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  1. Think he could work alongside priso?
  2. Man that sucks. I was hoping for an early 2022 recovery, might have also muddled him and Priso up injury wise. Such a shame as he would have been playing a huge part across this window and likely the next for the National team.
  3. I will happily be in the minority. I said in the other thread Brym is the future. Not because I believe he is the next David, or that he couldn't be either. To be honest I actually thought he was two years younger than he is too! I said it purely because we know exactly what we will get with Tesho. He is the past of this program. He is reliable in putting a shift in but not a game changer at this level imo, and I am a big fan of tesho. Arguing why Tesho wasn't drafted in when larin and hoilett dropped I am in agreement with. Both Brym and Tesho should have been there. The difference is one has more of an unknown ceiling. Brym was a big disappointment in WCQ though and the first two matches here but we saw glimpses of what Herdman sees last night and in his debut. I'm absolutely fine with herdman having someone that will be in the program at least 6 more years over someone who isn't likely to get better or has more of a ceiling. Either way we don't get to see what herdman sees on the training pitch and in camp.
  4. I love how much of an all round player this lad is. Pace ✅ Crossing ✅ Dribbling ✅ Strength ✅ Adaptable ✅ Scores with his feet ✅ Scores with his head ✅ Legend ✅
  5. Seeing as now is the time to knee jerk.... .....Phonzie is going to be bigger than Gretzky for this country.
  6. If they were reviewing the melee before halftime they sure as hell better be reviewing that. Also looked like herdman went down the tunnel straight after the game looking for a fight. Did the Panama coach not shake his hand or something?
  7. Not sure what happened the last 10 minutes where we simply couldn't get the ball and when we did, couldn't pass to another player or keep it. Other than that and the brainfart for the first goal we have been great. We need to go get those point, have to.
  8. It's a good solid point away. Just so frustrating it could have been 3 spectacular wins away and 6 more points. However we aren't quite there yet. We are close and inching closer. The gloss is off of course with how well Panama is doing. We are in a very good place and Wednesday will be MASSIVE. It was never going to be easy, it's likely to be qualifying that comes down to the wire but we are in it.
  9. Don't begrudge Herdman trying something else. I love tesho. He is a solid hand at international level but really doesn't offer much and didn't last time. Wasn't and still aren't convinced Brym was worthy of the call but he is the future and Tesho doesn't add much more in the present.
  10. Definitely got the power pace and can score in the air and at his feet. I think he is half way there from David. He plays from deep quite a bit.
  11. Woobens doess the simple but still important things right and is being rewarded. Great positioning and runs with a knack of being in the right place at the right time. He is athletic, strong and can finish. He doesn't look out of place in the CPL or CL qualifiers. He continues to be a fantastic pick up for Forge. I've been really impressed and hope he keeps growing.
  12. Well they halved their crowd with the spat with the generation ix supporter group. I also feel the general Canadian soccer crowd is more likely to be cautiously staying home than other sports. The clubs and league itself needs to do a better job marketing itself and the teams. If we can get the pandemic situation closer to being behind us then I hope the money saved not doing enough promo will be ploughed out next season. Clubs need to be visible, making connections and a difference in their community. Lots are doing that though.
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