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  1. I seriously hope that all the hype around him which culminated in him going to Barcelona did not go to his head...since that move, he seems to be on a downward trajectory.
  2. I think Adekugbe should get a match or two there to see what he does. I am not against Davies playing there if we cant get anyone up to scratch in that position especially if he continues to get time there at Bayern (I recognise the downside to this but it is what it is). Also, hopefully Bassong gets time at Cercle Brugges and pushes into the picture (and switches to Canada). I am more concerned about the right back position as none of the options seem to be great at this point. Hopefully, in the next year or so one of Cordova, ZBG or Godinho steps up to claim the position. Or someone else emerges.
  3. Assuming we won’t be able to get the necessary points to get into the top 6, my strong preference would be for Panama to overtake El Salvador and get into the top 6. That would eliminate the best side currently outside the top 6 and certainly ease our path into the playoff with whoever finishes 4th. Instead of having to beat Panama and then likely someone like Honduras or Jamaica; we then would only need to beat an El Salvador or a Trinidad and then a Honduras, Jamaica or Panama. A much easier pathway (I know that we would likely still need to get by a Curaçao or Haiti in the semi’s which the Gold Cup showed can be a real challenge).
  4. Personally. I think you call Akindele before Miller as they play similar positions and Miller needs to establish himself with his side.
  5. That has to be one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. It is so bad I don’t even know where to begin.
  6. While I agree with a lot of what you say, the full confidence from beating up minnows doesn’t prepare you for the pressure matches (eg QF against Haiti). That being said I can see a slow build of momentum happening round by round as the youth grows into their talent which could carry us deep if not through to the World Cup. But all it takes is a bad match or a bad break or two to put you out as effectively you need to win 5 two game playoffs to get through. That being said, I look forward to at least be cheering for Canada deep into qualifying. In the last number of world cups we have been out when European qualifying is really just getting into the swing of things.
  7. According to what you included on the GSS document, Brazil pays significantly higher than Japan and Argentina pays similar to Japan (I didn't have time to check the others). MLS is lower than Brazil but roughly around Argentina. Mexico is lower than Brazil. On that metric, you can probably swap Mexico and Brazil (assuming the Brazilians actually get paid!). As I say, people can always argue this multiple ways, The Club World Cup is not a good metric in my mind as its it can be skewed by a few massive sides. Consider Mexico. The consistently beat MLS sides in the Concacaf club format but according to GSS are paying similar salaries. I suspect because the top sides pay substantially more than the bottom ones; whereas MLS is more balanced.
  8. It would be great if they can add an 8th team so that they could go to a schedule where they are playing mostly weekend matches rather than weeknight matches which really negatively impact attendance. Whether that is Ottawa or someone else, that would be great. Personally, I would keep it to even numbers until you possibly get into the teens and can have bye weeks like in the CFL but still keep the bulk of matches on the weekends. So add one in 2020 and two in 2021. One of those 3 will hopefully be Ottawa. And then 2 of Montreal, Quebec, Saskatoon, Surrey and Kitchener/London.
  9. We can nitpick what he says but generally I would agree with him. Argentina and Brazil while producing great players have little money to pay players and so the vast majority leave which is why its a great place for MLS to cherry pick players from as they can get them alot cheaper than European players. You can argue with these categories but he's pretty close in my view. Certainly, the case can be made that weaker sides in Belgium and Turkey maybe weaker than the average MLS side but the stronger sides are much stronger.
  10. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-mens-soccer-coach-john-herdman-still-positive-despite-shock-of/ Interesting article. Seems to suggest that Concacaf changed the rankings to FIFA from Concacaf at the last minute and we got screwed.
  11. Other posting some gunboats you have done nothing to substantiate your claims that seem to be rather ill informed.
  12. Which neigbouring enemies? If you are talking about Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc due to their current spat, they are not that crazy to start a terrorist attack. Iran is an ally of Qatar. If you are talking about ISIS, Qatar has been accused of bankrolling them or at least being permissive of their financing. So I think its probably much safer to host the World Cup there then in Europe including Russia that went off without a hitch last summer
  13. kinda like your beloved Barcelona not be being sectarian...😂 https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/sep/12/barcelona-drop-home-kit-catalan-colours-athletic-bilbao
  14. I think this gets approved as the top 4 or 5 teams in the rankings now would clearly support it. Best chance of qualifying for the World Cup ever given to any side in the history of qualifying in any confederation. The 30-42 ranked sides like it as this guarantees them matches and they have no hope of qualifying. The 20-29 ranked sides like it as they have virtually zero hope of qualifying but with some real luck could sneak into the last 8 prolong their World Cup qualifying. The 12-19 like it as they have little chance of qualifying but with a luck of the draw and a few lucky bounces they could even see themselves in the semi finals or even finals of qualifying which would generate lots of interest. It’s those in the 7-12 category that are truly screwed but that’s only about 6 sides. Personally I can’t believe FIFA would approve a qualifying format where 85% of confederation’s sides only chance of qualifying for the World Cup is through a play off with another confederation. That’s just outrageous
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