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  1. I was more speaking about how this forum is viewed by others supporters groups who may have not been part of this forum. If you look at the southsiders or RPB forums, any mentions of the V’s is usually negative, basically describing us as religious zealots only interesting in Canadians playing while their clubs struggles.
  2. That sucks. I had heard about Molinaro but was unaware of Sharman and now Forrest. Hope they end up elsewhere.
  3. Isn’t the issue with the club supporter groups is that they see things as club over country while most on the voyageurs forum we’re very country over club and the two attitudes clashed?
  4. Does anyone know what that the tie breakers in the table are?
  5. How much do you want to bet Canada doesn’t make the semi final round of WCQ?
  6. I can’t be the only one who is completely desensitised to losses like this?
  7. Any idea when the format and dates for the matches will be released?
  8. I’ve been very high on Fraser for a few seasons. He hasn’t always had stand out performances but I saw enough to see has quality to add to the midfield.
  9. From what I saw, this also really stuck out for me but I couldn’t tell if it was because NZ were poor or we were that much better. I suspect a bit of both but really enjoyable to watch.
  10. The problem I have is that kick off is at 3:30am for me.
  11. I only got to watch off and on but I did really enjoy the football. Really looking forward to the round of 16.
  12. I was not arguing that is was successful or that they didn’t play friendlies, I was just countering the point that is is unheard of that a coach would prefer to train with the national team instead of play friendlies.
  13. Jorge Sampaoli said the same thing when he took over Argentina. He was more concerned with working with the players as friendlies got in the way.
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