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  1. Add on one year for the start, one for the goal and one for the fact its 35 yards out. We will still get him when he is uncapped at 32. Keep the faith.
  2. Considering the form, the attendance has been superb. I hope it doesn't discourage what looks like a great launchpad fanbase. Seems like there is a real appetite for it in Winnipeg that can really grow. From the outside the pieces all seem to be there with playing staff, stadium and structure. Just dont know how Gale and his team are getting it so wrong. There is a point where heads will have to roll if fans start turning around.
  3. Disappointed for him. He should have been capped and got minutes Saturday and today.
  4. Not worried about the performance today. Disappointing yes, of course we want to beat everyone 6/7 nil every game. We could suffer for it through goal difference if we split results home and away vs the States though. On the upside Cuba are a different side today hopefully they take this performance to heart and learn more as the states will be a similar game for them. Remember arguably we always play with 10 with Doneil on the pitch 😛 We played well against Mexico. Sometimes playing the smaller nations are much harder. Look at the FA Cup or even in the Premier League lots of mid to lower table teams play well against the top 6 and spoon it when they play the worst teams in the league. Believe me, I am a Newcastle fan.
  5. So next question...how many were capped by Cuba before defecting?..... NATURALIZE lmao.
  6. Ref has clearly forgotten he already booked Henry. He didn't mean to send him off but backed himself into a corner by swiftly brandishing the card.
  7. Sorry to hear of the OneSoccer disparity. For me, and I have been tetchy at best regarding OneSoccer, the game coverage and look was great and at worst on par with TSN or SNET. Great look, good camera shots and sound decent commentary and punditry. (I was worried in advance). Had zero issues with streaming. Shame everyone's experience wasnt the same.
  8. New CPL Stadium location? Does look lush tbf.
  9. Thats unfortunately the reality so far for OneSoccer. Whatever platform they use doesn't allow you to pause or rewind the streams and once its done you have to wait the best part of a day before its back. (They are streaming it again after it has finished live and the analysis is done but then you risk spoiler the score tuning in early) It is really watch it live or avoid all life until its uploaded the next day. I have said it before, I would rather they spent money fixing this so its like DAZN or pretty much every other streaming platform, I remember rewinding youtube streams over a decade ago, it isn't hard to do but maybe they are just cheaping out on the platform. It has really put me off to the point of cancelling because its easier and quicker for me to just cave and watch CPL highlights for free than wait for OneSoccer to re-upload it.
  10. He isn't scoring for fun or standing out as the leagues best player imo, but he works hard and it has paid off so far. Stats don't lie and being top scorer in the league if he stays that way will be a great achievement. I have been impressed with his quick feet and thought he was shorter than he is. I am sure some clubs will cast an eye over him like you say, especially given his age and there is potential there. Not getting super excited over him, I am super happy for his success though.
  11. Might as well bump this thread. First player to hit double figures in goals (oh Cavalry you were so close) in the CPL. This article is maybe taking it a bit far but he deserves the love. https://www.prosoccerusa.com/in-depth/pacific-fc-terran-campbell-canadian-hulk-caps-2019/ IF the coaching staff can help him improve (he certainly has time on his side) he could yet revive an MLS career. Also deserves a call up to our next U23 Camp, U23 Friendlies, U23's if they ever meet again.
  12. Agree he looked good for Pacific. He has been off a long time and hasn't had much match practice. Will be a nice addition for Pacific on that evidence.
  13. Maybe the money was always there! Hope the other two signings mentioned come in. Fraser Aird down the right wouldn't be too shabby to match Fisk down the left either, if they are splashing out. Worth dropping Issey into a player coach spot or dropping altogether.
  14. This is going to happen just as much as we benefit the other way round when players like Arfield find themselves in the same position and go where they are wanted and will get international minutes. Doesn't make it any better but that is always the reality of national allegiances when it comes to fringe players. I am all for the horde mentality and would prefer if he does blossom in his imminent peak years to blossom playing for Canada. However, there is a much higher probability of games with T&T. Let's hope the balance is corrected by Tomori committing
  15. I'd say maybe a return to the caps is on the cards but they already turned him down on a free a couple of years back didn't they? Would be a nice fit for Pacific or Halifax, maybe York. Obviously Gale will also be after him to bolster Valours midfield.
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