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  1. Glass bottles in the stadium...
  2. Do you think Mexicans will show up for their women's team and do the puto chant? I highly doubt it.
  3. But, but ....with Kevin Blue all things are new!
  4. Where tf is the list. The wait better be a good reason.
  5. All it takes is for a goal keeper to be given that one opportunity. His size, and footwork/distribution has been a revelation. I've always said with Borjan not being the #1 anymore that the GK position is up for grabs. I have a lot of pool on the same level, but with Crepeau slightly above just based on experience.
  6. I think he will do well in the championship. As someone who's followed him all season, and seasons before I think his style of play will suit that league. His technique, skill isn't elite, but his speed, physicality, and confidence to find the net will bode well in that league.
  7. This is the most logical answer. Parallels @Atlantic crossing the t's and dotting the i's. Buttt he's been named to the roster before,THAT shouldn't hold up a roster release.
  8. This isn't wwe royal rumble. At some point it would be too many forwards, and guys would need game time to actually show out... can't rely on practice superstars.
  9. Yea I would, love to include Jebbison in the friendly camps to see what's up. But I wouldn't want to automatically include him in the Copa because he's played 3 EPL games. It would be a slap in the face to the guys who had a consistent good season. Like could you drop Bair, or JRR, for Jebbo? I'm not really high on Ugbos game, so I would be more inclined to dropping him....but it's tough. Form over potential for me.
  10. it would be a lot easier if we saw the preliminary squads, but since we don't let's speculate if it's someone new vs someone known. I vote someone known. Meaning it could be Daniel Jebbisson.
  11. Considering the Copa squad is 26, a large squad has to be 30+ guys no?
  12. And I think that's what everyone is trying to do. It's the only reason why I put him at LB. For me I just want Davies higher up, with a manager who doesn't let him play hero ball all the time. 1v1 I've rarely seen Millar get beat, and he has the work rate to be up and down. The same way Laryea is effective. ( @costarg that's another player who went from winger to fullback and has been successful.)
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