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  1. This was kind of my question about Waterman. Doesn't he make himself much more attractive as a free agent, thereby saving the team a transfer fee? Why would anyone who can move up a level resign if there is interest from another club?
  2. Anyone have any idea why Montreal didnt just sign him as a free agent prior to him signing with Calvary?
  3. I follow European soccer, especially champions league alot and until yesterday when someone mentioned it yesterday I didnt even realize it was AthleticO. If someone finds out Ottawa is owned by a Spanish club, they are either 1) going to be knowledgable about the situation to know it is Madrid or 2) have no idea who Bilboa or Madrid is and what the significance of an O at the end of athletic means.
  4. Some articles related to clubs owning multiple teams. Aka MCO, Multi Club Ownership. Consensus seems to be that it generally beneficial for both sides financially, player movement and bringing recognition to smaller team. The downside is for the other teams in the league as one team has a distinct advantage over the others. https://beta.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/07/03/7-football-clubs-that-own-other-clubs/?amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/the-club-collectors-have-got-their-hands-on-watford-charlton-and-maybe-leeds-the-next-step-as-with-9116168.html%3famp https://www.footballbenchmark.com/library/multi_club_ownership
  5. I dont think we have had a player in La Liga since de Guzman and noone in La Liga 2 now that Tabla is gone. If CPL can develop a player good enough for either of those leagues that is incredible.
  6. I think so as well. I used to have a coach like that. It was good for about 2 minutes of the game and the other 88 were super annoying.
  7. First time lucky, second time coincidence.....but if we can send 3 good players to Belgium, I would expect them to start sending scouts over in droves.
  8. On the positive side. At least of those 3 transfers.. one of them was Kaye.
  9. Voted Bayern's player of the month by thr supporters. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/10/vancouver-whitecaps-product-alphonso-davies-wins-bayern-munich-player-month
  10. I hope to see some new, exciting players in th league. Will be a bit disappointed if they keep almost the entirely same roster. I know they had success, but would like to see the quality improve.
  11. I really hope Vancouver is able to do well this year. They really give Canadians a chance to play and succeed. And have moved Canadians to teams in other leagues as well as brought back Canadian veterans playing overseas.
  12. Hutch scored in a friendly. Besiktas won 2-0 vs a team from Hungary.
  13. Elva came off the bench and scored 2 goals in a 6-3 friendly win with St. Gallen (currently 3rd in Swiss top teir)
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