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  1. Wow 80000 can’t think of another team sport where a Canadian national team can play in front of 80000 people and not even in a World Championship but a regional tournament.
  2. So any updates on where he will be playing his club football? Hopefully signs with someone soon before the Oct.
  3. How does a team that played like this with some of those players playing at good levels not even make it to the Hex? Just look at those goals Canada scored and against a good team, just still can’t understand how we failed so miserably all these years . Talk about our present day golden generation team but that team in that video had some damn good players not that far off from this one , but what they lacked was the depth this team presently has, but still enough talent there to at least have made a run at making it to the World Cup instead of not making the final round of qualifying.
  4. Totally agree don’t see this as a good fit for him , I think Tajon is talented enough right now to not have to jump at the first serious European offer . I think a few more offers will come in where he will then have a chance to pick and choose the team he sees will be the best fit for him.
  5. There are a few more changes that would really improve this game and I really think that the vast majority of fans would like to see changes made . Like even the granting of a penalty for some calls is far too harsh . A penalty call for some of these hand ball calls are a joke too and that call if a goal is scored can decide a goal it should not be that way but it is unfortunately, but want to stop hijacking this thread and get back to the topic , maybe someone can start a thread on changes they would like to see made to the game because to me they are so many this game needs.
  6. If we park the bus then it will feel like no progress has been over these past few years if they resort to playing Mexico the way they have mainly played Mexico over the years . Off topic soccer needs to bloody make some fucken changes to this sport, these yellow card accumulation bullshit is a joke . Can you imagine hockey having players miss games because of penalty accumulation like say in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs with the chance of big stars that can make differences in games having to miss a big deciding playoff game . This is a joke of a rule and would take it further even the two yellow card rule and miss the next game is a joke !
  7. Yup totally agree , he knows Canadian soccer , the players , history and any current things happening with Canadian players and the Canadian game . I want my commentators to be on the ball with the comings and going’s of the Canadian player and the Canadian game and Wheeler is on the ball when it comes to that .
  8. I like Nigel Reed too, I put on old games he has done whenever I have trouble sleeping. Sorry but Nigel Reed give me Wheeler every time over this guy . Nigel would be perfect doing golf I’m surprised he did not go that route .
  9. I get it and I’m at fault in doing this too , but we watch a player who had a good game but then we pick out one play out of many and point out that instead of kicking the ball out he had better options lol. The best of the best you can analyze a game and probably point out a few times where their decision makings were suspect . I just find this funny when we do this and like I said I do it too .
  10. You must have missed TFC’s 2017 MLS Cup and Supporters Shield winning season or TFC’s CONCACAF Champions League run to the final where Bono had some great performances so don’t know if today’s game was his best .
  11. Ya that’s the thing about him he puts me too sleep , but ya love Clare she is very good and seems very knowledgeable too.
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