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  1. And Miller! That's 3 Canadians and 3 foreigners. Henry will be sticking to his 3 man back, so they "should" be getting a few games. At least Raitala and Fanni are gone, ideally they dump Camacho quickly, no reason for him to be taking minutes from the 3 Canadians, he's an unreliable wreck, however Henry seems to rate him.
  2. But the USSF has had matches and camps the past 12 months which the CSA failed to organize. So this is a bigger deal to us than it is to them.
  3. I've been meaning to look that up, just haven't had the time. Two toddlers and all will do that....
  4. Great finish by David, so glad he played 90. Frustrating part was..... They showed David's heat map at one point in the 2nd half and commentator said, "yes he's running all over the place but never at the right time, he's just making the wrong runs to the wrong places." I was like WTF have you been watching??? Even on the winning goal his reflex was the charge the net as soon as Xeka hit it. He's making all the right runs, Lille just plays backward. Another translated comment was, "another great unselfish pass by Bamba to find David but it was intercepted". Really? H
  5. If the best they can do is poke fun at a logo, then have it, knock yourself out. What happens on the pitch is important.
  6. Yeah, maybe reading too much into this, but, I've never heard "bittersweet" used in an expected future happy ending sense. This sounds like a break up to me. "I liked you", "I wanted it to work", "lets be friends, ok", "he was hurt".....
  7. Bah, me, personally, I like it. This is an improvement on U13 Impact across the board. It needed to be done 10 years ago, even before MLS. But now is better than never. Bandaid is off, move on. Colours are nice, logo is ok, the front office is doing their thing. They're going in the right direction. People will always find a way to criticize, especially in these covid times. It's up to the individual to see snowflake as negative or positive. Half full vs half empty. There will never be a shortage of insults between rival clubs, why even try to avoid it?
  8. Geez, is it possible to leave more open space at the back post? Didn't Larin do the exact same thing last game?
  9. Hmm, i don't know. Yes Ligue1 is better than Super Lig, but no way is Dijon a better destination than Besiktas. Besiktas regularly play Champions League.
  10. Interesting take, I hadn't heard that one yet. That'd be a great direction. it's getting exciting, looking forward to the announcement.
  11. My bad, sorry about that. However, there is no anger or frustration happening here, just a discussion and expanding on info/data. Peace.
  12. Ok, I promise, my last comment on the Ballou subject. 3 guys, similar positions, same age, very different leagues. Statistics are always tricky for comparisons, but still, can't really say he has not performed on the field: Ballou G/393 minutes Buchanan G/616 minutes Millar G/267 minutes
  13. It wasn't so much reported, as built from a vague statement made from a coach. Pretty sure it was Biello, he was asked by media what the situation with Ballou was when he didn't show up for practice and got suspended. The coach replied with something along the lines of "I feel Ballou is being poorly guided by his entourage, he's young and needs to understand the coach decides when he plays not his entourage." Thing is, entourage is a vague term. Everyone in Montreal wanted to see him play, the fans and the media were intrigued, his name was all over the place, he owned the match vs Ro
  14. I see your point, I agree with a lot of this and @HochelagaFC. But its like I said, we don't know the entire story, we're just assuming a lot of it based on a few lousy inexperienced coaches. All I ask is to see the kid play a few games in a row. The Impact has given so many chances to guys with the right attitude and work ethic who showed close to no skill or attacking vision, why not try the opposite and see what happens? Every single coach that didn't play him has their own massive list of deficiencies. Pirlo, Ozil and Riquelme also pissed off a lot of coaches, that's the styl
  15. Biello was playing Oduro, Ontivero and Choiniere while Ballou was rotting on the bench. He wowed everyone in the few minutes he got vs Roma and then went straight back to the bench. Of course he asked for a transfer, everyone would in that situation. BarcaB seemed to believe in him, and I trust their system and coaching more than Albacete and the Impact. The loan didn't work out, but there were no reports of attitude or performance issues. Looking at it from a different angle.... perhaps the amateur coaches (yes, they're all amateur: Biello, Cabrera, Garde and even Henry) didn't
  16. I hear you. Same here. So much has been said and assumed it's hard to understand what is really going on. I just wish we could see him get 10 games straight in a role he can express himself to see what he's really capable of. He obviously can't play a fullback role, why put him in that role just to see him fail and accuse him of not following instructions? He's obviously more of a creative/attacking player, he sees things others don't when moving forward. Just like a #6 isn't capable of playing attacking soccer and an artist can't be an accountant. More obvious and successful e
  17. Don't forget the CSA's part in this, they also have a huge role. Qualifying doesn't happen on paper, that happens on the field and the CSA hasn't gotten the coach anywhere near a field with the players lately. Putting it all on the coach isn't fair if he doesn't get a chance to actually try those theoretical lineups. Look how many different lineups and formations we come up with here. Herdman's had zero opportunity to try any of them thus far. At this point in time, CANMNT starting line is behind other nations due to CSA's incompetence. The coaches need games and camps to get th
  18. Looked good out there! You see he's a no nonsense hard worker. Doesn't slouch or complain, just tries to get it done! I like his style.
  19. On my end, I meant no disrespect towards Herdman, I'm a fan thus far. I mean it's not up to him confirm and pay for the games, that's all on CSA.
  20. Meaning.... Herdman : "don't worry Arsenal, we never ever actually play any games. So your guy will never have to travel to Canada or risk getting injured. Arsenal : "you have our vote!"
  21. There was never any doubt!
  22. We need our best 11 on the field, we just pull the old 0-4-6. Borjan just needs to make saves and hoof it up. Davies - Hoilett - Cavallini - Larin - David - Laryea .................Eustaquio - Hutch - Arfield - Kaye ..............................................Borjan
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