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  1. Because CanadaFan123 tried to post it there days ago and has just realised it should be posted here.
  2. Forge have the monkey off their back now and some momentum. Bekker back in will be a boost. Still doesn't help their shortcomings but the renewed confidence will fuel the general team improvement and geling.
  3. Exactly my picks. Verhoeven started strong but like the rest of Pacific have dipped. Waterman, wheeldon and schaale have also impressed me. Novak has taken the bull by the horns too.
  4. I feel for Pacific fans and the kids. The veteran leadership is not pulling its weight and confidence is clearly low. They need a real leader in the middle of the park. Still Calgary and so impressive. So well drilled, organized and transitions to attack were smooth. They are improving and likely a lot of room left to grow too. Really impressed and like the idea of seeing them against the Whitecaps.
  5. One man commentary teams tonight. I couldnt tell whether I thought Nigel Reed did a tremendous job or I wanted to burst into fits of laughter because it was like an inner monologue one man show. Tough gig not having someone to play off and give you a break. So credit due.
  6. A say whaaaaaaaa? 😮🤔 In all cases, while we all want to see more teams I hope they take the time necessary to make sure each club hits the ground running and is sustainable before they jump into the league. As frustrating as it is for fans in cities waiting, the last thing we need is clubs failing and going under.
  7. I am happy things are constantly improving. The uploads of the halves of games was reasonably quick this weekend. I still don't think there is a reason we shouldn't be able to pause and rewind the streams though. I hope that gets added. BUT... ...If I hear "Goals change games" one more time..
  8. Yeah, I expect him to stick to be honest but I wouldn't rule out another move to stay in the prem. Or even MLS (hope not though). He has a coach he likes and he knows believes in him. He will get plenty of play time in the championship while a premier league move will likely see bench time like this year. You never know with Junior but I think he will stay, its probably the smartest move.
  9. In general there have been the odd brainless decision which obviously everyone would like to see cut out. You watch the EPL and see the same though. Ganter has lived up to his online reputation. I thought the officials were fine for the most point during the Calgary/Forge game. Granted they did miss the second yellow. I also did dislike the pitch invasion at the end and consequent time wasted. One of the Calgary subs stayed on the pitch showing players the video he just took on his phone ffs. I thought it was a bit mickey mouse. a) its just a bloody early league game, b) they shouldn't be on the pitch. That stuff should be stamped down on. That said I am also in favour of giving players instant yellows for backtalk to the officials and second yellows straight away if they dispute it. So don't take too much stock in my nonsense. It would pretty instantly cut out backtalk, crowding and influencing though. There has been a bit of a lack of control in some games which has seen the games spiral close to out of control. The opener, Calgary/Valour and both games yesterday had its moments as did the others. I know the honest no diving, tough hitting rhetoric that has been pushed hasn't helped. I guess whats most important is just like the players, giving the officials exposure, chances to learn and grow. It's a good environment and I hope like the on field product officiating improves.
  10. There will for sure be CPL players. There are too many quality Canadian youngsters to ignore with players mentioned already above. Should be an exciting mix.
  11. Great stuff. Man I wish we could start developing some decent defenders too. Let's hope they mature late. Congrats to the players and coaching staff. Seemingly small but actually a huge step in the right direction for our programs.
  12. That's also with me forgetting Beland-Goyette who has been solid. Nice to have options. One more striker at the talent level of their field would bring slot of balance. 
  13. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2019/05/11/must-see-doneil-henry-gets-stuck-diego-valeri?autoplay=true Yes, yes and yes again.
  14. Calgary and Edmonton as the sleepers for me. I still fancy Calgary. Let's see if forge can build on their momentum. Really the league has been as I expected, Very tight and hard to pick a favourite. There are so many great players, stories and scenarios at each club that it could swing in pretty much any direction. Halifax was almost a complete unknown but they have arguably the best coach and we can see their identity straight away. Pereira is a huge piece to their success. The young canadians look good and the seasoned vets are strong. Edmonton to a point where similar. Lots of unknown academy products but consistency and familiarity with each other and the coach which could still be huge. They didnt play great in their opener but got three points. They are probably the quickest team in the league and have some real veteran class in marcelin. If they click they could still be top. Valour have most of the pieces but they aren't clicking fully yet. I would say the same about York and Pacific, the latter who looked so great in the opener. Forge on paper arguably should be up top but as we have seen, football doesn't work like that. The slow start in such a slow season could well be costly for them. I think they will be there or there abouts for the 2nd season though if they dont claw back this half. Cavalry haven't been as exciting or attractive to watch as many would hope but damn they are effective, cohesive and tight at the back. Much like Edmonton they have the advantage of so many players working together and with the manager and coaches before this season. They also bring a winning mentality. The attacking players are also certainly there and with 3 strong strikers they shouldn't suffer the Halifax fate. I think like all the teams calgary are yet to gel or even get close. Difference is they picked up the points both games where others haven't. Tomorrow could well be a huge early season title decider. If Calgary can win that is huge momentum and forge might well already be out of the race. Seems a silly thing to say with 6/7 games left but it's fine margins in such a short season if they can pull ahead of the pack that has been very equal.
  15. Enjoyable open game, just lacking quality in the box sometimes. Ironically one of the worst players on the pitch was the one to show it and be the difference maker. I have to stop man crushing on langwa but he had another great game and looks like a leader role Halifax. I like that they seem a very honest side. Shaale was a beast too. Hoyle up top and petrasso back with bustos, carreiro and golubar will be tasty. Harsh also on Sacramento who has done well unless they go back to 4 at the back.
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