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  1. Yeah, if they are the parent club, I have no problem whatsoever with them importing their global brand into the CPL. It is a helluva lot better than Ottawa Red Bull.
  2. Nah, I suspect they will want to separate themselves from Fury branding. (Sorry. It is just a joke. I don't hate Ottawa.)
  3. That actually works really well on (at least) 3 levels. - nod to tradition, with the Dominion of Canada (of which it is the capital) - "dominion"in the historical (and even biblical) sense, which can be interpreted as ruling ("having dominion over something") - it fits in seamlessly with the naming convention of some existing CPL clubs like Valour and Forge Hmm...
  4. I think there is a massive difference between being seen as a developmental D2 for MLS, and being seen as a lower tier league with a relationship to one of the best leagues in the world. MLS is, at best, in the 3rd tier of world footy. I consider 1st tier to be Spain, England, Germany, Italy. France, Netherlands, Belgium and one or two more are what I consider tier 2. Lots of tier 3 clubs. Leagues like Portugal and Scotland with a couple of huge teams and the rest as makeweights tend to straddle my somewhat arbitrary taxonomy. I mention this because there is a huge difference in terms of the perception with respect to the leagues you openly declare yourself subordinate to. For CPL, being openly 2nd class when it comes to la Liga is really no surprise to anyone. Being a development league for MLS is something entirely different. And I know that MLS is a stronger league top to bottom. But openly declaring yourself as an inferior feeder league to what is, ultimately, not a very strong league would be detrimental to what CPL is trying to achieve. Part of CPL's success will depend on diverting national attention from the 3 MLS clubs. That is hard to do if you have embedded subordination into the very DNA of your league structure.
  5. So, after another disappointing evening as a CMNT fan, where are we at now in relation to ES? Does this entirely, fully end our hopes of overtaking them, or is there any sort of Hail Mary that is still viable? Asking for a friend.
  6. That gets my vote - predicated on the fact that it is Athletico.
  7. Best of luck Ballou! We are all cheering for you. Well, maybe not the TFC guys...
  8. A few random thoughts: - I want them in the league ASAP, rushed perception or not. If the rumours are true (which is looking increasingly likely) this is an organization with the resources to make it happen and make it a success. Anyone on this board who thinks they know the business better than the folks behind a massive spanish footy club is delusional. - I also want them in the league right away because it would squash some of the silly debates. People could no longer maintain that the entry fee is a prohibitive barrier, that the league is desperate, or that the lack of expansion is signalling much bigger issues for the fledgling league. This sort of development doesn't happen in a negative environment. - This development would also validate the idea that many of us have been championing - that if the Fury wasn't on board with CPL, getting them the hell out of the way was a good thing. - Ottawa footy fans deserve a team, and this would deliver - in spades. - Lastly, if the rumours are true, this absolutely makes them the destination of choice (as someone pointed out earlier). But even for other teams it is a big deal - this would essentially embed a spanish scouting structure within the framework of the league. The implications and opportunities flowing from this are huge.
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