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  1. Back in Canada training already, so he is going somewhere. Was hoping for a shock switch to Ottawa with fisk going to forge. Maybe they will get both.
  2. It is hard to tell until the full details are disclosed or announced. I imagine with CSB/CPL owning L1 and likely not being on board with D2 idea they had to distinguish it somehow other wise it's not serving a purpose in the pyramid. Could be the wages and financial commitment/backing that will attract a higher standard of player or other benchmarks but they would surely have to outline and justify reasons for it being above the existing league to warrant CSA ratification. Edit: the most logical thing would have been to have L1 in every region, which I thought was the direction we
  3. I knew it was only a matter of time before the powers that be buckled and allowed more Canadian NLS teams.
  4. Hoping Rollins as a bit out to lunch on the reporting, it feels off from what came out from the Edmonton AGM. The way he presents it is less than exciting, filled with negativity with a hint of bitterness. If the shoe fits I guess. Honestly if this is months of work into that article as he was complaining about, he better start writing next years articles now.
  5. Fisk? Forge needs a quality striker and CB to round off imo.
  6. He is like two signings because they are going to employ him in midfield and central defence 😉
  7. If CPL fails we are done imo. Certainly in my lifetime. I don't think some of the accusations being thrown at the CPL are likely unjust and the probably have merit. However I think there is a thin line with trying to force change now before systems get more deeply imbedded and also not bringing the entire house down around us. Hot take; There are some people advocating for just change while other are happy to just make noise, highlight themselves for their own agendas without a damn about the consequence. The CPL needs to succeed imo and if it doesn't it will be hard for any investo
  8. All seems to tie into what Simon Fudge tweeted about at the tail end of 2019 and maybe it is not really new news other than the CSA might be sanctioning it as D2 rather than it just being a tournament by interested parties with longterm CPL aspirations. Also completely agree with the bold. It is a potentially dangerous line. I guess it depends a bit on the stance of the CSA and their longterm vision. The last thing we need is for this to be like the NASL when a D2 should have a structured relationship more like a USL to MLS that can introduce pro/rel when the time is right to the CPL. (as
  9. It is my statutory right to exclude Cavallini from my list...yeah he is back in. If Zardorsky can play in florida Wednesday and play for Spurs a few days later I think there is hope we will see a pretty similar strong line up. Also given Herdmans comment last week about the importance of picking and playing the strongest sides possible I think the majority of players will stick for the full camp. Guess it depends if any players have midweek games the week after. Also probably comes down to fitness levels in general. Given the majority of players will be in preseason rotation might be
  10. Agreed there. Definitely more up in the air than the Olympic organizers and hosts would like everyone to think!
  11. The SKSSS was rumored to have been a potential tester summer tournament last year. This is certainly an exciting development although I am also confused as to how it relates to other leagues like L1 and the new BC league. Does this just fill out the gap in between or sit above? I guess we shall see when its formally announced. Absolutely fantastic they are doing the best thing with a mens and womens league at the same time. The latter which could be the stepping stone to the womens cpl.
  12. I think as the central attacker he is probably being told to stay up top but he would be better employed as a false 9 imo. He has to get more involved than he is. I would like to see him drop back more and get involved in play. Nothing ever seems to come through the centre and he is always isolated and looking like a passenger most of the time.
  13. Wow. Fantastic. Does that give a European berth/qualifying spot for next year? Congrats to David.
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