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  1. So now that it's announced the US game is in Orlando... Who's going and do we have an option of getting some organized supporters tickets?
  2. What was that Duane Rollins said about it being completely impossible for Canada to crack the top 6 in CONCACAF again?
  3. Precisely. We are in CONCACAF where 95% of games are played on fields many would consider so far below our players ability to actually play well on. It's also hot in CONCACAF. This never changes. The fact we bring up conditions over and over and it's made its way through generations of players and coaches seems like such a cop out. Imagine an NHL team where after every game they complain about how the ice conditions in opposing rinks aren't as good as at their practice facility or home arena. Play the damn game.
  4. The amount of times we make the arrogant excuse of “the pitch was poor down here in the Caribbean” when what we really mean is “we lack the creativity and decisiveness to make good decisions and plays around the goal”. Smh. Unfortunately Herdman’s inherited that trait full bore with half his press conference dedicated to the pitch excuse.
  5. Now do Larin. What about Larin.
  6. Ali Gerba, he wouldn't have bothered with the flick or any of that other fancy stuff he woulda just backheel one-touch volleyed and chipped the keeper.
  7. Again showing how asinine these League A's and B's are given they mean jack **** now.
  8. That's some well-practised celly for a 1st ever pro goal.
  9. grigorio


    that sorta shadowy, sorta textured, sorta 3d? emblem reminds me of those plasticky hologram hockey cards that McDonald's used to put out in the mid 90's.
  10. can someone refresh my memory how these match-ups were determined and how come some similar teams like Jamaica have tougher matchups than what we've faced? Or should I not ask...
  11. that was anemic - felt a lot like Canada of old ?
  12. you don't like your free kicks lofted in at about 4mph landing 22 yards from the keeper into a sea of 18 bodies?
  13. do we see Cavallini for Canada ever again? Or has pouty mcpoutface grown up? Stunned at how green this lineup is. Holy **** kids. If this were Floro we'd be calling for his head fosho.
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