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  2. Has just left the 1. FC Köln coaching ranks: https://fc.de/en/fc-info/news/detailpage/details/mckenna-leaves-fc/
  3. Or the camp could be combined at a discounted rate!!! I'm actually okay if this does happen during this time (January) even if its not a FIFA window. Not a lot of leagues are playing during that time. So it'll be beneficial for Canada to build the best squad capable. It could be beneficial for a lot of players, some returning, and some starting their leagues....Ultimately I don't know, I see it as a good thing for the U23, but it may come at the expense of a camp poutine.
  4. Always fascinated by the Seattle Sounders supporters group. Hopefully we can slowly grow like they did!
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  6. About this, I have seen a few articles in Spain these last weeks about how they are using rather sophisticated formulas to decide what team plays when in the league, I'll try to find it. In any case, major leagues the world over have gotten to a high level of analysis in this regard, especially when it comes to tv audiences at home and abroad. This is why La Liga hardly ever plays games simulateously anymore, and has had Friday and Monday matches. Matches are also starting way earlier, at noon or 1 pm, when in the past only one team did this when in top flight, Rayo Vallecano, being the third team in Madrid. This has to do with Asian markets, mostly, in the effort to compete with EPL which is way ahead. These odd times, especially Mondays and Fridays, are hated by most fans and hurt gates, but clubs don't overly complain because of the tv money coming in. This would suggest that similar principles could and will be applied for the CPL. The capacity for analysis is there. But it would have a possible consequence: not releasing a full schedule at the start of the season, but adjusting as you go, which is the way things go in Spain--basically all decisions by Media Pro/Movistar. I personally think that this is fine that apart from certain dates like Canada Day, or a provincial holiday perhaps, no one really cares if their team plays on September 21st or 22nd, until you get to within 5-6 weeks. If CPL is going to be part of a French cable package next season, you would logically have to look at French schedules, and adjust the CPL scheduling accordingly, for your one weekly match. The problem, of course, is that anything from noon on live in Canada clashes with peak tv times in Europe. So maybe it is recorded filler?
  7. Any new club is buying into the security of the 200million MediaPro deal, minus the proportion already doled out this first season. But any new club may in fact also be helping to ensure the terms of the MediaPro deal, which was not made on the premise of having only 7 teams/markets in the near, mid or far-off future. So you cannot calculate what they are getting only, you have to calculate how new clubs in CPL actually help guarantee what the existing clubs are benefitting from.
  8. FEDEFUTBOL(Costa Rica's FA) President Rodolfo Villalobos says the tournament will be in the USA in January or February 2020. http://www.teletica.com/231482_presidente-de-la-fedefutbol-descarta-que-preolimpico-de-concacaf-se-realice-en-costa-rica It was scheduled to be in Costa Rica in October but no details had been released. CONCACAF gonna CONCACAF! I now doubt the senior team will play a Camp Poutine...
  9. They also fund feature films and produce documentaries, which is why naming their soccer-specific affiliate is more precise. In any case, I wonder if they are settting up or if they are outsourcing their tech support. As I posted elsewhere, it is not correct to say they cannot do anything. They could: -move the cameras to the other side of the pitch, which would lose the vision of stands, but give us benches and beer garden, and reduce the glare while potentially raising the angle. It is a trade off. -move the platform back 10-15 metres, and put it on a higher crane or support, which would take it out of the line of the electrical lines above and enable similarly improved angles and image. You would only lose the area in front of the benches on that sideline, potentially. -change game times to reduce the glare at least, as they are filming into the sun on a lot of days with the 3 pm starts.
  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We must be in 10-foot pole country again. Like I said, Mt. Vic and I both want what's best for Canadian soccer. But, that doesn't mean we want the same thing. It seems like quite a few that have participated in this thread, really like Mt. Vic idea of Canada traveling the Road to Qatar via the 7-35 route. Like really? What ever happened to Canadian confidence? You all know what I'm talking about. The confidence your Canadian grandfathers had when they came and liberated the Netherlands. If it was for the confidence of your grandfathers I wouldn't be here! Well, unlike those who like Mt. Vic's 7-35 route, I've got oodles of confidence in our players taking the Hex route to Qatar. Yes, of course, those HEX matches are way more difficult! But those are the kind of matches our players want to play!!! I am confident that our lads are going to kick some YANKEE derriere in the Nations League and that we are going to make the HEX, but not thanks to Mt. Vic's format. We are going to earn it with Canadian confidence, just like our Canadian grandfather did 75 years ago!
  11. 1) Played a friendly vs Rangers (including Arfield) today: Made some nice saves they say http://rangers.co.uk/news/match-report/rangers-1-1-blackburn-rovers/ 2) Looks like Blackburn want to bring in Christian Walton as a keeper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Walton
  12. I am sure, but if you look at it, it is so high up that I doubt that raising your platform 10 feet would affect anything. And if you moved it back, it would not even be under the line anymore. Pretty sure that OneSoccer is aware of this, they are just making do for this season and reserving their changes for next.
  13. I've watched him quite a bit, and that is fairly normal, even when he was playing regularly and in the mix at Barça B in 2018.
  14. I'm not going to pretend to have any inside knowledge, but I wonder if that "franchise fee" somehow combines an entry fee + a multi-year bond. Wasn't there also some discussion a while back about the original seven teams having some kind of stake in CSB that expansion teams wouldn't have? Perhaps this $8-9 million franchise fee refers to a stake in CSB which is separate from league membership.
  15. Sounds great but please don't concede any dumb penalties this time.
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  17. There almost certainly is a height restriction on stuff being built under active power lines.
  18. I agree on that, I mean, you have three sides going up properly, albeit with some silly decisions (gaps between the main stand roofs) and a well designed ambience on all four sides. I just don't get why you could not raise that platform another 3 metres and film from a bit higher--and even move it slightly further back, since it'd help with scanning the action on the pitch (too close means you have to swivel overly fast and your focal planes shift more abruptly). You can't tell me that having a power line 54 feet above your head is any more "dangerous" than having it 66 feet. Unless there is a strict norm I am clueless about. In any case, about Hydro: if you've been there you'd understand why redoing that installation is so costly, running into the millions. You would have to alter the line, relocate that pole, probably alter the position of other poles, or add other poles, and in the meantime you keep the existing set-up before you reconnect the new one, without cutting service.
  19. So someone casuallly calling it a franchise fee, in one interview, casually, non officially, has more credit than the entire league officially saying they are not franchises and there is no fixed fee. In any case, CPL asks for money to enter into the league. You could call it seed money, or an investment that goes into the general CPL fund, along with the investment you will make on your stadium, team, staff. Since there are a few clubs that have some financial questions that derive from errors in stadium choice, marketing, pricing, which could lead to someone pulling out (probably due to their own mistakes), you better damn well get more teams in before you start getting all haughty about the value of your league.
  20. As opposed to the league commissioner, who has said it is not a franchise based league. L1O owner vs. CPL Commissioner. I wonder who would have more knowledge about the legal structure of CPL.
  21. Wow. Lots of bad exasperated body language from Ballou in those highlights. Not a good sign.
  22. The person being quoted is the owner of FC London, the former PDL champions now in L1O, who says he met with CanPL to discuss the possible entry of a London, Ont team. The article describes his reasons for not pursuing it with the large franchise fee being mentioned as one of the main reasons. As for whether it is the wrong terminology, if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck...
  23. Yes, we all wish we had foresight to deal with BC Hydro.🙄 I put Clarke down as it still has the disjointed feel to it. Those manning the broadcast booth generally had to have the broadcast cables run through the stands in order to get to the truck (that was certainly during the NASL days). It could easily be built up in a manner that Westhills is heading, but certain groups will certainly have a say about it.
  24. Well, we are taking seriously the words of a troll who relies on what is in many was a troll site. I'm used to being in hot weather conditions, especially with travel and work over the past few years, but even I learn to have my limits. Victoria, hasn't been too bad with hot weather compared to last year (certainly been more of a wet summer). This is often why I would consider that the only daytime matches should be played on a Sunday. If not for the need to have broadcast requirements, PFC and others would certainly like to have matches in the evening.
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