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  1. Anyone know how he's been doing with Burton?
  2. David now tied for second in scoring with seven others, including Mbappe. Much better start to the season this time around. If he continues scoring at a .5 rate or hopefully even a bit better, that will surely be enough to secure a move to a big club.
  3. Looks like Davies is indeed on the wing today. That should be fun.
  4. The main camera angle looks bad but on alternate angles you can see that see that he was a ways off from it.
  5. If he can score ~20 goals this season I could see him going for around 60M. I think that's about the highest he could go from Lille post-covid. I think his overall ceiling is 100M+ though. I'm purposely leaving out units of currency to give myself the highest chances of being right.
  6. One more goal and I get a new reputation and life. Come on baby.
  7. I’m going to put my entire reputation and life itself on the line and say a brace for JD today.
  8. Can't seem to find any highlight of the goal.
  9. That price is pretty much exactly in Liverpool's wheelhouse though. They paid £36M for Konate this summer, they paid £35-40M for Salah, £34M for Mane. All of whom were a bit older than David is now. I'm not saying I think it's going to happen but the price you're listing is exactly in their range of what they look to pay, so I don't see why that would be a reason it wouldn't happen. The only players who they've splashed the cash for outside of that price range is Van Dijk and Allison. I think it's unlikely and I think Liverpool are trying to get through the season with what they have, but if they have another nightmare season with injuries like they did last year when their defense was decimated, only with their forwards, it might put them in a position where they didn't have a choice. Malen was another of their attacking targets this past summer and he's gone to Dortmund, so he's off the table. Jeremy Doku was another but he's only 19 and doesn't really score. Firmino is coming back soon though and Origi only had cramping so definitely no need to ring the alarm bells yet, but if they did get unlucky with what is a dangerously thin line of attack, David would definitely be near the top of the list, if not at the very top at this point. That was just a working stream for that particular game because I was having trouble as well. Not something I would use as a go to.
  10. Origi's just come off injured in the Liverpool game. So a handful of games in to the season, Liverpool already has knocks to Firmino and Origi. With an already thin strikeforce looking even thinner and David being high on their list, does a January move start to look more likely if they're in the title race and need emergency attack reinforcements?
  11. It was 100% a bullshit call. Had to be conclusive to overturn and there was no angle that was. I’m shocked they overturned it, they should have to issue an explanation with that one.
  12. Well deserved, should have had his goal. But, MoTM in his first Champions League game. Congrats to him!
  13. David unlucky to get his goal called back. He played well though.
  14. David with a lazer, unlucky too close to the keeper.
  15. You can try this one: https://soccer24hd.com/game/match/5290/Lille-Vs-Wolfsburg.html?sport=soccer
  16. I've seen two lineups now with David on the wing.
  17. Not sure if there are any TFC apologists left at this point.
  18. An exciting week of Canadians in Champions League coming up. Lille-Wolfsburg and Bayern-Barca Tuesday and Besiktas-Dortmund Wednesday. A Buchanan-less Club Brugge against PSG as well.
  19. What an absolute gem. We don’t even know, even though we know. Imagine how good he’ll be when he’s 24-25.
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