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  1. Really struggling really? Come on he is the new fall guy to **** on this team, micro analyzing every touch he makes , please!
  2. Too bad we don’t really have another decent left fullback, put Kaye in Piette’s place , I’m sorry Piette offers nothing for me had the worst giveaway in this game so far almost as bad as the Martinique player on Canada’s goal.
  3. I’ve stated this before I think York9 should actually stay at York U and try to make that stadium even more soccer friendly. You can’t beat that location and having that subway station right there . That stadium is connected by subway and even by bus to most of York Region and all of Toronto by subway you can’t beat that. Look yes attendance has not been great, weather, and even today’s start time sucks, 12PM sucks for a start time too. Look the owner has major money if he really likes owning a team loosing some money on this team is not going to make hardly a dent on his pocket book .
  4. Look this game needs more changes and VAR is a good start. I’m a hardcore soccer fan it’s the only sport that matters to me. However, the next change I want to see is getting a handle at all the time waisting that happens because of a no running clock like hockey and basketball have for example. Stop the clock at the very least for substitutions and all injuries and voila no more fake injuries to kill the clock and no more taking forever to get off the field when being substituted.
  5. But they did get it right when you looked at it again. The Jamaican keeper clearly moved of her line before the kick was taken, and it was one of the reasons she was able to stop the penalty. So what’s the problem? They reviewed the kick and it showed that the keeper had moved off the line before the penalty was taken, so after reviewing it they saw that she had come off her line before the kick was taken, therefore, the penalty was taken again. That’s what video review is there for to pick up things like that the ref missed.
  6. How about this program gets good results in this up and coming Gold Cup and does well in the next World Cup qualifying by at least getting very close to qualifying for the World Cup, or even better actually making the World Cup, before we start heaping praises on a coach and team who apart from the Costa Rica game has played countries that a good League 1 Ontario team could most likely beat. Yes this team has some great young talent and great potential but really has done nothing yet .
  7. Unless guys like Wotherspoon and Cordova are miles better than real homegrown players, meaning Canadian players who played most of their youth soccer growing up in Canada , I’m not that concerned with players who are only eligible to play for Canada because they have a grandfather or a father or mother who was born or has Canadian citizenship, but never grew up in Canada playing youth soccer in Canada. Players like Wotherspoon or Cordova who were not developed in Canada and never even lived in Canada . Unless your really good I would rather see a real homegrown Canadian take the spot over guys like Cordova or Wotherspoon just my opinion.
  8. US advances to quarters beating heavily favoured France 3-2 in the U20 World Cup round of 16.
  9. So someone remind me why we didn’t send our best players to the last U20 qualifying tournament? Is it because we are such a soccer powerhouse that making or not making an U20 World Cup really makes no difference to soccer in Canada?
  10. I’m sorry but the only Canadian players I would keep on this TFC team is Laryea and Osorio. Look we all want Canadian players to do well and get playing time but I’m still not that impressed with Fraser and I did see enough of him last season too, hopefully I’m wrong and he turns out to be even better than Bradley. However, I’m sorry Morgan God bless him but he is what he is and definitely not starting material. Hamilton is also a guy that I don’t think will get better than he is no matter how much playing time he gets. Chapman is not getting any better and I don’t see him as an everyday starter on this team or in the MLS , these Canadians have been given enough playing time to show their stuff and they are just not improving unfortunately. Now Osorio is the real deal and Laryea has impressed every time he has been on the field the kid can play and I see him becoming a regular starter soon. Laryea has impressed much more in the little time he has played than all of Morgan, Fraser, Chapman and Hamilton with all the playing time they have played over the past two years .
  11. My take on York9’s Stadium it was actually not bad, it’s a very professional looking stadium and a professional feel to it. The whole game day set up is good , the beer and food selection is also very good like the food trucks being there too. Yes I hate the track and the smaller playing field but it’s not as bad as I imagined, I felt I was watching a game in some of the old stadiums back in the day in Europe with the running tracks around the field. Going forward if they can move that east metal stand over the running track and closer to the field and if they can extend the field over the west side of the track closer to the west stands then you will have the stands on both sides closer to the field which will create better more intimate viewing of the game for the fans there. However, in the meantime it’s not as bad as I thought with the way it’s set up now. Now if only York9 can improve their play on the field it will give fans something to cheer about , but unfortunately I hate to say this but I don’t think this will happen until Brennan is gone , from experience I’m guessing that he is one of the reasons for their struggles. Brennan is a great salesman but should stay as far away as possible from the day to day running of this team on the field I’m sorry to say, let Isacco do the coaching and I’ll predict the fortunes on the field will change.
  12. One thing to keep in mind is that unfortunately weather is going to play a major factor in attendance when it comes to the CPL as I found out the hard way at yesterday’s York9 Forge game. We are talking about a league where the average for success will be around the 4 to 6 thousand number. However , a bad weather day can effect that number considerably and living here in Canada where it seems that your lucky to get a decent weather day maybe once or twice a week even in July and August . Moreover, you can’t bring up the fact that two of the Canadian MLS teams play in outdoor stadiums too and also have to fight the not so great Canadian weather, however, they are dealing with much bigger average attendances so if 2000 or 3000 don’t show up because of weather they still have 15 to even 20000 at the game more or less, but 1000 people not showing up for a CPL game because of the weather has a greater effect on the CPL teams . Therefore, I feel for these CPL teams that are at the mercy of the crappy Canadian weather in their battle to grow this league in Canada.
  13. I spent some good money buying tickets for this game and to be told to leave that the game is abandoned and now it continues and I’m not there is not a good look, what the hell!
  14. No PA announcement nothing everyone was told game was abandoned, not good!
  15. Really what the hell we waited around on the concourse then security told us to leave the game was abandoned, how the hell can they be playing now ?
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