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  1. You don’t play at this level without dedicating a massive amount of time to improving yourself at the sport. He is still fairly young and is basically an MLS calibre player. I am not sure I would be so quick to give up on the idea of pro footy. It’s not like being an engineer has the same sort of career window. I would def see what my options were in terms of soccer contract possibilities before hanging up the boots.
  2. If you look at what he said (vs what the author interprets) I don’t see a lot that suggests a strong interest in returning. He says what you would expect - he got along with some of the players, the club treated him fine, and he has to talk to the coach once his loan spell ends. That is all fairly standard - and I wouldn’t take any of it to mean that he has a strong interest to return. He just isn’t burning bridges, which is the smart/diplomatic thing to do at this point.
  3. That would be a crazy move. He was healthy last year - essentially the same player they signed in the first place - and they still farmed him out. If it was me, I would get away from CA for sure. He is entering his prime years. He can’t gamble another year of his career on a club that has seemed disinterested in him for a long time now.
  4. I like that there is interest as it is always a sign of how you are performing but I am not sure I would want yet another move. Larin is playing well in Turkey and has finally locked down a starting role for consistent game time. After loan spells and having to earn his way into the starting 11, I am not sure another move right now is ideal.
  5. Others have pointed it out already, but this grossly underestimated the level Larin is currently performing at. He may have underwhelmed for Canada at some points in the past, but he has a lot of years ahead of him and has really started to play well at club level. There is no way Akinola is ahead of him right now.
  6. Not exactly the prettiest, but they all count.
  7. Not able to watch the game but apparently Super Scotty just opened the scoring against Benfica. Woot woot.
  8. Two pts up on third place Sparta. We should be able to get enough off Sparta or Celtic to get through. Sparta's last game is against Milan, so someone is dropping points.
  9. Well, a win and a draw against AC Milan. I suspect at the start of the group, Galtier would have happily taken that.
  10. FYI, from the Google Timeline of the match: "With his back to goal, David lays it back to Bamba who strokes it into the bottom right corner."
  11. Yeah, I am not sure, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. If he didn't intervene, that pass gets eaten up by the waiting defender, so a crucial touch regardless.
  12. Milan with 62% possession but Lille with 7 shots to 1. Interesting.
  13. Out of curiousity, have you promoted on the V's FB page (I am sure you have)? I know there is some overlap in terms of membership with this site, but there are also a lot of folks on there who clearly don't know about CSN.
  14. I am not a trained ref, but I have never understood how someone can blatantly pull someone down to stop a fast break and not get a yellow. The only intent is to stop the play. To me, that should be an automatic yellow - if only to really discourage that sort of thing.
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