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  1. First time seeing Kennedy as well and while I concur with all of the above, he will need to improve the accuracy of those passes if he hopes to play at a higher level.
  2. I overlooked TMG! Would agree with that grouping - Waterman perhaps top of that group.
  3. The central defender role is going to be the most competitive of all the positions on the senior team. Clearly not yet settled with two sets of starters for each of the WC qualifying games, a different set for the Olympic qualifying, and a number of candidates on the outside looking in. Let's bump this thread to discuss where we rank the current contenders: Steven Vitoria - clearly Herdman's first choice; regular starter in Portugal top division Kamal Miller - looking like they want Kamal to be the left-sided starter; will be starter at Montreal? Ricardo Ferreira - could b
  4. Nicely done. I would drop Hojabrpour and Hernandez from the top 10 and promote Ben Paton and Steven Simpson based on their placement on the prelim Olympics qualification roster.
  5. There's actually no reason Vancouver couldn't host games. We are totally set up for it - stadium, practice facilities, hotels, transportation infrastructure. Really not that costly in the end and I always thought there would be a lot of pressure from the business community and the city to get this done. But doesn't look like that will happen now. It's too bad, really.
  6. Whitecaps planning to use Bair more as a pure striker this coming season https://theprovince.com/sports/soccer/mls/vancouver-whitecaps/bair-hopes-canada-call-up-will-kickstart-2021-campaign-with-whitecaps?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1610321493
  7. Great list - thanks for updating it @MM3/MM2/MM Hope we can see more of these players in action this coming season. Continue to hear strong buzz about Habibullah but we will know more if the Whitecaps sign him this year and get him some game action.
  8. I continue to be impressed every time I see him. He holds the ball under pressure very well and somehow manages to make a long pass that unlocks the opponents’ defense. High degree of difficulty under pressure. I’m guessing MDS doesn’t totally trust him defensively yet - he sometimes looks slow to read a play. He can learn that.
  9. At this point, there is no danger of him being capped by either Chile or Canada.
  10. Based on his Whitecap performances so far, here's what I see from Gutierrez: - passes the ball extremely well - his passing and crosses are remarkably pinpoint, well-placed and perfectly weighted (check out how many times his passes stay on the ground and end up perfectly on the feet of his teammate) - his speed going forward is only average or slightly above average - he's no Adekugbe when it comes to attacking speed - he creates offense with smart passing and well-timed counter-attacks, and is smart with the ball in the final third - defensively, his positioning is genera
  11. For those of us who don't know much about Yao, what can you tell us?
  12. Very roughly ranking the keepers for the senior team then. Assuming St. Clair and Hasal continue starting through the rest of the MLS season. We know Herdman prefers players who are getting the minutes at a high level: Borjan Crepeau Carducci Thomas St. Clair Hasal Pantemis
  13. His confidence is growing every game. Great to see.
  14. Sorry I'm jumping in late to this thread, but one of the things we do on this site - and this section in particular - is talk about future national team prospects. As we have seen over and over, they can come from anywhere (a 15-year-old from Edmonton? a veteran of the Scottish League? a Canadian university player?). That's one of the reasons I and many others come here. How do we know what significance these players have until we identify them and discuss them?
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