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  1. He is a midfielder that looks for a high quality pass and plays triangles. Not really a Lille type of player...
  2. Suriname beat them 6-0 and Bermuda beat them 5-0. I get what you are saying, and we may not break our new record, but I don’t see this as anything other than a comfortable win. I don’t see it being a reserve team insofar as we will want to continue to build chemistry. I am sure we will be under specific orders not to take any silly risks, and anyone carrying any sort of a knock will likely start on the bench, but I see us fielding a generally full strength team. We need to make sure we are fully integrated and familiar by the time we play Suriname - and hopefully Haiti.
  3. Yeah I don’t see the value of cashing in on a winning team if you completely gut it and kill any chance of competing at the top of the league again next year. Some sales, for sure, but I doubt they gut the team.
  4. Probably not the best tactic to counter one bad take with another. Not one is “blasting” him and no one is claiming “the dream is already dead”. People are simply pointing out that he has looked a bit out of his depth in the appearances so far. And that is fair - he is 16 after all. But it doesn’t change the fact that he may not be ready for that level of play and physicality yet. Acknowledging that isn’t writing him off in any way.
  5. I would be interested in the source of that because it just doesn’t make sense. The fact that Canada has teams in MLS in no ways means a developmental machine like RB will be able to tap into the Canadian youth player pool. To do that, they would realistically need either a Canadian MLS team (not happening) or a CPL team. The latter option is most definitely something I would support.
  6. I think there will be enough money involved that MLS will surpass Liga MX within the next 10-15 years. And while I am no US cheerleader, I think the USMNT will surpass Mexico in that timeframe as well.
  7. The reality is that there is no “North American market” to be captured in the way you seem to be implying. I doubt any more than maybe a handful of Canadians would cheer for the corporate MLS teams based in the US. Those teams would capture their local markets and maybe some neutrals who aren’t affiliated with a local team - though with the constant expansion of MLS theirs is continuously relegated to ever smaller population centres. Setting up shop in CPL would be an expansion of their brand - not an overlap. And with the development philosophy and transfer possibilities that a machine l
  8. Forgot to check in on the score but that was one I was thinking about earlier. Amazing that PSG dropped points. That is a pretty big deal for Lille.
  9. That would be so CMNT-of-old. But we are now on a different path. Both those teams will cash this year with huge contributions from Canadians. Book it.
  10. I get it. But this is a kid who has probably been in an elite stream for a long time. It is silly to pretend that the pandemic precluded any possibility of him working out and getting stronger.
  11. No offence, but if you are an aspiring pro, you get a weight bench. Some people used the first part of the COVID lockdown to really work hard. It would have been entirely possible for any of these kids to access weights.
  12. Anyone know where he is today? Not on the field or bench and I don’t recall any injury.
  13. It was funny, at one point Wileman commented that Gonzalez got across quickly on a specific play. I thought the word “quickly” probably needed air quotes. He is absolutely glacial.
  14. And it may be totally cliche, but I also think a guy like this needs to be absolutely dominant in the air. There is no reason why he couldn’t be a target on set pieces and win everything in the air in the middle of the park.
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