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  1. lol the man hasn’t played since March. And apparently his commitment which equals motivation is being questioned. He’s primarily on the left, but he’s played on the right and has been equally successfully. I would never have Arfield in that position over Larin. Especially with the form Larin is in. He can cut in as, and leave space for Laryea in attack. Arfield for me has been impressive as the 10. His ability to combine and connect is what stood out. However with Atiba back, he does that too - and is better defensively. I agree that Millar, Theo, and Hoilett are
  2. Arfield in midfield isn't a guarantee for me anymore. He hasn't been playing, coming back from injury, and skipped out on the last set of matches. I can't say he's better than three guys I listed in the middle. Interesting enough, Wotherspoon is having a near identical season with stats in comparison to Arfield. Let's see if the gaffer sticks to his calling up guys based on form or if there is exceptions.
  3. For me, the squad would look more like this.... Cavallini Hoilett - Buchanan Kaye - Wotherspoon Piette Gutiérrez - Kennedy - Henry - Brault-Guillard Crépeau (agree with the "let's not cynically cap-tie St. Clair") Assuming things look comfortable after 55 minutes: - Hoilett for Pasher - Buchanan for Corbeanu - Arfield won't be in form, so he won't be there (think he may secretly disappear). So I'll bring on Paton or Priso instead for Kaye. - Definitel
  4. @Canadian Chuck you were better posting this in the USA national team watch thread. I think we all know Akinola was never going to be in this team as it was stated this was going to be an A team roster. If he decides to play international ball this summer, the Gold Cup will be his likely decider - unless he holds out.
  5. You can’t be that naive. I’m assuming you are referring to Montreal back in 2009 or 2010. When they played Nicaraguan side Real Esteli in the preliminary round, and advanced to the group stage to play .....Joe Republic of Trinidad, Olympia of Honduras, and Atlante of Mexico. Fragile no - but over 4 games, they more than likely will be broken 4 times. Not really a relevant comparison when they aren’t part of the region that we will play unless a CPL advances to the next proper. Fragile is the fans, and the perception. Its better to be proactive than reactive. I’m hopi
  6. This has me nervous tbh. More places in the Concacaf league or Champions league prior to the change of format yea....but in this new format, I’m nervous about teams being blown out of their depth. I guess I just gotta hope for a significant cap increase.
  7. This game is a tough predicament for the manager. Does he rest some guys in anticipation for the latter game. Or does he use this a direct preparation and risk tiredness, little nicks and injuries.
  8. Yea I hear you...form is what the gaffer said he would pick based on. Right? And Arfield hasn’t been playing under that merit. A lot of our main guys are key pieces in their teams right now. My only glaringly changes I would make to your list is: - Waterman for Henry. - Johnston for Buchanan (don’t need 3 Rbs) - Corbeanu or Millar for Kennedy (need another CB)
  9. It’s the winning culture that they bring from all aspects. Atletico for instance isn’t proven in this, as CFG and RB are. These pilot clubs want to be able to find/produce the next world beater to their “main team” but they will invest their money along the way to doing that, but ensuring that have one of the better products for where they are positioned. If you realize everyone of their teams are winners/or contenders in their respective leagues. For me it’s about having those kind of teams in the markets that have MLS teams, for the sole purpose of competition for talent, attention,
  10. But he’s completely counterintuitive to the way Armas wants TFC to play. High line, high press. With Slomar they are susceptible to counter attacks, where its 1 ball beats all. Even worse with Bradley in the middle as the kamikaze guy flying in to tackles.
  11. Get him there he’s ours for good. Sounds like a plan.
  12. Yea I saw that....like who tf do you think are. Untouchable, unsubbable. If I'm Ali, I'm looking to trade him to save some cap in preparation for a move or bringing in a striker.
  13. Man I see something completely different. A lot of turnovers/loss of possession. His 1v1s hasn’t been successful either.
  14. Only way to tell if he’s interested is to call him up in June, and not wait. Chances are CSA hasn’t even contacted him to say “we are watching you”.....we heard how late that call came for Scott.
  15. When I said that, I meant that as that’s all he has.
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