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  1. Let's hope it's a championship club and not a League One or SPL.
  2. pretty accurate. Barely touched the ball. Struggled to hold it up too.
  3. This. Not only Hoilett, but Herdman might not care to call him either. He’s big on trust, and commitment. Yea you can miss some (David, Wotherspoon, Hutchinson, Kennedy) but the fact he hasn’t appeared at all this year might be indicative to the overall situation. Herdman hasn’t really made any mention of him since, as a guy not being there (iirc)
  4. Saw this….hate to say, but MAK should’ve went full Latino, and dropped on the floor holding his neck, and waving his hand. VAR was a joke, as that should’ve been immediately been flagged.
  5. Announce BMO for September! Im so amped, bring on Honduras and El Salvador!
  6. Exactly, so if we are playing a do or die, and we need our best XI….I’m slotting him in the middle of the back 3 for that exact bolder reason. Vitoria is a good defender, but his pace hinders the back line. Henry is a strong defender, but his decision making and pace hinders the back line. Guys I’m telling you, Miller-Kennedy-Johnston! Our backline will be solid!
  7. We are now at point where if all our guys are healthy. There will be notable omissions! Thats the real beauty of how strong are team is right now.
  8. I want to think Herdman has been reading this forum lol, but I’ve been saying that we should be using the formation and tactics we’ve been using. 😁 As of July 2021, this one I think: It’s tough to leave Laryea out, but Tajon has to start.
  9. I agree….if it was an MLS ref, there would’ve been more cards, especially with the hands to the throats.
  10. …like the “if only we had Arfield in the middle” type comments. I dont believe he’s a game changer.
  11. He’s barely put a foot on the field for Canada in the same breathe. Yes we all like what we saw against Suriname, and Haiti….but Kamal has played solid against better teams and has played well and has showed he’s still improving.
  12. I agree with everything. I’ve been stating this exact sentiment….BUT! We do need him, we need at least 23 guys for the gruelling WCQ schedule.
  13. This 1000% too many times in the past where ive seen us pussy out of those situations or guys not really back each other. I loved to see it.
  14. Kamal & Kennedy! We can play with both. I slot Kennedy into the middle 3, and Henry and Vitoria to the bench. Hoilett was great, but we have even greater weapons. Tajon has to start. Crepeau is my number 1....but Borjan is still the number 1.
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