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  1. Well that changes things. I wonder why though they were listed available. do we know if other players like Hamilton, Edwards etc were available ? Because I know some weren’t released or injured.
  2. You had Chapman, Borges and Tiebert there , those players are not green.
  3. No I don’t have trust. They messed up the Mexico, Haiti , 2nd USA game and with Iceland the subs came in super late. It’s not Nelson that’s the issue main issue, the issue is that there was mls/pros left off the team issue one , issue 2 is that we are down a goal and we need a goal and he throws out a kid who has never played against real pro/men before in hope he’s as talented as Davies was at 17. We’ll I’m sorry I don’t see it. If he was he would be with TFC already. It was a gamble on herdman part, too me that shows how inexperience he is
  4. Can’t wait!!! To see him a Canadian red Jersey. So pumped!!!
  5. But there is a big difference between 19-21 pro to an 17 year old kid who hasn’t even been called up to 1st team and he plays in the 3rd division of USL. Brym and Bassong are pros in Europe, just because Nelson played well at U17 tourney and won a youth award. I’m sorry it’s apples to oranges here. Davies was 16 played with the main club before he came to the Sr team he played against England u20 team and other youth teams before getting called up to the Sr team. Nelson has not done that. The kids got talent but let’s get real here. He’s 17 year old kid and Herdman and the CSA are trying to catch lighting in a bottle again like Davies and David. Why because they can say the system is working and we are the heros bla bla bla. I’m sorry we needed the points and it was a must win and he threw out a CPL player and a 17 year old kid. It just shows how inexperience Herdman is and it gonna cost us the qualifying for the World Cup ! This is not the woman’s game.
  6. Bair should have replaced Tesho 45-60 minute At the 70-75 - Piette should be sub for Chapman - fraser to take over Piette bassong sub was the right one Morgan sub was necessary. Borges should have taken off Ricketts and Brym moved over to CF. nelson comes on 88-90 min for a Hail Mary or James for Miller on a set piece. in my view that’s what should have happen.
  7. Well James , Cornelius, Chapman, Teibert did not play vs Iceland. They are senior experience players. Potential missing call ups: Jordan Hamilton, Tajon Buchanan , Mathieu Choinière,Raheem Edwards, Caniggia Elva ( he has barley played lately) .
  8. Tactics wise I don’t think Herdman was out coached but the team didn’t really look dangerous too me. I feel like herdman gets lost in the game and doesn’t manage the game like with his subs. He made 4 subs when he could have made 6. He’s subs were very late in the game. Again this was a must win/draw game in my book and it seems like they took it as a tune up camp for u23/young players. Iceland was a decent team, was our best XL out there ? Answer is no it wasn’t and I have an issue with that. I feel like herdman is just inexperienced and messes around in key moments and games. Mexico, Haiti , 2nd USA game and in my opinion this game. There is no excuse why we’re not in the hex, we are too talented to be out, this falls on Herdman but again nothing will get done. The CSA loves to throw out 12-4 record. But we all know we played against minnows and the USA.
  9. Regardless if it’s Chapman or someone else like Borges. Herdman put in a kid who hasn’t even had real pro mins with the big club over guys who have experience and started a CPL player over a European Pro who’s already played against top players and that should be a issue. This game shouldn’t have been a let’s get the kids some experience game, we really needed this game. Sometimes I wonder where Herdman’s head is at.
  10. Chapman has played the RM/RW for TFC In the past. I’m sorry I’m taking a player who plays in a tier 1 league and has won a championship and played against really good player over a 17 year old who’s hasn’t even made it to the big club yet. Ya Nelson has talent and a great prospect, but there is a time a place to put him in and vs Iceland when we are down is not the time
  11. Ya and after that nothing. That’s what I’m saying a guy who plays in MLS and has played in big games is on the bench and a 17 year old comes on and we need a goal against a decent team.
  12. I’m really shocked Chapman didn’t play really at all this whole camp.
  13. Awesome to see Brym and Bassong join the program. Bassong looks like he’s going to be really good, hope he’s get some playing time in Belgium or get loaned out to CPL or MLS or somewhere in Europe. I’m sorry but I don’t understand herdman logic here. Yes the first two games get your U23 out there see what you got. Makes sense. Iceland comes in, you got points on the line yes it’s Iceland B/C team but all pro soccer players and some that have euro and World Cup experience. So you put out there Didic who is big yes but has no experience and plays in CPL yes I’m sorry CPL fans but come on The quality doesn’t come close to what the Iceland players are playing in, you have James on the bench who plays against some of the Iceland players and has played big games for Canada in the past. We need a goal and they put out a 17 year old who’s plays for TFC 2 when you have MLS players on the bench. Tesho seemed like he didn’t want to play most of game. He should have been taken off at half. I think it was just bad choices. When you have important points on the line but it seems like herdman does this. It’s like he’s trying to do two different things Oh I need my young guys to get experience and I need to win a game. Well this time vs Iceland he needed to win the game. The Mexico, Haiti and the second USA game. Put out your best and experience players and your system that you play And go out kick ass. Simple Also is it only me but that one guy doing the commentary not the play-by-play, was so annoying by just keep saying the same thing about how good of year we bad and the women’s game coming up bla bla bla, man he sound like a soviet union propaganda guy! LOL
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