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  1. Well you will find many soccer leagues around the world where soccer is the number 1 sport in those countries but whose domestic league attendances are not that much more than the CPL attendance . However, keep in mind that a lot of these countries don’t have to spend a good portion of their budget on travel and room and board. A lot of times in a lot of these countries a team travels to the game and then jumps on the bus and travels back home. No money spent on air travel, or getting a hotel for team and staff. A good chunk of a CPL budget will go into airfare and hotel rooms and even renting a bus to take the team from the airport to the stadium to the hotel. That’s a lot of money a CPL team will spend every year on this. Look at Uruguay their attendance for league games is not that much, but their budget for travel in league play would almost be nothing. For Canada hopefully we get enough teams where we can regionalize the schedule and cut down on so much of the budget spent on travel. The goal in the early years is survive and grow and hopefully solutions to all this money spent on travel will be found.
  2. I don’t get what your on about here ? I posted something before and mentioned that just like in the early days of TFC there have been players that we have always talked about , Canadian players who have played in various lower leagues in Europe who have come back and are now playing in the CPL who have not impressed. It’s similar to the early TFC days where Canadian players who had played in lower level leagues around the world came to play for TFC and could not cut it. Now I’m not one to defend Mo he was a disaster for TFC , but if he cut quotas it’s because the Canadian players who where playing for TFC at the time were just not good enough and that’s not surprising if you look at where say a guy like Reda had played in Europe. Yes the MLS at the time and now is no La Liga but let’s be honest it’s a higher caliber than the Swedish second division or the Danish lower leagues where some of the early Canadian players for TFC had played . Let’s put it this way if your going to stock your team with Canadians who are coming from the lower leagues in Scandinavia even in the CPL your better off going with League 1 Ontario players as we have seen. Mo was too stupid to realize that there were probably better Canadian players playing in the amateur men’s leagues in Toronto than some of the Canadians he brought in from the lower leagues of Europe.
  3. Coming from North York to watch this game, anyone know of a decent restaurant to go grab a bite not to far from the stadium?
  4. Having a league at this level not only will develop players but also exposes players . This happened when TFC came into the MLS, where Canadian some Canadian players we would always read about or even talk about on these forums, came back from playing in various low level leagues in Europe and other parts of the world to play for TFC. We are seeing this in the CPL where some Canadian players have returned to play in the CPL. Some who have played in lower level leagues around the world are doing pretty good, but some others are having a tough time of it. The beauty of a CPL is that it puts to end any debate more or less of certain players ability to be called up to the national team. Before without the CPL player A playing in the Scottish second division or player B playing in the Swedish third division conversations would happen about players like this being called up to the national team. However, as we have seen back in the early TFC days and now in the CPL just because you played in some of these lower leagues in Europe does not guarantee success in a league like the CPL. Moreover, we are seeing players who have never even set foot in any European league excelling in the CPL over Canadian player who have played in lower level European leagues.
  5. Let’s keep in mind now I realize it’s 2019 and people reading newspapers or even listening to regular mainstream radio or even watching your local tv station is not what it use to be. People get their news, music and sports delivered to them in many different ways, but I’m sure a lot of people might still be watching regular TV, or still reading newspapers or even still turning on a regular local radio station. My point in all this , when it comes to regular TV, newspapers and radio you will find nothing about York 9 nothing at all, therefore, the fact that even 2000 people are coming out to most games is remarkable if you think about it.
  6. Ok thanks well around 2000 more or less then, the base of fans seems to be there for this organization to grow upon, however, like any sports team winning will put people in the seats and there is no excuse in my mind why this team has not done better with the players they have .
  7. Was at the game , attendance was maybe 2500 the main stand was like 70% full , I don’t know what that main stand can hold when full though. But the crowd was ok a decent turnout. The only negative is that the crowd needs to get into it more, I mean even when York 9 was trying to get the equalizer in the last 10 minutes the crowd was out of it, usually your team gets a corner or a crucial free kick and the crowd gets going, but nothing from this crowd it’s like they were just there but not into the game which is a shame . In terms of York 9 on the field but I’m sorry they need to do better, I think the talent is there should be doing a lot better than they are doing. Yes I’m not a Brennan fan and this is all on Brennan, it’s time to go and let Isaaco coach!
  8. Where or how can I see highlights of past games and how long after a game are highlights put up?
  9. Again the CSA going with mainly MLS Academy players in this tournament when there are much better Canadian players around. 😉
  10. Can Canada made the 1986 World Cup and you can say the same it didn’t register at all either , I was in my early 20’s and it didn’t do much for Canadian soccer either in terms of soccers’s mainstream popularity. However, I’ll tell you the success Canada had at 1984 mens’s olympics definitely played a part in Canada qualifying for the 1986 World Cup with a lot of the same players. Moreover, times have changed soccer is much more popular now, so making an Olympics would be a big deal I’m a hard core soccer supporter I would care big time. But it’s not the few diseased individuals myself included that spent way too much time thinking about Canadian soccer that it would be good for but the casuals and even non soccer fans that might be swayed into giving Canadian soccer more of a look via CPL and MLS and the men’s national team. Qualifying for the men’s Olympic tournament would be a big deal my friend don’t kid yourself , second to the qualifying for the World Cup , this would be a big deal here in Canada no matter if other countries might not think of it as being big, it’s not about soccer in other countries it’s about helping the game grow in popularity here in Canada.
  11. Why can’t we seem to build small stadiums, that look like that in this country, so simple, with a roof right around , stands on all four sides and fully enclosed no open spaces . Though the stadiums that Cavalry, Pacific, York9 and Halifax are pretty adequate, this one is the kind of look that every stadium in the CPL should try and build if possible.
  12. You will be surprised the exposure a men’s Canadian team would get if they made the Olympics. We all think the World Cup is it, but in Canada the Olympics are a big deal too and if a Men’s Canadian team made the Olympics it would make the Gold Cup tournament look like a house league tournament in terms of the attention a Canadian men’s soccer team playing in the Olympic soccer tournament would get in the mainstream media in Canada. Yes of course Canada’s men’s team making it to the World Cup would be huge in terms of media exposure and everything else, but don’t kid yourself people a Canadian men’s soccer team making the Olympic soccer tournament would be a close second to a Canadian men’s soccer team making the World Cup, that’s why I get so frustrated at the opportunities missed in all the past Olympic soccer qualifying tournaments where the preparation has always been a half assed approached!
  13. Just to add to my rant, I know for a fact that a big youth soccer club with over 4000 youth kids playing is thinking about folding their League 1 men’s and woman’s team, because some idiot backward thinking board members think the League 1 teams should be self sufficient, meaning they should go out and get their own sponsorship and try and bring in more people to games, they don’t want to finance the team at the 60000 or so it takes to run it anymore. However, will have no problem banking over 100000 a year in the bank and just leaving it there instead of spending it on a League 1 team that actually produces players . Already this League 1 team has produced a few players that are playing in the CPL, but yet are thinking of folding their league 1 team, give me a fucken break!
  14. What a load of **** please, most of you guys out hear are what they call Monday morning quarter backs , how many on here have actually been involved in the grass roots game here in Canada ? How many have actually coached youth teams , sat in youth club board meetings? Most of these people running this youth clubs where the majority of kids come from are a fucken joke. When it comes to TFC I know for a fact that youth clubs from the Toronto area telling kids not to sign with TFC academy so that they could keep the kids with them so they could win championship s and trophies for their clubs. It’s only been that past few years that this has been changing. So to sit there and keep blaming these Canadian MLS clubs blah fucken blah blah , give me a break. Just remember how ****** up a country these MLS youth academies came into being? How many years of youth soccer having the most youth participants even more than bloody hockey, think about that , hockey in CANADA! But yet so many years of utter futility, this is the landscape these MLS academies came into when they were created less than 10 years ago. Of course even an idiot will agree you add more pro academies with hopefully all the CPL teams eventually started them and our chances of created more pro players will increase substantially. But let’s blame the ****** up youth system that controlled youth soccer development for so so many years before we blame the MLS academies just because they play in the bad old American League , please !!
  15. The chances of this team qualifying for the Olympics is probably worse than the full national team making it to the next World Cup, the preparation will suck just like every time these teams have tried to qualify for past Olympics, key players who should be there won’t just like in the past. It will be a miracle if these U23’s qualify, been there done that !
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