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  1. For anyone too lazy to read, most of the comments were a resounding absolutely not
  2. Do we know how the tiered roll out will work? Will it be different time allotments for each group or?
  3. Is there a rough ballpark for location/price we can expect?
  4. He deserves that chant from us after his recent run of form... deserves to come off the bench in Copa IMO
  5. I mean he should be in the 55 man list, but he won't be in the final 23/26
  6. It's hard to imagine Herdman wouldn't want to take a look... maybe a couple of Canadian's each way that need a change of scenery could be on the cards
  7. @JamboAl is there a deadline by which you need to know numbers?
  8. Exactly, the provisional roster deadline is only 6 weeks away as well so he's more or less out of time already
  9. I don't want to join the choir of people making it sound like Davies was poor. I think the best way to summarize his recent run of performances with Canada is this: in my opinion once of his largest assets that makes him world class with Bayern is his movement off the ball. When he comes into the national team, he feels he needs to do it all himself and spends far too much time on the ball and takes one or two touches too many each possession. He needs to trust the quality of the players around him, but I don't know that he does entirely
  10. Now that we have Copa to dangle in front of duals, are there any duals that you think could realistically crack our 23 man roster? Only one I could think of that might stand a chance is Sigur as we need midfield depth
  11. Probably will end up with the CNE, but I think a cool spot would be to do it at the Ontario Place grounds with Budweiser Stage + Echo Beach
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