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  1. fack no, please. No more Canadians at the Shitecaps. That team needs to be better, I don't want Canadians used as the scapegoat.
  2. ... Where only English and Spanish clubs can compete in the tournament.
  3. I hope hes in the squad. And I hope all their best players are there too. I want to beat those sobs again so we can here the ****. Deux à zéro!
  4. I think it has already gone. The supporters understand we have a 37yo legend, still playing in a top European league. If he's there he's there. But we have Arfield, Piette, Osorio, Kaye all worthy of playing now.
  5. Love that hes getting his groove back. Hate that hes not back in the squad. But it is what it is.
  6. You mention the U23, but that's separate from the senior team. You could say theres a lot of upside to integrating Tabla, Borges, etc for the exact same reasons. And to say Millar has surpassed Larin is a massive overstatement - tbh its actually disrespectful. One guy has played over a 100 games and scored over 50 goals. The other has played less than 30 and scored less than 5 goals.
  7. Folding. Serious problems. The TFCII talk is crazy. They are a bonified reserve team playing in D3. There isn't a comparable league where it would be feasible for them to play in. The fact that they will never be allowed to play in the CPL is one case, the fact that TFCIII plays in L1O shows is another case. It's a joke that they are even being mentioned as a reference for the Fury farcical. This cased is closed.
  8. Same thing should be said about Millar tbh but it's not.
  9. Small change, but I actually like how the 5-3-1-1 or 5-3-2 looks. Right personnel in the necessary spots. As much as i don't want Davies in the back, i don't mind him as a Wing back.
  10. Great roster, I aint mad.... But damn 8 defenders for 1 game. 6 Centerbacks??? Zator, Kamal are CBs before FB but what do I know. I looks like JH is setting up to park the bus to smash and grab. Lets get it.
  11. They should be, especially after Frasers performance last game.
  12. Uni, U Sports, OUAA is all less letters than College lol. But hey whos counting
  13. Please guys for the love of clarity stop saying College when referring to Universities. In Canada its ever so clear that they are different, and the CPL is clearly treating it separately. We aren't freaking American and this isn't NCAA fack. Whats crazy is that majority of the L1O teams are filled with College players.
  14. Customary tag line "I could see him back in the CPL."
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