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  1. With all the activity lately from other sides, it’s kinda surprising that we haven’t heard much from Ottawa especially as arguably they have the thinnest squad especially for Canadians. I would have thought they would have been one of the most active in the off season. Maybe an arrangement with Montreal and/or Toronto for players to be loaned to them? Still strikes me as odd as I would I have thought Athletico would want to develop their own
  2. Hopefully 2021 is the break out year for CBs for us in the way that 2020 was for RBs (Laryea, ZBG, Johnston, Buchanan). All those guys up their game.
  3. We can go back and forth on him and his loyalty to Canada; and I understand emotions run high on this subject as we all want the best players playing for us. However, if he is taking an opportunity to be in a US senior camp as he has been playing youth for them, I am somewhat ok with that as it doesn't commit him. Yes, maybe he is testing the waters a bit but my hope is that his connection to Canada and the fact that we have a strong developing side will swing him in our direction and he will commit to us in 2021. I dont think the fact we have Davies and David are enough in itself (and we
  4. The very little I saw of Yao I liked. He could have benefited a lot from playing in the Island Games like Dunn did. Too bad the Impact didn't loan anyone for that. Hopefully, that will change in the future but sometimes I get the feeling that Saputo is a vengeful sort who likely sees CPL as a threat to him by putting sides in his province so he is more apt to try to kill them than work with them.
  5. You need the senior guys in camp as they won't have played a full international match since Nov 2019 and a similar camp to this one for the Iceland series in January 2020. While this doesn't nearly replace a full camp, getting some more familiarity between the MLS players from different clubs and the European ones in winter break is important. By all means, fill all the other slots with some like Buchanon who have potential to grab one of the 18 spots on full side plus some of the younger guys that have potential. But you need the senior guys there.
  6. The only one I don't give much hope for is either El Salvador or Trinidad. I think no matter which one of these two qualify for Octo, neither have the sides to compete with the other 7 for a top 4 finish although both could take points off others to be spoilers.
  7. I think we are battling for a top 3 spot. Too difficult to give the 3 spots to the 3 you suggested even if they are the favourites. A lot depends on how sides gel together and also injuries to key players. The US didn't qualify last time around. This time around they definitely have more talent but like us, they are young so easy to see them slipping up some. Mexico is Mexico and heavily favoured to take on of the 3 spots. Jamaica is quite good but lacks the depth of the other programs and doesn't have a long track record of playing together. All that being said, I think any of the top
  8. Good to see him land at a reasonable high level and as others have said, he should get a decent shot at the Impact.
  9. Plus Quebec has a relatively deep talent pool that is not fully tapped and with two additional professional sides, could certainly nurture more with a large immigrant population. I am more excited about the focus here than on Sask or Lower Mainland or even southern Ontario as we need more sides in Quebec for the reason I stated above.
  10. I interpreted that as a team east of Ottawa and Montreal so likely Quebec. But I can see how it could also be interpreted as two teams in the way you did
  11. Kamal Miller was in that intake as well. Not bad for Vaughan to have two MLS players from the same age group
  12. I noted this sentence: ”It took him almost 20 games before he scored his first Arsenal goal, but once he got that first one, 227 more followed. ” I guess there is hope for David at Lille!
  13. Not surprising that with CPL only around for 1 year and bit, we are already seeing the talent pool expand quite somewhat and the MLS respond by giving Canadians more chances....I suspect we will start seeing some of the benefits of that for the 26 World Cup
  14. Also, that 94 group was largely developed in the CSL which folded in 93 and we havent had a league from them until last year when CPL started up. The 86 team was largely developed in the NASL (It folded in 84) which had more Canadian teams than the MLS and Canadians were treated the same as US players so we developed many more than now.
  15. Yes. We lost out as we lost to Mexico in the final qualifying match at home. We were up 1-0, they tied it, we have a goal by Pesch I think ruled offside which wasnt, and they scored when we were pressing to make it 2-1. Conacacaf only had 1.5 spot then as US was hosts. Next World Cup was France where we had 3.5 so if that was the case with the US World Cup we would have qualified. We then lost to Australia in penalties but to be fair, Australia then had to play Argentina to whom they lost
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