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  1. Trying to fit all the big guns in when everyone is healthy isn't really necessary because having strong attacking options on the bench is a big strength, along with the fact that during this cycle and in future tournaments we are having to rotate at least some players due to fatigue, injury, yellow cards. Between rotation and super subs there's really no need to force the team selections.
  2. I admittedly consume all Jonathan David content I possibly can, so I'll be listening to this tonight; but to answer the question in the title: on current form, fuck yes.
  3. It's hugely impressive. David is currently amongst Europe's super-elite. And aside from Haaland, he is the only young player there. Absolutely mind-blowing when you think about it. If he continues this form there is absolutely no way in hell he doesn't move to a big club in the summer. His transfer value is going to be going up as well though, and lots of clubs will be priced out.
  4. Yeah I'll be arriving on both matchdays only a few hours before kickoff so will only be able to attend the pre-game festivities.
  5. What’s P? David doesn’t have any assists does he?
  6. Well, you hit David on one of his runs and you score. What a concept.
  7. Well Lille have won every game that David has scored, so he better put another one in.
  8. Wowwwww that first touch was incredible. Fantastic cutback and cool finish. That could be his best goal for Lille.
  9. That's a whole lot of words to say he's improving and when he's ready to play he'll play. Nice to read, nevertheless.
  10. I've had us pegged in the 30's for the last year or so. I think as we move further into this decade, with the team that we have now, the talent coming down the pipeline and the infrastructure now to continue developing talent, we are likely going to settle somewhere in the 30's. It wouldn't be totally surprising to see us climb into the 20's at some point but unless everything goes dramatically right we likely wouldn't find a home in that range. Happy to be proven wrong though!
  11. Yes, general sale doesn't open until tomorrow.
  12. Well, I'm officially a card carrying Voyageur. N24 with my girlfriend for Costa Rica, N21 with my brother in law and a couple of his mates for Mexico. First ever Canada games, stoked!
  13. Yeah, since the 2017-18 season he's played seven matches... I don't think he needs more time off. Probably done.
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