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  1. I am aware of when the WC is. But not only does he have to regain game shape but he will have to regain form which isn’t always easy after an injury like this. We will see.
  2. Possibly for WC as that is still slightly more than a year away. He will need to have a big second half for TFC next year to get into the conversation which is probably difficult as coming back from a major injury. And especially the case if David, Larin and especially Cav are on top form, Ennin still progresses and Jebbison switches, I just don’t see it as likely as our depth in the spot he plays is just too great (and similar on the wings)
  3. He should have saved it but it wasn’t a clanger
  4. From the highlights, he just looks a player. You can tell he has the x factor. To me, he is kinda like Tabla when he was his age. You just could see he had talent and its why some on here (including me) had Tabla ahead of Davies at that age (and obviously, what Barca saw as well). Hopefully Rutty has his head screwed on right like Davies though.
  5. The thing i find most interesting about this list is not the Friend's, Occean's, or Gerba's but guys who were in good youth set ups or even senior sides that we were once high on but didn't pan out like Shepherd, Binstock, Ramalho, Canizalez. And who I have completely forgotten about existed.
  6. It feels like Wyn Belotte all over again
  7. Clearly, none of you play cards or bet at the casino (at least successfully)
  8. I don’t think it’s the plastic cap they are concerned about but it makes it much more difficult to throw an open bottle be it either one with liquid will spill out over the fan base when thrown which will act as deterrent to throw it or and empty bottle won’t go far.
  9. I think it’s great for soccer in Canada and the national team in particular that someone like Drake is jumping on the bandwagon due to his influence but it doesn’t mean I have to respect him for it.
  10. I am definitely hoping for a win against Mexico although I don’t expect it. That being said, playing them in the cold on turf (and after their match against the US) puts us at an advantage and frankly, after the Gold Cup and Azteca, I just think we match up really well against them. They just struggle with the combination of our speed, strength and technical ability. I honestly think we have a better chance against them in Nov in Edmonton than against the US in Jan in Vancouver even if I think overall, they are still the best side in the region.
  11. The best thing I loved about his play in the match and which sets him up for greatness is not the skill he displayed on that goal (which was amazing) but the fact he was dominant the whole match in game we needed to win and showed unbelievable leadership qualities - and all at 20! I have seen other players show a piece of skill at that age which you just sit there and go “wow” or even dominate matches, but I haven’t seen someone do all of that at that age and also “put his country on his back” all night like Davies did. He’s already a legend.
  12. I think it’s the combo of speed with strength and technique. Ricketts is/was fast but he didn’t have the technique so wasn’t really effective. Mexico has better technique but they can’t deal with our collective strength and speed. It’s that combination that makes us so effective in this region.
  13. Drake must be so honoured to meet him
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/13/canada-are-stronger-than-ever-and-the-best-may-be-yet-to-come
  15. But just think of him coming off the bench for 30 minutes running against tired legs at full speed. Could be devastating
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