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  1. I hear that, but I also enjoy seeing other souls at a soccer game aside from a massive wall of empty seats. If those temp bleachers weren't so stranded and were wider, actually linking up with the other permanent seats maybe it would work. Also if the nearest section of seats wasn't all tarped off maybe you could have made it a lot more cohesive, visually appealing, and less isolated. It would also serve to make it look much more intimate. As it stands now, if attendance is good, it's hard to get more supporters than what's in section W. If you had a big area behind the net that was GA people could more easily move into that area and it could organically grow over time.
  2. Which makes it even crazier to have targeted April as a realistic kick off date. For the president (or something?) to be talking about securing office space and registering business numbers (vs a massive season ticket/marketing campaign and intense PR tour) a little over a month away from kick off feels cray. I'm sure it'll all be pulled off and we'll hopefully marvel at it all, but they should make a goddamn movie about this.
  3. I gather much of this must be Jeff's personality (which surely has served him well!), but the aw shucks folksy vibe of how all of this is unfolding and communicated is a little unexpected given I think most of us assumed much of this would have been figured out long before a public announcement in person with Atletico Madrid. It sounds more like they're setting up a local soccer club than a fully professional team about to be playing in front of thousands (tens of thousands?) of people in a couple of months.
  4. Can anyone in Ottawa give a quick rundown on what the deal is with these two SG's? I'm considering joining one, but based on the kind of behaviour and personalities I've seen online, no one's jumping to the front of the line...
  5. did he say he isn't Canadian in this one too or could he keep it together?
  6. guy looks like a pretty typical Ottawa type schlub. Don't think it has anything to do with the kits!
  7. But Scott isn't an idiot and even if he felt such a thing clearly would have the understanding that stating such a thing as a leader on the team would be an idiotic thing to do.
  8. How do you think that jives with what Herdman's been trying to instill in the group? Pride in the flag, the shirt, brothers, etc... Then you've got your main striker coming out and saying he's 0% Canadian. Regardless of the context, he's gotta be smarter than that.
  9. Yeah historically he's been pretty consistent on the whole I'm not Canadian angle.
  10. How would y'all feel about JDG being back involved given his attitude (whether he was a puppet or not) towards CPL x Ottawa?
  11. What it kinda feels some of us are forgetting here is that we need to amass way more points than ES to make up the ground and get ahead. Sure they maybe stayed “in hiding” this month but that won’t remain true. They’ve shown a willingness to play friendlies. Assuming that picks back up they can just play the same likes of teams we are suggesting we play to stay ahead forcing us to roll the dice big. At some point we have to do something BIG that they can’t.
  12. Isn’t that maddeningly what half of our friendlies are?
  13. Playing Barbados twice eh?! They've gotta both be legit friendlies??
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