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  1. As an aside with these Europa league matches, I noticed that Cristante was a CB for Roma again. Has he moved to a CB spot full time now?
  2. No, but I will say that Yazici did a great job with the penalty.
  3. It seems some people take more joy in calling people out for the tiniest shit. You can tell he Archer21 wasn’t trying to be offensive, just relating some info. Why don’t we save this garbage for when someone is actually being offensive
  4. Apparently Thierry Henry is in talks to become Bournemouth manager according to some English newspapers.
  5. I wonder if the CSA has been having to prop up the CPL financially if OneSoccer has not lived up to its end of payments. Maybe that’s why there have been no friendlies?
  6. In other news, Bryan Cristante has been turned into a CB at Roma. If only he had committed to us...😩
  7. I figure it never hurts to have too much depth. I think he brings something different than the other strikers we have.
  8. Would that new FIFA rule affect Bunbury considering he was 20-21 when playing those games?
  9. Fair enough. Hopefully there is some clarity made by FIFA regarding some of these new rules
  10. Tomori played with the England senior team in the Nations League. This is why it is an issue.
  11. I’m pretty sure this is incorrect, but on sofascore they had Froese listed as a centre back for today’s game. Did anyone see the game?
  12. Meredith does not seem to be a good goalkeeper, at least from the highlights I saw. Two of the goals he should have had or at least done a better job clearing the ball. Do Whitecaps fans think they will put Bush in net next game?
  13. Haha. I know you’re being facetious, but it’s his son for those that don’t know. They did a short blurb on him last year on DAZN and he talked a lot about his fathers influence.
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