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  1. Does anyone else enjoy updating ticketmaster periodically to see how quickly the tickets are selling? Or is that just me?
  2. @RSI dont care how bad Peruzza is. Mullins in 21 games has 0 goals. How do you justify starting him today?? And he just missed a sitter from Shaff.
  3. Same. But that may have been because of the Ivory Coast interest. Imagine if both of them had reached Davies level.
  4. I suppose that's fair. Who would think it's a good idea to have 2 creative, attacking, talented players on the field in a game you are losing. Especially, when the alternative is a couple slow, defensive players or a couple guys that played alot recently and are exhausted. Sounds like a solid decision to me.
  5. Trying to find silver linings in TFC season. This guy is still eligible for Canada. If TFC wasn't run by buffoons I would think he may get a late season look with the first team.
  6. Good to see that Larin, Borjan, and Hutchinson are all fit enough to play this weekend. Also great to see that we have the depth to play well without them.
  7. There is no doubt the weather is huge for us. I live in an area where we have alot of Jamaican and Mexican farm workers. When the weather in spring or fall falls below 10 they are bundled up in sweaters and winter coats immediately. I know our guys also probably would prefer warmer weather, but they are significantly more acclimatized than the Costa Ricans or Mexicans.
  8. TSN showed the goal during the first intermission of the Leafs-Sens game. Seriously soccer highlights during a hockey game!!
  9. Pretty ironic that Cummings plays for a team called "Always Ready".
  10. Brym has got 5 minutes against Mexico, 2 minutes against Jamaica and 9 minutes against Panama. It's not that big of a deal who the 5th sub is in a 4-1 game. It's not like Miller didnt get anytime.
  11. ZBG isnt getting enough love in these pregame lineup predictions. Especially if we have a back 4 he is much better offensively than Johnston. If we are going for an early goal he should start and Johnston can come on as a sub to see the game out.
  12. What's the timeline for his return? Is he a possibility for November? Or January?
  13. What we could have really used the other night was 2 year ago Arfield in the midfield.
  14. There has been a couple of times his defenders cleared away balls for corners when they didnt need to. I wonder if he is not being vocal enough on crosses into the box.
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