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  1. You think they would of wanted an offensive spark at the end of the game. His confidence was high after just bagging 2. Strange indeed.
  2. Exactly. If this TFC team was making a playoff push and you want to rely on veterans that would make sense. This team is in the basement. Evaluating talent for next year should be one of the top priorities. They know what the vets will bring them. Think everyone has seen enough. They aren’t earning their place in the team sheet. Doesn’t mean always field a young team but someone like JMR should be getting a run of games because at this point what is the downside?
  3. He’s just a guy. Shouldn’t be starting. You want to bring him on to protect a lead then fine. Otherwise he shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting lineup. Over payed for what he provides a team in my opinion. He can’t even make penetrating runs to help in the final third. I am sure the team can find cheaper depth forward that can run all day, chase down balls and maybe provide a hint of offensive upside. Maybe homegrown talent? Unfortunately this team has a number of over payed veterans that shouldn’t be part of a winning team…Dwyer is another one. Guess I’m just frustrated this team is horrible but they don’t really seem to have an eye on the future. A plan. A pathway for young players. When they were winning young players not getting a look could be justified. Had to earn your place. Now not so much.
  4. I am amazed Mullins is on 250k and is getting starting minutes in this league.
  5. So Nelson can't make the bench but they dress 3 keepers. Wasn't available for TFC 2. Didn't hear of an injury. Hm.
  6. Lawrence is at CB. Thanks Perez. And Auro as a winger. Hm.
  7. Yellow cards for Bradley. Not sure on Achara.
  8. So Shaff has been playing well and he gets dropped? Is Lawrence in at CB again? If so how does this help the team for next year? Or is Auro in a wide midfield position? If that is the case I would like to see Shaff or JMR instead. So Perez can’t find another youngster to put on the bench so they have to put another keeper on it? Don’t worry folks! 35 year old Giovinco may be announced soon. Remember to get your season tickets for next year! edit- maybe it is Laryea in wide midfield
  9. They wanted to shore up the midfield/defence to hang onto the lead.
  10. David from the spot! Great interplay in the goal leadup. More great work from Weah.
  11. David goal! Great work by Weah btw
  12. Davies just posted this on his IG story
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