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  1. Might see some more young players get some action.
  2. 3rd highest payroll in MLS. Not sure on the contract lengths on many of the players. This is the guaranteed compensation for 2021 season. Position is listed as shown by the MLSPA. Hopefully I didn't screw up any of the numbers. Bolded some issues. Ages are as of today. The spine of the team is old. Jozy 31, Poz 30, Bradley 34, Gonzalez 33, Mavinga 30. GK - Bono (27) $482,000 GK - Westerg (35) $288,583 *higher end of backup money* GK - Silva (23) $66,723 D-Gonzalez (33) $1,055,936 *Not at this price* D- Mavinga (30) $887,500 *Does he still justify this wage?* D- Auro (25) $388,750 D- Lawrence (29) $340,500 D- Morrow (34) $125,000 *retiring* D- Zavaleta (29) $115,503 *Good depth for money* D- Dunn (21) $85,444 D- Romeo (21) $84,641 D- Singh (21) $71,513 D/M- DeLeon (31) $263,242 *Last year of contract I believe* M-Pozuelo (30) $4,693,000 *Rumours of potential mutual contract termination?* M- Bradley (34) $1,500,000 *Does he still provide enough at that number? They buy his cap impact down I believe* M- Osorio (29) $876,250 M- Delgado (26) $581,250 M- Gallardo (25) $331,913 *Tell me there aren't more years!* M- Laryea (26) $226,953 *Probably sold or massive raise* M- Okello (21) $111,815 M- Endoh (28) $105,333 *can't believe he is 28 already.* M- Fraser (23) $94,513 *Believe his contract is up after his loan is done* M- Priso (19) $70,476 *Even in limited time he will prob get a new contract* M- Achara (24) $66,724 M/F- Shaffelburg (21) $116,500 F-Altidore (31) $3,602,250 *Buyout? Sell?* F- Soteldo (24) $1,965,000 F- Mullins (29) $248,329 *Not expensive but I think we can have younger Canadian talent in this spot.* F- Akinola (21) $157,513 F- Marshall-Rutty (17) $106,586 F- Nelson (19) $106,586 F- Dwyer (31) $81,375 *Has another year I believe* F- Perruzza (20) $67,847 Not sure if some of the cheap Canadian academy graduate contracts increase every year or not. I know they all don't count directly against the cap in the beginning. Might be the 2nd contract is where it starts to count. To hit the salary cap many of these contracts are brought down by TAM, GAM, DP, Home Grown player, generation adidas, ect. MLS wizardry.
  3. Miller is on 4x the dough so maybe that plays into it as well. Miller had a hot hand for a while and the team was playing well so I understand it then. But as you said there were mid week games St. Clair could of got some looks. St. Clair to TFC would be interesting. Not sure Bono's contract status but if they can offload him then it makes sense. Westburg is on the higher end of backup money, maybe get him lower. St. Clair is on $99.520 Tyler Miller $420,937 Bono $482,000 Westberg $288,583 Kevin Silva $66,724
  4. He did show speed on his tackle in the box saving a scoring chance the game before last. As has been said I think he reads the game well. Instead of being a one trick pony with pace (which we see a lot of) he seems more technical. Picks his spots more. I think the pace is there and he will continue to get stronger as he approaches 18/19. He looked gassed at 60 minutes and isn't really match fit do to the lack of game time. You can only get so much with training. If he continues to get more games maybe we will see the display of speed. But I sort of appreciate he doesn't just hoof the ball past the defender and just use pure pace. Way more to his game then that it appears.
  5. JMR also had defensive responsibilities as a RWB until Soteldo had to leave and Laryea moved in the RWB role. Not a position we usually see him in I believe.
  6. He was lively in the first half. Put in some good balls and dribbles. Great weight to his passes and in a good area for them to run on. Had a good shot on goal as well. He looked gassed in the second half.
  7. Nope, he is recovered now. He played 10 minutes off the bench tonight.
  8. Good 80 minutes. Looked gassed at the end. Def warrants more time in the lineup. Didn't look small or out of place.
  9. Two footed apparently. Geeze. He looks great.
  10. Nelson coming on. Gets a 30min run.
  11. Looks like JMR pushed up on the wing with Soteldo leaving and Laryea coming in at RWB.
  12. He is playing out of position as a RWB as well. Way more defensive duties.
  13. Bono is on $482,000 btw. 11th highest keeper in MLS
  14. He is only on $73,079. Talk about a discount. Time to get paid somewhere. MLS Players Salary Guide | MLS Players Association
  15. MLS updated their salary guide. Toronto third largest spender at $19.3M. Some players of note added that weren't disclosed earlier: -Dom Dwyer $81,375 -Kemar Lawrence $340,500 -Soteldo $1,965,000 MLS Players Salary Guide | MLS Players Association Edit- -Erickson Gallardo $331,913. Yep.
  16. To add onto that tweet Said this immediately after the last game that this was the only thing that would “make up” for taking him off last game. Hopefully JMR takes advantage of this start.
  17. Great work-rate and tackle at the end. Then subbed off immediately. Yep.
  18. Here is the quote from Nagelsmann "We hope that he is lucky. He felt a slight pain in his thigh. We have to see by Wednesday if it is enough." Watching it didn't appear anything was wrong. Don't remember a specific challenge or tackle or anything.
  19. Irreplaceable for them much like with a Canada lol.
  20. Davies subbed off 40th min, Doesn’t look hurt. Game is over, saving his legs. Thank you Naglesmann
  21. Bayern just scored 4 goals in about 5 minutes lol.
  22. Look at all the quality that has emerged from the MLS draft that is now on this national team. And they are playing starting minutes.
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