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  1. They're trying to maximize their opportunity. While we're out here doing aglorythims and calculations to make sense of who we should play in a friendly. Let's play South Korea in Vancouver!
  2. Damn....if he was never at Juventus would he have gotten those caps? Still young to go and get it!
  3. Liga MX is soo deep in quality, there won't be much effect to the result. Mexico's C team or allstars would still be considered dangerous in Concacaf. I agree with what @apbsmith said of being "more worried if they call in an U23 side."...that's a different story.
  4. I'm fine with rotating the squad, just not like that....David should play in the middle with Kaye and one of either Wootherspoon or Johnson.... Those two guys shouldn't be on at the same time period.
  5. Wootherspoon has been dreadful, Johnson has seen non existent, and Kaye is trying to be himself but it ain't working. The person most affected by our middle shape is Larin
  6. Lucas Cavallini on 10, Hoilett and Larin on 8. These guys are a goal or three away from being on this list. That's a high perctentage of active players making up that top 8 list.
  7. At the game and saw him in the warm press box. What national team coach has done this without a suspension.
  8. You're right Jimenez is probably Tatas first choice - but Chicharito is no slouch. I think he's more dangerous to us than Jimenez. He's just so elusive
  9. Also remember we played a Mexico "b" team. No chucky, no Chicharito, no Tecatito and others. Mexico is miles ahead in Concacaf, but like @Olympique_de_Marseillesaid we are far behind the US.... We'll need a historical result.
  10. Ahh good ol Johnny. This guy is a A+ professional motivator, A+ professional talker, but a D level coach who admits he's essentially learning on the job with Canada's best team ever. I appreciate his transparency because he's right we win against Haiti and we're believers of him. But we didn't, we capitulated. However in football you get opportunities to redeem yourself and now the time has come.
  11. The USA should give him a look, we are deep at the forward position for him to warrant a look. s/
  12. Steven Caldwell the former TFC player? How did that happen.
  13. We lost to Haiti.... Not Mexico, not USA, not Costa Rica, not Honduras..... As fans our confidence only means so much. Just two years ago before Bayern Munich, Gent, LAFC it was Whitecaps, Ottawa Internationals, and Louisville City. Nobody should be overlooked.
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