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  1. I think you better check your facts there. In any case, there are 8-9 internationals, including one that, albeit signed recently, played in Copa America. For a start....
  2. Tabla does not play for FCB, is not signed to them, so would not be loaned out by them. He has one more year of contract at Barça B, who could loan him if they both agree to a deal---but agree that both Millar and Tabla need minutes, and both would benefit from starting a season at a 2nd tier team (or MIllar in SPL), where they can be part of a team and its system from day one).
  3. Great thread title Robert, one of your "best"
  4. Oh god I go to certain music festivals with a kids section, and it is only for obnoxious parents who think their children are idiots--and who actually hate the music at the main festival and just go to parade their offspring around as cool trophies. I used to take my kid and nieces and nephews to the Southside at Swangard, in the harder core days, and they all came away loving it. The idea that children need to be protected from drinkers, or friendly revellers, is just stupid puritanical Canadian BS. That massive stand at the end, in lovely wood, terribly set back from the action, for "families". Who the hell came up with such nonsense? That should be the Pacific FC "Kop", it is steep and will resonate with the roof--and let children run around and not have to sit on the end where you are now.
  5. I was also shocked last night when I logged on and saw a Chinese League match at the top, that took me aback. I won't watch China, but Mexico, Cavallini, the odd time I just might.
  6. In all seriousness, agree with what you say but you cannot make that claim about TFC: they have been shamelessly gifted this bye into semis, which puts egg on the CSA's face, pandering to them that way. I mean, if they are going to be pampered, fine, but no need to start making them favourites on top of that.
  7. Because they never get to see Impact at TFC. Because your GTA soccer fans who are not TFC fans are really very knowledgeable about the Impact. Because Impact is the motivational factor a fan in north Toronto really needs. Because you never stop with these idiotic posts.
  8. I was heartened to see the fans out, and the supporter section really well stocked with nice banners. York9 colours are great, better than that shirt even. If you can get a stadium together without those garbage sight lines, so far away and really tinny looking, you would for sure raise your game-day experience and crowds with it. I know this is totally unfair, but watching Ingham on those goals, both of them, makes me wonder what the betting lines were like today. Hate myself for saying this.
  9. My feeling is that if you can put Babic and Milunovic in front of Borjan, with Gobelijic and Rodic as outside backs, the chances for a clean sheet are much higher. That, it seems to me, is the difference between making semis at the Gold Cup: Gobeljić, Babić, Milunović, Rodić
  10. I did not join you as I am getting old, and my peers have health issues impeding standing. Next time I will come and join in and be happy to. I think that the section looked good, was colourful (also incorporating pride), and was the only bit of fun in the stadium, which was really nicely set up, and attractive, but had real dull fans. Even the supposed family/kids section was duller than normal, from what I have seen. I think it is fine if you are in the supporter group, drumming or whatever. From the outside drumming is okay in an abstract way, but chanting is more engaged. When a group of your section did a chant against the ref, a classic one, it was heard--or at least I identified it. But it still was made over top of the drumming, so it was less effective. I have a similar problem with our supporter group at Barcelona for futsal -they just chant and drum endlessly and blindly and do not allow the crowd to participate in the texture of the game. So that in effect they do little to add to home advantage, I know many people who are otherwise fully in favour that specifically criticise them for not paying attention to anything going on. I don't think your PFC is that extreme, by any means, and I was glad to hear you, but there is a question there, that is all.
  11. Smaller club, but were above them in the table this year. I see it as a good move considering Raya seems untouchable.
  12. Considering this is the first bad loss since the early weeks of the season, I don't think much should be made of it. The real problem is the incapacity to win at least a few of those many draws they seem to play for.
  13. This was an entertaining game, in the end. It started with Pacific being timid and unsure, Cavalry not really pushing. And the age and experience showing with the first two Cavalry goals, even though PFC did have a few chances to score first half as well. 2nd half was more clearly Pacific, and the goal was well taken, Issey finally doing something to make a difference. But Cavalry came back immediately to pull it back to a two-goal game, pretty well killing it. Considering PFC are playing kids, they do very well. You can see the maturity difference with Cavalry players, they have more depth and experience and they can beat this version of PFC without really even having a strong game. I sat with friends, not in supporter section but close, who were lively with multiple drumming: more drums than chants, for me I prefer it reverse. Drums drown out crowd ambience, in the end what gets a team feeling they are supported are human voices, chanting and singing, not instruments. Anyone can join in on a simple chant, you add to the overall support that way. Also, we need to hear the fans jeering bad calls, applauding goals, responding to the flow of the game, good plays; but if you cannot be heard over the din, you will shut up. So not sure about the glut of drumming, sorry to say. Maybe a dozen Cavalry supporters made noise for their goals. In general, however, the atmosphere is very dull and uninspired, the stands were not full on a perfect day, and the crowd was not really into it. No idea how there could be so few kids there, such a thin cross-section of fans, no youth clubs or summer camps--gotta do better. Very good game day amenities, support, staff and organisation on the part of Pacific.
  14. I see that@onesoccer does not have the post-game press conferences for the 2022 Saskatoon - Québec City opener, really frustrating, but that @Rocket Robin has already posted them on his website: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/soccer00.htm
  15. Hi @Rintaran just want to say. I did an analysis of this last summer, and I think it shows you are mistaken: RAP can be shared. Instead of looking at the big picture and not breaking it down, you just have to analyze the details. And they show that most certainly RAP could be shared with the Harbourcats. Here is what I wrote in May 2018, on the Victoria CPL thread. But just to articulate part of the idea as stated, taking the present season schedule, 6 of the 14 home games would be played after the Harbourcats season has ended, so zero interference. Four were played before the baseball team's season started. Meaning with current schedule, 10 of 14 home matches would not involve any changeover at all. So four (five with Voyageurs Cup) changes in a season, is that not feasible? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Let me just make the argument for Royal Athletic a bit better. First, as mentioned, it is close to the downtown, fairly central, and easy access. Second, it has more tradition as a sports venue, and had PDL soccer a few years ago. Next, it has over 3000 seats as is. The configuration is not 100% baseball, as there is a long stand centered on the soccer pitch, basically 1st base line. Covered. Then some extension to what would be first base line to the outfield, not covered. Then the baseball stand behind home plate, covered in the middle, not on the sides. So it already has a basic convertible baseball-soccer set up in terms of stands. The entire opposite side could be adapted with temporary or more permanent stands for soccer. The wiki says it could go up to 10,000. Fourth, the pitch is quite nice, grass. Fifth, the HarbourCats baseball season is last week of May to early August. So basically, if you started mid April, you could have the set up a month, then after the second week of August, it is all yours too. I just looked at the Harbourcats schedule, of that 10 week season, just half they are playing away on weekends. So potentially you are not even in direct conflict, but would have to convert those times. Conclusion: my impression is that the City of Langford has moved more aggressively, with greater vision, in seeing their stadium investment plays out. Though I have no idea if Victoria stalled, rejected, or was simply slow on the uptake.
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