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  1. So from pictures, we can see: - Stache - Piette - McGill - LdF - Laryea - Alistair - Ahmed - Hoilett - DSC - Shaffelburg - Osorio - Bombito - JRR - Kamal - Phonzy - Larin - Theo Bair - Kone - Tani (pretty sure it’s him at least) - David - Tajon - Hiebert - Crepeau
  2. I tried to look back to see if this was shared and didn’t see, apologies if it was, but some welcome news
  3. Right, sorry his Instagram post was of him in Miami yesterday or the day before haha. Pretty close proximity, but would be surprising to be with the team after not being in the friendlies I think.
  4. Quite different than what I had sent, sorry for the confusion!
  5. Thats what it is, Phonzy is an ambassador to BTB. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alphonso-davies-dieu-merci-michel-btb-edmonton-fifa-world-cup-1.6670831
  6. Thats awesome, came from the same city and youth program if I'm not mistaken? Good mentor to have and nice to seem them having a relationship
  7. So good, particularly love the two clips near the end (2:20ish on) where he shakes off Camavinga and red should’ve given advantage, and then his standing tackle on Camavinga. Just so good, so excited for his development
  8. Could be with our main squad for Copa, but oh well
  9. Think he was thinking about the earlier one where he didn’t pass to Staq and figured he had to pass this one
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