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  2. Westhill Stadiums Family Zone side bleachers going up today along with artificial grass on the pole side where the beer garden and VIP Fieldzone seating will be :
  3. Things happened to put Westhill's expansion behind schedule, which can happen. I remember when Clarke Stadiums expansion was a year behind schedule to install the big blue grandstand (and corner seating) because of a multitude of red tape re the stands and such. While it was put off the club had to play another year with only the decrepid 1300 seat concrete bleachers to use. I'm happy that Langford came thru with giving Pacific FC a place to play otherwise there wouldn't likely be a CPL club on the Island. Its a bit unfortunate it won't be ready for opening day but the stadium is being done right, and will probably be the best sub 10k stadium in the country when the pole is moved and the final expansion on that side completes the stadium and brings it to 8K.
  4. My jersey arrived today! I was mentally prepared for it to not come before the inaugural game. Unfortunately it looks like it will be a chilly day so it will probably be buried underneath another layer or two.
  5. I’m sure they do but as per the VPs quotes a few days ago they faced delays starting. There’s been multiple comments about how there’s a seemingly low number of workers on site which I find odd. I don’t work in trades but how would a GC find more skilled workers for a few days? Who haven’t been involved in a project? It seems unlikely that there’s a pool of qualified workers out there sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. I suspect that the GC hired multiple firms to complete different areas of the job and those firms are running full capacity. They must have protections against the GC going out and hiring other firms to complete their work?
  6. As of today, if healthy, he is the #1 (things can change though). With 3 games over 8 days + travel during the Gold Cup, having 2 inform RBs would be ideal. Here is hoping Godinho finds his way back into the 18 w hearts before season's end.
  7. The post I was responding to was about Americans on the field vs. Canadians. Of the ones you named, only Delgado gets any real playing time, and he was integral to TFC's 2017 MLS Cup win (as was Zavaleta, but both have regressed since then). As you said yourself, the league is set up for Americans. That includes how they are counted on team's rosters vs. other internationals. That naturally means that even on the Cdn MLS teams there will be a few Yanks on the squads, unless they want to go the MTL route and trade away assets for more international spots (which hasn't exactly proven to work for IMFC as of yet). The difference of philosophy seems to be born out of a desire to not want to burn assets on international spots, as well as the respective front offices' knowledge base. You can argue whether TFC have used their domestic (and international spots) effectively, but that's a different discussion. At the end of the day IMFC is only regularly starting Piette and TFC is only regularly starting Osorio, which should be the bigger focus here. I honestly couldn't care less whether our MLS clubs are developing Americans, Ugandans or Argentines as long as Canadians are still lagging behind where they should be.
  8. I'm looking at the webcam too. Looks like they are moving forward, but still: don't you want to get it done before game day to actually test things out?
  9. Online only for now I guess. https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/fan-shop/international-soccer/canada.html#lastVisibleProductNumber=4
  10. Nello


    i emailed soccer canada asking about where to buy gear that you could get customized and would have more variety and they wrote me back saying their would be more news about merch coming out in mid May. for what it's worth
  11. You know who else coached Real Madrid?
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    Apparently at Sport Chek.. But ive called a few from my area and they said they don't have it — but the website says they do. Im confused.
  14. Couldn't agree more. The way he can get up and down, and is willing to take shots. Ive been impressed with how he's played — when he's gotten the opportunity. He's looking like the starting RB right now for Canada.
  15. I think even with him getting the opportunity of playing consistently in the EPL won't strengthen his chances. I know in football there is always the possibilities of injuries. However recognizing that England is in a "golden generation", its going to be very hard for not only Tomori but others to break into that team. Their recent success will strengthen that. Take a look, their current top CBs looks like this: - John Stones 24, Man City - Harry Maguire 26, Leicester - Michael Kean 26, Everton - Joe Gomez 21, Liverpool - Kyle Walker 28, Man City Then you have the fringe guys like: - James Tarkowsi 26, Burnley - Phil Jones 27, Man U - Lewis Dunk 27, Brighton - Callum Chambers 24, Fulham on loan from Arsenal Then there's guys who have played CB: - Eric Dier 26, Tottenham - Declan Rice 21, West Ham Then there's guys who have had strong seasons but never seen a camp: - Jamal Lascelles 26, Newcastle - Conor Coady 26, Wolves - Mason Holgate 22, WBA Then there's other young players who are in his exact same position. What makes it harder is that in the CB position, you usually see experienced older players. And as I listed above, a lot of them are coming into their prime years. So for Tomori its just a wait and see. I think he will end up suiting up for Canada, as the future is promising even with the 26 carrot. If England come calling, it'll be to cap-tie him to the wayside.
  16. feel this is worth mentioning http://worldsoccertalk.com/2019/04/25/mls-tv-ratings-disaster-new-york-city/ "In the same city that Major League Soccer calls home, which is also the number one TV market in the United States, MLS’s two teams in the New York region have been a TV ratings disaster. Despite the two MLS teams being accessible in more than 7.3 million homes in the New York area, TV ratings for nationally-televised games featuring New York City FC and New York Red Bulls have not “moved the needle” for the top-flight soccer league in the United States.... ...The poor viewing numbers for the New York teams is a worrying trend for Major League Soccer. In the media capital of the world, New York City, MLS is barely visible. With the current TV deal set to expire in 2022, broadcasters have to wonder what else can be done to make the league relevant in the New York area. After all, if the league has a perception problem in the number one TV market in the United States, there are larger problems afoot." CPL is currently in 2 of the 4 major markets with 3 teams (York, PFC, Forge), hope that live numbers turn into broadcast numbers both with CBC and OneSoccer. Tune in!
  17. At this point I would be thrilled if he received consistent sub appearances. The issue is that Vanney does not give him an extended run of minutes like he did with Ben Spencer... he sticks with Delgado who had an awful season last year and does not look much better this year...and don't get me started with Zavaleta. Hard to be consistent when you don't play consistently.
  18. Valdano has been one of Spain's best, most lucid football commentators for over 20 years. Apart from having a very distinct, original and imo refined Spanish. He is one of the Movistar commentators, formerly BeIN (MediaPro rights). Together with Santiago Segurola, who is a former radio commentator who does the Basque teams, he's amongst the best in the country as I see it. It's clear that MediaPro is very focused on what they are doing.
  19. 2 days until the start of the season and still at 20 players signed total with 3 at remaining spots. Jace Kotsopolous confirmed to The Northern he will be signing very shortly just working out the last details, he's an exciting player! 53 goals in 57 games with University of Guelph in 4 years time. Graduating the same year as this league kicked off makes him very fortunate Taha Ilyass was the only trialist from Hamilton invited to camp and the last invite left with the club and that went to the D.R! 20 Year old Midfielder, he could have signed in Moroccan top tier (his parents country) last year but fell through due to paperwork, the transfer window closed and he did not have dual citizenship at the time as was considered a foreigner. The rumours of Molham Babouli have died down, but I have feeling it's been in the works for a while Its been told that Marko Mandekic is going back to U of T for year N°3 so he's not in the picture. Hopefully they have the cap space for all three of the signings
  20. I just figure it's Langford, they never have to finish anything on time. The entire city is full of houses with people living in them and the garage is undone, the landscaping and they are half-thinking maybe they'll enlarge the playroom even though the kids are in junior high. They open a mall and if they are still putting in the lighting on opening day who cares. It is a suburban mentality, they just don't get it. There is no urgency about opening being something you die to get right. If you work in culture, if you are doing a concert, or a theatrical play, or an exhibition, you work overnights and push without sleep and scream at each other, and basically die for a few weeks so that on opening night things are perfect. The opening is one of those few things you get to celebrate, and you care, and you care about what the public thinks. And the press. Any little negative comment hurts. Any big city understand this because they are full of cultural events that have to be right, and the tourist office and marketing people will drive you nuts about how important it is for the city's image. The worst thing anyone could say, apart from maybe the place is crime-ridden and filthy with rats, is that you pretend to be a serious city but do things like a bunch of country bumpkins. This is why it would be much better to have this club at Royal Athletic Park.
  21. guy has a world cup and they don't even mention it
  22. ZBG plays like a 10 yr MLS vet not a rookie. He is very very composed. Really looking forward to see how he performs in the Gold Cup.
  23. This league is slowly starting to be taken seriously by everyone, for year 1 I'm happy with the players in this league but also have to point that there's 100+ other pros in North America, Europe and rest of the world who deserve a chance to come back and show what they got. Mixture of Talent that's still in Canada and abroad has been put together in one place which is exciting Theres reports that many high profiled players (outsidewith of our top 30 per say / NT call ups) said no to this league because they had questions about salary, competition, league quality, broadcasting, stability, fan support etc. Basically the legitness of it I'm confident that after year one many many players will change their mind and want to come, which will increase the quality of play. just want to give you an idea of the kinds of players that could have been here in year 1 but decided not to: Simon Thomas (Pacific FC), Marco Bustos (Valour FC), Tosaint Ricketts (FC Edmonton), just to name a few This league will prove them wrong, they will be the ones missing out not us, to the many others who declined an offer from one of 7 clubs I say this: One mans loss, is another man's gain. The CPL will be for the best this country has to offer and anyone would kill for the opportunity to be there yet some don't see it yet, but they wil! Mark my words. Year 2 with 10 Teams and some roster turnover expect to see a lot of more Canadians returning home
  24. I think the big issue with Hamilton is that when ever he gets a chance to start, he seems to disappear. And I don't just mean on the score sheet, as he also seems to have very little impact on the game in general. But then a couple games later he comes in as a sub and scores a goal. Don't get me wrong, I want him to succeed, but he needs to become more of an impact player when he gets a start.
  25. Basically it means not in seating areas which in an English or stadium would mean the concourse but there are often weird spaces in the stadiums used for soccer in North America. As best we can tell, someone in the League office just started copying and pasting rules from MLS. Some of the other stuff we were sent literally had "MLS" as the governing body.
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