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  1. I hear you to a certain extent but compared to 5 years ago, we probably wouldn’t have had that many playing professionally for all of the U23s
  2. In the article it says to have him playing farther up the pitch which could mean they put a Fraser or Okello in front of the defense and have Bradley and Osorio farther up the pitch?
  3. not to get all grammatical but it should be "Official Partner Powered by Atletico Ottawa"
  4. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed it. Do you have links to other videos from that competition? don’t agree with your ratings though I thought Assi did very little, gave the ball away a lot, and was beaten for headers and he was the biggest guy on the pitch. He did have a couple of decent balls played to rutty including one that gave him a scoring chance saliba was ok, nothing overly stood out. He also missed his clear cut chance on goal from a good ball from rutty cloutier and campagna were solid in the centre but they weren’t tested for pace or one on one so difficult t
  5. I hate to say it but Athetico is starting to look like a bust in this league as an owner. Last year I gave them a bit of a pass for signing players so late and playing the island games with an under strength side. This year there is much less of an excuse. They have had a year to get their act together and arguably should have more cash to get through this crisis than others. But other than Copeland, we have seen no real young talent signed and huge gaps still in the roster where almost all the other sides have filled their rosters out or at least made significant additions. It starts to wor
  6. This is why I have always believed in a game clock. Too much discretion given to the ref which is subject to incompetence, corruption or bias whether intentional or not
  7. I think Curacao is in the 5. bucket (if not the 4.)
  8. Others are better a dissecting some of the sides than me, but not sure Costa Rica is #3 anymore (at least on paper). I probably put them 5 but they have in their favour that they have a much stronger pedigree that us or Jamaica.
  9. I am starting to wonder if he turns up somewhere in the MLS. Maybe he counts as a domestic in the US as he was with TFC youth if I recall correctly before going to Milan?
  10. I dont like the fact that the league is paying peanuts anymore than the next guy. I suspect there plan was always to be prudent and get through year 1 and build from there. And then a global pandemic hit and last year they had no fans (ie. no real revenue) and this year is likely to be some of the same. I get how that is challenging for the players and as we have seen, some have left the game which is very unfortunate. But expecting them to raise wages (even by putting in a floor) is unwise at this moment in my view as frankly, their focus needs to be on survival during this period. Hope
  11. Against a side whose best player is a quality striker, this is a very risky strategy especially as both your fullbacks are attack oriented. We know they are good a bunkering and they are fast. I can picture them absorbing pressure, intercepting a ball, and then just hoofing it up the field and having their striker out run Vitoria from the center line. 1-0, then bunker some more and do the same as we start to commit even more men forward
  12. It actually doesn't matter when Suriname last played as the side they have now is totally different and improved. Their ranking also doesn't matter for that reason as well.
  13. Looking at Suriname, they are a country that could qualify out of Concacaf for the World Cup. I am not saying they are favoured to do so or that they will but just that its a realistic possibility. And the problem for us is that its one match, it likely will on a neutral ground negating our homefield advantage, and we wont have played a match against a decent opponent for over a year and half by then (i don't count Bermuda as decent). Of course, they won't have played together much either but in normal circumstances that would be a huge advantage for us but isn't now.
  14. Seems they will play 4 matches in June in centralised hubs but that means they won’t finish their third place playoffs until May/June 2022. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_(AFC)
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