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  1. Hard to believe Piette is only 24, seems like he's been with the program forever. I doubt Atiba has 16 games left in him, barring injury both D's will get there but Piette does it first.
  2. Good opportunity to put himself in the shop window.
  3. Big game for Pacos as Tondela are only 1 point ahead of them in the league.
  4. I like it, seems like a few missing pieces, but I never liked the top tier, bottom tier thing. At least this way everyone has a shot of playing their way in.
  5. If it's tournament style and played in a neutral site, then it can be 1 game knockout. Would save a lot of time.
  6. I can see the Headlines now "Jonathon David becomes highest transfer ever for an American born player"
  7. Wishfull thinking and I hope this comes to fruition but I just don't see it. It would take an incredible run at a World Cup for this to happen. Too many Canadians only watch or care about soccer during that Tournament. I will be the first to commend you if it happens though. 😉
  8. He is my pick, but It may take Bayern winning CL for it to happen.
  9. This is the exact format I was hoping for. It would reduce the importance of which group we are drawn into. Still hoping to avoid Mexico though. Assuming a fair draw (🤣) We shouldn't have a problem finishing 2nd in any group and have a legit chance at 1st in a couple.
  10. Cant agree with this more. The world needs this to work. Sport has the power to lift people out of times of turmoil. A successful launch will expedite a return to a life of normalcy.
  11. I know we're all dreaming of this but c'mon. Club sure, but Internationally? OH played in 2 WC tournaments. He was MOTM and scored in a WC Quarter Final.
  12. Remember that game well. Baggio had a lot of praise for "Alex" after the game.
  13. The Dukes of Hazzard was my favorite show growing up! Wow, how times have changed.
  14. Made ESPN's top 36 under 21. https://www.espn.com/soccer/soccer-transfers/story/4083557/mbappe-sancho-alexander-arnold-lead-soccer-36-best-players-age-21-or-under .
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