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  1. Starting to worry the coach doesn't rate him. Nothing on whether he's hurt.
  2. I made what I think an XI could look like. I'm basing it heavily on players I think will have made professional appearances. Defense is quite hard to figure out which is wht the CB pairing is two CPL players who will probably have made pro appearances in Facchineri and Luke Green. MF and FW are stacked though. The likes of Corbeanu, Illiadis, Colyn, Pecile, Altobelli, Pepple, Attardo. Lots to get excited about.
  3. Can't forget guys like Harry Patton who seems to be a starter now in the Scottish Premiership. Lots of MF options coming through as well.
  4. I suppose the real reveal will be if he moves to another club in the future he continues on as a left back.
  5. My extremely unpopular opinion is that on some level I wish Davies was more like Pulisic where he was a winger scoring goals for a big team, rather than being turned into a left back. Obviously I'm very happy he's a regular staple for Bayern now, but I'll always be a bit disappointed our best attacking prospect we've ever had (Is David taking the role over though?) has been turned into a left back.
  6. I like Henry but we've seen multiple times his one mistake is generally one that leads to a goal or more often a penalty (which then leads to a goal). Also he seems to have been solid in Korea but his club have lost most of their games this season. So take that for what you will.
  7. If Edwards continues to be a supersub for Minnesota I'd love to see him fill a similar role with the NT. I still think he had among the best left foots in the pool.
  8. Off topic but how many of you actually say "Da-vee" instead of "Day-vid"?
  9. Jansson is hurt and h'es not first option to replace him. That's a little worrying. Seems like Pareja doesn't rate him.
  10. Is Loturi still with the team? Wheeldon hyped him up a lot and now it seems he was released.
  11. Jake Ruby and youngster Luke Green have signed.
  12. Wasn't Gardner and Jan Pirretas Glassmacher, supposed to sign? I would be weird if the latter is on the roster but then he's not announced and they said the head signing completes everything. Then again they legit had Alghamdi play a game and then a day later announce he was signed.
  13. Haven't seen it posted here perusing the thread but Mo Babouli is in some training videos. Have to think he's signing. I'm also surprised Kotsopolous wasn't brought back he seemed to fit in well. Also not bringing back Ole is odd he seems to have a lot of potential.
  14. I feel good about the team taking it all. But we'll see how all the new boys gel with each other. Love the depth though that's huge.
  15. Is Waters still in camp? If he doesn't sign Ottawa should try and sign him since they don't even have enough players to use all five subs with two of their intls out of the country.
  16. Seeing his style and results with the Canadian U20 team I was not shocked at all he struggled with Valour. It's telling he brought so many guys he coached in the first year and they bolted after one year.
  17. Miller keeps dropping down the LB chart for me. He needs playing time right now.
  18. I hope Kennedy has turned heads to earn a contract in the top flight.
  19. My issue has been how he has often set up the team to fail and then played it off like it was a good thing. Davies at LB had been horrible for Canada, and he refused to accept that in post game pressers. We lost to Mexico when he played that ridiculous formation that included Larin at wing. He took what worked amazingly well against the US and ruined it by putting Davies at LB and we got demolished 4-1. He has time to prove me wrong but so far he's 1-3 in big matches for Canada and he doesn't seem to be a reflective kind of guy.
  20. My prevailing memory of him with Canada was at the age of 31 getting embarrassed with Straith by Mexico's attack. I'm over Jakovic. LAFC fans are also over him and regularly mention he's the weakest part of their XI.
  21. I'm very interested in how Suriname does. If they get even like 50% of their dual national targets they immediately become one of the better teams in CONCACAF.
  22. Ashtone Morgan couldn't even make the travel squad for RSL. That's a real shame.
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