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  1. The closest you may get is Jacob Shaffelburg
  2. In case anyone was wondering. Based on player birth and/or youth development. In the past 2 years, our player pool consists of: Ontario - 40 players Greater Toronto Area - 34 players Southwest Ontario - 4 players Greater Ottawa Area - 2 players Quebec - 10 players Greater Montreal Area - 9 players Quebec City - 1 player Alberta - 8 players Greater Calgary Area - 4 players Greater Edmonton Area - 4 players No Connection - 5 players British Columbia - 4 players Nova Scotia - 1 Player Saskatchewan - 1 Player Manitoba - 1
  3. Neither Dunn nor Mavinga were available for this game. Toronto FC only had 2 outside backs and 2 center backs available for today's game which is why Singh was signed to a short term contract and why he featured. Singh signed only a 4 day contract so I suspect that either Dunn or Mavinga or both will be available for the return leg.
  4. Turkey Besiktas is currently up 3-0 with Atiba Hutchinson providing all 3 assists. Came off in the 86th minute. Larin playing the full 90 minutes. Germany Scott Kennedy with the start at LCB for Jahn Regensburg against Werder Bremen in the DFB Pokal. Currently down 1-0 with about 25 minutes to play.
  5. Last night I saw that Cordova came off the bench and saw the last few minutes of Huachipato's match vs CD Antofagasta in the first stage of the 2021 Copa Sudamerica. Huachipato won 4-0 over both legs and moves on to the Group Stage of the Copa Sudamerica. He also played the full 90 minutes at RB in the 2nd game of the season this past Saturday which resulted in a 1-1 tie against Club Universidad de Chile.
  6. Michael Antonio's hamstrings right on cue!
  7. He must have heard you. 2 assists and a pk earned. Had no idea but Junior is now 1 assist shy of tying De Rosario's assist record Canada.
  8. The fact we list Marcelo Flores as a contributor to our Olympic squad but not Mexico just shows exactly that. As excited as I am for Marcelo Flores, he is no where near this Mexico Olympic squad. I would expect him to contribute to the next cycle if anything.
  9. Don't forget about: Edson Alvarez (Ajax) with 35 caps and 2 goals for the senior squad. Cesar Montes (Monterrey) with 13 senior caps. Jorge Sanchez (Club America) with 11 senior team caps. Gerardo Arteaga (Gent) with 6 senior team caps.
  10. Judging by the post shared by CMNT yesterday, it would seem like Crepeau is expected to get the start. But I could be wrong. Borjan is still my number one but I personally like what I saw from St. Clair last season over what I've seen from Crepeau overall. Mind you, St. Clair has only done it for half an MLS season.
  11. Unless it is some extreme form of taunting who really cares about his flashy moves up against Bermuda. He took a small risk and it paid off. If it doesn't pay off, then it negatively affects his image and perception on here. I love that Canadians are nice but we need to get over this when our players take the pitch. Last night I'm watching a bunch of young Mexicans take the field against Canada as if they're going to war. If they could have beat up 10-0 they would have and that's the mentality we have. It's instilled in their blood to win at all costs. The Mexicans likely didn't kno
  12. I would say this take is pretty spot on. I also think Tabla has redeemed himself in my eyes. I would add him to the the list of players that could potentially contribute to the senior squad in coming years.
  13. He is very good for 18. I agree he should have played more this tournament and started all games outside maybe the first. I want him to remain with Canada and hope he does. However, there are a few posters on here are a bit delusional with a predetermined mindset about the player. And this is coming from a Lucas Dias fan in me.
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