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  1. Option not picked up by the Montreal Impact. He was a Generations Adidas player, so I'm going to assume he has graduated from this list. CPL should be a good landing spot for him.
  2. Option not picked up by the Montreal Impact...he is now a free agent.
  3. Ssshh please don’t start, I’ve already sought help for this reality. We’ll be okay, we’ll be okay, we’ll be okay.
  4. Starter overnight, that’s crazy talk. As a number 9. It’s currently: David, Larin/Cavallini...then maybe Akinola, as Tesho should still be in the conversation, but I’ll put him at 5. As much as I’ve put David as a number 10 (sitting behind a number 9), we haven’t and I don’t think we will see it, especially with the plethora of middle options we have. Your fear is our reality.
  5. Called everyone except Hart, which was very debatable.
  6. I almost feel like I would encourage him to, but with a Akindele mindset and God forbid a Teal one. As I also feel that he's aware of where he thinks he might fit in with each system. And by fit in, I mean...where's he's ranked/rated. With Canada...in the number 9 position he's likely number 3 or 4. With the states, he could be a lot further down....being backup to Jozy, doesn't help him either.
  7. Agree with a lot. I don't know if it's misunderstand but when you say "move on" for a lot of these guys to get something in return isn't possible when majority are free agents. Bono, Mullins, Zavaleta, and Morrow are all legit free to do as they please.
  8. Yea...last year it was. He re-upped for 3 years. So he’s here till 2022. Only way he’s gone now if TFC terminate his contract. https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/02/28/jozy-altidore-signs-contract-extension-toronto-fc
  9. It hasn’t, it’s in the top corner of a post. @gator in case you need to know as well.
  10. Yes thanks,...I don't know why I always do that.
  11. Here's my guess for roster decisions: Under Contract (17) Bradley, Altidore, Gonzalez, Mavinga, Piatti, Pozuello, Delgado, Osorio, Marshall-Rutty, Nelson, Peruzza, Silva, Priso, Achara, DeLeon, Westberg, Laryea, Out of Contract/Free Agent (4 - don't see them coming back) Bono, Mullins, Ciman, Gallardo Out of Contract/Free Agent - see them possibly coming back, on re-worked deals (3) Morrow, Zavaleta (let's see if Vanney has his way), Gallacher (loan extension) Options Exercised (3) Okello, Auro, Dunn, Shaffelburg Options Not-Excercised (4) Dorsey, Endoh, Romeo, Fraser _
  12. Gallardo, 1000% is gone (contract is up). Endoh is great value but is an international, and his minutes can be given to Nelson, Shaffelburg, or Rutty...I won't be surprised if he's still there though.
  13. But they’ve beeeeeen playing like that in Hartford. They’ve literally just been lucky in the games that they won. It was the Laryea special, or Pozuelos magic .....the special came out, but wasn’t given....and Poz didn’t have the wand at all today to produce any magic- worst I’ve ever seen him play in a TFC jersey.
  14. This, it’s bittersweet....but a welcomed wake up call, when the team relies heavily on Pozeulo. Omar Molasses Gomez is past it, and is too easily susceptible to one ball beats all especially when they play a press and high line. Replacement = into the market. Bradley is a general, but like generals they have to pass it on to the next man up. He’s slow, needs too much time on the ball, and is defensive liability at times. Replacement = Osorio, and give Priso more minutes. Jozy is another guy past it. His Hulking body is finally not making his game efficient, whenever he’s healthy.
  15. Wait, why's that? Specifically Quebec? How does stadium situations appear because of COVID? I hope these were always planned and not rushed situations that looked like York9
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