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  1. Sucks too that this is basically happening because the loser of the election is friends with Infantino and asked FIFA to remove the winner (a reformist) so he and his boys could get back into power.
  2. That is true but I feel like the lack of actual professional in game experiences (Plus Gale's coaching) is what often did us in when we'd come up against central American teams whose players were already playing pro, even if it wasn't the highest level.
  3. Considering Halley's crazy form for Y9 he should be starting. Also Velado-Tsegaye has shout too. I'll always give the nod to a fully professional player rather than an academy player. I like Cobeanu and he should be on the team but he shouldn't be starting unless he starts playing pro before the tournament. Also Mitrovic should be a starter too.
  4. We don't really have a rival lmao.
  5. Considering the fact Montreal went down to ten men, and are low-key a tire fire i'm not surprised.
  6. I don't love Olivieri but he did get the U17s to the WC. Not taking Pepple though when he was the only professional was a disgrace.
  7. Can we wait until he actually becomes a professional before we freak out lmao We all lived and died by what Fraser Aird was gonna do and look at how that ended up
  8. Leuven keeps losing so at some point you think the coach relents and brings him in.
  9. Once again, people forget Osorio is one of Herdman's favourites, and has earned his XI place. He will always start on a full strength XI.
  10. I think Oxner should be creeping up on this list. Also Simon Thomas has no business on this list at all.
  11. We have enough left backs to play that position. We don't need to play Kaye out of position.
  12. Need some help, I installed the packs to where the readme file asked but nothing happened? the megapatch does not appear.
  13. Tyler Attardo should be coming back soon. He's now in Cyprus in the second divison, I bet he doesn't even play a game. More agent fuckery it seems.
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