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  1. In relation to the above criteria for the Voyageurs Cup, following is a possible point or coefficient system for deciding ranking in draws, and the resulting points result from last year's competition. The system would only click into place after three years of competition. What do you think? COEFFICIENT/POINTS SYSTEM FOR VOYAGEURS CUP (CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP) Points for results 1 point for every draw in a Voyageurs Cup match 3 points for every win in a Voyageurs Cup match Points for passing rounds. The following points are applied once from the final round passed and are not accumulative. 2 points for qualifying for the Voyageurs Cup from a league competition other than MLS or CPL 5 points for passing a first round 8 points for passing into quarter finals. 12 points for passing into semi finals 18 points for passing into the finals 25 points for winning the Cup Forge FC 1 Vancouver Whitecaps 1 Valour FC 2 AS Blainville 2+1 = 3 Vaughn Azzuri 3 FC Edmonton 3 HFX Wanderers 3+4+1+8 = 16 York 9 4+3+1+8 = 16 Ottawa Fury 4+12 = 16 Toronto FC 6+18 = 24 Cavalry FC 6+4+4+12 = 26 Montreal Impact 4+6+25 = 35
  2. So let's draft some criteria for the Voyageurs Cup. The aim is to strengthen its prestige and defend its integrity. 1-The CSA should continue to seek out formulas to include the maximum number of Canadian clubs in the Voyageurs Cup (Canadian Championship competition). The criteria should be laid out clearly to include all professional MLS and CPL clubs, as well as semi-professional and amateur clubs competing in legitimate competitions, including USL2 and the provincial elite leagues. 2-The winner of the Voyageurs Cup should play at least 6 matches to be able to lift the trophy. This establishes a minimum criteria of participation, helps legitimise any final success, and ensures that no team receive a bye into semi-finals. 3-Canadian teams playing in Concacaf competitions should be considered for a bye into later rounds, which with the current participation level should be quarter finals. This is a standard practice for Cups throughout the world, and would allow Canadian clubs to compete effectively in representation of Canada on the international club stage. Currently this would include the previous year's winner of the Voyageur's Cup and the previous CPL champion. 4-Rounds previous to quarter finals can be drawn using regional criteria, to reduce travelling costs. The CSA should ensure formulas for amateur teams to cover costs incurred in travelling to compete for the Canadian Championship, whether through direct funding, broadcast rights or sponsorship. 5-The CSA should establish a ranking points system to assist in determining draws and byes for the Voyageurs Cup. Many formulas currently exist that are used by national associations and federations in FIFA. A possible system would be to accumlate these points over a previous period (eg 3 years). Until this point system comes into effect, the CSA should use historical participation in the competition as well as the other criteria indicated here to determine draws. 6-In the awarding of the Voyageurs Cup, fans of participating teams in the finals should participate in the award ceremony. It should be considered that original donors to the Voyaguers Cup and/or accredited longtime fans be chosen for this task, in a rotating system. Fans could also be chosen impartially through a draw from amongst requests for participation. 7-The Voyageurs and Canadian soccer supporters, as original founders and custodians of the Voyageurs Cup, call on the CSA and all Canadian holders of the trophy to ensure its optimal physical condition and proper display in the holding club's premises.
  3. On the Pacific thread it's been confirmed that Fisk is training with a pre-preseason group of players on the island. His Spain experience would possibly make him a prospect for Atletico, if they want to go there.
  4. Yes he was with Iraklis and they folded, but just the same, top flight Greece should enable you to handle CPL.
  5. Sorry, couldn't get that out of my head...
  6. Question about a former player: what happened with Emmanuel Zambazis last season? He had a pretty high pedigree in Greece, was in the orbit of their u-21s I thought, had minutes in top flight. That should have pointed to success in CPL.
  7. Wow, that is a high level signing for the guy if it works, thanks for the info. He gets rejected by a 2nd tier team in Denmark, another in Norway, a team at a lower level in Finland, and a mid-level top flight Danish side picks him up. Here's a Google translation of another article, pls excuse the oddities: https://www.tipsbladet.dk/nyhed/superliga/aab-overvejer-kontrakt-til-proevespiller-han-passer-godt-ind Aramis Kouzine scored for the AaB's reserve team on Monday afternoon, and now the club has to decide whether the test player should have a contract. The head coach thinks Kouzine is reminiscent of a former AaB bomber. When you attack as a trial coach in a new club, the best thing you can do is score goals. So did Aramis Kouzine for the AaB in the reserve team league on Monday afternoon. Now the club is considering giving him a contract, head coach Jacob Friis told Nordjyske. The Canadian with the musket name just had to spend ten minutes on the board against AGF. Later, the overlap also hit him. So Aramis Kouzine turned out well and in the coming time, AaB will decide whether to have an appointment. He is an exciting player. We have been searching for a different type of kidney than the ones we have in the squad right now. And there he fits in well. Without wanting to make the comparison one by one, I think I can see a little Lukas Spalvis in him, says Jacob Friis to Nordjyske. The striker has recently been associated with the Ukrainian club Dnipro, but he never broke through on the first team. In December he got his contract canceled. In January, Aramis Kouzine appeared in FC Fredericia, where he was on trial training, and here he also scored in a test match, but it was not enough for a contract. Neither in Finnish IFK Mariehamn nor Norwegian Raufoss did he succeed in signing a deal. AaB is missing a striker after the club sold Mikkel Kaufmann to FC Copenhagen in January. In the first round of spring, head coach Friis had moved Kasper Kusk in centrally, which was a success. Kusk scored twice in the 2-0 win over Silkeborg IF.
  8. Thanks for that, great tip. Where do they train, out in Langford? I was just going to ask about Haber. He has not picked up a contract in the winter window in Europe, so I was curious why folks are so sure he won't re-sign.
  9. I think we should definitely call Vitoria and play him as someone sitting on the bench late in the season can often get a boost from a National Team call-up. Just his training level is going to be higher than most of our other CBs.
  10. Just to add: on weekends you are not pressed and you just go earlier, the ambience at the stadium is excellent so it's worth planning food or a beer there, parking is not the most serious of problems (it could be better but stadium size makes it less hard). 7:30 on a weekday is tough, and at this time of year it's still dark, you are not even enjoying the day while at the stadium. Being a Friday does compensate but even then, not ideal. The match itself will be a great deal though, CMNT and most seating is within a couple of rows, you are going to see our best very close up, a real treat, even the cheapest seats.
  11. 95% of fans in Greater Victoria have to go in the same direction to Westhills. On one single main road, with basically a single secondary option. Alongside those commuting back home to that and nearby bedroom suburbs. Traffic is unnecessarily bad in Victoria. Even on weekends when everyone goes in all imaginable directions as long as there is a big-box shopping option at the end of the route.
  12. I just think we have to be a bit cautious about striking. Atlético Madrid picked up Joao Felix from Portugal for this season, he was probably amongst the best young striking prospects in Europe, and he has really struggled. Then there is Haaland, but he has an outstanding physical presence and wisely went to the right place. So you have to be careful about not shooting too high. I can honestly say that in Spain David would struggle in top flight, except on very specific teams that are more dynamic and creative and give their kids freedom, like Real Sociedad. They have Odegaard and Isak, who is a cool talent, but they are the exception. Most are just bogged down in avoiding relegation or squeezing out an away draw. There is a lot of anxiety across the table. The modest teams do not have strikers like David, they have tanks who can nail goals, and if they score 8-10 in a season that's a lot. I would agree with those saying that going to France to a strong mid-table club would be interesting.
  13. Regarding @Stouffvillain's post above, I admit I was unsure about Brennan before the season started. Maybe the way York9 were going about things in general. Also certain pomposity on Brennan's part, it seemed he was very self interested, or maybe cocky. But those quotes are irrefutable and I am pleased if he is doing that kind of job with the young talent, all credit to him.
  14. Looks like a great turnout for something merely informative.
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