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    • Nice to have so many options, we are at a point where no matter the time of year we have a goalie starting somewhere, which wasn’t always the case
    • What has Winter done since he left TFC? If he had gone on to have a decent coaching career I would have probably said yes to that, but Winter like all the coaches that coached TFC before Vanney have never gone on to have any kind of success managing anywhere else . I think the only one was Preki who went on to have some success coaching in the USL if I’m not mistaken. Actually Preki had success with Sacramento of the USL winning a championship, and now seems to be doing well as an assistant coach with the Seattle Sounders , so he is the only coach before Vanney that has had some success after TFC it seems .
    • If we didn’t have the budget to play a friendly in November shouldn’t we be starting a go fund me about now to bankroll the 21 games to come?    Also, crazy how many times Panama has been absolutely pumped in the past few years. Outside of our thrashing at the hands of Honduras 8 years ago our previous rough loss was 5-0 away to Argentina 10 years ago. Panama seems to be regularly beaten by 4+ goals.    I think January will be a good test to see where we’re at in CONCACAF if we play Panama. We should be beating them if we’re serious.
    • Believe me I had my share of pain being A Cdn soccer fan over the last 40+ years but we can not be seriously worried about beating teams like Bermuda, Suriname and Haiti if we expect to be a World Cup team in either 22 or 26. Btw playing in Winnipeg in Nov. is fine with me. 
    • Sorry Real is already used by Salt Lake City.
    • England plays three at the back because it's a weaker position, Belgium I believe does the same thing.   
    • I hope St. Clair continues his excellent run of form and it translates into permanent class down the road.  Unfortunately, as quickly as people are to ordain they are equally as fast at writing guys off too hastily if they hit a rough patch in their development.   I only watched the start of the last game but his reflex save on the line was top notch.  I haven't seen him enough to give an opinion of the other important parts of his game, like penalty area presence and distribution, so I look forward to the conference final.
    • That's fair. We are talking about Canadian soccer, after all.
    • Still seemed to optimistic for me.  
    • I thought I covered that with the last six words of my post. 😉
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