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  1. With PSG's 2-2 draw today, Lille can tie them in the standing with a win on Sunday. Another 4-5 teams are also in a fight for the league lead, with some like Marseille having games in hand.
  2. If he has his Eng degree from U of Alberta, that is far more solid than 90% of NCAA options. Just saying. I think if your dream is the sport, live it, since it is not a question of money only. it is very rare to play pro soccer. He's gotten his matches, and it may be worth exploring another contract or two if he can find them.
  3. Thanks, agree that it is rather interesting and the guest from the FT was very solid. A couple of things. First, that Mediapro did make their first payment (out of how many a year I don't know), so that alters the negotiation somewhat. Ligue 1 can't argue total bad faith on their part. Then, since you have other cases as mentioned of renegotiation for games cancelled during the pandemic, like in Italy with Sky, that sets a precedent for renegotiation. Now, it is a different type of non-compliance, as during Covid no games were delivered by leagues, and now they are, but that is another p
  4. Just an observation about Bodo/Glimt, they played AC Milan in the qualifiers for Europa League and Hauge did so well in a losing cause they signed him, early October. Hauge is a '99. Yesterday he seemed quite solid, mobile, had a few chances as an attacking mid on the right; he's scored for Milan already. Just saying that the exposure can't be underestimated. Edit: also says a lot about Bodo/Glimt, they lost a leading player, with 14 goals and 10 assists in 18 matches to the end of September, and still won the league.
  5. He's been playing as a 10 the last few games, so what gives? We have him as CB and Besiktas is moving him forward as he ages.
  6. Good job, enjoyed that. Chenard is a solid ref, remember a match or two in CPL last season. Unlucky for her to fall ill before the WC in France. Some of the questions are okay, as they get good answers, but some were just silly. I Well done overall, wish her the best of luck.
  7. In a 38-game season, by all means, definitely. Two years ago Betis killed us at home in the greatest performance of a visiting team in years, and we just stood up and applauded them. They were amazing. Then we won the league. It makes perfect sense, because a league is a complex narrative in the standard format, there's a unique story line every time any team is at the top of a table after 9 months. I also remember losing leagues basically because of dumb losses to weak teams, when Ronaldo Nazario de Lima was with us we lost a league by not beating the worst team, Hercules, twice. So tha
  8. I know you have to show up for playoffs, but TFC getting knocked out, and Union, and Timbers, makes you feel the set-up is weak. One shot and you're out, all these leading sides have a bad day and the season is out the window. So what is the point again of having a great season? Don't want to sound snarky but it devalues the whole league, IMO.
  9. You got it. We played a ton of these kids tonight, 5 teens, including 2 Americans, and won 0-4. If you are rebuilding it is the only way to get satisfaction out of the experience of not even trying to win a trophy. Pepple: it is not common for teams in Spain to accept trials, they are simply not done. So I don't have too much hope for him, unless he can get onto a B or u-19 team of a Liga club.
  10. Any hints as to where he might be, please?
  11. You must be the only person on this board living in Wawa
  12. I agree that Davies deserved to be ahead of Fati. And Haaland, IMO, for the Champions win and his role in it. If Davies had not been injured and had gotten in a few more matches with some stellar moments, including in Champions league, he may well have won. Just as if David had scored a few over these past weeks he would have gotten more points, no doubt.
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