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  1. That From Stone doc was really good. It was great to get a view of football, art and culture in Nunavut. It is shame it has only been viewed a few hundred times as I think it would have interest beyond followers of the CPL.
  2. There are other clubs in England that were named after companies (Vauxhall motors) or organisations (met police) and one of the most famous sides of the Victorian era were Corinthians (who later merged with the Casuals). Also the most successful club in the Welsh top flight was called Total Network Solutions before changing to The New Saints. Not much in professional leagues anymore.
  3. Crystal Palace is an actual area within London. Both the area and the club were named after the palace that was relocated there.
  4. If the stars ever aligned, it would be great to see David Argyle (Toronto Wolfpack owner) put money into modernising and improving Lamport and then deciding to start a Toronto CPL team to play out of there along with the Wolfpack. Money wouldn’t be an issue for him, it would be if he had any interest in football and if there was political will to do something with lamport as it is an important community venue.
  5. West Ham play with a running track. Don’t believe the BS about retractable seating. It is some temp seating behind the track and a claret carpet put over the track. It is a really ****** way to watch football. Also Hertha Berlin in Germany.
  6. MLS had said that this will also be given to a Canadian club if they win. I was very surprised by this.
  7. Phonzie photo in the top football story on BBC.
  8. How about you tell the over 3,000 families in the UK who lost members in the age range of 15-65. Did they have nothing to worry about?
  9. That is a common scam going around right now. I got that email a few weeks back but with a password I did not recognise.
  10. It’s he just one on Robert’s many names? I find him best to ignore.
  11. Too bad they destroyed all of the nice parts of Varsity. A Toronto CPL club could work with the Wolfpack on improving Lamport or another location.
  12. I wonder where he would be if Chelsea didn’t have the registration ban? I still have the programme from that U20 match against England. It has a write up about Tomori.
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