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    In-Depth Player Analysis: Montreal Impact’s Joel Waterman

    Langley-born Joel Waterman officially made history on Tuesday afternoon, as he became the first player to make the jump from the Canadian Premier League to Major League Soccer, joining the Montreal Impact for a fee reported to be in the $100k region. Waterman also became the first player sold by a CPL team for a transfer fee, giving us an example of how beneficial the new Canadian first division can be for young footballers in this country.

    Despite being the only player to make the jump to MLS so far, Joel Waterman wasn’t necessarily considered one of the best players in the CanPL. In fact, OneSoccer ranked him just 43rd on their year-end list of the top 50 players in the league. Waterman has many strong qualities though, and if an MLS team was convinced by his quality, then maybe he was somebody we were overlooking all season long.

    Let’s take an in-depth look at what Waterman does and doesn’t bring to the table for the Montreal Impact:

    His versatility is very impressive, and is certainly one of the main reasons Montreal signed him.

    Joel Waterman is a centre-back first and foremost, and while he can play other positions on the pitch, his versatility within the centre-back position on its own is rather impressive. As you know, there are multiple different formations used regularly in all levels of football, and pretty much all of those formations use either 2 centre-backs (a back 4) or 3 (a back 3). The roles played by centre-backs in these 2 formations vary quite a bit more than you’d expect, as do the areas of the pitch that they cover.


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    • Was there anything in my post above that's not true?
    • Weren’t you banned for going off? I remember there being a whole lot Nazi imagery being posted.
    • Is that why LBG left? I had assumed it was because of the disfunctional Valour dressing room. Same as Bustos and probably also Petrasso. An exodus like that is unlikely to be based on the money. I'm not sure that CPL will inflate the value of Canadian players much while CPL clubs don't have much money. It is true that demand for Canadian players has increased but that demand is mostly for players who would be playing semi-pro or even amateur otherwise. CPL clubs are not in a bidding war for these players -- other than with each other, and all are similarly financially limited. Also, I suspect the supply of players at this level is plentiful; the base of the talent pyramid is broad. Which means that CPL clubs can make a "take it or leave it" offer and easily find another target if the player decides to "leave it". This would of course change if CPL clubs had more money and were in a position to compete for the better Canadian players.
    • ^^^ This  And if rumors are true, the league has set limits on how many loans a team can have.  Its the same rules across the board, all teams have an opportunity to improve the squad without breaking the bank on a likely CDN from MLS who cant quite make the breakthrough yet  
    • I’m not part of either but I do know a bunch of the people from the  Bytown Boys and there all great. Always welcoming and friendly. I don’t know anyone from SMR. There are hardcore Canadian soccer nerds who aren’t huge into the supporter culture if that’s more your thing, send me a message and maybe we can meet up.
    • Living in Victoria, I take this personally. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that the CANADIAN MEN's NATIONAL TEAM will play an official friendly in an empty stadium in Canada! I don't think that a similar move by the CSA in a city like Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton or Vancouver would go over well?
    • Can anyone in Ottawa give a quick rundown on what the deal is with these two SG's? I'm considering joining one, but based on the kind of behaviour and personalities I've seen online, no one's jumping to the front of the line... 
    • I would hope they only count what the CPL team is paying. My hope is that the purpose of the salary cap is to keep costs down, not to stifle teams from being good. If it is about keeping costs down it shouldn’t matter how much the player’s loaning club is paying him. If the league can get a player of 150k dollar value for only 20k by way of a loan, and that player can help get results in inter-League competitions, or can make highlight reel plays, then that is a great deal for CPL and it would be foolish to prevent it.
    • Long response, Clanachan, amongst others, has brought up the fear of wage inflation that the CPL quota system could create.   And he was correct to.  Overnight the CPL needed 100 footballers who qualitfy as Canadian whilst lacking the financial means to lure them away from most of the rest of the world.    Sergio Camargo's market value, by virtue of his passport, is inflated in the CPL market.  And it's only going to get worse as more teams join.  And no its not as though his value in the CPL is double what it would be in USL.  But its more, to be sure its more. Pay it, don't pay it.  Boiling it down quite a bit but basically Gale couldn't hold onto LBG because he thinks he can do better for the same money or less, Wanderers thinks otherwise.  We'll know soon enough who's right.  Shorter response, there's an endless amount of cheap foreign talent out there.  There's a very finate amount of affordable Canadian talent.  You're going to have to overpay for it because the low salary cap and quota system won't allow for enough foreign talent, in quality or quantity, to paper over too many shortcoming on the Canadian side of the roster.         
    • The minimum salary for MLS in TFC's first season in 2007 was $12,900 USD. That was for development contracts that maxed out $17,700 USD. The minimum senior contract was $30,000 USD. The Reds had a mish mash of young Canadians on those $12,900 deals, Nana Attakora, Andrea Lombardo, Gabe Gala, David Guzman, Cristian Nunez, Joey Melo. Lombardo I remember was living at home taking the Dufferin bus to BMO every day before being upgraded to the senior minimum of 30K. The upgrade is what got him into trouble when he played at York following his release from TFC.  In 2024 the minimum is rising to $109,000 USD under the new CBA. Each team has 18-20 players on its senior roster, and their minimum rises to $81,375 this year. Each team has up to eight players on its reserve roster, and their minimum goes up from $56,250 last year to $63,547 this season and $85,502 in 2024. http://s3.amazonaws.com/mlspa/2007-08-31-Salary-Information-Alphabetical.pdf?mtime=20190611125445
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