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  1. Would love it if he ended up top scorer. No one would have called that. Great to seem him growing into the league after a rough start.
  2. I'd also be more surprised if they didnt overlook zanatta in favour of Bair or someone playing (or not playing) in n.america. I feel he has been snubbed so far. You and @Obinna might be correct though in the rationale being about opportunities for European based players. I might just be getting bent out of shape for the wrong reason!
  3. Just to join the party late....Absolutely outrageous from Thomas. Great week for goals in the CPL!
  4. Yeah. Not what I said, I didnt mention anything about the existing teams, but thanks for the reaction I will return you knee when I find it. Its clear many of the additional rumored teams are far further behind where the existing clubs were to start and for many reasons. Halifax was an outlier and comparable to some of the prospective new teams but even then they tested the market and put wheels in motion like they are doing in Saskatchewan. All the other teams had either owners directly invested in the league or existing teams/large active and organized player pools to draw from. That's not a knock on them it's a reality for other places and ownerships potentially without some of that experience or advantage in starting a soccer club. I'm not downplaying or discrediting those that were there from the start or those that are late to the table. The main thing is that when they get to the table they are at a point they can run sustainably within their community and have operations/markets and a growing player pool that can solidify that. It's all frustrating waiting for new teams and "I think" the CPL would have hoped it would be an easier and quicker process than it appears to set them up. Patience and support, not pressure and snobbery is going to help the league grow. Imo.
  5. Definitely a disappointment if there isnt at least an 8th team. However, I would rather we wait if it means having sustainable teams. I think the process has been longer than Clanachan/CPL hoped in certain prospective cities. There is simple no point rushing teams and communities that aren't ready or with pre existing player pools to draw from. We dont want teams crashing and burning 5 years down the line.
  6. Gale has been the biggest disappointment sad to say. So much talent there they should be doing better. I think however he will he given more time than Silberbauer hence my vote for the Pacific FC boss. I think lots of coaches would fancy that job. Think wheeldon jnr will get poached by an MLS team if he continues cavalrys form.
  7. Bloody millennials, degenerates..degenerals..degenitaria whatever .
  8. Bloody unions.. Seriously though, completely unacceptable from one soccer. Stopped filming because of the weather but the game continued. They just weren't paying the workers overtime.
  9. Did they cancel the game yet? Hard to tell one soccer! How hard is it to have a scolling news bar to update viewers. Likewise maybe the CPL app could help. Shame so many games have been disrupted by weather this season.
  10. He just needs somewhere with consistent playing time. Going back to Killie where they know him and he knows the set up is certainly not the worst thing provided it is coupled with the former. Good luck to him.
  11. Still on one? SK Summer Soccer Series. Barring disaster if looks like it will amp up more and return next summer too. It is a smart move if not frustrating for everyone hoping for a CPL team yesterday and immersed in an instant gratification and demand society. The ownership is slowly building staff, community partnerships, a young player pool and support. Much like Halifax its starting from scratch so a degree of caution and an effective long term building process is necessary. It's building a culture and one that is sustainable, that is easier said than done. 14,639 average attendance, with what 500 of them originally Lacrosse fans? Maybe thats a harsh guess. It's all about the atmosphere and experience, we have all been saying that from the start though with growing and sustaining CPL crowds. The on field quality is obviously important but for drawing casuals and building the fan base there has to be both a familiarity but uniqueness to the fan day experience to get neutral people coming back. Arguably each game has to be an event experience. The Rush have done an incredible job with community outreach and being visible in the community, the importance of which can never be understated. Likewise they have done an incredible job at games making the atmosphere unique and themes week to week. It's basically a night out tied together with sport, arguably to the detriment of knowing what is going on in the game. No different to the crowd herding at CFL games. It is a balancing act when trying to build a culture. It can easily become more about the razzle dazzle than building an appreciation of the game. But if the grounds are full the books are balancing and the league is surviving. That's the temptation. It's also why places like this and supporter groups are so important.
  12. Hope this is a breakthrough year for him to the national fold. Keep the upward trajectory going!
  13. Nah it's not going to be CPL related. It's still definitely the goal though. Things seems to be rolling in the right place. The 25th should be a good evening. Tough to unite the province on a weekday though. Dont see many people travelling like last game. Hopefully a bigger crowd than last time but will be tempered by the night.
  14. The signing looked exciting until I read up on who he is and where he plays. Another midfielder, honest to goodness, wtf! I get its a Golubar replacement but they already have several Golubar replacements. Experience is nice I guess.
  15. What a horror of a few weeks he has had. Was looking so good.
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