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  1. It does raise an issue I have always wondered about tho - is it risky to assume soccer will outdraw things like water parks, beaches, etc during peak summer. It would be a consideration if PEI ever got a D2 team. We basically get 8-10 weeks of peak summer and Islanders squeeze every bit of fun out of that time. For lots of folks - twenty somethings and family types alike - the idea of a soccer game isn’t the best option at that time of year. Someone like me would go, but even I would have family priorities that conflict.
  2. It is also fair to current owners who took the risk of launching the league - which was done prior to any large sponsorship deals. They committed to this thing (stadium builds, player budgets, promotion, etc) prior to knowing there would be millions come forward from the private sector. It is only fair that giving up their share of that comes with some kind of compensation - funded by the entry fee.
  3. Forge up 2-0 on goals from set pieces - one from a free kick that was crossed into the box and just went straight in and one directly in on a corner. Can’t be giving up goals like that.
  4. How many points would we have gotten for beating Haiti (or CR if the table had worked out the way people were projecting)? I am wondering if we were set up to squeak into the hex with solid GC and CNL performances and we screwed ourselves when we shat the bed in the QF’s.
  5. You mean like at work (he says during business hours)?
  6. Just got to watch some of the Cavalry Caps game and watched highlights of it and the York Impact game (was at Halifax Fury). Great to see chances by all sides. Crazy that York basically gifted the Impact both their goals (no idea why Ingram would make that tackle to give up the pk). They were a couple of brain glitches away from a 2-0 lead. That would have been wild.
  7. I don’t see how we could possibly justify not arranging friendlies if this was true. We obviously need FIFA points in this format so forgoing the chance to accumulate points would be suicide (barring the uber-conspiracy that we are aiming to be 7th and qualify that way)
  8. I love that the 3 CPL teams acquitted themselves so well last night (we were a blown offside call away from 3 draws) and I love that the 3 teams carrying the CPL banner are not the ones shown seniority preference by the league when it came to eligibility for CCL. No idea what will happen on round 2 of these matches but great showing yesterday.
  9. You thinking it looks like a single circle?
  10. Honestly, my main issue with the format is the retroactivity of it. If the CSA knew this was coming, they would have had a very strong financial incentive to book friendlies over the last 2 years. If we knew it was coming, maybe don't put out a B team against Mexico in the GC as those points would have been huge. Etc. This is like asking everyone in geography class for their scribbler and then telling them that 75% of their grade will be based on the notes they have taken.
  11. Someone remind me of what was wrong with the old process where all FIFA-eligible teams had the chance to earn their way into a spot in the 6 team playoff.
  12. The chance to watch Liga MX is very cool. Glad to see OneSoccer moving quickly to add quality content. Early on there was lots of speculation about value for money. This helps put that issue to bed.
  13. I absolutely hope this is right... ...but the pessimist in me....
  14. As seen on the V's FaceBook page: "Using the FIFA rankings to determine the final six is like using the number of cars sold worldwide to determine who wins the F1 title. Moronic." Seemed fairly concise.
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