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  1. I didn't see anything that made him seemed the least bit of upset - maybe just a little sheepish from the botched penalty.
  2. I'm just joining the chorus here. Jonathan David is an amazing young player. While Alphonso is an explosive force, David is a machine. What a pair to build our team around.
  3. 4 CanMNT games - the 3 WC qualifiers at BC Place and the recent friendly
  4. I loved the extra effort to finish that last goal.
  5. Jayden Nelson is pretty darn good.
  6. Most promising young player in CPL so far. He's been active, runs hard, wins balls, is creative and gets some great shots away. This guy will be in MLS pretty quick at this rate.
  7. Sorry if I missed commenting on this somewhere else, but he made his debut with Pacific FC this week. Looked like he was playing in more of a centre defense role. Looked very active and decisive defensively. Moved the ball forward confidently and had one great pass forward to the far side of the field hitting an attacker on the run. Good start.
  8. LOL i don't think i've ever seen him take a corner before. He almost put it in!
  9. Henry has been playing exceptionally well. To borrow a term from American football, he's been the Caps shutdown defender. He takes on the opponent's top striker and he's been successfully shutting them down. Except for the handball (a big mistake!), he was one of the best - if not the best - Whitecap on the day.
  10. It was indeed a puzzler but I was more puzzled by the Teibert sub. Russ hasn't played a minute this year due to injury - odd to put him in the game. I would have subbed Liam on for Osorio and moved David to the central mid role.
  11. Was at the game. Agree with all this. And... Brault-Guillard could develop into a better than average RB - nice touches, good positioning. David was excellent. Kaye was mostly excellent.
  12. Anyone know what the "Migration Strategy" is?
  13. Thread to track players with a 2003 birth year. Starting with U-17 team going to a camp in Mexico in 2019: https://canadasoccer.com/canada-selects-u-17-squad-for-mexico-trip-as-part-of-men-s-excel-program-p162078 These players will be 23 during the 2026 World Cup. Players with a 2003 birth year are as follow: CB- David Amla | CAN / Académie Impact MontréalFB- Mckail Brathwaite | CAN / FC EdmontonFB- Keesean Ferdinand | CAN / Académie Impact MontréalFB- Kobe Franklin | CAN / Toronto FC AcademyM- Matt Catavolo | CAN / Académie Impact MontréalM- Tomas Giraldo | CAN / Académie Impact MontréalM- Kamron Habibullah | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy
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