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  1. Davies is playing in the promotion game vs. Wolfsburg II, they lost away 3-1, now it's 2-1 in their favour at the half. It is on live feed here: https://www.br.de/mediathek/video/fc-bayern-muenchen-ii-vfl-wolfsburg-ii-im-livestream-fc-bayern-muenchen-ii-vfl-wolfsburg-ii-im-livestream-av:5ce518ee90b44e001a25bc24 Don't be confused, seems they just cut the feed during the break, but at 5 pm local time the 2nd half will be on again.
  2. I assure you, and I have posted to support it, that I think that Halifax has the best model so far of any CPL club. Downtown stadium, properly sized, good fan base, enthusiasm in the stands, good product on the field. I also think that of all the teams in the league, the place where a trophy would be most enthusiastically celebrated is Halifax. I just think you should count your lucky stars, I am amazed and jealous but I think you have been a bit fortunate it all fell into place the way it did.
  3. Spain has 4-5 starters from FC Barcelona who were not even called in, that will raise the level, as the top teams in Spain by far are At Madrid and FCB. I think against Cameroon playing like this, we have to win handily.
  4. The natural move for Pacific FC, maybe in a few years, is when interest flags from the Langford mayor and if fans tire of the haul to Westhills, they'll start talks with the city of Victoria on Royal Athletic Park. I don't want to get ahead on the question, because of now it is what it is, and you have to respect it, and especially the investment from a small municipality. I would not be surprised, however, if the PFC owners have already spoken with folks at Victoria City Hall. This same scenario on location might also be seen elsewhere, and really should guide the criteria of new clubs as think of options.
  5. He did, you got me there. But hey, I was not the one arguing that Nova Scotians like to **** in unhealthy conditions and were proud of it.
  6. Considering you have just started, that you are nowhere so far, and that Halifax is in a pure novelty phase still, you should be a bit more modest instead of bragging already. It is very newbie of you. You are the poster that said that having a properly built stadiums with proper washrooms and concessions was a snobbish Upper Canada thing? I'd hate to see what Nova Scotia schools and hospitals are like with that mentality--or maybe we are lucky you are not in charge of that.
  7. I am not sure but I believe that law requires you to state turnstile in Spain, and perhaps all over Europe. Maybe this has to do with knowing how many people and even who is at the game for security reasons. Official sell-back systems whereby clubs can ensure seats are filled the team is supported, merchandise continues to turn over and the revenue streams stay strong are essential; if some of the CPL clubs with weak attendance from higher-end STHs can roll those empty seats over to occasional fans (Cavalry centre stands, for eg), it benefits all around.
  8. Red Star lost 1-0 to Partizan in the final.
  9. For those who didn't see, the second half was similar to the first. Spain had some fresh legs in the middle and could break our pressure a bit better, but in general we dominated and took their game away from them. They had no real chances, they changed strikers and put on Nahikari but she didn't touch the ball. Huitema came on at the half and had a shot, she's good but still needs to learn off the ball movement; then Leon later had a chance blocked, she was also a sub. But we were missing the final cross or pass with a bit more intention: we tended to just toss it in after doing rather precise quick build up and then breaking through into the final third. Sinclair dropped back to participate more with Huitema on the field, so touched more 2nd half, also went to the wing and centred in, her mobility helped us. For me all of Scott, Lawrence, Schmidt, Beckie, Fleming, and the centre backs Zadorsky and Buchanan, all very strong. Lawrence was spectacular really. We played few subs, just 4, and it was clear we were giving our leading starters a full match where possible.
  10. My onesoccer stream started about 2 minutes late, then was fine, albeit 45 seconds behind Spanish tv. So I am watching Cuatro, as they also have better colour commentary. We had a fine half, pressuring the ball up high and in numbers. Spain had early possession, but we pushed that into mostly in their own half as they could not combine out, nor get their attackers ever into position to take us on. Lawrence has been great, but pretty well the whole team is very much on form and playing with high competitive intensity. Both teams have left strikers a bit alone up high, Hermoso for Spain and for us Sinclair, who was not very active this half. We just need to make those final combinations with a bit more intention. Overall, a very well competed half, played very cleanly as well, at close to full game pace.
  11. Now I figured that out, I found a full preview of our pre WC stage, organised by a local football tournament management company. All in the province of Guipuzkoa where San Sebastian is: http://www.donosticup.com/donosticup/de/canada-prepara-el-mundial-en-guipuzcoa.asp?nombre=9384&sesion=1&cod=9384 We arrived last Monday, play today, and have training, apart from the in La Real facilities, in Zarautz, which is a small nearby coastal town known for surfing, and Irun, right on the French border on the coast. On the 4th we are heading to Montpellier. I imagine they'll bus or train as there are few flights to Montpellier, that is about a 6 hr trip. Here we are training in Zubieta.
  12. Took me a while to figure this out, as there was nothing published, but the women have been training on the Zubieta practice fields of the Real Sociedad, near San Sebastian. It was maybe 100 km from the original venue, Pamplona, and maybe double that by road to Logroño. It is a very nice setting. If you look at the videos on the twitter account you can see they are in the upper field seen here. Edit: just occured to me that the Real Sociedad women's team won the Queen's Cup rather spectacularly just a few weeks ago, this is where they train as well.
  13. Well I had thought that they had a playoff vs. the B playoff winner, having come in 5th, but now I see that is not the case, you are right--it is the 4th place team, Antwerp. I don't know why it shows on many Belgian league tables that fifth place is Europa league playoff position. However, there is still a Europa League chance for Gent, as the cup winner Mechelen, that beat them in the final, is accused of match-fixing last year and the case is still open. If the accusation holds, then Gent gets their Europa League spot. I hope I am not screwing that up too.
  14. Since I'm up watching Raptors...you can't play all your best attackers at once. A normal team has 3-4 real goal scoring threats, and I don't get this business of people wanting 6 on the field. In any case, David is young and for me is not an automatic starter, there has to be a certain hierarchy, not just in quality but also in sense of responsibility. Let the veterans get the job done and then work the kids in so they are not asked to do the dirty work quite yet. As I see it. He has a home and away playoff next week to see who goes to the early Europa League rounds, which is another biitch for him: he ends season late, goes to GC, and the team is going to have to start early to get ready for Europa League if they make it.
  15. I agree, and I also like that we are in every game, and that we had a great chance to win last night. Add to that having been screwed by a few reffing decisions, which Pro said had been wrong, and then plain bad luck, like the own-goal last night.
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