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  1. OneSoccer really needs to get their games up faster. Had to go out last night at the 60th minute mark, got home 3 hours after the game finished wanting to watch the last 30 minutes. The replay still wasn't posted. Please work on that OneSoccer!
  2. There is a weekend preview show on OneSoccer right now.
  3. These are the 2 teams I have enjoyed watching the most so far in this young season. When I watch Valour play I see them do a lot of good things, I don't think their record is an accurate reflection of their play. If they get Petrasso, Hoyle, Bustos and Golubar all on the field together, they will have success. I thought LBG was not his usual steady self last night. What was with the uniform colours? Was really hard to tell them apart on the broadcast. Would have been much better if Forge was wearing Orange.
  4. Interesting article in which Petrasso and LBG talk about the level of play in the CPL and compare it to MLS: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/soccer/young-cpl-talent-has-impressed-509940512.html
  5. There were some definite differences between these Vs Cup matches and what we have seen for CPL production. The announcers were calling games off a monitor and were not on site. Not sure who the commentators with the British accents were for the Blainville or Vaughn matches, but they were alright. They were not as familiar with the teams though as we have seen with the regular CPL commentators. One of the guys said you could hear Jim Brennan urging on his team!!! Brennan wasn't even at the match! No pre/post or halftime shows. Will be curious to see what they do for later rounds as more CPL teams and then MLS gets involved. Nigel Reed is still terrible.
  6. Just copying my list here so I have it to add on to moving forward: August 18th, 2004 - WCQ, Burnaby: Canada 0 - Guatemala 2 October 13th, 2004 - WCQ, Burnaby: Canada 1 - Costa Rica 3 July 2, 2005 - Friendly, Burnaby: Canada 1 - Honduras 2 July 7, 2005 - Gold Cup, Seattle: Canada 0 - Costa Rica 1 July 9, 2005 - Gold Cup, Seattle: Canada 0 - USA 2 May 31, 2008 - Friendly, Seattle: Canada 2 - Brazil 3 August 20, 2008 - WCQ, Toronto: Canada 1 - Jamaica 1 September 6, 2008 - WCQ, Montreal: Canada 1 - Honduras 2 November 14, 2009 - Friendly, Strumica: Canada 0 - Macedonia 3 November 18, 2009 - Friendly, Bydgoszcz: Canada 0 - Poland 1 November 13, 2015 - WCQ, Vancouver: Canada 1 - Honduras 0 March 25, 2016 - WCQ, Vancouver: Canada 0 - Mexico 3 June 3, 2016 - Friendly, Rohrbach an der Lafnitz: Canada 1 - Azerbaijan 1June 7, 2016 - Friendly, Bad Waltersdorf: Canada 2 - Uzbekistan 1September 6, 2016 - WCQ, Vancouver: Canada 3 - El Salvador 1 March 24, 2019 - CNLQ, Vancouver: Canada 4 - French Guiana 1 Also have 3 U20 caps: Canada v Brazil in Burnaby Canada v Scotland in Coquitlam Canada v Scotland in Victoria
  7. Looks like Evan Ince is going to UMass.
  8. If you read sexism and misogyny into that previous post, that is your inference. Asking a poster to retract something that you inferred is not called for.
  9. I am not saying that. I have no way of knowing what would have happened after given a second yellow. What I do know was not producing a second yellow was a blatant mistake and has significant consequences. Not only on the rest of that match, but on future matches.
  10. I agree. But the 5 or 8 minutes is better than nothing. In addition, it is a standard that the Canadian ticket buying public is already used to.
  11. So we are 2 weeks into the season and the lack of completion of their roster is frankly unforgivable. The team is in the middle of a Wednesday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday stretch and are trying to do so with a 19 man roster (minus MDJ). What is going on?
  12. As OneSoccer develops, I would really like them to break more news, especially around injuries. What is the deal with Staro? How long is he expected to be out? Those sorts of things. Don't just tell us he is injured and didn't make the trip. We want more than that. The more information the better. It allows for more 'water cooler' talk as well between fans.
  13. So looks as though OneSoccer will be available in certain cable packages by the end of June!
  14. Wanderers and Cavalry both had a full bench for their road matches this weekend, while Pacific did not. So it seems as though this is not a league mandate, but down to specific teams or injuries.
  15. Yes. There were apparently some issues in Edmonton. Besides some of these initial stadium hiccups, we have seen a regular trend of late arriving crowds. I think much of the 'blame' has to go to the CPL start time. Why is there an insistence with having kickoff take place right on the hour as opposed to 5 or 8 minutes past? I can understand that there may be some TV considerations when the matches are on CBC, but when they aren't, why not delay kickoff a few minutes so the fans at the gates can get it?
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