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  1. I like Henry, but I just can’t trust him in these big games
  2. Every back pass to Borja brings traumatic memories.
  3. Apologies. I guess I should have said he’s experienced coaching in Montreal for a decent amount of time
  4. I agree. Another thing, I’ve been impressed with is with the assistant coaches he assembled. He didn’t just go to people he knew or had work with him beforehand, but grabbed a good French Canadian coach in Biello, and the other assistant who was with Curacao was it? Anyways, he’s shown that he’s willing to use those that would help understand the Concacaf region and Canada too.
  5. I wonder if K. Froese has found a new team yet. Would be nice to see him back in the Peg.
  6. We were definitely the better team. The Czechs barely got a look at our goal. We dominated possession, but like mentioned previously it was our finishing that just was not there. It was Huitema that should of had the tap in. She also had a few chances heading the ball that were off target. Buchanan headed the ball right at the keeper off a corner. We passed okay, but were overall just sloppy and not clinical.
  7. Cases are decreasing here in Winnipeg, and restrictions are going to be eased soon. Let’s hope it continues to trend that way.
  8. I do think Kennedy got a slight touch on it
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