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  2. 15 mins into El Salvador v. Dominican Rep. 1-0 ES. DR playing way too open. I appreciate the bravery but they had to bunker like Montserrat.
  3. Until the 95th minute based on the Montserrat match
  4. Not until much deeper into the match.
  5. Not sure who is watching the ES/DR game, but DR had a gift wrapped chance less than a minute into the game thanks to a sloppy back pass. They also just had a great shot on goal that beat the keeper but not a defender. Do I dare let myself hope...?
  6. If there was, we found a way not to make it,
  7. The tweet was deleted but Ilya Orlov (HC of UofT Varisty Blues) mentioned that he and his scouting network have identified a number of potential Canadian Dual nationals, including one in a Bundesliga academy. He goes on to say that the CSA simply don't have the ability to find these players and many are open to calls.
  8. This thread is way too confusing and depressing. I just think how JH specifically said that scheduling friendlies wouldnt be necessary.
  9. https://canpl.ca/article/roster-analysis-how-does-fc-edmonton-look-heading-into-end-of-2019 JP confirms that is isn't restricted free agency in the CANPL. Ongaro was out of contract and free to move anywhere in the league.
  10. ^ totally agree. Honestly If you give me the choice between placing last in the hex. Or have the opportunity to play in the long route. I would rather play in the hex. I give Canada no chance to make the world Cup from the long knockouts. We are too inconsistent and our fields to flat for true CONCACAF knockouts. On a side note, maybe we should train in Calgary... There's a bumpy field and a diving Honduran.
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  12. This - so sick of watching us play minnows. The last few months were awesome - played Mexico, US twice. Way more captivating than watching us play Cuba and Belize
  13. I can’t believe anyone in here would actually want to play in that rinky dink tournament. You’d rather pass up the opportunity to play the best in Concacaf (Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Jamaica) home and away, to play against a bunch of bum teams for 6 matches? What will that prove? Even if Canada finishes 6th in the hex, at least we know where we stand, and will know where can improve. We will not improve playing those small nations. Also, the one thing Canada has been pretty damn good is winning at home. I’ll take my chances with those 5 teams, winning 3 games. And does anyone really believe that Canada in a home and away with Haiti/Curecao/Panama etc wouldn’t find a way to **** it up on the road? Have people not learned? I’ll take a 10 game league over one bad road game away from being eliminated.
  14. That kid who posted here a few times a few years back came on as a late sub in Northern Ireland's ass-whooping by the Germans. Lavery is his name. Apparently, his 4th cap for them.
  15. Was there even a Hex back in 57?
  16. I saw something about it being between 1 and 2 thousand.
  17. You are right. Nobody by the name of Davies in the lineup. Also, they didn't bother with any subs! I wonder if they were allowed back then? In fact, I wondered so much I looked it up after typing that, and it looks like they weren't "Substitution during games was first permitted in 1958." Clearly this is a rule that was made to give an advantage to Americans with their deeper player pool, much like the Gold Cup rules around bringing in new players after the group stage. Canadian line up last time we beat USA in USA, back in 1957. Substitute reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Substitute_(association_football)
  18. Good news, he was fantastic all season.
  19. Out of curiosity does anyone know what the attendance was in El Salvador versus Montserrat? I thought both these games were rumoured to have very few fans.
  20. To clarify this further @Daryn27, the 1336 points that you are quoting is what FIFA released before this window. The 4 points El Salvador won for beating Montserrat aren't included in that, so they are actually at 1340 right now, and will lose around 6.5 for a draw tonight (or nearly 19 points for a loss, or gain 6 for a win).
  21. Can anyone dig up footage of that game in 57? I can absolutely guarantee Davies didn't start at LB
  22. They gained 4 with the win over Montserrat. He is correct though, they'll lose 6.5 with a draw.
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