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  1. I can’t wait for WCQ, I am concerned that these teams are gonna be very different with add fire power and where do we match up? like even Mexico can better in some heavy hitter. The unknown is killing me hahaha
  2. players missing from Gold Cup. Yes I could be missing some. We are in for one hell of an Qualifier. Jamaica F - Michail Antonio - West Ham CB - Ethan Pinnock - Brentford FC F - Kemar Roofe - Rangers RW - Jamal Lowe - Swansea City AM - Kasey Palmer - Bristol City DM - Kevin Stewart - Blackpool El Salvador F - Nelson Bonilla - True Bangkok United Dual nationals F- Brayan Gil - Liga Dimayor ( Columbia) DM - Justin Portillo - Real Salt Lake City RW - Jose Hernandez - Cavalry FC RW- Marlon Vargas - Tacoma Defiance GK - Rafael Garcia - Xelaj AM - Andres Flores - without club ( Timbers before ) AM - Kevin Santamaria - Cavelines ( Peru second division) Honduras F - Choco Lonzano - Cadiz CF AM - Rigoberto Rivas - Reggina 1914 F- Bryan Rochez - CD Nacional RB - Andy Najaf - D.C United F- Douglas Martinez - Real Salt Lake City CB - Denil Maldonado - CF Pachua CM - Roger Espinoza - Sporting Kansas City Panama RB - Michael Murillo - RSC Anderlecht CB - Andres Andrade - Lask F- Ceilo Waterman - CD Everton RB - Cesar Blackman - DAC Dunajaska Streda DM - Anibal Godoy - Nashville SC Costa Rica GK - Keylor Navas - PSG LW- Randall Leal - Nashville SC F- Manfred Ugalde - Twenete Enschede FC CB - Juan Pablo Vargas - Millinarios FC LB - Joseph Mora - DC United RW- Marvin Loria - Timbers RB - Cristian Gamboa - VfL Bochum F - Felicio Brown Forbes - Wisla Krakow CB - Julio Cascante - Austin FC Mexico RW - Hirving Lozano- Napoli F - Raul Jimenez - Wolves F- Jose Macias - Getafe CF RW- Roberto Alvarado - Cruz Azul LW - Diego Lainez - Real Beria Balompie CM - Carlos Rodriguez - Monterrey GK - Guillermo Ochoa - America Plus so many more USA We know who they were missing.
  3. Bustos did play and start vs Scotland just to remind everyone.
  4. This whole Notion of wheeler and one soccer are one and this mentality of oh my god now we have a soccer channel in Canada we need to kiss their ass all time and be so thankful all time, it’s really sad(Stockholm syndrome) . Wheeler is one guy at a huge company. Media Pro saw opportunity in Canada and created one soccer. It was a good business idea. If they fired Wheeler tomorrow, one soccer would still be happening and the sky wouldn’t be falling. regardless if you like him or not, we as paying fans need to keep him and one soccer honest and the high standard must be there always or we just look like a much of hosers.
  5. Well let’s put it this way, Liam Millar is basically right now a B team player and Millar is way ahead of Bustos. Hates me to say it but as of right now he’s not making that Gold Cup team. Frank Strungs doesn’t even have a club, he shouldnt be there either. Canada’s depth has changed a lot in a matter of a year! This is the whole Borges debate all over again. The CPL is great, its helping Canadian Soccer players. The level is growing but it’s not there yet.
  6. Until he moves on to a better league/bigger club, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the A or B national team squad. I love how he’s finding his game and raising the standard of the CPL but I just want to pump the breaks.
  7. I won’t be surprised if they bring in a local yes man coach and play only local players and say we are building a better national team. Suriname will create a local league owned by the federation and they will showcase local players and sell them. This is crazy CONCACAF! If that happens( I bet it will), CONCACAF needs to put a stop to these shenanigans. They need to clean up the Caribbean federations. It’s a huge waste.
  8. That is true good point, but it would crazy though because he has a Real good chance at a World Cup with Canada if he can get into form. That’s why I was thinking CPL or MLS. Herdman can see him and he can get some games in and get in form.
  9. I don’t understand why doesn’t even a CPL pick him up. Also when does the transfer window open up ? we could be missing something. FYI Hoilett doesn’t have a club either.
  10. Maybe he’s reading our comments and getting better ? I am sure he’s on this form or someone from one soccer.
  11. Personally I believe he’s already back. The one soccer crew were using his name as a player missing from the group like he’s coming back. He was named to the 60 player list. Also he did say in one interview saying it’s up the manager after that whole gerrard thing. I think he was pissed about playing against shop keepers and getting hurt and he needed a break. For me Herdman needed and maybe still does to learn about player management. I feel sometimes his women’s team mentality hurts him with this. Throughout nations league he called top guys against crappy teams when it wasn’t necessary. Same with early WCQ. The men’s game is very different than women’s. Men play a ton more games and the club football is where they make their money not the national team. Arfield also had a baby my understanding.
  12. If I was Montreal or Vancouver, I would be calling Wolves tomorrow…. hey you up for a loan. Cordeanu is gonna be amazing ! ( I think he already is)
  13. Are you on Drugs…. Fraser, Piette, Wotherspoon( I really like ) are not better than Arfield. Also Kaye and Osorio are close to his level.
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