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  1. Eustaquio will be in season and Johnston is a beast. You'd have to kill him for him not to be there.
  2. Moving the WC to every 3 years would mean the Euro's would have to move to every 3 years to avoid conflicting schedules as well. I see this as a positive not a negative.
  3. Or...…perhaps the turf is being replaced FOR the WCQ!
  4. If rumours are true that Infantino will be in Edmonton for the WCQers, then Edmonton has done us proud the way Ticket sales are going.
  5. Where? January 30th in Canada...Has to be BC Place.
  6. Is the FA list posted somewhere? A few examples in the article, but I would be curious where they place all the different leagues. MLS 4th tier while Turkey 2nd tier seems like a bit of a stretch.
  7. He played the last 5 mins last night! 👍 That's gotta be a positive, right?....right?
  8. A little early to declare "must win". A draw certainly keeps them in play, but an important game for sure.
  9. Doniel still gets the award for learning how to CONCACAF, but an honorable mention goes to Jonathon David for helping himself to some Panamanian water.
  10. Yes, shoved the opposing team's keeper when he wouldn't release the ball.
  11. Yeah, and I would hardly call that a "Golazo". Good for him though.
  12. Julian's father's handle was Bigbird. IIRC he never tried convincing us of his children's greatness (if i'm not mistaken he had 2 or 3 sons at various clubs). If anything he was tempering our expectations and used a lot of terms like "he still has a lot of work ahead of him" and "if he keeps training hard" etc. I remember him being being pretty level headed and a big fan of the CMNT (not just his sons' involvement with them).
  13. Costa Rica for sure, trying to make Mexico work.
  14. Is that true?! No wonder, we got there at 6:30 (later than we planned) and couldn't believe the lineups. Took exactly 1 hour, missed Oh Canada but caught opening kick off. We were some of the lucky ones as the stadium was only at about 25% at kick off. Opening at 6pm would have made a huge difference.
  15. If we make it, Atiba has to be there. If he doesn't have the quality to make the 23 come WC2022, then make him an Assistant or even a waterboy for all I care. We need him in the room and he's earned his spot.
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