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  1. Henry played the second half for the Whitecaps vs DC United today. Looked strong.
  2. Sorry if I missed this somewhere else, but it's time to bump this thread. Has started multiple times for the Whitecaps and scored a wonder goal last week for his first in MLS. Showed well again today vs DC United playing as a right forward / mid.
  3. He's listed as Jordan Alvarez on the roster originally named by Canada, and then they listed him as Jordan Lemus on the game day roster. Same with Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty who was listed as Jahkeele Stanford on the game day rosters by the broadcasters.
  4. Ahhh, you are right - thank you! Desjardins and Busti are the leading goalies in this class so far.
  5. Thought I would do a check-in on the progress of this generation of Canadian players. With Davies and David alone, what a generation! These are the 2000-born players who are making the most progress so far - let me know who I am missing! Major prospects / Major European leagues: Alphonso Davies, Jonathan David MLS rosters / USL / USL2: Noble Okello, Michael Baldisimo, Luca Petrasso, Julian Dunn-Johnson, Terique Mohammed Smaller European leagues: Benson Fazili, Ben Paton, Antonio Rocco Romeo, Alessandro Busti CPL: Alessandro Hojabrpour, Emile Legault, Yohan Le Bourhis, Jose Hernandez Obviously, Davies and David are in a class by themselves. Okello was on the Gold Cup roster. Busti has been cap-tied. Would appreciate any perspective at this point on the other prospects, and whether we should be tracking other key 2000s.
  6. It's impossible to know who will be able to take their game to the next level as they get older, but this team played smart and played with a lot of heart. What a crazy schedule! Mbongue is a very big guy - especially for this age group - but he also showed some skill with his feet. Assi was relentless in the attack - but I wonder whether he has the speed for the next level. Marshall-Rutty showed flashes of skill and vision. Gordon was the youngest player on the team and was physical, had a nice touch and good judgement. Many other players with good qualities. Great start for this Class of 2004!
  7. Can we get them to develop some central defenders?
  8. Starting lineup for Canada vs Mexico was: Bontis - Stojadinovic, Cloutier, Campagna, Gordon - Alvarez - Marshall-Rutty, Henry, Saliba, Assi - Mbongue Canada's legs seemed dead for the first part of the game and Mexico was overall the stronger team, but the Canadian team hung in. Mbongue is a handful when he gets the ball anywhere near him. Assi was running at the Mexico team all game. And there was incredible work rate from the central mid trio of Saliba, Henry and Alvarez.
  9. The player I liked in this game was Malik Daouda - played the No. 6 role. Very good passing, distribution and calm defending. Didn't see much speed but he looks like he has the size to gain more speed. First time I've seen him at the tournament and he impressed. Plays for Montreal's academy.
  10. Much tougher opponent for Canada today. Bonis - Caron, Cloutier, Campagna, Stojadinovic - Alvarez, Daouda, Saliba - Assi, Mbongue, Marshall-Rutty Slovenia was what you would expect from a well-organized and physical central European team: almost impossible to break through in midfield or defense. Slovenia goals came from a corner, a scramble in the box and then a late counter with Canada pushing everyone forward. 3-0 win for Slovenia. Assi continued to look like the most dangerous Canadian on the attack and put it wide on Canada's best chance to tie the game early.
  11. Starting lineup was a 4-1-4-1 formation: Bontis - Stojadinovic, Cloutier, Campagna, Gordon - Alvarez - Assi, Henry, Saliba, Marshall-Rutty - Mbongue Hard to evaluate the team as El Salvador were an exceptionally poor opponent. Difficult to provide any insight on the central midfield or the defense as Salvador provided no pressure or skill in the attack. Watched RB Gordon a bit (youngest player on the team) and he showed very good positioning, calm defending and some very nice balls forward. Marshall-Rutty generates loads of offense from his right mid/right forward role: he's fast, passes well, and shows vision on the field. Reminds me a little of Jonathan David. Mbongue is a beast up front and Assi is a beast coming in from left forward with speed. 7-0 win.
  12. Kicked off today and so far Canada is crushing El Salvador 5-0 early in the second half. Canadian forwards completely running over the ES defense.
  13. Sorry mate, this was announced July 17 and is covered in another thread. https://canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-squad-for-the-concacaf-boys-under-15-championship-p162265
  14. Thread to track players with a 2004 birth year. These players will be 22 during the 2026 World Cup. Called up for the 2019 Concacaf U-15 Championship in August: CANADAGK- Max Anchor | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps AcademyGK- Dino Bontis | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyCB- Loïc Cloutier | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de MontréalCB- Markus Pusztahegyi | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyFB- Renaud Caron | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de MontréalM- Luca Accettola | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyM- Jordan Alvarez | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyM- Matteo Campagna | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps AcademyM- Malik Daouda | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de MontréalM- Maël Henry | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de MontréalM- Nathan-Dylan Saliba | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de MontréalM- Marko Stojadinovic | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyF- Theo Afework | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps AcademyF- Jean-Aniel Assi | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de MontréalF- Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyF- Hugo Mbongue Mbongue | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyF- Charles-Étienne Volcy | CAN / Académie de l’Impact de Montréal CANADA A-ZName | Birthyear | City where they grew up | First/active start in soccerAccettola, Luca | 2004 | Vaughan, ON, CAN | Vaughan SCAfework, Theo | 2004 | Calgary, AB, CAN | Calgary Ranger SCAlvarez, Jordan | 2004 | Toronto, ON, CAN | SC TorontoAnchor, Max | 2004 | North Burnaby, BC, CAN | Coquitlam Metro Ford SCAssi, Jean-Aniel | 2004 | Montréal, QC, CAN | ASM LaSalleBontis, Dino | 2004 | Ancaster, ON, CAN | Hamilton SpartaCampagna, Matteo | 2004 | Surrey, BC, CAN | Surrey United SCCaron, Renaud | 2004 | Saint-Hubert, QC, CAN | ARS Rive-SudCloutier, Loïc | 2004 | Montréal, QC, CAN | FC Trois LacsDaouda, Malik | 2004 | Brossard, QC, CAN | AS BrossardHenry, Maël | 2004 | Montréal, QC, CAN | CS Boucaniers MontréalMarshall-Rutty, Jahkeele | 2004 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Brampton East SCMbongue Mbongue, Hugo | 2004 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Cherry Beach SCPusztahegyi, Markus | 2004 | Kitchener, ON, CAN | Kitchener SCSaliba, Nathan-Dylan | 2004 | Longueuil, QC, CAN | CS LongueuilStojadinovic, Marko | 2004 | Caledon, ON, CAN | South Caledon SCVolcy, Charles-Étienne | 2004 | Blainville, QC, CAN | AS Blainville
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