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  1. I think it’s both lazy and doing favours
  2. No - Colyn , Dunning, Commisso - interesting. Also Dunfield is coaching with them.
  3. Curaçao not worth the risk?? If we can beat the US, we should be able to beat them. We shouldn’t be afraid to play teams. We should be playing more games, I hope the CSA uses the US win as a launching point ! We can’t lose this momentum.
  4. I’ll give credit where credit is due - Great job tonight Herdman !!! Let’s keep this red machine rollin !!
  5. No I’m pretty sure he didnt need to because he didn’t play any official games with Canada just friendlies. But he would have to use his one time switch to play for us now
  6. Oops he might be ineligible . Hey hope he changes his mind for u20 team. 6’2 CB who is only 17/18 years old
  7. Cuz he’s Canadian and he should be playing for Canada U17 team
  8. I hope we see him in the mix for U20/U23
  9. I really hope so but past youth rosters say different
  10. I wouldn’t be surprise in the near future if the CSA starts to move away from MLS Academy players for CPL players.
  11. Maybe he shouldn’t be named to the roster but maybe they should bring in some 15 year old players to some camps and have them play some friendlies. It would be a great test for them and get them into the Canadian program.
  12. I don’t know much about him , just what I saw on Tranfermarkt. But after I saw his name I saw some videos, the kid can play, well everyone can judge for themselves. https://vimeo.com/332941004 https://vimeo.com/273976752
  13. Would be amazing if they they could pulled off a miracle and get CB Nikolas White, LW Theodor Corbeanu and GK Aldo Commisso. Also I’m curious if we’ll see Matt Passacquale 15 year old - sc Heerenveen U17 get a call ?
  14. The only difficulty here is keeping track of what lipstick you use for little Johnny and the CSA. I’m curious do they pay you well to get on here and defend them every chance you can? Hey ! Maybe that’s why we can’t get any friendlies because your salary is so high, Jesus buzz take a pay cut !
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