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  1. I assume these guys have watched alot more French league than I have, but hard to see their point. 4 more goals probably doesn't turn a title race to well in control. David has had a more successful career at this point. If you keep in mind Osimhen is 13 months older than David. Age 19 season. Osimhen had 0 goals in 10 games for Wolfsburg; David had 12 goals in 33 games for Gent. In Osimhen's age 20 season he had 12 Belgian league goals in 25 games (0.48/game)and his team finished 9th. In David's he had 18 goals in 27 games (0.67/game) and his team finished 2nd. In their age 21
  2. Atiba with a goal in the 59th minute to put them up 1-0. Beşiktaş JK @Besiktas · 21m GOL! GOOL! GOOOL! GOOOOL! GOOOOOL! 59' Atiba'ın golüyle 1-0 öne geçiyoruz.
  3. I would be surprised to see either Arfield or Hutch there in March. Maybe Hutch will, but not Arfield with his recent injury. With how successful their club seasons are going its understandable they would pass. However, with June being their off-season I think they will both be there.
  4. There seems to be alot of worry on this board about a guy that plays at the same level as a guy we have (Hoilett) and has a shockingly similar career, when Hoilett isn't even in many peoples starting 11s. If we are concerned about our weak CBs against this 1 guy what must the Bermuda fans be thinking? They have to worry about a top scorer in Turkey, a regular forward on the top team in France, a top CM in the Portuguese league, a Champions League winner who is one of the fastest players in the planet, and a slew of other guys. We should handily win this game. The 3 CBs these guys use
  5. That would be awesome. I was worried there would be only 2 candidates for the next decade. The award goes calendar year. So if Eustaquio moves to a top 3 Portuguese team this summer he could join this club as well.
  6. This is probably more of a dual national version 20.0, but imagine Davies and Huitema had a kid and he was Canadian/French/German?
  7. I wonder of there would be a way to get a NCAA player to play CPL for the summer and go back to college in the fall? If they dont get paid and the CPL just calls it a tryout/amateurs would that work? Alot of them play League 1 or similar so it would be awesome for their development to move up a level.
  8. So a pretty typical Borjan game.
  9. Well this conversation certainly went sideways quick. I'm not sure what you guys are even talking about. I don't think anyone expected the CPL to be able to offer life changing money in the first couple years. Conversely, everyone is saying how low these salaries are. How about how great the salaries are for the Usport guys. They can make more/similar than they would at a summer job, develop their game, and go back to school in the fall. If that was around 10 years ago I would be all over that. Also, something to think about. There are 1200 of the best 16-20 hockey players in the wor
  10. Just another run of Davies catching up to someone and making it look like they are standing still. On snow no less. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLVH8GrHpsI/?igshid=1gdigt5eydb5t
  11. I was actually wondering if any Canadian has ever won a top 5 league prior to Davies? If Lille win France would David be the 2nd?
  12. Tough game Monday against league leaders Sporting. However, cellar dwellers Boavista were able to get a draw today against 2nd place Porto. As a Canadian fan I actually get alot of pleasure from Boavista's struggles this year. With their much raved by MLS Reggie Cannon; and 2 of the 5 or so Hondurans that play in Europe I really hope they get relegated this year.
  13. I looked up what other leagues across the world pay and found this. I took a screenshot and for comparison sake Slovenia was #45 on the list and CPL would slide in probably between them and Finland. I imagine the cost of living and quality of life is similar between us and Iceland and they do well with a domestic league paying less than we do. The idea has never been to have a world dominating league. It has been to develop players and give them an option before moving abroad. A couple other things to note from the article. They have Canada listed at #10 overall just using the 3 MLS
  14. Novak is reportedly heading to Condeixa Fc in the Portuguese 3rd teir.
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