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  2. Prediction - 23 man roster [4-3-3] Goalkeepers: (3) GK - Milan Borjan GK - Maxime Crepeau GK - Jayson Leutwiler Defenders: (7) LB - Sam Adekugbe CB - Doneil Henry CB - Manjrekar James CB - Andre Hainault CB - Derek Cornelius RB - Marcus Godihno RB - Zach Brault-Guillard Central Midfielders: (5) CDM - Atiba Hutchinson [RET] CDM - Samuel Piette CM - Scott Arfield [C] CM - Jonathan Osorio CM/LB - Mark Anthony Kaye CM - Russell Teibert Wingers: (2) W - Alphonso Davies W - Junior Hoilett Forwards: (5) FW - Lucas Cavallini FW - Cyle Larin FW - Jonathan David FW - Tosaint Ricketts FW - Tesho Akindele
  3. We are suffering from a lack of leadership in CPL, and it pisses me off. If we can do media together, and have uniforms that are coordinated, they could lead on basic like ticketing, marketing and stadium configurations. The success of all is key for the league's future. I think they need a major kick in the butt, but usually, if you are serious, you kick yourself in the butt first, no one else should have to. I know folks are enthusiastic, but so far I would be hard pressed to say that any permanent stadium legacy of top quality is in place for the future of Canadian sport because of CPL. Was that too much to ask for?
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  5. Tell me again why Lefevre isnt in the CPL?? I thought he wasnt playing at all?
  6. Bit of time to recover and regroup between now and the next game. I'm expecting to see some of the kinks worked out and a deeper bench. Halifax also has two games before we face them. The scheduling has to be tough on everyone.
  7. The International Window for June is from the 3rd to 11th, I wonder if they have decided train the first week in Alliston, ON for Training Camp before flying out to LA or just training in California all together. Does anyone know the Venue? Hope it's not closed doors, a proper official friendly, Starting XI with 6 subs.
  8. Unfortunately for him he was benched for the majority of the first half of the season due to having a player like Jose Bizama at Huachipato who has Chile NT Caps at the same position. In 2018 he played 15 of 30, was hoping he'd step up this year but opportunity has been scarce. The Chilean Primera division is top 5 South American Flight football, I'm afraid it might be too late to impress Herdman to be included in the 23 man roster. Godihno had himself a good season at Hearts and ZBG has looked good with the Impact, in some 500's minutes or so (1st season as pro - On loan from OL II For sure we will need Cordova to match up vs Central American opposition
  9. It's north of Steeles, on the north side of Pioneer Village Station. I'm not sure if the street it's on has a name, but it continues south of Steeles as Northwest Gate.
  10. I can't really see a 9 pm kick-off in Halifax - which is surely more deserving of finally getting a match. Though as pointed out, the kick-off time can't be set in stone, given they've scheduled night games in countries where they can't play at night ...
  11. I hadn't realized there was a parking lot at Pioneer Village station! Probably a 1-minute walk from the southeast entrance to that lot, to the stadium ... I assume the parking lot is north of Steeles somewhere?
  12. I'm just going to pop in here and say that I'm pretty sure this is thread which put us over the top and set the wheels in motion for the FORUM to be separate from "the voyageurs". Please play nice.
  13. Yeah please don't spread Davies at left back rumours, it haunts my dreams.
  14. Lefevre was balling out in center midfield with stepovers and long distance shots on target. Sad to see him and Blainville get knocked out.
  15. Cavalry easily handle PFC to move into the next round of V Cup. 8 Goals for 3 Against in 6 Games.
  16. 2-1 final. Cavalry move on to face Forge. First leg in Hamilton June 4.
  17. Might as well let them. The Cavs are making it seem all to easy already
  18. I've only watched the second half but I really like this ref. Calling it nice and tight.
  19. How fair would it be for the league if Forge signed a player like Vitoria and upset the competitive balance of the league.
  20. That's on ownership. The cheap seats are mostly full, but there aren't many people who want to shell out $60-100 a ticket.
  21. Reed goes from pronouncing Eustaquio like pistachio in the 1st half to eustaquio in the 2nd..and haber gets 1 back with a header as usual with less than 20 to go..4-1 overall
  22. Buscher scores to put Cavalry up 2-0. Headed for their 6th straight win in all Competitions.
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