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  1. I feel like you're @Mikmacdo playing devils advocate. You can't possibly think that Davies should play LB for Canada. Did you watch the USA series?
  2. Now I don't know if Tomori falls under this rule considering he was 21 years 10 months 29 days. But he definitely has a case considering he only played 6 mins.
  3. Holy shït this is horrible comparison. just because they play the same position doesn’t mean they have the same quality and attributes. Davies started his professional career playing left mid. Bale went from lb to rw, because he was doing exactly what Davies is doing now except on a worst team.
  4. Did he quit soccer to act/model? Seems weird that he willingly left the forge.
  5. Seems so weird. Almost as if there is phases, but nothing seems to suggest so. Lets see if York9 can get it to look anything like this.
  6. That's literally the blessing in disguise for some of the guys. Especially the ones who weren't on it (Farsi). It's just a nightmare from Mauro's aspect that he'll have to pick 20 guys based on nothing. No camps, no friendlies, no nothing. For me the U23 is more exciting to see who will be called up, because it seems like we have soooooo many options in comparison to previous years which had a bunch of college guys. But yea....Cornelius definitely shouldn't be there. As he's looking like our best CB currently.
  7. Or was it the difference of him going up against Adnan vs Cristian? hmmmm
  8. weird...I'm no immigration expert, but it seems like he was here long enough to get a passport?
  9. Pretty sure it would. But that rule change is only a suggestion AFAIK, nothing official yet - no?
  10. I don't know what his perspective is. But I seen what worked when we beat the USA, which was Davies playing nearly as a supporting striker to David with free reign to do whatever. He was dangerous on the right side, cutting in on his left.
  11. He had to a file a one-time switch since he played for ChileU20. So AFAIK he's locked in.
  12. You're right, I forgot about some of those names. However Godinho has to be low on the RB depth chart now, especially with a guy like Jonhston getting adequate minutes at the same level as the guys ahead of him. Cordova has already committed to us.
  13. so it's safe to safe that our fullback positions are good? RB: ZBG, Laryea, Cordova LB: Adekugbe, Gutierrez, All in all, we have many options where we won't need to play Davies at LB. I pray Herdman sees the light.
  14. They did the coach dirty, especially with their recent fortunes with him a the helm. On the other hand, you have to understand it, and it's probably going to massively improve their recruitment of getting certain players. They might be a problem.
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