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  1. Apparently OneSoccer just tweeted that they won’t be showing the rest of the game because of the weather. How stupid is that
  2. So going to the canpl website it shows they are almost done first half. That sucks if OneSoccer is missing the feed
  3. This is where we get to see if Herdman has changed the mentality of this team. A mistake like that in previous years would have wrecked us, but let’s see if we can battle through
  4. Both of those are great. Maybe use the first against a team like Mexico and the Second formation against some of the less formidable teams
  5. Diego has been pretty steady in my opinion. He’s good with the ball, and makes good runs down the wing. I think he has more to offer and it seems it is more of a lack of cohesion with the team in general that he hasn’t been able to show more of his skill. I will say that he needs to work on his temper. It’s great that he’s passionate and you can tell he always gives a 100%, but he too easily loses his cool (where he’s gotten most of his yellow cards)
  6. David scores the winner in the dying seconds!!!
  7. Injured and replaced in 11th minute. Not sure of the severity of the injury. The DerbyTelegraph is saying it was a foot injury. He was clearing a cross and was fouled. He tried to play for a bit, but was unable to continue
  8. Looks Like Timori was injured and replaced in the 11th minute
  9. Yeah, he had a few good runs down the wing. His speed was definitely showcased as he blew by a few defenders. Looked good
  10. But Walker was used as a CB in the last tournament England was in strangely enough. I remember the commentators being befuddled by the decision
  11. I am sure that has to be due to a lack of playing time. How many starts has he had the last year and a half? 3? Get on a new team, some playing time and confidence and hopefully he can be a viable option for the CMNT
  12. Is Caniggia Elva injured? Didn’t see him in lineup or bench today
  13. The goalie was just awful in the highlights. Doesn’t move on some of the shots
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