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  1. Completely agree...except we have heard it all before. Realignments, shuffling the structure of the club and office. Schuster does however have to get his house in order and they hired him to do this his way. I do get that but **** it has got old hearing it and nothing transpiring. Here is forever hoping!
  2. Genuinely delighted with this. I am sure he might do well at DC but it wasn't happening here and he was a disruptive influence. Adnan out next please. Pissed MDS is saying no new recruits. I assume they are saving up for Messi or Ronaldo given the money they are just stockpiling. So much work to do with the team. Essentially need a whole new midfield, RB and CB. Nerwinski is a great backup but liability. Cornelius is the only CB that isn't consistently a liability. Malinkovic is exactly what you would expect from a championship reject and freebie. Delighted for his goal as he truly seems like he wants to be there playing for Vancouver and has skills. You can see why he is where he is though. Owusu, Bikel and Rose are all great reserve squad players that shouldnt be starting. Teibert looks rustier than ever. On the upside no incomings means no Bekker who is the answer to a question no one asked. I hope he stays put and continues to help build something at forge. After all you wont get concacaf football at the caps. Baldisimo and Gutierez (who the left back spot should be his own now) were two highlights today, along with the Cavallini/montero partnership preview. Money simply has to be spent on the pitch though. Not bargain bin, diamonds in the rough but real DP players. The side could be transformed with 4/5 players. I just feel we will get more excuses and tire kicking and no progress. Now, especially after a couple of wins, would be a huge chance to bring someone in that would lift fans, the squad, show some intent and push the team a bit further forward. While I am happy with the Reyna exit there will be lots of people upset another playmaker and potential game changer leaves and isn't replaced. They have to bring someone in..surely! All that negativity and ******** aside congrats to them all tonight!
  3. Goal number 2. Potential partnership with Cav and Montero in the offing.
  4. That pass to Montero for the Caps winner was immense. Made up for a poor give away at the top of the box when he came on. Another decent showing for him.
  5. Caldwell talks it up when he can. Still I expect someone got fired for showing the clip.
  6. Yeah that is ********. Complete lip service from the league to Atletico. Should have been Kah. Not sure why Mista would be nominated. Arguably Gale did better with almost an entirely new team lol.
  7. Even if we could have a camp for north american players to get him on board. Shame we have nothing until March.
  8. Will Forge increase their roster for concacaf and the v cup? When is the CPL window?
  9. Clanachan confirmed at the start of the island games the CPL would get both spots if a CPL club wins the VCup. Let's be honest it's a moot point anyway lol
  10. I havent heard. Seems to be confusion over whether it would be cavalry as last season's runners up or Halifax.
  11. Tbf I did also say in the text Henry and Carducci were obviously solid as usual. I just liked giving it to oxner. 😛 I also said retract my statement after the goal if it helps! #ficklefan Ps. Henry looked shakey in the first half today imo. He has improved incredibly from day one of last season though.
  12. Also..how come it has taken until today and Nigel Reed to inform us Darren Bent is Corey's uncle and junior his dad. How did I miss that. I'm sure I just completely missed the references but not sure how. That is a bit of a shitter as I thought we could naturalize soon. Pretty sure its only a matter of time before he returns home with his dad at Preston. Hopefully we keep him here a couple more years!
  13. You're not alone. I texted a mate to say he has been keeper of the season. Horrific 10 minutes. Two horrible distributions from the back and then that goal. Congrats to Forge. It might not be pretty but they are the only team in the league that shows up when it counts. Ironically one of the worst games of the season, which is a shame given likely more first time watchers were tuning in. Really the best team won and goes on to face TFC. Sad it is going to be so long before the next season.
  14. Thought we were just talking about depth? Calling 3 RB's would be madness. 2 is fine for any international window squad. All in all my tongue in cheek Godinho comment really backfired.
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