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  1. Ok got to get this off my chest, I’m a big TFC fan , but will criticize them when needed . I’m also an MLS fan and actually watch non TFC games when I can and get the chance on DAZN , and listen to MLS podcasts when I can , however , a few things need to change if this league wants to be taken seriously. First off the schedule , it makes no sense, it seems like teams just randomly play each other and just make up the schedule before the season starts . There is no real structure to the schedule unless I’m missing something. There are two conferences east and west, so then try to have some sort of balance schedule if you can , but there is no such thing I don’t think. Are teams in the east playing each team in the east twice home and away? It’s like they just pick make it up as they go each team just randomly makes it’s up it’s own schedule, this is a joke and to top it all off they actually crown a regular season champion without having any kind of balance schedule , this is a joke . Moreover, their playoffs are a joke , a one game knockout playoff instead of a two game home and away series like they use to have. So a team like New England who has dominated the regular season can go out in a one game knockout playoff wth no chance to play a second game . A bad team can get lucky in a one game knockout but it’s hard for a bad team to get lucky in a two game home and away series . If this league wants to get looked at as a serious league the schedule and the playoff format needs to change because as it is now the schedule and the playoff format is a bit of a joke .
  2. Ya he played one of the best games I’ve seen him play, nothing fancy , played it smart , played the sort of game where if you know the game you know he had a good game , if that makes sense .
  3. Not a good look , it’s a team sport and this is how you react after your team fighting for a playoff spot makes an incredible comeback away from home at one of your rivals and you react like this ? The Canadian national team does not need this bad attitude with the national team , keep him home in November unless he smartens up !
  4. Also we needed a coach like Herdman who cares more about knowing what needs to be done and knowing that you need your best players on the field as much as possible. We can’t have coaches like in the past who care more about their hurt feelings rather than making sure every eligible good player was on the field . Too many times in the past we had players that missed out in important games for unknown reasons . I remember even on this board players with questionable talent being praised because they were always answering the call to the national team . In the end it’s about having the majority of your best horses on the roster and Herdman I think understands this . Apart from Arfield he has basically gotten every Canadian player that should be there to play apart from odd injury in some games . I can go on and on about past World Cup qualifying games where certain players who should have been playing and were eligible to play we’re not there , but of course we always had the less talented guys always answering the call . Respect to those players who always answered the call but what did it get us ? No Hex and no World Cups , sometimes as a coach you need to swallow your pride and get the best talent on the field and you do everything possible to make that happen .
  5. As crazy as it sounds why not a loan to the MLS, if he comes here and does a Tajon Buchanan and gets a lot of playing time I think it can also help in his development. Yes I agree playing in these lower leagues over there can really toughen you up and make you a better player . But an MLS loan is not such a bad thing either looking how it has helped with guys like Davies, Larin and now Buchanan who hopefully can continue his great play in Europe when he gets there.
  6. Yes the NASL provided most of the players on that 86 team , unfortunately the league folded in 84 so a lot of those players had to go play indoor to make a living , so we had guys playing indoor soccer playing for us in the World Cup in 86 but had played many years in the NASL before that .
  7. Wow ya remember Canada playing Mexico in a World Cup qualifier here in Toronto at the old Exhibition Stadium I think it was for the 82 World Cup I think we tied 1-1 . However, don’t forget I remember when CONCACAF World Cup qualifying at least the last round was held at a designated country by having a tournament that usually took about two weeks to finish, you would play each country once , I think there were like 8 countries in that final round and the top two going to the World Cup . Therefore , no home and away style like we have now more like they do in the youth World Cup qualifying where you play a qualifying tournament with one country hosting the tournament.
  8. The CSA played a part but yes can’t take the full blame , I think the difference is the depth that the MLS is giving us now and some of the key players like Osorio, Johnson, Laryea , Miller , Piette and even a Cavallini that are making a difference with the national team. Back then our rosters were filled out with USL and 3rd division players playing in Europe , now we can dip into the MLS to provide that depth and not have to go to USL or Europe’s lower divisions to provide depth . Moreover, we have a coach that has everyone on board and don’t have situations where for example a guy like Aguiar playing for Benfica or even Osorio with Floro not being picked , the players that should be there are there.
  9. When you look at some of the players we had and where they were playing the ones in Europe I mean , how many more do we have now compared to some of those teams . We had a center back playing and starting in Germany’s top flight , we don’t have that now . Ocean was playing regularly in Germany’s top league as a striker and so was Friend , DeGuzman in la Liga , Staltieri winning championships in Germany and then playing in the EPL and Radinsky too . Simpson in Turkey and Hutchinson, Aguiar with Benfica , how about Peschisolido in basically what is the English Championship right now . The Difference is no Davies and the depth that the MLS is providing us now . But I hate to say it but in terms of players playing in Europe now how much different is it from then ? I would say we had more players playing at higher levels in Europe than we do now . How the hell did we not even make the hex with some of these players ? The CSA I’m looking at you ! Of course I’m not including the traders Heargreaves, the other DeGuzman and the keeper who went on and chose Bosnia who’s I'm too lazy to look up .
  10. Ya got a long suspension for that a crazy amount of games , but you know a player can go down pretending he is dying to kill time or try to get a player carded but that’s ok , sometimes I wonder why I follow this sport , that was a joke of a suspension especially how long he was suspended for .
  11. Someone tell this OneSoccer commentator that York stadium is in Toronto it’s not north of Toronto lol .
  12. Ok you don’t and I repeat you don’t sub a young kid on and then sub him off , unless the young kid is shitting the bed and he was not , he was having a decent game . Moreover, you have fuck all to play for and you do that to the kids confidence, I’m still angry today at what I witnessed yesterday with that subbing off of JMR . This organization needs to smarten up and quick because right now they can’t draw flies to their games . I’ve been at this along time and it won’t take much more before this team joins the many other teams before it in that grave yard of professional soccer teams where many teams are buried.
  13. Forgive me if someone already posted something like this , but yes TV ratings are still a good barometer of how what kind of awareness this team is getting . Moreover , the TV numbers for that Canada game against Panama are decent but compared to the hockey numbers there is no comparison as we have seen by what hockey got , and they got so much more it wasn’t even close . However, as has been mentioned the station that the Canadian World Cup qualifying game was on played apart in the much smaller numbers compared to hockey . The very good news is that’s it’s 2021 not 1980 and there are other ways to measure the relevance of this national team . Canada soccer had more mentions on Twitter than any of the hockey games on Wednesday night . The Davies goal had millions of views more than anything from any of the hockey games that night . Therefore, yes TV ratings are very important and probably still king , but let’s not forget it’s 2021 and there are also other ways to measure how popular this last round of qualifying is in Canada .
  14. There have been some decent players that have come out of Quebec and went on to have good careers, it didn’t seem to effect them. Look this kid has issues like I said if going to Barcelona can’t motivate you nothing will.
  15. Lol so I see your blaming the fact that Balou has issues is because the sport is not popular in Quebec lol , I’m sorry I’m not buying that at all lol . It’s popular enough my friend , the guy just has issues, he probably deep inside doesn’t really want it . If going to Barcelona can’t motivate you then nothing will, he could have been born and raised in Brazil and still have the same problems with motivation and attitude as he seems to have now . He will realize it one day when he is old and passed it , they always do in the end eventually realize the opportunities he had and was given and it will be too late , such a waste of talent and he has more or less thrown it all away , pretty sad .
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