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  1. Actually, it is probably not going to work that way. He said some garbage, he insulted others and the league directly, and if he does have a role in the new Ottawa team, any reporter is free to ask him about it. And I doubt he'll say "tough **** move on". He's already misinterpreted his role once, if he does it again depending on whether his employer sees him as a liability or not, he may find he's the one who will have to move on. That does not change my opinion that for At Madrid someone like him might make them comfortable coming into an unknown entity like CPL.
  2. He just dug himself into a hole being zealously loyal to his employers--to the possible detriment of future considerations elsewhere. It was a misinterpretation of the role. In sports you don't have to slag others to defend your own, it happens a lot, but it can be avoided. But then At Madrid comes along, and it looks like a perfect fit: At Madrid could care less about internal CPL bickering, and JdG doesn't have other options in Canada right now, barring a future move to an MLS team, or national team coaching. But I am not even sure if he has his coaching licenses in order--does he?
  3. Yes, but he was on par with Manny in Spain before that. You never know.
  4. I seriously doubt Atlético Madrid would agree with you. If they have already been in Ottawa and spoken to people, the one person they would recognize would be Julian, who also happens to speak Spanish, know the Spanish league better than any other player, even have insights into Atletico. I would imagine he was a selling point, although of course the team could work with someone else, and you are right to say another could also do a good job. But maybe not on such short term notice. As for another's suggestion about Bunbury--he has great enthusiasm, but has no hands on, day-to-day experience. Julian does. I would even argue that the club loyalty JdG showed to Fury last year, which was a bit obnoxious and even insulting in some details, could be seen as a virtue in this context.
  5. I don't think that we can underestimate the role of Julian de Guzmán, if that is the case. Here is a guy who will want to keep his job, for one, has strong Spain connections (he was a high enough profile player, people know who he was), and might be involved in ensuring a transition. Including not releasing players or at least retaining them. But I still wonder if they put money down or signed pre-contracts to ensure all this. Or if OSEG got paid to ensure rights to the stadium, to the club infrastructure.
  6. Well then you nailed it and I missed it, but good show. I'm impressed. Now we have to come up with a new question: could At Madrid have paid something to OSEG for them to pull out of Fury, abandon the USL deal and leave a clean path for the new owners to step in? Or put down some kind of guarantee early on, which would explain why so many players are still available?
  7. I'm totally in favour of the speculation, since it is fun. What was good about the whole Atletico Madrid case is that we would never have guessed. Except for that one post, after the fact, when someone said he knew that AM people were in Ottawa six weeks ago. Why didn't that guy tell us then?
  8. I agree that Carducci is ready for MLS, I don't think he is weaker than about a third of current starters. So as a sub player, could be interesting. He'd have to really like the money offered though to move, as where he is he's a sure starter and is gettting CMNT call-ups on that basis--which also happens to be extra income for him.
  9. Of your last twenty posts, half have some factual base, half are speculative. And whenever you get in a hole, you taunt the other poster with your typical "Have your been hanging out with the Parrot?" or similar, your go-to argument. When you are as in the sky as he is. So speculation, trolling, cheap shots--and then the other half worthwhile informed posts. I can understand why you feel comfortable on this board, I do too.
  10. Misik and Manny Aparicio were both at Ordenes in Spanish 4th tier together. They were relegated. After Manny went up to third tier Izarra, Piette's old team, and Misik sort of moved laterally. So he must have close contacts with Aparicio still, which might also suggest a possible destination.
  11. The entire board speculates on things we know nothing about, and has for decades. So basically you are calling all of us dickheads. Including yourself. Good show.
  12. Tell us why that is, would you? Thunder Bay seems to be very well run and has a long and rather distinguished history in PDL/USL. I have no idea about the team, but if you have not won a game in 2 years, in PDL, that is a problem. Often rivals have come in on brutal travel schedules, you should be able to wear them down. Happens the son of a person I do occasional work for here in Barcelona has his son studying in the US, at UMKC on a soccer scholarship. He played during the summer for Kaw Valley, the Sporting KC affiliate, so faced WSA twice this past season.
  13. When WSA was the absolutely worst team in the entire PDL last season? The worst of something like 72 teams. How is that a good source of players? Even Thunder Bay would be a better source.
  14. I used to hear Barça board members going on about having an MLS team, and they clearly had no idea what they were talking about. Starting with what to do with a massive Nike deal in a league that is all Adidas. I think they simply do not think it through. Having multiple teams does not really help Manchester City, unless it allows for a stronger financial base; fan bases are different, I bet there are more United fans who go to NYCFC games than City fans. City if Puma and NYCFC in the Adidas deal, can't imagine either brand is happy with sharing the client. Maybe if you are Red Bull it is different. I honestly do not understand what Atletico thinks they are going to get out of this. Maybe they think they can drive some merchandising, I don't get the business side of it at all.
  15. If you want I can try to argue (or explain) why diving in soccer is more natural and much less shameful than embellishment in hockey or, more flagrant, flopping in basketball. It has to do with a loose ball that is not held and manipulating it with the same instruments you use to keep balance (feet, legs). You watch b-ball now and everytime a player drives to the hoop he screams, as if hit, or touched, whether true or not. Arms flail. Only because the game is changing and has gone outside this has not gone overboard, but it still happens 20-odd times a game. Or maybe more. Then there are those threes taken with little time left on the shot clock, in forced position, and the shooter trying to buy a foul by kicking out his feet or leaning into a legit defensive move (referring especially to you know who). Being obsessed about diving in soccer, over and above other problems in the game, is simply to have a personal complex, it is not the sport's problem. In any case, what we got from Clanachan trying to dictate the game at the start of last season was a bunch of terrible challenges and violent plays, many of which were not sanctioned on the field. Defying the rules of the game. It was irresponsible of Clanachan to try to condition a way of playing, through reffing, that resulted in violation of FIFA rules. Irresponsible? The refs should have told him to screw off, that they had an obligation to the rules of the game, not some Commissioner making up alternatives. Fortunately the problem was fixed by the end of May and refs did their job, for the most part, excepting a few notorious games and plays.
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