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  1. I think Cruz Azul would like to do two things here with a loan deal. 1) To see how he is able to play after his serious injury and determine if he is capable for a return to the Cruz Azul program. 2) To get his market value back up after they dished out a few million to bring him in last January.
  2. He just turned 20 in October and with 3 goals and 2 assists this season for one of Turkey's most prestigious clubs, I am not surprised that he is not committing to Canada just yet. He has played for the Netherlands U16 through U21 programs a total of 36 times. I have no doubt, he probably believes he potentially has a shot at the senior program. 36 international caps also means the senior program is well aware of him. He is also eligible for the 2021 U21 Euro Championship with the Netherlands national program. He has even less affiliation to Canada than Tomori did. Breaking into the senior Dutch National team will be a tough feat for Ferdi but having just turned 20, I am not surprised he has held off committing. Even if Ferdi realizes the Dutch team becomes unrealistic, he would likely look at The Turkish National program next. Although there has been a recent resurgence of talented Turkish players and many playing abroad outside of Turkey, Fenerbahce is still one of the Turkish giants that supplies numerous players to the national program. I took a quick look at the most recent Turkey squad and 4 of the 10 domestic based players came from Fenerbahce. Ferdi still has a long way to go to break into either national team in my opinion but neither senior team will be an easy feat. He needs to continue to progress as Tomori did if he wants any shot at those two programs. If I was Canada, I would continue to monitor him because I'm not sure he will ever break into those other senior programs. Then again, a couple years ago, I likely would have said the same thing about Tomori and England.
  3. I don't think people on here are as much disappointed in him joining an MLS team. I think we all know MLS has some come a long way and isn't a huge step down from Liga MX. I think the biggest disappointment is that many of us were excited at the prospect of Cavallini being linked to some massive Liga MX teams and potentially even a move to Europe.
  4. I absolutely agree. Will likely wait anyways before a final decision. Tough to break into the Dutch senior team but I also believe he has to be on Turkey's radar as well.
  5. Ferdi Kadioglu comes on for 2nd half with Fenerbahce up 3-1 Genclerbirligi. As I write this, he has just scored to put Fenerbahce up 4-1. Now 4-2 in the 79th minute. Beautiful shot, beautiful goal. The way both Ferdi & Amuz are playing, I would love to see them both involved with camps/U23. Also very interested to see where Gutierrez ends up and see more of what he can do. Regardless of how little he has played, if you suit up for a club like Colo Colo, there is quality.
  6. Ferdi Kadioglu starts for Fenerbahce against Instanbulspor in the Turkish Cup. Scores a goal and I believe he also had an assist.
  7. 11 friendlies* - 6 official friendlies
  8. Thank you @Ove for the chart. I have added the games from 2018 & 2019 together to show an even greater disparity for Canada in comparison to everyone else. 9 games for Canada is a lot more than last years 4! I joke, but it really isn't funny at all. We want to compete with the big 3 in CONCACAF. They played 18, 18 & 15 more friendlies than us in the past 2 years.
  9. Maybe go back scour some recent game thread forms. Seems like there are a few people suggesting they would prefer Crepeau. And I don't even have a problem with that recommendation because I am a big fan of his. I was simply stating what some people credit one goalie for, many also seem to discredit the other goalie for in similar circumstances. But honestly, I think you missed the point of the post altogether.
  10. Seems strange that Borjan gets crucified for allowing 6 goals against Bayern Munich in a Champions League game but Crepeau is being recommended as our starter after getting rocked all season this year with the Whitecaps. I'm a Crepeau fan but a big reason for his accolades this season are in large part to the poor team in front of him. Seems like a double standard for people to applaud Crepeau for his performances this season and yet put down Borjan for his goals against in a tough champions league group. If anything Red Star are much farther behind in player/team quality in the champions league than Vancouver is in the MLS. Borjan is still my number 1 personally but I would love to see Crepeau get a string of games in 2020.
  11. I am from the GTA and I know the cultures well. I never said said it was over for Canada with him but it's clear that at this time, he is closer to the T&T national team than joining ours. I am a fan of his and hope he chooses Canada but right now at best he would be our 3rd string goalie. All I said was his loyalty currently lies with T&T which does not seem like a bold statement given he played for T&T against Canada in June & was a part of their Gold Cup squad.
  12. He's been called up to Trinidad both in 2016 & for the 2019 Gold Cup this year and even played against Canada in the unofficial closed door friendly in June. Also, he has previously expressed his desire to represent T&T as he spent a lot of time living in Trinidad growing up and feels very much a part of that culture - That isn't the description of someone who does not want to represent T&T internationally.
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