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  1. Made the team of the week this week. Never felt super confident in him until the last year or so. Now he is certainly a part of our strongest 11.
  2. 6 Canadians starting for Montreal tonight. None for Toronto. Both games being shown at the same time on TSN. As a Canada fan, how could anyone watch Toronto?
  3. If Johnston can't play then we absolutely have to play a back 4. Laryea, ZBG, Guitteriez, and Bassong are all pretty solid option to put in at RB.
  4. Forward for Forge FC Born May 11, 2001. 20 years old, 6'1" https://forgefc.canpl.ca/forge-fc-signs-canadian-attacker-pacius/ I think he has done enough in a short period of time to deserve his own thread. Has scored 4 goals in 6 matches for Forge. 1 goal every 85 minutes. Has scored with both feet and a header. Was 1 of only 5 forwards invited to Montreal's preseason, so likely on the cusp of MLS, but has settled in nicely for Forge and will hopefully further his development. https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/soccer/2021-02-26/le-cf-montreal-amorcera-son-camp-d-entrainement-lundi.php
  5. I wonder if Buchanan starts this game at rb. With both Kohnston and Laryea playing every minute they may need a rest. Also this allows us to put another offensive weapon on the field. If we play with 4 at the back it allows TB to push up.
  6. I refuse to be intimidated by a team that has Zavaletta as their starting CB. Maybe it's a tough place to play away, but I'm sure he will revert to his normal form in Toronto. Side note. Is this game for sure on OneSoccer. I don't have Sportsnet 1.
  7. Everyone saying those yellow cards were needless I think is incorrect. I believe they were both pretty hard challenges on Pulisic, which may have been bu design.
  8. I wonder why he isn't taking corners. Can clearly get good crosses into the box.
  9. Or Miller, who the infraction was with, and Piette, Pantemis, ZBG, Waterman, Breza, Choiniere, Bassong... etc can ride him the rest of the year for bein a POS
  10. Yes, start Laryea at rb, his strongest position. Assuming we are goin with another attacking lineup for the last game.
  11. I agree it is t ideal. It is just silly to say that it is the end of the world and we can't afford to lose another game.
  12. Johnston was one of our best players. Him, Vitoria, and Kennedy is pretty good back 3. I dont understand how we dobt have someone playing on the right.
  13. This is huge for Canada. Sportsnet shows the home games and TSN the away game. Are the networks actually fighting for this. There is a article on the front page of Sportsnet, but it doesn't mention that they are carrying it. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article/world-cup-qualifying-keys-canadas-opening-matches/
  14. ZBG posted on Instagram that is is downtown Toronto. Likely part of the taxi squad.
  15. I was curious what people's thoughts were on who do you cheer for in the other games? Do you want US and Mexico to win all their games? Do you cheer against Honduras regardless of opponent?
  16. When is the latest Jamaica can release a roster?
  17. I was pretty impressed with how much time Pasher has been getting, until you realize that Houstons alternative is Griffin Dorsey. Talk about a team with no depth.
  18. Does anyone know how to get a single ticket? Will there be a walkup?
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