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  1. I agree he should aspire to play for England as I am certain he feels more English than anything else but just not sure I would commit my international future to them after having a few starts in the premiership. I would concentrate on my club career and when I was established and I knew I was going to be first or second choice I would commit.
  2. To be honest, I don’t begrudge him picking England for all the reasons people said but not sure it’s the best decision for him at this stage. He could easily end up with 1 or 2 caps and never play international football again. But with these guys their egos get in the way and they make these decisions. Sometimes they pan out, most of the time they don’t.
  3. hopefully for him, he's not another Crisante and plays a few matches and never again. But i get it. If I was him, England would be my goal at this stage. Too bad for us but honestly, he is English after all so I cant blame him
  4. I will say that he didn't look very good on their opening goal. He let his man get away from him pretty easily and even stopped running at one point
  5. I hate to say it as it seems like he has a big attitude problem. That doesn't usually change overnight and likely gets worse as the more things don't go his way, the more such people get engrained in the view that the world is against them. I hope i am wrong but these things don't usually work out (if ever) until someone matures well into their 30s or 40s. Its a real shame as I always rated him as a probably our best young footballer ever when I saw him at the U17 level. He just seemed to have that look about him while playing that you only ever saw in the better players from the top nations. I always thought he looked better than Davies at that age as Davies primarily relied on his speed and dribbling ability (which was impressive); whereas Tabla just had the feel of a quality footballer by doing all the little things right.
  6. I am not against seeing David in the midfield but I am against not having someone like Piette as a defensive midfielder to help shield our weak backline. That doesn't make me a traditionalist (I see most sides playing with at least one defensive midfielder in modern football); it just makes me a realist
  7. I am sure they are trying as hard as possible. I know everyone likes to think this but they are not idiots.
  8. I still contend the biggest impact on attendance for next year will be if they get an 8th team (probably Ottawa) and play all or the vast majority of their matches on the weekends. When I look at the sides, most people are concerned about York 9 or Pacific but it seems to me those 2 are doing the right things (or making the right noises at least) to build their cultures and to grow the gate over time. York 9 also has deep pockets and if they do ultimately build a stadium, I think that alone will give them a jump in attendance. In many ways, I am more worried about FC Edmonton as they have consistently proved since their days in the NASL that they cannot consistently get bums on seats. I never get the idea that the Faith's really understand this business and I think that impacts their ability to reach people in Edmonton (and a poor track record on attendance doesn't help in building momentum).
  9. Yeah. I am certain that there are 2 or 3 from the current U17 side who will be in the mix and probably starting or close to it; and probably 1 or 2 from the U15 side as well. Remember, we got guys like David and Davies who are starting now and wouldn't even be on the current U15 side if we were projecting ahead to 2026. The concern I have is that when you look at the U20s, U17s, and U15s, there are no defenders that stand out as being exceptional whether CBs or FBs in the way that you see the offensive talent we have in those age groups. That is what I think is the most worrying for 2026 as a backline of Miller, Unknown, Cornelius and one of ZBG/Godinho does not wow me.
  10. Lovely island in the middle of the Atlantic. Relatively (emphasis on the relatively) close to the Azores where Vittoria originates from
  11. The one thing I would say about the World Cup Qualifying format is that its made the Concacaf Nations League quite exciting as all these games matter so much for the sides in probably the 4-10 FIFA rankings for the region which has made it more exciting for the fans.
  12. It’s not Cuba. It’s US politics. Cubans are entitled to asylum in the US and therefore can stay permanently if they can get there (the fact they are surrounded by an ocean makes that difficult). If the same was applied to the other Concacaf nations like Honduras, El Salvador, Jamaica, and even Mexico, you would find players defecting from them every time they came to the US (or Canada) as well. But Trump wants to build a wall to keep those people out.
  13. I assume Group A matches don't have more importance than Group B ones? If so, seems wrong. You should be rewarded for qualifying to that level
  14. That is a very different standard and if you can't see that, there is no reason to continue a conversation as you are letting your bias completely distort your views
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