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  1. Problem is our off-season does not really fit naturally with other leagues' needs. A loan from the winter transfer window to March, does not seem so useful. Last season was different. As I see it, you have to let the young guys go as they have to have the chance to try to test their careers.
  2. It's important for people on this board to understand what is at stake. Because I think too many people are sleepwalking through the moment. Anyways, @Obinna are you seriously making a comparison with someone doing cheap taunting of Muslims on the board and what I posted? But hey, if you and others want to push it'll come to shove, and everyone will lose.
  3. Buducnost means "The Future". It is a bit similar in Russian, but I don't think they have sports teams in Russia with that name. I must admit I do like the soviet Dynamos, cool club name. Also like the Serbian references to the rail system, the Zelenicars. Like that team in Argentina, Ferro Carril Oeste, which was actually founded by employees of a train company.
  4. Were there Pacific fans there last night? Just wondering from the sound of the goal celebration--or was that just the PFC bench? Campbell's finishing, and play in general, is quite mature, I am glad he is getting back his first year form. Still think he'd be a good catch for a transfer up, say to the a Scandinavian 2nd tier.
  5. This board almost was closed, and was within weeks of being denounced publicly in the press, due to the insistence of certain racist and white supremacist elements to use it to further their views. I know this first hand. We had whole fanatical threads on here, propagating white supremacist positions amongst fans purportedly supporting a racially, ethnically and religiously diverse national team programme. A good part of the "Qatar should not have the WC" thread also occults some of this, even now some is still there. At least the reaction eventually came from mods and admins, and I think most respect what this means. If that had happened, or even if it had been dealt privately with the CSA or politicians responsible for funding sports, with no press involvement, the Voyageurs as an entity would have lost the right to be distributing tickets for CMNT matches. It most certainly would not be constituting as a legal entity right now, or at least not under that great name. Regardless, the players of our NTs would speak out and not now want the Voyageurs to be involved in any way as a supporter group if our name were tainted in this way. People think that trolling, bad behaviour, controversy or being a bit hard on newbies is the problem here, and it could be in a sense. I'm a culprit there, for sure. But the real problem is that the board has to deal with bigger issues, a few years back the sexism was deafening and this was raised as a concern. If the CSA or those funding the CSA perceive that the Voyageurs are not a pluralist, open organisation that respects gender, cultural and racial diversity, simply the organisation would be pushed out and, eventually, closed down as the par excellence Canadian soccer supporter entity.
  6. I Googled you and discovered you are a famous child murderer. Or were you named after her? What were your parents thinking? https://allthatsinteresting.com/constance-kent Seriously though, I'm not going to blame you or anything, you were a minor, and apparently of another gender, when you killed that three year old.
  7. Was watching Getafe-Madrid the other day, and Getafe has Mexican Macias. Young striker. Constantly trying to provoke fouls, but intense, but pretty typical ineffective playing style the middle-range Latin-American attackers resort to, I don't think he was that dangerous. Also seen Guardado play lately, also has slipped down a notch. I am not saying Canada matches Mexico man for man, but we are not that far off and the only thing to fear is their overall passing and tactical play, plus home motivation, not individual talent. Looking at all these league matches where lesser clubs are getting results vs. stronger ones, it is the only way to take on Mexico IMO. We can't roll over as that would put us on our back foot, and embolden our rivals. If we can nab a point in DF that would be a major accomplishment and give us confidence going forward. Apart from allowing us to not be so pressured going into Jamaica, or coming back home. You have to be able to take something out of it, as I see it, so even if you don't get points you have gained other things.
  8. I'm totally lost with that one, sorry. Someone help. Edit: okay, got it, will.i.am not bad that one.
  9. It's on the slow-moving navigable Rhine, it's lowlands. I just went through once on the way to Weil am Rhein, just over the border.
  10. So, as we stand, in terms of transfers up, is Waterman the CPL's best success story so far?
  11. If you look at Dutch top flight it's the same, defending looks soft and in slow motion. MLS has a lot of goals in highlights that are weird bounces, odd rebounds and dumb errors. But I do agree that the CPL looks to have a low intensity defending. Especially in the middle. And as games progress. I'd like to see more physical intensity, closer marks and discipline defending.
  12. Hi @JamboAland others handling tickets: can we ask this question? How many tickets moved through the Voyageurs for the last two matches at BMO? Are you able to take those references, and seek to prep sales to the same set of buyers as the last window? Would any increase in tickets to be handled be justified? I am asking simply as I'm interested to know if you feel we should match last attendances, better them? Or if the Vs could be called on to take on more as WC qualifying progresses. All with the idea of strengthening the relative position of Canadian support in Canadian stadiums.
  13. He's starting for Nizhny against Arsenal Tula. That coach really likes him.
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