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  1. Class of 2002. Forward/ left-sided winger. Another Whitecaps youth player on his way to Atletico Ottawa apparently: https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-matteo-de-brienne-training/
  2. He was also being played out of position as a winger, if i recall. He's not nearly fast enough for that position and it showed.
  3. The non-Davies choice at LB at the moment is between Miller and Adekugbe. Adekugbe gives you more going forward; Miller gives you more certain defense. Good options to have.
  4. This is so tough because the Canadian national youth teams play so rarely. But anyway, let me take a wild crack at it: how about Alphonso's little brother?
  5. Made his MLS debut with the Whitecaps and looked really good. Subbed in to right mid. Lots of speed, skill and good passing. He started the play that led to the Caps winning goal. Then made another pass to Ricketts leading to a penalty. Was lively, skilled and made such an impression that he will surely get lots of playing time off the bench. Great start!
  6. Bumping this thread. Based on nothing more than getting a few minutes of time in the Whitecaps pre-season game vs Portland today, Metcalfe could be an interesting player to watch. Shows some physical play in central mid and is not easily knocked off the ball. Given how thin the Caps are in midfield, he could work his way into the picture.
  7. Another goal and another strong game from Bair for the Caps vs LA Galaxy. Also had a terrific shot off the crossbar and was generally an absolute beast for LA to handle.
  8. Borges would have been a starter for the Whitecaps by the end of the season. He would have filled a significant need for the team and been an improvement on what they had. I say this having watched every Whitecaps game this season, several Borges games on One Soccer and one Borges game in person. The guy can play.
  9. Very good game overall. Laryea looked terrific going forward. Really want to see this team against stronger opponents - Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Jamaica, etc. Fun to beat up on the Cubas but we need experience against better teams.
  10. It's the worst midfield in MLS. The worst midfield in Whitecaps history. One of the worst I have ever seen at a professional team. They couldn't find 10 minutes for Norman?
  11. Finally signs homegrown MLS contract with the Whitecaps: https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2019/08/23/wfc-sign-mukumbilwa
  12. Henry played the second half for the Whitecaps vs DC United today. Looked strong.
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