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  1. Love the increased presence of quality Canadian players on US based MLS teams this upcoming season. Hopefully most will be playing regularly.
  2. Caldwell had a lot of amazing comments on Fraser's performance from camp. But it sounds like the two players chewing each other out were two Icelandic players that was in reaction from Fraser's pass to Akindele. Caldwell wants young players to understand the standards that these Icelandic players demonstrate by showing their emotion and the excellence that they demand from one another even in a closed door friendly with a "B" squad.
  3. I agree. Odriozola is going to have to earn that right back position first and foremost. It's so hard to predict Bayern defense as the whole backline is all over the place. Davies is listed as a winger has become the regular LB. Alaba their previous LB has become one of their starting CB's. Lucas Hernandez more commonly a CB has become their starting RB. Kimmich originally a RB has become an everyday midfielder. Javi Martinez formerly a defensive midfielder for Bilbao and regular CB backup for Bayern has become a starter. Boateng once considered one of the best CB's in the world has been in decline. Sule clearly a starting CB before his long term injury.
  4. Alvaro Odriozola from Real Madrid seems close to joining Bayern.. Not sure if this will have any impact on Alphonso, especially given his performances over recent months. However, Kimmich would likely continue to play in the midfield but it could be possible that they move Lucas Hernandez back in at CB potentially pushing out Alaba.
  5. Rocco Romeo signs a Homegrown Player Contract for the Toronto FC first team. Split last season between Toronto FC II & HB Koge in the Danish 2nd division.
  6. Looks like Fraser is going to get a good opportunity with Toronto FC to start the season as reports are suggesting Bradley is going to be out for 3 to 4 months after ankle surgery.
  7. Arfield currently has the lone goal for Rangers. Currently 1-0 at half.
  8. @youllneverwalkalone said it best, that identifying yourself by your family's culture and background is what Canada is all about. Personally, I love that our National team is represented by so many countries and so many cultures. Canada is a tossed salad of cultures and its what we represent as a country. I'm not too upset because if he had worded it something along the lines as "Being Canadian is me having the ability to feel 100% my culture (Latino)" then we would all be in agreement with his statement.
  9. Love him or hate him, I expect Doneil Henry to be fully be there and I also expect Steven Vitoria to be included at least for the time being. Probably see Kamal Miller move more to a LB role as he did vs the US in the fall. Other than that, looks fairly accurate to me.
  10. Agree with these rosters as well. I would be okay with Miller being called to the U23's as I feel he adds quality and experience needed. We should be fine with Henry, Vitoria, James & Didic as CB's for a camp. Also have Laryea & Cordova at RB & Morgan joining Adekugbe at LB for another camp. Cordova can play LB as well.
  11. I agree. I believe it comes down to having to play with what we had. I think our biggest problem was generating offense through the center of the pitch. Almost everything generated came from out wide. Swinging crosses into Ricketts isn't going to be much of a threat. Both Ricketts & Akindele were our attacking options centrally along with Osorio but both are better in open field and space. Given our possession in their final 3rd in the second half, those two didn't have much opportunity to utilize their strengths. Neither are particularly strong at holding the ball up and creating plays off them and therefore Osorio and the midfield wasn't able to work well off of them. This is where we truly missed our attacking players. Cavallini & Larin both much better in the air on crosses and much better at creating opportunities off of them in the center of the park. Both Hoilett & David can easily drift inside and contribute to the attack centrally as well.
  12. In regards to game management with the 6 available substitutions, I am a little torn on this. You expect to utilize all substitutions in a friendly but to be fair, the 2nd half unit was playing very well together and perhaps Herdman did not want to disrupt the momentum so I am not that upset with the decision. However, unfortunately the two worst players on the pitch in that better 2nd half were Ricketts & Akindele. I guess my problem is that given we were losing, we essentially only made one attacking substitution (Bair substitution not including). Bassong sub made sense and clearly Adekugbe needed to come off but Bair should have been on much sooner in my opinion. I thought the central midfield trio was good but perhaps one of the more defensive midfielders could have gave way late to a more attacking player like Chapman.
  13. I agree. I am a big Borges fan but clearly if Nelson was selected for all 3 games and Borges only once then perhaps in the two weeks of training Nelson showed more than Borges and/or Shaffelburg. We watched 180 minutes of Canadian football but did not watch one of the games or the two weeks of training. What Nelson did on the pitch in the two appearances I watched is probably one of the least of my concerns from this camp to be honest. I thought he was one of our brighter spots to be honest.
  14. GK - Crepeau - Had a nice save to keep us in the match late but two very poor mistakes in 3 games. Looks overweight. RB - Laryea - Did not look his usual self going forward. LB - Adekugbe - I thought he looked fairly good out there but faded slightly. CB - Miller - I thought he was good as well but a few misplaced passes. CB - Didic - Thought he was fairly good again. I worry about one on one defending. Relatively calm and composed on the ball although it sometimes looks awkward. CM - Fraser - Thought he was very good again today. CM - Piette - I thought he was fairly good with a few missed passes. I know he's a favourite but it will be interesting to see how Fraser continues to develop along with a return of Kaye & a healthy Eustaquio. Also assuming we don't see Atiba. CM - Osorio - I thought he was good. More creative on the ball then most. ST - Brym - Looked very good but needs to work on his finishing ST - Ricketts - Okay at best today ST - Akindele - Not particularly good today Sub - Bassong - Looked very good. A few bad passes. My only concern is that he is very left footed only. Sub - Morgan - Okay Sub - Nelson - Thought he looked good. Being 17 has not affected the way he plays. Sub - Bair - N/A I was pleased with the 2nd half performance from a very inexperienced squad. Clearly lacking quality finishing and creativity in the final 3rd. Quality of David, Davies, Hoilett, Larin & Cavallini all could have helped today. New players A lot of very good additions in this camp. Didic, Bassong, Brym, etc. all impressed. Nelson clearly impressed the coaching staff to be featured in all 3 games at only 17 years old. Let's also remember, this was a camp over several weeks in which we all only saw a 2 games. I suspect Jayden did well in training to earn his minutes.
  15. 2nd half much better than the first half. Just gonna look bad on CONCACAF when El Salvador gets rocked all through the HEX.
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