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  1. Other than ZBG, and Pantemis - who else do you think has got a shot for this team?
  2. I thought this only because Fraser wasn't available in January due to injury....but he's back in training with TFC so he will most definitely be in this team.
  3. Diaz if truly available will be there. He's a number 10, Rutty is a 7. I want to believe that Rutty will definitely be there based on the fact that he was called in the January camp over a lot of guys I see mentioned..Tabla, Peruzza in particular.
  4. Hopefully it's just a knock, and he wants to rest up for his first call up to the Canadian mens program.
  5. With all the Rutty talk, I wonder if gets included in this team, and at who's expense.
  6. Let's be real, if he's going to any of these teams its to join their academy of other wonder kids (city specifically). I would rather him get genuine gametime (alas Davies) before making any transfer. So that he can move directly to a first team. The possibility for him to go from wonder kid at 16 and join any english powerhouse to obscurity or playing League 1 football is great.
  7. this goal made me a quick two hundred. Thank you Cyle - drinks on me next home game....or not.
  8. Right now it’s... 1. Mexico 2. USA 3. Jamaica 3. Canada 3. Costa Rica 4. Honduras 4. Suriname 5. Curacao 5. El Salvador 5. Panama 6. Haiti This is a better way to view it, because right now it’s a toss up and just paper talk. 1-2 is undisputed 3 to 6 are all capable of beating each other. 3’s are capable of beating 1 & 2.
  9. Definitely depends on what you determine the best. Cause a healthy Jozy is an equivalent to Michail. Concacaf is a different place is all I say.
  10. It all depends on how willing he is to wait out his time. Between Gini, De Jong, Klassen, Van De Beek, Propper, Fer andthey even got some you guys getting called up. Unless you’ve moved to a world class club, it seems the Dutch rate the guys at their local clubs (AZ, Ajax, Feynoord) over a club like Crystal Palace.
  11. Great team list... My only change would be if Patons not available, Priso would get bumped into that squad. I think what hasn’t been mentioned, is that Nelson was playing in a number 10 role in the scrimmages. I think we might seem him there.
  12. https://northerntribune.ca/league1-ontario-1812-fc/ Apparently 1812 are going to join L1O after all.
  13. That still wouldn’t happen. Players have to be released, which they wouldn’t considering the Olympics start before and finish after the international window. The reality is, there’s no such thing as an A team for us at the Olympics qualifiers. It’s not possible. Olympic Finals - maybe. But that’s a testament to where our program is. In 2015, Petrasso and Piette were our best players/the only guys who had professional minutes.
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