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  1. Sign of the coming Montreal CPL team Or just a long time coming. He needs games and a manager that has confidence in him. Maybe a move to Ligue 2 could still be in the offing?
  2. Glad Dixon is back, when they signed Manny I wasn't sure if he would be kept on. Potentially great midfield in the offing there. https://canpl.ca/article/pacific-fc-re-signs-5-players-including-campbell-blasco-irving
  3. Unbelievably frustrating seeing what seems like everyone else getting on with it while we sit safe at home twiddling thumbs and wondering why we are potentially losing out on another contributor to our program. Let's hope Herdmans emails have conditioned him to ignore the US phone call.
  4. Assist for David. (maybe a bit unintentional and mis-controlled but they all count!)
  5. It's praised more than vilified these days as a good tactical move. Make the foul and take the card, or not in this case!
  6. Good to see they still hate passing to David.
  7. Glad he gets a chance next year. Great experience to pass on to younger players and will allow Levis to play further forward.
  8. I posted in the TFC threads I think, where the heck has he been? Injured or just snubbed. He was a huge plus this time last year and started the MLS is back tournament then completely disappeared. Hopefully a loan or transfer if Vanney (or new coach) isn't interested in him.
  9. https://canpl.ca/article/atletico-ottawa-re-signs-coach-mista-for-2021-cpl-season Not really the player news people were hoping for but Glad Mista is back. Kind of assumed he would be anyway! No to reconfirm Acuna.
  10. Campbell certainly played less than I expected last year.
  11. Blasco is almost Canadian now isn't he? Campbell and Ongaro would be an interesting combo.
  12. Fantastic experience for him. Whatever happens he is coming out of this with much he has been exposed to, hopefully learnt from and can take forward in his game.
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