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  1. I think it’s good news he seems to be getting back to health. If he can get back to where he was a couple of years ago with Braga, I suspect he will eventually come over probably sooner than later as highly unlikely he will get the call from Portugal again and he is 27. He would be a good get for us in the lead up to the next World Cup.
  2. Is there a link to download this match? I bought it on cncacafgo but it doesn’t work for me now as I am in France.
  3. It seems I am not the only one who thought this: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-imperious-canada-wins-again-at-womens-world-cup-but-needs-a-dash-of/
  4. I was at the match. We completely dominated in every way but the ability to score in the final 3rd. Schmidt was an absolute stud. Prince is a real talent. The ability to possess the ball and win it back was something I have never seen from a Canadian side (men or women) The problem for me is Sinclair is passed it. She just doesn’t have the legs anymore to run 90 minutes. She was completely gassed in the second half. Definitely has also lost a step or two even though pace was never her thing. She should be on maximum 60 minutes and Huitema who is young and very technical can come in for her and create space with her movement. If we stick with playing Sinclair 90 mins, we are dead. I would say semis would be our upper limit but more likely out at quarters as once we go behind (and we will at some point), we won’t be able to close the gap. Getting her off with fresh legs for the last 30 or more, we got a chance to go all the way
  5. I think it’s more likely they are trying to conceal Herdman’s height. If he stood beside the two bald guys, her would look even smaller
  6. Good to here it’s in the archive as bought the Martinique match but not sure I can watch it live. Does it display the score or can you watch it “as live”. And can you download it to watch offline?
  7. I think this team is going to be a joy to watch. Quite exciting. I still think it’s inexperience will do it in at some point in the competition but that’s what these competitions are for. To get the experience needed to qualify for 2022
  8. If this is true, its shocking and they should be called out for it. If the Men were in the World Cup and the Women were playing in a close door friendly I would expect them to announce that was happening. And if they didn’t, the CSA should be called out. And I support the women. I am flying in from Hong Kong to see the Grenoble match.
  9. Sounds like York 9 is at the center of Canada!
  10. Yeah. Usually the NDA requires you not to disclose there is an NDA
  11. I love his passing but sometimes I think he needs to take his intensity up a notch or two. If he could do that, he would be fantastic. It seems to me that he needs to get his fitness up so he can cover more ground especially on the defensive end.
  12. Not to be a downer but most of our guys are not entering their prime yet and makes for an exciting side that can out perform but as easily flame out in the group stage. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We are a very young side with a lot of potential but quarter final is really an expected level with this group which would be a good launching pad for 2022
  13. I think we are saying the same thing
  14. So just to be clear (as i don’t know as there have been differing views on this on this board), you’re saying that OSEG has exclusivity over the whole stadium for 20+ years no matter whether they are actually using it or not. So no one else can hire out the stadium for anything and only OSEG can use it? But as I said above, that is worth something and that is something they can sell but it’s limited in value as (1) it doesn’t give permanent access to a league which would have to be bought separately; and (2) if they look to charge too much for the lease or concessions, you can expect that any potential owner will not pay it if it makes the side uneconomical (and look as I said to build their own pop up where they control the concessions). So in a nutshell, OSEG would have to decide whether they wanted to get something in terms of a lease/concessions or nothing if they fold the club as they either don’t want to pay the entry fee to CPL or CPL doesn’t want them. The operations would be all or some of the assets of the club including the brand, management, players, etc.
  15. I wonder what value the club is worth as it doesn’t have sanctioning guaranteed after this year in USL. And likely only for another year or so maximum. So I could see two scenarios for purchasing the club: (1) someone buying it at a knock down rate compared to a USL expansion fee in order to relocate it south of the border which wouldn’t be anyone interested in the CPL (although it would free up the market for CPL); or (2) someone buying the club to get access to the stadium in order to put a side in the CPL. I still am relatively unclear how much exclusivity and control Fury has over the lease for soccer at the stadium but if they have something that would be worth something. The operations, players, and brand (although recently tarnished) of the club are worth something but that is significantly devalued by the fact the team does not have permanent access to a league but must apply for a waiver every year for the USL which seems to have a limited shelf life. Any owner wishing to enter the CPL would still have to pay any expansion fee which significantly devalues anything the Fury could reasonably expect from a potential buyer. At the end of the day, any CPL potential owner will way up the cost of buying access to the stadium and the existing operations of the club versus starting from scratch in a pop up stadium and probably controlling the incidentals like food, beverage, parking and building with his/her own operations. So the Fury is worth something but for a CPL owner it’s only that maximum Moreover, The other alternative is to possibly wait for sanctioning to be withdrawn, the club to fold, the exclusivity on the staduim to expire and then to swoop in and pick up everything on the cheap. If I was a potential owner, that is what I would do which likely means Ottawa being without a team for a year or two. Because of this possible scenario, any potential owner has way more bargaining power than the Fury.
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