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  1. I get a similar feeling as you -- I was very excited by him initially but the more I watched him the more I tempered my expectations. I still think he has a lot of potential, but I can see why a guy like Fraser is preferred to him (of course Fraser is older/more experienced, as well). As a caveat, I have not watched every Whitecaps game. I do still feel Baldisimo has NT potential, and he's an exciting type of player so I hope he continues to develop. He's still very young, especially for a position often reserved for veteran type guys. I think it's much too early to say Priso and JMR will leave him in the dust (though as a TFC fan I hope you're right about that :P).
  2. Made me cackle. "Alistair, is it true you drink the blood of newborns to obtain eternal youth?" "Of course not, don't be absurd... I drink it for the taste"
  3. Basel fans on a forum I found are enjoying his performance, and I am enjoying Google translate. One comment: "Millar so far with a very good and eye-catching game. I did not expect. Burger (bad passes) and Ndoye (kidnapping game) so far with light and shadow."
  4. He has been really lively apart from that, involved in build up, transition, and pressing well.
  5. Thought he was decent, didn't run the game or anything but did ok, obviously the pass that led to the red card was very good. Miami was actually really bad in this one, they were lucky to escape with any points at all. I thought Chapman would be a better player and have more caps by this age (crazy to think he's already 27). I always viewed him as an athletic attacking mid, Vanney even used him as a winger at times, but it seems he may be playing deeper under Neville?
  6. Watched Club Brugge for the first time today as they took on PSG. They are good, with some really interesting players (De Ketelaere, Vanaken, and N'Soki were all great). I assume this was their best XI, and if so there is certainly a path to minutes on the wings. Brugge played with inverted wingers on both sides, but Sowah on the right seems like an easier guy to steal minutes from than Lang on the left (small sample size aside). Interestingly, it was a bit of a lopsided 4411/4231 -- Sowah was hugging the touchline on the right while Lang was higher and more central on the left. I think they may also play some 3 at the back with wing backs in other matches, but I'm not sure on that.
  7. I've only watched him a few times as well, but what I have noticed most is his combination play. One-twos, finding half spaces etc. I don't think he's a burner on the wing who will spam crosses, though he seemed to have a nice relationship with the massive Hugo Mbongue at the youth level. Would love to hear more observations, I have only watched JMR at the DA playoffs and the minutes he has gotten with TFC, not any youth NT or TFC II match.
  8. I'm not sure if he's a dumb player, or if his lack of speed/agility puts him into terrible situations. Probably a bit of both
  9. Oof, goal called back as the ball went out in the build up for a throw in...
  10. Right on cue, Brooks looks a step (or seven) too slow and David scores!
  11. He's been ok. I think Lille are playing decent, actually. Ikone has had a bit of a tough one on the right but Gomes on the left wing looks tricky at least.
  12. Just baffling they bring on JMR and De Leon at the same, and choose to play De Leon in the attacking position. Also saw people mentioning Lawrence earlier -- he has been terrible.
  13. Well put, but I was thinking more along the lines of on the street. Sure, Henry or Cavallini would clean my clock, but I feel like Johnston or Laryea might stab me
  14. I know it's a COVID economy and all, but 5 million Euros for this guy is an absolute no brainer
  15. Low key psycho for sure. Even though we have guys like Henry and Cavallini, I think Johnston and Laryea are the guys you don't wanna mess with...
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