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  2. Are you seriously going to argue we would be better off with a Whitecaps farm team in Calgary instead of Cavalry?
  3. In addition to being more fair this may also be more pragmatic, considering the potential for logistical challenges due to government restrictions. They can perhaps market it as a play-in tournament and generate a real buzz. Furthermore, they could host it in Qatar to give them more of a dry run. It would be like a world cup appetizer. Downside would be that you'd lose the passion that comes with playing home and away for a spot in the world cup, but at least for this cycle it would arguably make sense.
  4. No moratorium and there would be no CanPL and no Onesoccer. The rest I won't dignify with a response.
  5. The take away from last window regarding Kaye is that he can be outstanding or he can have a poor game. I imagine the LAFC fans would agree with that statement. With Eustaquio it's becoming clear you basically get an 8 out of 10 every game.
  6. Also looks like One Soccer raised their rates. Its now $100 per year. https://shop.onesoccer.ca/
  7. This seems like such an odd conversation to have in a thread about a player that spent 4 of his prime development years in a Canadian MLS academy
  8. Just an aside, it looks like Montreal and Vancouver will be allowed to field teams in the new MLS division 3 league that will start up next year.
  9. L1O and PLSQ aren't relevant, but a moratorium against American leagues from 10+ years ago is relevant in a OneSoccer thread? Besides, you like to point out how the MLS teams end up playing a part in developing players that end up in CPL. L1O and PLSQ do that for CPL as well (and the national team). Besides, that proposed D2 league that you are praising is already massively disappointing. There weren't any players from it listed on the 60 man Gold Cup roster. That's terrible optics for the proposed league. Besides, I don't think Edmonton Scottish will be able to get 5000 paid attendance t
  10. oh, i'd prefer the white, red, white as well, i just don't think they're getting rid of the red jerseys. personally, i'd go white, red, white for home kits and black, red, black for alternates. maybe keep a set of reds in the back pocket for some of the concacaf away games, black in the sun is no bueno.
  11. I've said this before but the most fair way to do the Intercontinental playoff is to have all 4 teams play a neutral site round robin. It will be in June so there is time for 3 matches. Far more fair than a random draw.
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  13. They actually did get promoted via playoff promotion playing relegated side St. Polten. Bizarrely, champions FC-Blau-Weiß Linz and 2nd place Liefering both didn’t get promoted due to them not obtaining Bundesliga licenses. I also agree that Amanda is no longer in the development phase, I’m sure he didn’t sign with the team with the intention of working in their youth system or riding the bench in the reserves.
  14. Just locked in my season tickets. It's finally starting to feel real!
  15. Exactly what I'm saying more or less which is why Canada if they finish 4th, you almost have to hope to draw an Asian or Oceania team to try to qualify for Qatar
  16. Well that isn't much of a bad choice but I personally just like the white and black jerseys better. Or you could even go white jersey with black shorts and red socks or a black jersey with white shorts and red socks.
  17. I did not realise he won the MAC Hermann for best college player of the year in NCAA. https://www.oregonlive.com/beavers/2021/05/oregon-states-gloire-amanda-wins-mac-hermann-trophy-as-college-soccers-player-of-the-year.html A player who is 22 is not really in development phase. He spent three years in college. No point going somewhere where the minutes might be slim, like Whitecaps. This is also a nice move, for a few reasons. One, that is a club in Austria 2nd tier but with aspirations to promote, there is a bit of a demand. With Scott they just missed promotion, this year I think
  18. Still very few transfers up and out: https://www.transfermarkt.com/major-league-soccer/transfers/wettbewerb/MLS1?saison_id=2020 Austria still providing a much clearer pathway to a big 4 league: https://www.transfermarkt.com/bundesliga/transfers/wettbewerb/A1?saison_id=2020
  19. He "confirmed" automatic qualification in this interview 14:00. But yes, nothing official from FIFA or CONCACAF
  20. Great news. I'd like to see more guys making this type of move.
  21. Personally I would like to see young Canadians move to Europe 9 times out of 10. There's way more teams, way more opportunity, better players, better coaching, higher pressure situations, tougher competition. It's also a challenging and growing experience to move away from home and take on the challenge of surviving in a foreign environment. At the end of the day, Europe is where the best clubs in the world are so it only makes sense that our players should generally all want to reach those heights. If I'm Buchanan for example, I'm wanting to make the move over there asap.
  22. Its actually a sad indictment on the 3 Canadian clubs that this is true.
  23. Oh absolutely. No argument here. If you can get involved in one of those organizations, you have a highly likelihood of success as a young player. I just don't think it is quite trickled down to other clubs just yet. It is moving that way and is a far cry from when MLS (seemed to) actively block the sales of players ten-ish years ago.
  24. I think recent games have shown that Davies can be highly effective in a LWB or an LM role. He's able to get forward more quickly in that spot. With regard to Adekugbe, honestly, it's hard to argue. Of the defenders we have, he's definitely near the top. I'd just prefer to give Miller some starts since he missed out on WCQ recently and is also one of our better defenders.
  25. My reading of the rules is that you can only fly and not drive down (the US still hasn’t opened itself to land border crossings).
  26. 1.FCA Darmstadt to be exact: https://www.transfermarkt.com/ali-musse/profil/spieler/294729 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1._FCA_Darmstadt One of their former players doesn't appear to like them very much:
  27. I know what you are trying to say, but there are more than 3 MLS clubs. It's rather strange to group Bradley in with Nani in this context, considering Bradley joined TFC at 26. As much as people in here tend to talk of Europe as some sort of monolith, it also happens for MLS. Like any other league, it has some teams that subscribe to the above philosophy, while others (FC Dallas, NYRB, Philadelphia) are selling young players rather frequently. The league itself has started incentivizing sales of young players, so we should see more in the years to come.
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