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  1. Agreed. Some production in this tournament will go a long to securing a move to a big club. If he lays another egg (in terms of production) he might limit his options this summer. These are big games and those clubs are looking for big game players.
  2. Interesting poll on the Celtic subreddit about whether it's time to cash in on AJ. Some good insight into how they view him after his first season and a half. https://new.reddit.com/r/CelticFC/comments/1dekrwa/is_it_time_to_sell_aj/
  3. I despise United but I have to say, it would be fun to be able to watch all of the absolute mountains of content that there would be on him if he moved there.
  4. Chile has a friendly against Paraguay tonight if anyone is interested in scouting our opponent for what could be the pivotal final game of the group stage.
  5. I mean you can't just write players off if they don't score for a couple games. France and Netherlands are world class opponents. Should France bench Mbappe and Thuram because they didn't score against Canada? David and Larin's goal scoring records for Canada speak or themselves.
  6. Bair needs to produce at a higher level before he's anywhere near even having a discussion for a starting spot with Canada. Larin has proved himself in MLS, Turkey, Belgium, La Liga and the National Team. Bair has produced in one season in Scotland. Not even a discussion right now. I still bet Jebbison will be Larin's heir.
  7. I'm shocked anyone would notice this, let alone care.
  8. I sympathize with Celtic supporters but I would hope that they can differentiate between English oppression in Ireland and Canadian liberation of the Netherlands in WWII.
  9. Good, I absolutely despise Atletico.
  10. Yeah I have no issue with Biello staying on as part of the coaching staff. A bridge to the past.
  11. Not sure if this was ever posted. I know the podcast has been shared but I didn't realize they had a Youtube channel as well for it.
  12. Man if David could just smooth out his dry patches he would have absolutely elite production. All of this scoring for Lille (minus maybe last year) came from a half-season at a time. edit: but even last season he wasn't really scoring from open play for half the season, but was still producing from the penalty spot, so the point stands.
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