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  1. Noticed that. Tajon doesn't give a fuck. Love it. also Laryea... This guy never misses a chance for a shove or chirp. Bit of a goon tbh but happy he's ours. He's gotta drive opponents utterly crazy. Last but not least Osorio. I really think all of TFC's runs slaying all those Mexican teams boosted this guys' confidence 10x (and by extension the rest of his Canada teammates) when playing against these guys in this kind of an atmosphere. Gives zero shits about it and gets in faces all the time presumably in Spanish. Never seen a Canada team get in as many scrums as our boys have this tournament, it's a little nuts tbh.
  2. well we could go England stylez and throw in Corbeanu, Sturing, and Paton to see what happens.
  3. So long as we don't get run off the pitch in the first 15 minutes with our notoriously slow starts and that crowd I think we'll be alright. Get some hard tackles in, threaten their goal in those first 10-15 and we'll settle into the match nicely.
  4. Unfortunately he's gone from possibly the sexiest to the least sexy MLS team out there 🤮
  5. Love this. At some point we need to expect and demand more - even if the results aren't there. Gone need to be the days of hoping for a result, putting in a good shift, morale boosting losses, showing like we belong, etc... Confidence and psyche matter and no better way to build that in a hurry than actual legitimate success and not just trying to look like we fit in. Whether that's against the US, Mexico who gives an F we play to win not show up.
  6. Pretty conflicted here. Don't want Qatar to go to the final cause it's embarassing for a guest (regardless of prior accomplishments) to make the final of some other confederation's championship and god forbid win it "Qatar Champions of CONCACAF". Also want the US out in the semis cause F em. What's a hater to do?
  7. EI Salvador no longer lookin like the easy out come Octo
  8. if every scrawny 17 year old from Texas or Arkansas is going to Italy or Germany for 5mil+ then our boy Tajon deserves 40.
  9. Costa Rica. Jamaica needs to win to finish top.
  10. I would rather the CSA save the 10k or whatever it would cost to bring Bair down than bring Bair down...
  11. To use a hockey analogy, you know you don't need to cover the point shot if the guy at the point isn't a real threat to shoot. So you collapse down low, clog up the front of the net and choke out the offense. Having a blast from the point (beyond the 18) keeps defenders honest and stretches them out opening up seams down low.
  12. I'm gonna wait to see what happens in the QF's here but I got this baby queued up for those that thought goals were gonna pour in and this was an irrational concern 😅
  13. Let me add one more thing before I shake this one off and move on. In a game such as this where getting to the goal is real tough, you really notice how few players we have with any confidence or danger in their shot from distance. Over the past 5 years or so it's really only been Junior and Arfield who have shown they can be a threat from outside the 18, though maybe guys like Eustaquio and Buchanan can be added to the list. For as dangerous as guys like Larin, David, Davies and Cavallini are if you can keep them outside the 18 you're pretty much guaranteed they won't shoot or if they do it's likely to be weak sauce. Then among our midfield you also won't ever really find Osorio, Kaye, Piette or Hutchinson having a meaningful crack at the ball. Contrast that to some of what you see with Honduras/Panama/Mexico and it seems like everyone on the field is equipped with the confidence to have a meaningful go and see what happens if better options don't present themselves.
  14. That’s the damn (and admirable) thing about your Honduras. They always find this 11th gear individually and collectively to play way outta their boots wearing the blue and white. Torching all our “BuT On PaPeR!!!” in the process.
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