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  1. I have no idea why the Forge game is being played in El Salvador, but I dont see why MLS and MLB teams would be allowed to cross the border and not WCQ teams.
  2. Anyone know how to watch the jamaica game
  3. Basically all the same players. I would think Johnston is a Hardman favorite for the rcb role. With all the injuries the lineup is pretty straightforward. Herdman may want to go with one or both of Fraser and Kaye instead of Osorio and Piette.
  4. I thought with all the injuries we would look pretty weak, but I actually still feel good about the qf. Our team is so deep and the guys can play multiple positions. This would be my ideal lineup and it still leaves us with a bench of Henry, Sturing, Kaye, Fraser, Paton, Pasher, and Corbeanu. Obviously not as deep, but can still make some pretty positive substitutions and switch up tactics. I domt know if it was mentioned much, but last game I really like how Buchanan and Laryea switched sides a couple times. Such a good way to mix up the defense and get a run at a different guy. It would actually be good to have one as a FB and one as a winger; and let them interchange.
  5. Mls.com has some interesting player ratings. Fraser and Miller get top marks while Hoilett is the worst.
  6. Does anyone know if I can open the ap at kickoff and then just pause to watch a couple hours later? I see it generally takes a bit before the replays to be posted.
  7. What I like about Mobtreal and I wish TFC would do is that they have 5 players loaned to CPL teams. 2 young CBs getting good minutes, a starting goalie, and 2 young mids. They are also all Canadian. Meanwhile Toronto only has Fraser loaned out. if you aren't going to play these guys why not let them go be a big player in CPL. I do realize they have TFC 2, but that path hasn't proven to be very successful.
  8. I like seeing them on the field. Sorry, when will they come on? Meanwhile there is an epic game happening in in Montreal.
  9. Why can't TSN show Montreal games once in a while? 4 Canadians in their starting lineup. At least Akindele starts. Go Orlando.
  10. It's doesn't make sense to me how people say there is no difference between Costa Rica and Jamaica, and that they are evenly matched. They literally play a game before the quarters to determine who is better. You know who I want to play? The loser of that game.
  11. I'm surprised about the confusion behind a tactical second yellow. If Eustaquio doesn't take a yellow and sits the US game he is still on a yellow for the QF game. Then, if he gets a yellow in that game he will be out for the SF game. If he plays the US game and gets a yellow he is out for the QF game. Now, he will be out for sure against the US and have no cards to his name in the QF game. Even if he picks up a yellow he will still be available for the SF. The yellow cards clear after the QF, this is done so no player misses the final due to yellow card accumulation. Therefore now he can get a yellow in the QF and the SF and still not miss a game. Also on another topic, going through Instagram alot of the Canadian players that aren't at the tournament are still posting alot about it. David, Davies, Adekugbe, Millar, etc.. great to see the guys that aren't here are still invested in the team.
  12. Hoping Pasher gets the start or a solid 30 minute sub appearance. Just looking at stats he is is a great story and killing it in MLS. But I have never seen more than just highlights of him to gauge him completely.
  13. Ferrin played for DC in a friendly against a team from El Salvador last night. It looks to be mainly all callups from Loudon with the odd DC player. Anyway he came on as a second half sub and scored the only goal on a really nice shot.
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