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  1. “Gretzky was the Great One, but he never inspired a generation of youths to pick up a hockey stick, because Canada had already produced a whole slew of hockey legends long before Wayne was born.” I disagree. I think Gretzky caused a generation of youths to excel and push themselves at a greater level than ever before. Not just in Canada but across the hockey playing world.
  2. The thing with Gretzky was he wasn’t super athletic. He wasn’t the strongest or fastest, but he was just so damn smart. His hockey sense and how he thought the game was so superior to everyone else that he didn’t need to be strongest or fastest. Davies is an amazing physical athlete. So strong for his age and born with terrific speed. Now that he’s learning with the best I think his ability to think the game will improve dramatically. The sky is the limit with this kid!
  3. Sigh. Valour feels like Mo Johnston as GM in charge of TFC all over again. (What I meant by this is that Rob Gale has a ton of charisma much like Mo had. Mo made a lot of bad decisions with signings and seemed to not really have a defined vision of how he wanted his team to be that set TFC back for a long time. I’m hoping that Gale can right the ship, because I do like him, but I do feel trepidation about this coming season)
  4. I am excited for the game today, yet there is this sense of dread I am feeling. I think the players are going to be ready, but I honestly worry Concacaf (refs) are going to play a big part in this game. Seeing how Concacaf set up previous tournaments so that it would be a Mexico/USA final, I just wonder if they will try to influence this game. I guess we will see if Herdman has our team ready to overcome all these obstacles mentally and if we still play our game
  5. Yeah missing those key guys can also have a galvanizing effect for the US. They are already pissed they lost last game, and now a lot of their own fans are down on then because they are missing the top guys. I’m expecting them to be fired up to prove everyone wrong, and think this will be a very tough game.
  6. I love how when David is running with the ball his head is up almost the whole time. Such a talented player
  7. Wait. What? David might go to Liverpool? Where did you hear this? That’d be awesome!
  8. Fair enough, but I thought they had enough strong midfielders to help even if we went down a man
  9. Maybe a Vitoria -Henry partnership. Vitoria could be a calming influence for him
  10. I wholeheartedly agree. When I watched their practices in preseason he looked so strong and commanding. I honestly thought that he would be in the mix for the CMNT. He had a great year the year before in USL, and I was genuinely excited, but have now been left feeling disappointed with the way the season has gone. Maybe this is due to coaching, structure, players he has been playing with, but I hope that next year he can regain his confidence and form.
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