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  1. Kinumbe and TMG stand out there as really great pick ups. Really all of those players would be but they have a great potential especially!
  2. Oh they do Lofty.. you just have to know the right people and were to look to find the coverege.
  3. Releasing anyone that doesn't play in Midfield to make room for much needed midfield recruits.
  4. I thought he was very much viewed as a CB learning the ropes and getting experience by playing at LB before being eased back into the centre. I think that is his long term trajectory. As long as he is playing, learning and improving it is not a huge issue.
  5. Guess maybe its still too early and it seems players were as shocked as everyone else with what happened. I expect most players are still on holiday post season and will figure things out over the next month or so. There are surely some players that will be looking at Europe or other teams utilizing the January window so we should be hearing something soon.
  6. All eggs in the Miller/Montgomery basket now! We will develop more but we need some focus there in development for sure.
  7. Good luck to him. Glad we can all move on as disappointing as it is for us. I hope this isnt a flash in the pan international career for him, he could have been a complete difference maker for us. What three days for Canada mens soccer. 😪 Ferreira thread..where for art thou...
  8. It's an upgrade on anything before. We shall see if he lasts or even has an impact. So much change needed again on the pitch. MDS has until the summer window to show he can take the team forward imo. Schuster will be ruthless if need be.
  9. How is ZBG on there? He was on loan from lyon?
  10. It's a huge worry. We have nothing in the senior defensive pool and nothing in the immediate youth teams to get excited about. That said look at layrea and Miller's emergence. Things can change and CB's dont hit their prime until their late 20s. Pray for more.
  11. We created zip at the end of the day. It certainly felt like they scored against the run of play at times but they CREATED clear opportunities and FINISHED them. It is an absolute ****** to take. We got more eyes on us in the general public, fought an under strength US side and still blew it when it mattered most..again. It will sadly overshadow all of the positives of the past year or so.
  12. Herdman built him up and put faith in him today, despite cornelius and Victoria looking almost infallible last month. John found out the hard way what others already found out. Henry is a liability. I already said tonight to a few people he is either a liability or a rock but the reality is when it's almost 50/50 he is a liability. He certainly doesnt hold the can for tonight. Herdman and most of the rest of the team do as well. They imploded again when it mattered most. I agree he is top 3. It's just a shame top three for us wouldnt make top 6 for what we need. We desperately need investment and focus on central defence.
  13. More importantly what will become of Cavalry and the Eddies after Wexit?
  14. I stopped flapping my hands around now. It's more than likely to do with how out of touch I am with the state of Asian soccer that I view it as a potential backwards step in terms of quality. Also its a case of seeing through rose-tinted specs that I see him as better than that. This isn't the same player that moved to Europe with promise and filled with potential when he moved to West Ham. I think I held hopes that the MLS move was just some time for him to rediscover fitness and form for another crack at a better league in Europe. The reality is that window has almost certainly passed and he will likely never become the player we had hopes for back then. He can still be a solid hand and grow, he is only just coming into his peak years as a CB. So I shouldn't be so negative. Even if it is a sideways or slightly backwards move, provided he is getting consistent minutes he will grow from the experience of a different environment and challenges. I also agree that maybe this wasn't the Whitecaps preferred decision but could be his decision too.
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