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  2. Glasgow Rangers --> ... --> Dundee United --> Queen of the South (Loan) --> Released --> Cove Rangers. Each move less desirable than the previous one. I should really have said "recently on a steady downward trajectory". But I am encouraged by what others have said above. I'm sure he will turn out to be better than I initially feared.
  3. How about all americans being domestic on CDN MLS clubs, but not the other way around? Ughhh. You guys are right, why do I care, we have our own league now. I should just let it go......
  4. MLS on TSN is like crack for me. I cant give it up and since the wife wont let me watch footy all day, usually catch whoever is likely to play the most CDN. And then try and catch bits and pieces of the other games. But my TFC gear has all been replaced by Valour and I actually got to catch 2 live games with my son, and missed a third with a family emergency..but they got their money out of me.
  5. When is the regular season schedule getting announced? I'm hoping to fly in for another match but this time in the spring.
  6. The lights outside are terrible. You lost me on that one
  7. Bigger contracts coming in mean something's got to be taken off the books in return.
  8. well now I feel like a idiot
  9. I assumed the poster was talking about Leuven's winger situation. Borges is nowhere near Leicester quality, and I really like him.
  10. More players coming according to the MDS interview on the caps site today. Suggested a few to the point people would be asking how everyone will fit in and get game time. Interesting. CB, CM/DM, RB and RW probably makes sense. 3 quality players that covers that could definitely change the season. Edit: looking at our resident Glass City's twitter he is suggesting these are in the works: Matias Rojas - Left Wing/ACM Santiago Cáseres - DM Claudio Winck - RB
  11. MLS has almost, but not quite entirely, dropped off the face of the earth for me too. TFC replaced by York9
  12. Roughly same here. I'm in Ottawa, I watched almost every CPL game on onesoccer, went to Hamilton to see two live (including the opener), and bought a Wanderers kit. I was also planning to go to Halifax for a pair of games this summer, though I'm reconsidering in light of Ottawa potentially having a team. Meanwhile I didn't go to any MLS games, unlike past years where I'd try to make it to one or two. In fact, I didn't watch a single MLS game all season, unlike past years when I watched semi-regularly.
  13. Not exactly. I’m not in an MLS market but I bought gear for every Canadian team, watched almost all of their games and travelled for live matches. I didn’t do any of that last season and instead spent all of my money and effort on CPL related stuff. It’s not much but I’m sure there’s a lot of people like me out there.
  14. Valour still has a lot of work to do even with the addition on these players. They still lack a lot of depth and now with bustos leaving have a lot of gaps in the creative department. Let’s hope this 4th signing is another prominant player. And that the remaining international slots are used wisely. Hopefully they’ve been looking at some of there depth signings as mls academy players Aird is a big upgrade over petrasso. I think one of the issues he’s had was mnt and the white caps trying to turn him into a rb.
  15. That comment was referring to OHL, not Leicester City
  16. Then for the love of us all, do not have the pissbeer AND the popcorn. You'll inflate the dome all by yo'self.
  17. Don't think it needs to be overly complicated creating terms which discourage a large number of loans occuring, especially from MLS sides. Require the loan to be until the end of the CPL season and require the player's actual salary to count against the teams salary cap. The 1st discourages the appearance of CPL being used as a reserve league, the 2nd mitigates the advantages of player subsidies coming down from above as it were, creating that parent/dependent dynamic.
  18. When the CPL announcement seemed imminent, I stopped caring about the roster rules of American leagues. If anything this strengthens the CPL player pool.
  19. It’s good news for the CPL. The players coming home will strengthen the league short term. If the league expands, with Ottawa, Quebec and Saskatchewan in the next few years, these players coming back will help keep the level of play at least where it currently is. While it makes sense with no more Canadian clubs in the division on the other hand it isn’t great if you’re a player trying to make it.
  20. @ThomasNef2 · 19m It’s been confirmed to me that Marco Bustos has made his final decision - That is with Pacific FC for the 2020 season. All is left is the player’s signature and public announcement from the club. #CanPL
  21. @ThomasNef2 · 19m It’s been confirmed to me that Marco Bustos has made his final decision - That is with Pacific FC for the 2020 season. All is left is the player’s signature and public announcement from the club. #CanPL
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