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  1. Agree, Nic's been great. Had to drive my son to work and was going to come by for the second half but wasn't feeling it after the first half. Thanks for the offer.
  2. Still figuring my evening out. I'll be watching, not sure where yet. Nicolino's is my preferred destination but Happy hour pricing caught my attention above.
  3. This is huge! Had they lost, he would have felt the full brunt of the blame regardless if it was deserved. May have led to the coach sitting him for a while to save his own job.
  4. Davies Credited with an own goal.😥 Down 1-0. I didn't see the play, not sure if he was at fault.
  5. Piette had a monster game, he needs to play. I don't get all the love for Eustaquio. Looks good on paper but no one has ever seen him play and he's coming off a major injury. Unless he gets some serious minutes for Cruz Azul between now and Nov 15th, I don't think he sees the field for CMNT. Hutch on the other hand...
  6. I was trying to translate this and then realized it was half price wine night at Nicolino's.
  7. I would be OK with a draw in Toronto...I would be Delighted with a draw in Orlando.
  8. Must be because they expect his value to go up big time after his performance in WC2022!
  9. Fall has officially hit Winnipeg and Thursday's forecast is particularly bad.
  10. Difficult but doable. I think 3 would be easier than 2. doubt we're able to get a result in the US, but can certainly get a result at home.
  11. My MOTM for the game.... The Camera Man that captured David's goal and all its glory. From Kaye's pass to the heel to himself the dribble and Megging the goalie. WOW, now the whole world can see his class. It made Planet Football's website with the caption "Goal of the Weekend?"
  12. Never!!! Until he's capped by England. Until then I will continue to hope he is a fringe Premier Leauge player which makes him good enough for Canada but not good enough for England. After we cap him he can go on to win the UEFA player of the year of course.
  13. Trying to prevent the corner was my guess. Worked out this time but please don't do that again. Honourable mention for MOTM for me, Made some big saves to preserve the win.
  14. Didn't One Soccer claim they were going to show all Home National Team Games? Not sure about the away games.
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