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  2. Meep meep meep meep..... Can't stop watching this awesomeness!
  3. With an eye on 2026 how good is Antoine Coupland? Any Ottawa people have any thoughts?
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  5. I noticed this on Transfermarkt last week and figured I'd just missed the news.
  6. From that list, 4 out of the current 26 venues could be considered U-shaped. The open end zone thing is really a Canadian phenomenon, because of the absurd CFL field dimensions.
  7. Guess the PEI plan could be about keeping the Mediapro deal and corporate sponsorships alive that they would prefer not to have to renegotiate.
  8. PEI - Empty stadiums - half a season? I just cant grasp any of this.... 0 ticket revenue - no tv deal - no indication the major networks would even bother to show the hilights even in these covid days. Yet they wanna play 'a season' in front of no people in PEI? I have heard more bizzare plans - but not much more bizzare lol
  9. They do seem to be talking up that angle a bit:
  10. They also cover the Canadian Championship, which the three Canadian MLS teams participate in. Suspect they get some of their best audience numbers for that.
  11. Was feeling nostalgic and wanted to refresh my memory of the exact events. This was only one of many on the player but one of the more eventful threads of its time, marking a big turning point ..The reading is still very interesting (if still painful) for CMNT history, anyways.
  12. I caught the last minute or so of KJ interviewing David on “The TSN Soccer Show” tonight. They have a couple clips on their website now. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/what-is-the-best-club-for-david~1966356 https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/inside-the-game-jonathan-david~1966358
  13. AO deferring deposits, season seat and free jerseys until 2021 and offering 10% off jerseys this season instead. Makes sense if they think there won’t be any home games this season.
  14. An article from a Belgian site claiming Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig and Borussia Monchengladbach are in pursuit from the Bundesliga as well as LaLiga teams Real Betis, Valencia, Seville and Barcelona. Rumours are going to continue until he transfers to a new club. http://www.voetbalnieuws.be/news/514249/aa-gent-moet-hoop-op-miljoenentransfer-nog-even-opbergen
  15. Oh, and on this topic, I was happy to see TSN did mention CPL looking to start training on their ticker.
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  17. With the recent success and more more publicy of Alponso Davies success on the bundisliga ... My question is : Will there be an positive mpact on ticket sales if covid restrictions were removed and fans could attend. Will Edmontonions take soccer more seriouly as not be "euro soccer snobs" ?!
  18. Depressing 😞 Make sense why he wasn't called up
  19. Did you really need that many words to say he is eligible for 3 countries and Canadas probably his 3rd option????
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