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  1. I wonder if we will see any if the CPL guys get offered a Canadian generation adidas contract for this year's MLS draft. I have no idea what the stipulations would be and whether CPL would get any compensation. It seems to have worked out well for Shome.
  2. Im not sure if countries get funding for WCQ, but wasn't one of the issues that some of these minnows couldn't afford Nations league qualifying? How are they now going to afford a trip to Canada + 2 other countries if they had a hard time travelling twice before?
  3. Woke up to this article on the front page of Sportsnet. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/halifax-wanderers-fc-big-read/
  4. Considering he basically got demoted from TFC he is having quite the season. - first ever CPL goal - assist in a short cameo for TFC - goal against Impact in VC He seems like a good candidate to move onto another league. Perhaps lower their in Europe. Big, strong winger with a cannon of a shot. Probably an easier to fit into another system than someone like Borges or Camargo.
  5. Lots of our players have looked great for their club teams. They would probably look great for us as well if they had an opportunity to work together and become familiar with one another.
  6. Rather than worry about promotion/relegation, D1/D2/D3, or population, demographics, distance to downtown, etc... does anyone have any idea if we should be expecting any announcements about actual new teams for next season??
  7. Lampard being named Chelsea manager would be huge for him. Good chance he will bring Tomori up with him. https://www.squawka.com/en/features/chelsea-loan-players-ranked
  8. Herdmans solution to our RB problem. No point putting players in their strongest position right?
  9. I was going to grade everyone, but that would take too long. Standouts for me would be David, Cavallini, Osorio, and Cornelius. Borjan had nothing to do several games, but in reality between him and Godinho cost us the tournament. Given that Arfield and Hoilett play at pretty well the highest club level on our team I found them underwhelming. It's annoying how everytime we are coming in down the wing Arfield has both hands out demanding the ball. If it doesnt go to him he turns in disgust and if it does he smashes it into the defender. Hopefully the experiment of playing people out of position has come to an end. Davies is our best player, put him in his proper position. Same with Larin. He is a good backup, he was a top scorer in MLS, now that he can get some service he might actually be decent Herdman made numerous mistakes. However, he did assemble one of the best teams we have ever had and has another top player committed to us. So hopefully he learned some lessons and can implement that during WCQ.
  10. With last night's goal he is now tied at 10th for our all-time goalscorers. Almost half way to Deros record. Not sure what the age cutoff is for typing player award, but he should get it. Antuna is also a candidate but he is 21. Hopefully he has a similarly dominating season in Belgium and they are able to sell him for a huge transfer fee.
  11. Feel bad for him. After dominating this tournament as a 17 year old must have expected the same 2 years later and as the top club attached player in the entire tournament. He so clearly isn't a lb. He might have to be in order to see the field at Bayeen. Maybe someday he will be good at it, but he crushes teams at this level higher up the field. Herdman probably had his best 11 on the field, but it is irrelevant when they are playing out of position. Hasn't he very played FIFA when. You out someone out of position and their rating drops by 10 points...
  12. He was probably one of our better players in this tournament. I noticed him way less than Henry, but for a CB that's a really good thing. He looks like an old man, so I forgot that he is still only 21 and will be around for hopefully just as long as David and Davies. I mentioned earlier this week in another thread that they should consider him for pks, but I was shocked that he took that free kick over everyone else we had on the field.
  13. I don't really get how Borjan can make such vital mistakes so often. Why he wouldn't just smash that ball away is beyond me. He seems to look good when we play a good team, but then bad when it's an easier game. It's almost like he gets bored, but that makes no sense because his team in Serbia crushes almost every other team. I don't watch any Serbian league games, but I imagine if this happened even seni-regularly he would be replaced in no time.
  14. I think it would be great if he could end up in mid to lower Ligue 1, Belgium, or English Championship. The only thing holding him back is his offensive ability. I know he is a DM, but in all of last season starting every game and so far this year he doesnt have any goals or assists.
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