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  1. I think my first introduction to him was through his controversial hat choice in this video.
  2. Is is too early for Christmas themed chants during this window? All I want for Christmas is All six points, all six points, all six points
  3. It’s not like Canada is a powerhouse on the international scene either and England have just come off a World Cup semi final and Euro final. I heard Tim Vickey talk about this in regards to South American international football recently and he made a really good point which I think applies here. All of their superstars now play their club football in Europe so the international game is the only time they gets to see these players live, where in England, they are seeing their top players live each week. And for the most part it is the same for Canada, we are only getting a chance to see out tops players live for international matches.
  4. In England where I live, most people get annoyed by international football interrupting club football but honestly right now I am annoyed that I have another month of club football before Canada plays again. The only upside is I actually get to attend the club matches but still, this will be a long month.
  5. I’ll second that. I only saw highlights this morning but it looked and sounded great. I am definitely jealous of all of this who attended. I haven't been to a home Canada match since the Gold Cup in 2015 and Scotland was my last Canada match so it is great to see all the photos and videos.
  6. Every time this thread gets bumped all I can think about is the poster (sorry can’t remember who it was) who referred to him as “Wankov” and then I have a good chuckle.
  7. I like this one which adds the very important distance measurement of time for a place you are going. People in the UK seem bemused when I use time as a measurement for distance.
  8. Speaking of El Salvador… El Salvador: Meet fan who googled players to improve side - and was rewarded with full-time job https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58820062
  9. Just a point of order, both West Ham (‘65) and Tottenham (‘63) won a European completion a few years prior to Celtic (‘67). Yes it was the cup winners cup, but London wasn’t exactly the European backwater you are alluding to.
  10. Cracks already started to appear with Jamaica as it looks like Antonio may hang up his boots. https://www.claretandhugh.info/mikeys-international-almost-certainly-at-its-end/ The source does have good contacts within West Ham but also pots lots of BS so we should take it with a grain of salt
  11. From Jon Arnold in the world football newsletter. “A goal from Jorge Sanchez put Mexico on the front foot in the Estadio Azteca, where Canada has never won in qualification, but Canada kept fighting for control of the midfield and taking the game to the hosts, eventually finding a goal before halftime as Alphonso Davies set up Jonathan Osorio. Neither team scored in the second-half, but Canada may have deserved all three points based on the performance.”
  12. The high from this match is starting to wear off. Got up at 2:30am to watch and it is now 7:45am. It didn’t help that my son woke at 5am and at 5:30 despite still being still being in PJs, he demanded I put his shoes on and take him for a walk along the canal. He is currently chasing pigeons around the park and I am struggling to keep up. Going to be a long day.
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