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  1. looked like the club President came running onto the pitch a little later during the match post celebrations and made a beeline straight for Larin to give him a huge embrace.
  2. Love it. Now let's get it done tomorrow Lille.
  3. Literally thrown this title away. Crazy. Hope they get the winning goal yet.
  4. There were supposed to be showing L1 Ontario weren't they? I'd like to see more of the David deal and approach but with some of our top Canadian women and their clubs. I would also watch more features/docs/interviews and welcome the return of a weekend one nation alongside one soccer today. They do a great job of all of that.
  5. A lot of things will have to fall into place within the next week to be able to start in a month. York and Forge being able to train somewhere and clearance and a venue for the bubble sorted. I feel like the 15th announcement was said with confidence those things would be lined up. A random press release a day earlier makes me feel they are behind where they expected to be. Canada day weekend still seems the most logical but hopefully they get going in June and even more hopefully no later!
  6. Yeah. Not a big goalscoring forward but all round play is good. It was pointed out to me that Bobby doesnt really play with a goalscoring striker though. They have won 2 leagues without one so who am I to judge lol.
  7. So do we still get an announcement tomorrow? 😄 To be honest if they can get a better grass pitch rather than astroturf then I have no problems not going in a big stadium. I would rather have something more beneficial for the players who are lacking match fitness and susceptible to injury than a big stadium. Unless they change their mind, do it at Mosaic and allow fans in. Then I am completely onboard.
  8. Seems crazy the amount of players having issues. Hopefully the CPL has learned its lesson and will have to pony up a bit more for players. Real shame though, second season in a row it looks like exciting additions are being removed with little to no chance of them being replaced with anything but a lesser equivalent. Absolute buzzkill for fans and the league. Maybe it works out for another young Canadian though. If it ends up with Peruzza at Valour I am all for it.
  9. Another one bites the dust. So that was the top two signings for Valour they have lost. Hope they can find a replacement. If it's true.
  10. Do all the import players have visa clearance for York? Scary possibility of a large part of their squad needing replacing if not. They look like they have put together such an exciting squad again it would suck if it doesn't work out. It did at least work out for the young Canadians they picked up last year though.
  11. Beautiful addition. Please get a quality striker. If they do they will be next to unstoppable.
  12. He made Altidores performances this season look immense. He did have a couple of nice touches but generally the movement wasnt there and his all round play was laboured. Almost scared to get involved. It was like Theo Bair got into his head and body.
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