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  2. A lot of late nights, but I'll take anything at this point. I've re-watched the Wanderers home opener vs Forge way too many times.
  3. to go where..he was a backup in mls usl mexico d2
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  5. Bulletin board material for the upcoming season: https://twitter.com/onesoccer/status/1244672748787564544
  6. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but just for kicks, and because I'm bored AF, my top 10 list is as follows: I actually considered 13 players with HM to Liam Millar, Sam Piette and Cyle Larin: 10. Doneil Henry 9. Mark Anthony Kaye 8. Jonathan Osorio 7. Miljan Borjan 6. Lucas Cavallini 5. Scotty Arfield 4. Junior Hoillet 3. Atiba Hutchinson 2. Jonathan David 1. Alphonso Davies
  7. If the league was to consider such scenario, Vancouver Island might make sense. Langford & Victoria, closed doors after everyone has been isolated
  8. Journalist Phillippe Auclair indicating next season's international dates are in doubt
  9. https://nesn.com/2020/03/us-soccer-president-resigns-amid-backlash-over-federations-uswnt-criticism/?utm_source=NESN&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=bottom
  10. R.W.H.S.T.B.O.H.Y (Robert we haven’t seen the best of him yet)
  11. Our economies are so integrated with the supply chain and the fact that we share a large border. I really do not see Canada opening up for regular business that much ahead of the US if the virus is still causing havoc down south. The integration will assure that. We have essential workers crossing the border every day and the certainly is a huge risk. Plus I wonder how the CPL would handle it if their import players can not get into the country? I know the MLS teams asked their players to stay around their home market but there was nothing stopping a player at the time from jumping on a plane back to their home country if they were concerned about family etc. There are lots of aspects to this that will simply do not know at this point.
  12. Interesting Rob Gale "instagram live" on the Valour website. Valour apparently now have 19 players signed. New signings include two defenders and a centre forward and will be announced when CPL see fit; also include three players that played for other CPL clubs last season, so that narrows the possibilities quite a bit.
  13. I liked the 'Should Binky be Fired' thread!
  14. Yeah that was nice. Short and sweet, well put together. Man did it hit me how much I am missing football but especially the CPL.
  15. Since he seems to like the letter "B", I'm going with: Bunkers
  16. In the absence of any matches to watch or results to enjoy or agonize over, let's have some fun. This forum is where Robert posts the most so this is where I'm putting this thread. Thus far (please let me know if I've missed any) Robert has been incarnated on this forum as the following: Robert Binky BedBugs T.I.O.R. (The Importance Of Robert) What will his next username be?
  17. Lofty


    Bah. Wrong forum.
  18. Oh come on. Given the onerous nature of the request in the original post, you could have at least kicked off the thread by doing what was requested yourself!
  19. The easiest thing for FIFA to do is move the World Cup draw back to allow the June and September 2022 dates to be used. There are 4 matchdays scheduled for June 2022 that would otherwise just be friendlies
  20. I wonder if FIFA might consider making windows a couple days longer and allowing 3 matches rather than just 2. Everything is up in the air at this point. We don’t know when things will be up and running again, so it is hard to predict what might be done.
  21. I think @Cblake‘s point was that if there is Armageddon in the USA we won’t be capable of being over it here. For example, if Detroit is hit hard and Canadians in Windsor are working in Detroit hospitals and bringing the virus back here with them. Truck drivers bringing goods over the border, etc.
  22. Yah. Thanks Vic. That was a massive F up. Probably thought he was doing us s favour but didn’t know his own organizations rules.
  23. I just finished watching the show, it was great to look back on the season and the exciting 2 leg final, Forge really should have had it all wrapped up at home, 3 bars, a missed penalty and playing against 10 men! I'm glad they showed the best chance Cavalry had on a header, I asked Edgar about it at our championship celebration at THF lounge, at first glance it looked like he mis- timed his jump, he told me he knew the ball was going over his head so all he could do was leap and throw the forward off, which if you look at it closely he did! I miss football! Stay safe all!
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  25. Looking at FIFA's regulations for 2022 World Cup Qualifying, qualifying can only occur in single matches at a neutral site with FIFA's permission. See the highlighted sections at the bottom of the screenshot below. https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/regulations-fifa-world-cup-2022tm-preliminary-competition.pdf?cloudid=r6gcejmanhw27gzaa9xb Also important to note this sentence in the middle of the first paragraph that CONCACAF never read until it was brought to their attention: "Any seeding based on team performance for each confederation's preliminary competition shall be based on the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking"
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