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  1. I noticed this week that the MLS website has 15 minute long extended match highlights. Is this new to this season? They are not edited together that well but as someone who gets to watch little or no live matches, it’s a great way to catch up.
  2. I am sure there is one yank who would disagree.
  3. Maybe he uses the Felix Mcgath treatment. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/29319599
  4. No extra limbs for me either after my first jab, although my mobile now picks up a 5G signal and I keep getting Microsoft pop ups.
  5. It is so great to see things come off for him this season. I know MLS isn’t the pinnacle of the sport but still great to see him excel at this level after playing at various levels and clubs. I used to watch a lot of TFC academy matches in the CSL and even as a leftback he was the player that stood out and you wanted to watch all match. Over the years I lived in Toronto, there were other academy kids I use to rate highly. Some did eventually go one to good careers (Kaye) and others who faded away (Omari Morris and Eli Roubus). Makes you wonder how much is skill, luck or application wh
  6. So Jackson went over to play non league football and ended up in the premier league but didn’t improve during that time?
  7. Loving the kick off time (9pm bst). My son will be asleep and everything I need to do should be finished. Just need to find a dodgy stream.
  8. I dint care if he doesn’t believe in lock downs or quarantines but being an anti-vaxxer is just stupid and dangerous to the rest of society.
  9. Someone should give him smallpox and then he can tell us how much he doesn’t believe in vaccines.
  10. Really disappointed I won’t be able to watch. With my current lifestyle (stay at him dad with a child who sleeps very little and wakes for the day at 5am) plus the time difference (4h ahead), I’ll be looking for highlights in the morning. Based on the matches played in 2017 with our home based players, I think our almost full squad should win comfortably. I’d say 4-1.
  11. The UK government took a huge gamble and ordered millions of vaccines before they were finished and approved. Combined with the great job of administering the vaccines (carried out by the health service and military), we’ve been very fortunate to see hospitalisation and deaths sharply drop. They are vaccinating roughy 500 to 800,000 thousand people a day, 7 days a week. Just finishing up the 50-59 age group. I am in my 40s, so not long before I am offered.
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