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  1. New season, new area of the pitch to horde players! Lots of diversity and flexibility with the wingers Gale has brought in. I like it.
  2. Forge, Valour and York didn't even get back to Hume. https://canpl.ca/article/iain-hume-on-onesoccer-hangout-it-looks-like-the-playing-days-are-over On the outside, really poor play from the clubs. Fair enough if they don't need him (could see that at Forge and York) but should be respectful enough to get back to him. Of course it also depends on what channels he used and how he approached the clubs, so not exactly black and white. Valour must have some decent strikers lined up. 🤷‍♂️
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^ This. Plus its not like they are going to move anywhere else and get minutes. Free agents and players will be happy to get any salary. Really liking how the Ottawa squad is shaping up and interested to see how Atletico matches up to the Fury squad last year. Already looks like there is a little more class in this new squad.
  4. I guess there is potential for fans paying to watch online. How many people would sign up to One Soccer to watch and would that money would go back to the league somehow? It is nothing in comparison to the season ticket money and revenue they would get obviously but I am imagining there are people that would sign up, certainly with the current lack of sport to watch. Lots of clubs (if not all?) threw in a OneSoccer Subscription with season tickets but surely everyone would be getting a refund on the tickets. Another thing regarding OneSoccer there is already talk that if the EPL goes back behind closed door they will air games free on channels everyone gets (BBC/ITV etc). It is possible there would be some pressure or agreement to air on CBC. By the time things get rolling CFL would likely be overlapping too. If the league was based in one city and played on the same ground that would save operating cost. They could likely play two (three at a push) games a day if they wanted. In that case though what upkeep/expense do the regular grounds need if they are unused all season and would people fly in every weekend or would there be the expense of housing everyone in that city and pulling people away from families? too many questions! Ultimately as @Unnamed Trialist says, is running the league with likely very little revenue better than cancelling the year? Players will likely want to get paid so provided the health risk is low I am sure most would want that as they will likely be put on furlough at best should the season be cancelled.
  5. Still think at best we get each team playing each other twice. Could simply just be an altered v-cup by that stage or nothing at all. Obviously a bit futile to predict. Obviously didnt stop me.
  6. Yeah that was nice. Short and sweet, well put together. Man did it hit me how much I am missing football but especially the CPL.
  7. *Spoilers* Ref still doesnt give a penalty to Cavalry.
  8. Didn't see Shaun Goater on there? 🤔
  9. Worked out well for the last Canadian prospect on loan at derby.
  10. https://canpl.ca/article/west-ham-academy-product-vashon-neufville-joins-atletico-ottawa Looks like a solid signing. Big upside.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/sport/athletics/52002474 Common sense incoming...
  12. Only if they ratify the SK Selects and let them play their gratuity game
  13. A league based in Canada is certainly a different animal than the Olympics. It simply has to be postponed like the Euros. Full praise for Canada for being bold enough to be the first out the door and stand up doing what is right. Until there is a vaccine, most things are done. Nothing is off the table or really on it at this point. We could have anything from closed doors matches in a month or two, to half a season, a CPL Cup or no season at all. Until people stay indoors (where they can) it's all getting dragged out further. Obscene how many people simply don't get it.
  14. Yeah I thought about this too. Like last seasons pre-season camp they could just have all the teams in one base and a neutral ground to play on and play the season. Would all players, staff, employees be ok and even able to leave friends and family for that long a time? It's not implausible in my opinion. People and families work through those type of situations. Certainly they could do something like that to finish the Premiership if they really had to. A ton of red tape and other dilemmas to work through but maybe not implausible. Knowing my luck it would happen and all the teams would play down the road in Saskatoon and I wouldn't be able to watch.
  15. https://www.cjwwradio.com/2020/03/19/les-lazaruk-speaks-with-joe-belan-about-the-s-k-summer-soccer-series-and-plans-for-pro-soccer-in-saskatchewan/ Good interview.
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