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  2. Good luck to him. He was always one of my favourite players even before TFC, always working his ass off. Had a good nose for the net in his prime. I hope Morrow continues to have as great a career off the field as he did on it.
  3. Doubly so seeing that RB was such a thin spot for us only a few years ago, remember Petrasso/Godinho were the best we could trot out??. It seems like we are getting a couple new key pieces emerging out of MLS every year. Lareya, Ayo, K. Miller, Johnston, Buchanon, all forced themselves into the MNT in the last few years. ZBG keeps improving, Waterman is settling down at this level, Fraser and Chapman both might hit caerr highs for minutes. St Clair and Pantemis are waiting in the wings. No more free caps!! You damn near have to be a MLS starter now to make a canada squad and there is a line forming behind you if you slip up.
  4. Did the math and we would be 50th with 1428.63 points had we beaten Honduras. This includes the revised numbers against USA and El Salvador as the valuation of draw and win would be different.
  5. This is good news in long term as CONCACAF continues to improve /streamline the process. They have done it for Women's which has provided a clear view of the tournaments for next 4 years...I can imagine that CONCACAF will reveal the plan for MNT after the Qatar World Cup. IMHO, they will continue to do that as they work for U-17 and U-15. The key message is that CONCACAF is increasing more opportunities for this game to grow and help the youth to aim high.
  6. I see on the powerpoint proposal that they expect no leagues to run from June to July every year. I can see why Comnebol hates this, 9 of them would have their seasons cut in half. Only Brazil plays the European winter season. Same with MLS, CPL, South Korea, Japan, and Scandinavia. Does this mean MLS and CPL have to lose their revenue stream (fans) in the summer because they are forced to shut down for two months every year? I don't see that happening.
  7. I was just having a similar thought, it’s great that our depth has gotten to the point where some MLS level players are barely on the radar. It’s crazy that guys like ZBG aren’t even making the 23.
  8. Gotta say I like our chances in this game. Pacific goal differential +12 Ottawa goal differential -16
  9. Also, given two big CONCACAF tournaments in the summer of 2022, this one and the Women's World Cup qualifier tournament (called the 2022 CONCACAF W Championship), the odds are VERY good that Canada would host at least one of them.
  10. Honestly, let's just put 2020 Voyageurs to bed and declare TFC-Forge joint winners. It's already September, no room in the schedule to put this game in... Holding this final in July 2022 is and will be a joke and people will simply look at this game as money grab for all parties concerned.
  11. Exactly. Terrible for the 01's and 02's. And then we will complain again when they get youth caps for other nations. Edit: @VinceA , the entire article is here: https://www.concacaf.com/under-20s-men/article/concacaf-men-s-under-20-championship-to-qualify-teams-to-2023-fifa-u-20-men-s-world-cup-and-2024-summer-olympic-games/
  12. Ridiculous decision. The 01s and 02s already missed out on their U20 cycle due to COVID and now this...
  13. This means 01s and 02s don't get any football unless Canada makes it to the Olympics. 03s and 04s will be relied on to get us to the U20 WC and the Olympics in 2024.
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  15. i don't like this as our 01s and 02s have no youth tournament football unless Canada makes it to the Olympics. Our 03 and 04s are pretty good though.
  16. He had a good first half. Made a good pass in the buildup on the Fenerbahce goal.
  17. @finchster , are you still in Moscow? Do you support a Russian club team? His last two matches were @ Khimki (Northern suburbs of Moscow) and @ Dynamo. Did you go to either match? Unless it's in the Cup, I don't think he plays in Moscow again until the spring.
  18. Starting for Fenerbahce against Eintracht Frankfurt in Europa League on DAZN in case anybody wants to do some scouting.
  19. Weird. When I started reading, I initially thought this was crazy, but as I read on (yes, I made it to the end) this actually makes a lot of sense. Doubt any of this will happen but way to think outside of the box.
  20. What you are seeing on the website (assuming it's this https://canadasoccer.com/national-teams/excel-teams/?gender=male&teamId=2068 ) just looks like a pretty exhaustive list of guys that have made it to a camp in the past, and are still active players. If a player hasn't been to a camp, I don't think they would have the headshot of them with a Canada shirt on. Some guys were listed in the Gold Cup long list that aren't there, like Marcelo Flores and Daniel Jebbison, because they still haven't been to a camp so no headshot, and no info put in the website in terms of which camps they have been to. It's very likely that all the players that will be called in October are in that list, because there don't seem to be many people with a shot at making their debut at such an important time. But let's say Ennin makes the roster for the first time. He won't be on that list of players until it becomes official, and possibly after they get him in and take his headshot. I am making some assumptions because I don't frequent that page a whole lot, but it definitely isn't curated by John Herdman based on who he is considering calling up.
  21. Not called to the France U20 or U19 squads earlier this month (as an '03, he is more of a U19). --- There will be a U19/U20 friendly tournament next month in Marbella Spain. We need to send @Unnamed Trialist over because the participants are France, Belgium, Mexico and England. In theory, we could see Smith, Jebbison and Flores all playing against each other!
  22. I would guess not much. Crowds except for the larger sides are as small as a few hundred. HamKam are a medium sized club for that division.
  23. Not concerned. If he's trusted to come off the bench for Rangers in the Europa League, I trust him to do that for Canada in World Cup Qualifying.
  24. More like 6 games till the next window.
  25. There is still 40 plus games to go.
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