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  1. I saw him mentioned earlier and I think I saw that he is one of Portugal's best prospects ? Can anyone confirm that ?
  2. I think it's the time to create this thread, it's been years in the making but we are finally producing "wonder kids", we have 2 that became world class, and obviously we have some that failed(Ballou ?). I would say the criteria has to be a highly rated and highly touted played so i'll start the list based on my limited knowledge, hopefully this can become an all encompassing thread for the next davies and david as we produce more Atiba's more often. We can mention upcoming highly touted players in here, I think the catch should be that the player has to be 18 and under 2002 Aribim Pepple M/W Calgary Cavalry CanPL 2003 Antoine Coupland M Athletico Ottawa CanPL Kamron Habibullah M Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Lowell Wright ST York 9 CanPL 2004 Jakhele Marshall Rutty M Toronto FC MLS Gabriel Pellegrino M SC Freiburg BUN Feel free to add players and to update on progress, I included players who are touted as potential world class, which i define as 80 rated and higher in fifa lol. In all seriousness though just a player with the potential to start on a mid table and above team in any big 5 league I think is fair ? Forgive my lack of knowledge, I listed players that I know or have heard are very very highly rated. I imagine Wright and Coupland are in that stratosphere, I know Pepple has been compared to Davies and I was told Pellegrino is a challenger to Rutty for best CONCACAF 2004 born. Any names to watch that are coming up ?
  3. Yea I just listened and it's crazy, it seems like Canadian MLS teams rate the CAN PL but the American ones don't, also he's an international so that does not help him ? Unless because he's a Whitecaps grad he isn't ? I think that CDN MLS teams will end up with a huge advantage picking up out of the league because of its cheap talent, but there needs to be more Waterman's. Crazy that the Championship rates him and the MLS does not.
  4. I think the biggest thing here is that the manager that brought him in is gone, and there's a ton of competition around him. Not every player will pan out and not every transfer will work. It's a big jump for him and I think he needs more time before we say its a failure, it hasn't been a year.
  5. I listened to the podcast and Wheeldon very much says yeah he's gone. Sounds like he's highly rated by a number of teams and it's really just a matter of the best path to the first team.
  6. Was finally able to get in and reply.... ill be the first to say that I rate Liam highly and have always liked him. i honestly feel that he could be as good as Davies and David at a point. Watch him over the next 2-3 years. truth be told at 20 he would not be with Liverpool if they did not rate him. They clearly see a path for him if they won’t let him leave on loan without resigning and if they’ve turned down multiple bids. It also means other teams think he can play.
  7. Honestly he’s not wrong, Belgium got good fast. With a half Canadian league and more teams coming, it means more places and minutes for CDN players. Another team means 1k minutes for a U21 player, the whole limit is similar to the German setup and look at fast and well that worked. Theres actually a lot of good prospects with the MLS teams that we know about but they just aren’t playing, if they had a chance at regular minutes, where would we be ? theres talent that we haven’t yet found and when they get minutes they’ll grow. We just have to give chances so yes this could happen fast.
  8. Honestly at a point you need to see other guys and that’s what Herdman is doing so I’m fine with it. sucks for Millar but let him establish himself, he will be back. Also I feel like for ZBG this might be the time to stay with MTL and steal the RB spot from Sagna.. Fraser needs some minutes this is good for him.
  9. I think it’s a bit of both Honeslty, the quality has risen due to the academies, but yes some player just never got a fair shot.
  10. 16 year old signed by the Cavalry, anyone know anything about him ? https://cavalryfc.canpl.ca/cavalry-fc-signs-young-canadian-aribim-pepple
  11. I want to see him play lol, forgot they lost Robben and Ribery.
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