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  1. You don't know Camacho was injured, and you don't know he was being taunted. Another version would be that he was recriminating that he was not injured (Montero's leg get's in there, but it is not clear there is contact) and that he'd faked going down, that it was Camacho who was embellishing trying to draw a foul against Montero. As for the hit, probably true, but if he hadn't been hit he would not have gone down and it would have been called back. I love it when what is considering "disgusting" by some is not quite.
  2. We could always argue it's a prestige move, our Cup draws so much interest we played it in the US. Voyageurs Cup on Tour.
  3. Yesterday their rep team in Europa League won, beat Linfield, so that suggests a decent level. BTW, they have a second division with 14 teams as well.
  4. Borjan I think is on half a million euros a year, and has strong personal ties in Belgrade. At his age, I am not sure he'd want to move anywhere until they say they don't want him anymore.
  5. Not sure. He was capped for Portugal vs. Kuwait I believe it was. Regardless, he is not going to be a Canadian national keeper or part of the mix, but he could certainly consider the CPL if he thought he could get some satisfaction from playing in Canada after two decades away.
  6. Dani Fernandes, I know he's not eligible for us but I think people appreciate hearing the latest. He spent two seasons at Farense in Portugal 2nd tier, as sub keeper, and now has signed for a team in Malta, Tarxien Rainbows, who were last in the top flight last season but did not relegate, not sure why. He turns 37 next week. I'd heard he'd gotten his first FIFA coaching license a while back, and know he was in Vancouver with some investments in gyms for a period before signing in Portugal again. I would suppose this is a last hurrah. How can Malta have 14 teams in top flight, in a country with half a million people?
  7. I haven't been paying attention, where would they play it? And it is a single match, not home and away?
  8. If Pacífic had made the final it'd still be up for grabs. If you're saying that the final counts, then only a major game from Hakeem García could challenge Bekker.
  9. He's a '99, he turns 21 next week. Isn't it funny how people you have blocked on this board always prove their mettle when you peek at their posts?
  10. I would not entirely underestimate Cyprus, and 2nd tier. At least as said they have links to their first division and to Greece. Last Canadian player I know who was there was Andrew Lebre, who then transferred to Lithuania this past January, so has not played too much. Not sure what's become of him. All I recall was that his team played out of a fairly large stadium in Cyprus.
  11. I think the general consensus is between Sancho, Haaland and Davies. On many a twitter feed Davies is favoured widely. Some of the other finalists make you wonder, you have to wonder why any reasonably good player at Man Utd always gets favoured. I personally think we are missing some real talents on that list, like the Swede Alexander Isak at Real Sociedad: mark my words, he's a super talent, but he's just on too modest a team to get noticed.
  12. "Johnny come lately, the new kid in town." But good twist you put on that, as if being a Henley lyric would give it more credence.
  13. I fully agree with you on Cavalry, but things change. They are not as dominant as they were last season, and their stars from last year are less stalwart, like Carducci. So I don't feel they deserve anything more than they are willing to take. Frankly, they underperformed when it counted in the finals last season, and this year they are up there and strong but not anywhere close to last year's image. I am basically in favour of any CPL team that can win it deservedly. Last year Hart seemed to be out of his league a bit, this year he's proving us wrong, and I think that is great. I'd be dissappointed, say over a twenty year period, that we had a team in the league that had never gotten to the finals, for example.
  14. I'm also hoping for HFX to win it, mostly because for Halifax it would mean a lot more than for any other team in the league. I also like the idea of a Maritime team winning in PEI. Next year I'll have a different pic if PFC don't get close enough.
  15. So this is likely "must-win" for Pacific, although a draw and an HFX loss keeps them there. Both teams have to improve on their last performance, especially when it comes to breaking through the midfield and getting chances on goal. I think individual performances in attack may decide it. Pls Pacific, no penalties.
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