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  1. I actually like these formations with this lineup and against Suriname...with this lineup especially it is a W in the bag
  2. That is why my starting 11 was set up in a 4-3-3 formation but even if Hoilett doesn't work, my next logical choice would have been Osorio or Millar
  3. I mean if they want the Gold Cup to truly be an event like the World Cup, EUROS or Copa America then they need different hosts every tournament. Rather than the same host over and over again. I just like the variety of hosts because it makes things better. But that is just me. However, Gold Cup 2021 being in the USA makes sense I guess. That being said, I wonder if Gold Cup 2021 if we don't end up seeing new faces in Canada's 23 man squad? I surely won't be surprised if it happens
  4. Yeah if we beat Aruba and Suriname and we top the group on points, then it is off to the next round where we would face Haiti in a 2 leg playoff if I assume correctly or is it just a 1 game playoff to determine who goes on to the Octagonal? I don't know that's why I'm asking because I've been out of the loop and I'm just trying to get back into the loop of Canada soccer Either way traveling is going to suck for us especially if we have to play in Haiti but then if we play Haiti at home, then where do we play? In Chicago again or in Florida again?
  5. So much fill for soccer coming up because not only do we have the Canada matches against Aruba and Suriname but right after that are the EUROs which start on June 11th Then Copa America 2021 starting June 13th And then right after is the Gold Cup but it isn't until July 10th But back to Canada, as soon as we finish off these 2 games for World Cup qualifying, it makes me wonder who Hardman drops or who he includes in our 23 man squad for Gold Cup 2021
  6. No he wouldn't which is why in my lineup it is strictly experimental...best to save the big guns for Suriname
  7. However, for the Suriname match my starting XI would be a lot stronger GK- Borjan LB- Adekugbe CB- Miller CB- Vitoria RB- Laryea CDM- Hutchinson LCM- Eustaquio RCM- Hoilett LW- Davies CF- Cavallini RW- David
  8. For the Aruba game then this would be my starting XI mostly experimental (some of the big guns would be there but not all of them) GK- Borjan LB- Adekugbe CB- Ferreira CB- Vitoria RB- Brault-Guillard CDM- Eustaquio LCM- Kaye RCM- Wotherspoon LW- Davies CF- David RW- Millar Strictly an experimental starting XI...Strictly what I would do just as an experiment as a hypothetical...key word hypothetical...not saying this is what will actually happen but made few tweaks here and there Still a strong looking lineup
  9. Out of your formation for a potential 2022 starting 11 off of hypothetical I would replace Buchanan with Mark Anthony Kaye and replace Cavallini with Larin Miller I would replace with Sturing
  10. Yeah well now is as good a time as any to qualify given our depth of overall talent in our pool, our core group of guys competing at the highest levels in Europe and MLS and CanPL...this is as talented a Canada team that I've seen in decades bar none.
  11. For this game my starting XI would be somewhat different than yours GK- Borjan LB- Adekugbe CB- Vitoria CB- Sturing RB- Laryea CDM- Hutchinson LCM- Eustaquio RCM- Kaye LW- Davies CF- David RW- Larin Surprise inclusion of Sturing as one of the center backs; give him that experience of playing in a meaningful game with the pressure on But other than that pretty much all your regulars are there
  12. What I mean is that they are level on points with us and the fact that they are recruiting so many Dutch born players outside the region already and if they manage to get said players to play for them, they look dangerous in the future. Because like I said before, they actually worry me. But even without that, I said before all of that, that Suriname is a threat. For which they are. They are managing to get results from their matches just like we are but we are ahead on goal difference. All I'm really saying is if we do take them lightly, I'm just saying don't be surprised about results possib
  13. Against Aruba I'm calling for a win but against Suriname it could go either way but don't be surprised either if the Suriname match ends in a draw because that could happen
  14. Yeah more so base it on form than anything else when I make my selections but yeah I can actually respect those changes
  15. Quite frankly for me he would just miss the cut but won't be in my team
  16. Wotherspoon is another one I have my eye on especially when it comes to paying attention to the national team again since I've been out of it for a while
  17. Dayne is definitely on my depth chart as far as 2022 should we qualify then he would be one of my backup keepers in the final 23 man squad but only if we qualify
  18. That is very true but then again any of the American MLS teams could make an offer as well for his services
  19. Hoilett to the Whitecaps I actually approve👍
  20. Then Junior would be better off going to the Turkish Super Lig
  21. However, this is strictly a hypothetical...just like let's say if we were to qualify for Qatar 2022, then this would be my 23 man squad but only if we were to qualify Well in my 23 man squad for Canada, it would look like this: Starting XI (4-3-3 formation) - GK- Milan Borjan - LB- Sam Adekugbe - CB- Steven Vitoria - CB- Joel Waterman - RB- Richie Laryea - CDM- Atiba Hutchinson (captain) - LCM- Stephen Eustaquio - RCM- Samuel Piette - LW- Alphonso Davies - CF- Cyle Larin - RW- Jonathan David Bench - GK- Maxime Crepeau, Dayne St Clair - L
  22. That is how many titles for him now? Probably our most decorated player within our national team well at the moment and he's still young with potential to get even better. I just love to see it. Hell, at this point it wouldn't surprise me if Alphonso becomes captain of Canada and wears the armband sooner or later.
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