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  1. Lappalainen was very disappointing. He had some runs on the wing and would run himself into trouble for an easy turnover. Looked like he struggled making quick decisions
  2. If he is going to be sitting on the bench in MLS, why not go to CPL and get loads of playing time and development. Not surprising at all.
  3. Agreed. It was awful defending. I also forgot about US goalkeeping howler in this game. That was also awful.
  4. Is Vitoria injured? He isn’t even on the bench for Moreirense FC today.
  5. I’m pretty sure he did a week or two ago, unless I had read an old article which is entirely possible
  6. C. Elva gets an assist on the second Ingolstadt goal
  7. Salah is an amazing talent. The only thing that might lean me towards Davies is Salah is 28 and Davies is 19
  8. Is there a chance he joins Canada? Yes! Absolutely!! We have a lot going for us right now. You talk about the talent being far greater on Nigeria and Canada, but maybe he sees that he’ll have a better chance of making our squad. Maybe he won’t be good enough to make any of the squads. I just think it’s ridiculous to say we shouldn’t try
  9. Come on man! What a ridiculous comment. We’ve just been talking how Davies and David are going to attract a lot of young players. Who’s to say that these guys won’t entice him to play for us or the whole World Cup happening in Canada.
  10. Awesome. I’ll look into him as well. Thanks!
  11. Take that as a no. Haha! Just trying to see who we have as up and coming centre backs. If there is anyone to get excited about
  12. Does Rocco have a chance of getting any first team football this season with TFC?
  13. After their gong show performance today, I hope he doesn’t go there. Arsenal are a mess
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