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  1. Brym - would be a perfect for the CPL. He’s young, attached to a big club and needs minutes against decent competition. Just like Borges when he came to the CPL.
  2. It looks like your missing ( I could be wrong sorry if I am ) from your list, that should be considered is ST - Charles-Andreas Brym https://www.transfermarkt.us/charles-andreas-brym/profil/spieler/595028 he scored- in blue scored the second goal - 57 blue
  3. Looks like Cristian Gutierrez is leaving his club, MLS Canadian teams should be calling and a prefect time for Canada to call him.
  4. my issue is that you can’t say your a tier 1 league when USL is bigger and has more valued players in it. Yes you gonna start somewhere. But you can’t say your a Tier 1 league when your being cheap and saying your developing young talent ( the Ottawa senator model hahaha JK) . I worry this is going to be the case. There is a opportunity with some pretty good Canadian talent that basically free agents to really boost the CPL to the world. Also new teams are needed ASAP ! I pray the CPL isn’t stupid like the CFL is ! ( there are plenty of Cities in Canada that can have teams!)
  5. I’m not saying here go out and be crazy and pay 8-10 million for Hutch here. But i am saying go out and get a Will Johnson, a Jordan Hamilton , Anthony Jackson- Hamel, Andre Hainault, Caniggia Elva.
  6. I don’t want teams bleeding money either but isn’t it the chicken and the egg thing here. More teams + Better players + better product = more fans /more money. I understand the need for a salary cap my question is the CPL trying to be tier 1 league or a small development league ? Why can’t we be Bold ?
  7. The CPL should up the cap by a lot and CPL teams should go after these Canadian players. It would really improve the product on the field. I wish the CPL would think big! But we are Canada we are scared of being bold.
  8. You guys and girls don’t think Halifax can get 10-18 thousand for a soccer game? Also the stadium/cfl team won’t be playing until 2021. So that gives 2 more years to really grown the CPL. Also if the CPL was smart they would try to get a team in Moncton ( already has a stadium ) so the there is a maritime rivalry.
  9. I wonder why they won’t play there ? More seats more people more money ? It’s also better for the league. Didn’t Halifax sellout almost every game? I hope the CPL owners and league are thinking big with the league.
  10. Halifax is getting a CFL stadium soon, correct ? Would that fix that problem ? Also is the CPL team going to move to the new stadium ??
  11. Eustaquio can be that destroyer role as well. That is what he was doing in Portugal. Yes Piette played well last month but the USA changed their tactics and he wasn’t very good. Just because he does one good thing doesn’t mean hey he needs to be out there all game. We are going to need more complete players out there to win against the big boys. Multiple times he gave it away when we needed him to control and be creative. Honesty we need Hutch out there !
  12. Totally agree . Piette is not dynamic enough and he hurts the offence. When Eustaquio came on, we were able to control the midfield better and he was making better passes out, he was able to open the game up. Piette is a really good MLS player.
  13. Eustaquio should be starting over Piette! It’s time for Sam to have a seat on bench.
  14. Herdman talks it up for the first game. Thunder bla bla bla before the game and we win. Ok good and fine I like that. Showed passion, Confidence and swagger. Ok second game, everyone knew the Americans were coming. The Americans were not going to lay down for us specially after being embarrassed . We lose badly and Herdman turns the press conference into a ******* Ted talk ! Soft, happy planet world. I’m sorry that’s not what this team needs, if we want to compete with the big boys, we have to act like we can and losing like that is not acceptable period. It’s the mentality of our men’s and now it seems the women’s programs from u15 up! Losing is ok to the CSA. Oh but wait we won 2 bronze medals ....
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