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  1. It’s he just one on Robert’s many names? I find him best to ignore.
  2. Too bad they destroyed all of the nice parts of Varsity. A Toronto CPL club could work with the Wolfpack on improving Lamport or another location.
  3. I wonder where he would be if Chelsea didn’t have the registration ban? I still have the programme from that U20 match against England. It has a write up about Tomori.
  4. Is he playing anywhere right now? Surprised he hadn’t turned up at at CPL club.
  5. Rugby League in the U.K. has pro/rel and a salary cap. As Ted says, the two have no connection.
  6. She was used for the main marketing of the new shirt.
  7. I was more speaking about how this forum is viewed by others supporters groups who may have not been part of this forum. If you look at the southsiders or RPB forums, any mentions of the V’s is usually negative, basically describing us as religious zealots only interesting in Canadians playing while their clubs struggles.
  8. That sucks. I had heard about Molinaro but was unaware of Sharman and now Forrest. Hope they end up elsewhere.
  9. Isn’t the issue with the club supporter groups is that they see things as club over country while most on the voyageurs forum we’re very country over club and the two attitudes clashed?
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