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  1. I think would have helped get more avg fans interested if Canada hosted CONCACAF U23 tourney. It’s time for Canada to host more tournaments for the men’s side. We have exciting players and the CPL, I wish the CSA would step up. and if snow and the cold is the problem then put it in BC Place, the big O and the Rogers centre ( skydome)
  2. The 0 for 2 is the loses from Mexico and Haiti. Those were chances to prove he’s a good manager and he blew it.
  3. Tabla and Eustaquio are good players. I love both of them. But both of them would have a hard time finding minutes on ivory coast and Portugal. So it’s pretty logical that they would pick Canada because there are potential starters. They’re 3 big names that Canada really needs. I hope Herdman proves me wrong. But he’s 0 for 2 right now.
  4. I’m pretty sure the CSA hasn’t done a damn thing ! The CSA would **** up a one car funeral ! Herdman is to arrogant to recruit. But really let’s be honest here why would he come to Canada. We don’t play anyone who is decent, we have an ass clown of manager who can’t get his tactics right for Mexico and Haiti, Jesus if he can’t even get that right just image when we do play let’s vs Italy or Belgium or Germany. Our soccer Federation is incompetent . The only Brightstar we have is some young potential players who haven’t proved anything yet .
  5. Well he did play and Wore the arm band for Canada at the youth level. He played with Davies and Ballou. I hope Herdman and the CSA are trying really hard to recruit him , Ferreira and Gutierrez.
  6. No European based players once again !
  7. People said the same thing about Henry
  8. No worries Buzz. His passing is really good. He could help the impact’s midfield nicely.
  9. He could stay healthy , he would be a huge upgrade to what the impact have now
  10. A CPL team ??? I’m talking about a Canadian mls team
  11. CB Ferreira seems like he’s without a club. Canadian MLS teams should be knocking. Yes he’s injury prone but look at Henry, he’s healthy and playing well. He would look good with the Whitecaps or the impact. Thoughts anyone?
  12. Desjardins - Serie B ( possibility ) Busti- Serie C ( Juventus U23 ) Breza - Serie C We are pretty set in goal ! also all of them are eligible for the Olympics !
  13. Ouch! I’m shocked he a CPL team didn’t push hard for him. Specially when MLS teams are looking at CPL players.
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