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  1. I really like Rob Gale as a person and really wanted this team to succeed. This team though has become unwatchable. I’m not sure if he’s a bad coach or just has bad players. But if it’s the players, he was the one the brought them in. Maybe a football director position is needed and then he can just coach. I don’t know. This is just painful
  2. Alright fair enough. Now that the rage has diminished a bit, but I just don’t understand this team. I remember Thomas had performed so well in USL the year before and then seeing him in training camp he looked great, but in this team it’s like they don’t know how to play together
  3. Mitter is such a useless waste. How do you not try to turn your body and stick a leg out instead of using your arm. Pitiful
  4. WTF!! They are such a joke! These players looked ready to fold from the start
  5. Does anyone know where we stand in the Fifa points for the Concacaf region now?
  6. Yeah. Like somebody else said I’m sure Herdman intended to put Cordova on, but the red card changed that
  7. I don’t think so. Cuba played a lot better and with an edge. They were putting in some hard challenges early on. We didn’t have the ability to play a good through ball and just weren’t willing to shoot. We also changed a lot of the lineup and it seemed they were just feeling each other out. I guess Herdman could of changed things up tactically but it’s harder when Henry makes idiotic decisions
  8. I think this is where Hoilett excelled last game. Was willing to shoot
  9. I thought Bolton got a two week stay of execution , but Bury got axed
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