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  1. Must be watching a different Didic to the one everyone else saw last year.
  2. I'm pretty over this guy at this point. Rather just focus on the likes of Didic and Zator. They aren't in as good as leagues, but their the best in the CPL, younger and actually seem interested in playing for their country. They're also not made of rice krispies.
  3. Brym hasn't been on loan with Belenenses SAD in ages. He's moving to Belgium on loan soon.
  4. A move to the Premiership is always nice.
  5. Yes. Although it looks like he's no longer with Forge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oluwaseun_Oyegunle his nickname is Ole.
  6. I hope to god he's on the revised 50-man list for the U23 qualifiers.
  7. Ole is the youngster at Forge. The fact Pepple didn't make the team was ridiculous. Having a player at that age actually playing against men should always take precedence over academy players.
  8. The stories are years old but his coach in Brampton before he even joined TFC mentioned in an interview that Ayo was recommended to Canada for one of their U-15 camps but when they didn't respond, he also put out feelers to the US who then contacted him when he joined TFC. Ultimately I think he plays for us but his current career trajectory seems to be going into a Jordan Hamilton direction.
  9. I mean he was in TFC's academy, was recommended to the US by his coach, and the CSA didn't bother to try and include him in camps. We can't ignore who horrendous Canada is at using players at youth level. We had two professional players who were eligible for the 2019 FIFA U-17 WC and both were ignored in Pepple and Ole.
  10. I'm really interested to see what Cruz Azul does. Considering the issues they are facing right now you would think they'd sell him but if players leave the club they could end up needing him. I expect he'll have suitors in Portugal including Pacos.
  11. kind of tells you the situation for Liam when Elliot, a 17-year old, makes the bench and appears and Liam is nowhere to be seen. We'll see if he makes a cameo after Liverpool wins the league.
  12. 2004 born player from Toronto. Joined Lazio today. https://thelaziali.com/2020/06/17/lazio-noah-abatneh-sign-transfer-savio/ http://futurelegendstv.ca/noah-abatneh/ Has a page here but it looks like it's 4 years old. Don't know if he's played for Canada at any level or been in any camps.
  13. 2004 born Noah Abatneh has joined Lazio's academy.
  14. Like. What are you? An AI?
  15. How is he doing currently, since the lockdown? I assume if Werder gets relegated, his chances for the first team go way up.
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