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  1. Through 50 games we have more loses than goals scored..... Way to bring awareness by adding to the sad times of today's realities.
  2. Anybody else get charged for last month? Find it weird that they are still taking payment, and there's absolutely no live content at all.
  3. Proving my point as to why the greatest athlete tag can't be given for guys in those eras, especially in hockey. A time where you can eat fries with a cheeseburger and score a hatrick, or when guys used to drink a pint before a game, or when guys played with tobacco in their mouth, or a time when guys were on peds beacuse there wasn't any drug testing. I refuse to be believe the greatest athlete was birthed 50 years ago. Best athlete of that era...... Okay that's a convo.
  4. Good ole Gretzky debate (wrong thread... I know). Its hard for me to say that he's the greatest athlete ever, and even greatest hockey player ever when the game has changed drastically from the years he dominated it. The goalies in particular were smaller, didn't wear masks, had smaller pads/less protection, and the standup butterfly was famous. All this to say that if Ovechkin, or Crosby played in times like that they would have scored a lot more then they do now. Hockey is one of a few sports where you can look back at the times and say the game was a lot easier then. Yes tougher, more brute and fearless... But skill wise it has evolved drastically! So that greatest athlete everywhere talk is biased to Canadian opinion.
  5. I would've hope that the CSA would've at least pursued the option of lobbying FIFA to use Concacaf rankings.... But they didn't and here we are! The point everyone is forgetting, our chance at qualifying to the WC is still there, it's just not what we want.... So on what logic does our arguments make sense? Because everything is hypothetical! What is, what if, what if. Covid affected everyone, not just us. El Salvador can be like it didn't give us an opportunity to pull away.
  6. I won't be surprised if Concacaf keeps everything at status quo....these CMNT super fan (all of us) perspectives are beyond biased hope that I can only laugh to hide my pain. I feel we had fate in our hands, and it's now lost thanks to facking Covid -19. We just gotta go the lonnngggg way.
  7. 3 of 4, or 3-4...I would think Choiniere would be the odd man out.
  8. I just think that based on our identity of the senior team, we play a 4-3-3 where the the wide 2 in the front 3 are actual 1v1 style wingers... Beat you with either speed or skill. From that Shaffelburg, Buchanan, Nelson, Bair, Tabla, Brym, Johnson, Raposo, Bahiya, Millar all fit that bill. I've never seen Twardek take a man 1v1 or even pace somebody, it was muscle thing because he was bigger than everybody at the time. I just think he's a legit RM/LM, a 442 kinda guy.
  9. Yea, i agree, my lineup would have Laryea first option then ZBG. People forget that Laryea is a converted RB, reason why he's good going forward.
  10. Damn, who gave him that guarantee to be in the squad? I haven't been impressed with what I've seen from him, and was hoping to see someone else tbh. I knew there would be snubs, but wasn't thinking it would be for him. He's not very versatile.
  11. I've stated it many times, 3-5-2 allows our best players to be on the field and play their positions they are best at playing!
  12. Roster should be available sometime tonight? Only person I have found that's confirmed is Pantemis - no surprise. Question should be, who you think will be a surprise?
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