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  1. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/top-10-plays-by-canadian-soccer-players~1931028
  2. The Belgian league will be cancelled. Rumour is that OHL and Beerschot will both be promoted and they will increase to 18 teams next season. Is good for OHL as they lost the first leg of the promotion playoff. https://www.transfermarkt.com/belgian-jupiler-pro-league-calls-off-season-club-brugge-celebrate-title-on-the-couch/view/news/358040
  3. The Belgian league will announce shortly that the remainder of the season is cancelled. Gent finishes as runners up and will start next year in the 3rd round of Champions league qualifying. David also finishes as joint winner of the golden boot with 18 goals, although I am not sure how the tiebreaker is determined. David has more assists and less games played than Mbokani. https://www.transfermarkt.com/belgian-jupiler-pro-league-calls-off-season-club-brugge-celebrate-title-on-the-couch/view/news/358040
  4. Just another article about David linking him to all the usual suspects. Does list him at 25 million euros. This highest value ever placed on a Juliler league player. https://www.transfermarkt.com/market-value-update-belgium-canmnt-star-jonathan-david-continues-positive-trend/view/news/357858
  5. Perhaps. I dont see why they would change the rules. This will effect every country equally. There will be hundreds of athletes across all sports that will miss their peak or prime due to a year postponement.
  6. Assuming the tournament is pushed back a year, here is the players from the provisional list that would no longer be eligible: Gk: Pantemis, St. Clair Df: Cornelius, Godinho, Meileur-Giguere, Miller, Montgomery, Sturring Mf: Shome Fw: Twardek, Zanatta Our already weak defence takes a pretty big hit, but our expected offence weapons will all be a year older, which could be huge. In comparison, of the 2 teams that announced their squads on the Mexican team 12 of 20 players are no longer eligible and for the US 9 of the 20 will be too old.
  7. That's why I said who will have the best careers. A 15 year old signed to a first team contract for TFC. A 17 year old playing and scoring for our national team. That seems pretty promising at this point. Millar and Tabla are good, but dont seem to be anywhere close to David and Davies level. Hopefully in the next couple years some of these other guys can get close to it.
  8. I dont know about everyone else. But this lack of sports is brutal. I usually come on here couple times a day for updates and they have been slim recently. So top 10 best u21 careers of players we currently have. This is my list. 1) Alphonso Davies 2) Jonathan David 3) Jayden Nelson 4) Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 5) Ballou Tabla 6) Liam Millar 7) Theo Bair 8 ) Noble Okello 9) Antoine Coupland 10) Kamaron Habibullah
  9. Gained another 10,000,000 according to transfermarkt. Now valued at 50 million Euros. Ranked as the 96th most valuable player in the world!! 3rd in his age group behind Sancho and Haaland, 3rd left back behind Robertson and Alaba and 14th in the Bundesliga.
  10. Another article about David transferring this summer. Mentions Arsenal, Manchester United and Bayern Munich. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2879150-10-wonderkids-you-need-to-know-ahead-of-the-summer-transfer-window
  11. Munich has regularly had multiple young players on the bench. The cup game saw 2 20 year olds, 2 19, and 2 18. David has arguably accomplished more than each one of them. With all the injuries they have also rarely had the full contingent of subs that is allowable.
  12. Morgan actually played for Real Monarchs yesterday in a game against San Antonio. Montgomery got the only goal in a 1-0 win.
  13. I think MLS is a good level for him. He is above average in this league, by no means a star. I dont know if he could move anywhere and improve his game much more. He will likely make every 23 man Canafian squad and possibly see the field.
  14. Henry is playing AFC Champions league game this morning against Johor. Corbin-Ong is playing for Johor.
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