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  1. Didn't watch the entire game, just a bit of the first half. Whoscored still has him as the highest rated defender.
  2. Same goes for Solomon. He somehow in some peoples mind has passed Sam. He plays on one of bottom teams in Isreal and realistically noone even knew he existed 2 weeks ago.
  3. just like Elva, Straith's team Hansa could get promoted with a good result and some help. Has only made 8 appearances this season, but did play 90 in a 1-0 must win game today.
  4. Osimhen is worth 70 million? He scored 12 goals in 25 games 2 season ago in Belgium... David just scored 18 in 27. Good business for Lille of happens.
  5. I'm wondering what his reason for coming to Canada was. I imagine his parents must have come for work. It would be unlikely he would leave a Swiss academy for Montreal. Was hoping one of his parents would be Canadian, but can't find anything.
  6. Brandon Onkony has played the last 3 games for Hobro in the Danish Superliga. He is a 22 year old, 6'3" CB, who was born in Switzerland. According to Wikipedia he joined the Impact academy in 2015 and then played for TFC 2 for a couple years. Anyone have any idea if he would be eligible for us? Or of there is any talk of him playing for us? Worth noting he is at basically the same level that Henry was at the same age.
  7. They won this morning with Kennedy playing 90 at CB. Took over first place and the promotion spot.
  8. 6 games in 17 days for Liverpool in July. Hope Liam can get a couple runs out.
  9. These mini highlights have me convinced. He is and around the ball making and breaking plays way more than Piette when I watch the Impact. I think he would take his spot at DM.
  10. Signed a new and improved contract with TFC today. https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-fc-sign-canadian-defender-richie-laryea-to-new-deal-1.1488988
  11. According to this Cavallini is from Mississauga and Osorio is from Brampton. https://www.canadasoccer.com/together-we-rise-canada-soccer-announces-squad-for-the-2019-concacaf-gold-cup-p162198 My original point was not about the quantity of players coming from Toronto/GTA. It is specifically about a high level player coming from the City of Toronto proper. A city of nearly 3 million people, many from different nationalities/ new Canadians, (like David and Davies). That is where I would expect the next superstar player to come from and it suprising, to me at least, that currently our best player from Toronto I would say is Kaye.
  12. Sorry, I meant current players. Our top 5 players from Toronto are probably Kaye, Morgan, Johnson, Fraser, Laryea. So yes, quite a few players, but I would think Toronto would be where a superstar would come from.
  13. It's suprising that we haven't had a really great player come out of Toronto. Lots of good players, but noone great.
  14. Not only is it a large transfer, it would actually be Gladbach's record. (Currently @23) So no chance he isn't going to be given every opportunity to succeed. Also mentions they would likely need funds from Champions League to make it work. They are currently 2 points up on Leverkusen for the last spot. Which gives us a other reason to watch Bundesliga this weekend.
  15. Current fan voting for the Golden Boy award. Most predictions have Davies coming in top 3 behind Sancho and Haaland. 1 Alejandro MARQUÉS Juventus 2077 2 TETÊ, Shakhtar 1985 3 Alphonso DAVIES Bayern Munich 1767 4 Mason GREENWOOD Machester United 1638 5 Dominik SZOBOSZLAI Red Bull Salzburg 1612 6 Heorhiy TSITAISHVILI Dynamo Kiev 1572 7 Eduardo QUARESMA Sporting Lisbon 1454 8 Erling HÅLAND Dortmund 1324 9 Mohammed KUDUS Nordsjelland 1277 10 Marley AKÉ Olypique Marseille 1258 11 Jadon SANCHO Dortmund 1093 12 Anssumane FATI Barcellona 939 13 Mamadou SÈNE Juventus 937 14 Lutsharel GEERTRUIDA Feyenoord 814 15 Mathías SOULÉ Juventus 789 16 RODRYGO Real Madrid 678 17 Matias RAMOS Benfica 673 18 VINÍCIUS JÚNIORR Real Madrid 669 19 Gabriel MARTINELLI Arsenal 620 20 Jonathan DAVID Gent 605 21 Ozan KABAK Schalke 577 22 David COLINA Hajduk 573
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