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  1. I think he meant 23 outfielders as in non keepers. In which case, it is 23 outfielders and 3 goalies.
  2. 72 caps, over 4,500 minutes with 9 goals and 8 assists for Canada including some huge performances for country. He has the most caps of any of our players on our current roster and over 400 minutes more than Piette who has the next most caps and minutes. It's one thing to debate his inclusion in our 26 man squad (although I don't see much of a debate with our current group of midfielders) but it's another thing to have so much hate for a guy who's given so much for this program.
  3. He is no longer eligible. Too bad because he would be a nice addition for us and this seems like a very positive move for him. I have no hard feelings with his choice given the little connection he had with Canada and how he handled the whole decision process. However, it is somewhat satisfying to count the major tournaments he continues to miss.
  4. 50 pages under the Scott Arfield thread would disagree. But joking aside, it really didn’t end up being a big loss in the end.
  5. He explains exactly why he is doing it. Whether Jamaica needs him or not, he explains that he's leaving due to lack of professionalism with the Jamaican FF.
  6. Interesting comments coming from Leon Bailey as he leaves Copa America and the Jamaica squad.
  7. I don't think it's necessarily that simple where it's a matter of which country calls and cap ties him first. He's likely considering that Euro U21 qualification and chance at the Euro tournament could be big for his club career. Hopefully he's also seeing the depth of Croatia's talent pool emerge right in front of him and thinking about a long senior career. Perhaps he has no interest in Canada and would rather play twice for his parents homeland than 50 times for Canada. Without considering the two midfielders currently with the U21s on 14 & 13 caps, there seem to be 3 other players his age clear of him already in that midfield. Two are with the Croatian senior team and one just switched programs from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Two of those five players are actually 2002-born so technically a year older than Sigur.
  8. It's possible for sure. There appears to be a kid two years younger at Bayern (Lovro Zvonarek) in the midfield of the U21 program with only 2 caps so far, so he could be a player that has overtaken him. And there are two other midfielders with 14 caps (Veldin Hodza - Rijeka) & 13 caps (Gabriel Vidovic - Zagreb) at the u21 level as well. This squad did include 5 uncapped midfielders and defenders and another two with only 1 cap so it could be an experimental squad as well. Two other midfield players eligible for the U21 team were included in the senior Euro squad (Martin Baturina - Zagreb & Luka Sucic - Salzburg) with 7 and 3 senior caps already. Luka Sucic also should not be confused with Petar Sucic (also Zagreb) who is the same age as Sigur and was the player that recently switched from representing Bosnia & Herzegovina to Croatia. Sigur would be crazy to commit to a program this deep.
  9. As a TFC fan, it's great we finally have two solid options. As a Canada fan, I'm a bit nervous Gavran's growth will be stunted. Although with Johnson away with USA and TFC making a run at the Canadian Championship, he should get a fair amount of starts this season.
  10. I wonder if there is a reason for not playing in the friendly or if it's more so just rotation. He played the full 90 in both previous qualification games in March. One game as Defensive Mid and the other as Attacking Mid. He also played the full 90 minutes in 6 qualification games last year as well. Five of those games at right back and the other at Defensive Mid. Very versatile as we've seen.
  11. Had to rewatch as I was only able to watch a little bit off and on when it was live. But what a result. Crepeau - I feel a whole lot better about our keeper situation after that performance. Incredible Bombito - Great performance and huge potential. I’m excited to follow his path. Cornelius - Hard to hate on Kamal as he’s been solid for us for so long but this is Cornelius spot to lose now. Johnston - Better game from him. Davies - Much better game from Davies as well. If he can play like that, I’ll happily accept him at LB Eustaquio - Incredible performance. What a duo him and Kone are for us. Quite a drop in our midfield after those two. Kone - Wow. I thought Eustaquio was great but Kone was incredible. Elite potential on him as a player. Millar - What a goal that almost was. He’s too important defensively to not start at this point. Buchanan - Not bad but not quite himself either. David - Does all the little things but his final decision was a bit off tonight. Regardless of his struggles he’s still one of the moment important and influential players. Larin - I don’t think it’s really all his fault. Sometimes players are victims to formation change. He’s still way ahead of our 3rd best striker imo but the leash is getting shorter game by game. Laryea - Great job off the bench. Would love to see him start. Will be interested to see if Marsch considers him at LB. Miller - Solid enough performance. Has so much heart. Osorio - Fine performance by him. He didn’t look out of place. Hiebert - Looks to be a fringe player Canada imo. Shaffelburg - Better from him but the level is a bit high I find. Still worthy of a spot on roster. Tani - Just super excited this all happened and he was able to get minutes.
  12. I think the most important part of an active youth program is that mentioned above. Getting dual nationals involved in our program at a much younger rate likely translates to greater success of those dual nationals remaining with Canada long term. Many youth players fizzle out but we really can't afford losing out on the ones that do turn out to be good professional players like we've seen time and time again. Even if youth results don't translate to senior team success, the more major tournaments our youth participate in, the more eyes are on them, the greater the chances for advancement in club careers.
  13. It's his two-way game with his help defensively that has made him a key part of this program. They say heart and work ethic cannot be coached. He's got so much of both.
  14. Didn’t Brym score twice against Feyernoord Rotterdam just this past season, winning the man of the match as well? I highly doubt they’re now calling us a laughing stock because of the fact we played a player that put two past them in a game just this past season. A extra time goal by Feyernoord saved them from a loss.
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