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  1. Bikel has been a revelation the past couple of months. I thought he and Owusu were just squad filling bargain basement and bang average. Hope Alexandre and Owusu settle and follow suit.
  2. I do think they will make more plays for leagues as they come up, potententially MLS (whether they are willing to outbid Dazn remains to be seen - TSN will step aside I am sure). I think they invested in Canada to get a foothold in the North America and while everything seems done cheap there must be a masterplan. I think they will want it to be a one-stop app for soccer, just feels like they are hesitant or it's not quite their priority, just safe and sure for now, maybe they are saving up lol?
  3. Might be trying to get on the gravy train to make some money like the trends. Generally cable is dying and everything is turning into subscription apps. I feel like either Cable dies or more likely those companies morph into being conglomerates for offering packages with all these apps like channels are. Who knows though. It is overwhelming I think for most with so many apps and people not wanting one more thing to pay for and log into. It is reasonably priced when laid out but that doesn't make a huge difference. Those most tech savvy can find streams for free if they want. Right now there is simply so much on for football and people are coming out of lockdown wanting to be outside or maybe not with extra money to spend. Dazn works because they have big leagues and multiple sports. Onesoccer still only serves or attracts a small market. I am still surprised they haven't done more promos. They had a great chance in lockdown to do watch parties and subscribers bring a friend offers, even making a few games free to hook people in. The did a couple but nothing that would really hook anyone. The whole limited and dated platform along with the above makes me think ultimately they don't particularly care about subscribers. Generally their content and coverage is first rate though. So infuriating at how much better it could be with small easy steps.
  4. I only just worked out their schedule days stay the same listing vertically. Just presumed the day at the top would be today! 🤦
  5. Can't wait to see him. Huge signing, finally.
  6. Pacific vs Whitecaps should be fun. Bustos deserves a step up to the MLS or otherwise again to test him. It's egregious the Whitecaps didn't take him back this year as a low risk, low cost backup #10. He certainly would have got a ton of minutes this year imo. He is a different class to Raposo if he plays wide too. Bustos is not alone like that. He is at the front of the CPL queue though imo.
  7. Thought it was his team not him that passed on the gold cup? Either way its worked out well and looks like a good decision. Hope this is a springboard year for him to move up again.
  8. Are all the stadiums fully open? Or is there limited capacity? Seemed like more people at pacific than York, lots of free seats at both. No idea how many people were on the concourse or mingling. I'm just not a big fan of the open stadiums that promotes the chill wander around vibe, albeit maybe a nice community, family friendly community builder. But I guess I am also old school traditional, If you are coming to the game you should be locked on into the game, supporting the team for 90 mins. The minute you have concourses infront of the stands or open areas in between stands it starts detracting from the game and changes the atmosphere, imo. For me you can't beat emerging inside an enclosed stadium, it's a entirely separate place, an escape from the rest of the world and a fortress to support/watch and get lost in the game. Keep the other stuff outside the ground, plenty of fun stuff you can do there before/after the game. Sorry about the side track venting.
  9. Quality finish from Dos Santos. Great atmosphere, great to see Westhills again. Thought they committed to move the hydropole after the first season?
  10. I was thinking more Marcelo half jumping up for the Tajon goal before papa saying "Sit down ffs."
  11. Would have loved to have been a fly in the wall in his household watching that game last night. Likely they didn't watch it live at 3am lol
  12. Do we even see Jebbison, Flores or Dias even if they somehow did commit lol. Depth, beautiful depth.
  13. Will give them an out for the cameras facing away from the stands so we can't see the fans as it's likely the best place for it and stands are coming on the other side. (Right?) Might need a rethink on the black away shirts with this shocker of a shadow though. Love York are entirely Canadian tonight. So far the players think too much on the ball and miss their opportunities too often this half. Nice to hear noise from the crowd and money back in the clubs pockets. Harsh but justifiable red for Zator. Brennan can't catch a break, hopefully York break with him as head coach soon and move him elsewhere in the club.
  14. The states have large depth now. Thats the benefit of several decades of the MLS and money poured into youth and coaching through through systems. This has been a great tournament for them. A predominantly young/inexperienced team not necessarily looking great but winning games despite that. There depth like ours has got alot from this. I think in general however we are still on par/arguably better with talent in a best XI which is what counts. We have and continue to benefit from some of those same systems and now have the CPL and our only slowly developing. What they do have is far far greater depth to come in if there are injuries etc. And it's only a matter of time with the amount of young players they have and are bringing through that they will eventually have close to a world class XI where they don't have to just pick players based on reputation and potential talent alone but form of equally good players. They will always have the USA pressure and unrealistic expectation/mentality though which is a curse as much as an occasional blessing.
  15. Hard to tell. Corbeanu has size, in theory strength but looks a bit like he hasn't fully mastered using that yet. He looks a bit slower yesterday but maybe just lack of match sharpness? If Corbeanu masters and maximizes his physical skills he has a higher ceiling imo. That said I don't think we have come close to seeing Millars best yet either! Switzerland could be the making of him. Both need minutes this year either way.
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