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  1. If I remember correctly, Hume was wrongfully given a card on the play to add Insult to injury.
  2. Man, the balls on this team! The keep signing players even though there is a good chance there won't be a season. I wonder if these deals have a Corona Clause!
  3. I don't see CPL starting the season until they're allowed fans in the stands. Granted I don't know much about the deal with Media Pro but I suspect a lot of teams revenue is largely based on ticket sales/concessions etc...
  4. Who the hell still uses TV Guide?! Aging yourself Bdog, lol
  5. Might have something to do with Covid-19. Alot of Municipalities are starting to recommend/ban gatherings of more than 1000 people. TSN radio did a poll yesterday in Winnipeg and over 40% said Corona Virus fears are playing a part in decisions whether or not to attend large sporting events. That's in a city with zero confirmed cases.
  6. 4) Season Schedule has improved quite a bit from last year. A lot more weekend games and spread out much better. I do agree with most that there will be a drop in attendance this year. A few home wins to start the season may go along way.
  7. Miami?? Way to shoot for the stars 😉
  8. Is this outdoor? Gonna be chilly, especially evening matches.
  9. I've had this playing on loop for the last hour!
  10. Sounds like their starter Skorupski had the flu and missed the match. Doesn't sound long term unless it's the Corona Virus. Very impressive that he made the bench in Serie A.
  11. Schedule is out but not updated yet on the website. Almost all of the games are on weekends (I include Friday night as a weekend in my personal dictionary). Unable to see anything beyond June 13th. I was able to find the full schedule on Twitter.
  12. Sorry Kent, didn't see your post. I think were making the same point.
  13. Or maybe they have less. Maybe they think like me, that they wouldn't be able to get 4 wins against 4 minnows. If they go 2 wins a tie and a loss, they lose points overall.
  14. Whoa, did not see that coming. Hopefully it's what he wanted. Good Luck to him.
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