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  1. Sorry too lazy to go search this player out , but who is Corbeanu?
  2. You mentioned Straith ? Well then that explains it no? He was being embarrassed really , I think the whole Canadian team was spanked in that game. Don’t think they were able to put more than two passes together before giving up the ball. If you want to talk about mistakes well I don’t think I have enough time to go over all of the mistakes that Mr. Henry has committed playing on the back line. Moreover, I’m not surprised even a team like the Whitecaps had no use for him after his time with them. At least Jaković is starting on a very good LAFC team , I seriously don’t think Henry would last more than a hand full of games before Bob Bradley would send him packing!
  3. Well have to hand it to him at 35 years of age starting on one of the best MLS teams , Bob Bradley who showed so much faith in Kaye and gave him the confidence to be the player he is today is doing the same with Jaković making Jaković an everyday starter so far and he looks pretty good playing back there. If he keeps this up has to be considered as a starter for the national team too back there regardless of his age.
  4. Anyone know whatever happened to the Canadian kid of Iranian background who was playing in Iran’s top division who was let go back in September of last year I think? He played for one of Iran’s top teams I think.
  5. Most of the fields in League 1 are Turf Fields so it’s not like they need to shut the fields for maintaining the grass fields. A lot of these turf fields can be rented right through the winter weather permitting. Moreover, the University and College seasons go right through to the middle of November and a some of these schools use city owned turf fields. Don’t think use of fields will be a problem, the problem will be if these clubs will risk playing with the pandemic still around . My solution would be , no use of change rooms, every player brings their own water bottles and every player washes their own uniform, yes just like what happens at the regular youth club level.
  6. Don’t think any German team is signing American players because of anything but the talent they might see in these players . Also don’t think that Fox deal is of astronomical numbers that it would warrant the German League signing more American players because of it . Moreover, never mind American players I’ve been watching a lot of German soccer lately and their have been more than a few players both German and foreign and you wonder how they are playing at that level. Moreover, the fact that the Canadian national team has been crap for so long also plays a part in the bias towards a Canadian player when trying out or even being looked at by any top league in Europe . The US apart from the last World Cup has been to everyone since 1990, and also advanced out of their World Cup group a few times at World Cups, therefore, that also plays a part in all this too. However, hopefully things will improve for our national team and also with guys like Davies and David leading the way , top leagues will start to look at Canadian players and start to wonder how many more Davies and David’s are here in Canada . So hopefully things will start to change where we can have more of our players in top leagues.
  7. The League 1 Ontario 2020 season which was supposed to start in May and go until early August was canceled due to the Coronavirus. However, looks like League 1 Ontario is seriously thinking of actually having a 2020 season after all if things get better . With the cancellation of all Canadian University and College sports for this upcoming season , League 1 Ontario is looking into starting in late August and going until early November. A good portion of League 1 Ontario players are also University and College players. With the University and College seasons canceled League 1 Ontario will have the ability to start their season in late August and play late into the Fall and have all it’s University and College players available to play.
  8. It’s great to have Canadian players at these pro academies in Europe, but it’s still not easy and a guarantee of ever making the first team, but it’s a start . Was looking at an old program from an exhibition game between TFC2 team made up of mainly U21players playing serie A’s Roma U18 team played in 2015 at the Soccer Center in Vaughan. Looked at a lot of those U18 Roma players and where are they today and could not find one player that has made the Roma 1st. team or even another seria A team . Every player I looked at was basically playing in Italy’s 3rd and fourth division , with the exception of one player in Italy’s second division and one playing in Serbia’s top league. These former Roma U18 academy players are all around 22 or 23 now. So while it’s great making a pro teams academy , it’s still very difficult to make it to the first team or even any high level pro league .
  9. Ok good format I like it. However, hopefully we can stay as far away from that Mexico group as possible. Mexico are on another level they are a top 10 team in the world , never mind the rankings. I know the ball is round and all that and we have an improved team , but your lucky to get a tie at home and going into Mexico we all know what the outcome will be . If Canada lands in a group with Costa Rica this for me would be the best outcome to actually having a chance to winning the group and qualifying.
  10. You think that testing is a bit pointless? So just let them play with no testing ?
  11. It’s funny you got me thinking about a former national team player way back in the day Brian Budd when you mentioned best athlete in Canada. Brian played in the old NASL in the late 1970’s. A decent player mainly a forward . The NASL in the late 1970’s was almost comparable to the present day MLS more or less , well maybe not quite but pretty close. Anyways the American national network ABC had a very popular show that they ran for a few weeks each summer. Where they invited some of the best players from all the major American leagues to participate in different types of made up sports that each player participated in. I think each player had to compete in like 6 different competitions and would score a certain amount of points on each competition based on where they placed. Well Brian Budd going against some of the top players from most of the major league sports in the US won the whole competition 4 years in a row . ABC basically stopped inviting him back after he won the 4th. time in a row , mainly because he was a soccer player a sport that back then was not as popular in the US as it is today lol and really hardly any American sports fan even knew who Brian Budd was lol. But ya lol talking about the best athlete in Canada got me thinking about Brian who back in the day was probably one of Canada’s best athletes and North America as well . Good old Brian Budd past away a few years ago but was a decent Canadian soccer player but a great athlete at that!
  12. The only thing all say about this is that being that the CPL has only just completed it’s very first season I think both of the sports networks are taking a wait and see attitude towards it. However , yes this doesn’t explain why then TSN was showing the XFL and that’s even stranger showing the XFL when they have a big contract with the CFL. Also keep in mind Canada has two domestic pro basketball leagues and both these leagues are not televised on any of the two sports networks, moreover, just like the CPL I’ve hardly ever seen any type of highlights of both basketball leagues on either of the two networks. One can argue that basketball is just or more popular than soccer in Canada after witnessing how the whole country got behind the Raptors during their championship run, with TV numbers that I’ve never seen for any type of soccer including, woman’s World Cup, men’s World Cup or any other type of soccer competition.
  13. The only U shaped MLS stadium is San Jose’s new stadium but it’s a fully enclosed U shape left open on one side to hopefully fill in the other end if need be , oh ya the other one being that joke of a Stadium BMO Field where I’m forced to spend time in as a TFC season ticket holder if I want to watch TFC play in person . Look I’m very biased there is nothing like watching a game in a fully enclosed stadium in terms of atmosphere. I’m sure the surroundings are nice around Ottawa’s stadium and the concessions areas are great but like BMO Field and Tim Hortons field it’s basically the old CFL 1970’s two big grandstands facing each other stadiums . Hopefully one day maybe the CPL gets big enough and every team has a nice 10000 seat stadium that are more or less fully enclosed I guess in the mean time it is what it is .
  14. Well I’m definitely going to see if I can get me a box of goobers, totally forgot about them, hopefully they are still on the market .
  15. What happened to that Zambazis kid , he wasn’t a regular but did start a few games and was getting some playing time and I thought he played ok when he played and was one of the younger players on the roster, then all of a sudden he was released by the middle of the season , still think there must be more to this story very strange .
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