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  1. No can do. Our 2022 roster would be crazy different and wouldn’t look a whole lot different than our current squad. This one is a nod to the youth movement we have alive and well. Plus I don’t think it is too much of a jinx - I am going on the working assumption that we auto qualify for 2026.
  2. For some reason I was thinking about what our team will look like during the 2026 WC and it made me optimistic that we will represent ourselves pretty well in the tournament (relative to Canadian historical performance). Just for fun, I put together our starting 11 in our home opener. Caveat: I absolutely recognize that lots of unknown players could potentially elevate themselves into this group, and that current players/prospects could stagnate and not warrant inclusion in 7 years, but just going on the current crop of players that are somewhat punching above their weight in relation to their Canadian peers there is enough promise to make me reasonable optimistic. One or two inclusions are admittedly based pretty much entirely on hype. So, using a somewhat arbitrary cutoff of those currently 22 and under, you get the following possible starting squad (with their ages in 2026): David (26) Davies (25) ------- Tabla (27) ------- Millar (26) Okello (26) -- Eustaquio (29) Miller (29) - UNKOWN - Cornelius (28) - ZBG (27)/Godinho (29) Busti?? (26) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ideally,Tomori (28) would slot into the unknown CB slot, but that seems reasonably unlikely as an England call up becomes increasingly realistic. Also, I had to chuckle that we may still not have RB sorted out... And I have no idea if Busti will develop into this calibre of player - he just seems to be the highest profile candidate based solely on the shallow metric of V-board discussion. Keeping in mind this is just a purely theoretical waste of time, I would be curious who others see as candidates. Gaze into your crystal ball....
  3. I just hope he starts to get back onto the trajectory he seemed to be on a couple of years ago.
  4. Not sure about Sportsnet, but for TSN I suspect it is about self preservation and promotion of their footy property - MLS. Showing highlights of another league that isn't available on their platform (and not so well known like the big global leagues or the CL that fans demand it) would generate interest in a league that represents a direct economic competitor to MLS in many areas.
  5. I have no idea what others are like, but I haven't watched a single MLS game since CPL started. I am looking forward to the TFC/Impact V Cup game but I simply don't turn on TSN's MLS games. And I am someone who used to watch pretty much all televised games by the 3 Canadian teams. It is in part because of limited time, in part because I have invested in OneSoccer so want to get my value out of it, and in part because I am annoyed that TSN seems to basically be in CPL blackout mode so don't feel like supporting their footy broadcast alternatives. Recognizing that I am likely a bit more extreme than most, I would be surprised if the MLS bean counters haven't noticed an impact on their bottom line since CPL geared up. The simple fact is that people only have so much money to spend on tickets and merch, and only so much time to spend watching soccer. Insofar as people are opting to support CPL - even if it isn't explicitly intended to undermine MLS - I would think that ti still leads to less overall commercial support for MLS. Maybe not in the core markets, but there are all sorts of outlier markets where MLS merch was sold.
  6. To what end? I highly doubt we are going to capture the attention of many US soccer fans. And even if we do...? Better to focus on growing the game and brand here in Canada.
  7. Maybe a V's gift basket, with some lotion and scented candles?
  8. I just checked out the Impact thread in the MLS section and it sounds like they have been in a bit of a rut (some comments make it seem like a dumpster fire but their results haven't been completely terrible). I hope you are right that he plays on Wednesday. Would be nice to watch him play a full game to see where he is at in relation to the MLS average.
  9. Presumably, Herdman would try him at left back.
  10. Any updates on Tabla. I don't really watch MLS these days (allocated soccer time goes to CPL) and am curious if he is doing anything that would suggest progress.
  11. Glad I watched it. The criticism seems a bit harsh as other have said. He tracked back fairly well defensively (Drew a foul to break up a dangerous play after sprinting back to defend). Made a few good runs into the box - Coman completely missed him on one. A few poor first touches when he first came on. He gave it away a couple of times, but so did a number of others The one thing the critic got right was that he and the LB weren’t effective in the interplay and overlapping runs - and it did look like Davies was the one without a clear idea of what to do. Whether he is in the forward or back position of that combo, he will need to figure that out.
  12. For anyone who missed it, the game is on SN1 now and Davies just got subbed in.
  13. I have said it before and I will say if again - the multiverse theory is one huge mindfuck. The implications - all reasonable conclusions given what we know about physics - are absolutely crazy.
  14. That is where Cav will be a welcome addition back into the line. He tends to hound people trying to pass around the back. With David and Davies doing the same, anyone not expert at knocking it around might have a tough game.
  15. That's fair. Though if I remember correctly, Kaye was definitely not at 100%. I am predicating the suggestion on the idea that Eustaquio is fully fit. Do agree with others though that we can't just assume he quickly displaces Piette. I have been more and more impressed by the way Piette quietly does his job down the middle.
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