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  1. An analytics guru in soccer, like the first person you interviewed, is a very poor option for technical director. First, because he has no experience. Second, because analytics have never built a winning team in soccer, ever, it is one of the least relevant sports for analytic methodology. Third, because instead of the Caps finally getting on board and doing things right, they would just be screwing around with an improvised, unproven option yet again--a step sideways and not forward. Stenz is different only because he has experience, but only as a technical director, not an analytics person. And not because he has his own analytics firm, which he'd have to close down or leave to someone else if hired by a serious pro team. Fortunately the Caps are going to shoot higher than what you are proposing, options which frankly both surprise and irk me. We need someone used to 1-signing players, including handling agents, and understanding MLS rules 2-designing contracts in relation to the first point 3-working with a coach and his staff on the vision they have for the team 4-doing scouting, also with a team or network 5-building the entire academy or youth system into the overall club model, so that part of your job is done through your own youth.
  2. My view is that the team is still playing badly, is poorly coached, and worse--making the exact same mistakes as under Robinson. For me, it looks like partially the previous intertia, which MDS has not broken by any means, and partially MDS not knowing how to get anywhere near to the type of play he spouts. The team does not pressure the ball effectively, nor as a team, and other sides slice through our pressure rather easily, all the way to our defensive third. That is bad coaching. We do not shift to cover the width of the pitch. We are constantly outnumbered in key defensive areas, like down both wings, when the other team is attacking. Dangerous plays are not challenged at the top of the box, or even in it. All these are key coaching flaws, not to mention what we do when we happen to get the ball back. To explain this better we'd need to look at sequences of play, on video, but the same errors repeat, and game are fundamentally the same as last year. So why change the coach? MDS has not offered a vision I find at all interesting.
  3. Apart from Platt, for me the dullest of all, I am fine with the guys they have. They could pick up a few Latinos or people who are not from British stock, I am surprised they have bought into the BS where an accent from the UK makes mundane workaday comments seems "intelligent".
  4. OneSoccer commentary has a problem that is starting to grate: they pay far more attention to Ontario teams, sometimes inordinately so (hanging around York9 training by their own admission), and then make peripheral, and often ignorant comments about certain other teams. One week review maybe two weeks back literally spent 2% of the time on Pacific, it was the least commented team by far. And often is, week in, week out. They seriously need to hook up--literally, live-- with reporters in other locations who are not sitting on their butts in Toronto, where there is no CPL team and they are drifting into parochial manners after only 3 months. That Oliver whatever is a total dud, says nothing of interest, is boring as anything, and for me is taking up the spot of someone with a better connection to Canadian soccer--say Dunfield, much better.
  5. So the coach has no responsibility in putting on a finesse attacker to defend a two goal lead? Or was he just trying to give him a runout? My watching him at Barcelona B, he learnt to defend rigorously and always track back, so much so that it affected his attacking play, he was even top of the box on corners against. But because he trained to do this. So I am not sure if he was properly assigned his task. Just saying, as I think that if you want a player, and train with a player, and have any idea who that player is, you use him accordingly.
  6. @toontownman I believe that OneSoccer is a test site for MediaPro, they have no experience in all of this and are learning as they go. Since for sure they must know who the main rivals are, namely DAZN, they must understand the standard has to be higher. There is, I think a limit of how much they might invest in Canada given what must be weak revenue streams. IMO they should insist that the CSA give them a half a dozen home games each from the men and women yearly, so they can get more serious benefits in advertising from the investment made.
  7. Looking at Pacific home attendance, and comparing with what the baseball team playing at Royal Athletic Park in central Victoria get out: always a smaller crowd. For a key playoff game they got just over 2000 a few days ago. So even arguing that the facility is set up for baseball, soccer would probably double that if Pacific were there. In this sense, we have to assess Pacific attendance positively, as it outdraws the other sports draw in the summer (albeit essentially high level amateur), even being in a far inferior location.
  8. Thanks, I got news of that through a Canucks Abroad source. That is a town right on the border with Gibraltar, La Linea de la Concepcion. Sorry to say but that town is rather infamous for drug and contraband trade, fed by Gibraltar's status, the unemployment rate is astronomic because a lot of people do "other" things. Otherwise, being in that 2B division is competitive and he'll be challenged. We are talking about the level players like Aparicio and Piette saw in Spain, and above where Fisk was even.
  9. I consider it a virtue on my part that I completely forgot about Diego Costa, well done, I was wrong. Thank Heavens.
  10. Name one dodgy Spain national, or even dual. In the last decade say. Name one for Brazil as well. It lends credit to an argument to not talk bs about things you don't know: England has a long history of poaching players who are eligible for other nations, much more than Spain and Brazil, and probably quite a bit more than Germany. Apart from the fact that club teams have zero national pride and fans could care less if they are watching English players on a top EPL side, as proven year after year by many clubs.
  11. Related to attendance, since folks talk about pricing, here is an article in Spanish that explains the season ticket prices for all La Liga teams this season. https://as.com/futbol/2019/08/16/primera/1565947862_277531.html It explains that many teams reward fidelty with significant discounts, like Getafe, Levante, Leganés and Villareal, with weaker and less tradition fan bases or less continuity in top flight. Teams like Atletico de Madrid, Getafe or Valencia offer very favourable installment deals, deferring payment at the start of the season and spreading payments out over the season. Family stands, one parent-one child ticketing deals, and youth supporter stands all come into play. Six teams have dropped their prices, 8 have more or less kept them the same, while 6, including the three new teams in top flight, have raised prices, logically. The most expensive season deal, which I believe includes Cup, is the Bernabeu, at just over 2000 euros for near the presidential box (where some argue a lot of Spanish political and economic deals take place). It is still under 100 euros a game on average. For European games, you can pay 600 euros more, so that if they get out of the group stage you are paying 150 euros a match or less.
  12. So they are just copying a Kiss schtick to get supporters to paint their faces? And painting your face that way is directly inspired by Kiss? I mean, that is fine, depending where they want to go with it.
  13. That looks specifically like Forge and Pacific colours. They are not playing in the near future. It is true that Pacific is vs. York9, so that is close to Toronto and after the 17th Kiss has a three day break, so could do another gig. I don't get how they might do a concert at the CPL finals, but clearly it would not be halftime. Before or even better after a match, that could work. It's odd but as I see it, it would be a fine way to draw in fans, if buying for the final gave you a concert as well.
  14. Fair enough--but because CPL DPs would not be making more money than MLS journeymen, and so would not be anywhere near the prestige or name recognition of a Rooney or Pirlo, you'd be spending money that would not get you what you want. Then you would pale in comparison to MLS, which is precisely the scenario you do not want to set up for the naysayers. Answer me this: who were Cincinnati's DPs last year, in USL1, with 40,000 fans some games,? Cincinnati were led by Emmanuel Ledesma, leading scorer and league leader in assists. Are you telling me the fans came out to watch Emmanuel Ledesma?
  15. The only possible problem for those PDL (USL2) teams is that their season does not get going until the second week of May. They can't get university players before late April, or only with difficulty. Now since they would likely be playing off against each other, that would even things out, but still, it does make it harder for them to be in earlier round. Just the same, I would love to see it.
  16. I think precisely because he has an agent filling him in on things, because he does not understand, that maybe he is hearing more. Also, he likely was not told or did not understand that he probably should not have made those statements, probably the most revealing comments by a player about the league all year. PS he's a nice player, good signing for the league.
  17. I think that the owners must think that a marquee signing will bring in more spectators. I think they are wrong, what fans want are a good stadium relatively close to a lively part of town, a good game atmosphere, decent to good results, some connection to local players--a DP at this level, especially, where you are probably not going to ever get anyone with a higher profile that De Jong or Edgar, really makes little sense. For me it is just owners not analyzing properly why they don't get more fans out, not doing all they can to get them out, and then jumping onto a "quick" solution. But hey, it is easier to throw 200 thousand at a player than spend a quarter of that on youth club or family marketing.
  18. Jonathan is no 16, very active passing and involved in a lot of plays. As it was 1-1 in the first leg, the 1-0 was not enough for them to be comfortable, with AEK pushing at the end David got two in extra time, starting at m. 4:10
  19. Both ends were more empty than full the day I was there, July 6. Did not look good and has not most games I have seen on OneSoccer either.
  20. I too agree it looks good on screen, as does Wanderers Grounds. I think that the supporters section is too small and they should try to find a way to expand that, perhaps by doing an alteration to the stand for next season. I also think that on the opposite end the grassy slope is a bit lax, and does not look good, nor is it really ever sold out--so why not find a way to fit seating into a part of the slope? Pacific may look good but they have work to do on the overall in-game ambience, not for any fault of the supporters section. Basically, they need to get bums in seats, and enliven the fans with stronger play. The stadium also has some pretty glaring design errors, most notably the gaps between the roof on the main stand, which is actually three roofs with a couple metre gap between them, meaning a swath of fans paying the same as someone three seats over will get rained on--totally senseless planning. Apart from that, the feel around the stadium, for food, drink, entry, parking, all very good.
  21. Pedro Pacheco did not play and hardly dressed for Santa Clara after the January transfer window. I think it must have been by mutual accord, as up to that point they were subbing him in and he was captain. They had a great season and while never near a European spot they were not at risk of relegation, so it was not a pressure situation that pushed him out. He is on the Azores, in a beautiful location, my take is that he must be warming into doing his coaching certification or is playing to just stay in shape, as there would be virtually no pay for him there. I am certain he could land another year or two of contract with a 2nd tier team on the mainland if he really wanted to go.
  22. Cue Ozzie to rant about how they are not fulfilling their promise to sell 6000 a game in CPL.
  23. Camargo back on the bench for Cavalry, Bojan and Ballou for Impact. Super-hyped for this match.
  24. Okay, Ted, so how are they going to do things? That is a big stand and it'd be a shame for them not to find a way to fill it, like with youth clubs, that sort of thing. They are going to have to do some very enticing pricing I'd think. I hear a lot of Vancouverites talking about coming over for the next home game, brace yourself!!
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