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  1. I get it isn't ideal, but the best solution has to be to have Forge go down to Hartford and play Toronto down there. They could play Oct. 1. It really seems like the best option for both teams as well as the tournament.
  2. Besides on this board is there any actual rumors or chance that Fraser will move somewhere? I know they are different positions, but even Zavaletta gets a start while Fraser isnt even on the bench. How much longer is his contract? Can't imagine he would resign.
  3. Same. I actually came on here to complain about not finding the story on their main page or their soccer page. Sportsnet has it on their home page.
  4. Minnesota traded for another goalie since Miiler and Ranjitsign will be out for a while. A 25 year old who has played 1 MLS game. Article indicates that they are happy with St. Clair as a starter and it is his position going for the time being. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/09/17/minnesota-united-get-needed-goalkeeper-depth-acquire-adrian-zendejas-nashville-sc
  5. Has Toronto left for Hartford yet? Can't they stay in Toronto and play the finals next week. Regular season games are always postponed for cup games. If not, I would prefer the finals to be played shortly in Hartford rather than wait for the end of the MLS season. The optics of playing the Canadian final in the US is bad, but it would be terrible for the CanPl champ to have to wait that long.
  6. I literally just dropped Bustos for Garcia....
  7. Thats an incredibly small squad. Especially if they move on through Europa League qualifing. Good for Larin as he will get a decent amount of playing time.
  8. Signed by Fleetwood Town in League 1.
  9. Does anyone know when the location of the 1 game final will be played?
  10. Given how incredibly much MLS is pumping up Reggie Cannon's transfer to Boavista (a team that had less wins and identical points to Pacos last year), I can only imagine that Liga Nos must he at least as good if not better than La Liga...
  11. Got his 2nd start and win in a 3-2 game vs Dallas. Weird first goal that he let in and almost had a great reflex save on the 2nd. With Miller out for the rest of the year will be interesting to see if Minnesota keeps going with him.
  12. Any chance he gets added to the u23 list? Starting in League 2 for Crawley Town. At 20 years old, playing in League 2 I would imagine chances of playing for England are pretty small.
  13. Congrats to Liam on the birth of a daughter. Obviously more important than worrying about where his next loan will be.
  14. Marmoush has started both of Wolfsburg's preseason games. From what I can tell at least half of the team was.regulat starters for them last year. So maybe they envision him making a big step this season.
  15. It is the top story on both TSN and Sportsnet's website.
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