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  1. Sure but probably I’m assuming the money in the Greek league he will be making will be better than what a CPL team will pay him right now.
  2. Yup there is so much that needs to change in this game and that is one of them for sure .
  3. Go to USA soccer and see if they have anything on theses scrimmages.
  4. Ya poor Paul Staltieri if only he would have left Canada at 11 years old can you imagine the career he would have had lol ! If you have talent and have the drive and some luck on your side you will make it . Some guys take different paths and good for them it’s a free world to each their own, but you don’t have to always leave Canada and North America at a young age to make it at a decent league in Europe , there are so many examples of players staying here in Canada and the US until late in their teens and even early twenties who have made it in some big leagues in Europe their are too many
  5. I think they hire Armas for a few reasons, Covid played a factor no money coming in, Ali has worked with Armas at Red Bulls , Armas has coached in MLS and did fairly well, TFC probably finally are seeing some good young players with a lot of potential coming through so they want to give these players a chance and Armas has shown when at New York RB he can work with young players from the academy. Armas is not the sexy choice for an organization that TFC projects to be but I guess under the circumstances was probably a choice that makes some sort of sense I guess.
  6. That’s a sad choice wow !
  7. I’m with you actually but at this point I’m just hoping that maybe his experience with coaching a pretty successful woman’s team will rub off on our men’s team, that’s really the only thing I’m going on right now with this coach.
  8. Ok cool I get it , but for Canada a country with soccer registrations that rival hockey amongst our youth I think we should not have a problem with producing players from within all these kids that grow up playing soccer from an early age, if we were not able to have the majority of our national team players produced from within all these youth players that grow up playing at least some of their youth soccer here in Canada to be competitive and had to stack most of our team with players like Arfield , then a major rethink of what we are doing at the grassroots level would be needed. However ,
  9. Yup I feel the same way, a few of these type of players who’s only connection to a country is a parent or a grandparent being born there is ok. However, stack a national team with players who basically in some cases never see foot there to me takes something away of what a national team is all about. There is something about knowing a national team player played at least some of his youth soccer growing up here in Canada and that whatever youth clubs a certain player might have played for can feel they played a certain part in the development of that player. I’m not against have a few play
  10. Did you have to go do that just when I thought we should be ok now you got me thinking lol, but seriously some valid points there .
  11. Ok yes I believe in second chances, but it looks like the reason they let him go had nothing to do with his capabilities as a soccer player at the time end of story. I don’t care if he was the second coming of Messi, your gone. So it doesn’t look like in this case the Caps missed him.
  12. I’m not surprised after the amount of goals he scored in his first season in MLS you knew he had a knack for goals once he got use living in another culture , language and all that goes with it , he would get his scoring touch back.
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