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  1. Malta’s a nice place to live in the Med and reasonably affordable. I spent the summer of the France World Cup there on Gozo. I really nice memory.
  2. From the Guardian today. It will be interesting if Conmebol does go ahead in October...Europe is starting to become a shitshow again as well so not sure playing there is an alternative. 4h ago23:48 WHO warns Latin America opening up too early Latin America has started to resume normal social and public life at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic still requires major control interventions, World Health Organization regional director Carissa Etienne said on Wednesday. Coronavirus cases in Colombia’s border area with Venezuela have increased ten-fold in the last two weeks, Etienne said in a virtual briefing from Washington with other Pan American Health Organization directors. Death rates are climbing in parts of Mexico, and similar trends are seen in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Bolivia, with similar patterns also emerging in areas of Argentina, she warned. Etienne said governments must monitor travel very carefully because reopening to tourism can lead to setbacks. That has happened in the Caribbean, where several countries that had virtually no cases have experienced spikes as tourism resumed. According to a Reuters tally, Latin America has recorded around 8.4 million coronavirus cases, and over 314,000 deaths, both figures being the highest of any region.
  3. It doesn't strike me that those are the same overall quality as the players at RB where we have 3 starters in the MLS, one in Germany 3, and a couple in CPL who have stood out much more than those you listed in LB from the CPL. There you have one started in the Norway 1, one unattached, two so-so CPL'rs; a washed up MLS'er and a sometimes starter in the MLS who hasnt actually committed yet.
  4. It would be great if we had 5 similar options on the left as well so that at least 1 of them can develop to be a reliable starter for the national team and then we dont have start Davies there.
  5. The other good thing is we have Alistair Johnson at Nashville who is coming around so you have a decent backup at rb which allows you more flexibility of playing Laryea and ZBG and pushing Davis forward.
  6. You get what you pay for. Zara is inexpensive fashion for the masses. I have bought stuff there that has lasted years and stuff that hasn’t. All the people I know in fashion - even the ones in the high end - have a respect for Zara and what they have achieved by making fashion available to the masses at affordable prices of decent quality.
  7. Its one of the more successful fashion chains on the high street globally. Unless you are going high end, I am curious to understand what is significantly better.
  8. And I have taken it. I won’t be watching anymore of that crap
  9. Geez. I like his football. But I really could do without 10mins of his inane chatter on his shopping trip in Paris with his gf.
  10. His hold up play is definitely better and he moves better but I thought he lost the ball too much and mislayed it a few times too many. But definitely think he is a head of cavalini at the moment.
  11. Personally, I agree with this. As a Canadian fan, I personally want the 3 MLS sides to succeed and maintain the high profile that it delivers to soccer in those communities as well as the higher standard of play for Canadians then the CPL. If these sides are to some day bolt the MLS for the CPL, I hope its in 10 to 20 years where the the CPL is well established and with attendances in the 10-15k range so the gap between the MLS and CPL is not as large. Now it is just too big and losing the Whitecaps or the Impact from the MLS would be a big blow to soccer in Canada.
  12. I suspect a year as then World Cup qualifying can start next autumn in the same format we have now (or perhaps in the summer of 2021). By next autumn, I think the likelihood of a vaccine is pretty high and I suspect the Olympics will be held in August next year probably with the athletes, support staff and possibly foreign fans (especially family members) having been vaccinated. Asia has already binned the autumn qualifying and I just don’t see it happening in South America with or without European players in spite of what the federation is currently saying as cases are spiking again in many countries there. Europe doesn’t start until March so there is much more flexibility there but they will just be coming out of the winter and I highly suspect the caseload will be very high then with no vaccine readily available. They could move to mini tournaments possibly next summer as you can’t play those in a 2 match window but that conflicts with regional championships like the Euros and Gold Cup so I don’t see that happening. And summer of 2022 is just too late. Plus I think it starts to undermine the legitimacy of qualifying if you compromise it too much. I think you can get away with what Concacaf is doing in the early rounds as no one really cares about the minnows globally (and I include Canada in that) but having a Brazil or Germany miss out as they lose a single match against a Peru or Ireland in a mini-tournament is just too great a risk.
  13. There were a couple of times Di Maria drifted off him at the fat post that Neymar at least once and I can’t remember the other player didn’t pick him out. I thought he was ball watching way too much. To be frank, I didn’t think he had a great match. Was ok, nothing more which is still saying something for a champions league match. Especially as most of the players on both sides were only ok
  14. If he can’t cross with his left, he will soon be scouted and half decent defenders will just show him to the outside. Especially internationally. I know people can start saying all this Arjen Robben crap, but as good as Laryea is, he is no Robben
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