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  1. Maybe he’ll change his mind about playing for Canada for this Nov. He would be a really nice addition and surprise for fans
  2. Canada vs Panama would be good. Canada versus Panama one day in Canada versus England the other would be even better 😃
  3. Mark Cohon made 500,000 a year ( 4 year deal) at the CFL. So I would think that would be the starting price for a solid executive to be president of the national governing body.
  4. Did he though ??? Or was he just a passenger on the Victor’s ride. In my view I think he did jack... 2026 was victor’s baby. Also I truly believe the Americans needed Mexico and Canada to get the votes. Remember the Americans were hated on because of Trump during the vote.
  5. I would love to see Mark Cohon come in and run the CSA. He would be amazing. He’s a great business man, understands what the fans want and cares. What he did for the CFL was huge. also I would love to see some former players join the board of Directors like Karina LeBlanc , Carmelina Moscato or Julian de Guzman, Dwayne De Rosario or Craig Forrest. DeRo foundation seems to be doing amazing work.
  6. Can we please get someone with a good track record or someone with a clear and great vision with a plan a please, an outsider please!!! Not another CSA board insider please. This tools are the worse, they are like herpes they just won’t go away
  7. Thank God! Thank you Reed for your Service. Don’t go away mad just go away, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  8. Also FUCK the club! I hate how clubs feel like they can Push us around. You don’t see them push other countries around. look at Dos Santos for Mexico. He went over to play in Europe with Mexico and missed the Vancouver game because we was had to quarantine. LA Galaxy said nothing about it. So this whole MLS bullshit about players can’t play for the their national teams is just BS! Canada should be playing !
  9. WCQ is way more important than Gold Cup. Yes we should beat Bermuda but that team should not over looked. They play Mexico really hard and well. Also Nikki Wells is very talented and if they get some help, they could make our lives difficult. That’s why for in my view we should have some big friendlies against really good teams, to lead up to WCQ and Gold cup should be a wash. Also the Gold Cup tourney is about 3 weeks long vs a week in during a fifa window.
  10. I would shocked if he retired when there is a good chance to make the World Cup. I know it was reported there was some personal stuff that happen to him and that’s why he was struggling at the beginning of season. Maybe that has something do with it. I don’t why he would be part of the Gold Cup squad. In my view we should have some big friendlies with the main squad and WCQ and the Gold Cup should be for B/C squad - some young guys too. It’s great way to showcase and prove themselves.
  11. WTF is wrong with Canadian soccer media/sports media. I just looked at Wheelers, Rollins and others twitter. Nothing about Arfield and how he could be retiring from international duty ( which I find very unlikely due to the World Cup coming up). But it’s crazy ! One of our best players and nothing !!! If this was another country, the media and people would be freaking out!
  12. I hope so. It’s really shame though that we have the best group of players Canada has ever had and we don’t play games against top teams. What a waste
  13. No I don’t think so because of the World Cup. Every player wants to be part of the World Cup experience and we have a really good shot at qualifying
  14. Our youth teams should be very good. Very talented young players. Super excited.
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