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  2. Two big news today..schelotto gone..results werent good enough..but it has to be said that players overall were bad and should perform much better than that no matter who is the coach..and final standings will be determined by points per game LA Galaxy relieve head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto of his duties MLS to use points per game to determine final 2020 regular season standings
  3. Bamford is killing it at Leeds
  4. Maturing a bit might have actually made him self-conscious in a way he wasn't before, considering the price tag and the expectations placed on him. Considering composure under pressure is his hallmark and a psychological trait, this seems plausible. Don't know how anyone could interpret that to mean that a 20 year old is moving past his prime.
  5. I think it goes both ways. David repeatedly said Lille was where he wanted to go because of the playing time he would get, but what about the style of play? It has been said that maybe he underestimated the level of play in France, but I believe he didn't give enough consideration for the style of play and whether he would be a fit for it. Or, maybe he did consider that and saw it as a chance to round out his game. "With guaranteed playing time I can learn to play in a different way", he may have figured. Only he and his advisors know. Either way, I cannot help but wonder where he would be had he joined Leeds. Can't go back now though, he must make the most of it. He must succeed.
  6. Michele Paolucci talks about FC Manitoba: https://culturesoccer.com/2020/10/29/la-nouvelle-vie-de-michele-paolucci-a-winnipeg/
  7. Mon dernier article sur Michele Paolucci: https://culturesoccer.com/2020/10/29/la-nouvelle-vie-de-michele-paolucci-a-winnipeg/
  8. Paolucci talks about his journey in CanPL: https://culturesoccer.com/2020/10/29/la-nouvelle-vie-de-michele-paolucci-a-winnipeg/
  9. Lille don't play on the counter like Gent, I think this is part of the problem. His quick combination play in and around the box needs to improve. I think Lille did a bad job of scouting. They'll probably win the possession battle in like 90% of their Ligue 1 games. Worryingly though, he has not even looked good in transition. Hoping he can stick with it and succeed at Lille.
  10. Won 5-1 tonight in the Europa League. Could have been more. A game they probably had to win if they are serious about advancing, even this earlier. Sitting 2nd in the group on goal difference. First of 2 games with Gent who sit bottom, next week.
  11. What did you mean by "getting a little older" then? He's been at Lille for 2.5 months.
  12. Today
  13. That's quite a few people in the stands
  14. Yes, now that he's 20.75 years old instead of 20.5 he's really gotta watch out for Father Time. Jesus Christ.
  15. Lille spent way too much money on him to give up already. As long as they keep getting results he’ll still get chances (might be off the bench at this point though
  16. Game finishes 2-2. Lille drew level after David was subbed off for Yilmaz near the 70th minute.
  17. I think this is the silver lining at least for CMNT. Not all our games will be against teams like Cuba, and if he can figure out how to make things happen out of nothing, it will only help him score the winning goal against the run of play against Mexico whenever we do WCQ again. I'm reaching here for something positive...
  18. The irony is what Lille is lacking the most in their squad is a playmaker....David didn't just score at Gent..he racked up a ton of assists. If his confidence is low why not play him behind Yilmaz? Get him involved in the build up where he can deploy his other skills and get his confidence up. We know he has a great engine.
  19. Ikone has to do better to find Weah there on the 2 vs 1. Goes to show it is not just David he doesn't pass to...
  20. At least Weah still sucks
  21. He won't be the first player to not light the world on fire right away. I am sure the manager and team see what he can do in training. It will come. Eventually.
  22. As long as they are picking up points they'll have patience I think. Manager is publicly backing him, saying he signed for 5 years and not just a few months. We'll obviously have to see though...
  23. Man, what a bust David’s been wonder how much longer until Lile writes him off
  24. You see how much space is out there now that the game is in the 80th minute? Maybe David should be coming on in these circumstances instead of starting.
  25. Seriously, I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this. I mean, it is ultimately good for them to be involved in as many competitions as possible as it will ensure continued playing time, but I can't help but feel a bit conflicted.
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