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  1. This has gotta be about as close to a neutral venue as Canada will experience in CONCACAF. Small crowd (sounds like maybe 10k), buncha disgruntled American fans playing in a stadium they don't often play in that a ton of our MLS guys are as familiar as their guys are. Nice and comfortable weather too (low 20's and maybe raining). Does it get any easier for an away game?
  2. Or they could wait 47 years until Lebreton flats is developed and vie for a small pitch in there somewhere that would offend the local populace ensnaring the proposal in 7 more years of public consultation ultimately to be rejected.
  3. The team that has no player salaries is the only profitable entity 😅
  4. Herdman constantly opens himself up to this **** every game. Play your best players quit the excessive tactics. He himself said tactics won’t win this game. Stop being cute.
  5. Sharing a language to be able to read content, read opposing fan anxieties online and to chirp these same opposing fans is a real nice side benefit of playing the US.
  6. No. It took a long time to load the page, which is a good sign I suppose but there's loads available on the west upper deck. I really don't understand these ticket prices, and why the CSA would not rather gamble on lower price = bigger crowd = more amped team = more likely to win. Maybe price isn't a big deciding factor though.
  7. +1. The last Canada win of any significance was 4 years ago against Honduras (and even that was at home). The game before that? 7 years ago we squeaked by Panama (also at home). Before that? 10 years ago we beat Jamaica at the Gold Cup. 3 wins of note in the last decade. So yeah, our record winning games that matter against opponents that are any better than us is pretty horrific.
  8. You forgot to mention that the average temperature on October 15th is 12.78 degrees Celsius, which is clearly 3.22 C below optimal for attending a sports event outdoors. Also, the earlier dark evenings means that people’s seasonal affective disorder will be just about kicking in so going out and being social is the last thing on peoples minds. Lastly, by this time in October students will have an idea if they are falling behind in class and parents will be pressuring them to stay home and get their school work on track! CSA dropping the ball as usual!!
  9. So now that it's announced the US game is in Orlando... Who's going and do we have an option of getting some organized supporters tickets?
  10. What was that Duane Rollins said about it being completely impossible for Canada to crack the top 6 in CONCACAF again?
  11. Precisely. We are in CONCACAF where 95% of games are played on fields many would consider so far below our players ability to actually play well on. It's also hot in CONCACAF. This never changes. The fact we bring up conditions over and over and it's made its way through generations of players and coaches seems like such a cop out. Imagine an NHL team where after every game they complain about how the ice conditions in opposing rinks aren't as good as at their practice facility or home arena. Play the damn game.
  12. The amount of times we make the arrogant excuse of “the pitch was poor down here in the Caribbean” when what we really mean is “we lack the creativity and decisiveness to make good decisions and plays around the goal”. Smh. Unfortunately Herdman’s inherited that trait full bore with half his press conference dedicated to the pitch excuse.
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