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  1. https://youtu.be/gi7Qrmds5nM great interview with Lord Victor. Potential eight CONCACAF spots for the World Cup 2026! Holy !!!
  2. I would be really shocked if T&T doesn’t call him up. He didn’t look out of place out there.
  3. Does that mean no more shady CONCACAF refs decisions?
  4. Looks like Barbados media is pushing for dual nationals. Things could get more interesting in CONCACAF. https://twitter.com/anmargboyce/status/1379445065504919553?s=20
  5. I really really hope The CSA can put together some youth games so we can showcase and give more opportunities to likes of Hasal, Busti and Desjardins. It shame we don’t play more youth games.
  6. If they could Avg 2-3000 a game, that would basically what the CPL is getting now. From what I read Football is very popular on the island and the FFF has put money into the development. They even sent a local team team to France to play games. They are planning on building a indoor field like Iceland. In my view it’s kinda stupid not to approach them specially if they had French backing. An Infusion of French players and European money.
  7. York in 2019 avg attendance was 2,942 and York as pop of around 1.1 million people. This population argument is BS. If a place is hungry for sports, they will support it. Especially a French European market. It’s the same with the North. Yellowknife is a great example, they had like 2000 people show up for a NHL hockey Alumni game. Just imagine a pro team( the only one there ) , with professional players with marketing and nice stadium. I bet the whole city would be there to support.
  8. Yes, but we are looking at 2- 4000 people attending games. That’s what the CPL needs. Also it can open the door for the French( France ) market plus players. Plus would give a rival to St.John’s.
  9. I know this gonna sound weird, but idea. Bring St Pierre and Miquelon and St. John’s into the CPL. St Pierre and Miquelon would have possible options with French players. Plus their currency is in euros ( so cheaper to run ). Also it would create a Canada vs France feel. St Pierre and Miquelon is in talks with CONCACAF and the French football federations helping in development. https://www.worldsoccer.com/features/tiny-islands-with-big-plans-409377
  10. If Breza can make it into Bologna, he’ll be our number 1
  11. Breza Hasal Carducci Leutwiler Viscosi Busti Milli Bursac
  12. I agree 💯, honestly I think Barbados Federation F*** the dog and are really stupid. They had a solid Chance against Panama if they were able to get Nick Blackman and Hope and just like 2-3 dual nations they would have won vs Panama ( they only lost 1-0 in a late goal with a nobody squad). If they won or drew vs Panama they had a shot to win the group and move on where anything can happen. Now basically it’s making the Gold Cup for them.
  13. St. Kitts- they could win the group. They could add : St - Tom Elliot- player 60 games in Championship CM - Curtis Thompson - Wycombe, Championship The Revan Brothers - Aston Villa U23 CM Romaine Sawyers* wasn’t called up this time around
  14. I agree. But if Barbados got those players, they wouldn’t be a 5th tier national team. See thats the crazy part. Honestly with that lineup, they would challenge us, that mid pack of CONCACAF. The potential is real. Again these Caribbean teams lack vision and support
  15. But randy Harris is all about his baby. The Barbados domestic league. He wants only domestic players to play. Honestly I think it’s just a showcase them so they can sell them and make money.
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