. Nothing wrong with that, I agree they should have a say and a seat at the table, but I find it dishonest when they say it isn't about money.
  10. And win or lose that would make us CONCACAF champions!
  11. Whoa, hold on there. You're not allowed to visit Nashville without hitting "Honkey Tonk Row"
  12. Looks like both teams are resting quite a few starters. Guess they don't see much advantage to playing CMNT over the US.
  13. The Drink with food rule that Cheeta was referring to, was a rule that came in during Covid Lockdowns that Restaurants can only serve Alcohol with food. In previous years we've always been able to buy drinks at games (Bombers, Valour etc..) without food purchase. The rule has since been rescinded now that we are in phase 2 of our reopening plan, so all good.
  14. I don't mind the Gold Cup the way it is. I used to love that it was every 2 years because Gold Cup games were about the only games of value we played since we were always out of the WCQ early. I would love to sacrifice the every 2 years to 4 if we did some sort of America's Cup the other 2. If the Ocho is here to stay (as it should or even increased) then I'm confident we would always be in the final qualifiers moving forward.
  15. Yeah, Hurt like Hell, but I walked off the pitch when I tore mine. Get well soon Ayo
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