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  1. Remember Colyn had similar eyes on him but Vancouver never played him and his value tanked. Let's hope TFC actually play their kids.
  2. Bermuda will be interesting. Our shaky defence could be susceptible to Bermuda's set plays and Nakhi Wells' cleverness.
  3. Besides David's fine for I've loved seeing Yilmaz roll back the years and go to a league he's never played in before and do really well.
  4. Larin would have a horrible time at West Brom. Don't really want a guy who needs a system to suit him to be plonked into a regular relegation candidate.
  5. Don't think Suriname will be a big issue, but I'm very interested in their level going into 2026, similar to Curacao for this cycle.
  6. According to others on Twitter this isn't actually the case and Tomori isn't eligible. Munir was granted the switch because he played for Spain's senior side before the age of 21. He was initially denied the switch because he played for the youth sides after that age. Tomori remains not eligible.
  7. It's sad that 28 year old and injury riddled Ricardo Ferreira has finally decided we're good enough for him.
  8. A few journos have been speaking about 2026. Seems like Quebec has no interest in helping fund the bid in Montreal. We know BC pulled out early. Now apparently Edmonton has no yet received any support from Alberta's gov. Finally, a more ominous tweet from Sandor
  9. I don't think Binks is Serie A quality. He's probably going to be in Montreal for a while.
  10. I don't think we should be building around a soon to be 34 year old. Also the lower table in the Primeira Liga isn't anything to write home around.
  11. Based on their standings on the general level of the Greek league these days that's a big downgrade. Have to think if he makes this move he knows it hurts his Canada chances.
  12. There's no guarantee this transitions well though. Larin, while playing out wide isn't really playing as a actual winger. He's basically a wide forward supporting Aboubaker.
  13. https://www.miamifc.com/news_article/show/1142029 He has signed with Miami FC In the USL. Would have loved him in the CPL.
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