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  2. They wouldn't, but for those teams that aren't doing fine it might be an idea. The East is the only part of the country that's been consistently stable and might allow for training to go without a stop/start/stop/start sequence. It's a fair bit of effort, but if Athletico can go off to Madrid, it's not a crazy idea.
  3. When is FIFA doing the intercontinental draw for the 2022 World Cup? All I can find is at a later date.
  4. As I said earlier, I'm not so convinced about our attacking ability. We are overly deliberate in most attacks, while not having the ability to break down the structured defense that has time to organize itself. Against a poorer defense in Wales, nice through-balls behind the back line were misplayed time and again by our attackers, usually not even resulting in a shot on goal. All this was also apparent at the She Believes Cup. We are going to have a hard time scoring against good teams if things stay as they are. We need to figure out how to be more effective on attack, or we'll have to
  5. Really important win for Regensburg, and another solid performance from Kennedy. Good awareness as usual with his tackling and heading, but his passing looked a lot better today too. He didn't lob the ball to the other side of the field without pressure, and actually played it forward competently. He even held up possession with runs up the left a few times, and I'm not sure if we have other defenders (let alone CB's) who can do that. 7.1 rating on sofascore.
  6. Today
  7. Priestman has maintained the solid defensive structure seen under KHM. But it looks like the back line seems more comfortable playing out from pressure. Offensively, she has improved the structure from being lethargic to showing some flashes of dynamism. No one really emerged under KHM but it seems Quinn is stepping up. Creativity in midfield is still hard to find but given Carle, Riviere & Chapman all can handle being fullbacks, Lawrence should be in the middle of the park against most opponents. Otherwise, it's about relying on speed, power and jumping on mistakes. And it
  8. I believe on twitter when they announced the signing they referred to him as a champions league reinforcement. edit: wasn’t the official site
  9. The thing I love about Armas playing the kids is that players like Endoh, Deleon, Mullins, etc, the usual subs during Vanney era have to step up, if they want game minutes. Which in turns further motivates TFC kids to be more hungry for game minutes. A healthy competition is a good thing.
  10. They at least have the example of NHL operating in Canada in their own arenas. If I were them I would make the bet that late summer or early fall they may be able to have some fans at games.
  11. They look like they're playing the same style as the men. Wasn't Priestman an assistant with Herdman? Anyway, their defensive shape has been great. As with the men, we have a good amount of skill and athleticism in mid and up front to press and harass, and it looks like we may have a few other scoring options outside of Sinclair. Those goals against England weren't flukes. We have a fast team, and Priestman's using it, which is great. Granted, I didn't see the SheBelieves Cup, but the CWNT looked, to me, much more dangerous this weekend than at any time during the last World Cup.
  12. I’ve been told it’s not a loan, it’s listed as one in case he had a break through.
  13. what does that mean? They will be barred from the league next season? Doesn't really affect Brym as he 1 doesn't play...and secondly is on loan.
  14. Playing right now, has had a solid first half maintaining his teams 1-0 lead. Stream: Here or if you have Bet365 account, you can watch the game there.
  15. So this is only an additional .5 spots compared to 6.5 that CONCACAF would get if the confederation was not the host?
  16. Yeah, that's what I was thinking based on the tweet @Watchmen shared. Certainly helps Toronto's chances.
  17. Looks like Mouscron did not obtain the pro licence.
  18. On OneSoccer Today trusted news source Gareth Wheeler speculated that he might not be able to go the US for the game due to being in Europe recently.
  19. They may only get a 7pm ET game. There would be time for an afternoon WCQ match.
  20. I don't know, but it looks like they've got the problem fixed, at least mostly. Last night I signed in at like 10:30 to check something and I think the 8pm CCL game was available for replay already.
  21. 2 of those are intercontinental playoff places that require winning 2 single leg KO rounds so it's still a big ask
  22. Kennedy starting for Regensburg vs Vfl Osnabruck in B2. Game is at 12.30
  23. That East York team in 2006 was a very good squad. At u18 though, a lot of good players that age were playing U21 already and other players missed out on the later rounds of Ontario Cup as they were freshmen going down to the US on scholarship.
  24. I guess the trendy (overused?) term is "load management" and I agree, especially if the clubs' fixture schedules are congested. I know the Caps have a lot of matches in and around GC time. I always saw this year's version of the GC as one where we would see fewer A listers and more prospects or MLS club benchwarmers looking to get in the shop window, so to speak.
  25. If you haven't already, it's the last week to have your say!
  26. https://youtu.be/gi7Qrmds5nM great interview with Lord Victor. Potential eight CONCACAF spots for the World Cup 2026! Holy !!!
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