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  2. Why would he need to do a "wink wink" routine when a guy is already capped? That makes no sense. There's an inherent risk in reporting this kind of stuff. Do it enough and you'll eventually get burned. It happens all the time, but that doesn't mean it should stop.
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  4. Turkey Larin and Atiba start against Karagumruk
  5. Great list, two that I see missing are Marcel de Jong and Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty.
  6. Alternatively, the major miss on his last big scoop made me less interested in what he has to say.
  7. That really isn't the case with Flores though. He legitimately is one of Mexico's top prospects; if he really becomes an important player for Arsenal, he'll be a lock. At this point, we just have to hope he feels a strong connection to Canada.
  8. Flores for me would be the real coup, Canada currently doesn't have any player like him (position/style wise). The guy still has close ties with Mexico, and who can blame him? If he comes from a Mexican family then the kid likely grew up idolizing the Mexican National Team. If he keeps his trajectory he can probably start for them someday. Herdman and co can only do so much, ultimately the best way to get him to commit is for Canada to start getting results when it matters. Making the final round of WCQ is a must. He needs to see that with Mexico he can just be another player, but with Canada
  9. What Oli Platt on Twitter.
  10. That’s official? I never seen a report anywhere or did I miss something? And don’t quote my boy wheels either lol
  11. No Flores hasn’t filed, Guti has
  12. But then we wouldn't have people endlessly discussing his posts and motivating others to follow/read his material.
  13. Highlanders and Rovers are moving to the new BC League One (whenever that is), and that feels more appropriate than D2. I don't think either of them draw remotely close enough to make D2 worth their while.
  14. Really want to see a Mississauga and Québec team Sask could support one too, passionate and proud locals as we’ve seen with other sports teams Mississauga has enough football/soccer fans and identity to support one for sure imo, willing investors from Ive heard, only problem seems to be location for a stadium for Québec, Montréal/Laval or Québec City? I prefer the latter personally
  15. Good, and Flores too I hope? Or that was just for camp? Slowly slowly coming together.. could use more quality defenders though. Shame about Tomori... edit: when I said ‘no way’ in the post above I wasn’t referring to Corbeanu switching to Canada, I meant being called to Romania’s senior team
  16. CAMBODIA [FR] Marcus Haber was on the bench for the first time for Visakha as they took on Svay Rieng in a pre-season friendly/cup tournament. FT: Marcus was an unused sub in a 2-1 win over Svay Rieng.
  17. His switch is complete. He’s CDN now.
  18. As a Canadian-Romanian myself, I really like the kid and I’m glad he’s going to rep Canada going forward, Canada really deserves this after all the years of players switching, but no way he would have played for Romania already; unless they really wanted to cap tie him, then maybe for that reason alone but that’s obviously not happening now Dragusin (18yo CB) and Cirjan (AM/CM, just turned 18) also played for Juve and Arsenal U23s in the last year and now in their first teams, Dragusin even playing in a couple competitive seniors matches already . Both fully Romanian and neither has been
  19. I know this is somewhat old but my account just got approved Romania is in a bad moment with a new inexperienced manager and a dozen players missing for covid and injury, and yeah the last ten years has been the worst decade ever .. but still not that terrible. Lazio veteran Stefan Radu not playing for the national team hasn’t helped either , or injury prone Florin Andone and Vlad Chiriches Seem to be making a comeback though, U21s qualified to second Euros in a row after making semis in 2019. a few players starting to show up in Italy Radu Dragusin played in a couple games for
  20. Well they do list 9 players the Whitecaps bought. I guess if you go for volume and not quality you can still get there.
  21. I agree with this. Despite what I said earlier, even though I think Wheeler's source is from the team, I don't understand why they are so cavalier about the info they leak. Jeepers, we even saw a Sportsnet employee report that the Blue Jays signed Michael Brantley which turned out to be incorrect. I don't understand being "first" when everyone gets the same info soon after, anyway.
  22. The 2020 CONCACAF League is scheduled to be completed in the next few weeks. Weren't they still planning to get the 2021 Champions League going this spring? I thought that was the point to having the Forge/TFC game in February. If the Champions League is starting after the Voyagers Cup, then of course hold the Voyagers Cup still.
  23. Had to fact check myself...turns out JH has seen a total of 69 players under his reign as the senior mens gaffer. I was bored and made a quick depth chart of those players here. From the 69 guys I found: - Will Johnson (I'll assume), and David Edgar are retired. Has Jakovic retired from international ball? - 4 guys are currently unattached in Jakovic, Straith, Morgan, and Thomas. - 28 guys are U-24.
  24. I think the smoke is that Ayo didnt show at this camp. And you would think Wheeler would learn not to do the old "wink wink" routine until a guy is capped. Its not like this didnt just bite him on the ass a month ago.
  25. According The Guardian 142 coaches applied for the job that finally went to Sarina Wiegman. That is a lot of applications. Wonder how many Canada got!!!
  26. Isn’t there also a team in BC with a bunch of letters? Their name escapes me at the moment. Do they still exist? It would be interesting to find out if any PLSQ or L1O teams would have D2 ambitions. A league might catch the interest of Blainville, Oakville, London, maybe KW United could come back, and new teams Barrie and isn’t there a new Peterborough team that had some sort of big name Canadian player attached to them? I could have that completely wrong, the lack of soccer is causing me to forget entire teams!
  27. Remember that the 2020 CONCACAF League is still not completed. The 2021 Champions League will likely be after the 2020 Voyageurs Cup.
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