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  1. Zanatta would be fantastic. He has played out wide more than upfront in recent years but maybe this is a chance for him to play back as the focal point? However 2 + 2 = de Brienne
  2. Fantastic! Surprised this is the first thread on him? Thought about him the other day and assumed he was still with Romania as he appeared committed to them before. A nice surprise to read this! Supposed to he highly rated at Wolves.
  3. Then sacked the week before game one and replaced by Kenneth Heiner-Moller.
  4. Love that idea. Would have been a nice fit for Ottawa. He will command silly wages though. Doubt he would put his money where his mouth is but love the idea
  5. Cue Larsson tweet saying "Dont believe all you read. watch this space"
  6. Great move and exciting place to learn. Hope he settles and gets some great experience. The fact it looks like he was in Roma before bodes well for acclimatizing. Congrats to Noah! We looking forward to hopefully a long journey of online stalking his career, future hysteria about cap tie or losing him to another country!
  7. As long as he does it signing his soul away to commit to Canada I am down.
  8. On loan to Ottawa next year Not going to leave you hanging posting just that. I made it up.
  9. Surely a striker or a Central defender. they are good in most other areas.
  10. So no U-Sports in 2020. Could have some impact on extra players joining CPL clubs.
  11. I expect Clanachan skirted the issue as SK/CPL is in strange place due to the current circumstance. The SK project like so many other areas of life is up in the air due to the pandemic. While the project is far ahead of other potential expansion clubs in some areas the SKSSS was a huge litmus test, building block and stepping stone to bridging where the project was to joining the league. Losing it is a massive blow, certainly in terms of the timescale. I truly believe there would have been a SK team in the league either in 2021 or 22 had things gone ahead as planned. Certainly next year seems out now. Tough because momentum was building and it seemed things were falling into place. A huge amount of groundwork, progress and planning is at best shelved for now. There is a prospective SK team on the table for the CPL but it comes down to when and if the ownership feels the club and the community is ready to go with a sustainable team. It is sensible and will be worth the wait. The last thing anyone wants is a flash in the pan team that disappears after a couple of seasons. It is about planning for a club that will be here in 100 years. The CPL will know this and I expect by not name checking they avoid any extra pressure/expectation being placed. Thats my take anyway as much as it makes me sad face posts!
  12. Hard to tell until we find out the other half of their squad. If they fill it to the same standard as those announced they could do well. Need 2 quality strikers though.
  13. I still favour Winnipeg which is central and cases almost flatlined for a number of days. Not sure if they match the above facilities though. Vancouver Island could also work well.
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