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  1. That's where I live in HK. Perhaps I should finally get off my arse and go and watch a match.
  2. As One Soccer doesnt offer replay for those watching from abroad and Concacaf doesn't seem to be offering the World Cup Qualifying on their website, does anyone know of a good website where i can download the matches afterwards so i can watch them (preferably pretty quickly after the match)
  3. Have you checked that a VPN will work with the concacaf channel? I am considering as in HK and one soccer doesn’t offer replay for those outside Canada which is a bit of a problem as some of the matches will be in the middle of the night here so was hoping to watch them on replay as if they were live. If I can do that on the concacaf site that would be great
  4. Probably not as football has improved so much that a championship side of 20 years ago would likely struggle in any of hte top 5 leagues now; but you make a fair point about Werder Bremen in general which I was wrong to make. My point should have been that he doesnt make a top tier Bundesliga side now....I am not ever sure Paul Stalteri would make any Bundesliga side now.
  5. While I agree with the sentiment, I would make a few observations. While we should be cautious, we need a little perspective here. The top 5 leagues have definitely separated themselves more from the rest of the leagues in the last 20 years, and so has the English Championship. No way Paul Stalteri plays for Tottenham now and probably not even Werner Bremen. Rob Friend doesn't play in the Bundesliga now. And no matter how good that 2004 side was, they didnt have a Davies or a David or even a Larin (Rad was a bit past it by then if memory serves). Plus, conversely, MLS has gotten better.
  6. I definitely think if they quality this generation will get a goal and likely more. The question will be whether they keep many out. Whereas in 86, it was 2-0s and 1-0, its more likely to be 4-1 or 3-1 or 4-2.
  7. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-three-canadian-soccer-players-among-15-semifinalists-for-mac-hermann/
  8. I suspect if he plays another year and maintains his level and we qualify for 2022, you gotta expect he plays another to be in the World Cup
  9. In the short time he was on the field yesterday with Cava, it seems to indicate the answer to that is yes as they linked well together
  10. Lyon did PSG and Lille a huge favour by knocking off Monaco. I agree that its highly unlikely Monaco can close the gap now especially as even if one of Lille and PSG slip up, its really unlikely the other does.
  11. https://www.ligue1.com/Articles/NEWS/2020/05/11/dolberg-ogc-nice-the-youngest-team-in-europe seems they give youth a chance. I believe Adonijah Reid trained with them a few years back as well
  12. Those 3 have been on occasion in the top flight...especially Irish and Scottish...If memory serves, in the 90s those 2 were consistently there
  13. I suspect the Nelson types will go to CPL which is more competitive if they don't stay with the senior team other than they may send some guys there that they dont send to CPL to get a match or two to keep their match fitness or to come back from injury. I dont see them doing long term loans there as I think they see USL-1 more for the next tier of players down who are far from getting minutes in the MLS.
  14. Thanks. Brings back good CSL memories. But a few things that jump out at me: The stadium presentation was bush league in comparison with CPL and there was very little atmosphere created by the fans back then. Compare that to the CPL first year or the MLS in the 3 Canadian cities. What a difference. The other thing that jumps out at you is too many white guys! 🤣
  15. Hopefully, he is this year's Alistair Johnston and establishes himself. I agree with others that we need to see defensive improvement from him from last year as we know that at the international level we will be under pressure at times from the US, Mexico, Jamaica, etc. Lets see how he does when (1) he goes up against one of the better RW's in the MLS; and (2) he is isolated against these type of players. But it would be great to have someone we can rely on there so that we have the option of playing Davies farther forward. I am not sold on Adekugbe. In many ways, against the strong
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