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  1. Bamba was hugging him from behind. David and Weah were locked in some prayer trance forehead to forehead on their knees for about 15 seconds with Weah doing all the talking. Was weird/cool to see.
  2. That's pretty greasy and he doesn't strike me as a greasy kinda guy.
  3. This camp feeling like it's getting more poutine by the day. Damn.
  4. Ayo not in any of the pics CSA just posted. Seems pretty unlikely he's there unless they have some sort of deal to not make a big stink about him being there.
  5. he's apparently done more than enough to warrant a 10 mil transfer to Juventus if Reynolds is the bench mark. So crazy.
  6. damn... there were some bangers in that highlight pack!
  7. This is a reeeaaaall classy and exciting 11.
  8. Scott Arfield is the definition of Blood Guts and Thunder as Herdman says. Probably the only true no questions asked warrior the team has had it seems since Iain Hume (something about scots I guess?). It would be such an enormous shame to not have him be a part of this huge run of critical matches.
  9. The one game I watched him closely he got scorched like 5 times and totally exposed 1 v 1 in that crazy drubbing the caps took from LAFC. (Missed post from Craig above same same)
  10. The weirdest thing about that game was it was their MLS guys playing out of their boots scoring some highly unlikely and crazy clinical goals. Not their fancy pants euros.
  11. Kaye had specifically been catching a lot of shit from LAFC fans heading into this game. Many “don’t start Kaye he’s our weak link” type of comments. It’s been sounding like he’s sort of got that Delgado at TFC type relationship. Anyone been catching his performances in CCL??
  12. CSA been ahead of the weird neutral venue closed door friendly game for years now. Finally took a pandemic to have it make sense though.
  13. And then switches his allegiance to Bosnia.
  14. Remember when Ricketts and Haber were legit starters (and no disrespect to either of those guys).
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