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  1. I don't think Herdman will be calling players from the 3.Liga.
  2. https://northerntribune.ca/ryan-telfer-national-team/
  3. I asked him about the U23 team and he said he'd love to play but hasn't heard anything from Canada Soccer.
  4. I really want him to leave and go somewhere he'll play week in week out as a winger.
  5. I had the chance to ask Telfer about the Trinidad rumours after the York9 game and he mentioned that he's aware of the interest in him, and wants to play internationally. He also said he expects to make his decision soon. Jimmy Brennan also stepped in and said they've had conversations about this and York9 will support whatever he chooses.
  6. I could see Eustaquio getting called if only to train.
  7. Is there actually some news about him playing for Trinidad and Tobago or is all of this just hypothetical?
  8. The nice thing about Tesho is his flexibility. He would have helped at the GC and it looks like he's going to be more productive at Orlando than he ended up being at Dallas.
  9. What a weird player he is. Had a good stretch where it looked like he was going to be the man for the Impact, and then simply didn't. Don't know if it was Garde or just his own attitude but it's disappointing seeing how ineffective he's become at the team. Granted none of their strikers impress at all these days.
  10. Why loan him if it looks like he isn't going to be in Klopp's plans at all? Just sell him to a team that will play him and have a long term plan for him. Even if he impresses with his new loan spell he'll just end up back at Liverpool and then loaned out again.
  11. September has two games for Canada. They should be scheduling however a friendly in October and another in November to complement each game with the US.
  12. I completely forgot, but Jace Kotsopolous is a dark horse if guys like Zanatta aren't released.
  13. Assuming the big guns are either "Graduated" or simply not released, and assuming it's a 20-man roster like the last cycle, this is what I'm expecting to see GK: St. Clair, Pantemis Def: Chung, Abzi, Miller, N'Sa, Kennedy, Legault MF: Tabla, Borges, M. Choiniere, D. Choiniere, Simmons, Fraser, Shome, Shaffelburg, Verhoeven FW: Zanatta, Campbell, Bair Unfortunately, GK is pretty weak since neither Dayne or James get any playing time. Busti is also an option but in similar boat. He'll also be mid-season and may not be released. At defense, going with that CPL core. N'Sa, Chung and Abzi have been great for their teams. Legault is versatile. Kennedy deserves a look. Been solid in Austria. Miller seems a more likely bet than Cornelius, who Herdman may want with the senior team, but wouldn't be surprised to see both. Not sold on Bayiha or Kinumbe yet, but if they play more (Kinumbe is hurt for a while though) they could force their way in past a Kennedy or Legault. At MF, a number of CPL young guns. Borges, Simmons, Verhoeven have all been great this season. D. Choniere been solid when called upon. M. Choiniere a big talent for Montreal and Shome and Fraser are shoo-ins. Shome is probably the captain for this team. Shaffelburg has beena revelation and Tabla, at this moment is probably better off with the U23s. At FW, we are kind of thin. David and Millar probably don't get called. Zanatta is a servicable option but at the moment Terran Campbell is the man up top. Theo Bair is also looking good too. There's also options like Lamy of HFX and Pena of Valour but they don't play much. Dark Horses are Tyler Attardo or Jordan Peruzza, who are very young still but have shown a lot of promise. Maybe even a Jayden Nelson. I would have loved to see someone like Dom Yankov or Andreas Vaikla but neither have indicated an interest in playing for Canada at the moment.
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