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  1. If Bermuda can convince CB Kortney Hause and GK Nathan Trott to play for them and add some support guys like LW Djair Parfitt-Williams, CB Triston Hall. This team can be pretty scary to play against. They’re going to a huge wild card team.
  2. I’m hoping he abandons his job like he did to the women’s program because he found a better job. Oh wait no other nation wants his dumb ted talk, car salesman, hobbit ass.
  3. I can’t see why he wouldn’t be ? There’s a few Canadian players that represent other countries that play in the CPL and are considered domestic like Ryan Telfer
  4. There are so many really good/decent players out there that don’t have clubs. I love to see the CPL, specially Ottawa go after some of them. Yes some names are too good/expensive but we can dream lol. These players could really bring up level of play of the CPL and experience. CB - Kofi Opare CM - Jonathan de Guzmán CF - Simeon Jackson CB- Frank Sturing CM- Will Johnson CM - Massih Wassey DM - Daniel Stanese CF - Mark Gonzalez GK- Jayson Leutwiler CB - Mallan Roberts AM - Nicolás Galvis GK - Oliver Saundry CM - Ben McKendry CF - Aleksa Markovic Loan ideas CM - Leotrim Reka DM - Matis Romero
  5. Canada would be stupid not to want him. I hope they are talking.
  6. Canada really is his only option at a chance at playing in a World Cup. Portugal has some really talented young Cb’s coming up. He’s 27 now and injury prone/hasn’t played in a very long time. He would bring a lot to us though. I hope he signs on.
  7. Looks like he’s back ! Hope he comes and plays for Canada.
  8. Tristan Jumeau https://georgiastatesports.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster/tristan-jumeau/3703
  9. If he can get his game back and signs on with us. Boom our CB problem is fixed and watch out concacaf !! Book your tickets for Qatar 2022 boys and girls !! If he’s 100% he’s the CB we have been missing. He’s big, can really pass it, can handle speed, good in the air. He can be a true anchor back there! Ferreira , Vitoria, Henry, Cornelius, James, Miller, Kennedy, Didic, Gasparotto, Montgomery, Waterman, Romeo, Straith, Dunn- Johnson, Meilleur-Giguère, Facchineri, Lebre, Sadiki. im liking that list!!! Also who knows some diamond in the rough player comes out of nowhere.
  10. Well that changes things. I wonder why though they were listed available. do we know if other players like Hamilton, Edwards etc were available ? Because I know some weren’t released or injured.
  11. You had Chapman, Borges and Tiebert there , those players are not green.
  12. No I don’t have trust. They messed up the Mexico, Haiti , 2nd USA game and with Iceland the subs came in super late. It’s not Nelson that’s the issue main issue, the issue is that there was mls/pros left off the team issue one , issue 2 is that we are down a goal and we need a goal and he throws out a kid who has never played against real pro/men before in hope he’s as talented as Davies was at 17. We’ll I’m sorry I don’t see it. If he was he would be with TFC already. It was a gamble on herdman part, too me that shows how inexperience he is
  13. Can’t wait!!! To see him a Canadian red Jersey. So pumped!!!
  14. But there is a big difference between 19-21 pro to an 17 year old kid who hasn’t even been called up to 1st team and he plays in the 3rd division of USL. Brym and Bassong are pros in Europe, just because Nelson played well at U17 tourney and won a youth award. I’m sorry it’s apples to oranges here. Davies was 16 played with the main club before he came to the Sr team he played against England u20 team and other youth teams before getting called up to the Sr team. Nelson has not done that. The kids got talent but let’s get real here. He’s 17 year old kid and Herdman and the CSA are trying to catch lighting in a bottle again like Davies and David. Why because they can say the system is working and we are the heros bla bla bla. I’m sorry we needed the points and it was a must win and he threw out a CPL player and a 17 year old kid. It just shows how inexperience Herdman is and it gonna cost us the qualifying for the World Cup ! This is not the woman’s game.
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