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  • Ottawa Fury announced last week that they have decided to suspend operations following issues regarding their CONCACAF sanctioning for USL in 2020. There is much to debate about decisions by those involved, however I  want to take this opportunity to look back at the 16 years that Ottawa Fury were operating in the capital region, and all the Canadian players, coaches and managers that this club gave opportunities to, and helped guide along the way.

    Ottawa Fury began in 2003 through John Pugh (current Canada Soccer Association board member), bringing women’s soccer to the capital region in the form of a USL W-League. Between 2003 and 2014, the Ottawa Fury W-League team managed to win nine division titles, made the national finals on three occasions and were league champions once. Over the course of its eleven seasons the W-League team featured such players as Kadeisha Buchanan (now with Lyon and the Canada women’s side) as well as Ashley Lawrence (currently with Paris Saint Germain and also the Canada women’s side).  


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    • Major League Soccer announces 2021 season and preseason start dates
    • I do agree.  Over the past two seasons, he still has the most starts of any of the center backs listed above besides Doneil.
    • Thanks for the clarification. I admittedly haven't been paying close attention to Moreirense for the past month up until those goals started to come, but was monitoring earlier in the season when he was always in the line up, so it makes sense I missed that.  Let's see how things develop. Right now it sounds like he is right on edge of being sure-starter, but not quite there yet. Curious he is wearing the armband though.
    • He does have 1 goal in the cup this season and yes he does have 2 goals in his last 2 games for 3 goals this season.  However besides his last 2 games, he was on the bench for the previous 4 straight games and on the bench for 5 of the past 6 games and only seeing playing time in one of those 5 games off the bench.  Like I said in my post, he is by far most consistent center back when it comes to club playing time, but I don't consider starting 3 of the past 8 games as a starter just being rotated.  He did start the first 8 games of the season though. In 2019-20 season, he started the first 14 games of the season to close out 2019.  In the 2nd half of the season (so starting January 2020) he started only 3 of the final 20 games of the season.  He missed 2 for injury and 1 for suspension. So even though I have him as one of our current top center backs, I don't consider starting 27 of a possible 49 league games over the past 18 months as a "sure set" club starter. Referring back to my previous post, he does get dropped as starter from time to time over the past 2 seasons with Moreirense.
    • Pantemis could be the starter as of camp, he’s close.
    • Hopefully he gets a lot more playing time this year.
    • Ayo is still ahead or at least on par with Hoppe (meaning a 3rd or 4th tier American selection). Hoppe barely scored in 4th tier Germany. He knows how to finish but is rough in almost every other facet of his game. He reminds me of an unpolished Wondo. Sargent is still more valued by American supporters and his manager who just was quoted saying: I know that forwards are always judged by the number of their goals. But that's not fair and it falls short of what a coach needs to look at. Josh always gives everything and he's incredibly important for the whole construct. Now he scored, and therefore public judgement should be that he's a complete forward. So American first tier or starters are Jozy, Sargent & Zardes. Though Jozy is trending towards being a bench player. Second tier or bench striker is ligue 2 player Gioachinni and maybe Soto. Then there is a bunch who haven't really shown too much in club action yet but may have had flashes with the USMNT or vice et versa: Dike, Novakovich, Johansson & Hoppe.  There are a couple of dual nats out there. If they commit, one would be second tier and the other is too young to be called up yet.
    • The last card FIFA has to clear calendar space is to move the Intercontinental playoff back to September 2022.  That is the last window before the start of the World Cup.  That would give CONCACAF 4 more dates in June 2022.  Remember, it's not just CONCACAF that is pressed.  Asia has no room left to budge either.  This March window coming up is a breaking point. Given the rumours of an Olympic cancellation, I won't be surprised if there are more dominoes left to fall in football. Will UEFA be willing to sacrifice ticket revenue this summer and hold the Euro behind closed doors? Or maybe they push it back another year.  Same with the Copa America and Gold Cup.  Then would that push the World Cup back a year? At this point, I wouldn't be against it.  We could then be spoiled with two World Cups in 2 and a half years
    • Vitoria is pretty nailed. Montreal have up a lot for Miller, I'd be shocked if he isn't starting every game likely in a back 3.  James will get an opportunity to start consistently and Kennedy slowly getting more playing time. Kennedy always seems to be rated high on who scored. 
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