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  1. I agree with this and was debating responding as well. We want the youth but it would be a disservice to the kids to put them all out there at the same time. With that being said, I would rather lose 3-0 like that while playing all the kids then to lose 3-0 watching US journye men struggle all game.
  2. Quite remarkable that a string of games/minutes has allowed players to settle into the squad. Funny how that works. Due to injury, Priso was given a string of games and looked quite good. Due to injury, Shaff was given a string of games and looked quite good. Finally JMR is getting some time and showing what he can do. Funny that from all the young Canadians on TFC to be given a few games to adjust, have all successfully taken the opportunity. It would be nice to see Okello, Nelson & Peruzza get a few games in a row to settle in. All 3 of those players have been put in odd games and then they don't see the field for a few weeks and then another random appearance before back to the bench. Okello has been starting to get some minutes but he's going to need more time and more effort. Today, I thought Nelson (aside from a few poor touches) looked relatively lively and good. Nsleon definitely showed that he has skill there. We just haven't seen enough from Peruzza in regards to minutes but I could almost guarantee you that if you gave Peruzza both Dwyer & Mullins total minutes in this season, that he is going to have more than 0 goals.
  3. Would really love Toronto FC to go after him. We know the talent is there and he just needs an opportunity to play. I am tired of watching Bono with Toronto FC repeatedly give away goals through poor distribution and poor shot stopping. Would 100% rather bring DSC home to be the goalie here.
  4. I think it was $74 or $75 plus taxes equals $190.50. So not as bad as I first thought. I think I must have been confused with what TFC tickets are still being sold for.
  5. I'm now feeling quite cheated on how much I had to pay for tickets in Toronto aside from the ES game when I was in the supporters section. Vs Panama, I paid $233.50 for 3 tickets Vs Honduras I paid $190.50 for 2 tickets
  6. Sort of like Simmons in today's 76ers practice.🤣 Except, I don't think Simmons has any intentions of playing until he's traded.
  7. I love having a core group of players and definitely think there is a need for it with so many games over a short period. However, I am a big believer in rewarding players that deserve to be there. With this group of players, there are maybe 4 or 5 that are interchangeable with new players. Teibert for Fraser or Piette would not bother me one bit. I would even reward Teibert with a call in a short window where depth won't likely play a factor. Next month, with only 2 games, I doubt all our outfield players play. In fact, there may only be 15 or 16 players that play over the 2 games. It wouldn't hurt to include someone who has earned it. Too bad, Vancouver in January will be the offseason for MLS because having someone who already plays in that city would make sense to be there. Who knows, maybe he would be back in Ontario for the offseason anyways.
  8. I don't know if I am imagining this or not but last year didn't Thierry Henry sub Tabla in and then proceed to sub him out a short time later as well. Similar to what Perez just did with JMR. Unlike Tabla, I have never heard anything negative said about JMR in the locker room or in his effort. One a side note, I sat next to JMR for a few minutes at the Canada vs Panama game and he seemed incredibly down to earth. I asked if that was going to be him in the next cycle and he replied "hopefully" with a huge smile.
  9. Austria Gloire Amanda comes on in the 86th and scores in the 87th to tie vs favourites Rapid Wien who played a man up for 70 minutes.
  10. The caption is a lyric from one of Drake's songs from a few years back. The reference relates to being in Toronto. The music on in the background of the video is a medley of recent Drake songs from his latest album.
  11. Looks like Davies was influenced by someone. But will probably need to explain the tweet for some on here.
  12. I was not a big fan of his album from last month and many would agree it is nowhere near his best work but he still had 9 of the top 10 Billboard spots and all 21 songs made the Hot 100 in its first week. The album was streamed nearly a billion times in the first week. And this happens every album he drops or any feature he's on. Not bad for one of his lesser albums. So yes, he is still quite relevant.
  13. I'm just going to leave it at that some people on here clearly have no idea of the significance or popularity of Drake and it shows. 🤣 I respect everyone on this board but some people should maybe sit this conversation out. Whether or not you like his music, personality or whatever, he continues to break global music records every month (yes global, not Canadian) and his popularity is not decreasing. He is at the point, where his music records are usually breaking his old records. He did great things for the Raptors organization and is listened to in almost every professional locker room in sports.
  14. I could care less if its genuine. Regardless of whether he cares that much or not, it is great publicity for our National Program considering his global reach. Nearly 100,000,000 Instagram followers could see his posts with our CMNT. Besides, being part of the die hard CMNT fans, we should be welcoming all new fans. This is the goal. To continue to grow our fan base. New fans should be welcomed. This goes for celebrities as well. If any Canadian becomes a fan of our CMNT, they are essentially a bandwagon fan.
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