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  1. Yes that’s too bad for him. I’m pretty sure he would have seen minutes against Martinique or Haïti but he wasn’t available. After that it was too much of a risk to play him against USA, Costa Rica or Mexico.
  2. You could absolutely be right but the question was « who do you rate? Who do you not? » and I answered the question based on the things that I knew seeing him first hand coaching for the Impact and at the Olympics qualifiers. You are right that he could be bringing something that we don’t see but that’s the thing, we can’t see it so all we can do is speculate about the things we know about him.
  3. Yes he did what he had to do, he didn’t shit the bed because he’s an able coach but I still have a hard time getting over the Haiti draw. Plus, I think that offensively he was just relying on Buchanan doing his thing and when the other teams were double teaming him there was no plan B.
  4. I disagree with you, yes he has experience but all at the same club and he was given the role of assistant after his playing days where over not out of merit but just because who he was. That is why I said « big » experience. As for the Olympic qualifiers he didn’t do « well », he did what he had to do no more no less, that’s why I said he didn’t impress me. I don’t think he’s a bad coach I just think, like I said, that he doesn’t bring anything substantial to the coaching staff. We can disagree but I don’t think I’m way off.
  5. I don’t really rate Biello, I think he doesn’t really brings anything substantial to the table. He doesn’t have a big expérience as a coach to help Herdman, he’s not a great tactical mind and his man management skills are nothing compare to those of Herdman. He didn’t impress me at the Olympic qualifiers either. I think, like someone pointed out in another thread, that he’s been surpassed by Tenllado in the pecking order.
  6. You are right but à good exemple of that is the first half of the Gold Cup game against Haïti, probably the worst half we played in à long time but if you listened to Wheeler he was still a cheerleader.
  7. I don’t mind him doing play by play of CPL games. I like him as a pundit and as an interviewer on OneSoccer shows. I think he is too much of a cheerleader during Canada games. I don’t care if he is over the top when there is a goal but he should be more critical when the team plays badly.
  8. I would put Wilfried Nancy in this category too. He’s in Canada (Québec) since 2005.
  9. He’s not in the 18 for Ingolstadt against Dresden in the B.2 opener.
  10. Isn’t the limit only from Mtl to CPL? I thought he could be loaned elsewhere as long as it’s not CPL.
  11. I agree, unless Montreal plans on giving him substantial minutes (that would surprise me) he should be loaned out at a club where he can be a starter.
  12. What difference does it make? What if he was Canadian and Liberian, would we have to cap him?
  13. Carson Buschman Dormond (FC Zurich) looks to be playing the second half of a friendly against Feyenoord.
  14. Regarding Amanda’s circonstances I think it’s better for him to go wherever he can get the most minutes and I don’t think it’s Vancouver where he will be behind Cavallini and probably also White.
  15. I agree with your reasoning and that’s the reason why I personnaly don’t want to see him with the CMNT until he find a club and plays a little bit. It’s not about his quality as a player but more about his fitness level.
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