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  1. It’s a shame they are not eligible for the Concacaf league. Would be nice to see them make it to the third round of the Voyageurs cup and give Vancouver a real test.
  2. Fit for me, it looks like CPL is taking over the whole world.
  3. I make it out to a handful of 5th and 6th tier matches around London each year and I always felt there were players at that level that could improve TFC, especially in defence.
  4. A few years ago Forest Green Rovers were spending £2-3 million. on player salaries and when this was reported, they were not the only club paying that amount. This season Salford City was offering more money than Scottish Premier League clubs. I think all of the 5th division and some of the 6th division sides are fully professional now and spending big on salaries.
  5. I think people greatly underestimate the level of non league football in England. There are D5 clubs spending as much or more than MLS teams. If you haven’t been to matches at that level, you can’t simply judge it based on what level in the pyramid the club sits in.
  6. Are any of the neutrals having as much difficulty as I am as the results roll in? After each match I get equally excited for the winner as I get sad for looser. It sounds very Timbits soccer but I just wish everyone could be a winner.
  7. The stadium in Calgary is looking good, especially on TV with the snow. What the the main stand like? From the photos it looks like it has a metal frame where the roof should go but it isn’t finished. Also, any personal photos of the ground from match?
  8. I’d say that the CPL and one soccer have been doing a good job so far but the highlights are really letting them down. The one soccer site doesn’t have any for the recent matches and the ones they have are edited weirdly and have no commentary. The ones on the CPL YouTube are edited down too short to give any real context to what they showing and are missing too much of the match in general. I know it is very early days so I hope things improve as time goes on. I would also love a weekly match of the day type show that complies the week’s highlights and talking points.
  9. On Sunday, TWP had 9500 at Lamport while at the same time the Arrows had under 3000 at York. So all this union will do better than league is total BS. Not really surprised either. As someone who had no interest in rugby until discovering rugby league, I feel rugby league is a more exciting sport to watch.
  10. Can anyone a bit more tech savvy advise how I might be able to stream directly from my Samsung smart tv? I’ve tried using the built in web browser but just get a blank white page for One soccer. I know the tv has apps on it, but is there currently an app that is compatible?
  11. No app for me. Just streaming through their website.
  12. Am I the only one not that impressed by the highlight packages? They have no commentary and are edited very weird. I’d be much happier if they edited down the actually broadcast.
  13. I’ll also pile on with the camera height. Hopefully this can be adjusted and isn’t same at some of the other smaller grounds.
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