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  1. I don’t see it happening in October unless it takes place in Europe. Tim Vickery did say there has been an offer to hold these in England.
  2. Very odd. Always a name I wanted to see return but this is not how I pictured it.
  3. Spider web tattoos have been trendy for at least 30 years. I use to know people in 90s who had them and had definitely not been to prison. I think they have long lost their association with serving a prison term. Also, this is the Canadian Women's new kit. Why is it in the Men’s section? Seem like more CSA bashing where it is actually not valid.
  4. He was 14 and it was the U17s. How many of current internationals from major countries got picked to play U17 when they were 14?
  5. I didn’t even make it far enough in the article to read that he feels sorry for him for repoing Canada. Every piece I’ve ever read by Kelly has been pure ****.
  6. Wish I hadn’t clicked on that. Cathal Kelly is the biggest dick. **** him.
  7. Yeah it must be played in and won. It was mentioned on the Totally Football show.
  8. Apparently if Bayern win, Davies will the first ever teenage defender to win the European Cup / Campions League. Wow.
  9. In the uk, Saturday’s match is live on BT Sport ESPN.
  10. Not sure how true that is as Barca signed a Canadian from the MLS six months before Bayern signed Davies.
  11. Didn’t Dunfield had a serious knee injury that he did fully recover from?
  12. But that happens quite often and Bielsa is a top manager and could be a great mover other than the fact he doesn’t last long at clubs.
  13. Having David coached by Bielsa would be incredible for his development. The only problem is Bielsa doesn’t stay in one place too long do who knows how long it would last.
  14. Not a fan of the club but great move for Fleming. I hope she enjoys her time west London.
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