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  1. So the team is staying at our hotel. Just said hi to Junior like a total fanboy.
  2. Part of me just wants this to happen to extinguish the sliver of hope I am still holding that we start turning things on in CONCACAF and he reconsiders...
  3. Kind of crazy. Hopefully it is a good level of play (for our sake) and he is getting well paid(for his sake).
  4. We plan to take the kids there in the next year or two, so I will echo the appreciation. God we better do do the job tomorrow.
  5. If Martinique ever finished above them on their group (by beating them) Honduras would lose points for the loss and not have any additional points via a semi final game. Couple with a win or draw by us and a semi final game, would that ever put them within reach? Also curious about El Salvador’s chance of overtaking us.
  6. Google scores has Honduras down 1-0 to Martinique.
  7. Just caught the last 7 or 8 minutes of the CR vs C match. Awesome result. We still have to do our job, but that is great.
  8. Like I said before, I sincerely hope they continue to underestimate us and think they will dominate us.
  9. Anyone getting too comfortable just needs to think of being 2-0 up against Haiti...
  10. Anything going on tonight? I had to be up at 3:45 to catch my flight out of Charlottetown so pretty bagged - but might be able to drag my ass out if there is anything happening.
  11. No idea if he will succeed, but if the Impact are going to roll the dice with someone a French footy legend with some managerial experience and a lot of star power seems like the best kind of bet you could make. If he does well, it will help raise the profile of the team and possibly the league.
  12. I wish PEI could do it, but I suspect we wouldn’t muster that numbers and may even have a hard time propping up a regional D2 team if that structure ever comes to pass. Partly due to what I suspect would be a low level of interest and partly due to competing priorities in the summer months when most islanders are socializing hardcore or beaching it.
  13. At the risk of jinxing it, I truly feel that the past is not an indication of what we can do going forward. People can talk about our underwhelming history but that was a different team with different players. Right now we have a bunch of young, excited guys who aren't going to be shackled by the disappointments of the past. If nothing else, I think the loss against Haiti will drive home the need to avoid complacency. Every single game for us is now crucial in getting to Qatar. I think Herdamn will have the guys tuned up for another big performance.
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