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  1. Yet more and more Mexican players are joining MLS from the Mexican league. Not a lot but it’s been happening. MLS must be doing something right. I’m not sure how you can honestly say it will never be successful. CPL as it is, is providing a professional competition for our younger players to grow and be seen by Europe or elsewhere. If you are looking for the CPL to be an elite league competing in standard to MLS and Liga MX, that I don’t see happening. We just don’t have history, resources, of population to compete. With no salary cap I don’t see how the league would survive, and I honestly enjoy the parity a cap provides. Allows each team to have a shot at a championship if run properly.
  2. I noticed on sofascore that Manjrekar James was listed as a midfielder. Is that how he is being used there or just a possible mistake?
  3. I for one think that having both the MLS and CPL is a good thing. I think the CPL can still be successful even if it is a bit like the CHL where we develop and train mostly young Canadians to be pros with lots of minutes, allowing more of a chance of success for their careers. To have another league (MLS) in Canada/US that is a step up can also be a great incentive to develop and grow. I think the CPL has to continue to sell itself as a league pushing to develop and create elite players to eventually sell.
  4. That Rossi shot early in the game looked like it may have crossed the line. It was very close. St. Clair playing fairly well, let’s hope he can get a run of games.
  5. Larin looked good in those clips! Was making nice runs, and even tracked back with some nice tackles defensively. Would love to see that hustle in a Canada jersey! Looks like he has matured and developed other parts of his game. Awesome!
  6. I believe it’s Andre Gray he’s referring to. But he played for England U-23 I believe when he was 22-23 y/o. I don’t think he’d be aloud to switch under those new rules, unless the u-23 doesn’t apply. Not sure
  7. It looks like Canada Twitter just retweeted DAZN promotion for the game. I don’t see where it says they are going to show it on Canada’s Twitter feed.
  8. Vancouver puts you to sleep with their style of play. Get to the midfield and turn around and pass it back to the defence, and repeat.
  9. Yeah Vancouver is painful to watch. No cohesion or identity really. There is players I want to see do well, but the team has a long road ahead before they become competitive with the elite in MLS. I wanted to see MDS do well too, but have really begun to wonder if he is the right person to turn the team around. Some of his tactics are baffling. So much needed to be done with the team.
  10. A basketball player? Nevermind. I found Who you were referring to.
  11. Nice first half for David. Can tell he’s getting used to playing with new teammates. That Yilmaz has the worst body language, frustrating to watch.
  12. Could also be the reason he did say that
  13. Does anyone know why he didn’t even make the bench today? Injury? Suspended?
  14. I think Crepeau should of stopped the Wondo header. To me that was the one he could have stopped. I also wondered if he could of claimed/got a fist on the cross that they scored the tying goal on. I thought he played well, but the second goal I think he for sure was partly at fault. But Vancouvers defending was horrid at the end. When SJ got the third goal you knew a fourth was coming.
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