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  1. Top goal scorer for Tarxien last year with 7 in 20 apps and added 4 goals in 3 cup games.
  2. The one thing I would add that most aren't discussing or using in their calculations is the chance that we wouldn't have qualified for the Hex. We haven't in over 20 years, and while I was optimistic we would have made it this time, you have to factor that in the calculations. Based on Round 3 of the 2018 Qualifying, our group was Mex, Hon, Can, ElS. What are our odds of advancing to the Hex if we were dealt a similar group? 50% at best probably somewhere in the 30-40 range. Any calculation needs to start with this. I don't like the new format but based on this, I think our chances are slightly better with the new system.
  3. Wow, looks like a great signing. Local boy Marcelo Paolucci used to play for the Winnipeg Fury. Long shot that they are related but good Omen non the less.
  4. I didn't realize it was his choice. Is this normal for players in this tournament?
  5. This is the only thing I like about this format. More meaningful games right until the end. Still think it's BS though
  6. I've always preferred a 4-4-2 but considering the amount of Midfielders we have and a lack of Forwards this seems to play to our strengths. I use the term strengths loosely. Tough choice in goal but I'm leaning towards Farago.
  7. While I think this may not have made our road to Qatar any harder, It's just plain stupid! Lets hope Panama and El Salvador switch places in 6 and 7. Panama is about the only team I would be concerned beating home and away 7 - 13.
  8. ahem, that would be Haiti. Lol
  9. Valour was hosting WSEU soccer club and their families, calling it district night. I think they have been doing this all year at home games with the various clubs in the city. Players and their families get discounts (not a big discount, I think it was $22 for adults and $12 for youth) on tickets in section 112. WSEU covers SW Winnipeg where the stadium is located so might explain the success of the event. My kids play WSEU so I was privy to the emails. I was told it was the first time a club sold out the section and they added some seating in 111.
  10. From the look of the stands, I'll assume HFX's Season Tickets did not include this game.
  11. Just got a notice from WYSA that my son's game on the 12th has been rescheduled. Lots of notice this time for the Valour Game. I hope you have better Luck with this one Winnipeg Fury.
  12. Agree, and we'll be playing at home and they will have to travel during their 4 day rest.
  13. Surprisingly, NO. 3 kids in soccer and not a single group buying email. Could just be that my club is planning a game later in the year. I noticed a team my son plays against there last night.
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