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  1. Yeah it's a bit of both, tbf I do think he sometimes sticks out his leg and initiates contact (the Vardy type play), but for the most part I do think he is actually being fouled. He is quite good at exaggerating the contact in a natural way, especially compared say to a guy like David who I think is a bad seller of legit contact. It's a niche skill.
  2. Those types of things happen all the time -- center backs flipping DRC and DLC positions when one covers for the other, full backs switching playing RB and LB after defending a set piece and being caught on their opposite sides, etc. One time Millar was caught on a press up top and David dropped to left mid, staying there until a restart allowed them to switch back. I think it's a stretch to say that Millar and Davies will fluidly switch positions to the extent that they don't have traditional roles, that type of thing doesn't really happen (and for good reason).
  3. I actually kind of wonder if some of Richie's antics work better with non-MLS refs and players that aren't familiar with his game.
  4. I haven't read any posts or watched any post game content, so I may be rehashing things people have already said. Definitely an encouraging performance. Ismael Kone had a great match, it's these types of performances that make people think he's got the x-factor that can lead him to a next level that few other Canadians can reach. His ability and willingness to turn when receiving the ball in the middle/from deep and drive through the middle, bypassing entire blocks, is so dangerous. It's easy to say about a young player "he just needs to be consistent", but that's the feeling I get from Kone. Some matches at Watford he looks like a passenger, other times like a world beater. This is great match to have on his resume -- he bullied Camavinga at times for Christ's sake! It must be a joy to work with Jonathan David, either as teammate or manager. Made a bad read on a press and are out of position? David read that before you made your run and is now left wing for you. Getting pressured with the ball deep and nowhere to pass? David has made a checking run to receive ball into feet. Making a screaming run on the counter? David will lay it off for you. I think the team is already showing more understanding and were more disciplined. However, I still have big questions about The System. My biggest issue is that when the opposition are building up, we have our strong side winger press the their centre back, then David drops off. We really protect the centre back to centre mid threat. This is great in theory, but in practice we really isolate our full backs and centre mids while the weak side winger is caught in this weird no man's land, and when the ball gets switched he is inevitably arriving late to the press. It also leaves this huge, exploitable gap on the wing that a full back or wing back can easily exploit. If Theo Hernandez stayed on I fear we would have been cooked. I also have a big question about how we build up, there doesn't seem to be any plan. I'm willing to give this one a few more games. Finally, I really don't like our defensive set piece set up. Last match we had Millar blocking De Ligt at the back post to little effect. Yesterday, he was stacked up against Giroud. Talk about setting up a guy for failure (Giroud almost scored off a set piece). We've looked really shaky so far imo. A big part of me thinks that France never really got out of first gear, but the optimist in me will say that we made them uncomfortable.
  5. I thought it was pretty apparent that Eustaquio was the de facto leader on the pitch, proactively speaking with the referee when necessary. Obviously we can't really walk back the Davies captaincy now and I'm sure he'll grow into the role.
  6. Interesting blurb from the Canada Soccer site: There are 14 players returning from the squad that played in the CONCACAF qualifiers. Of the new additions; 3 players have had experience in the previous U17 cycle (Chukwu, Mathe, Dumitru) and there are 4 players who are receiving their first call-up to Canada’s youth teams (Ivanisevic, Juricic, Pacheco, Kane). Unavailable for selection due to club commitments are Kimani Stewart-Baynes and Alessandro Biello while Luc De Fougerolles is presently with our Men’s National Team.
  7. These matches should only be taken as fact finding missions -- what is the way to play that maximizes this team, what players fit into that plan? I criticized the Marsch hiring as much as anyone but we need to be fair to him. The question is, how much does he adapt before Copa America and how much is this how he wants to play and he sticks with it hoping that familiarity with the system leads to better results? I hope he remains adaptable -- Herdman was afforded a lot of time and he changed his ideas and shapes quite a bit (to good success).
  8. I get the Dutch are good, and I think they were underrated by us before this match, but this is tough to watch. Once they realized how to pass around our little press we've done nothing of note. First match, against great opposition, so it's hard to expect much -- but my concerns re Marsch are not being abated at all. Pretty naive stuff.
  9. Bit of a novelty in how Tajon and David choose to press, but the Dutch figured it out and took the game over. I can see the appeal of Bombito, but he is still so raw. Better to get the experience here in a friendly, I think he is worth investing in. Cornelius has been incredible. A few nice passages, but we are not threatening on the counter at all yet. I also dislike the set piece defending -- Millar is tasked with blocking the back post runs. Tell me, how is he supposed to win a physical battle with De Ligt? We are so vulnerable to dinks to the back post.
  10. The game against Mexico was the quarter finals -- we still had to beat Trinidad and Tobago in the semis (Forrest saved a PK in that one). Once we beat T&T we were "CONCACAF champs" since Colombia made the finals, but we still beat them to officially win the Gold Cup. Still crazy that that's the only time Mexico or USA didn't win the Gold Cup.
  11. Depay is gone, I think there is a path to minutes there. Their only senior attackers are Griezmann, Morata, and Correa.
  12. Has Kloke said anything? He's the one who gave the initial date
  13. There have been a number of comments against Bradley, aside from yourself, from people who are not TFC and not US fans. I had no specific reason to suspect bias from you so I made that clear, but I do suspect it generally from this board. So what I meant is exactly what I said -- if you have an opinion against Bradley (or anyone, could be an opposition player/team/manager or a Canadian player/team/manager) consider where that opinion is coming from. The reason this discussion is what prompted me to bring this up is because outside of Canadian non-TFC fans, Bradley is considered a great leader. ETA: Tbf, there is a vocal group of what I consider stupid US supporters who, after their loss to T&T, think Bradley is a bad leader
  14. No credit for charting a sensible path, eh? I try to make my TFC biases clear when I comment, I hope other people are able to be mindful of their biases when they post -- be it against TFC, the USA, etc. (to be clear, I am not saying you have a bias in this case, this is more a general statement)
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