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  1. Toronto FC Fraser looked good but not great. Laryea probably wasn't his best performance. Shaffelburg looked way off altogether. Priso looked decent minus a few poor giveaways. Nelson I thought looked very good and lively. Also loved that both Priso and Nelson go hard into tackles. They both work very hard getting back on defense as well. One thing I've noticed in the last couple games is just how important Osorio is to Toronto's midfield. And they are definitely missing a presence like Akinola up top.
  2. Copa Sudamericana Juan Cordova starting at RB against Uruguayan club Fenix in the Copa Sudamericana. Currently down 1-0 in the 2nd half in the 1st leg. Winner over the two legs will move onto the round of 16 bracket. Update: Lost 3-1 and will play the next leg in Chile.
  3. 👏 spot on. These 3 all stood out to me last night.
  4. Turkey Atiba Hutchinson puts Besiktas up 1-0 over Denizlispor. Larin scores the 3rd to put Besitktas up 3-0
  5. Junior provided the assist in a 1-1 tie vs Bournmouth.
  6. Scotland Charlie Trafford played the final 33 minutes in a 4-2 loss to Aberdeen.
  7. Canadians in MLS Update: Hard to compare with last season given the shortened and compact season but for perspective: 2020 season has seen 32 Canadian or Canadian eligible outfield players compared to 30 last season. 2020 season has seen 5 Canadian or Canadian eligible goalkeepers compared to 2 last season. Hoping for a couple more young academy players to get some playing time as the season comes to an end. Player Team Position GP GS MP G A Samuel Piette Montreal Impact CM 18 18 1601 1 1 Zach Brault-Guillard Montreal Impact RB 18 16 1519 0 1 Jonathan Osorio Toronto FC CM 16 16 1363 1 3 Russell Teibert Vancouver Whitecaps CM 16 16 1334 0 0 Richie Laryea Toronto FC RB 16 12 1159 4 4 Lucas Cavallini Vancouver Whitecaps ST 14 13 1157 5 0 Mark Anthony Kaye Los Angeles FC CM 15 15 1093 3 4 Dejan Jakovic Los Angeles FC CB 15 12 1030 1 0 Alistair Johnston Nashville SC RB 14 11 1006 0 1 Derek Cornelious Vancouver Whitecaps CB 12 10 921 0 0 Ayo Akinola Toronto FC ST 13 9 888 8 0 Tajon Buchanan New England Revolution RW 18 7 760 1 1 Kamal Miller Orlando City LB 10 7 658 0 0 Michael Baldisimo Vancouver Whitecaps CM 11 6 602 1 3 Tesho Akindele Orlando City ST 12 5 537 2 0 Cristian Gutierrez Vancouver Whitecaps LB 9 5 484 0 0 Theo Bair Vancouver Whitecaps ST 11 5 377 1 0 Joel Waterman Montreal Impact CB 5 4 369 0 1 Ryan Raposo Vancouver Whitecaps CM 14 1 319 0 1 Liam Fraser Toronto FC CM 10 3 298 0 0 Tosaint Ricketts Vancouver Whitecaps ST 12 3 291 1 0 Shamit Shome Montreal Impact CM 11 4 281 0 0 Raheem Edwards Minnesota United LW 11 2 251 0 3 Jay Chapman Inter Miami CF CM 8 2 200 0 0 Patrick Metcalfe Vancouver Whitecaps CM 7 2 200 0 0 Karifa Yao Montreal Impact CB 2 1 127 0 0 Jayden Nelson Toronto FC RW 4 1 114 0 0 Jacob Shaffelburg Toronto FC LW 3 1 94 0 0 Anthony Jackson-Hamel Montreal Impact ST 5 1 88 0 0 Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla Montreal Impact ST 4 0 85 1 0 Clement Bayiha Montreal Impact RB 3 1 63 0 0 Noble Okello Toronto FC (Loan) CM 1 0 22 0 0 Jordan Hamilton Columbus Crew ST Callum Montgomery FC Dallas (Loan) CB David Norman Jr. Inter Miami CF CM Mathieu Choiniere Montreal Impact CM Keesean Ferdinand Montreal Impact CB Tomas Giraldo Montreal Impact CM Ashtone Morgan Real Salt Lake LB Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty Toronto FC CM Ralph Priso Toronto FC CM Julian Dunn-Johnson Toronto FC (Loan) CB Rocco Romeo Toronto FC (Loan) CB Damiano Pelice Vancouver Whitecaps CM Georges Mukumbilwa Vancouver Whitecaps CM Gianfranco Facchineri Vancouver Whitecaps (Loan) CB Simon Colyn Vancouver Whitecaps (Loan) CM Player Team Position GP GS MP S GA Dayne St Clair Minnesota United FC GK 9 9 810 35 9 Thomas Hasal Vancouver Whitecaps GK 9 8 752 35 14 Maxime Crepeau Vancouver Whitecaps GK 4 4 328 12 10 Greg Ranjitsingh Minnesota United FC GK 3 3 270 15 8 James Pantemis Montreal Impact GK 2 2 180 9 4 Jonathan Sirois Montreal Impact GK Jason Beaulieu Montreal Impact GK Isaac Boehmer Vancouver Whitecaps GK
  8. Not too hard to top from this aspect 😄
  9. I agree with this take. A lot of blame on TFC & Vanney. I know no one wants to hear this but maybe Fraser is not as good as we all think despite his fantastic game vs USA a year ago. A lot of hate on Toronto for players leaving the academy and club and going on to better things. It's going to happen occasionally. But here is a look at the Canadian TFC players who have left the club for greener pastures in recent years (We can assume that for the most part all the MLS teams listed below are of lower quality than Toronto): Ashtone Morgan is yet to play a minute for a much lesser quality Real Salt Lake. Jordan Hamilton is yet to play a minute for a lesser quality Columbus Crew. Chapman went from 522 minutes, 2 G 2 A with Toronto last year to a much lesser quality Inter Miami playing 222 minutes currently. Raheem Edwards has yet to solidify a spot since leaving Toronto, playing for 3 teams in a 4 years. He went from 1 G and 6 A in 1058 minutes for TFC as a teenager to only 4 G & 5 A in the next 4 seasons combined and never reaching the 1,000 minute mark. Although not from the academy and a brief stint in Lithuania, Tosaint Ricketts has less minutes than Liam Fraser with a much lesser quality Vancouver squad this season. Again, not an academy product and obviously off field issues but Will Johnson isn't even playing this season. I'm not saying Fraser is in the same category. I rate him higher than those players above and I think it's clear he is not in Vanney's long term plans so I think he should start looking elsewhere. But this above just shows that leaving Toronto FC doesn't always work out for the better. This doesn't mean I want to see Vanney play players like Endoh & Mullins over over young Canadians because I don't want that at all. If anything this is Vanney's biggest problem. I firmly believe that young Canadians should be getting more minutes for players like Mullins, Endoh etc. I just think the Toronto hate on here is always too harsh, but I'm sure people will still find a way to blame Toronto FC for the lack of success of the Canadian players after leaving the club.
  10. I couldn't agree more. He's expadnded his game immensely and developed into an overall excellent player. He rightfully earned that improved contract and he has not slowed down since either.
  11. Like I said, I'm not a Vanney fan but I don't understand how there is so much hate towards a coach that's been successful like him. 3 MLS cup finals in 4 years. 1 CCL final. Currently sitting 1st place in all of MLS. Akinola who came up through TFC is leading all Canadians in scoring by a long shot. Osorio (who also came up through the youth system) is playing every minute of every game. He is the current captain of the league leading best team in MLS. Laryea has been a revelation in 12 months and become one of the best outside backs in the MLS.
  12. The best team in MLS relying on only a RB & an AM is a bit harsh. You don't have to give any credit to the coach but your taking away credit from a lot of great players on TFC. I've never heard of a first place team relying solely on two players to bail them out every game.
  13. I am not a Vanney fan at all. I think he is an average coach at best but TFC play a good brand of football. To me Vanney struggles most with his substitutions and player rotation the most. However, TFC is playing some of its best football ever at the moment and they're doing it without Bradley at defensive midfield. But they are also doing it without Fraser in defensive midfield as well. Everyone on here can talk about Toronto's big budget being a factor but the truth is that TFC is playing its best footy currently and its doing it with two homegrown players in defensive mid with Delgado & Osorio. I like Fraser but I also do believe that if it wasn't for his exceptional game vs USA, the hype for him would be far less than it is now. With all that being said, it is clear that Fraser needs to get out as soon as possible. He is not in Vanney's plans. Even when Bradley is injured for a long period, Vanney chooses to move around his midfield (such as dropping Osorio deeper) instead of putting Fraser in as Bradley's direct replacement. The same can be said in last game when protecting a 1-0 lead, Vanney would rather play a fatigued midfield than bring in a fresh Fraser. However, people need to look at this with open eyes. What TFC is doing right now is working and yes it sucks that its working without Fraser but the signs are also clear at this point that Fraser is not in the plans for Vanney (at least not a significant role). Last year if Bradley was leaving and you asked me how I felt, I would have been excited for Fraser for the upcoming season. If you ask me the same thing now, that Bradley was to leave at the end of the year, I would want Fraser to leave anyways because without or without Bradley, Vanney clearly doesn't rate him as a starter.
  14. Completely understand. But on the other side of things, we have no problem accepting it the other way around. It's a bit hypocritical in my mind. For decades we have accepted players that have chosen us over their home countries. I'm not even talking about players like Davies, Adekugbe, Didic, Manjrekar James, Jonathan David, Charles Andres-Brym, ZBG, Jakovic,& Borjan (who are all born in other countries but moved here at some point of their life. I'm talking about our captain Arfield and others such as Cordova, Wotherspoon & Leutwiler for an example. I understand what your saying but it sure feels good to have a player like Arfield in our program who didn't even know he was eligible for Canada just a few years ago. I know we would have also welcomed both Ferdi & Cristante with open arms. I get torn up as much as anyone when we lose players to other nations but I also understand and accept both sides of it. I'm just stating that I wish and I believe that we could be doing more to maintaining some of our dial internationals, especially one's that have strong connections to the country.
  15. Let's hope that he thought it would be cool to represent his roots, the country of his parents. And now he's worn that jersey, he can come join the better program now! In all seriousness, Canada is a very multicultural country and the majority of our top soccer players come from families of immigrants. Yes, we now have MLS academies & the CPL to help maintain and hone local talent. But I think we can all agree that we enjoy and love to see our players move to Europe at a young age to develop further. 1) Better training 2) Higher level of play in academies and senior squads. The unfortunate part is that many of these young players move to these European countries of their parents and grandparents and develop in their systems and become noticed by both youth and senior national teams. We've seen it over and over again, especially with the European programs. Examples, Tomori-England, Cristante-Italy, Yankov-Bulgaria, Ferierra-Portugal and even Ferdi-Has caught the eye in both Netherlands & Turkey where he's played. The biggest problem is that we are unable to get these young players involved in our youth programs. Where we can instil the program and the culture into their blood. 1) Our youth programs do not play enough games. 2) Our youth programs are either not calling on good European talent or they are missing the scouting. If Yankov had an international youth career with Canada that is similar to Ayo Akinola for USA, do we lose him to Bulgaria this week? The answer is most likely no. And obviously every player is different. We had Tomori in our youth system but clearly the only thing Canadian about him was that he was born here and left before he could walk. Both Ferdi & Cristante also very distant Canadians. This Yankov one hurts a little more like the Fereira one. Both born in Canada and lived and trained in Canada for years before moving to Europe to play.
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