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  1. It used to be we had problems with these games, now we still have problems, too many, but win like this. It does not mean we are going to get past quarter finals, but I sure would like to have a shot at at least semis for the first time in two decades.
  2. Then he comes up with another dumb give-away--he and Kaye, with Godinho, are way off pace and slow with the ball, flat footed and careless: I have been unfairly and madly screaming at stupid MLS for the way the two former are playing, for me not good enough. I cut Cornelius some slack because of his age and being the only natural defender of the bunch. Osorio has been fine.
  3. I thought we were amazing, the decision making is on a very high level, way higher than ever before for our women. The starters are very well organised and really in tune with each other. We also have some great talent at a young age. Sinclair had a rough start, first half, then really got into a groove and was unlucky not to score. You have to take more risks up high, but that is normal, and we still need to mix up our attack a bit, but as is, we are quite powerful. I think we can beat Holland, but they have a diversified attack, which I think we can close down if we help each other out. Do we have the tie-breaker in our favour in case of drawing Netherlands?
  4. Cool to dig up precisely this thread, since we all read it and think there is a mistake--but there isn't, it is just archival.
  5. Don't be fooled by @Lofty after making a fool of himself (herself, I don't know) posting pics of US celebrations on this board, which was troll level stuff, we get about 15 irrelevant posts about rule interpretations just to distract us: the biggest glut of useless, mostly off-topic posts from someone on the board in a long time. Some posters are basically trolling for the WWC because they really, deep down, hate the women. Otherwise we'd be talking about Cameroon-HOlland, where the former were more dangerous and looked better than against us, and the latter only got their act in gear in spurts, and late. I would prefer to beat NZ to not need a result vs. Holland.
  6. For all those looking for a link to watch the crucial FC Speranţa Nisporeni away match at Petrocub in the Moldavian Divizia Nationala, just pm me for a link.
  7. This is an argument that was made when the rule was introduced, but you have to admit that defenders and keepers have done marvellously well in adjusting. Keepers and defenders are far more sophisticated now than even 10 years ago, the tactical nous are superior, and the type of defending more complex. Basically having a player in offside position but not affecting play obliges defending units to multi-task. When in the past it was just offside trap, and clear the hell out, repeat ad nauseum.
  8. The fact is that when you look at women's soccer, you see it is radically middle and upper middle class amongst the more powerful nations. There are also certain racial biases on some national teams that make you wonder. The real solution is not to provide the support so those with lesser income can play. The solution is to drop the fees and have a youth soccer culture that does not exist to keep coaches and clubs in such a comfortable economic zone as a first priority. If we had a proper competitive structure, then someone could come along and charge less, get results, and draw the better players, creating a virtuous circle. The powers that be in women's soccer are not interested in this in too many nations. Oddly, Canada has been a country where these club mafias also plague youth boys soccer because our authorities are afraid to rock the boat by doing what all top nations do: set up properly competitive structures for youth. In women, we have similar flaws as other countries; but in men, we have flaws others do not because the vast majority of countries apply basic principles to break the bonds of profiteering clubs.
  9. When I saw Humey two and three years ago, first in Spanish 2nd division at Pontferradina, then in third tier at Extremadura, he was clearly in shape, first of all. He had pace, as he always had had. He played more like a second striker. In Spanish 2nd he was a bit over his head, but managed, and at Extremadura with a big budget and an ambitious plan, he was better, but that was third tier. I am not sure that is the same level as where Issey was at, in Malaysia, which from what we are seeing is maybe a lower level than CPL. I think that Hume was at a higher level, more recently, than Issey. As for Haber, I still hope he might get into a groove with the club. Hume's deal is that his family is in England, and I think that is where they want to be, saying this as I think they never went with him to any of his gigs abroad. He has been drawing out his career to keep making some money, but I sort of doubt he'd accept 70 grand to come back to Canada, I could be wrong. Look at his twitter: he is looking at England constantly.
  10. Ballou Tabla was not called into the Albacete squad that fell to Mallorca 2-0 in the first leg of their promotion playoff. Next leg this weekend, Sunday I think, at home. If he gets a callup it will be a surprise.
  11. Full information on Voyageurs and Canadian supporters meet up pregame Grenoble. Shakesbeer 1 Place de Berulle 38000 Grenoble Opens Saturday at 3.30 pm / Closes at 1 am Walk to stadium: 1 km / 15 minutes Fan march: Attending Voyageurs may arrange a prematch march to stadium, time TBA (7-7:30 departure?). Tram connections are not very practical, involving two changes from the meeting point location, starting at B Green Line, Notre-Dame Musée station . A taxi may be preferable for such cases. Weather: Reports of highs of 24 and lows of 12 on Saturday, with cloudy skies, and occasional rain and even thundershowers. Game time, 60% chance of rain.
  12. You're an idiot, but we already knew that. You don't even know the difference between scoring and celebrating. And you prove you have never played sports, or at least never won big at anything, you are so armchair and it shows. If you ever get a chance to coach, though I doubt they'd let you get near children, you will perhaps learn that when your team is way superior, it is the time to teach them other things, including: try scoring in a different way; give other players a runout; be respectful to the other side; be ready to have your leg or face broken if you get in the rival's face.
  13. I am glad others found it embarrassing and disgusting. Players, the bench, fans--really pathetic from all of them. In basketball you do not slam dunk, hang on the rim and get in the face of opponents when you are up 25 late. Or even when there is a minute left and you are up 15. In NFL they banned ostentatious celebration. In baseball your bat flips are considered out of line, even though the homer is in a critical playoff match. I actually am in favour of celebrating, but like that, it was, for me, a sign of mental illness from the team, and the fans too. What kind of fans celebrate wildly in those circumstances? Fans who are screwed in the head.
  14. No, but the call-up itself was criticised by the press. They figured that the coach, Ramis, just thought they had no chance to nab third place, would be likely in the playoff this Thursday as 4th place vs. 5th place Mallorca, and was essentially resting starters. In a way, they threw it. They did injure a starting defender and the captain, Arroyo, so maybe he was not too far off. I don't expect Ballou to be called up for Mallorca though could be surprised.
  15. We had a good time at the match, and pre-game. Meet up maybe had up to 40-50 come through in total, over the course of the afternoon. From what I was told there were players family members there. It was really a mixed bag of supporters in any case. Weather was nice during the day. Was at the game with a group of maybe 12-15, many from this board. We were sitting beside, or in front, of one of the most vociferous Cameroon contingents, so ended up moving to a covered corner, where a few more people joined us. As it started to rain, we were fortunate to be out of it, as the entire opposite stand was exposed and fans mostly cleared it out and hid from the weather. Perhaps first time I have seen a main stand and two ends covered and an opposite lateral exposed, I think they have expanded capacity and taken out the roof. We dominated throughout and they came back at us in short bursts. They really only had counters and a few corners, but we controlled through the back and middle, and up the wings. We tended to stall as we got in close, relying on crosses and free kicks, which, fair enough, got us the winner. I felt we should have imposed ourselves more, and even run up the score, but I guess they were better defensively than I gave them credit for. I just felt we needed to impose ourselves and really go for the jugular, try to get a few more as I imagine our rivals will also beat them in the group. But okay, after seeing other results, where a Sweden only got a result late vs. Chile, for example, maybe we should not be expecting to run up scores so easily.
  16. There is a no alcohol in any sporting event policy in many European countries. What foreigners do is fake being drunk on 0% beverages.
  17. See the Voyageurs in France thread. I'm on tram now and I'd recommend it. ...i parked near the stadium as I'm driving back to Barcelona tonight. You are right about the shuttle it starts too far away from town.
  18. Hi, thanks so much for that, good to hear. I have posted on Trams to the Stade in Montpellier just now. We'll see if they add shuttles to that service, will look for it now.
  19. Hi all , for all supporters in Montpellier: 2 main ways to the stadium from centre of town, both there and back: TRAM Tram Line 1 leaving from Comedie, on Boulevard Victor Hugo, about 10 min from the bar. Leaving every 10 minutes and takes 29 min to the Stade Mosson stop. So 18.32 gets there at 19.01, 18.42 arrives 19.11, etc. RETURN: Leaving 23.13 arrives 23.43, leaving 23.28 arrives 23. 58, 23.43 arrives 00.13. It could be very full on the way back however. I do not see any after except for a possiblity where you have to change lines. SHUTTLE (Navette): Here is the info in French, leaving from Saint Jean le Sec, and free. That is about 2 km south west of the centre and on Line 2 of the Tramway. It is not clear how many shuttles there are going, but it says 10 "cars" returning. It also means, on return, a change on the tramway if you get the connection, so careful. Mise en place d’une navette gratuiteDépart parking Saint Jean le Sec • Offre aller : 20’ (variable en fonction des conditions de circulation très dégradées sur cet axe), 2h30 avant le début du match• Offre retour : départs en rafales depuis Mosson à la fin du match (10 cars)• Temps de parcours : 30 à 45’ en fonction des conditions de circulation très dégradées sur cet axe
  20. Word was one million euros. Message to @gator and @lazlo_80 He got playing time at Barcelona, almost every week. Including in 2nd division. He is not getting playing time at Albacete. If they want to ask for a loan and not play him that is their prerogative. It is also his responsibility to practice hard and make not playing him a hard decision. Not being in the GC line-up means he could appear again this Thursday, we'll see what they do. At this point just making the bench will be positive.
  21. It's incredible if true that they started shifting people around in stadiums, not letting them sit together, when they were nowhere near being full anywhere. Has anyone heard more about that? Any word about restrictions entering stadiums from anyone who has been to a game already?
  22. The VAR and the ref helped them get 20+ shots and over 70% possession? That is plain silliness. They totally dominated and deserved to win. If you watched the match the S Africans kicked the hell out of them early, there were plays that were close to red that were not even called fouls in the first half, like when that striker leaped into the air and fell onto a clearing back about 2 seconds late. The ref only started to cut short very dirty play, involving late tackles to support ankles, in the 2nd half. She let them defend the early lead without cutting out the violent play at all, until it got too much. The VAR is anecdotal in the big picture. I gave an objective report about Canada-Spain the other day, I pointed out plenty of Spain limitations. But if the ref had not given the 1st they would have kept going and gotten their draw at least, and likely a win anyways. It was 3-1 so even arguing, it's a fair win. South Africa was lucky to be in it at all. What's funny is that we could get a very similar story for Canada's opener, and everyone will say what I am saying.
  23. So they lost 3-0, I don't think any goals were Tabla's fault. They do their first playoff match away to Mallorca on Thursday, return leg in Albacete on the Sunday.
  24. Ballou Tabla is on the bench for Albacete, which is his first call-up to the squad (for the match on now vs. Almeria) in at least 10 weeks, maybe more. He's been left dry by them these months as they chase their promotion spot. As is, they are likely to end up fourth and in the playoff, though could still grab third place in this last game of the regular season. I wonder if he had a clause to play at least two games or something silly for the loan from Barça B. Albacete will play a first home and away playoff, and if they go through, a second, to determine if they promote to top flight. So they could have anywhere from 2-4 matches left. edit: and he's on, m. 65, unfortunately can't watch, in a dinner.
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