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  1. But Scott isn't an idiot and even if he felt such a thing clearly would have the understanding that stating such a thing as a leader on the team would be an idiotic thing to do.
  2. How do you think that jives with what Herdman's been trying to instill in the group? Pride in the flag, the shirt, brothers, etc... Then you've got your main striker coming out and saying he's 0% Canadian. Regardless of the context, he's gotta be smarter than that.
  3. Yeah historically he's been pretty consistent on the whole I'm not Canadian angle.
  4. How would y'all feel about JDG being back involved given his attitude (whether he was a puppet or not) towards CPL x Ottawa?
  5. What it kinda feels some of us are forgetting here is that we need to amass way more points than ES to make up the ground and get ahead. Sure they maybe stayed “in hiding” this month but that won’t remain true. They’ve shown a willingness to play friendlies. Assuming that picks back up they can just play the same likes of teams we are suggesting we play to stay ahead forcing us to roll the dice big. At some point we have to do something BIG that they can’t.
  6. Isn’t that maddeningly what half of our friendlies are?
  7. Playing Barbados twice eh?! They've gotta both be legit friendlies??
  8. Isn’t that kind of the situation we faced down in “Cuba” recently? That game was ugly as hell with basically zero offence.
  9. is he gonna take the hint this time or linger for another year at a club that's trying to get rid of him like a bad cold?
  10. You ever notice how Brits seem to add an R to the end of Canada? Like... Canader.
  11. Unsure what this means... But, I think it's good? Current owners get a return on their asset. Have cash and flexibility for new endeavours...
  12. Lolz. Quick poll... What's your favourite "mickey mouse" venue Canada's played in? I'm assuming the cat meowing in Belize(???) has gotta be top 3 for most.
  13. Why do they keep scheduling friendlies, make them public, and then cancel them wtf is this.
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