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  1. Bobby Reid is no slouch either.
  2. With a yellow pinny that says Voyegeurs Flag collector, so nobody questions you? …This in addition to a stadium announcement at least. Let’s hope people in Edmonton are more respectful than the entitled shits from Toronto.
  3. Domestic 23+.....here we go. GK: St Clair, Pantemis, Crepeau DF: Waterman, Miller, ZBG, Laryea, Johnston, Gutierrez, Bassong MF: Piette, Osorio, Kaye, Fraser, Teibert, Edwards, Choinerre, Okello, Bustos, Chapman FW: Akinola, Akindele, Pasher, Cavallini, Shaffelburg Start this camp in early January like the USA would do, play a few matches, see how some new guys perform....add them to the players abroad list of: GK: Borjan DF: Henry, Adekugbe, Kennedy, Vitoria, Corneilius, James MF: Hutchinson, Wotherspoon, Eustaqiuo, Paton FW: Larin, David, Davies, Buchanan, Hoilett, Ennin In closing I'll say, I really hope we eliminate any excuses of money being the reason we don't make it to the Qatar. Because we have the team, we have the players....I hope the CSA sees this opportunity to go in the red, knowing that when we qualify it will automatically bring us in the green.
  4. Yesterday he was playing in a centre mid/attacking mid position and was doing a lot against a very good Seattle team. He had 2 key passes that led to an assist, and arguably a second (hockey assist). 2 great shots on net, 1 of a free kick. I think what gets him into the team is his versatility, and his consistent performances which he is doing.
  5. I’ve learned that Swoop and Flair are only good if you plan on travelling with 1 outfit/nothing.
  6. You mean you haven’t booked yet! …. Someone hasn’t gotten their hallpass yet 🤣
  7. If he’s out, it seems more likely that Captain Arfield might make his 3rd appearance in Canada lol.
  8. @rob.notenboomAhh shucks, I’m flying into Edmonton at 10:00am on game day with my big little brother 😁. If there’s anything pregame, we’ll be there. We are staying at the holiday inn, where I think a lot of guys will be!…(is there a shuttle being planned lol) Oh yea and I definitely want a scarf, I’ll confirm with my bro.
  9. I’m calling a few guys will be on trial/training stints that will help maintain their game shape - Kaye, Johnston, Laryea, Osorio, ZBG. Or maybe I should say I’m hoping? I also want to point out that this is why it was strategically important to call up more guys during the windows where we only utilized 23. Guys like Ennin, Paton, Amanda, Halbouni, James so that they can get acclimatized to the culture, know the standard and expectations of what it takes to break into the squad or in this case are game ready. We knew this window would come, planning/forecasting should be all part of preparation.
  10. You forgot Wife stress. I can’t be the only one 🤷‍♂️
  11. It’s not that I don’t rate him. Let’s clarify that first. Anybody who had a substantial career in the EPL deserves that. Secondly it wasn’t directed to you, as I didn’t see your post respectfully.It’s just a lot of you lot are treating him like he’s a game changer or the answer. When I think he’s past it. Arfield over Osorio or Kaye…Also disrespecting our current crop of guys who have got us into the top 50, lost only 2 games two Mexico and USA while also tying them away…. by putting him immediately into starting lineups. Im team the culture, guys who have made it out the mud in Canada, made it possible that we can be the nation we are and they are proud to represent that. You don’t get the option to be wishy washy with your loose allegiance. Now I can only think he’s only “recommitted” because he NOW sees the vision of where this team is going. Call up Paton he’s in form.
  12. another attempt at how do we start the mystery man with no minutes into a squad that is thriving.
  13. Well I was going to say drinks on you, so you're right to avoid me 🤣
  14. is it safe to assume the January window will be in Vancouver? I'm trying to go to go to as much home games as I can.
  15. Outside of the game, whats the nightlife/part life in Edmonton. Any suggestions?
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