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  1. Pretty bad performance, IMFC is a lot better than that on paper. They didn't look good, but there were some little individual flashes. There are a lot of question marks too. As for things we know: - Wanyama and Piette can't play in the midfield together. Piette looks lost when asked to move up beside Taider, that just isn't his position. Piette needs to be Wanyama's backup and thats it. -Having Piette in the middle unable to distribute the ball and Bojan as number 10 not getting any balls is like playing down a man.
  2. Excellent point, and i'd also rather we save money for games and real scouting.
  3. Problem solved, Laryea is the LB, ZGB is the RB, Cordova is the backup for both. Now we're still just missing the CB's. I suggest we move Cavallini and Larin to CB and Akinola to striker.
  4. We got robbed of the ultimate show down. We could've been watching ZBG and Laryea head to head as wingbacks on the same side! Disappointed!
  5. 4 guys out of position to be exact. I love Henry, he's had a good start, but I just don't get what he's trying to do with the right side when you have ZBG and Bahiya on the bench. The wheel has been invented, it works, stop trying to make it better.
  6. Indeed, but you're still missing the point. Tesho had 9 goals his rookie year at 21-22.
  7. Slow down there, its great to get excited, however, Akindele has managed to put up good seasons including rookie of the year, vs one good game for Ayo. One game at a time....
  8. Anyway we look at it, things are looking solid at RB. As an Impact fan, I love Laryea's game, and I hope to see them both push themselves farther for the starter role on CANMNT. ZBG is only 21, Laryea 25, if they're fairly equal now, I expect ZBG to take it in a year or two. Either way, they remain a great duo, throw in Cordova and we've got depth and options at RB. We can focus on the rest of the back line now. Just please don't ever call up Godinho again!
  9. We used to say the same about a certain Alphonso Davies. They have a nearly identical skill set. Not at the same level obvisouly, but they're also not playing at the same level.
  10. Henry has a massive puzzle with the Impacts roster. There is a lot of potential, but building continuity and familiarity will be his biggest challenge. Even with 5 changes per game, it’ll be difficult to get everyone the playing time they need to prove themselves. 15-20minutes won’t cut it. I don’t see how we play back to back games with the same 11. Not to mention high salaries that don’t factor in the best 11. The depth on the wings is nuts, and no one really stands out as the clear starters: Lappi, Quioto, Urutti, Ballou, Okwonkwo, Bojan..... I don't see how we fit Bojan in there regularly, he's got talent, but a little too much like Ozil where he disappears for 85 minutes and then produces one magical touch. Personally - due to CANMNT potential - I'd rather see Ballou in there playing the creative (non-defending) forward. The back is equally complicated. You have Binks with loads of potential, same for ZBG, Waterman who we’d all like to see succeed (because CANMNT). Fanni has to play, you’re paying Camacho a ton of money, Raitala is your captain. With a back 3, Raitala logically takes the LWB role, but that’s not his best position and Lassi provides more speed and offensive threat. Henry seems set on playing a back 3, I love the system but i’m not sure it gets the best 11 on the pitch. Best 11 is probably: -----------Quioto - Bojan Lassi - Wanyama - Taider - Okwonkwo Raitala - Binks - Fanni - ZBG The lineup I want to see: Tabla - Quioto - Okwonkwo Lassi - Wanyama - Taider - ZBG Binks - Fanni - Waterman However, this leaves the two captains and even more money and talent on the bench: Raitala, Piette, Bojan, Camacho, Urruti.
  11. Dude, this is pretty much a preseason game, no one has played in ~4 months - what did you expect exactly?
  12. Piette can't share defensive duties in the midfield, he doesn't know what to do with himself in a 4-2-3-1. He can only play 6 in a 433 or or 4141. I doubt we'll ever see him at RWB again, that was a huge fail. With everyone healthy, i expect to see Wanyama start next game and Piette on the bench. Good to see Henry experiment though.
  13. He's not far from that. At this point, we're not looking for someone to step up and be all Virgil Van Dijk. All we need from our CB's at the moment is: decent athleticism, focus on positioning and limit the mistakes/fouls. Just keep it simple. They don't need to be dominant, simple game and limit the mistakes, just that would give us a strong chance of being really competetive.
  14. All Piette needs is ~6 games per year for 8 more years to reach 100. Very likely he'll still be a major factor at 33. National teams tend to play with lineups way more than clubs. Factor in tournaments and injuries (which never happen to him - the guy is made of steel), and he can reach it.
  15. You can argue, but you'd you'd be wrong! Hahaha! No but seriously, Arfield is only 31, was playing EPL just 2 years ago, and is still competing in Europa League. Osorio will never and could never make it to either. I like Osorio, but he's 4th-5th midfielder on the team right now depending who we're playing and which formation. He still has a lot to give CANMNT, but to say he's caught Arfield... I just don't see it.
  16. Are we talking about "today" or 2022? Cause if we're playing Costa Rica, Mexico or USA tonight or next week, Hutch is in the middle of that list.
  17. With all do respect, Arsenal doesn't seem like the best environment for a young promising player at the moment.
  18. You're absolutely right! I totally did think that Miller was younger than Cornelius, he was 20-21 in my head. Thanks.
  19. I like your reasoning and most of the 11, however, I cringe when someone picks Osorio ahead of Arfield. No personal offence, but i just can't.
  20. Nice lineup. However, if we're talking about playing today, I feel Hutch has a spot in the 11. The backline is just not dependable enough. I feel that with Eustaquio, Kaye or Piette playing the Def-mid role we've got enough defensive savy & skill to cover for Hutch's limitations at CB. Any way we add it up, he's light years ahead of Henry, Vitoria and Cornelius in experience, focus and temperament. I'm also all-in for the 3-5-2, however I'd go with "Miller - Hutch - Vitoria"
  21. Miller is the solution to Henry, James, Vittoria, Cornelius and James. Yes he's young, but he's got the most potential of the bunch. Inexperienced, yes. However, so calm and athletic. He seems to be learning soo quickly. He makes the cut for me. We know the other 5 will make mistakes and don't seem to learn from them. At least in Miller's case he's got an excuse (age), and we can hope he develops into the badly needed CB.
  22. I dunno man, 2nd division in Austria or any smaller Euro nation is probably way ahead of where CPL is now. We're just not as developed, YET. CPL will help change this, but it will take time.
  23. I feel he plays and runs with such arrogance, he gives off this vibe like he knows he's quicker, better and smarter than the guy facing him. His gait and heads up play is really impressive. Totally different player and style, but his arrogance and posture reminds me of Pirlo's attitude. Man I really hope this guy stays healthy! Can't wait to see more from him....
  24. This is what worries me about Kamal Miller. I feel the guy has loads of potential, I just hope he doesn't miss playing time and gets lost in the shuffle by poor management.
  25. Can we make him a CB? Enough with the promising attacking players, WE NEED MOT*ERF*C*IN CB'S NOW!!!
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