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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. They probably just think it's cool that he was born in Brooklyn or something. Everyone knows he's Canadian. It feels nice having a star player and not having to worry about fighting for the fact that he's Canadian. It's so nice that we didn't have the usual dual-national drama with David and Davies.
  2. New interview on the LOSC site. https://www.losc.fr/actualites-foot-lille/jonathan-david-«-sur-le-terrain-cest-un-autre-niveau-» One year ago, Jonathan David arrived at LOSC from KAA Gent (Belgium). Ambitious, the native of Brooklyn wasted no time, winning the French championship with his partners in his first season. Real executioner of the defenses of Ligue 1 Uber Eats (13 goals), Jonathan David is not satisfied. Back with the group after a well-deserved vacation, the number 9 Lille delivers his ambitions, talks about the arrival of Jocelyn Gourvennec and praises the return of José Fonte. Interview. You joined the group during an internship in the Netherlands two weeks ago. How were your holidays ? (Smiles) When you've just been crowned champion, you can only have a good vacation! These few days allowed me to rest with my family and my friends in Canada. And then, I also had time to think about what we had just accomplished together. It was crazy. Now that you allude to it… Have you taken the time to digest this title? The time, I took it. But I think people don't realize how tough it is to win a title. I didn't realize it myself. I tell myself that we did something incredible. We will realize this all the more in the future, it is obvious. And from a personal point of view, how do you see your first season in the Lille jersey? We were crowned champions, so obviously it ended well (he smiles). Now, I am not forgetting my difficulties at the start of the season. I made a lot of progress and the second part of the championship went very well. I arrived in a new club, in a new league and in a new country. Obviously, it takes time to adapt. It lasted a bit, it's true. But it ended well. A few days after your title of Champion of France, you joined your national team to play four matches. You even scored four goals. What are your goals with Canada? We want to qualify for the World Cup. We have a very good, very tight-knit group. Our coach (John Herdman, editor's note) did a really big job. Now we move forward, we continue to win. It is a dream for every football player to play in a World Cup and represent his country. The World Cup is played every four years, so to have a chance to play it, you have to be efficient. Speaking of a competition you want to discover, you are going to play, for the first time in your career, the UEFA Champions League. When I arrived at LOSC, I knew it was a very ambitious club playing at the top of the table. I knew I would have the opportunity to play in the Champions League by signing here. At the start of the season, it wasn't something I thought about because I was taking game after game. And then, as we went along, we started to think about it, more and more strongly. It is the best European competition for clubs. It's exciting, I can't wait to get started. And then you can listen with your own ears to the Champions League anthem, music so dear to every footballer. To tell you a secret, I often heard players talk about the Champions League anthem. They all say that she is exceptional, that she gives the chills. When we tell you that, you want to experience it for yourself! This summer, Jocelyn Gourvennec took over from Christophe Galtier. How do you judge his first steps at the head of LOSC? We chatted when I arrived in the Netherlands. Over the days, he gives me more instructions. He is a calm person who knows what he wants. He knows how to do it. Over time, I'm sure we'll do good things together. Against SL Benfica (0-1), the team made a good performance but lacked success, like your strike on the crossbar. Is that also how you feel? To be honest, I felt on the pitch that we had moved to another level. There was a big difference in intensity compared to previous matches, from their side as from ours. With the sequence of matches, we progress, we regain form, we put our game in place. We are more and more dangerous, and we must continue. In my opinion, we are not yet 100%, including myself, but we are getting closer. I have had opportunities. Now I have to be decisive. In the stands of the Estàdio Algarve, we heard a familiar voice, that of José Fonte, who has extended his contract for another season. I imagine it is a satisfaction for you and the group to find your captain! Obviously we are happy to find him. José brings leadership and discipline. It puts us all in the right direction. With him, everyone knows what to do, and this is very important for a group. We have performed in our discipline thanks to him. The role of captain is something he has in him. It is made for this. He is preparing to join us in a match, and we also want to find him quickly. In a few days, you will face Paris Saint-Germain at the Trophée des Champions. What are the group's ambitions before this meeting? It's a final. We're going to play it to win, to lift the cup. Last season we played a very important game against them (0-1 victory at Parc des Princes, 31st day of Ligue 1 Uber Eats) . Although I have fond memories of it, I know it will be a very different game. But we will do everything to win and make our supporters proud. What are your ambitions for this season? I want us to go as far as possible in all the competitions in which we are going to play, including the Champions Trophy. We want to finish as high as possible everywhere. Regarding the championship, we will see at the end of the season where we are, and what we can do. Personally, I want to score as much as possible and be as decisive as possible. Obviously, I want to be better than last season in terms of statistics. Like any competitor. Supporters, I only have one thing to tell you: See you soon !
  3. David gets the start in a friendly against Benfica.
  4. Wheeler did say it was hopeful we would see him in September. Not sure what exactly he based it off, but Herdman did say the challenge for him in accepting the call was that his preseason with a new manager was important for him to be a part of and that Herdman couldn’t guarantee him minutes if he did come. You would think he would be willing to come during a Fifa window when he’s not missing anything at Sheffield Utd. I know I’m biased but if I was Jebbo I would be coming for WCQ. Logically it all adds up.
  5. I think he commits at some point during WCQ.
  6. I think so too, and it will be a very happy day if/when it happens. We all know he's the youngest debutante to score in the EPL, but he's also the 8th youngest scorer period. He's scored at a younger age than Raheem Sterling, Gareth Bale, Mason Greenwood, Serge Gnabry, Rio Ferdinand, Marcus Rashford, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.. all of which got their first goals in the 17-18 range. Some pretty good company to be ahead of in the record books.
  7. Agreed. Theo should be getting some minutes. He’s cracked a PL lineup, let him show what he can do against a proper team. He’s passed the minnow test, no reason not to give him an opportunity, especially since our attack is depleted.
  8. Only big games from here on out. Let's see if the personnel we have available are up to the task.
  9. Have you ever heard the saying “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”? Just curious.
  10. I wonder if Jebbison would be more inclined to join now that he has gotten his preseason start with Sheffield Utd. He's met the manager, seen the tactics, played a friendly, has probably already nearly cemented his position (whatever that may be). Coming straight into the knockout round with an injury-depleted strikeforce might be worth the trip. Sheffield Utd might see it as valuable experience too. Doubtful but it's a possibility.
  11. I'm argumentative enough when it comes to CMNT matters, I purposely steer clear of anything else.
  12. I'll never understand why so many people erroneously say "could care less". Surely it's plainly obvious that this means that you do in fact care.
  13. You mean better than a World's Best XI? I love your enthusiasm.
  14. I haven't seen enough of either to say but I'd probably want the Ticos too.
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