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  1. I thought they were synonyms already.
  2. I've stopped watching David games until he gets a goal. I just get too sad.
  3. LOL I know Chile is desperate but not that desperate. If they aren't calling MLSers up they aren't calling up Bustos.
  4. This fool really chose Bulgaria over us lmao. Bulgaria ain't doing anything or qualifying for anything in the next 10 years.
  5. Just wanted to note how little games we play. Scott Arfield joined the program in 2016, and has 19 caps. Scott McTominay joined Scotland in 2018 and has 18. That's just sad. It's more prevalent with the US too they have guys who joined in 2018/19 and are almost at 20 caps for their country.
  6. As things stand he shouldn't be on the U23 team. He's not even playing pro footy yet. He should be with the U20s, which do have qualifying this year also
  7. I'm not too saddened about Aparicio leaving. At the Island games one of the reasons the FWs struggled so much was that the MFs hogged the ball and wouldn't play them in. If rumours are to be believed as well, he was, let's just say, not the most popular figure in the locker room.
  8. We can bitch all we want about them but they're scoring and getting assists. Lille fans have been ecstatic with Bamba in particular.
  9. Does the interview get into the CPL and the perception many have of him that he is against the league?
  10. Overall I think the frustrating thing top to bottom is even before the pandemic we didn't play games, particularly at youth level. And after a year of not doing anything due to COVID (and not needing to spend money outside of the Jan camp) now they're saying there's no money once again to do anything, where did the budgeted money for 2020 go? It's insane that Scott Arfield joined the team in 2016 and has only 19 caps, or that so many players ultimately end up with less than 10 youth caps from U17 to U23 combined. That's just wrong for a country our size and the talent we produce. There ne
  11. That US roster looks like so much fun. Sad thing is Canada can have a fun roster like that too but you know we're at the mercy of the Cash Strapped Association.
  12. While this is a troll post Cash Strapped Association is funny I'll be adding to my lexicon.
  13. Who would have thought that the 99 born winger whose first initials have the letter T and B and playing in MLS and would be winning acclaim and excitement from us is not Ballou Tabla but Tajon Buchanon. Sorry i just noticed they both have T and B in their names LOL
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