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  1. Same here, Nelsen too, I do wonder who starts tonight and if both were banged up and that’s why they weren’t on the bench.
  2. Release the Rutty im excited for this game, love the backing these kids are getting.
  3. Sad reality of sports, hoping Neto recovers long term and this should be Theo’s chance.
  4. It’s a deeper argument, are you a selling club or not ? It falls on everyone top to bottom. Probably not just MDS, but there does have to be a plan at the least to turn every signed academy player into an asset. Whitecaps aren’t the only culprits, winning with the kids may prove very challenging aswell. At the time of signing them, I’d venture to guess it’s cause YZ think that X prospect will pan out, until they don’t.
  5. So as of right now Amanda would be 1st pick according to them ?
  6. I don’t know much about the caliber of the NCAA, but shouldn’t a guy who’s tearing it up be good enough for the MLS ?
  7. I would argue the opposite, in terms of giving confidence. Why sign players for the sake of signing them ? I think MDS doesn’t trust his youth that much.
  8. Agreed to an extent. Is it not ready or is it not good enough ? Or no confidence in them ?
  9. Given that Pacific is in their backyard and targeting their HG’s I’m not surprised. im saying if the hype on him is real and he’s signed he should play.
  10. I know Shuster has said they will look more often now for loans for their youth, I was wondering why they haven’t but you answered that. TBH I don’t see why Campagna couldn’t fight for time at 16 and looking at their CB depth..... It’s not Habibullah so maybe it’s Herdman ? Crowded midfield, even Habibullah might not get time.
  11. I’d argue that we’d have produced another Larin or Atiba by now if we had of actually played the kids and not waited till they were 20-23 before giving them a shot. If you sign a kid it’s because he’s good enough to play for you, at the very least I don’t believe in signing someone who will be good enough. agreed on your second point, they really need a reserve team given their large scouting network/investment. Another team in that area will help so much, and let’s not forget they took quite a few players from outside their main area. id agree atleast for York, theres so much t
  12. I think that can be said for the MTL area and the BC area as well. curious how much of the sub content is now CDN’s across the board... specifically young Canadians. Each of our MLS teams could field an all Canadian XI.
  13. If he’s demolishing like this I don’t think they too. Their academy centres are starting to churn out players left right and Center, will be interesting to see what they do. Let’s not forget they’ve cast a Canada wide net, so will they play the kids or keep playing these random players from wherever ?
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