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  1. Hope its a loan to the championship
  2. Check again, I didn't start the derail.
  3. Yes, yes,yes - thank you. If not the senior team, I'm excited to see what he'll do with the U23s.
  4. I do that because it's not your fault, but I'll address you directly now. Reread the thread, I never put words in anyone's mouth, im just spitting fire - actualistic conversation from a non-biased perspective. That no one has yet to respond to. We all do it for every other player, do I have to find Godinhos dad and tell him to create an account to be a "Voyageur"? ... I have nothing towards Millar, my perspective is solely towards are you playing first team ball and secondly where is it? We have a lot of uncovered gems outside the ones who have access to a UK\EU passport to get even a sniff of an opportunity at these clubs and will end up likely in L1O or CPL. We seen it with Joshua Doughty at Man U. That being at a prestigious youth academy doesn't mean you'll make it to the first team. We rest on the laurels, get excited on these kids being at big clubs, when it's rare in modern football that these kids go on to play meaningful first team football. Simply put, all semantics aside - are you playing first team football!? Where should you be on the CMNT depth chart? List them. These comparisons come up based on comparative conversations, so im sorry if I bit the bait. I can list examples.... This is one(go check).... But in this case its in regards to the four to five talked about youngsters in the national team. 1. Davies - tore up MLS as a 17yo, 2. Tabla - made some noise as a 18yo in MLS, 3. David - surprise, surprise after Toulon, tearing it up in Belgium as an 18/19 yo in Belgium...and number 4. Millar - experienced SPL first team minutes in 2019 5. Cyle Larin - started of his campaign strong and ended weak in Europe after a promising start to his career,. This is irrelevant, nobody said there was any vendetta between the two player's. I do understand, I've never slightly underestimated the commitment as a player, never mind the parents - kudos to you for giving your son the opportunity to live out his dreams, and to him for taking it seriously. Sincerely. Everyone appreciates it, I do too. Sincerely. But like @El Hombre said, it takes you nothing to get like of the day.... and it's because of who you are, and the info you provide to the community. Which we all appreciate it. So don't pull back please. If you want to hold back on sharing yours sons plans, no one would fault you for that. You may feel like I have something towards you or your son - but I genuinely don't. I wish you knew me to understand that. Yes I spend to much time on here, but my life's filled with the love of football, and seeing every Canadian player successful. In my support I have the ability to assess and comment on their successes/areas for improvement which (IMO) would be beneficial to the success of the Canadian program. Like a lot of our elite young talent - Borges is quality, and hes just a transfer/opportunity a way from him being in the same place as the rest of them and being a statement for the CPL.
  5. Reread what i wrote. And then quote the part where I wrote their careers off. I just dont think they'll get first team minutes in the regular season for Barca or Liverpool. The three are all in the same age bracket... Lets see what the football God's will decide in 2-3yrs.
  6. Easssy no one is writing any of these guys careers off. Im just simply saying they're not going to play for Barca or Liverpool first team, regardless of preseason cameos. I mean no offense to either player (or their parents), its just the reality of these big clubs. Rub this in my face, say Im confused when it doesn't happen. But at the European Champions there's Firmino, Salah, Mane, Origi, Chamberlain, Lallana already there... on top of that there will be more signings. Then there's academy products like Brewster who's getting Klopp praise/assertions and Kent who had a great (better than Liam, at a better club) season on loan at Rangers and got praise from the fans, and coached by Liverpool legend. So both Millar and Tabla will end up on loan..to where God knows. But if its back to the SPL, and Borges gets another crack at Holland in the Eredivise for example... I'm giving that kid a look. @Shortdutchcanuck thank you for explaining my point exactly. Edit: To add I think there's a level of an infinity towards Millar because his dad is "one of us". I can never question his thoughts or beliefs towards his son, because all comments are solely based on him alone....but some of yall seem like you're looking for his acceptance... that aint your daddy. We have several "sons" who we all want to see successful in their club careers and for Canada.
  7. Only 1 of these guys actually play for the first team, and sparingly. The reality is Millar and Tabla will soon end up playing first team minutes for way lower tier teams than they're currently at. Borges only being 20, will deserve a look at some point if he continues his play. U23 team will be the start.
  8. He's been my favourite discovery player in the CPL... Im sure he's gone after this season.
  9. Check the opta stats, and get back to me. Duels, interceptions, clearances.... He does it all plus more. The CDM role has evolved into more than just staying at home.
  10. Kaye does everything Piette does plus more. Swap Osorio for Piette.
  11. Hart did what he could with what he had, so no. Floro I most definitely had the same energy, because of his park the bus tactic. However I do wonder what he would've done with David, Hoilett, Davies vs Ricketts, Haber, and Jackson. He definitely didn't help/change players mentality when he says his teams not capable of attacking. OZ started this revolution, he was on to something in terms of changing the mindset of the way Canadian player think about winning/attacking. He was advocating for more premium friendlies, tried to unleash a new scouting network, introduced Kaye & Davies, brought Osorio & Cavallini back into the program, brought Canada the furthest they been in the GC since 2007 all within less than a year....hell no did I have the same energy.
  12. I listened. He sounds like he understands the pressure is on. He made mention of ensuring that he will try to push for more friendlies - which is what we wanted to hear. Lets hope that its not just talk. End of November we shall see you soon.
  13. I agree with everything. The only thing you tip-toed around is not mentioning a change of head coach. I think we have championship minded players. We have players who have won in Europe, competed and won domestically, young skillful hungry fiery talents - all the piece you need for a championship team in Concacaf right now. What we need is a coach who will set us up to win. Period. We weren't setup against Mexico, and paid the price against Haiti. All coaches decisions. I won't expect nothing from the CSA in terms of preparation. It showed for the Gold Cup with the not-a-friendly-your-a-friendly-game with Trinidad. Our coach has gone on the record basically implying that they aren't necessary. So i'll be surprised if we schedule anything. We won't survive CNL without preparation aka friendlies...but in the end we'll beat Cuba and it will better our ranking for WCQ and everything will be OKAY!
  14. Im still sticking with he's gotta go.
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