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  1. My best guess at the squad: GKs: Borjan, Crepeau, Carducci RBs: Laryea, Johnston CBs: Ferreira, Miller, James, Zator LBs: Adekugbe, Soloman CMs: Eustáquio, Piette, MAK, Osorio, Wotherspoon, Teibert Wingers/ST: Davies, David, Hoilett, Larin, Akindele, Ricketts XI: (4-3-3) Borjan, Laryea, Ferreira, Miller, Adekugbe, Piette, Eustáquio, MAK, Larin, Davies, David Vitória, Henry, Kennedy all just getting back from injuries or are still injured. Millar probably won't get released. Could see Waterman or Didic instead of Zator.
  2. Altitude FC is backed by Faly Academy Both Men's and Women's Teams Season runs between May to July League is run by BC Soccer and is positioned just below CanPL Branding & Club Name have been developed Minimum of 6 U23 players on the field Maximum of 6 pro players per team Maximum salary of $5000 per pro ($30,000 total) Maximum of 3 import players (non-Canadian) Source: https://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings (January 25 2021 agenda pack)
  3. Kinsman Field has a 610 seat bleacher (source: http://merletti.ca/PROJECTS/misc1.htm) Also has 2 sets of change rooms
  4. "Council will decide whether or not to support a request from a new North Shore soccer club to able to charge admission while using Kinsman Field at Mahon Park for home games in 2021. Altitude Football Club, a new semi-professional soccer team, will be participating in what will be the inaugural season of Soccer EC’s new “BC League 1,” which will include six new elite level men’s and women’s competitive clubs around the province." https://www.nsnews.com/local-news/whats-up-at-council-this-week-city-north-vancouver-district-west-vancouver-3287083
  5. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Hutchinson 4. Arfield 5. Eustaquio
  6. League 1 BC was at least acknowledged in BC Soccer's "Year In Review" document. "As part of the 2016 Strategic Plan, League 1 British Columbia was a concept designed to fill the development pathway space between BCSPL and the new Canadian Premier League. Often referred to as "Tier 3 Regional League", the League One brand was adopted to align with similar concepts across Canada, with the aim of one day connecting the leagues under on umbrella. In the 2019-2020 year, League 1 BC advanced from a conceptual phase, to an application phase process for an inaugural season schedule for May 2
  7. PCSL hasn't had American teams in years
  8. Don't think there is a stadium in West Van, also Whitecaps could put there U-23 team in this league
  9. No way you could have Highlanders, Foothills, Pacific reserves, and Cavalry reserves all in D2. It could work with an Alberta/BC D3 league, but not with Winnipeg and Thunder Bay
  10. Probably only have one of Highlanders or PFC reserves, but you would think they could get 3 more teams with ease
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