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  1. Your last point is radically unsupported by other parallel situations around the world in terms of language and culture. In fact, regions like Quebec thrive footballwise in the context of the nations they are found. But maybe I've misunderstood your point?
  2. Is this praise? I guess I'm missing the point. I see he's with Wasserman agency from the US, who are buying out other agencies like in Spain or Germany, and have one of the most diverse portfolios out there. Also basketball, and entertainment. Other Canadians are Teibert, Kaye, Tesho, A Morgan.... If we think how enthused folks were when Kennedy went from 2nd division Austria to 2nd Bundesliga--well Gloire is in 1st tier Austria. In terms of league level, he's amongst our top 10 in Europe. Of course, as a striker he'll have to score for that to mean anything
  3. That is not only standard in La Liga, and has been for years now. It is also applied in lower division, down to full amateur. You cannot go into a stand in federated football of any kind in Spain with a bottle that can be closed. You can't go with a can. Any drink has to have been poured into a cup. At the entrance to each gate of every stadium in Spain you see literally dozens of plastic water bottles and cans that fans have abandoned. They had to make a special provision for parents with babies taking in baby bottles, no joking.
  4. So, as we stand, what are our real chances of making Pot 3 ?
  5. Those of us watching on tv or online were confused, as the announcers kept bragging about a full BMO as we were about to kick off, and we were looking at massive holes in the stands. But no one explained the difficulties of fans getting in, don't think until start of 2nd half Wheeler or Terry said it, now the stands looking to fill in.... I'd be really outraged, because it is not about seeing the goals--it is the full narrative I want to experience. I even get angry as hell when the toilets are so full you can't take a piss at halftime without missing part of the 2nd half.
  6. With the fixture pressure and all, why are they doing those friendlies? I don't get it. They can only call in their domestic players (speaking of Mexico), they can hardly conclude anything from playing those matches. Just for money? Are they trying to sneak in a match without the "puto" chant so they reduce future sanctions?
  7. Folks, I think that Ballou has some personal issues that make it hard on him. He seems extremely shy, needs family support, and seems to have difficulty handling the pressure of his own talent. He must also be dealing with the apparent "failure" of not getting much from being at Bar├ža. I feel at some point, if he deals with the personal issues and finds a niche, he may find his way back. He probably just needs to have fun playing and, if not, move on to something else if he can't do that.
  8. Just checking his stats---he's basically had appearances, but all as a late sub so far. No starts, 7 appearances and 97 minutes in total. That was his first goal. He also had a start in a Cup match, was subbed out. So the next step has to be longer sub stints, and a start. He is making a transition into pro football for the first time in his life, properly speaking, unless you think it was VW II when he was 18. Or Lane United in USL 2, typically summer play for NCAA players.
  9. PSG only won on Friday eve thanks to a very iffy penalty, late. So it is not like even the best sides are doing anything special. Lille needs any of David, Yazici, Yilmaz, Weah, Ikone to start clicking in front of the goal. The problem is if the team has no way of buiding an effective attack.
  10. I think he picked up a red about a month ago, which the club thought was totally unfair...but then he served the sanction, got off the track and has needed 3-4 matches to get back into the mix. That is not too bad. In any case, I was surprised they signed him out of Oregon, NCAA, to top flight Austria. But he's gotten minutes and here scores against what used to be the best team in Austria, Rapid. His team playing with ten men since early first half. About Whitecaps: he left VWII three years ago or more, and chose NCAA since then, I think he did 3 years university soccer. So it is not like that is Whitecaps fault that an 18-19 year old was not ready for first team minutes. He turns 23 next month.
  11. This would be hard on a player, but I think it happens pretty well for every team, every World Cup. There are always guys left off who feel hard done by. Later injuries are also common (including very dumb ones--Ca├▒izares then Valencia keeper was left of the Spain 2002 WC squad because a flask of cologne shattered in his hands in the shower and lacerated his hands.) For example, if Atiba is injured, and not getting much minutes, and can't get minutes for Canada or his club team, and is even contemplating retirement this upcoming June, you may have to leave him off. Does Besiktas have to give him another year's contract if they don't think he can contribute on the pitch, just to help him get to Qatar? I am not sure about that, though they seem to love him and must might. Any of the guys not regularly starting could get left off, though our lack of depth at CB might save a Cornelius and see us lose a Wotherspoon or Fraser. Whatever Shaffelberg or Pasher do they are unlikely to go, if the rest of the attackers are fit--they have too little margin to show much more than they have. Then others not playing much, like Piette, would most likely go regardless of his upcoming season, since we don't have much cover like that in the defensive middle.
  12. Guys trying to give us lessons about Monte Carlo Simulations, the level sometimes. All I know is they were originally conceived to help with the particle physics involved in developing the atomic bomb. If you just scratch at the surface you realise these folk are taking something of great complexity and trying to drag it down into their mud-wrestling event. I mean, maybe one of the easiest applications involves programming sensors, and even then. I believe there are people on the board who are able to handle the math behind Bayesian inference, that I can believe. And likely even some more able to handle the differential equations you may need for its application. I can't. Then I read that Enrico Fermi was called in to sort out the math for them back in Los Alamos or wherever they were. But no problem, the MC simulation party boys getting on our case because, as I understand it, they are saying us naysayers aren't up to the level of Fermi. Oh, fuck me, what dunces we are.
  13. Another bit of innocence from Herdman. That could easily be construed as a basis for collusion. In fact it used to be you could be sanctioned as a player for undue socialising with a rival team's player. What if a rival, say Mexico, concludes the US and Canada are sharing notes to derail them? Or if a Canadian ref does a game favoring the US, or vice versa? Or if a perception arises that having a Canadian heading Concacaf means Canada is favoured? Before he admitted to forcing cards. He should be told to shut up, but no one at the CSA has a clue, they're amateurs.
  14. It could only be Ennin as someone new, Corbeanu if he's getting minutes, or getting Kennedy back in. If he's convinced Arfield that'd be great. Amanda in Austria is the only other in a decent top flight. Ferreira, still unattached? Bair may be sold to a team then in Norway top flight, but he'll be in the off season. Dias maybe is close but not quite there, and maybe the same with Koover at Braga: if they can start to see first team minutes they have to be considered.
  15. I have a suspicion that since Mexico plays its next round away, they'll just sit on any decisions regarding sanctions. Which favours Mexico, again (eg longer appeals process). I mean, the ref stopped the match. FIFA can't pretend it didn't happen, a ref stopped a match following FIFA protocols and they have to investigate. If they can decide on such specific sanctions vs Panama and ES so quickly they could do the same for repeat faults at Azteca. They have to for some as it affects ticketing for November. But since no match is coming up at home for Mexico lindo until late January, they can fiddle with it.
  16. I am glad you find it insightful, I don't. And I don't buy people making arguing off it or making points based on it, because they are based on very weak understanding of probability, doing simulations and their utility.
  17. Was thinking of this goal, which just celebrated it's 25th anniversary a few days ago. Especially for the final cutback. I clearly remember I was just pulling up to my apartment in the car on a rainy day and only heard it on the radio. https://www.marca.com/en/football/barcelona/2021/10/12/61655db322601d98518b4635.html
  18. I think teams from a smaller confederation like ours cannot be in the same group stage in the WC. Only happens with Euro teams. I'd take a group with Denmark, Colombia and Japan.
  19. I like your posts as an exercise in irony, but I appreciate you have no way of knowing that. I just find you overstate pretty well everything, and get the sense you do it because you believe it is better to have strong opinions rather than weak ones. It is what some call being more Papist than the Pope. Which leaves you with extremely strong opinions in favour of Canada, which no one can really argue with in spirit--and that is why I usually like them, even if they are way over the top and you rarely bother to so much argue a point.
  20. You basically just admit you really don't understand it and are apeing what you read about it. The simulator, rather than being correct, is in fact based on its errors. It adjusts for them as it goes, from the very start so that, the deeper you get into a tournament, the more "accurate" it will get. As if that is a virtue, when it is really an admission of a defect. The exact opposite of a betting model, which will give you better odds if you are "correct" with your bet made at the very start, than betting the same team doing well half way into a tournament. The higher odds better says fuck the simulator from the get-go, the coward who cites it late, makes virtually nothing and boasts about being right. And how does anything change? According to the simulator, the "correct" model is based on things not changing. Only if the simulator screws up, and a lower ranked team takes points from or beats a better one, then it adjusts. It is constantly wiping its own shit off its face. I don't know if you realise how assinine it is, apart from not having any predictive value at all.
  21. He's a smart journalist because he knows how to get at the bloated mindsets of these Mexican journalists. Still, that the guy upper left was arguing that Lozano (and not Jim├ęnez) was the best player in the region and thus Mexico, where does that put Lozano in the context of losing the Gold Cup and the Nations League? I mean, the best player in the region could not ensure the best team won two trophies. At least if he'd said Raul J. he'd have given Mexico an excuse. Most teams with gloried histories, even though Mexico is a lot less gloried than they think, have droves of journalists like this living off them. And then, as a piquant minority, the Hercs come along.
  22. So basically you are saying Herdman is a lot worse than Herc thinks? Because of course, if he is just getting the bare minimum results to expect from the players, he is just a bare minimum level coach. I'm going to tell John you said this on the board, and he won't be happy. I get the hyperbole but it betrays you over and over again.
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