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  1. Pretty tough to find the lineups online. But I believe he is playing in the Bayern 2 promotion playoff first leg against Wolfsburg 2. Currently down 3-1. https://www.wincomparator.com/vfl-wolfsburg-ii-id8055-bayern-munich-ii-id8037/#live
  2. Here is the value of the top 10 provisional list rosters according to Transfermarkt. (I realize no-one likes using it, but cool to see that we have arguably the 3rd/4th most valuable roster). I also expect in a year or two this will take a major jump with David, Davies, and others making a large Bailey-like increase. Mexico - 179,450,000 Euros USA - 143,980,000 Jamaica - 49,83,0000 (Bailey @ 35,000,000) Canada - 42,980,000 Costa Rica - 34,900,000 Curacao - 19,250,000 Honduras - 18,580,000 Panama - 10,850,000 Haiti - 8,930,000 T&T - 8,130,000
  3. I have been very surprised with how much time the 3 Canadian MLS teams have been giving to Canadians this season. All of the generally start 2-4 and have another couple on the bench. Vancouver - Henry, Teibert, and Crepeau are starters and Cornelius and Levis are in the 18 when healthy. Montreal - Piette will likely play 90' every game all season. ZBG, Shome, and Bayiha have all started several games, and they even had 6 Canadian starts in one match. Toronto - Osorio is the only starter in TFCs ideal 11, but with injuries 5 others have all had a start, including Layrea who has been a pleasant surprise. When is the last time Toronto gave an opportunity to a Canadian who couldn't make it on a US MLS team? Orlando is basically Canadian with all the snowbirds down there. Starting Akindele, Millar, and Johnson they are doing a great job giving Canadians playing time.
  4. Made the bench for the Whitecaps last night. Believe that is for the first time.
  5. The end of grandstands and the end of the fields are actually packed. And as seems to be normal across Canada this year the weather looks ******.
  6. T&T has maybe 3 or 4 players that would make our 18. Is a great opportunity to show how far we have come since the last WCQ.
  7. https://en.as.com/en/2019/05/16/football/1558005998_292486.html Real Madrid to use Impact facilities as their preseason base. Doesn't really effect Montreal, but I assume this means their facilities are world class. Great for all the young Canadians they are playing.
  8. On the bench tonight for Minnesota. Not sure what happened to Shuttleworth.
  9. Forge can't catch a break with the weather. Today (the original game day is 12 degrees, no wind, and sunny). Tomorrow (the day cbc changed the game to is 8, feels like 4, and rain). Probably won't look great on tv again.
  10. Because I thought it would be a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.
  11. I think if the leagues is even relatively successful this year, which by early indications it should be, then we will see a lot more large sponsors for next year. For this initial season I was surprised by the lack of large, corporate Canadian sponsorship. Only WestJet, Tim Hortons, and Moosehead really come to mind, while we also have Macron (Italian), VW (German), and MediaPro (Spain) as large foreign investors. I would think we will have a bank (Scotiabank or RBC?), oil and gas (Petro-Canada), insurance (Sunlife/manulife?), telecommunications (Bell/Rogers) just to name a few that might want to start getting involved when they see that it will be successful.
  12. Maybe some people find it funny, but I have seats in section 113, and it is not great when I am sitting there with my 3 year old and he hears that all game long...
  13. I wouldn't mind Cornelius not making the team. Vancouver plays 4 games during Good Cup. With Henry gone he would slide into his role, which would be a good opportunity for him.
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