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  1. Man Sirois hasn’t played since coming back
  2. I believe the plan was to test that ground and to see how it went before working on a permanent soloution
  3. You mean the guy who’s played like 3 games this month had poor touches ? Like are we serious with some of this stuff. How are we criticizing a kid who’s burning in a dumpster fire.
  4. That’s one way to start saving your career, I think he will return on the bench this weekend and it will be hard to keep him out of the lineup with a performance like that.
  5. How’s he doing in Austria now ?
  6. He’s been very good and really forced their hand, he will likely get a shot at playing the 10 if Djordie leaves and I believe he was used their once this season. He was always touted but this has been his breakout season.
  7. This, they’re only on 1 dp, give them credit they’re developing CDNs very well.
  8. In Rutty’s limited minutes I don’t think he’s looked poor or out of place.
  9. It’s hard to judge players who’ve basically not played for 2 years…. Pepi is killing it…. But he was given a chance and supported and not dicked around. which young player on TFC hasn’t been inexplicably dropped… and why is the last place team still trying to win games with the same group ???
  10. Incredible starting lineup
  11. I can think of Abaneth who’s missing, along with Pellogrino but he’s a CM I think ? the other NSA is missing. There’s also Piepgrass, not a defender I knowz Edit: Juvy Kooner is a 2003 Center back I think, and there’s another kid in Portuga who’s played for Portugal u16 who we can call. (Edit Jesse costa our 2003-2004 is loaded, and they’ve got pro games, going to be some very hard choices. we could see Sali called Are the 2002’s not still eligible?
  12. 2 thoughts… i like that this is being done as we need a U-20 program, I think doing this as a U-23 is too far ahead and we should make olympics later, that could and probably will change. We can win this, and are probably one of if not the favourites… we’re top heavy and deep at this level and we will start to reap the benefits of the can PL now, I expect to see a few players there and I’m very excited.
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