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  1. Also if Okello plays it will cap tie him ! We should what most team put him with 10 mins to go then boom he’s ours for good !
  2. No he was there just above the players bench cuz the interview after the game
  3. You gonna remember he also had draws Against Scotland and Costa Rica. That’s not a easy task.
  4. Sometimes it just seem herdman is just comes off as a huge man child who is full of himself . Honesty he’s done nothing yet. Just my view and I understand the argument that he giving. But I think they made a huge mistakes last night. Last nights game was the statement game. It was Canada his first real opponent and we could shocked the football world. Just imagine if we won the game the amount of confidence in the team would have, The excitement level about this team will be through the roof. Clearly with the players that we have in the right tactics we could really take it to Mexico. The subs that he made was purely because he didn’t want to get embarrassed simple as that. They wanted to play old time Canadian soccer, load the back up parked up by bus hope for the long ball counterattack. It was horrible . Also where’s Morgan ? He’s the true LB we have and has played against top teams in Mexico ? If he’s healthy Herdman is an idiot not to use him. Yes Hoilett didn’t have a good game in his first game but come on he’s an English premier league player! He can be a difference maker, Herdman picked Larin over Hoilett ! Hutch should never be used in the back like that again simple ! He’s mid ! Keep him there. Canada needs to have the mentality to win every game. Not we’re going to throw some players out there play them out of position park the bus and hope for the best “Oh wait we are learning” you learn about your team when you play Friendlies ! Also his crazy BS thought oh can’t show our hand to Mexico on the first match. Tata is a world class manger I’m sure he’s seen it all! Who the hell does herdman think he’s fooling ?
  5. I found it - Sorry buzz it was the video on twitter - The player pool is a bit deeper and the coach is a bit stronger
  6. In his post game conference . Correction I’m wrong . It must of been the tsn video thing - I know it said something about we have better players and coaches now
  7. Why Herdman took a shot at him. Any normal person with be pissed about that. Also Oz coach against tougher Opponents And did really well. Herdman shouldn’t have said anything about former coaches. He should have showed some class !
  8. I don’t care about other mls players , I’m talking about Canadian players
  9. Tell me who have I overrated ? Kaye - MLS Vs Arfield - Rangers and former premier league player Piette MLS vs Eustáquio- CD Cruz Azul ( one biggest Mexican teams ) - former Liga Nos ( 1d Portugal ) Hutch - we all know Hutch ! There is reason why Europe has the best leagues in the world cuz the world best are playing in them.
  10. Oh please , trolling ? Did you watch the Trinidad and Tobago , Jamaica and Venezuela games? and have you not been watching what the experts ( that’s not MLS.com ) are saying about the US team ? Call a spade a spade !
  11. Ya in the past yes! Now if the CSA has their **** together, maybe we would having a different covo. But recently the US team is over rated and they are going to get embarrassed, just watch. Thank god they cheated to get a favour group and side. Because if there was a group of death let’s say for example - Canada, US, Jamaica , Costa Rica. I’m sure the US is not getting out of that
  12. That’s fair - it’s a great debate to have! So excited for this team.
  13. If we win or draw Mexico - we should be playing the B lineup vs Cuba, rest some key guys for the knockout rounds. They lost against Trinidad and Tobago. They have been awful with their Wind up to gold cup. The US is over rated !!! If we played them now we would beat them for sure!
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