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  1. Poland Kris Twardek is starting on the right wing for Jagiellonia against Legia Warsaw.
  2. Yeah, and Martineau said after that that Sissoko received a « very good offer » from HFX.
  3. Aleman and Shome are not the same kind of players. Apart from one or two games at right wing back for Montreal he is a centre midfielder and not a particuliarly creative one. CPL is a step down for him comparatively to MLS but I don’t think he’s gonna evolve as a 10 just because of that.
  4. Regarding Tabla, how could it be a figment of peoples imagination? There as been numerous situations with different coaches where his attitude has been put in question. You can argue that it’s unfair or untrue but it’s totally legitimate to think that his attitude could be the problem given the evidence. To say that it’s a figment of our imagination is ridiculous.
  5. I agree with you, I think Biello should’ve play him more and I don’t rate Cabrera/Garde/Henry as managers but when those same kind of situation happens with 4 different managers (and we don’t know, maybe the Albacete manager wasn’t playing him for similar reasons), the player must bear some kind of responsability. I don’t think it’s only just because he’s not good defensively that he’s not seeing the field.
  6. By the way I didn’t make anything up. I wasnt clear enough but every situation I talked about is well documented.
  7. I should have been more clear and exclude his time at Barca B from my point because I dont know how it went and by all account it went well. My point still stand and I don’t think he was a victim of every coach I mentionned in my post, if it keeps happening, there is probably something wrong wether you want to see it or not. Anyway, like I said I want him to succeed, I just think that right now his career is not going well and it’s clearly not just because his coaches are dinosaurs.
  8. There is clearly something else with Ballou. He had some kind of problem with every (IMFC) manager he’s had. He didn’t attend practices under Biello to force a move to Europe, he was fined for being late to practice under Cabrera, both Garde and Henry criticized him publicly for a lack of effort. At that point there is clearly something wrong that goes beyond just a coach’s preferences. Having said that, as an Impact fan, I still hope he can be an important player for us but I’m not blaming the coach anymore for his lack of playing time.
  9. 1. Davies 2. Arfield 3. David 4. Hutchinson 5. Eustaquio Larin, Laryea, Osorio, Borjan
  10. https://www.liga-drei.de/carl-zeiss-jena-testet-stanese/ According to this article, Stanese is on trial for the 3.Liga team FC Carl Zeiss Jena.
  11. Denmark Manjrekar James on the bench for Midtjylland against Brondby. He probably isn’t gonna play but if I remember correctly It’s the first time in a while that he made the 18.
  12. For me right now it’s between Laryea and ZBG. I would like to see Cordova play with the CMNT before placing him above those two. Unless he starts tearing it up with Zwickau, I wouldn’t call him.
  13. Larin scored the 3rd goal of his team. He seems on a good run.
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