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  1. Seriously, this has to be the worst ranking of leagues I have ever seen. Brazil is 2nd; Bundesliga is 10th. It has zero credibility if it has anything to do with the quality of the players.
  2. Not sure one player guarantees us qualification for 2020 but if (and that’s a big if) he regains his form and commits to us, that would be a big plus especially in the short term for next years qualification matches. I would also add Higgins at TFC and Yao at the Impact to that list plus Halbouni now at Werner Bremen. When you look at that list, you gotta expect that 1 or 2 of the kids emerge in the next year or so to be a full-time starter at the MLS or equivalent level and 1 or 2 more in a couple of years time. Where I once thought CB was our weakest position, I now think depth wise it’s fullback (even if we may have one of the emerging world’s best at that position).
  3. On players, I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up a few on loan from the 3 MLS sides (like the Fury did) and likely sign a few ex Fury players still out of contract; that with the loans from the parent will probably provide the backbone of the side for Year 1.
  4. And they can play mostly on weekends!
  5. My memory was it was put in place ahead of Edmonton joining the NHL so that they didn’t lose him to one of the existing teams. If you remember, when entering the NHL, the old WHA teams were only able to protect 2 players and a goalie and the existing teams took any player that they owned the rights too thereby raping their rosters. A long way from what happened when Vegas entered the league.
  6. I think they need to assess it in the pre-season. If he is going to get quality minutes, keep him. If they don't think he is quite ready, loan him. The main thing is he needs to play (but also in an environment conducive to his skills).
  7. Looking like the good ole Belgium weather....Leuven's a nice town which houses both the best university in the country and is the home of Stella Artois (Interbrew). My wife went school there. Nice place for him to live
  8. Personally, I hope Nelson is loaned out to a CPL side to get consistent playing time. That is what he needs: consistent playing time in a professional environment where if he performs well for half a season, he can be recalled if minutes are available to him with TFC. Rutty is probably fine with playing consistently at League One with TFCII.
  9. I have no issue with people quibbling with the numbers I gave. I was fairly conservative with the Hex and liberal through the Reperchase and still you find that we have a far better odds being in the Hex. That’s the point. For those that say we have a 5% chance of being a top 3 side in the Hex, than our chances of coming out of the Reperchase would be even ridiculously lower. At the end of the day, going the Hex route I think conservatively doubles our chances of qualifying.
  10. These are my quick calculations for for qualification vis a vis the hex and the reperchase route; HEX 20% chance we are top 3 of 6 and qualify directly 20% chance we finished 4th 50 % chance we beat the reperchase winner; 40% chance we win the intercontinental (that’s difficult to call as we don’t know which conference) So the HEX route gives us the following: 20% + (20% x 50% x 40%) = 24% REPERCHASE 98% chance we win our group (assuming seeding) 90% chance we win quarter final (assuming seeding) 80% chance we win semi final 70% Chance we win final 50% chance we win 4th place 40% chance we win intercontinental So Reperchase is 9.8% chance of qualifying I would take the Hex route hands down
  11. I suspect he will get loaned out to a USL or maybe a CPL side now that the Fury are gone. Would be good for his development to play a full year at a step above League 1. Same goes for Nelson in my opinion although he might benefit from another year at League 1 level.
  12. Agree with this. We need to win and start putting pressure on El Salvador. We all know it’s a long shot to qualify for the Hex but closing the gap to 9-10 points will start to pressure them and they may need to start taking some risks.
  13. Agreed. But if look at something like tennis it’s a rolling 12 months so you lose any points gained after a year. I guess the assumption is that sides will consistently play due to at least World Cup and regional qualifiers and the higher ranked you are the more points you have to lose as the vast majority of sides you are playing are ranked below you.
  14. Not if you never lose points.
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