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  1. I really hope he figures out his future soon the last thing he needs is to go back to being the third GK for Montreal.
  2. Remember in 2017 and 2019 we were very much talking about how manageable the QF match-up was going to be. I'm not predicting anything lol. In fact if we go by history we're probably going out lmao.
  3. He can't unfortunately Montreal has used up their available loans to the CPL.
  4. Yeah this is one thing I noticed our plays were often hesitant to cross the ball, which is unfortunate because Cavallini can absolutely get on the end of headers.
  5. One thing I honestly wonder is if Canada had kicked off first maybe the early goal doesn't happen.
  6. I think for now It's Johnston but a regular game getting James could get into the XI. Otherwise the only other player who plays that position regularly is Waterman but he needs to keep playing regularly for Montreal and improve his game.
  7. The extratime radio guys are very complimentary to the Canadian team. Charlie Davies obviously hyping up Buchanon huge.
  8. I am not sure what to think. All in all if we think this is a good showing against the US we are setting ourselves up for pain when its Pulisic, McKennie and Dest running the show. That said there's no intimidation factor and we have our own weapons to arrive in September.
  9. It's all nice to play well and control possession but we can't score and ultimately if we start every game by coughing up a goal against good teams we ain't going very far.
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