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  1. Pantemis could be the starter as of camp, he’s close.
  2. Hopefully he gets a lot more playing time this year.
  3. It’s really nice to see that they’ve all played Atleast some level of pro football.
  4. Nice finish on the goal, shame to hear he had a second off side goal, refs don’t want him scoring too much it seems. A brace would have been massive for him.
  5. With the rate they’re churning out talent, with Dallas, Philadelphia and Red Bulls having their academies on point, it’s a matter of time until one of them produces a striker. If either LA team gets it together or Miami... long term it doesn’t make sense.
  6. Doubtful, he’s doesn’t even list our flag on his insta profile.
  7. We wanted him to dominate and he’s doing it, this is only good for him. Process first, results second. A flood of goals should be imminent, at the days end he is clearly helping them a lot.
  8. Anyone else feel like saying Hehe Ferdi you’re next to wear the red ?
  9. So they just took another midfielder.... someone has to be on the outs
  10. The rich get richer, unless Carducci is gone ?
  11. In Ayo’a case he’s not a lock for their team though. Yankov is no ?
  12. No Flores hasn’t filed, Guti has
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