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  1. So is the CSA going to schedule any games to try and move up the rankings . I mean If there is a chance of moving up then why wouldn’t they? What’s the worst that can happen ? They don’t get the right results and there ends up being no change in the rankings. However, if you do get the right results you could be in the Hex.
  2. Looks like the pro indoor soccer experiment that was the MetroStars are no more they folded the night before their first game . The MetroStars were going to play home games in like four different cities in Ontario this season . Sarina , Kingston, St. Catherines , and I think Mississauga? They were going to be called the Canada MetroStars. But they folded before their first two home opening games this weekend in St. Catherines. Why they would wait until before the first game to fold is strange , why not fold earlier why wait until opening night , but who knows.
  3. Ya that’s probably the most logical place for North Toronto to go back to in terms of a home ground. Can’t really think of another place for them to play out of if they want to stay in the downtown Toronto area.
  4. Looks like two new teams are joining League 1 Ontario Men’s Division, North Toronto who were in League 1 Ontario in 2016 and 2017 are back in 2020 after two years away from the league. Hamilton gets a League 1 team finally with a new team , Hamilton United Elites are coming into League 1 Ontario in 2020.
  5. Ya but when will people realize he ain’t any good what will it take tell me I want to know?
  6. Henry lol don’t worry one day he will be a star lol, like when will people on here realize this guy should not near a Canadian national roster ever ! It’s just incredible with this guy !
  7. Yes very well done by SUM it’s called business and the free market. In the end it’s always about the mighty dollar without it no MLS no CPL . Oh please wow really ! Incredible stuff!
  8. He was given enough chances at TFC and just never really impressed on a consistent basis. Osorio and Layrea took their chances and made the most of them . Hopefully a change of scenery works out for him we shall see , hoping for the best for him.
  9. Henry eh ? God help us, I hope I’m wrong and he has an astounding game but I have no confidence in this guy too too many screw ups over the years with this guy scares the hell out of me whenever I see him back there.
  10. Ya a guy who basically has always taking his little shots at soccer all his career but once again there he is in Seattle covering TFC in the MLS Cup. He seems to cover soccer and TFC whenever they are in big games . He was also in Atlanta in the Eastern Conference Final and wrote about TFC in their MLS Cups in 2016 2017. But has had to admit that he was wrong about TFC , he stated that an MLS team would never work in Toronto . Remember the old Toronto Blizzard of the old NASL was working unfortunately the NASL folded leaving the Blizzard without a league to play in, its not like the Blizzard ever really folded because it wasn’t working in Toronto. This is why when TFC was started the history was already there of pro soccer working in Toronto at the high level North American League , so it really should never have been a surprise to a guy like Simmons and other’s in the mainstream Toronto media .
  11. Apart from two teams how good is this league really ? Would rather we had more players playing in Portugal, Switzerland , Belgium , English Championship, German second division, Italy Serie B than Scotland’s top division and yes even more in the MLS over Scotland. Moreover , there have been a few former Scottish premier league players try there luck in the MLS and could not cut it.
  12. I’m thinking it’s due to a bit of the MLS hate on here but a lot to do with a lot of TFC hate on here. People love Kaye because he was let go by TFC and then proved TFC wrong by making LAFC and becoming a very good player for them. People are loving TFC’s Fraser even though he is a TFC player because he does not get much playing time with TFC , so him putting a good performance against the US when he came on makes him more of a darling on these boards more than Osorio actually who is a bonafide starter with TFC. But in the end who the hell knows why Osorio doesn’t get more love on here but I thought I would give it a try .
  13. These Ottawa owners have basically given up on soccer, you really think an expansion fee is the reason they are folding than joining the CPL? They just wanted out and tired of losing money and now are just throwing out every imaginable excuse to why they are folding from CPL expansion fee to CSA sanctioning. Hopefully some new owners with real money will be found very soon in Ottawa and pro soccer can come back as early as 2021.
  14. Never rejoice people when a pro soccer team folds even when it’s this controversial Fury team. It just gives ammunition to all the soccer haters to say there I told you so with their believe that pro soccer can’t really make it here in Canada and it will eventually all come crumbling down MLS and CPL included. Yes the Fury should have been in the CPL this year no reason why they should have held out. But I would rather there be a pro soccer team in Ottawa than nothing at all. Ottawa is folding because they are loosing a **** load of money never mind sanctioning and all that other crap. If they are not losing a ton of money they would be back even in the CPL in 2020. Moreover, where are all these new owners in Ottawa breaking down the doors to get into the CPL? This is a bad bad look for soccer in Canada expecially now with the World Cup coming and Canada’s men’s team starting to make some noise .
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