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  1. While discussions regarding COVID-19 can be on topic in this thread when relating to the logistics of playing qualifying matches, the last 15 or so posts (that I have deleted) devolved into a debate about the illness itself and personal attacks. Please stay on topic in here.
  2. Ah once again I must cheer for a player with a tenuous link to Canada and a strong link to a strong soccer nation to be a decent player -- but not too good -- so that he is rejected by said strong nation but still good enough to make a difference for Canada when he finally realizes the strong soccer nation won't cap him at age 27.
  3. It might sound crazy but I didn't mind the experimentation in the Mexico match. It was a low pressure situation (no one expected us to win, we didn't need to win) early on in his national team career. It was the Haiti match where I began to think that, despite being well prepared, he may not be able to deviate from that plan. In the first US match his plan worked perfectly, but the second one he got it wrong from the start and again couldn't adjust. For me, the question is still: If Herdman's meticulous gameplan doesn't work, can he adjust mid-match? So far the answer is no.
  4. I agree with all you guys -- his only option is Canada and Canada should definitely be reaching out to him. I just don't know if he thinks it is a good idea to play any international soccer until he has his club situation stable.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if this kid is creating a chip on his own shoulder to motivate himself -- lots of athletes do it.
  6. Incredibly, Bradley once scored 15 goals in an Eredivisie season. When he was younger he would often play as a true dynamic box to box midfielder or even a Lampard style late runner. However, his natural inclination has always been to be on the ball in the deep positions. Memorably, Klinsmann tried using him as a 10 and he would often drop beyond the two holding midfielders to pick up the ball. This led to some REALLY disjointed US performances. To me, Bradley is a first function midfielder and Kaye is a second function midfielder. Both could work together in a squad, but both are different players and I don't think it a comparison makes sense.
  7. I would guess the Leeds leak from the chairman is posturing, but it would be cool to see him there. I think he would fit Bielsa's squad very well. He is versatile, hungry, and mobile. I could see Bielsa using him as a deeper player at times, even. I think Leeds are different from many Championship sides that come up. I expect them to finish comfortably in the midtable next season.
  8. He was always showing for the ball in the middle areas, not threatening to run in behind. That type of player is valuable, but TFC had him, Pozuelo, Piatti, and Bradley all congesting each other times (even De Leon, although he began running the channels more as the game wore on). I don't think it was so much that TFC were outrightly avoiding him, but I do think his style of play didn't suit the game. He has that it factor about him when he has the ball, really hope to see more of him.
  9. Oi, I forgot that Gent reupped his deal. I kept assuming he only had one year left.
  10. I think that's a real consideration, even if you end up losing him when his contract runs out. If David truly pushes you from EL (or no Europe) to CL, then he is potentially worth more than a transfer fee.
  11. But if the risk is you end up selling him for 20 or he runs out his contract...
  12. 30 or 35... what is that extra 5 million worth to Gent? In this uncertain market, if you really were gonna sell at 35 then why not take the 30 when it is clear no club is going to go higher than that? I remember when Dortmund allowed Lewandowski's contract tor run out when it was clear he wanted to go to Bayern. I guess this is a little different because Gent and Lille are not direct rivals in the same league, but I wonder if Dortmund regret that decision. Lewandowski had a decent season (28 goals all comps) but Dortmund were a distant second in the league and lost in the QF of the CL.
  13. It's easy to see why a coach would like this player. He can cover so much ground in just a few strides. CB may seem obvious but if he can stick in midfield I would prefer him there.
  14. I thought he was merely ok. Not very nuanced in the final third. The most encouraging bit of play was his scoop finish after he was flagged for offside.
  15. I know as Canadian soccer fans we want to see young Canadian players get a shot, but Vanney has been extremely successful as the manager of TFC. I don't think anyone is trying to push the narrative that he is some sort of guru with young kids.
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