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  1. Played well today. Certainly looks more comfortable in a DM position than whatever Henry was trying to do. Makes every 23 man Canada roster for me.
  2. I guess it shouldn't really even be a shock at this point, but he didbt even make the bench for today's game. Thought he looked dangerous at the Olympic qualifying. Thought he would have gotten a bench spot for a late game sub. I have no idea where hw goes from here career wise. Maybe Scandinavia, but he should be so much better than that. I know not every player attached to Barcelona makes it, but I dont think there are many that drop so quickly. He could be injured, but I have seen pictures of him training this week, so not likely.
  3. Don't think it was that big if a deal. Maybe was going to put his hands in the air to cheer, but then ran back to centre. I dobt think it needs looked into it and haven't seen enough to know what kind of attitude he has.
  4. Has been mentioned in another topic, but also set up Bradley for a sitter that h le blasted over the bar. This guy is unreal. Takes over a game and walks around people at will.
  5. At least Miller has been good. Need at least 1 of the 3 cbs playing rondo well.
  6. Will be interesting to see where he ends up. He is kind of in a similar position to Akinola. Played youth for a different country...can play for Canada and fight for a spot or go to TnT and be almost a guaranteed callup. Hopefully Osorio, Laryea, etc are super dope, persuasive guys to make everyone see the light.
  7. So TSN dropped KJ to pick of JDG? Really doubling down on the CPL hate.
  8. For those of us putting our kids to bed, can someone give me a quick rundown of what the issue is? I only watched the first 15.
  9. I get that they had alot of regulars out. No question about that. I am just surprised that they don't have more options within the second team or that they could recall some of their loans. For instance Zirkzee, Meier, Cuisance, or Dajaku may have been good options to have. Sending these guys on loan may have cost this team the Champions league. Even Choupo-Moting as essentially Lewandowski backup is very underwhelming. I have no idea how a guy with those numbers ends up on such big clubs.
  10. Crazy that a team like Bayern doesn't have a bit more depth. I realize that this is how Davies got a shot, but still. Really the only option that had on the bench that was offensive was Musiala. Kind of annoyed on how some people have turned on Davies. He is still our best player and the best player in our region.
  11. Looked up the Turkish league stats. Looks like Hutch is 5th in the league for assists. He doesn't take corners, which is how many players rack up assists, so mostly due to vision and good passing.
  12. I watched a bit of the first half. Metz dominated. Still can't believe Lille might actually pull this off.
  13. I usually also prefer to put on a young Canadian over some American, but can't really fault Toronto last night. However, even the commentators last night mentioned Buchanan and the draft and then one of them said they dobt want to go there. Obviously alluding to the fact Toronto took Dorsey over Buchanan.
  14. Wonder if Leutweiler will get a chance? Periera the normal backup played for the second time this season, a 7-0 loss. His first game was a 4-3 loss. Pretty bad numbers. Leutweiler was on the bench today. I can't find any information where the regular starter was.
  15. Reading the comments noone even mentions him as a snub.
  16. Kind of interesting that the article states and then reiterates how right they were about David considering that Liverpool never signed him?
  17. It's actually pretty easy to explain. He is the leading scorer for the league leaders. What more can you ask for?
  18. With a loss today Lille will find themselves dangerously close to a Europa league spot.
  19. We were pretty fortunate to have Corbeanu choose us at such a young age. This last window he could have have been playing Euro U21 with Romania. They also performed exceptionally well tieing both Germany and the Netherlands. They finished tied for 1st in their group with both teams, but didn't move on due to goal differential. A good showing against those teams goes alot further in someone's career than destroying the like of Cayman Islands.
  20. Noone is really advocating that TFC should just play young Canadians and not worry about winning. I think most people on this board, myself included, just dont like how they would play an American journeyman over a young Canadian. Not sure how even the most diehard fan can't see that. Jordan Hamilton is the prime example. Is he a superstar, no. Has he had any success after leaving Toronto, no. However, he was an OK sub who got some goals while here. There is no way Ben Spencer, who had 2 professional goals to his name should get any playing time in his place. Or we can also add Patrick Mu
  21. The advantage that Okello has is he is a monster. He has 10" on Priso, so it is difficult to compare them. I think they bring very different aspects to a team.
  22. This guy is 26 years old, plays on a weak team in a weak league at a position we aren't really struggling at. I have 0 interest in calling this guy up.
  23. If your going to make alot of changes I do like the idea of keeping the 2 best players on.
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