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  1. He's a G whether he has a ton of game-time experience lately or not. I really hope we see him again.
  2. Cavallini nearly concussed Phonzie with a headbutt after one of his goals in one of those earlier games this cycle.
  3. As if we're playing our most difficult window without Larin, Hoilett, Hutchinson, Borjan, Cavallini, Kennedy. Just wild and totally heroic of these guys to come through with a 3 match 5 point window once they pull the W off.
  4. Feels like most press conferences leave the most obvious questions not asked. For example first window no one (as I recall) asked Herdman hey pal why the tiny squad? Where’s Trent Crimm when you need him?
  5. That’s exactly it. We are exactly where everyone would have predicted after 5 matches we just went about it a different way rather than losing away to USA/Mexico and drawing Jamaica we found a different path to 7 points. The sky isn’t falling.
  6. So who plays striker in that Panama game? Presumably we're asking David to go do another 90 when he's been mostly ineffective for 180 so far?
  7. Why is this still a 4 ticket cap? I'm looking to get 6 tickets but can't seem to without buying in entirely different sections as a separate transaction. Edit: Scratch that managed to figure it out, but still weird... See y'all there!!! Double Edit: Actually what the F??? Is it a 4 ticket limit?? Transaction wouldn't let me pick 2 more up logged into my TicketMaster account.
  8. Yes we tried to play conservative football looking for draws and lost. Now we look for wins and sometimes get draws. That’s the attitude shift we needed.
  9. This team has no off-switch and is full of “big balls” as Oso just eloquently put it. They compete in every single match they’re not gonna 3D chess their way to a World Cup and I’m here for it. This is the first team full of fight we’ve ever seen since maybe 1986. If they don’t make it it’ll be guns a blazing and will be the ride of our lives. That’s all I want. To be proud of a team of warriors that wants to win every match.
  10. All y’all “we should forfeit we’ll never get a result in Mexico play the C team” eat some damn crow and update your attitude.
  11. Crazy how things change. Months ago we were saying how Ayo is 4th on the depth chart and likely won't see a whole lot of playing time behind David, Cavallini and Larin. Now we'd kill for a healthy Ayo and are calling in Brym of all people.
  12. Guess this explains Junior’s vax situation… what a shame. https://extra.ie/2021/10/01/sport/soccernews/premier-league-unvaccinated
  13. Honestly... Remember when he shot and tried to score himself?
  14. So even if it’s not major no way he plays significant minutes for Canada (if any at all).
  15. So... Looks like we may have to play most of this window the same way we had to play the last game against Mexico in the GC. Striker-less?
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