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  1. He couldn't make it in Turkey. Why would he be that much better in England? I hope he does well, but I wouldn't mind seeing him stay in Belgium or go to a Championship level team.
  2. He has played most of their preseason games as a starter so far. With an awesome forward/midfield group their would be less pressure on him to perform.
  3. Leuven play again tomorrow. With only two days between matches would expect alot of squad rotation. Would expect him to get some time.
  4. The first 2 articles on transfermarkt are about Davies! https://www.transfermarkt.com/market-value-update-davies-in-the-top-10-among-left-backs-haaland-up-by-euro-15m/view/news/354578 Just had his value increased to 40 million euros! Top 20 in Bundesliga and 148 in the world. 3rd in CONCACAF. Also, as pointed out by transfermarkt 7th most valuable left back. Excited to see David's next update, as so far their values have almost been identical.
  5. Noone seems to really know what this means... however, European teams/leagues have been developing talent alot longer than we have. If so e of these teams want to associate with Canadian soccer it can't be a bad thing for us.
  6. It could be worse.. Sportsnet, who has the Bundesliga rights, is showing a dog show today
  7. Scored another goal in the preseason off of a misfit from the goalie.
  8. Sander Berge, the most valuable player in Belgium and valued at 22 million just sold to Sheffield United for 26 million. This leaves David as the most valuable player in Belgium.
  9. Scored on a header in a friendly today.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/B71D6WRJO_p/?igshid=1cju73i547fp6 Dont know if this link worked, but Carducci was given a VW GLI as an award for winning premier performer award.
  11. Actually I was the one who through up the link about the 250k. It was reported by Steve Milton of the Hamilton Spectator. Steve has been following CPL prior to its existence, so I assume he is pretty well connected, especially with Forge. I also dont believe that he would make up numbers that end up front page of the sport's section without some kind of confirmation from somewhere. If you really feel like figuring it out send him an email. smilton@thespec.com
  12. Played the second half for LAFC in a friendly against Penarol. Signed by Phoenix Rising for this upcoming season and it appears there is a lot of player movement between the clubs with LA loaning players down. Not sure why LA would give him time in a friendly unless they had a bit of interest in him.
  13. Are you talking about Pasquotti? The guy from Lethbridge?
  14. This story from the Hamilton Spectoator by Steve Milton (who has wrote about the league prior to its existence) reported that the transfer fee for Waterman was in the 35,000 - 40,000 range and that Borges will be about 10 times that much. Also believes his salary will be about 250,000/year. https://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/9816981-forge-sells-top-scorer-and-that-s-a-good-thing/
  15. Awesome to see Borges move on, but would really like to see Forge sign some new players. I realize they have some cohesion, but almost every other team has made improvements. Also, would like to see them do well in CONCACAF league, which they clearly need to improve for.
  16. Leuven is in a good place to get promoted. Mechelen, who got promoted last year, are currently 7th this season. So there is alot of movement in the league.
  17. The David effect.. Also with all the talk on here about multi club Ownership, OHL is owned by King Power who also owns Leicester.
  18. If anything US teams would be less inclined to sign Canadians now that CPL is here. There used to be alot less demand for them and less options and therefore cheaper. Maybe we are just producing better players than we used to.
  19. This was kind of my question about Waterman. Doesn't he make himself much more attractive as a free agent, thereby saving the team a transfer fee? Why would anyone who can move up a level resign if there is interest from another club?
  20. Anyone have any idea why Montreal didnt just sign him as a free agent prior to him signing with Calvary?
  21. I follow European soccer, especially champions league alot and until yesterday when someone mentioned it yesterday I didnt even realize it was AthleticO. If someone finds out Ottawa is owned by a Spanish club, they are either 1) going to be knowledgable about the situation to know it is Madrid or 2) have no idea who Bilboa or Madrid is and what the significance of an O at the end of athletic means.
  22. Some articles related to clubs owning multiple teams. Aka MCO, Multi Club Ownership. Consensus seems to be that it generally beneficial for both sides financially, player movement and bringing recognition to smaller team. The downside is for the other teams in the league as one team has a distinct advantage over the others. https://beta.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/07/03/7-football-clubs-that-own-other-clubs/?amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/the-club-collectors-have-got-their-hands-on-watford-charlton-and-maybe-leeds-the-next-step-as-with-9116168.html%3famp https://www.footballbenchmark.com/library/multi_club_ownership
  23. I dont think we have had a player in La Liga since de Guzman and noone in La Liga 2 now that Tabla is gone. If CPL can develop a player good enough for either of those leagues that is incredible.
  24. I think so as well. I used to have a coach like that. It was good for about 2 minutes of the game and the other 88 were super annoying.
  25. First time lucky, second time coincidence.....but if we can send 3 good players to Belgium, I would expect them to start sending scouts over in droves.
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