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  1. Nice to see him actually hustle and out work defenders, didn't see that at the Olympic sample.
  2. Club Brugge fans must be so excited about this guy
  3. It's a slow Friday, how about we make this post explode by adding "coaching" to the list? Where would you rate us???
  4. Fun to see the Whitecaps turn the season around like that, really enjoying the success. Just unfortunate that MDS and Cornelius aren't around to enjoy it too.
  5. Wow. Those are strong words. Didn't expect that kind of respect from them. They're putting Davies on a whole other level, i mean i know he is, but for Muricans to actually realize and admit that Pulisic and Dest are not on the same level is massive.
  6. @Acid-Tone Dude! Are you in Nashville wearing an Expos cap? Cause the TSN feed just showed a loan Canadian in the stands wearing an Expos cap and Canada scarf cheering after the goal and it looked a lot like the guy in the photo you posted of yourself and David. It was absolutely glorious btw!
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, makes a lot of sense.
  8. First thing that crosses my mind when i see him defending 1v1 is "full stop". He was just soo enjoyable to watch play after play, stop after stop. It was artistic, he so smart and quick.
  9. Do you know one coach that doesn't make mistakes even after winning it all and isn't still learning every match? Give me one, come on, I dare you.
  10. First point I want to make is that BMO was absolutely rocking from what I could tell on the TV! Great job to all that showed up! Cannot say that enough. Johnston was phenomenal. I don’t see how this guy stays in Nashville and MLS much longer. Buchanan was the opposite. He really underestimated the level of the opponent and got burned. Not sure what was up with Miller last night, definitely an off night. I have no doubt he’ll bounce back strong. Very shaky start for Hutch as well, so many lost balls, very unlike him. Scratching my head on that one. Arfield in the middle woulda been huge in a game like that. I’ve seen enough of Larin and David together, they’re too alike. Speaking of attackers, so, Cavallini was at the game, but isn’t cleared to play yet, right? We struggle when teams park the bus, which is what Honduras did most of the game. We need to find a way around that. At the moment we seem to be a one trick pony and only threaten on quick breaks. I hate that there is no VAR, this will work against us. If any federation in the world needs VAR it’s CONCACAF. Need to go back to a middle 3. I assume Herman expected Hutch and Eustaquio would be good enough at stealing the loose balls in the middle and pass to the wings to attack, but it wasn’t enough. Herdman has pulled some huge rabbits out of the hat with formation switches, but it didn’t work last night. I would’ve preferred Osorio or Wotherspoon in Laryea’s place. Laryea did grow into it and showed some good stuff in the last 30, but looked quite lost in the first 60. I assume he was there to provide more flexibility depending what was required, just didn’t work out. That being said, can we really blame Herdman’s formation? How many players played to their potential tonight? Only two exceeded expectations (Borjan and Johnston). Miller, Hutch, Buchanan, David, Larin all played below expectations. I think the slow start might actually help us, we needed a reality check. I truly think I woulda been more worried about the rest of the tournament if we blew them away. Just look at Tajon’s performance as the perfect example. Respect the opponents regardless of what you’ve accomplished in the past 2-3 months. Keep it real, feet on the round, there are 13 more games to go. So glad Berhalter is still in as USA coach, we can do this, especially with him there. I’m hoping for a 4-5-1 vs the USA. Davies and Laryea on the wings to help out a lone striker. Put Piette in there for defensive cover. Vitoria may need to rest, but I absolutely hate the idea of putting Henry in there. Can Fraser play with Kennedy in the middle? Adekugbe - Kennedy - Fraser - Johnston
  11. Also need to note that Honduras was more than happy to take a point, hence the time wasting. We were favorites and they all knew they were not the better side. We've come a long way.
  12. He's been pretty bad all around thus far, totally underestimating who he's playing against. I think his head has gotten too large for the door.
  13. Johnston miles ahead of everyone already for man of the match, but a few others don't seem to have got their cleats on yet.
  14. It's the old school 3-2 5! Rip them a new A$$hole. Laryea - Davies - Larin - David - Buchanan ----------Eustaquio - Hutch ----------Miller - Vitoria - Johnston
  15. I'm not choked up, you're choked up! This is the only place i'll admit to getting choked up just by telling my wife the games start tonight. Am I crazy? i'm gonna need to watch these next 14 games alone. I know i'll cry like a baby if CANMNT actually qualifies for the WC.
  16. Not sure where to put this, but two different radio stations here in Montreal mentioned tonight's game and the importance of it. Both stressed how unfortunate it is that it hasn't been mentioned more in the media, as well as the general lack of information and understanding of how we qualify as well as the talent we have grown. One went out of his way to mention how ridiculous it is they only talk about hockey year round and how it's a simple man's sport with no real strategy aside from dump in and crash the net. I was shocked! Good stuff!
  17. Official reason was he didn't want to spend another indefinite period stuck in the USA with covid travel restrictions. Just like Patrice Bernier, he has a young family and didn't want to spend that much time away from them.
  18. Beauty. Fans will like that one.
  19. I don't really understand the timing behind all this. So they start winning and they finally decide to sack him?
  20. This team is really coming together, squad rotation is strong, replacements at each position. Only real weakness is Camacho leading the CB's. If they could just replace him with a solid veteran this team would be a real force, they're just getting better and more confident.
  21. 3rd coach and still not playing the kids, strong feeling the coach isn't the one making decisions here.
  22. Brugge fans must be pretty stoked watching that video.
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