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  1. For some of these dudes I wonder why they opt to stay in Italy at the semi-pro level rather than see if the CPL is an option. You never hear about guys making it out of Serie D.
  2. Good game but we are seeing what potentially is gonna be an issue with the U23s. No camps or time to get familiar means link up play is going to be rough. Mexico, the US and most the other nations in Olympic qualifying have spent more time together and it may bite us in the ass when Borges tries for a one two and Shaffelburg keeps overrunning the ball when it matters.
  3. Kilmarnock fans seem to be happy he's gone. While yes they've been boring to watch and not very good, Liam has yet to show he's a productive player at the professional level. A change of scenery might be good for him. Also it seems still up in the air if he's a striker or a winger in the long term future.
  4. Apparently Borges and Didic weren't even on the game sheet.
  5. Consdering the average CPL salary seems to be in the 30k range (with many making below that) I'm, not surprised many Canadians are opting to go elsewhere.
  6. It would be an insanely lower salary. He was like on 138k or something he wouldn't make half of that in the CPL.
  7. I am expecting the first two game to be full experimental and the likes of Shome, Didic, Borges and the other young guns getting game time. Against Iceland we will probably see the best capable squad from this camp.
  8. Things could change but it is weird since if it's at the Orange County stadium there would be broadcast capabilities.
  9. Saw him in action in L1O. Annoying player to play against.
  10. Teams are already finalizing friendlies for March and the CSA is content to just chill and pat themselves on the back for a supposedly good job. I'm not entirely sure this team can move forward if the program doesn't want to spend any money. Canada haven't played a friendly in almost two years. That's small carribean country territory.
  11. It does seem that it's not the easiest to put up big numbers as a winger if you're not with Rangers or Celtic in the SPL, but yeah I do wonder if Liam is much of a goalscorer at the professional level when he has only 1 goal and assist this season vs him lighting it up for Liverpool academy. I would have liked to see him in Holland or somewhere else where the league isn't as physical and frankly low quality outside the Old Firm. It's also still a little up in the air if he's a winger at pro level or a striker but it seems everyone only uses him in the former.
  12. He's not going to take the paycut.
  13. If Herdman wants to play Davies at LB that's fine but he needs to make sure Canada plays with a winger to work with Davies. Against the US he was isolated and it went horribly since Morris and Dest had all the time in the world to counter. Hoilett, Borges or Millar would be options.
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