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  1. If you understand french it’s an interresting thread on Twitter about Justin Smith. It says that he was recently converted to CB from CDM to accomodate his lack of speed.
  2. I agree that it would be good for him but if I heard correctly they already have the maximum number of loans (5) to CPL. A loan in another league is still possible though.
  3. Wilfried Nancy (the new coach) started working for the Impact in 2011 and was an assistant coach since 2016. He must know really well Ballou already. We will see if he can earn some playing time, I hope so.
  4. I would say that Pantemis is definitely ahead of Breza. Both made the u24 squad and Pantemis was the undisputed starter. That doesn’t mean that Breza will never surpass him but right now given the evidence, Pantemis is clearly higher on the GK depth chart IMHO.
  5. I would add Thomas Hasal (21) above or equal to Pantemis.
  6. Thanks for the survey. I would add Harry Paton to the choices, I bet we will see him with the CMNT this summer.
  7. Maybe a straight swap Pantemis vs Breza? I would like that.
  8. I hope we don’t see a CB partnership of Ferreira and Vittoria like Nef suggested in Northern Futbol. Nothing against both players but last time we played two slow centre backs it didn’t end well for us (Jamaica at the Gold Cup). I’d rather we play Miller/Vittoria against Bermuda and Ferreira/Sturing or Waterman against Cayman.
  9. Bair and Brym are the biggest disapointments. I don’t know what’s the point in having both Daniels and Raposo. I would’ve let one home and bring in an extra #6 or 8. I don’t know why we have that many fullbacks either (ZBG, Godhino, Bassong, Abzi, Farsi). Especially knowing that Buchanan can play RB too. Poorly constructed roster in my opinion.
  10. According to Football Manager he’s also eligible for Jamaica. Maybe our real competitor for him in the end.
  11. I’m all for Godhino to exorcised his demons against Haiti today. But because of ZBG he is playing on the left so if he was to be replaced, Bassong or Abzi would be the direct replacements.
  12. I think Frank Sturing will be in that squad too. He didn’t make the bench for his team this week-end and isn’t with the Olympic squad as expected.
  13. Poland Kris Twardek is starting on the right wing for Jagiellonia against Legia Warsaw.
  14. Yeah, and Martineau said after that that Sissoko received a « very good offer » from HFX.
  15. Aleman and Shome are not the same kind of players. Apart from one or two games at right wing back for Montreal he is a centre midfielder and not a particuliarly creative one. CPL is a step down for him comparatively to MLS but I don’t think he’s gonna evolve as a 10 just because of that.
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