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  1. That interview was great and it really excites me to see what his future holds. He just seems so adaptable to whatever new challenge comes his way, especially as he keeps going up levels and doesn't look out of place at all. Also side-note Scott could totally do ASMR with that voice.
  2. So Besiktas loves Canada. Love to see this stuff. I wonder how many Besiktas fans have actually adopted Canada as their second or CONCACAF team as a result of our Canadians there.
  3. Dos Santos mentioning in the post-game against Colorado that Bair has not been showing up in training and isn't seeing the field or making the team sheet for that reason. Considering how lackluster he was at OLYQ for Can U23 (not all his fault) this isn't super shocking. We'll see how it goes as the season wears on.
  4. Do you guys think there will be overlap between June and the GC squads or will Herdman run two different 23 man squads?
  5. Looks like he's playing on the wing.
  6. It seems Jake Morris has removed the flag from his bio? Is anyone going to do the DM thing they did with Smith LOL
  7. That loan to Zulte may have a definitive effect on his career when we look back in ten years. He's become a complete FW and an even better finisher.
  8. 2006? Oh jeez late 20s me is not prepared for that.
  9. I'd love another season of him at Lille but yeah, I don't see how you reject big money for him. However his agent seems to want the best for him so we'll see who goes in for him in the summer.
  10. I generally enjoy your insight on your posts, and often dislike when members go after you, but man you make it hard sometimes. A shame.
  11. My point is more the Bundesliga is more competitive and while Bayern is top dog, there's at least four or five teams competing for CL spots under them. In the Superliga after Partizan the team quality drop off is huge. You can disagree with me, but try not to be an ass about it.
  12. I never said to do one during this pandemic lol. At the same time even in normal times the CSA have been real cheap in doing youth camps unless they have to. I don't think the 1999-2000 group even had a friendly camp.
  13. A few media members have said Canada need to do a U20 camp and invite a number of eligible guys like Jebbison and Dias (and Smith) and also look at the likes of Coupland, Wright and JMR. But we know those cheap bastards won't do that. One can hope though.
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