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  1. A potential move to a big team in Europe that didn't materialize, cryptic reasons as to why he doesn't get minutes, not sticking at TFC, going to CPL tryouts but not signing a deal, CSA president weaseling his way to the top position and using his influence to push his kids and keep Mitrovic out of the national team set up... Sounds like there is an international conspiracy to keep Stefan down
  2. I'm envisioning it like they do for Futsal, it works fine there. No needless delays, no room for commercials. The challenges there are frankly more intense than regular soccer and no one is getting hurt because they don't stay down (though I do concede there are unlimited subs, but I don't think that saves the players from impact injuries). If we were to add what actually should be added, we'd be getting 15 minutes of added time each half. Then do you add added time from added time?
  3. Don't show his dad the 60 man Gold Cup list
  4. Just make the game one hour, iirc that's roughly how much the ball is actually in play
  5. That was my thought going into this, that random names would get thrown on the 60 man just in case, but the Galindo tweet implies they had to accept being put on the 60 man (unless I'm reading it wrong)
  6. I'm not sure I understand this. Is this a very formal thing, where a letter is sent to a player and he responds with formal consent? What stops the player from reneging? Does Canada then file a grievance with CONCACAF or FIFA or something? The 60 man squad was due before the qualifiers (I'm pretty sure). I wonder if there's any chance the duals said to JH, I agree to be on the 60 man but will only actually go to the Gold Cup if Canada makes the Octo.
  7. Obviously depends who we call, but that USA squad looks very beatable. So the 23 man squads will be confirmed before the start of the Prelims, which start on July 2. Two weeks then, assuming they're publicly announced at that time.
  8. From Doyle's article: If Daryl Dike (Orlando City) isn’t sold, I have to imagine he’ll be at this tournament. I don’t know if this would come at Ayo’s expense -- that might push him into Canada’s arms, though their center forward depth chart is actually more crowded than ours at the moment
  9. I think there are two things that are unique to soccer that contribute to a lot to these "dark arts". The first is that yellow and red cards are so impactful that getting your opponent booked is a large part of the meta. If a player gets a red card, his team is permanently short handed. I may be incorrect, but I think soccer is the only sport that has this penalty. It is an insane advantage. Even yellow cards are a large advantage as players have to play less aggressively else they risk basically losing the game for their team single handedly by getting another yellow. Given this is a feature
  10. I was very confident going into the second leg, but when Henry got that early yellow (silly decision by ref imo) I thought "the one way we can lose is if Henry gets sent off". Would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about that. However, Henry stayed disciplined, but importantly was still aggressive when he needed to be. As mentioned above, Henry was stylistically a good match up. He straight up bullied Nazon a couple times, and Nazon is no joke physically (though tbf he may not have been fully fit).
  11. I think I agree with you. To (theoretically) be able to roll a midfield three of say Eustaquio-Kaye-Arfield one match and then Piette-Hutch-Osorio the next is incredible for us.
  12. Really seems like we may have a competitive logistical advantage over many of these other nations. As the old saying goes, tactics win battles and logistics win wars.
  13. He was a bit sloppy against Suriname, but grew into the game. Then against Haiti I thought he was the best player on the pitch. Not sure I get where this is coming from.
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