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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I see he's from Barcelona, coached Espanyol youth, originally was hired by Fury but had visa problems. Then was at High Park in Toronto. It's odd they'd have a u15 coach with them, but it's good for his experience.
  2. This is very typical in France, and Spain as well. Perhaps more southern European countries. They'll call a game for tv and they'll make references to the nationality, to the origins, the birthplace, instead of using the player's name. They look for synonyms constantly. In print journalism as well. Also do it for coaches. One interesting consequence is that, for example for me in Spain, I know where a lot of players are from, their hometowns, however small. Or the county. I think a kind of equivalent is how in NFL or NBA you can often hear what college they went to, "the 5th year tackle out of Oregon" and the like.
  3. No leave it here. You don't know how satisfying it is for me when I am not at all involved. It is like watching a river flow by.
  4. I think the main difference is that crowds for these teams' matches will be small, it will be a development system, not a source of entertainment. I used to go see Caps in USL and there were usually under a thousand in the stands at Thunderbird at UBC. It was good entertainment for fans like me, and the few nutty Southsiders especially when the Caps were on a road trip. But there of course was no continuity with the team or players, and atmosphere was nowhere near what a CPL game is. Crowds could be smaller where a more solid league option is close by, thinking of TFCII and York United. For Vancouver or Montreal, perhaps these teams could get a bit more support. As for stretching the player pool. You are right, partially. But it is not mathematical. How many CPL-profile players will end up on one of these teams? And the other question that is important: realistically, how many players currently not playing pro in Canada, out of U-Sports, in League Ones or equivalent, have the talent to be playing in CPL but just have not had the chance? Would you say 10, 20, 30? How much talent can the system absorb without it thinning out the quality? Next, no question a few good loans from MLS teams like Montreal may not make their way to CPL. They'll be sent into the Development League. So CPL would lose a Sirois type of player, for example. We also have to see what the Canadian commitment will be for the MLS teams. In the past there were mostly Canadians but also foreigners, and often odd pick-ups from literally all over the world. But say it's 15 per team, 45 in total. Not all of those are being lost as potential CPL players because most of TFCs will come from their current TFCII. And some will be dropped down from the MLS teams out of their main roster. Then there is the question of salaries. I am not sure this new league will have a better salary structure than CPL, but it would not be hard to match the lower range. A better player may decide to wait out the MLS option, or may opt to go fully pro, play in front of fans and get quality playing time in CPL. So you are right that the lower CPL salaries mean a potentially important incentive to go CPL over MLS Development is not there.
  5. We've had garbage camera views the entire CPL tournament in Winnipeg because our official sponsors bought airtime and also dictated broadcast terms.
  6. Besiktas have been working on getting Sevilla's Luuk de Jong on loan, I think the deal is very close to being done. He's similar to Larin, but I am not sure he's as big a scorer.
  7. https://www.internationalchampionscup.com/womens-schedule This looks like a great tournament, Barça - OL, Thorn with Sincy. Recommended if you can get there.
  8. Actually, does not seem so. I think it's a way for the club to say we promote and defend homegrown coaches as well as players.
  9. I think it is very reasonable. It is more than what Tessmann went for. It is less than Busio, who looks to be going for double that (although the rumours include incentives), but the latter is three years younger and that makes a difference. Of course I'd be keen to see Tajon as a neighbour of David and them playing the northern France derby against each other. If Lens is offering this, there have to be other offers out there. And usually one offer inspires others as well. Let's keep the bidding going, and hope Revolution let him go if he does, indeed, want to go.
  10. Hearing his brothers were both playing lower tier in England made me think his family was more firmly bound to the English cause. I'm not sure if it's time for him to abandon it yet frankly. But if he has his own view of things, I'm flattered.
  11. Did you see how they celebrated? I think this was a good result for us thinking ahead to September. They will return from El Salvador sure of themselves.
  12. Like you I am also impressed by our 8-game win streak against minnows and teams below us in the ranking, and am likewise comforted by us not winning but maybe almost tying a team that is higher than us. That is certainly the sort of benchmark all professionals should be subject to.
  13. So you did get off on my mental masturbation, I was so worried you didn't care.
  14. I hope you pass on everything you learnt to Herdman, I doubt he's seen as much as you have. I'm surprised you haven't said anything about Ayo needing to go into games with more overall joint strength.
  15. Missed it, not on here. So I see the 7 subs officially rounded out the originally selected 18. So how does that work, the other 4 are not being called into gameday, or can be, or could be?
  16. That Transfermarkt info got me going, as that is very tall. Casillas was 1.82m. Donnarumma is 1.96. I think there may be a minimum reasonable height for a keeper, after that technical ability in shot stopping, positioning, high and low balls, not giving up rebounds, distribution, is what is important.
  17. Glad folks enjoyed the grade-school insult from the 70s I used in that post (dipshit), you sure had fun playing with it. BTW, I include myself as a dipshit fan on an irrelevant soccer forum, would not have it any other way. To the important points: The CMNT has had problems for decades getting players committed, because it has been run poorly. This used to mean they would not even commit to the programme at all. So we've improved, but still. We have not shown respect for players' careers, we have scheduled poorly and done lousy travel arrangements, we have demanded commitments that have hurt them at the clubs they play for. We have consistently found players opting out, even the last WC qualifiers Arfield and maybe some other A team players did so. This GC is an example. The pros do not outweigh the cons, beating Martinique and Haiti? Losing to a US "B" team? What have we learnt from that? Even if we beat Costa Rica and make semis, the lessons will only be relative. I am glad we have some players who are not here, like Kennedy, because they realised being in B2 that they'd be missing league fixtures come the serious games. Maybe as much as 8-10 league fixtures. They simply vetoed the Herdman plan and they were right to do so, they were being more responsible towards the program than the coach himself. If you do not show you care about your players, take full responsibility for their well-being, and respect such a basic concept as medical information (I have never heard a professional club coach run off at the mouth about a player's injuries, not in 35 years of paying attention to such things, not even in the 90s), you are going to find that the opting out will continue. No player is weak-minded enough to sacrifice their career for the maniacal schemes of a Dr. Strangelove at the helm. A player and his support group and agent know when they are being treated like a handy-wipe. Interesting, too, there is no other spokesperson for the team, no team manager or press person from the CSA. So Herdman is left to spin it in his favour, but just as easily find it spinning out of control. The credit he has seemed to garner could dry up as quickly as it's been put together. I see no real benefit of sacrificing the integrity of our WC qualifying campaign by unnecessarily forcing players for this competition. We are hardly learning anything about the player pool, apart from maybe that Crepeau can be relied upon and that Tajon is more than an Olympic qualifier player.
  18. He's 1.98, which is about 6 foot seven. That's according to Transfermarkt, not sure if it is accurate. But if it is, what sort of height were you thinking of? Edit: just checked Wikipedia, which has him at 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in). So if that is the case, he could be missing an inch or two.
  19. Was at that match. Sitting right below the camera The crowd actually applauds lightly, maybe hard to hear.
  20. Youre right, a bunch of immature dipsshit fans behaving like jerks has zero effect on the programme. Davies, "it's just a knock". Ayo, "well he walked off, he'll be fine" Larin, "looks like a dead leg to me". That last idiocy is on Herdman. The fact that he's incapable of saying "diagnostic reserved" shows his class. Patient - doctor confidentiality actually still has to be respected BTW. Voyageurs board : we can always call in Ricketts.
  21. I wrote a post that said "I told you so" 3 hours before Phonzie's injury was announced. Because it was childish on Herman's part and irresponsible. We're just tearing through humans as if they were sackcloth, and the glibness in this board seems to insist most don't give a damn. Herdman Is still making medical statements about players that are grossly unethical, speculating when he's not the doctor and has no right to open his trap. All our player pool, not just those injured, are taking note,you can be sure of it.
  22. Quite the contrary. If you have a decent agent, anyone coming out of an academy like that should have a pro career,. Or at least not be stunted at 20 years old. It's a question of managing your capital, and La Juve beside his name was part of that. Later, if it doesn't pan out, that's another question.
  23. At the end of the 1st half of the last friendly the two Portuguese players on Lille, Xeka and Djalo got into a fight and were both red-carded. There's a partial view at the end of this clip https://sportnieuws.nl/voetbal/buitenland/vechtende-spelers-lille-xeka-tiago-djalo-oefenduel-onderling-ruzie-op-veld/
  24. But deep down don't you agree? Seriously, my school here in Spain tried to argue that I had to be patient with my African students because "they have other customs" and all that stuff, we know what that's about. When I told them my best students with the highest academic level were an Angolan, a Kenyan and another from Ramallah, they seemed disappointed.
  25. Well the difference between Valour and the rest is just one point more than the difference between the 2nd place team and the last. So I'd say it looks like the top team is beginning to separate from the rest. Just a way of describing it, I guess. I don't believe that Valour will run away with it, once they have to travel. But I would agree that the two or three worst teams in the league this year will be from amongst the bottom four right now.
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