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  2. They are free to help raise the level here in Canada. If their reserve teams would be as superior as you imply, even better...forces everyone help to raise the bar Was... League 1 Ontario undeniably improved since then which CPL is demonstrating. I doubt Anthony Novak would be overwhelmingly out of his element in USL-1
  3. They should be doing so, but they also need a higher calibre league for their reserves to play in (if they actually decide to spend money on such teams again, which is a big IF). TFCIII was already one of the best teams in Ontario's D3. TFCII is a step higher.
  4. Anyone think this game versus TFc is worth attending. How depressing this season has been. Saputo throwing good money after bad. No culture change from Gilmore yet!
  5. No can do. Our 2022 roster would be crazy different and wouldn’t look a whole lot different than our current squad. This one is a nod to the youth movement we have alive and well. Plus I don’t think it is too much of a jinx - I am going on the working assumption that we auto qualify for 2026.
  6. Thinking about 2026 before 2022 is bad luck! Just change the title to "WC 2022 starting 11 predictions" and I'm down lol
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  8. The Don is nuts. Good for Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal for spending millions of dollars on their rosters, that's there prerogative. If they have a problem with spending that much on the roster start developing players that can play at the MLS level and command lesser salaries. If MLS clubs are spending money on academies that aren't producing MLS level players for them that is their issue. Someone tell Barca to stop developing players that can't make their first team. How much of that Alphonso Davies money is the CPL getting?
  9. No CPL player can win a starting spot on any team in MLS? I call bull **** on that. Oh, and F*** you a second time for what you said yesterday. Not letting your dumbass off the hook that easily even though Jamie deleted your stupidity.
  10. I went and snooped around the LEC. There is definitely something going on there. I've seen countless of these multi field turf facilities around the lower mainland and there is no reason to leave huge gaps of space on either side of the field. They also curiously did not construct a large backstop fence along one end of the field with another large gap of space available behind that net. People complaining about nothing to do in the immediate area. There is a large vacant land assembly directly across the street for potential development
  11. I was a double S/T holder of the impact and used to record all 3 Cdn MLS teams. Not anymore. Now my focus is the CPL on One Soccer.
  12. Why is this thread even need? Porter----------------------Telfer-------------------Gattas Aparicio-----Murofushi Di Chiara Abzi--------------------------------------------------------------------Doner ------------------Gogarty---Gasparotto--Springer---------------- Ingham obvious fanboy sarcasm
  13. For some reason I was thinking about what our team will look like during the 2026 WC and it made me optimistic that we will represent ourselves pretty well in the tournament (relative to Canadian historical performance). Just for fun, I put together our starting 11 in our home opener. Caveat: I absolutely recognize that lots of unknown players could potentially elevate themselves into this group, and that current players/prospects could stagnate and not warrant inclusion in 7 years, but just going on the current crop of players that are somewhat punching above their weight in relation to their Canadian peers there is enough promise to make me reasonable optimistic. One or two inclusions are admittedly based pretty much entirely on hype. So, using a somewhat arbitrary cutoff of those currently 22 and under, you get the following possible starting squad (with their ages in 2026): David (26) Davies (25) ------- Tabla (27) ------- Millar (26) Okello (26) -- Eustaquio (29) Miller (29) - UNKOWN - Cornelius (28) - ZBG (27)/Godinho (29) Busti?? (26) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ideally,Tomori (28) would slot into the unknown CB slot, but that seems reasonably unlikely as an England call up becomes increasingly realistic. Also, I had to chuckle that we may still not have RB sorted out... And I have no idea if Busti will develop into this calibre of player - he just seems to be the highest profile candidate based solely on the shallow metric of V-board discussion. Keeping in mind this is just a purely theoretical waste of time, I would be curious who others see as candidates. Gaze into your crystal ball....
  14. When home is Winnipeg...
  15. Exactly. Not sure why so many smart people on here seem to be confused about this. SN and TSN are only interested in their products unless it is too big a story for them to ignore. The CPL has to fight a lot of the same battles that the CFL does every year. The CFL also has a 100+ year history behind it that the CPL doesn't have. SN has ignored the CFL for years and often when they do get mentioned it is in a negative way (though the negativity is because who does own it). No matter the score or highlights it is still going to be viewed as an inferior league to other comparables. Until the country decides that they are going to care about this league en mass or the traditional broadcasters have something to gain financially don't expect things to change.
  16. And all this time I thought it was their ( TSN, Sportsnet, etc) job (purpose) to cover/report sport in this country. Especially Canadian leagues. I guess I was wrong all this time.😡
  17. I just hope he starts to get back onto the trajectory he seemed to be on a couple of years ago.
  18. Borges for sure can play another level higher and I fully expect him to leave the CPL sooner than later. Bustos and Petrasso, I think, can play a level higher, but I can also see them playing the majority of their careers in the CPL and becoming that first generation of record setters for goals, assists, etc. If you are Petrasso, do you really want to go back to the UK and try (again) to climb up the ranks of English football? If you are Bustos, literally playing at home, are you going to want to play more ball in the USL or Mexican second division? Anyways, I'd give both a 50/50 chance of moving up a level. I would be surprised if either left for a lateral move. Pasquatti, Adekugbe, Carducci, Campbell, Verhoven I can see moving on from the CPL, perhaps more so than Bustos and Petrasso, but that is because none of them have played meaningful time elsewhere. They'll all be looking for an MLS move, but if that doesn't materialize I can see lateral moves to lower European leagues, eventually. This is different from Borges. I think when he moves it is going to be a significant step up, whether that be MLS, Liga MX, Belgium or perhaps back to Holland. That's the kind of move I expect. His heritage is Portugese, right? Perhaps a low or mid level team in Liga Nos would be in the cards?
  19. David and Tabla are different players, of course, but you'd think Gent would he keeping tabs on someone like Ballou. David is having a lot of success. He basically fell in their lap. Wouldn't they be looking for more bargins in Canada? Then again, Ballou is part of Barca. I don't think a club like Gent is going to look there for bargins. The CPL on the other hand... Tabla also needs to show something to entice any potential suitor, which he hasn't been doing.
  20. I’m actually a Forge fan. I’ve watched every game and when we played Calgary it was so obvious how good Adekugbe was. He was able to dominate our midfield. Calgary was the only team that could do that in more than 1 match against us and I’ve always had the impression ever since that Adekugbe is a top CM
  21. TSN's Sportscentre & Sportsnet Central have become promotional venues for their own sports tv properties and properties owned by Bell/Rogers/MLSE. So, CPL is way down the pecking order for them. But anyway these nightly highlight shows aren't seminal viewing anymore for many segments. You can watch any specific highlight anytime you want rather than waiting up. And certain leagues like the NBA are basically highlight driven - a core part of their audience rarely watches a game but do keep up the league highlights daily on social media. But local sports tv like in HFX not showing match highlights seems strange. Even more than sports network highlight shows, local tv sports reporting has become less relevant. So if you're not showing local sports, why even bother?
  22. I suppose we all have a bias towards the players we watch most often. This would have to be settled by neutral observers.
  23. I don’t think he’s played a minute at CM this year though. He’s been used as a winger and once (not very well) as a striker.
  24. Not as good as Adekugbe though. I think he’s the best CM/DM in the league. He’s very very good.
  25. Borges has played centrally before, and I couldn't leave out Pasquotti. So I opted for that.
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