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  1. He definitely would be a difference maker for us. Great vision and tracks back and helps defensively.
  2. Yeah I know the Player Data shows that, but if you look at the international stats it does show a Canadian flag as the latest. It probably isn’t him I agree, but found it interesting nonetheless.
  3. I think it may be Koleosho. Check transfermarket and his international stats. The latest is a Canadian flag
  4. When the American women played in Winnipeg for the World Cup there were a lot of compliments from the American fans regarding the stadium. The stadium has put a new turf in this year and I’m curious to see how much better it is, and if it will be better for the soccer players.
  5. And according to Sofascore, it looks like he’ll start as a winger
  6. It looks like it may have glanced off the defenders foot.
  7. I watched the FC Manitoba game today. Attardo looked alright but didn’t stand out. He scored a penalty for the 4th goal. He is a pretty big guy in comparison to the other guys out there, but lacked the speed some of the other forwards had. Maybe he’s not fully in game shape or up to speed yet, but I’m not sure he’s quite ready to jump back up to the CPL quite yet.
  8. Weng

    Fikayo Tomori

    I do wonder if there is something more going on behind the scenes (the Twitter convo with Laryea, etc…). I wonder if Fikayo realized he wasn’t going to get a fair shot to make the England team and has maybe inquired about if there’s any chance of making a switch (even though I know there’s not). I do find it weird that Southgate has left him out completely the last few windows.
  9. I agree. I thought it seemed more than that too. That’s too bad
  10. The one tackle Mzoughi tried to make was nowhere even close to getting the ball. It allowed Halifax a decent chance. Definitely needs to develop and make better decisions.
  11. I noticed on the screen. They are more visible than usual from higher up. I haven’t found it distracting though
  12. From where I’m sitting the gridiron isn’t really noticeable.
  13. I’d much prefer an ankle injury compared to a knee injury. Hopefully it’s nothing too severe.
  14. BBC says he collided knees with Borisic🙁
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