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  1. Wow. With their 2 Nations league games on 15th and 18th that is 3 games in a week. Noone can accuse El Salvador of not trying to build a better team..... Unlike us
  2. I was never a big fan of Herdman, but people need to get over that we didnt win by enough. If before both games we knew we would get 6 points, 2 clean sheets, and a +7 goal difference not too many people would complain. Would everyone be happier if we had won 4-0 and 3-0? The US basketball team, albeit their G/H? team isn't even goin to medal at the World Cup. Just because you are better on paper you will not dominate every game at international level.
  3. According to Wikipedia he made the Cardiff City bench at only 19 and played a handful of games in the Dutch second divisionv and retired at 22. He has a better resume than any other goalie in the league. If this league was around only 6 years ago perhaps it is Santiago we are discussing getting called up for the senior team.
  4. How is London not getting talked about as a top candidate for expansion? Especially after seeing Halifax's success London is probably the most similar situation as them. - both cities have a population of around 400000 - neither city is close to any other major sports team (Toronto and Detroit are both about 3 hours away) - lots of students in both cities - most major reason is the support that both show for their junior teams. The London Knights draw nearly 10000 fans/game (Mooseheads are similar with about 8000). Being that there is no other option close by junior hockey becomes the biggest draw in town and similarly CPL becomes the big summertime draw Just like Halifax there shouldn't be a problem getting 5000+/game. A few more points on London: 3M, Labatt, Libro, Canada Trust, Imperial Oil are all headquartered or founded in London. Both Toyota and and GM also have a plant close by. FC London plays at the Canadian German club which has a 1000 seat stadium that looks easily expandable. It is a 30 minute walk or 5 minute drive from downtown. An added bonus that they actually have on Halifax is that it is a simple bus ride to 29% of the other teams in the league. If I was an investor and looking for a location where you could possibly actually break even London is the top of my list. Quebec City and Kitchener would also be close behind for much of the same reasons.
  5. Very good chance that he is top 6 in our all time scorers by the end of the week.
  6. If he does score against Cuba, all people are going to say is he only scores against minnows.... And off his backside.
  7. Stumbled onto this on YouTube. Sorry if it has been posted before.
  8. I was surprised how well Forge did. Like Smiriotis said last year most of these guys weren't even full professionals. Forge also are in a good position to take this experience, build on it, and come back stronger next year. It will be nice for Forge or Cavalry that they will know going into the offseason that they have qualified and can add to their squad appropriately.
  9. Not that they need more motivati, but with a win tonight Forge nearly secures themselves a spot in the Champions League. With 6 of the 8 quarterfinalists advancing there would need to be alot of scenarios to go against them where they lose both games in the next round and don't still advance.
  10. Imagine the position they could be in if they had Crepeau instead of Bush. He is singlehandedly keeping Vancouver from being embarrassed as we speak.
  11. Does anyone follow the Croatian league closely? With David's Gent playing Rijeka this week I did a little looking into the team and was surprised to see that they only attract slightly over 4,000/game. Which is actually ahead of Dinamo Zagreb, who is by far their most successful club. For last season their league attendance was 4179 and including all competitions was 6344 (6 Champions league and 10 Europa League matches) The Croatian league is a 10 team league and last season the average attendance was only 2732, nearly 2000 less than CPL currently attracts. In fact, in the last 10 seasons they have only broken the 3000 barrier 1 time. Meanwhile they produce superstar players and have one of the top national teams in the world. Looking back at Zagreb, despite have a modest attendance their squad value is listed at 84 million and last season had a transfer income of +28 million. Perhaps attendance shouldn't be the primary focus of success and we should look at player movement. If a team like Pacific can develop some of their young players than can actually be more sustainable than HFX or Valour and also be more beneficial in providing players for the national team. It will be interesting in the next 10+ years to analyze attendance figures as well as developmental trends.
  12. No Panama, Jamaica, or T&T. Any idea how pots will be made up? I assume Mexico and US in one, likely Dominican and Haiti in one (TBD), and then some combination of us, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica in the remaining two. 4 years ago we were paired with Costa Rica. Ideally we get Mexico, El Salvador, and Dominican, and then likely have a semifinal against US.
  13. He also carries the ball for a bit, passes off for a quick 1-2, before then again passing across for the goal.
  14. Pretty crazy day in the battle for the last playoff spot in the east. With the Montreal, Toronto, and Orlando games all having a stoppage time goal to result in a draw. In terms of Canadians, Orlando started more (2-1) and gave more minutes (195-183) to Canadians than Montreal and Toronto combined. On the extreme other end of the spectrum today's match between York and Pacific 28 of 34 players dressed were Canadian.
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