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  1. 2 solid RBs, and we have Cordova too as well.
  2. You’re right, he’s in a tough spot to make it into the squad. However, from what I seen of him I would definitely say one of his skillsets is his work rate, and ability to be versatile. I think he could benefit from a position change, just like how Laryea has. He has all the attributes.
  3. Heartbreak not only once, but twice in two wins ...that’s football at it’s finest
  4. Inglostadt up 3-2 on aggregate. This game is so exciting. elva has been playing at LM, and he’s been going to work causing problems.
  5. let’s goo Aramis time to get your greatest victory! Rooting for you!
  6. Henry set them up to park the bus. The formation said everything.
  7. Reality is TFC isn’t going to get every kid in the GTA. As we seen with Liam, and many others. Academies are also not about mass turnover, like MLS teams. Reason why there’s a need for more than one professional academy. Majority of the Canadian Professional talent pool is from Ontario, specifically the GTHA. It also speaks to the whitecaps organization, because they seem to focus on scouting outside vs developing players from inside their province. I know you can’t compare Vancouver to Toronto in population size, but where are all the BC players? Not one player in the CMNT is from BC - that’s so weird.
  8. You my friend are what people call a "hater" lol. But I'm sure if it was in the GTA Spursflu would say the same thing.
  9. As a one off season/tournament, I would love to see this! I don't think they'll win a game...but it allows the CPL teams to use more of their young guys in those games against TFCII. I'm for it, just not permanently.
  10. A lot of those guys are unattached or retired/stop playing. The loan list looks about right. Morgan is probably on his last MLS contract.
  11. Spot on. @BearcatSA For all the reasons you stated is why he would be perfect for a CPL team (Pacific to be specific) at the end of his contract next year. The journeyman experience are key stories to tell...you want to make it “be better than me”, here’s what it takes. You’re so right, much respect to guys like Ledgerwood, and De Jong.
  12. It’s a great opportunity for him to perform. Do you see him as the man that plays up front regardless of the circumstances, or do you think he’s better suited for the wing?
  13. I love seeing active threads, even if I don’t contribute to a specific one - I’ll read and follow. However when a thread is filled with posts that aren’t related to topic or with posts from uncredible sources, it becomes tiresome to see/follow. So while I’ll agree that actual news is great. The parrot was only repeating(reposting) things that are related to thread topic. Blame onesoccer for their tweets lol.
  14. Being a total football fan of all thing’s Canadian. Having IPTV and a OneSoccer subscription is the greatest thing ever! I’m able to literally watch every and any match in the world.
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