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  1. His team, Bolton, just got promoted to League 1. Played 23 times, mostly start, since being on loan. Don't believe he is currently eligible, but worth looking into some more if stays and plays with Bolton next season.
  2. Will be interesting to see who ends up having a better career between him, Millar, and Corbeanu.
  3. I feel significantly more confident in Besiktas winning the league than I do Lille. Both of them are in the driver's seat and have 2 games against mid table teams remaining. Hopefully they can pull it off.
  4. Is he injured? Has played almost every minute 3 straight seasons and now hasn't left the bench in 2 straight games. Maybe he doesn't fit into Nancy's 11?
  5. Kind of annoying that this is allowed to happen. Where some small country can make up a whole new team of guys that have never been to the country. I wonder if there is any chance FIFA limits the amount they would be allowed each year? Probably not if it screws over Canada, but what happens if the US was in our position and lose to Suriname?
  6. Not sure how it is a 4 team race at this point. Lille is 5 points up on Monaco and 6 up on Lyon with 3 games left. Only comes down to them and PSG. I would Sayville gave guaranteed themselves top 2 and a Champions League spot next season.
  7. What's the amount of guys we can call for this window? With 4 games in 11 days, could use an extra few bodies. Also dont know how they are going to make some tough cuts. Guys that I would like to see in June that weren't part of March are Cornelius, Kennedy, ZBG, Osorio, Buchanan, Akindele, David, and maybe Priso.
  8. They should. They wouldn't if this year's winner doesn't qualify via their league play. This doesn't appear to be an issue this year, which helps alot of our guys. - Besiktas would qualify for the group stage - Mitjyland (currently first in Denmark) bumps up to playoff round - Red Star bumps up to 2nd qualifying round
  9. In regards to Fraser, there is the connection with Bezbatchenko being at Columbus. He may be one the guys that believe on him and tty to get him an opportunity.
  10. I am sure the fans of Bohemians in Ireland weren't a huge fan of them signing a Canadian U20 player who a season or 2 before was playing in the English 6th tier. Thinking that there was some Irish guy that they could have signed. But that guy ended up being one of their top players and is one of the only players they have sold for a fee in their history.
  11. As if I didn't like Zavaleta already. Now he's going to play for El Salvador..
  12. I am probably in the minority, but I dont mind signings like this. I dont think the league loses anything by having some lower level Europeans in the league. Take Forge for example. They have Achinioti-Jönsson who they signed from the Swedish 3rd division. He has been really good player for them for 2 years now. I dont think there he necessarily took a spot directly away from a Canadian. Also, take a look at the MOACA list. We have players playing at low levels all over the world. Are they taking spots from a young player in that country? Maybe, but they are traveling the world playing a
  13. His team actually could go undefeated this year. Currently 32 wins and 2 draws.
  14. Has joined Forge as an assistant coach. https://mobile.twitter.com/ForgeFCHamilton/status/1387784086761181188/photo/1
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