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  1. All be honest with everything happening with the national team I haven’t been paying much attention to this York team who is quietly putting together a nice little run here . Moreover, just noticed they have Juan Cordova on their team , the Chilean Canadian player that had over 20 pages on these forums covering him and his eligibility for Canada lol , and here he is playing for York United and I didn’t even realize it until basically now lol.
  2. Really impressed with Ali Ahmed he was impressive when he came on against Argentina and tonight against Uruguay. Also I think Chonierre looked really good too . Nice to see that we have options now .
  3. TFC 2 just as bad as the first team just calling up a body when they do this .
  4. Have you watched them play the past 11 or so games ? Is this team an MLS level team ? They are basically at the sorry state of the team they were last season . They are no better than a mid table CPL team , I’m totally serious.
  5. 3-0 Forge at home in first leg 1-1 in the return leg at BMO , Osorio and Layrea the only Canadians that could start on Forge .
  6. Lol after Kone scored the winning penalty they showed two Canadian guys celebrating in the stands but come on guys we just won a penalty shootout show some more enthusiasm, one of those guys looks like he is just barely celebrating holding the Canadian flag lol .
  7. They have no control over the TV feed they are using the international feed that is provided by the South American federation.
  8. Anyone have the TV ratings for the Canada Peru game on TSN ? I would imagine it’s too early to see what the TSN numbers were for Canada Chile , but wondering about the Canada Peru game .
  9. Don’t have a problem with that , but they should also be supporting Canada the country where they live or where they were born and raised .
  10. So Wileman and Caldwell are calling the Canada Copa games from the studio in Toronto ? I’m watching the Euro England Slovakia game and there they are in the TSN studio in Toronto , unless they flew back from Florida last night right after the game but I doubt it. However, I can swear for Canada’s first game against Argentina the whole panel was down in Atlanta , unless I’m mistaken.
  11. They had good opportunities to score against Argentina with some well executed passing that led to good opportunities , Chile could have taken the lead against Argentina when it was 0-0. Chile is going to be a tough game , Chile are definitely the favourites in this one .
  12. Playoffs they are lucky if they win another game this season, yes it’s back to seeing if they can pick up another win for the remainder of the season , I remember them being in this exact same position last year around this time people wondering if another win was possible for the remainder of the season . After a promising start this team has looked utterly garbage since their last win against Montreal .
  13. Nice both my parents are from there, been there many times and attended a few games too.
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