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  1. Looks like hes getting the start today vs France in their first game of the Euro U21 Championships.
  2. I checked and they've always used Ochoa in the World Cup recently. I may be mistaken, perhaps it was in Qualifying and not a tournament.
  3. Based on the lineup Mexico put out there, I believe they will have some rotation as well. Hetcor Moreno arguably their most experience and best defender sat out the game vs Cuba. Erick Gutierrez who plays alongside Lozano at PSV was rested and one might think he also gets a start. Jonathan Dos Santos has been a regular starter for Mexico in the midfield over the past few years and he did not play as well.
  4. Very true but Mexico had done this with Ochoa & Corona for years. Maybe even at the World Cup if I can remember? FYI - I am in agreement Borjan plays every game this tournament if fit. I would love to give other goalies more opportunities but it should be in friendlies. At least until Crepeau or Leutwiler are more established with our program.
  5. As great as David has been, his goal rate is going to slowly decrease as we play better competition more regularly. If you look at 4 Nations League games and this Gold Cup game: During those 5 games, David has 6 goals. In that same period, Cavallini has 5 goals and Hoilett has 4. Those 3 are averaging a combined 3 goals a game over the period. Love to see all the scoring now for Canada!
  6. I think its time to move past the narrative that we need to have our best 11 players on the field at all times and start considering playing players that naturally play that position. It's going to cost us as competition gets better. We all agree that both Atiba & Kaye are both top 10 players for Canada but clearly looked out of place playing defense. I would rather play with natural defenders. Teams like Mexico & Costa Rica would have put 4 or 5 past us today.
  7. I agree with all those. If Henry is healthy he slides in at CB and I would put Atiba for Piette or Atiba rested. If Atiba is rested would rather see Kaye in there over Piette. I'm still nervous having Morgan out there but at least its his natural position. I suspect Cav will start vs Mexico which makes me think that David may start over Hoilett.
  8. I thought Adekugbe might have been banged up. Still would prefer to see an outside back playing regular football. Even Morgan has hardly played this year.
  9. GK Borjan - Sensational, absolutely one of the best goalies in CONCACAF. Was always ready even when he hadn't been tested in awhile. LB Godinho - Thought he looked very poor in the 1st half but much muhc better in the 2nd. Perhaps because it was his first 45 minutes of a match in a few months. Still think the position is ZBG but was happy with his 2nd half performance. RB Kaye/Teibert - Kaye looked out of position for most of the game. Teibert was okay but still cannot understand why we left natural left backs Adekugbe and Cordova off the team for 8 center midfielders. CB Atiba - Struggled at times. Much better in CM and hope he returns. Really miss Henry. CB Cornelious - Looked very good at times, looked very bad at times. Inconsistent. DM Piette - At times good but underwhelming in my opinion. CM Osorio - Looked very good but definitely faded near the end. CM Arfield - A few off touches but very good. RM Hoilett - Abnormally quiet game LM Davies/Millar - Davies was fantastic going forward. Millar looked very dangerous when he came on as well. ST David - Exceptional player. ST Cavallini - Struggled to get involved but worked his butt off.
  10. Overall, good game minus 10 minutes at the end of the first half where Borjan saved us. Offensively this group of players is going to dominate for years to come. Defensively, I'm not sure any players have secured roles back there. Much better 2nd half from our defense though. I think Herdman needs to put friendships aside and sacrifice some center mids for some natural outside backs. Kaya looked out of place and then to have Teibert come in for him. I can't see why we left natural backs Adekugbe & Cordova at home to play center mids at LB?
  11. Glad Junior got one. Not his best performance. Great ball by Davies. This attack is going to cause problems. This game is completely different if not for Borjan!
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