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  1. So you're calling @m-g-williams a liar? He has unequivocally stated what attendance was based on HIS attendance at these games but you refuse to take his word because it doesn't suit your storyline. I didn't think you could sink any lower but have proven me wrong again. You...in my own personal opinion...are the biggest cunt this forum has ever seen...bar none. I'll probably be banned again for a while for uttering those words but I'm wondering if the mods will have the balls to do something about you. I highly doubt it.
  2. Well at least now, if anyone else was in doubt, you've proven what an absolute piece of shit you are in relation to Canadian soccer. I can't speak to how you are outside of that but will hazard a guess that you're a fucktard there as well.
  3. Any word on where he has signed since being released by Saarbrücken?
  4. You don't have a clue what goes on there so stop your speculating and presenting it as facts. More of your wasted contribution on this forum.
  5. Bekker with an MVPesque performance. Defence very solid with Dejan having his best game for Forge. All around balanced game by Forge...they look like they're finding their stride again.
  6. So no Canadians stand out for you? Hmmmm...somehow I'm not surprised.
  7. You've argued all of those you fucking asswipe.
  8. Ozzie with a not surprising take on CPL's shortcomings and need to follow the USSF model. Never change Ozzie...you fucking douchebag.
  9. What happens when you get upset? Do you start making sense or something?
  10. 🤣🤣🤣 assume all you like. Your assumptions mirror your own contributions...misguided and erroneous.
  11. Agreed...but that goes for pretty well everyone on the roster...if you're not producing you won't see the field.
  12. Beats your all-knowing and insulting interpretation...but you do you PAL
  13. They may be but at the same time I'm trying to get some context here. Is he actually trolling, juvenile or god-forbid mentally disadvantaged in which case I would truly feel horrible about some of my responses to him. I obviously should have asked this before.
  14. May I ask...how old are you?
  15. Lol meant about the jersey announcement.
  16. This is what makes you such a mental midget. You talk about the CPL as if it were some established league and then point out all of it's faults(according to you). You also complain about the supposed biased narrative towards(or against) the MLS and how it's damaging Canadian soccer because it's not providing manpower for the national team yet. What you fail to point out though is that the CPL has only played two seasons so far(one of them in a bubble) and that the only narrative being pushed around here is your pro USSF and anti-CPL one. Whereas almost everyone else on here understands the need for MLS and it's academies and it's place in the hierarchy of the Canadian soccer pyramid you view the CPL as a useless endeavor unless it hitches it's wagon to the USSF system. Why do you even bother coming on here? Just take your sorry ass to the USSF and have yourself a massive circle jerk with like-minded asswipes.
  17. And the douchebag comes out of hibernation once again. Have a good sleep? Time to hitch your wagons onto the USSF again and show what a great supporter of Canadian soccer you are. You are nothing if not predictable 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. Seriously...you want to stop the back and forth and yet you come back with an absolutely ridiculous statement. Forge FC have not been allowed to train as of yet unlike most of the other teams so how do you figure they look good? Stop commenting just to hear yourself talk...I'm begging you.
  19. I'm all in favor of you staying gone to be honest...is that still an option?
  20. Please stop...I can't take much more of your ridiculous opinions and/or comments. I've never blocked anyone on here before but you are making that difficult. Can you limit yourself to contributing every second or third day? Just so I can take a mental break from you. Just a thought.
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