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  2. Maybe some of that special Spurs lasagna....
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  4. I was going to sign up in time for the Women's olympic qualifiers but I just didn't get around to it. I couldn't watch the first game live so was going to sign up but then the highlights were already loaded and I watched those, then I saw the result for the second game, quickly I thought well I will wait until the mens olympic qualifiers but it never came to pass. One Soccer post far too much of its content for free on youtube. The great interviews and panel discussions over the past few months for example. If they kept some of that for subscribers only maybe more people would sign up.
  5. I hope he runs down his contract with Cruz Azul, he'll easily get a contract on a Liga NOS team and Cruz Azul get no money after trying to get rid of him just because he got injured.
  6. I've got TSN and Sportsnet (since I have other sports interests) and DAZN for EPL and CL. If a CPL game shows up on CBC, I'll sometimes watch it. Might not be the popular answer here.
  7. Closer to 4.5 months if you buy it on Aug 13!
  8. This Still pissed off at the price hike and taking away the monthly option. Less content higher price. The collective pisses me off more. I can't be a season ticket holder so I get punished for it and have to pay more. Make a neutral option like the centre circle app and engage the other fan groups that want CPL in their cities. For sure reward season ticket holders but rubbing in he faces of us looking from the outside with things like this and having to pick a team when you sign up for one soccer is bugging me. After all the ******** and moaning I haven't ruled out still signing up for the collective ha! Will likely just pay the $70. Just to rub it in @dyslexic nam it is $70 for 5 months, not 6 😛
  9. Yes. IPTV is technically illegal. I recently cut my cable back (with Rogers) to a super basic package. I no longer get TSN or Sportsnet. At this point I am really only into CPL, MLS, CNT and the major tourneys (World Cup, Euros, etc). I do get TLN on my cable package which gives me access to 3-4 Serie A matches per weekend. However I really cared more about that league 20 years ago. My 2 favourite leagues to follow are MLS and CPL. However I'm starting to lose interest in MLS because I find TFC to be too American and I think the 3 MLS clubs are resting on their laurels too much and could be doing more for Canadian soccer. As a TFC season ticket holder I had an offer to get TSN Direct for half price for 3 months. I had signed up for it so I could watch MLS at the start of the year. Of course I had to cancel that subscription when the pandemic hit as there was literally no content. I used to casually watch EPL when it was more accessible. I used to follow the UCL religiously when I was in university but its harder to do working full time. I have considered doing the 1-month free trial with DAZN to catch the end of this years event. I would be able to half watch the games while working from home at least. I did watch some of the MLS is Back games on the illegal streams and they quality was decent. And of course I will probably break down and get the One Soccer sub for the Island Games. Even if I still feel like its a bit of a rip off.
  10. If you could manage to "fix" Calgary boots when they are playing Valour there is a case of beer in it for you.
  11. I am similar to this but kids were less of a factor. I watch what is on the main sports channels (still have cable) and OneSoccer but didn’t jump to streaming when EPL and CL moved online. I will still try and free-stream the occasional important game but have basically checked out of those leagues.
  12. I follow CPL, MLS, and I used to follow EPL and UEFA Champions League (obviously follow CONCACAF Champions League). I didn’t follow EPL or Champions League to DAZN and even wasn’t watching it much before that. Combination of growing more attached to local teams (TFC initially) plus as I grew more into MLS I started a family. It is easier to watch evening games than morning games with young kids to watch.
  13. I chuckled, but this is golden. Only a true Canadian football fan like yourself could commit to this task. Most people just wouldn’t simply understand.
  14. And often spectacular bad for his team, like a red card or a PK given away.
  15. IPTV being grey?....I guess. It’s still available to everyone and anyone who’s willing to “cut the cord”. I just refuse to be raped by Bell or Rogers for these channel packages anymore, it has hurt for way too long. And then TSN got cheap and gave up the rights to DAZN for EPL and UCL. Ill invest in what matters to me - Canadian footy.
  16. Nobody with any sense should engage with this clown. Smart choice to stand down.
  17. ...but but no one said what other soccer they watch and pay for. Is everyone truly just CPL OneSoccer users?
  18. Sane chose to leave City...he straight up said he wasn’t re-signing a new contract whatever the offer was. And City definitely didn’t want to see him go....ugh what am I doing. Seems like your in a bubble for all the anti-bubble talk you have. Hope everything’s okay with you.
  19. I've never encountered that before from any subscription service (either the complete lack of communication, or the automatic roll-over when they have my credit-card on file). Which by definition, could make them the most unprofessional streaming service I've ever dealt with! I should dig through my old emails to see what I signed up to.
  20. Not if our agent in Germany gets to him first. 😛
  21. Complete understatement, but that sucks.
  22. Just filled out my volunteer form. I may be doing some running around for a team in isolation while here. Figured I should probably contribute.
  23. I think you are overating the US performance in that game by at least a goal. 😉
  24. If you are interested, here is the website translated by google translate: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.ca&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://cafecremesport.com/2020/08/02/jonathan-david-pret-a-conquerir-leurope/&usg=ALkJrhghacLzEQ5sbB9hUd-qWCyU-S6bHw
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  26. Some terrible news from Birmingham Legion FC as they have announced that Mathieu has torn his ACL in his right knee in practice last week. Laurent was one of their top players last season and was named Legion FC’s Newcomer of the Year in 2019 after a successful rookie season in which he made 25 appearances and was first on the team in clearances (117), third in tackles (52), third in interceptions (32), and also scoring two goals. He had yet to play this season as he was still working his way back from tearing that same ACL near the end of the last campaign. (Sept/19) Mathieu is still only 24 years old but it would seem like injuries have really put a damper on what looked to be a promising career.
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