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  1. I just assume he's eager to participate and a sincere fan, I don't think he's trolling in fact. It is just enthusiasm, I'd not make too much of it, although I too have seen the same oddities in posts. I follow a lot of Barça fans from the world over on Twitter, and frankly the level of normal soccer posting is what it is.
  2. The Dely Valdes brothers are from Panama. Still, true: I was looking at some Copa America squads, at Paraguay-Bolivia, and honestly did not know a soul. I mean I used to recognize a few at least. Really, if a rival fan were looking at names and club associations, they'd look at Canada and be very wary.
  3. He's a mid who can go forward and support the attack, and also score. Hutch had been playing that way all season in Turkey. Hoillet would be the other option, perhaps he is still not 100%. I just figure he has been chosen for that role if he is on the field (and he may not start just because they did a clip with him, Herdman decides who starts and has no obligation to tell the CSA). Who are our best attacking or transitional mids, right now, on this squad?
  4. You must admit it's amazing to try to figure out. I read French by the way, well enough to translate it. But this is something else.
  5. Paredes is a very strong addition to Barça, we really only have the two central backs. Some are saying that Engen may not be necessary, as we have a strong midfield. Others argue we may lose Hamraoui. Oshala might also be on her way out. Seems players will change if they can to get a slight salary rise, and it makes sense. BTW I think Fleming looked good these last matches and I wouldn't be surprised if someone thought they could give her more minutes than where she is.
  6. We went something like 19 games undefeated under Holger. And won a trophy. Herdman is still in knickerbockers beside him. BTW, will he be coaching the GC team between breathing exercises?
  7. Enough of the waylaying: this is now our most important match in years and we seem to be coasting. Let's talk about what we need to do to step things up and get the result we need with a strong performance. We need to go into the 8 on a high note, as that will confirm an upwards curve and give us some confidence going into matches where we'll have to get results against teams on paper better than us. First, we did not play well enough last Saturday to be overly confident. There were some problems on the pitch and we were nowhere near dominant in all phases of the match. While we are
  8. Enough of the waylaying: this is now our most important match in years and we seem to be coasting. Edit: wrong thread
  9. That's it, just for this I'll be posting an illegal stream for sure and please send your regards to me as well.
  10. So in deference to your predictive acumen, could you please quantify "light them up in Chcago" (which is a nice phrase btw)?
  11. Good one, also Haitian I believe, death squads for the successive dictatorships. Although I don't know where that name comes from.
  12. I agree. We are not going to be clear until we are two up with 20 minutes left. One up doesn't relieve the pressure, since if they luck into one then they'll push. Game management is key.
  13. Tonton just means "uncle" in a more colloquial use, it is what children say to their uncles; it has no specific meaning apart from that.
  14. I thought "save" meant a ball going on goal that the defender blocks, a ball that would be a goal if it did not touch the defender. But I defer to your understanding of the rule if I have it wrong.
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