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  1. I'm interested in seeing how the game plays out. If Nice have an easier time attacking and defending then perhaps David's presence alone was a big help to Lille's attack and workrate.
  2. Someone should tell Vanney that.
  3. Ikone scores off the bench. Have to say Lille's attacking players make no effort at all to find David.
  4. Wasn't it mentioned that if Liam was to go on loan again he'd need to sign a new deal with Liverpool?
  5. Yes he's been in camps before. He was inexplicably left off the U17 WC roster despite being one of two guys playing professionally at the time (the other being Colyn who was also left off.)
  6. Eh hope he enjoys his middling career with Bulgaria. I hope this is a wake-up call for the CSA to start spending money on having youth camps more often. You can't ask players to play for you when you don't actually play any games outside of tournaments.
  7. It is kind of worrying that he went to Barca and it looks like he is the exact same player he was before he left. No noticeable improvement at all in his game.
  8. Kai Wagner came from the 3. Liga and Jamiro Monteiro came from Ligue 2 and have been great additions for the Philadelphia Union. It's not about where the player is playing, its more on their particular skill set being suited for North American football.
  9. A shame. I'm guessing he'll start trialling with some CPL teams.
  10. Well when you decide to leave Juventus to go play Semi-pro in Serie D you're probably gonna fall down the Canada depth chart.
  11. Honestly a double pivot with him and either Piette or Kaye with Osorio ahead of them works quite well. Piette when we need workrate and defense and Kaye when we need goals.
  12. If it means James plays regular league minutes if FCM are gonna focus on the Champions League I'm all for it.
  13. Except he hasn't looked good really. Not for a very long time.
  14. The thing is with Akinola, and this extends to guys like Corbeanu and Yanko is Canada is cheap AF and doesn't do youth camps anymore until they have to for tournaments. If I'm a youth player who would like to play for Canada one day but have another nationality why wouldn't I play, get more recognition internationally with another country if Canada never holds any camps? Look at any other youth player, see how many caps they have at youth level and compare that to our guys. It's a joke that we don't play youth friendlies anymore.
  15. Someone pointed out he's only made 13 league appearances in 5 seasons which is horrendous. Not sure I'm very excited.
  16. I believe in an interview he mentioned he was going to finish his U21 Euro qualifying commitments because he didn't want to just abandon his team and teammates in the middle of qualification.
  17. Sounds like he's leaning towards Canada. Makes sense considering the Bulgarian program has a lot of issues, and he's seen first hand the financial and organization issues with the Bulgarian top division. Looks like he's just waiting for the call-up once things can proceed as normal again.
  18. Has Emilio Estevez been already frozen out of Den Haag's squad? They took his number away.
  19. Johnson made too much money in MLS to accept the massive pay cut to join a CPL side. But he has been out of the game for a little while so who knows. Seems like he's gonna retire though.
  20. Watching the game and Lille are low key painful to watch. Their attack seems so disjointed. They defend nicely though.
  21. Sucks too that this is basically happening because the loser of the election is friends with Infantino and asked FIFA to remove the winner (a reformist) so he and his boys could get back into power.
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