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  1. I know this is sacrilege, but if any sport could benefit from a European Super League right now it's women's football. Okay, I don't fully mean this, but I would say that if Barça got to see Bayern, PSG, Lyon, the top English sides, each year, it would be more interesting. Although this year is a blowout, in normal circumstances At Madrid or Levante or a few others would be a bit stronger and the Spanish league would not be so predictable. But even so, there are few enough players in your own league you really want to see play. And on the weaker teams, there is literally no one. I'll wat
  2. If Lille sells Soumaré, Maignan and Sanches they won't be gutted and they'll have 75 million to show for it. You can always pick up a fine keeper for under 10 million and their salaries are not usually high, I bet they have the best of the mid-table Ligue 1 teams scouted. Soumaré they say has promise but he certainly is not a key piece on the team. Sanches has been injured, has sat out, and frankly IMO is overpriced. For me Xeka has more ball skills. Estaquio would be an amazing fit for just over 5 million (heard it here). I don't think Galtier really values Yazici, though you need t
  3. One win over Cayman and all of a sudden we are this arrogant, hugely disrespectful team thinking about running up the score on Aruba? Or is that just some fans? Doesn't sound right to me. I'd say, first, get the win. Then get the goals, but make sure the players are safe and the confidence stays up. Really, going from scraping by minnows and not making the HEX to this: what was it they said "comes before a fall"?
  4. And how about Tomori, if the wish list hasn't closed yet?
  5. Exactly. This is a case of the owners not being up to the task. Just let the team be embarrassed enough by its biggest rival, until you just convince fans it is not a rival at all. Instead of trying to rival your rival. A loser mentality, and then the fans buy into it. There is no team I would rather see lose in MLS than Seattle, but the way to stop that, when you have a rival, is to do everything in your power to beat them. This happens with Espanyol in Barcelona, it is not an equivalent team but the rivalry is powerful and Espanyol has taken leagues away from Barça in late season
  6. Whitecaps-Sounders is a "derby" or better a classic rivalry before you were born, probably. A rivalry we used to travel away for, I'm talking about the 1970s. And it has held up for most of the last 50 years in fact. But thanks for the nursery rhyme.
  7. The BC Lions have had their training facility in Surrey for years, you can see it from the Skytrain. And here is a stop just two blocks away, Gateway. If the Lions were to leave that location it would be idea for a stadium. The indoor arena is projected for there or Surrey Centre, just south. If it goes to the centre, and they conceive a stadium at the Lions facility, they are set. Surrey is not just a good location because of population growth, it is also a strong soccer community.
  8. Saw on Twitter how Girondins made Champions League for next season, Vanessa Gilles plays for them, and a related story came up: top flight France is losing two teams, they are down to 10 teams for next season. I have no idea why they would not allow teams from a lower division to promote, but still: that really weakens the league, and limits chances for players in France. As it has likely been amongt the top 3-4 in the world on the basis of Lyon and PSG these years, that will hurt them. In comparison, England has 12 in WPL and 11 in the next tier, Germany has 12, Spain has 18. Les
  9. Superb goal from Sincy, amazing penalty by Viens. She really has a nose for finishing.
  10. I'll take a winning record and less than a goal against per game, do that all year, I'm in.
  11. Royal Athletic Park is far more accessible to their target audience, unless you are referring to trees or watershed being their target. It is close to downtown Victoria, and much closer to the largest municipalities in Greater Victoria. I doubt any more than 5-10% of their spectators come from the other side of the Malahat, even at Langford. The only reason they had not chance to broker this quickly in Victoria is because Lisa Helps is a space cadet and you'd need a few years for her to get into orbit--which seems is starting to happen.
  12. The whole story of Port City/Fraser Valley has yet to be told. They would never have even come out with this name without something being there. We heard, I don't know officially or not, that the Port facilities on the Fraser were going to sponsor, it was their land, of Surrey wanted to promote it, something like that (suggesting a North Surrey site). There must have been something when it came to municipal interest. Here I assume the investors were already there, but they were lacking a venue, and rightly thought they'd succeed on the other side of the Fraser and probably Surrey, just t
  13. I thought other reports said it was 100k, but maybe that is the total, and part goes to the city of Langford? Still, 85k gives you 3 contracts, or two stronger players. It is 10% of roster cost.
  14. Ted, does that give them a regulation pitch, running that way? Also, from the drawings, it woud mean the pitch would in fact be pushed away from the end of the old PDL goal backing onto Cook, the one that had that tiny stand, maybe by 15-20 metres? So it would partially invade the baseball outfield, is that right? Finally, is there space to put stands behind the other goal, the north side; and how about temp stands on the west side, how would that be done? I am basically trying to get a sense of how this would be a good idea and not look like an improvised idea.
  15. Sorry, but I don't agree with those spinning this for what it is said to be face value. It is a major slap in the face to Langford. All this business about it being a growth area, the stadium, the youth teams--this ignores what the club is about. Rob Friend, even when signing with Langford, was clear he was really interested in Greater Vancouver and that the deal was put together quickly to get a foot in to CPL. We forget how quickly the deal was forged, it was almost last minute. But he has never denied it was not his first choice. Langford is on the extreme end of the populat
  16. I think the cold shoulder must come from the Caps, mostly. For a few reasons, which combine with each other: -the owners of PFC openly showing interest for a Greater Vancouver team. -weaker crowds for the Whitecaps in recent years, coupled with mediocre results. -Canadian content as a narrrative We even heard rumours that the Caps lobbied against a CPL team in the Fraser Valley. I personally feel that if the Whitecaps have a winning record, and are playing a reasonable number of Canadians, as well as moving some of that talent on to higher places, they have nothing to
  17. According to this, the PacificFC deal with Starlight for the stadium is the biggest naming rights deal in CPL. The article does a good job reviewing naming rights of sports facilities in Victoria, but also in CPL. And mentions, relevant for the recent report, that Royal Athletic Park in Victoria has naming rights when baseball is played there, but only when the Harbourcats play. https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/starlight-era-begins-at-langford-stadium-1.24307041
  18. It could well be a pressure tactic, and a smart one too. When they were getting going on Pacific in 2018, there was no interest from Victoria City Hall. In contrast, Mayor Stu in Langford was very proactive. It was a period of elections, in the fall of 2018, and the current Victoria mayor's candidacy was totally uninterested in the question, the only sports issue that came up was the redoing of nearby Crystal Pool (I know this up close as I worked for a friend who was a mayoralty candidate, and who happens to live 2 blocks from RAP). They were too busy taking down the JA MacDonald s
  19. The problem with that RAP scheme is that it is makeshift, like too many of our stadium concepts for CPL. Even the way of setting up the stands is a bit improvised. Even Saskatoon it looks like they are scratching away at ideas. Just one 8-10,000 capacity stadium with curved corners and a covered main stand--is that so hard?
  20. I think, dumbly, I did not save the pdf. Anyone else get it? The key idea, apart from running the field sideways, was that the stadium would be conceived for big matches, overflow crowds, Voyageur Cup, other major soccer events, etc. They left the Vic West and Rob Friend's emails, and called for public support. Although they cite Westhills (ignoring the name change) as their main ground, it certainly seems this is a move either to pressure Langford, invite Victoria to host them, or both. I would not be surprised if they have some disagreement with the mayor of Langford,
  21. Here are the stats. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/teams/charlton-athletic/top-scorers He leads the team in assists despite having played just over half a season. He has 2 goals which should be more, agreed. He has shots, puts them on net, but does not score. Needs to finish better or with more accuracy, even a slight improvement, saying having scored a couple more, would be significant on the stat sheet. It is also worth rethinking finishing in cases like his. There are days Messi just passes the ball firmly into the corner of the net. Higuain in his prime was very ac
  22. Wow, big move. There is actually just one doubt, about running the pitch that way, horizontal across what was the traditional position. Does that give a long enough, FIFA regulation pitch?
  23. Frustrating but it's the way it is, the difference is giving up a late or dumb draw in any of these matches vs. weaker teams. Lost two points that puts them virtually out of the playoffs barring a miracle. For Liam, for his 4 month loan spell, you have to say it has been amazingly positive. As Liverpool is unlikely to keep him, don't think, it looks like either another loan or a transfer to a Championship club.
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