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  1. Thought this year was better than last years ?
  2. Think it depends on where he spent his youth.
  3. Didn’t he just finish doing that ?
  4. I hope he can break into the first team, felt he should of played more at the gold cup
  5. Is no one excited that already these “diamonds in the rough” are emerging or re-emerging ? The Can PL is serving it’s purpose
  6. How long till teams try to snap up Habibulah ? Good for the Whitecaps churning out top youngsters.
  7. After this result there must be consequences.
  8. Honestly I know we rip on TFC and Vanney for their roster construct but... Ali Curtis preached youth at NYRB and they played the kids, it worked. TFC are starting to be loaded with young players, at a point they can win and saves money by playing the kids. Bradley at 6 isn’t worth it when a guy like Chapman, Fraser, Okello, Dunn, Shaffleburg etc is looking for minutes and pushing for the somewhere across the field. Upfront Altidore has competition coming as well.
  9. I’m not sure he will play that second season at Gent, people have forsure taken notice of his season.
  10. Where’s the discussion?
  11. I wanna see Okello get in a game.. Our midfield depth is only going to get better, guys like Verhoeven, Fraser, Choniere, Collyn, Habibulah, Okello are are fairly touted at the least. as pointed out, we only have so many A players ATM, but more are coming.
  12. I think we all forget how young this team is for starters and how while we have depth, it’s really only in the midfield and at GK. we don’t have a pool of CB’s and FB’s, and we only really have 2 strikers, we have to give it time and be patient. Any of those Mexican players would play for us and start I think, and they are close to the A team, that’s why they’re in the setup. We have come a long way in a short time, but it’s going to take more time. The CB’s will emerge and there is more talent on the way, not to mention Estaquio who is young is joining the program, and he would probably start. im happy with the result, let’s not expect the moon yet. we forget that ZBG is still young, I think he has class but yea this is a higher level, it takes time and not everyone arrives at the same time.
  13. Millar’s time in the SPL has really helped him, maybe maybe he makes the Liverpool 18. At the very least he could probably make a weak EPL club lineup,
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