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  1. Well I’m definitely going to see if I can get me a box of goobers, totally forgot about them, hopefully they are still on the market .
  2. What happened to that Zambazis kid , he wasn’t a regular but did start a few games and was getting some playing time and I thought he played ok when he played and was one of the younger players on the roster, then all of a sudden he was released by the middle of the season , still think there must be more to this story very strange .
  3. Could happen but not that beautiful enclosed proper looking stadium design not here in Canada. The design would most likely be that beautiful Canadian looking stadium design, you know the two big massive grandstands a la BMO Field Tim Horton Field design and the new Lansdown Park design in Ottawa the kind of designs that just make you want to go back for more after attending games at these so soccer friendly stadiums lol!
  4. As much as I think Liam has potential to be a decent pro and maybe even a very very good pro, it’s not like he was a stand out on any of the teams he was loaned to. Therefore, I just don’t see him sticking with Liverpool. He was loaned to levels way below the EPL standards and didn’t really stand out. Maybe a move to Belgians top league would be a great fit to just see at what level he is really at at the moment . Saying all that look the guy is still young and has shown potential and in the end I think will be a starter and a main part of the national team for many years to come.
  5. Anybody know are there any other players from that U17 World Cup in Brazil that Canada played in that signed with CPL clubs. Does not look like Altobelli was a favorite of the U17’s coach, looks like Altobelli only came off the bench in just one game of the three Canada played at the U17 World Cup in Brazil in 2019. He came on off the bench in the 83rd. moment in just one of the three games Canada played. Hopefully he will show that coach he was a player that should have played more at that World Cup.
  6. Ya always had trouble winning against those Peel Region schools ,when I coached high school soccer a few years back. But it’s not surprising that these Peel Region high schools have so many good players , Peel Region has so many kids growing up playing soccer at some decent youth soccer clubs and academies that these Peel Region high schools have so much ready made talent to pick from.
  7. Well now Napoli eh, that would be nice, being a life long Napoli fan having him go there would be sweet. Moreover, Telelatino , which shows live Seria A games usually always shows Napoli games. But wouldn’t be the first Canadian to have played there.
  8. The substitution rule in soccer needs to change period especially with players that suffer head injuries. Three subs a game is a joke , it’s 2020 for heaven’s sake! This 5 subs a game should be a permanent thing . I would also give teams to allow of the 5 subs two subs can re-enter a game once subbed off . Is it just me or does soccer seem to be one of the few sports that we have seen players actually die on the field? It’s even happened in the EPL once or twice already . Can’t ever recall a player dying in an NHL game or an NBA game but it’s happened a few times in top soccer leagues around the world.
  9. Good old Kurt Larson when at the Toronto Sun an independent newspaper with no affiliation to TFC or MLSE , would not say a bad word towards TFC in his articles and now look at him . Would have had more respect for this guy if he spoke like this when at the Toronto Sun but doing it now nah too late bud. Forget how many times I emailed this guy when I would question some of the things TFC was doing on and off the pitch and this guy would always take TFC’s side . Lot’s of respect for a guy like Manella here though , here is a guy who was highly touted by TFC and then eventually let go. You would think he would have had a go at TFC but he didn’t , have more respect for a guy like Manella than this Larson guy , who hardly wrote one bad thing about TFC when at the Toronto Sun.
  10. Well I’m glad your working but unfortunately some of us are not , hopefully this all ends soon so some form of normalcy returns.
  11. I think your politicizing it by posting this. Maybe some women will just feel more comfortable in an all female supporters group. This kind of post is something one would see in the US where every thing is so politicized , they have somehow made this Corona virus into a left vs right thing in the US too. Nothing wrong with people wanting to be in a group they feel more comfortable in and especially women in this case.
  12. Probably one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play a great performance, Osorio too yesterday had a great game with TFC also, making Herman’s job harder when deciding on a starting lineup is always a good thing.
  13. I know what you mean it can be abused , but it’s kind of crazy the way it is now guy gets a head injury and you almost want to keep him on so you don’t have to use one of your three subs . This needs to be addressed, these players have hopefully long lives to live after their playing days are done and to be affected the rest of your life from concussions suffered in your playing days is not a good thing.
  14. Looks like the MLS will start to experiment with subbing off a player that suffers a concussion , and not having it count as one of the 3 substitution a team can make. Moreover, if a player is deemed to be ok he can come back into the game and the player that replaced him would then come off. This is something I hope all leagues will eventually implement. Moreover, I think this will also be used in the Olympic soccer tournament this year . This is something that is long over due .
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