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  1. Before I get too emotionally invested in this guy. I just want to confirm that this guy is 100% only able to play for us? Is there any chance that he can change his mind? If Romania calls him tomorrow and promises him a guaranteed starting position is he able to play for them?
  2. Agree! A year ago we had 6 or 7 spots taken care of. (Lots of mud/forward options). Now we have more competition at goalie and a coupke different options at both fullbacks. 9 out of 11 spots taken care of. Maybe wishful, but unlikely that not 1 of the 6 or 7 options at CBs doesn't step up.
  3. I know ot will sound like piling on, but I was surprised since day 1 when Henry got the start over Roberts. Then when Roberts was on Guyanas Gold cup list I was happy we went with Henry. Although I never understood why he felt the need to jump like a flying squirrel anytime a ball came near him. Imagine how dominant Forge would be with Pantemis or Carducci as a goalie. Hopefully they can bring in someone like Hasal on loan next season.
  4. Made the bench in their playoff loss last night. With their season over will be interesting to see where they go with contract options. He was drafted 2 seasons ago along with Buchanan, Miller, and St. Clair. Hopefully gets an MLS shot next season.
  5. Pretty sure he wasn't in the 18 according to multiple websites.
  6. Was the lead on Hamiltons news this morning. Hopefully gets some eyes on the game. Too bad Edgar is retiring before the game against Toronto. I would put him and Krutzen up ahead of the 700000 Zavaleta and Ciman.
  7. Ummm.. yes, definitely. No doubt...
  8. Wow. Pretty surprised he would speak out about this. Must be pretty blatant on Vanney's part. Poz must think that the team would be better off with the thing Canadians playing.
  9. I think people on this board are forgetting David's time at Gent and focusing on the last couple months of 2020. He was the best player in the Belgium league. So yes, I would say David is a given at #2.
  10. I was actually looking at last year's post about this today and was planning on putting up a post in a couple weeks if noone else did. 1) I think we should. I personally enjoy seeing everyone's response and rational. 2) I think the criteria should be changed due to the fact there was hardly any games. Known CMNT committed players should be the requirement. For example if someone wanted to vote Corbeanu that would be ok, but Akindola wouldn't be since as far as w e know he isn't committed to us. 3) I actually also thought that maybe people should vote for a top 5 since #1 and #2
  11. I actually looked this up. It looks like they are 11 hour drive from each other. So besides the naming rivalry, probably aren't the biggest rivals. Haha
  12. Would be pretty wild if Kennedy, Elva, and Froese were all in 2 Bundesliga. Still pretty early, but looks promising.
  13. Sviatchenko got a late red card. Mitjyland has also been eliminated from even qualifying for Europa league so I wonder if he will get some playing time in their last 2 Champions League games?
  14. Where do you see that? All I see is it on TSN2. I dont get TSN2 so would be great if it got moved.
  15. I hear that Barcelona is crap. They need all th 17 year olds they can get.
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