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  1. He is good enough to get a trial for a top Dutch team, but he wasn't good enough for our u17 team?
  2. How can every other country afford to do friendlies except us? El Salvador can do European friendlies, but we can't. This is a rhetorical question, but how mismanaged our we that we can't find money for friendlies, but the rest of the world can?
  3. We should start monitoring their fan forums and see if they are equally as pissed off that they are unexpectedly in the hex and upset at how destroyed they are goin to get.
  4. When I first looked this guy up I was actually worried they might get an awesome player. At 18 year old starter for Seville. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryan_Gil Then I looked a little harder and found out it is actually a guy who has played one game for for CD Fas in their domestic league. Not exactly a huge coup. http://www.playmakerstats.com/player.php?id=610894&epoca_id=0&search=1 Even their dual nations are garbage....
  5. Also with all these easier games, we will think that we are awesome and David and Cavalinni can crush our top scoring records.
  6. I wouldn't even be upset if it was Panama in front of us. It is ridiculous that we could lose a spot to El Salvador. They have a couple guys playin MLS, in Thailand and the rest in their domestic league. We are so much better than them. How is it not a rule that future qualifing formats need to be announced as soon as the previous WCQ is completed?
  7. Thought he played well in both games. It is worth noting that he is still only 21 and will hopefully be a starter next year with Henry gone.
  8. Unfortunate for him to get injured tn. As poor as he was tn, he is still top 3 cb for us. Hopefully, his transfer is settled and the team doesn't get cold feet. This transfer is good for everyone involved. He gets a new opportunity and likely will be paid well, Vancouver makes some money on him, andvideally Cornelius takes his spot.
  9. Same guy that ran Orlando. Has done a lot for Canadian players in MLS.
  10. Kind of interesting that of all the lineups listed, they only include 14 of the 23 players. However, there would really only be 3 or 4 guys that I would be suprising start. Players noone has selected are: Crepeau, Leurweiller, Adekugbe, Didic, Zator, Fraser, Eustaquio, Wotherspoon, Millar.
  11. Wonder what the line up will look like. For me: Borjan Layrea-Cornelius-Vitoria-Davies Arfield-Kaye-Piette-Hoilett David-Cavalini For defense, I have always hated having Davies on D, but it does solve a lot of problems for us. He has been proven to shut down world class players, he wouldn't need to adjust to what he has been doing, gives flexibility to allow him to move up to the wing if needed, and it gets more of our best players on the field. I also liked what I saw from our CBS last game so no need to move Henry in there. For forward/mid, Osorio is the odd man out, but I could see him starting in either Hoilett or Cavs spot. I have never watched Eustaqio play, but by accounts he is similar to Kaye. If we had 2 mids who were great box to box I would put them both in and leave out Piette. David could also drop back into mid and play a 4-5-1. We can't defend the entire game so I want Cav to be a hold up forward. It's a good thing Hutch isn't here, because I don't know where I would put him. It would be awesome fr us if he could give rb a try again like he did a bit for PSV.
  12. It will be interesting to see how his career trajectory relates to Davies. For Davies he is already at a top5 club in the world. If he can hold onto a spot where does he really go from there? For David does he go to mid table French or German team to continue to develop. In that case he could also stay at Gent and they could try to take a run at the title this year or next. Then if is successful after a couple years try to get into a big team. It seems like Davies missed a couple stepping stones which almost every player makes to go to a top club.
  13. Then why wouldn't they just show it on one of their tsn channels?
  14. The location of the finals just says a centralized location selected by CONCACAF. I assume they would have picked the US if they advanced. I know we aren't centralized, but is there any chance we could host the final? If us, Mexico, Honduras, and say Curacao all move on I would think it would be between us and Mexico. On a separate topic. Channel 399 on Bell satellite is PPV. Does anyone have any information if it will be free or will it be the $6.99 they normally charge for movies?
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