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  1. I do agree. Over the past two seasons, he still has the most starts of any of the center backs listed above besides Doneil.
  2. He does have 1 goal in the cup this season and yes he does have 2 goals in his last 2 games for 3 goals this season. However besides his last 2 games, he was on the bench for the previous 4 straight games and on the bench for 5 of the past 6 games and only seeing playing time in one of those 5 games off the bench. Like I said in my post, he is by far most consistent center back when it comes to club playing time, but I don't consider starting 3 of the past 8 games as a starter just being rotated. He did start the first 8 games of the season though. In 2019-20 season, he started the fir
  3. Reality is that right now, we have a total of 0 Center backs that are established starters at their current clubs and I believe that they are all playing at comparable levels. So much that even if one was able to find consistent playing time at their club, it will give them advantage. A low B2 team is not much different than a mid table Liga Nos team, which is not much different that a top Danish team team, which is not much different that a low Greek Superlig team which is not much different than mid to low MLS team. For a period there Doneil Henry was the exception who was playing every g
  4. Good move in my opinion. Greek league historically is a higher level than Denmark. A move to PAS Lamia should result in more consistent minutes. It's not like he is moving to Olympiacos, Panathinaikos or AEK where he would likely be in the same position he is at Midtjylland. It would be a similar move if he moved to a lower Danish Superliga team in my opinion. I had to double check to see if Lamia had been relegated to 2nd tier Greece given some of the surprising comments against this move and the level of the Greek league. Manjrekar James will be playing against some very high l
  5. Very nice list, I also keep an excel sheet with the players called up since 2019. It includes full list of players, club team, age, caps, goals, last camp invite, secondary nationalities, place of birth and where they grew up. In case anyone is wondering 33 of the 69 callups grew up/affiliated within the GTA 😉 The Greater Montreal area has 2nd most players born/affiliated with 9 players.
  6. I know Ferdi is not currently particularly interested in the Canada program but it seems more and more likely his other options are less likely. He is still a good player and would be a part of our strongest squad but he has not developed at the rate, expected. If he continues to average only a few goals and assists per season, national programs aren't going to be knocking at his door. He's still young and still in the Dutch youth system, but I have to think he is far from the men's program right now. Given that he plays in Turkey, I have to think that they are still in play for him.
  7. Back to Ayo - Not saying he isn't injured but he is currently in Toronto and may be playing/watching local pickup. Although not attending our camp definitely hurts, I don't necessarily think it means he is going to select USA. At full strength he most likely isn't in USA senior 23 man squad, whereas he is likely our current 3rd/4th option up top currently. He may be waiting still and perhaps still wants to play for USA Olympic squad before switching.
  8. Yankov was called up and hass played in 3 of the 6 games since his first callup. I believe he missed two of the senior games to play for the U21's as well. So playing in 3 of 4 available games for the senior team to date since commiting. Yes, he was likely called up in part to the threat of Canada but it also looks clear that they intend to use Yankov at least in the short term. It wasn't a 5 minute cameo and then nothing for 16 months like Tomori with England. Speaking of Tomori. Not sure if anyone has noticed but Cristante has become a center back for Roma. I'm not sure how seriou
  9. Davies and Bayern stunned in the round of 32 of the DFB Pokal to 2. Bundesliga team Holstein Kiel. Holstein Kiel scored the tying goal essentially on the last play of the game and then went on to win in the shootout.
  10. Germany DFB Pokal - Alphonso Davies gets the start at Left Back vs Holstein Kiel in the cup. Currently up 1-0 early.
  11. From what I understand, Eustquio is in the same situation as Tomori with England. Had they both been 21 or played in a friendly instead of competitive match then they would still have eligibility to both Canada and England/Portugal. Let's get Eustaquio fully integrated in our squad before they change the rules once again. Fingers crossed if a change does happen again that Tomori would meet those requirements and then come back! 🤞
  12. Omar Marmoush got in as a substitute a day after being loaned out to St. Pauli. I don't think it will mean much if he doesn't get in today, but I suspect that a player of his quality could be used right away in the Charlton squad. Seems like an ideal candidate with his pace and point to prove for a late substitution. Here's hoping he even gets the start.
  13. As far as playing for Canada goes. Some times its just a matter of timing. Although Junior chose to hold out on Canada, if he played his prime playing years with Canada with our current squad, he would be leading Canada for goals all time. Even look what he's done with the second half of his caps in comparison to his first half of caps with Canada with much less quality surrounding him. Again, I fully support starting Cavallini for the past couple of years. But since our golden generation 2019, Larin has played 4 games and 2 starts including one against Mexico. If he gets the starts
  14. I agree that he never really got his chances, rather then he was out of form. We all know what he did with Orlando City in MLS. His first season with Besiktas, he started getting minutes towards the end of the season and ending up scoring 4 goals in 4 games (albeit 3 in one game). The following season, he did not earn many starts or minutes. Scoring only once in 12 games & 310 minutes in Superlig. However across Europa League and Qualifying he had 3 goals and 2 assists in 10 games. Last season in Belgium, he had 9 goals and 11 assists across all competitions in 2,839 minutes. Th
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