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  1. Someone should get Jason DeVos a new pair of boots. I still think he would do a serviceable job.
  2. I don’t know. When Herdman starts talking about his wife’s concern about his travelling; it seems like he is laying the groundwork for non-participation.
  3. Didn't seem too encouraging about Arfield. May be available for bigger games but this sounded a lot more Like Gerrard's comments noted a while back. Somewhat more positive about Atiba, with the usual caveats that he may not be there for all of the games - but it sounded like he is still in the mix. Interesting that Cornelius wasn't mentioned when he talked about U23 callups. Tajon was the first name mentioned which isn't too surprising.
  4. Fair enough. I just think Herdman will recognize the immense pressure to get results in these games and may not take any chances. The odds of us actually qualifying for the Olympics are not great - despite the optimism in our youth movement. I think Herdman will see WCQ as his path to self preservation.
  5. I disagree. He is stripped of the ball in one on one situations a lot. His chances come from intelligent runs that he makes and which his teammates occasionally notice. But when he is running at defenders with the ball he almost never comes out on top. It is one of the reasons for the recent discussion on his tendency to fall down and look for calls. You don’t do that if you just beat your guy. Put him up against defenders who are generally smarter and faster in a tougher league, and I think he would be really challenged.
  6. Yeah, not disagreeing. I am still pretty luke warm. I have to admit that some of my resistance comes from the slick style that isn’t really my preference but that would be silly if he had delivered in the big games, but the Haiti collapse and the immediate capitulation away to the US don’t exactly tell a tale of success in the important games. I sincerely hope he converts me into a believer during this campaign. Success in 2022 qualification will be the carte blanche for me. If he does that, hand him the keys to the friggin kingdom. But if he does not, I hope the CSA has the w
  7. I had originally thought that David’s adverse conditions in Lille (with respect to the style of play, not the support he gets from Galtier) would eventually make him stronger and more adaptable, but I think I have been convinced - it isn’t about adapting to that style it is about the style being generally less conducive to developing actual footballing skills. Starting to feel the same way and while I was hopeful about this move originally I am thinking that a transfer out would probably be the best option if the opportunity materialized. I got critiqued for saying this before
  8. So I guess we have found the far boundary of your boundless optimism.
  9. Could be the paywall. Could be general disillusionment with Herdman. Possibly both.
  10. This is one of those nice-if-it-happens-but-I-can’t-really-see-it-panning-out type of things.
  11. For sure - best wishes to him from the gang here. Glad to hear it isn’t as serious as originally speculated.
  12. Cornelius has played for the full CMNT. I can’t imagine him being left with the u23s while lesser CBs get pulled into WCQ.
  13. Gotta go with Ansem on this one. For me it isn’t even close. Eustaquio is playing 90 minutes every week and is, for me, just a better player. Piette isn’t as good and hasn’t been playing at all lately. No idea what Herdman will do but Eustaquio is a lock for me.
  14. I am just going to wait and see what happens and who is on the team sheet if/when these take place. Everything else hurts my brain.
  15. Isn’t mental preparation and the psychological aspect of things supposed to be his strong suit? That doesn’t seem encouraging.
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