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  1. That pass by Osorio to Cavallini on Cavallini’s goal was a thing of beauty wow!
  2. It’s too bad this game is not on regular tv . USA Canada in almost any sport can draw viewers and engage the casual fan and right now with this game being on let’s face it still an obscure App not many casuals will even be aware the game is on or even have a chance to watch.
  3. Ok I know we all love to **** on anything American when it comes to do with soccer but these two guys who do the Total Show Podcast know their soccer especially when it comes to tactics and being able to analyze a game . Didn’t listen to this bc particular preview podcast yet but I’m sure if one of the two didn’t know the two yellow card rule it was said in a joking matter or maybe they were referring to how many cards accumulated in the nations league tournament before you have to sit out a game, that seems to change depending on what league or tournament you are playing in. Anyways these guys know their stuff when it comes to soccer.
  4. That’s the thing how about we use a bit of creativity then? I’m sure there are many on these boards that have jobs where they need to use the creativity side of the brain everyday in their everyday jobs. The problem is that when we hear playoffs we automatically just think of the conventional way that teams qualify for playoffs. You know the top 4 teams after the regular season type of deal qualify for the playoffs. Let’s get creative then we have the opportunity with a brand new spanking new league to create something different. So the goal is to try and keep more teams in the mix until further into the season without taking away from the importance of the regular season when it comes to crowning a champion. Meaning that yes we don’t want say 5 teams making the playoffs sort of thing but we do want more teams playing meaningful games longer into the season than most teams being out of it in late July sort of thing. Moreover, with a Spring and Summer split season it actually offers a lot more ways of being creative than a usual one conventional one season format. So let’s get at it people I know there are a lot of people on these boards that can come up with some good suggestions.
  5. Don’t know how much it would help financially but I think in terms of friendlies the CSA should schedule more games against national teams that might be cheaper to bring over in terms of appearance fees and can draw a big crowd . For instance Toronto has a huge Iranian population why not schedule a game versus Iran at BMO , yes I know it would be 90 percent pro Iran but who cares the money the CSA could make in such a friendly would out weigh that. Even a South Korea would pack them in at BMO . I can’t remember when Canada last played a friendly in say Toronto against a country that would almost guarantee a full BMO.
  6. The MLS in terms of let’s say TV ratings and even general interest is competing against how many leagues ? EPL, Seria A, German League, La Liga and on and on and on just in soccer. What leagues in their own sport does the NHL, NBA , MLB and NFL compete with within their respective sports? The CPL will face the same competition from within its own sport that these other sports don’t have to compete with. So the MLS and CPL both face unique challenges for interest that an NFL or NHL don’t have to compete with. Does say the NHL have to compete with the Swedish Elite hockey league for interest here in North America ? Soccer will always face these challenges for interest no matter if it’s the CPL or MLS . In terms of league structure you need to do something to keep the casuals interested longer whatever that may be . I’m a huge soccer fan nothing compares for me the only sport that matters to me but even I find it hard to go to a TFC game or now a York 9 game when there is nothing left to play for and spend my hard earned money when I could just stay home and watch games that still matter in the comfort of my own home in leagues far superior than the MLS or CPL in the EPL or Serie A for example.
  7. I’m a TFC season ticket holder since day one and still am, I watched him play he was not good enough and that’s why he was let go went to Montreal and again was not good enough and was let go. I understand he is or was a favourite of many on here . Look he is a great guy and quite an interesting person but overrated as a soccer player. If he was good enough he would of stuck in MLS and even now in the CPL he can’t seem to cut it either yes he is older but there are a few older pros in the CPL this year who have been pretty effective but not Issey and I’m not surprised. Being the darling of many on these boards it was hard to admit that he couldn’t cut it in the MLS and now even in the CPL . But let’s move on because the nice thing is that the CPL has discovered some nice up and coming talent and that is a very good thing in the end.
  8. Issey Nakajima-Farran a nice guy and and interesting character but always thought was a bit overrated as a player. The MLS was above his level when he was in his prime and he didn’t last long there. Now in the CPL and in his final years as a pro it does not surprise me he has not done well in the CPL either, just shows you that the CPL is a decent level and a player who couldn’t cut it in the MLS in his prime is not going to come into the CPL now past his prime and do well in the CPL.
  9. Good game some exciting end to end soccer . A deserving win by the Impact and this coming from me a TFC season ticket holder since day one and still a TFC season ticket holder. However, the Voyageurs final needs to be on regular TV and maybe even the semis . Out of sight out of mind. Just imagine if a CPL team had been in the final and this game being shown on some obscure App what a missed opportunity that would have been for the CPL. Moreover, again remember I’m a big TFC fan , but that non penalty call against TFC when as we saw on the replay TFC’s Auro clearly handles the ball is a reason why you need VAR, if the Impact go on to lose that game that non call would have been big .
  10. So you see sometimes it’s nice to actually get the real reason why a certain Canadian player is not seeing playing time in the MLS. Too many times people on these boards are to easy to jump to conclusions about why for example player A who is Canadian is not getting a lot of playing time . Player A is not playing a lot because he is Canadian and the coach for example favours the American player. But sometimes there are real reasons why player A who is Canadian is not playing much and this Tabla story is a perfect example. Look at Richie Layrea he is getting a lot of playing time because he has performed when he has been on the field and probably also has the right attitude too. Like I keep saying if you play well and have the right attitude you will get playing time in any league MLS CPL or wherever yes even if your Canadian in the MLS. If you just don’t seem to be good enough and may also have attitude problems you ain’t seeing the field much !
  11. Now it’s in French lol before the commentating was like a minute behind lol. Hey people you are allowed to be critical of OneSoccer lol I know they help fund the CPL but you can be critical when they are screwing up like this lol!
  12. In fairness there have been Canadian players that have been given ample chances in the MLS but just couldn’t cut it at the time. Does it me that a Petrasso might not get a second chance? If he plays well in the CPL I’m sure teams will be calling in MLS and abroad. I think we need to get away from thinking that every Canadian player who is not getting playing time in the MLS is not getting a lot of minutes is because he is Canadian. Some are not playing because they are just not performing at a level their respective coaches want them to perform at. The great thing about the CPL now there is a league here in Canada where they can come back home and regain their confidence. However, you will be surprised in the coming years that there will be Canadian players who didn’t get a lot of playing time in the MLS come to the CPL and eventually not being able to play well in the CPL either because surprise surprise some of these Canadian MLS players were probably not very good players and even moving to the CPL they won’t be able to hack it because they are just not good enough. The beauty of having the CPL it will with some Canadian players show us why player A or B couldn’t hack it in the MLS or even in Europe simply we will see that some of them are just not good to play soccer in any pro league.
  13. Jordan Perruzza 12 goals in 20 games for TFC2 definitely deserves a look with U23 as well.
  14. First of all if any owner went into this process of owning a team and thinking that this was going to be an overnight success then they are idiots! I’m hoping every owner understands that they need to give this League time to grow . Owners should only be let into the league only if they are going to invest a minimum of 10 years. The attendances have been exactly what I expected, so seeing crowds of 1200 at Pacific the other night is not surprising or Edmonton attendance being more or less what they were getting in the NASL. I remember people on these boards stating that Edmonton would get much higher attendances because in the CPL Edmonton would be playing Canadian teams representing Canadian cities instead of American teams representing American cities that Edmonton had no relationship with. Point is it doesn’t matter who you are playing a lot of the times your just not going to open the doors and a full stadium will appear, it’s going to take time to get to a point where the stands are mainly full you need to show the paying public that the team and League are here for the long haul. Moreover, I think in terms of playing a traditional North American League structure I think it’s the best way to go for now. Let’s be honest with still games to play in the fall season 5 of the 7 teams are basically out of it with nothing to play for . In a start up League you want to keep fans interested to keep coming to watch games, if your team is basically out of it already there really is no purpose to come out and go watch a live game with nothing on the line unless your a hard core supporter. If in the future relegation comes into play with a lower league below then the present system can be revisited, but with no relagation threat to play for these 5 teams are basically playing exhibition games . Go to a traditional playoff league for now as the league grows and in the future you could go back to the present system.
  15. I’m just surprised a CPL team did not pick him up. I think he would have been a good fit with either Forge or York9 ,being that he is from the Mississauga area. This is why I was thinking he might of retired from full time soccer and now just making a bit of cash on the side playing in the un sanctioned CSL.
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