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  1. Yeah. I don’t see the Gold Cup having any immediate impact on finances. I do see the 7 home matches for qualifying having a big impact if (1) we can get fans into those matches; and (2) OneSoccer sells the tv rights to one of CBC, TSN, Sportsnet (as I suspect indirectly some of that will find its way into the CSA coffers via the agreement they have with OneSoccer. Also, qualifying for the World Cup will bring both direct cash from FIFA and increased sponsorship. Gold Cup itself is pretty small beer (and likely wouldn’t cover the cost of fielding the team for that competition and the proceeding World Cup qualifiers where we couldn’t put fans in the stands).
  2. I agree with all that. I was in the camp of give the guy a chance when he was hired. I could see the positives but was still a little perplexed at the time of Zambrano firing as had liked what I saw up to that point (but now think he was a complete train wreck the CSA was smart to extract itself from) and to be frank, I was very concerned about whether he could make the transition from the women’s game to the men’s (some of that I wasn’t sure at the time was just latent sexism on my part - even though I follow the women’s team - or the fact it’s really two different games). There was a big part of me that was just curious how he would do going from one to the other but scared a little as well because we would be experimenting with a team containing guys like Davies and David. Which was my last point, would the players accept him from the women’s game? He definitely seems to have brought the players together and built that team spirit and buy in more than anyone I think we have had since possibly Tony Waiters. He has also progressed and learned from his mistakes against Haiti in 19 and the second match against the US in 19 as well. I think his strength is his ability to build a team around him, listen to them and take their advice. I agree that he has great emotional IQ. I know this maybe controversial but I think what I have seen exhibited by most of those on this board who criticise him is very low emotional IQ’s themselves. I dare say they don’t even recognise it or the fact their own is very low. They tend to be the “my way or the highway crowd” who believe that admitting a mistake is a weakness rather than a strength.
  3. Flores for sure but mainly as he is primarily an attacking CM and we just don’t have one of them. Dias is similar but I think not as far developed as Flores. If either were an out and out striker or winger, maybe they don’t crack the 23 as we have more depth there. As for Jebbison, he is a striker/winger where we have more depth but perhaps further along in development than the other 2 so if playing consistent minutes in the Championship, you certainly can see him squeezing into the 23.
  4. I agree and I also thought he was the most at fault for their second. He needlessly ran across the box to try to shut down the ball carrier when others had it covered and gave up the space at the top of the box for him to pass to
  5. On the basis of what I have seen in the Gold Cup, I think we need to do the following in Qualifying: 1. Play the same sort of high pressure and high tempo carefree attitude that we have seen all Gold Cup. It comes with risk but over 14 matches, I don’t think most of Concacaf can keep up with us. If it means we lose at match or two because of or get a draw where we should have won, we need not panic as over 14 matches I am pretty confident we come out top 3 (or 4 at least). I just don’t think the Concacaf teams can keep up. It’s not a knock out tourney so we need not panic even if we lose at home our our opening match to Honduras or draw even if its against the run of play for them. 2. To do this, we need a heavy squad rotation so to a large extent, the best 11 debate is mute. Herdman needs to look at every 3 or 2 match window and see who is available for us and then set up different sides for the different teams we face that maximises as much as possible our advantages and minimises our weaknesses given the required rest/rotation needed. As such don’t be surprised to see Davies, David, Larin, Eustaquio, Buchanan not even starting many matches. The great thing the Gold Cup showed us is that we have a lot of depth to be able to do this. 3. Sub early and often to make sure players are rested and rotated. If we are up 2 goals against Honduras for example, rest some of your key players even if this means a slight worry of letting them back in the game. If we are down against the Us, do the same. The great thing is that we have the players to rotate so that we can keep up the tempo and quality throughout the match. 4. If we are able to do this, I think its realistic for us to take 3 to 4 points off of the US and Mexico over the 4 matches. That’s saying a lot but a win and draw is realistic or even 3 draws. That’s only 4 points out of 12 but would probably be better than anyone else or at least match them. 5. I don’t think we need to fear playing in Cost Rica, Honduras or El Salvador anymore. I think the Gold Cup belief will have done that for the boys. I think we can press and attack them like we did both the US and Mexico in front of their home crowds. Yes, those places are more raucous but their sides aren’t as good either. If we do the above, I give us more than a 50% chance of qualifying. By No means a slam dunk but very doable.
  6. Personally, I think we were gassed. I know most people here think it was Mexico that was gassed but I think our high pressure the whole second half was taking its toll on us. And we only made two subs (as we likely didn’t really have the players to do more and keep the similar quality). In Qualifying, we likely would have used all 5 and we could have continued pressing them. I do think the break gave Mexico the chance to calm down and regroup and in that sense, maybe favoured them. When the break happened, I thought this is good for us as it gives us a breather to get our longs back for the last 10 minutes or so.
  7. You know what the best thing about this tournament is. We learned nothing. Nothing about ourselves. Nothing about our opponents. It went no where to building team chemistry. No where to building belief in ourselves for the Oct. No where to getting the fans behind team. Such a shame. We should have sent a group of CPLers.
  8. At the end of the day, they will both get minutes in qualifying. And this has become a good problem to have as a side. I wonder if either can play in the middle if Vitoria is down or out of form.
  9. I have been watching a Canada religiously since 82 qualifying (which we didn’t make) and I can honestly say I have never been so proud of a team, it’s spirit and quality. Sure we qualified for 86, we won in 2000 and we had a good run in 2007, but this team showed both quality and spirit. They were simply a joy to watch. Can’t wait for the Oct. We have great depth and spirit which we will need. The 5 sub rule and the larger squad will help us tremendously. Herdman’s stock went up this tourney. He had our B team outperform a Mexican A- side and a US B side for good swaths of effectively home matches for those sides in front of raucous crowds (especially the semi final). I don’t know what he said at half but that and the tactical switch to put Tajon up top was masterclass. Miller has jumped enormously up the pecking order in the back line as he was a rock tonight and I thought most of the tourney (I know others disagree but I think people criticise him as he doesn’t look elegant on the ball but is quietly effective). Johnstone is just solid. The US, Costa Rica and Mexican matches were tests which he passed Vittoria is a solid leader at the back and probably fine for Concacaf Henry is Henry. Rash challenge and bonehead plays but can be physical specimen when needed against some of the larger strikers like Dike Laryea had a solid tourney on both sides of the ball and can definitely spell Davies and Buchanan when needed which will be the case either as sub in the second half or some matches where they need a rest. Buchanan. What can you say. Just takes it up another level everytime you see him. That goal today put millions on his value. With Davies and him on opposite wings and David and Larin up front, a lot of Concacaf is going to be worried. Euataquio has established himself as one of the first on the team sheet. A great all rounder. He’s one of the hearts of this team. Kaye has some elements (especially moving the ball forward) but some mental let ups too. Let’s see how he takes this into Colorado and peg him to start at altitude in Azteca in October for that reason. Even without fans, it will be difficult to run like we did today and we will need all those who have engines and fully utilise the 5 subs there to get a result. Piette is a good piece to have and didn’t really go up or down this tourney; same with Fraser but I doubt the latter sees the field unless Hutch and Arfield don’t commit. Osorio is great on the ball, makes great runs, has a lot of heart and will be a useful piece for this side in qualifying even with Hutch and Arfield. Larin was quietly effective and again didn’t go up or down in my mind. Let’s hope he recovers for qualifying. Shame about Akinola but hopefully he comes back in a year stronger and hungrier. Cav is a bull but limited as we know. Again, a useful piece and he will get minutes and the occasional start. Hoilett was immense. I thought he was passed it but he showed this tourney he still has a lot to offer with both his quality and passion. Will get a lot of minutes in qualifying either up front off David or Larin or on the wings subbing Davies or Buchanan. A great piece to have. Corbeanu has a lot of potential as we saw today. I hope he gets minutes with Wolves or on loan and grows some more. Could be a Buchanan level player in a year or two if he does but I don’t see him getting many minutes in qualifying as too many pieces currently ahead of him (although I would have said the same about Buchanan 6 months ago). I think we will get some of Jebbison, Dias, Flores, Ferdi to commit now but not sure anay of them currently step into this side at present as a starter or maybe even get a lot of minutes but all are great futures for us and if they continue to grow will likely be part of the core for 26 if not 22 (assuming we qualify). All in all an exciting time to be a Canadian fan. I think I can honestly say we have arrived. It’s only taken from the days of me being a high school student to the brink of retirement, but I will take it (and retirement is now looking much much sweeter!)
  10. Not a real surprise as not as many Ticos in US as Mexicans or Salvadorans. They are a much better off country so not as big a need to emigrate for economic reasons.
  11. Mate. Give it up. You continually dig yourself a whole with your logic. It’s quite bonkers.
  12. That’s my view as I said in another thread. Put Osorio, Kaye, Eustaquio and Piette in midfield with Buchanan and Laryea as wing backs. And Hoilett up top on his own. That clogs the midfield and will make it very difficult for the Mexicans. We then have the speed on the flanks to counter
  13. Lowlander, now that you live in Switzerland, I think you need to change your handle to Highlander
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