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  1. I agree, we have small Canadian fan bases across the world. If Canada was to play in another country and our local fanbase in that country does something inappropriate, then how could we punish that home country?
  2. Beat me by posting this a couple of seconds ahead of me. Forgot to mention it in my first post.
  3. It's all over the internet in transfer news for the club. Apparently he was in attendance at a recent Sunderland game.
  4. It seems like both Middlesbrough & Reading are frontrunners for Hoilett. (Both Championship teams).
  5. Sheffield United manager does not feel Jebbison is ready for regular first team football at the Championship level. A number of teams are interested but it appears as though Sunderland (League One) are frontrunners for a loan.
  6. Yes, its crazy. Kimmich is a world class midfielder and a world class outside back as well. Kimmich is like Alaba and that they can literally play almost anyone on the field at the highest level whereas I only see Eustaquio as a defensive midfielder that could also play in the box to box role and that's about it. But I can see some similarities in their play in the midfield.
  7. Toronto FC has loaned Romeo to Valour FC through December 2021. Hopefully this means that we will be seeing Dunn play for Toronto in the near future but I'm not holding my breath. Also - Romeo has clearly packed on some muscle in recent years. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR9bYwWtSvZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. I agree that Vitoria should be that main guy going forward. But I think regardless which one of our center backs we start throughout the WCQ, we are going to have some concerns. This tournament Vitoria had his pocket picked as the last man that led to a breakaway. He also got caught failing to follow a man back that lead to a goal. These happened against much lower quality opponents than Mexico. Imagine the comments coming from this board if those plays had been Henry instead of Vitoria. I think Vitoria is the safer choice for sure and I just prefer his overall composure and passing. I also agree that Johnston, Kennedy & Kamal can help negate Vitoria's lack of speed.
  9. If Herdman did not care to call him or if Herdman thinks that Arfield's decisions to sit out recent games hurts the team and his trust and commitment that he desires then I doubt he would have been included in the Gold Cup preliminary roster. Again, I have no idea if he will be selected or even if he wants to be selected for upcoming games. But by quality standards, he is in our best 23 man roster without a doubt. I hope we see him this fall. Even if he doesn't start, what a weapon to have off our bench.
  10. I would expect this will be Vitoria's last stretch for Canada. Whether we make Qatar or not. He will be a month away from 36 when the Qatar World Cup starts. You never know as some players retire from international same as club but most want to prolong their club careers. I suspect the same goes for Atiba & Arfield (assuming he shows this cycle). Hutchinson will be almost 40 and Arfield will be 34 during Qatar. Hopefully we can give them a nice international send off with a World Cup appearance.
  11. I agree completely with this lineup although I would be okay with Vitoria instead of Kennedy or have Kennedy move out for Miller. David, Davies, Larin, Buchanan, Johnston and Eustaquio are sure starters for me. I would say that at least one of Atiba or Arfield will be a starter. These are our best midfielders but it will also be interesting to see how Herdman integrates our midfield trio going forward. Expect a lot of rotation. Borjan still my number 1 but very happy with Crepeau as well.
  12. We could go back 12 months on this forum and still see a lot of skepticism from our own fan base. I remember posting some comments last summer about him and there were naysayers only a year ago. It just shows how great he has become in 12 months. He was a good young player for the majority of his first two seasons. He really exploded into some great performances to end the season last year and then into playoffs. That is when the hype started and the Olympics really proved he had talent. This MLS season has proven that the end of last season wasn't luck and now the Gold Cup has proven that he has become an exceptional player. What a rise to witness!
  13. I'm just glad that there are other Canadian fans here that can't sleep like me because of all the adrenaline running through my body.
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