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  1. I guess my point is that there is no guidelines either way, so BBTB saying that "If Canada has a fully pro D1 league then all fully pro teams from Canada should be in that league" is just speculation. The reality is that we have no idea on what grounds FIFA makes its decision. Maybe they weigh league strength, maybe they don't. I am not saying that the Canadian MLS clubs will be allowed to play in MLS indefinitely - just that it is silly to assume we know FIFA's thought process when there is absolutely no explanation given. In retrospect is suppose my post should have specified "potential justification".
  2. Pre-GC friendly just posted in another thread https://mobile.twitter.com/San_Toki_/status/1128944425638531072
  3. Well that is good news. Will be good for the boys to get a run out prior to the GC. To be honest, I was losing hope.
  4. We should play WCQ in Antarctica. That would show those Hondurans.
  5. The justification has been mentioned many, many times. The Fury play in a league that is reasonably comparable to CPL. By most indications, budgets, player skill level, attendance levels, etc., are comparable. Thus there is no "exceptional circumstance" that could be cited to justify the continued participation in USL. The 3 Canadian MLS teams do not play in a league that is reasonably comparable to CPL. The budgets are categorically different, the level of play is a significant step higher at present, the attendance levels are higher, and the level of investment is substantially higher. Thus you can easily make the argument that "exceptional circumstances" still apply and justify their continued participation in USL.
  6. I agree. If the social media chatter is to be believed, ti seems unlikely that the Fury under OSEG will ever kick a ball in the CPL. But things would have to be ridiculously toxic for them to try and "salt the earth" in terms of CPL by not allowing any Ottawa CPL club to play at TD Place as a paying client. I just don't see business people making that sort of decision. I could see them choosing not to partner with people they dislike, but it would be way more extreme to forgo an important revenue stream just for spite.
  7. I get what you are saying, but no one would buy the Fury without securing access to TD Place from OSEG. That would be included in any negotiation, as the Fury brand is worthless without it (not trying to bash the team - just pointing out that essentially buying a logo for a stadium-less team would never happen).
  8. I wonder if this actually reverses the order. There is still a fairly big question whether or not CONCACAF will sanction the Fury for continued participation in USL. I find it hard to believe that the huge upheaval that occurred last year will be a one-time thing with no future repercussions. If that happens, it sounds like OSEG would fold rather than join CPL. That would leave a vacancy in Ottawa that could be filled if a suitable investor stepped forward. Not saying that will come to pass - but I do think it is more likely than CPL seeking another club in the Ottawa area while the Fury are operating.
  9. Ah, that would make sense. I still think he should be called into the 40 man squad given his position(s) and current performance level. At his age, we could be grooming him for the LB spot in the 2022 cycle.
  10. The exclusion of the Ottawa market from CPL for a while is unfortunate, but I am not spending any more effort worrying about the Fury. The reality is that the CPL is up and running. Support is generally good, and in some cases great. The level of play is good, and will improve steadily. Major sponsorships are secured in the long term and all the pieces are in place for sustained success. OSEG chose not to be a part of that at a time when their participation would have put all parties in an even stronger position. Given the way the Fury folks dealt with the situation (and Rollins account parallels what most on here observed in the publicly available info and exchanges on social media) I don't blame CPL for not laying down the welcome mat. Probably better to forgo the market for a while than be strong-armed into a toxic partnership. And if the Fury and their fans are content playing NY Redbull 2 and Atlanta United 2 (their last 2 games) then so be it.
  11. Just so I know the deal - he can play either full back position, is playing really well in thew Chilean top flight, has repped us (and Chile) at youth level, and got called up to our senior squad for a friendly against Curacao (and is thus still uncapped). With our very limited options at LB, this seems like a worthy call-up for the GC, no? MAK and Davies can play there, but both seem to be stronger in other parts of the pitch.
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