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  1. He played 5 minutes last Sunday in a 3-1 win!
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Only chance we ever had at this guy was if we made the WC (and Egypt didn't) and he still hadn't been called up by Egypt. Not the end of the world because I'm pretty sure Omar has made it clear in the past he wants to play for Egypt. Best of luck to him!
  3. I have had this opinion in the past but all the really good players on the states have a "I can do this on my own" mentality that hurts them a lot. I think we've seen Davies show that attitude sometimes as well and it's resulted in him having some poor performances sometimes. Luckily Davies is a different level of good and he doesn't always do that but it seems like the guys on the USMNT do. On Canada we have guys that buy into a system and are able to play their role well on most given nights. USMNT for me are just a bunch of guys trying to skill their way to win which often does work because they just have that many high quality players. When it doesn't work and other teams push back as a team they fall apart.
  4. I’m thinking the opposite where USA losing to El Salvador would mean they try extra hard against us at home
  5. Every game but Jamaica vs Mexico. We don’t want Jamaica picking up points versus Mexico
  6. We gave up the ball so much tonight, especially in the midfield. Luckily Honduras are pretty poor on the counter. I am disappointed but it is a point and you have to move onto the next game. I can’t see us being the states at home so a max of 4 points this window is very frustrating.
  7. Shout out to Faizal Khamisa and Tim Micallef for being the few on Sportsnet to actually talk about the CANMNT
  8. I saw that as well. My original comment was not intended to start the enduring debate so I apologize on that behalf 😅 If you are reading this thread Dieu-Merci, best of luck with Brugge this year!
  9. Eustaquio’s IG story seems to have lead for some reporters to assume he’s saying goodbye when I’m like 99% sure it’s about playing for Canada next week
  10. I’m guessing Jamaica will only call up so many EFL players because then it would just destroy their bench for the other games they cannot attend
  11. He was on the bench earlier this month for Venezia in a friendly versus Twente. Venezia U19 season starts on the 11th
  12. Quick analysis of the squads we will be facing: USA: Essentially their strongest possible squad, Musah and Dike the most notable omissions. I think we all keep an eye on them so really no need to talk about who their best players are. El Salvador: Like the US it is very close to their best possible roster. Best players being Zavaleta (Toronto), Roldan (Seattle) and Ceren (Houston). Enrico Hernandez is a top dual-national (relative to their pool) that's also on their squad. Former Netherlands youth international who plays for Vitesse but is on loan in the Eerste Divisie. Honduras: They're missing two decent forwards in Alberth Ellis (Bordeaux) and Bryan Rochez (Nacional). Notables in the squad are Flores (Panetolikos), Quioto (Montreal), Lozano (Cadiz) and Rivas (Reginna). I think it goes without saying that we should be getting a minimum of 6 points from this window. El Salvador should be a walk over while Honduras will be tougher but we should still prevail.
  13. It’s pretty inexcusable to not bring 26 players, it’s 3 games per window
  14. Larin made it into the BR Football graphic for the groups
  15. Would be fun to see something chaotic like Ferdi Kadioglu but I’m not expecting any surprises in regard to new players. Justin Smith has been making the bench for OGC Nice so maybe he’s not too far off of a call up
  16. This makes a lot more sense
  17. I mean there are windows where he wouldn’t be able to come but this upcoming one he could come no problem. We will have to wait and see but I remember Wheeler saying he felt Jebbison was leaning Canada and that he could join as early as September
  18. Jamaica will probably end up playing in the states
  19. I’m bit annoyed with the whole loan back thing. Theoretically if Tajon played the entire season with Brugge and played very well he could be transferred next summer for a lot more. Joining halfway through the season will make it harder to get comfortable with the team and it’s only half a season of play other teams can base their scouting on.
  20. Some next level sleuthing but a possible twist in the tale?
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