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  1. Starting for Fenerbahce against Eintracht Frankfurt in Europa League on DAZN in case anybody wants to do some scouting.
  2. I was so thankful for OneSoccer last night. A real pregame and post game show. I can't believe how far we have come.
  3. But a bunch of our guys did go out the night before the Honduras match...they were at the Jays game.
  4. During the Honduras broadcast, Wheeler couldn't stop talking about how much Davies has bulked up over the last year or so. Then I came across this video...
  5. Not every game, good or bad, is a referendum on Herdman, nor should it be. My main issue with his hiring was the entire process behind it, but rehashing that debate now, when we are in the middle of a WCQ campaign, doesn't make any sense. There will be lots of time to critique Herdman at the end of these 14 games.
  6. Very few of the Henry detractors (myself included), ever complained about his talent. It was always about the mistakes. So the debate really came down to risk tolerance, were you willing to risk the one potential brain fart that could change a game? This is a question you should ask of every player, but unfortunately with Henry, it seemed that we were asking it too often. Can a zebra change its stripes at 28 years old? I doubt it. He still scares me, and I feel like that will always be the case, no matter how many strong performances he puts forward. I recognize that my opinion has been tainted. So whoever was praying in the matchday thread...please keep it up!!! It seemed to work really well.
  7. With a lot of casual observers starting to pay attention to the CMNT this week, I'm sure many will focus on our world rank. How much of a jump will we get for a draw against the world #10 team in a competitive match?
  8. If Oxner isn't permanently benched, it will be a travesty. He has cost HFX so many points already this season. Maybe they are concerned about demoting a local player, but this is pro sports! This is how we are going to improve as a soccer nation, by rewarding and punishing players based on their performances. His leash has already been too long. The team is only 4 points out of the top 4.
  9. I said it in the Honduras thread...Cavallini is the type of striker that makes those runs.
  10. Was Red Card in Vancouver confirmed? What happened there?
  11. Told a buddy to meet me at Red Card and he called to tell me they were full before I showed up. I couldnt believe it, I thought Vancouver had gone WCQ crazy...I guess not.
  12. Carrying on the discussion from the other thread... I concur that Milan are in a much different place now than when Tomori joined them a season ago. Their first Champions League match is against Liverpool, and you know the English fans and press will notice if he has a strong performance. There definitely would be some coincidental symmetry if he puts himself on the English radar a second time by playing against, not for, an English side.
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