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  1. Get a couple in you before the match and it'll be your new favourite song
  2. I think Cot-ton Eye Joe could be swapped out for Eu-staq-ui-o quite easily, not sure if anyone elses names can (edit: maybe Osorio?): If it hadn't been for EustaquioI'd been married long time agoWhere did you come from, where did you go?Where did you come from, Eustaquio?
  3. The way Canada has started to jump aboard the bandwagon, I don't think we need to worry about another El Salvador-esque match occuring anywhere in the country
  4. This is the most important point for all our young duals. Saying "the state of our youth system" is being generous to the fact that we just don't have one. We'll slap together an 18 each time we attend a tournament, but there's no development or continuity at that level. Until that changes and we have a stable youth program, we cannot blame these kids for playing youth football abroad
  5. I have a confession, I fully thought he was like 5'8/5'9 for some reason and during the Jamaica match I kept being surprised by the fact he was pretty tall
  6. Wasn't sure where to post this, but took a stab at altering one of my favourite crowd songs (Liverpools Bobby Firminho song) while I was driving around for work today, by all means, if you like it I'd love to hear it through the TV from Edmonton There's something the Voyageurs want you to knowThe best in the world his name is AlphonsoOur number nine (TEEN)Give him the ball and he'll score everytimeOui MonsieurGive the ball to Phonsy and he'll score ps I did initially try to see if it worked for any of our primary attackers, but the Phonsy one just had the best ring to it Here's the link to it for those who haven't tuned into a Liverpool match in a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3dTqxSdkS8
  7. Here's where I found the number, although I will admit I thought it was high when I saw it too: https://www.888sport.com/blog/football/championship/how-much-do-championship-football-players-get-paid
  8. I can appreciate that perspective, if he's comfortable at home than this is all discussion for the sake of discussion. I remember him expressing the goal to play abroad before, and the change in agency would definitely suggest he still has those aspirations. Obviously with any player transferring there's a worry about integration into a new team, the same argument could be made for Johnston, Miller, Eustaquio, Laryea, or any of the others we're hoping will take next steps in their career, but in my opinion thats not a reason to not take that risk. From Osorio's perspective there's two things I think to consider: 1) I think it's safe to assume that he is a core MNT player and it would take quite the downfall for him not to be in Herdman's final 23 2) I would be confident in saying if he doesn't make a move by the summer 22 window, it's unlikely he'll ever move abroad.
  9. I feel like it could be possible to see Osorio to go to the Championship. From a money perspective, Oso makes just under 800k USD per year. An article I found from this year puts the average championship player for the 21/22 season at 35k pounds (just shy of 50k USD) per week. Now I'm not sure how many weeks per year these guys are paid for, but if we play it safe and say 40 weeks a year, that comes out to roughly $2M USD per year, over double what Oso is currently making (780k USD). He could definitely play on a top half Championship club in my eyes, surely there's a team that would take a chance on him at even slightly below average salary, which would still be a pay rise compared to his salary with TFC. As far as from a personal level, he signed his last extension when TFC still looked to challenge for the CCL and MLS. That's obviously no longer the case and at 29, this may be his last opportunity to make that move to Europe, which he has stated in the past was a goal of his. Idk, maybe someone could point out if my info is wrong here, but I don't think we should be so quick to rule out an Osorio move in Jan or this summer.
  10. Everyone here trying to flip the narrative to make TFC sound like it's all part of the plan need to take it down a notch. Am I happy he (and the rest of the young guys) finally got playing time and looked good in those minutes? Of course. Would I have rathered he have 10+ appearances and double the number of minutes? 100% This might not be the most analytic perspective on things that you're all looking for, but IMO three guys that everyone can agree are questionable at best - Zavaleta, Dwyer, and Mullins (2227 mins) - should not have more mins than Priso, Okello, Singh, JMR, Nelson, Singh, Perruza, and Dunn (1974). We've never been asking for sacrificing logical management of the team at the expense of development. There have been plenty of garbage minutes this season to go around without making it overkill to play the kids.
  11. I think its just a matter of we're a bunch of fans on a forum and heighten anything we possibly can when there's missing pieces to our puzzle
  12. Are there any guys close to the 60% or 70% threshold that might make it into those categories if Herdman were to play them more?
  13. It's also possible that Bayern is just being precautionary, looks at their squad and are confident they will take care of business, and are giving Phonsy some well deserved rest after 4 matches in 10 days or whatever it was
  14. At BMO there were a bunch of younger kids who just stood on their seats and it didn't cause problems for people behind them
  15. At the half on top of it Edit: probably after winning a penalty and getting an assist as well
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