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  1. Surprisingly, NO. 3 kids in soccer and not a single group buying email. Could just be that my club is planning a game later in the year. I noticed a team my son plays against there last night.
  2. Tough one to watch for sure. Seems like Gale is going out of his way to be a players coach. With Pena's inclusion last night that means every player has spent time on the pitch. Tough to build chemistry amoung the players when they never use the same lineup. Pretty much lost the CONCACAF League opportunity already. Good attendance and crowd, be nice to be able to give them more to cheer for. I hope its a case of 1 step Back for 2 forward.
  3. I agree and for personal reasons I was hoping for more Weeknight games but remains to be seen if this strategy works for soccer. A lot more kids play Soccer than Football and Kids (more importantly Parents with kids) are busy on weekenights. Early days, I for one would sacrifice a couple weekends or games if the weekend games sell better. As you mentioned this summer will be the real test.
  4. I remember reading that They wouldn't be able to do it for Valour. Great to see they were able to pull it off for this one. At the very least it shows they will be trying moving forward.
  5. Thanks Finchster, Guess I wasn't clear (my fault for being lazy). I'm at 2 CMNT caps, 2 CWNT, and 1 Mens U21. Very impressed by some of you guys near the top!
  6. Good News (for me especially, I had 3 kids with events)! WYSA has postponed all practices and games for Develpmental and Premier squads this Thursday so there will be no conflicts with the Valour game.
  7. I'm lazy, so this is the same for me add MNT vs Panama 1999 in Winnipeg and U21 WC Canada vs Chili in TO 2007.
  8. What are you guys using for a Live Scoring App? CPL isn't on The Score App yet and surprisingly the CPL App doesn't have live scoring that I can find.
  9. I hope this isn't a trend developing where the best players choose not to go to the Gold Cup. I welcome a weaker Mexico since we will be playing them, but overall this is bad for the tournament and hence bad for CONCACAF.
  10. No, I got 5 seats in 104. a few sections over. RRR did a great job, people in our section were commenting on how loud they were.
  11. Hey Rob, You coming tomorrow?
  12. That wasn't working for me, so I played it on my laptop and hooked up an HDMI cable to my TV. Worked great and I was impressed with the production, Pre, during and post game. OH yeah...and 3 points! Go Valour
  13. CPL App has the following for projected starting lineup FWIW: Farago, Thomas, Murrell, Mitter, Galvis, Beland-Goyette, Golubar, Gutierrez, Petrasso, Hoyle, Musse
  14. Thanks, like GCRO I was hoping to be able to watch directly on my Smart TV. Subscribed for the 1 year and watched on my PC and downloaded the app on my Samsung phone and it worked perfectly on both. ( I was charged the right price too)
  15. Not sure about the app but TV didn't show opening ceremonies. My only disappointment. Overall a great day for Canadian Soccer.
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