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  1. Our forwards need to try harder to win some 50/50 balls or at least pressure the defenders more. They are letting them win headers uncontested.
  2. I know Atiba is rusty but I have to say I’m really disappointed with his performance so far. Hopefully a change in formation will bring a better result
  3. Just a question for anyone that might know. The Sofascore App shows that Justin Smith played World Cup Qualifiers for the British Virgin Islands. Does this make him unable to play for Canada?
  4. She needs to learn how to be stronger on the ball, but definitely has a great skill set.
  5. Maybe UT is projecting his anger towards us since Messi has now just left Barcelona.
  6. You don’t take being wrong well, do you?
  7. I know it gets said every Pacific home match, but this camera angle is just awful. It’s hard to believe they can’t do something to make it better.
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