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  1. They may eventually have won, but Forge had the better play and they went to the 11th round of PKs. The decision was only correct insofar as they got pretty lucky.
  2. If he had scored I wonder if it would have been called back. He has to keep some forward momentum going.
  3. But he doesn’t move too quickly. That is twice he has guessed right but didn’t manage to keep it out.
  4. Yeah, weird that he didn’t get the call. I wonder if he tweaked something.
  5. Nothing whatsoever against CFM, but I am hoping Forge win just to continue raising the profile of CPL. But if Montreal do win, I would prefer if it was at the hand (foot) of Tabla.
  6. I have a bad feeling that Forge will regret not burying that nice set piece. That was a side foot into the net - and you won’t get a ton of chances like that.
  7. Davies off and Gladbach now up 5-0. It is hard to believe this is the same team that can look so effective in other games.
  8. That is bullshit. This game is over and Bayern are a trainwreck tonight.
  9. Even if true though, it seems like he is on a pretty solid trajectory so Herdman would not limit his thinking to what he saw almost 2 years ago.
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