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  1. Tomori 2.0 I wish these weren’t in the CMNT section so I could ignore them more easily. As it is, I am too weak to resist.
  2. Lol. Good luck ignoring him. He is going to be a ******* force of nature for years to come.
  3. Yeah, anyone downplaying Gretzky’s impact on the game of hockey is really just talking out their ass. Full stop.
  4. What the hell are we talking about again?
  5. The math part I get, but the public health control bit is silly. We are doing what every country is or will be doing - shutting down large events. Bad public health policy would be allowing these things to proceed.
  6. Someone with 1 post bumping a 17 year old thread by someone with 3 posts. Coronavirus is causing people to do some strange ****.
  7. I’m the Dominican Republic and my wife saw a guy at the resort with a Davies BM jersey on. #BigTime
  8. What post are you talking about because I see 5 posts and they are all you congratulating yourself.
  9. I would hope that the CSA would at least pursue the option of lobbying FIFA for a chance at the hex.
  10. The reality is that if games are prevented in future windows, countries absolutely have a claim that the process could be challenged. Sure that is my biased Canadian point of view, but seeking some sort of playoff given the exceptional circumstances (as long as catching ES is mathematically possible) isn’t completely out to lunch.
  11. I know the history, but honestly with the player pool we have, we have to become a team that isn’t worried about going into some bumpy Central American pitch and getting a result. We have the talent to power through these teams under pretty much all circumstances - we just need to consistently execute.
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