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  1. I am pretty ambivalent TBH, but I just tend to think of Henry as a top3 CB for us at this point. If it was a true outside back position it is Johnston, but when the position functions as a CB (and the wingbacks to the attaching in a 3-5-2) I tend towards Henry. But it definitely isn’t a hill to die on for me.
  2. Yeah, we all generally lurk on almost all of the threads.
  3. I think it was around $70 just for the card. It is often the shipping that kills you.
  4. Honestly, with a good performance I think his price goes up. At his age and with his skill set, there are lots of people watching to see what he can do against reasonably strong opposition. He proved he isn’t just a minnow-killer against Haiti and was a few inches away from grabbing an equalizer against the US. At this point, he is just underscoring the value he would bring to a team. Landing at a mid-level club in a quality European league would be a pretty amazing outcome for him.
  5. Do we really expect him to commit at this point? Don’t get me wrong - I would absolutely love to see him in red and white. But are we just going on the fact that we have an injury to fill and he was on our 60 man list (and he unfollowed England)? Seems a bit of a stretch - but I really hope I am wrong about it. Maybe this is one of those lucky cases where he really does feel Canadian and patriotism is a major influence.
  6. It was the complete lack of confidence about taking a shot that I was most surprised at. We passed up multiple opportunities to have a crack at goal and instead chose to pass backwards looking for the perfect chance.
  7. I guess that is the part of offside that I find really odd. The fact that you can have a defender between you and the goal and still be deemed offside because the keeper went walkabout seems wrong to me.
  8. I watched the game on PVR and I am still not clear why Becky’s goal was deemed offside. I paused it and went back over it and it never looked like she was on an offside position when the original ball was played or when the second ball came through to her. At the very least, we should have been screaming for a VAR review. Maybe I am missing something obvious but it really looked like a good goal to me.
  9. Injuries aside, he hasn’t been able to crack the first team of an MLS side for basically 2 years. If getting assured playing time is priority 1 (and it is) I don’t think a loan to a team in the top division of a middling Euro league is realistic. Better for him to drop a tier and be relatively sure of playing time.
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