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  1. Which team ? Can you say about the minutes ? Tbh he’s earned this more than some.
  2. To be fair he will probably be better than Laryea at that age, he took steps forward this year and looked very good to date, he has earned interest and it’s likely coming if he keeps this up.
  3. Dias made the B team and I believe they’re on tour or something, the timing for him was wrong, career has to come first right now, you don’t want to lose that place. if Ayo, Daniel and Marcelo were listed, I’d expect each is there and that yes we will cap them. Why waste the spots ? Pepple isn’t ready, too much comp and can’t call everyone.
  4. Can only list 60, but let’s be real we’ll cap him or make the offer first
  5. I think it’s obvious now that he’s filed the switch and waiting approval. The player has to accept being named in the squad, and let’s be real he did.
  6. What did Wheeler say about Haiti and the u-17 and who repped them over Canada
  7. He made the right moves today, he has shown a willingness to learn.
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