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  1. The wording here confuses me are these four not going to be a part of the game or are they arriving tomorrow?
  2. I feel better because it seems Nazon and Bazile are no where need fit enough to do what is needed. They were non-factors when they came on. Not to mention this team has grown a ton since 2019 and the Chicago pitch will be much more suited for what Canada wants to do.
  3. Interesting that LAFC fans are down on him when he's been lights out for us.
  4. Seeing him in L10 he was easily the most composed and level-headed player on his team and was always in the middle of everything. He was a midfielder at that level so it is nice to see he's translated a lot of that to his game in defense.
  5. There were reports that he was due to be called in March 2020 when we had the two friendlies with Trinidad and Tobago in Langford.
  6. This whole cycle is like this because of Covid. And we won't see it again with 2026 expanding the field.
  7. That's a good shout. Bassong seems to have started to settle and had a good game in their win against Chicago. It sucks that whatever rhythm he had is probably gone because of the break. He was horribly used at the OLYQ. Don't know what Biello was trying to do. Godinho is a free agent I wonder if he'll focus on getting a club first.
  8. I figure if Herdman wants to give the FBs a break (particularly Laryea if it is expected TFC sells in him the summer) then I can see ZBG, Cordova, Gutierrez and Solomon as the FBs we take to the GC, unless Herdman opts for a CPL option if further players are unavailable. Solomon at minimum should be on the 60(?) man prelim roster.
  9. Why would you play all three FWs at the same time when that ends up meaning we have no actual striker to bring on if we want to change the point of attack?
  10. Gotta love people on Twitter complaining about the game not being able to grow because they can't watch it on TV but then balk at getting a OneSoccer sub.
  11. Seems like he's going to be like Kyle Walker, and Johnston is a defense first fullback so I think this works for him.
  12. they benched our boy Geffrard those bastards
  13. Really happy for Onel Hernandez. Cuba seems like they'll be much more competitive going forward.
  14. in fairness that #136 is probably going to shoot up
  15. Apparently FIFA hasn't cleared him yet.
  16. Looks like it is an issue they are looking into
  17. wow that must mean it is a mistake.
  18. That's really shady right before this huge game they cancel subscriptions despite them being good until August. Now you you gotta re-up if you want to watch the Canada-Suriname tonight.
  19. Check your OneSoccer subs. If you signed up for the collective before the CPL season last year it looks like your sub has ended. Pretty shady as subs were supposed to end in August for most.
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