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  1. Recent Halifax signing Aboubacar Sissoko is also with them on trial. They would surely have to pay Halifax some sort of compensation should they pursue him.
  2. Hopefully we have some positive news tmrw on this ^^^ I would say most big announcements come direct from the league first so this looks more like a bit of public pressure from the potential ownership on the CPL. However, the CPL doesnt really have the best current form of breaking news first this preseason. If new player signings/managers/presidents etc. Are anything to go by the CPL seem to be he last people to confirm!
  3. Hope he is involved. He is someone that has so much to offer and should be involved in the continued growth of the CPL and Canadian soccer as he did as a player and after he retired . Plus now Escalante looks to be gone the league needs a villain.
  4. Yes, was unfairly skeptical of Nef over his Gale stuff and thought it was agenda based. Fair play to him though as there is clearly lots of hard work going on there and legit leads/information.
  5. It was presumptuous at best from me. My apologies. Everyone of course has the right to identify as they wish.. f****ng dickhead 😛
  6. Second goal is a cool and quality finish.
  7. Worst case is making the hex then blowing it finishing 5th! The lower route is the most arduous for sure but not impossible. There is risk either way, it's just a long hard route through the larger tournament. All the games are do or die anyway.
  8. He has only come on their radar in his breakout season last year? Or maybe they wanted to see how he did in the CPL? Or are you actually talking about before they announced his re-signing with Cavalry. In which case I suspect they still had first option on him or the impact isnt the big bad all the time and wanted to support the CPL a little.
  9. Forgive the ignorance here but has there been any update on 2026 in terms of qualification. Last I heard all 3 hosts would be in but then a mate told me he read it was only going to be 2. Didnt see anything announced. If so it would likely be the 2 highest ranked teams. Cant believe they would break from a host not being involved though.
  10. His name will be in the discussion no doubt. He has missed lots of camps to silly reasons out of his control rather than not getting calls. That said when he was called he wasnt really used. I'd add Gutierrez to the LB list if he features for the caps. He will get minutes one way or another. Big year for a few Camadian players in the MLS to stake claims. Especially the younger players. Lots out there now that could come into national team thinking if they get opportunities and seize them.
  11. What a guy! Will likely fan those transfer rumours!
  12. Yeah, just teasing 😛 I agree, especially with foreign investment being no less of a risk than Canadian. I also do think the above is likely an extreme. If that was any type of possibility you would think they would never invest somewhere to begin with. Both sister clubs have to fund themselves and should be self sufficient entities. They would surely research that and make sure that is the case before they set up another club. These type of sister club purchases are surely more about global marketing than much else. As mentioned investment in the CPL is very minimal output for good potential gains. The money right now is a like buying a coffee for a club like them. Coming back to the foreign investment. I think the CPL can gain most from this and also believe and have trust in those running CPL vetting ownerships to make sure investment is long term and viable in every aspect to benefit the league and Canadian soccer.
  13. Did Ozzie steal your login? Had to scroll up for a second then! Good info though and never discount the possibilities!
  14. Exciting move for him if it comes to pass. Certainly someone damaged by the next davies hype and expectation in some quarters. Whether he wasnt ready, grew an attitude problem/mental block coping or the caps saw the potential hype problem and pushed on the breaks I dont know. He looked bright in his debut cameo at the end of the 2018 season for the caps. Hasnt impressed me in what I saw in youth internationals and albeit a nothing to play for friendly vs SK Selects last summer. The talent must certainly be there he just needs the environment and platform. Hopefully he can carve out his own path in Holland. A great landing spot to learn.
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