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  1. Looks like he won't be with the Fire in 2020. He seems to be tainted goods in MLS. CPL next year for him?
  2. Akeem Garcia and Ryan Telfer have been called up to Trinidad and Tobago Emilio Eztevez has been called up to Taiwan Justin Springer has been called up to Saint Kitts and Nevis
  3. The US and Mexico have done so much prep. We have done nothing. We aren't going to qualify.
  4. not on the latest U17 roster
  5. Well at least it's over.
  6. Watching tons of CPL this season and I'd rate Doner as the best CPL option. Grant has been great but he doesn't play regularly for Forge.
  7. It is. He's played for Canada in official youth competitions. He would have to file it to play for Liberia.
  8. It's also written almost like a fan page. His international section is a bit much lmao
  9. I love his wikipedia page, man has played for like every youth club in BC
  10. It's pretty funny how wishy washy this board can be. Now it's all Larin love. Larin was given a bunch of chances for Besiktas. His problem was that he'd scored goals in bunches, namely all but one of his goals in the league were when he first joined the team from Orlando. The season after he scored once. He was very poor and didn't know how to link up or do more than finish, which he could get away with Orlando. We've seen how poor he is for Canada especially when it comes to combining with players and creating his own chances. He's been better in Belgium but even when Larin was like the only option at Besiktas he wasn't being used, and the reasons were valid.
  11. Remember when we were living and dying on him playing for Canada XD
  12. I'ts interesting seeing how Shome's career has panned out, now winning his first title with the Impact, comapred to his other MLS GA Canada draftee partner Adonijah Reid. I haven't heard a peep out of Reid since he went to Le Havre and joined their 2nd team.
  13. I mean the rule is Canadian-elgibile, which he still is.
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