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  1. I’ll save you the time, Vanney was hired to win , to win now and can’t really blame him, did you forget the joke of a team Vanney inherited? TFC from 2007 to when Vanney took over were a joke , their record was a joke. He had no time for player development he needed players that could win now and win he did . TFC was one of the worst expansion teams ever . If you were hired to win now playing the kids was never going to be an option.
  2. I think this has worked out so far because you still had some key players out there who have experience in big games be it World Cups, Champion League and MLS Cups. The likes of Bradley,Gonzales, Delgado and Bono along with the talent of Laryea and even Auro playing like I’ve never seen him play before. Therefore, you put these players with these young talented Canadians and you will get performances like you had these past two games. I think it gave these kids the confidence to play like they did . I think Armas saw enough in this kids to put them out there . It’s not like he put 11 kids out
  3. First of all I don’t see what they see in Dorsey he has never impressed anytime I’ve seen him . I still think it’s too early with Fraser he may still have a chance with Armas. However, in the end he just might not have what it takes for this level hopefully I’m wrong about that . Yes we all want every Canadian to have successful careers but not all will unfortunately. I think another MLS will take him and give him a shot he still has his age going for him so still has some time to make it at this level.
  4. Raheem at LAFC almost forgot here was there but good for him, Bob Bradley seems to have away of bringing out the best out of players like this , players that have never been MLS full time starters like Edwards go to LAFC and are able to make solid contributions . Raheem should be in consideration for the Gold Cup team depending how he does at LAFC and if he really does well then would be a good cover if any of our top players on our A squad were to get injured. It’s good to have depth like a Raheem. I think in the end it’s depth that will help Canada get and stay and the next level .
  5. What’s wrong with Korean Baseball, rather watch that than some obscure college football game lol. It’s good to show people that there is life beyond MLB in North America .
  6. If you think about it are we really surprised in the end? Scored in college, scored so many goals in the MLS at such a young age. If you look at most of the great strikers they all have a history of scoring a lot of goals at every level and every league that they have played in . It was 2004 I was coaching an under 9 Rep team at the West Niagara tournament near Grimsby Ontario . We were playing 7 a side soccer, the North York Cosmos team I was coaching we were playing against Brampton Youth . Game starts and I notice the Brampton team was short one player with no bench , 10 minutes into the ga
  7. Sure we should have a pretty good squad if things work out with all of our young players coming through . Hopefully things work out and we cohost but if a kid like Dias and others like him know that we have a guaranteed spot and that they can play in a World Cup at home in Canada ? That has to be a great selling point I think , playing in a World Cup in your country and also knowing that in 2026 Canada is in the World Cup . We all know CONCACAF and World Cup qualifying anything can happen no matter how talented Canada might be .
  8. 2026 that’s if we still end up cohosting, wasn’t there a big discussion on these boards about rumours Canada not cohosting anymore? Moreover, stories about the Olympic Stadium renovation project canceled? Also something about Edmonton’s funding of their stadium renovation in jeopardy? If this is all true can’t see FIFA just giving all the Canadian games to Toronto and thus pulling out. Hopefully we are able to cohost because I think that is a great selling point to any of these players like Dias and any other ones that we are trying to get to commit to Canada . The chance for players like a Di
  9. You obviously didn’t see that Haitian club team the other night go toe to toe with the Liga Mex leaders Cruz Azul 0-0 lol they got ballers lol , but ya you would think if they sent a so called B side that even our B side should on paper do well against them let’s hope.
  10. I was looking at that baseball league it looks like a regional type league with teams in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta that’s pretty cool actually and to play in those type of baseball parks is impressive. I’m jealous as a soccer fan that we can’t have those types of regional leagues for soccer right across Canada like that . We are starting too in a way with League 1 Ontario and it’s equivalent in Quebec hopefully we get leagues in the west and even in the Maritimes like those two for soccer.
  11. Like I keep saying in a sport like soccer where you get all the time waisting, the diving , where usually one or two goals a game are the norm it’s probably the one sport out of all sports that needs VAR I’m sorry . Yes the idiots can still get it wrong after a review but at least it was looked at. The worst feeling when your watching your team play without VAR is when say a player was clearly offside for example and the goal stands because there is no VAR and the game is decided on that one goal. Just the fact that the ref has no way of looking at the play again even if they wanted to is frus
  12. Ok I get the part of Vanney not playing the kids enough but under him we still got two players that are an integral part of our national team right now Osario and Laryea . Two guys that were not highly touted when they got to TFC . The difference between Laryea and Osorio and say guys like Chapman, Hamilton and even Fraser in my opinion is that these three guys did not impress in the same way Osorio and Laryea did when they were given minutes to play . Yes Vanney wanted young players to impress right away make an impact right away , he did not seem to take into consideration that maybe some pl
  13. Wow a 25 million dollar stadium for a team playing in a league that looks like it’s a regional type league . So it would be like if there was a League 1 Ontario type league that included Saskatchewan, Manitoba and say Alberta and say one of the teams in that league decides to build a 25 million dollar soccer stadium. That’s actually pretty impressive that a team in that league wants to spend that kind of money for a new baseball stadium.
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