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  1. Ah, so not as positive as I was hoping.
  2. So he hasn’t been great - but did he cause the OG?
  3. If folks know these games are coming up, maybe flag it in the thread ahead of time. I don’t check OS that often now that CPL is done.
  4. Was so hoping this was a “ready to go” update.
  5. My concern about that is the expectations people will put on him in a Canada shirt. It is one thing to play with that swagger when you are among the superstars of Bayern, but we can’t expect Davies to grab every game by the throat and win it for us. And more importantly, he shouldn’t feel like we expect that from him. I can’t claim to know him at all, but I get the impression that sort of pressure and expectation wouldn’t contribute to a positive outcome.
  6. The really sad part is one of our dedicated centre backs was equally as bad. Maybe you could blame it on zonal marking, but Cornelius was caught watching BWP kick it in the net, twice. Nothing about the back line last night made me feel good about Canada’s defensive prospects.
  7. Sorry, why are you posting these articles about the CPL (as in Caribbean Premier League - cricket)?
  8. Lol. 5 goals and only 1 minute of stoppage. That is a bit of sympathy for the Caps.
  9. 5-0 With a game like this, what are the odds of Cav getting a card for a late/angry/excessive tackle? I am guessing around 60/40.
  10. If anyone in Chile is watching the Caps game, I don’t think we need to worry about him getting capped by them.
  11. Cornelius should have marked BWP tighter on that goal. There may be lots of Canadians on the pitch but the two goals both involved less than ideal defending by Canadians.
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