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  1. Thanks. I actually came here to ask who was on co commentary as the voice sounded familiar.
  2. Thanks but not available in my country. I did see that one of the channels in the UK has full replays the next day. I’ll try watching those if I have time.
  3. Where are people watching highlights? CONCACAF have really poor 60 second highlight package. I was hoping for something a bit more substantial as I don’t have a chance to watch these live.
  4. Aren’t you one of the posters who criticises the CSA for not playing enough matches?
  5. Michael Chopra played in the premier league with Newcastle and Sunderland.
  6. Michael Chopra played in the premier league with Newcastle and Sunderland.
  7. Really interested to see who starts against New England.
  8. Saw this on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4152495054797940&id=125140544200098&ref=content_filter
  9. I think that is a bit harsh of a take on their ability to sell on players for money to better leagues. Looks at their top three departures from the last ten seasons. They have a much better record then you portray.
  10. European football would be a huge plus. Not going to get that staying in England.
  11. Very happy for him. Never lived there but I love visiting Austria. Bet it will be a great time for him.
  12. This is exactly what it reminded me of.
  13. Looking at their store, I see the smallest shirt is youth small, is this the same for all CPL clubs? I was thinking of getting a shirt for my 2 year old.
  14. Well good luck to the boys and everyone watching. I am calling it a night but will be up in less than 6 hours hoping that there are highlights available when I wake.
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