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  1. It’s pro As it should be if they don’t cut it at this level simple as that . Osorio, Laryea , and now it looks like Akinola still there on merit as it should be . If you ain’t good enough for this level unfortunately you will be realeased it’s like this all over the world. However, if your released then it’s up to you do go and prove your self either at a lower level or maybe at the same level.
  2. TSN reporting will be out 6 to 8 weeks, most likely won’t see him back until mid January 2021 .
  3. Well so much for that , had coffee in hand just about to sit down and watch this game once I saw Fonzie was starting and he is injured and off just like that , hopefully it’s not as serious as it looked . Well no interest in watching this game now , going watch a bit of the Giro d’Italia cycling and the Sampdoria Atalanta game in serie A.
  4. Imagine that stadium full , how steep those stands are and how close to the field the stands are. The fans are right on top of you , the proper way a soccer stadium should look. No open ends , fully enclosed. I know I need to shut up and just appreciate our soccer cathedrals of BMO Field and it’s look alike Tim Hortons Field .
  5. Yes and no but I remember reading a report about English Academies that said only one in 200 players actually become regulars on the first team of clubs . For all the money these clubs put into a academies and it’s not a cheap endeavour for these clubs, love them or hate them TFC like most pro clubs in the world spend a fortune on their academies and sometimes one wonders if it’s really worth it in the end. Better to just invest in a league like a League 1 Ontario and just develop players from their and then have a yearly draft and teams pick the best from the crop. That’s why I think a new league like the CPL should just stick to this way of developing players. Each team helps out leagues like a league 1 Ontario across Canada and develop players there, it’s much more cheaper than running full fledged academies in the end.
  6. Wow great stuff Gerry Gray probably one of the best center midfielders ever to play for Canada. If you can check out his free kick he bent over the wall versus Mexico in I think a World Cup qualifying game at Azteca Stadium in front of over 100000 Mexican fans back in the early 80’s .
  7. Or maybe sometimes a player in the end was just not good enough plain and simple. Not every player who comes out of the academy and is signed for the first team is going to work out no matter how much playing time you give them. At times I feel people think that every player signed to a first team contract is going to work out, and if they don’t it’s always because they didn’t get enough first team minutes . Sometimes it’s simply because you just ain’t good enough unfortunately. This reminds me of players I’ve known over the years that when you ask about their playing days they always tell you the reason they didn’t make it was because of either politics or they had a bad career ending injury for the reasons they didn’t make it in the end lol, but I hardly ever hear them say , that in the end they were just not good enough lol!
  8. Ok this is pretty impressive for a league 1 Ontario team getting a guy like this to be part of their organization. Apart from the head coach and maybe an assistant or two no one is getting paid, and even the coaches in league 1 Ontario are just probably making enough to cover their time and any gas travel expense. Therefore , just find it strange that a guy working in one of the best leagues in the world and a top 5 or 6 club in the EPL would come to a new team in a league like League 1 Ontario. It would be like a guy working as a top scout for the Boston Bruins going to work for a hockey team in the 4th division in say Denmark . There has to be more to this story just seems strange for a guy like this to go from the EPL to League 1 Ontario with all due respect.
  9. I know that there is nothing that can compare to playing or even being around a club like Liverpool. Or even playing in the Championship or even another European league like say a Belgium, Portugal or even a Switzerland. Developing in an environment where soccer is everything. However, was just wondering if TFC had enquired about taking him on on a loan. I’m just curious because of the fact that they got another young Liverpool player from the Liverpool U23 with bringing on Gallacher on a loan deal a few weeks back.
  10. I think he really opened a lot of peoples eyes during TFC’s run to the Champions League final . Yes he was a solid contributor in TFC’s incredible 2017 winning season but then upping his game against some of the best teams in Mexico really established him in my eyes. Moreover, I think with all that experience behind him it will hopefully help in in those make or break games Canada will have in the upcoming World Cup qualifying .
  11. A lot of this has to do with the market TFC plays in. If they want to be at the very least relevant they need to be a top team in the league on an almost consistent basis. There are sports fans I work with , big Raptors , Leafs and Jays fans who would be hard pressed to name you even one player on TFC’s roster and they all live in the Toronto area. Therefore, keep having losing seasons and you even lose the casual fan from caring. First of all it’s the North American mentality of only really caring if the league your city plays in is the best league in the world . If it’s not then good luck getting most North Americans to really care. The MLS is definitely not even remotely close to being a top world league like the other North American sports leagues are. Therefore, the only way to get a bit of attention is by being good. Therefore, as an organization playing in this environment TFC is only going to take so many chances on playing unproven Canadian young players. They will play the odd one but are not going to put more than a couple on the field at the same time game in game out. The only way they put more Canadians on the field for now would be to go out and buy proven Canadian players like a Larin, Hoilet etc. In time this may change but for now they are going to continue to purchase players to keep them on a winning track, because they have to be if they want even a small fraction of the Toronto sports fans to care.
  12. Laryea and I know soccer is a team sport , is one of the reasons that TFC is topping the league right now and on a great run right now. There are not that many times that we can say that a Canadian player is a major reason why a certain team in a decent level league like the MLS is a big part of their winning ways. Yes we do have a few other players presently and the past that have played big parts or are playing major roles in their teams success, but we don’t get to say it a lot so it’s nice to see it. Last night when Laryea came off in the second half from cramping I was like oh oh this is a major loss both defensively and offensively with it being a one goal lead at the time. There are not too many times as a Canadian soccer fan I get to say that when a Canadian player comes off during a game in a league at the level of the MLS or even at leagues a lot higher levels than MLS where we have Canadian players playing.
  13. Don’t know what people expected Nelson to do in last night’s game. He did fairly well, yes he didn’t score or get an assist , but he made some good runs , worked hard got around players a couple of times. It was only his second start the kid is 18 , he has loads of potential just needs to be managed properly by the coaches. With more playing time I think he is ready for this level, maybe not as a starter yet but he is getting close in my opinion .
  14. Scott Arfield was not with the Canadian national team for a good part of his twenties, so I don’t get what your getting at with your Vitoria comments ?
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