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  1. I've been as far west as Sooke, BC, as far east as New Glasgow, NS and as far north as Dawson City, YT. Only missing 2 provinces (PEI & NL) on my to see list and the other 2 territories. Born in Munich, Germany but lived here most of my life. What an amazing and gorgeous country. I feel so blessed to have grown up here.
  2. This might be a weirder take than any of your Covid related ones.
  3. I should clarify that after paying for this season's seats I never received my OneSoccer free subscription.
  4. I e-mailed them regarding this as I am a Forge SSH and had already paid for my season 2 seats. The response I received was that they were looking into it and would get back to me shortly. I can see now that it was merely a stall tactic and I am expected to fork out some more money to be able to watch these 'Island Games'. This seems beyond shady and is insulting to someone who hasn't asked for a refund for this season's seats so as to help the club out. I'm really re-thinking my commitment for next season and onward.
  5. I can't believe that this hasn't been hyped more on here by Forge fans. Huge signing along the lines of the David Edgar signing last season. Really solidifies our backline this season. Should also be a calming influence for Champions League. All of this assuming we get some footie this season.😁
  6. It's quite apparent that you have difficulties with reading comprehension so I won't bother making a point by point rebuttal because it would go over your head anyways. So I'll end the conversation now because you are actually right about one thing...this isn't the place for it and I don't want to hijack this thread any further. Have a nice night.
  7. I don't remember mentioning anything about politics just the same as SpursFlu didn't. He just spouted out some very ****** up views that I disagree with and provided my rebuttal. You didn't have any issues with what he said and yet you took me to task even though neither of our commentaries were political in nature. So why get so butthurt unless you're as much of a douchebag as he is because you share his views. In that case..you are the problem but you're too immature to understand that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Lmao I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Btw being anti-Trump is actually being pro-American...or have you had your head in the sand so long you don't know what's going on down there? Denial is not just a river in Egypt cupcake.
  9. The saddest thing about your take on this is that a douchebag like yourself will probably remain unaffected but I still have faith in Karma. In the meantime why don't you think about moving to the US so you can surround yourself with likeminded intellectuals and fellow Trumpians...might I suggest Florida as a destination...I hear the weather is awesome and the Covid virus hasn't affected life there in the least bit.
  10. It still is...one of the things I look most forward to every World Cup.🤣🤣
  11. What would you say is the percentage of people on here that agree with you? Just asking since I've had a rather lousy day and I'm sure your response will give me a good chuckle.
  12. Rather hypocritical of you wouldn't you say?
  13. I actually look forward to your posts now. You crack me up dude. Your insight is only surpassed by the originality of your posts. Keep it up my friend.🤣
  14. You mean final? They're both already in the semis on opposite sides of the draw.
  15. I thought you left for greener pastures? Please don't disappoint the rest of us.
  16. You're the farthest thing from family I'd want to have you asshat. Are you even listening to yourself? Since you value your personal liberties over the greater good of everyone else and you're obviously immune to the virus why don't you do some good with your superhero status and volunteer at a retirement home? I mean what's the worst that could happen? Well besides you killing off more of our senior citizens. Your utter ignorance is beyond upsetting...it is perturbing. I hope your own extended family stays the **** away from you.
  17. Please shut the hell up you inbred fucktard. Your two cents worth on every topic is neither necessary nor wanted. What is wrong with you...besides enjoying hearing yourself talk? Why don't you just sit back, read and learn something for a change? There are so many posters on here that make valid contributions even though they may be contradictory to each other at times. But most importantly they are willing to listen to other opinions without need for constant rebuttal. Also they don't feel a need to ramble on incessantly making multiple consecutive posts like you do. If you have something valid to add...please feel free to do so. Otherwise shut the **** up. I will now await my next banishment by some lame ass moderator that has a comparable IQ as TGAA_Star.
  18. Just exactly how often did you get dropped on your head as a baby? Do you talk to yourself a lot? Is Peggy your imaginary friend? I have so many questions...
  19. Dude you are beyond ridiculous. Why don't you spend some time gathering perspective instead of promoting pie in the sky scenarios. I love this sport as much as anyone but right now I couldn't give a **** about when it starts again. I'm too busy taking care of my family and worrying about their well-being. Do you even realize that we haven't peaked here in Canada yet in terms of this pandemic? Get a grip.
  20. Well with Borges gone from the Forge, who haven't signed anyone of note this off season btw, I could see him end up there. Fisk mentions wanting to take the next step up and show himself for the national team... where better than Hamilton with Champions League matches and a chance to defend a title. I know Ottawa has the financial flexibility but are they really a step up from Pacific FC?
  21. I'm pretty sure he's put everyone on ignore and is merely conversating with himself but I'm sure having said that I'll be banned by one of the administrators again for violating his free speech rights. Oh well 🖕
  22. I'm pretty sure he's many things but ok.
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