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  1. That feels insane when you consider the huge Latino population in Canada that have been here for decades.
  2. Yeah to me this seems like his club career is way too uncertain so he wanted to deal with that before anything else, which is understandable.
  3. As a Canada fan first and foremost I really don't like how Vanni is approaching youngsters. He's quickly entering detrimental territory for me and that's unfortunate because he was a youth coach, so you'd think he'd know better. Seems like he's focused on coaching for his job which I get but I don't like.
  4. He was a 6 by trade in college and was turned into a ball-playing CB by Wheeldon jr. He's probably best suited to being the middle guy in a back three but otherwise he could probably do a job at the 6. I don't know how I feel about that against good teams but I'm guessing Marsch just likes his profile.
  5. The only guy I'll moan about is Loturi but even then that's just cause I personally rate him. Things are much better now lol.
  6. Saying that Zator and Brym are flying back to Europe but are still in contention for the tournament is odd. We know Canada ain't paying for multiple flights so they ain't making the team.
  7. I think Cornelius betting on himself here is paying off big. Unfortunately for Miller, his decision to stay in MLS and re-sign with Miami may have cost him his spot in the XI going forward.
  8. Calling him "CanMNT eligible" is weird phasing. Dude has multiple caps with us.
  9. I'm not gonna base the program's future off a manager's first game in charge after one camp like others are here but damn that was rough.
  10. You look at how many of our issues could have been helped with just adding 3rd man in midfield. We probably get a point at the WC had we done that.
  11. Always eye opening to see there is levels to this. Can only imagine how the game against France will turn out.
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