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  1. I mentioned this on discord the other day but I'll post it here too. I heard from family in Germany that there are two or three 2. Bundesliga clubs along with one Bundesliga club that are following Kennedy's progress. Apparently there's no concrete interest in him yet but they like what they've seen and are keeping an eye on Kennedy. It was his performance against Köln in the cup that attracted other clubs attention. I'm not sure how reliable this information is though.
  2. The 3. Liga doesn't go on break during the international window so Elva would have had to missed club games if he was called up
  3. Johnston is supposedly going to be with the senior team that's why he's not with the u23s
  4. Jebbinson is eligible for England so he may not want to play for us if he could play for England
  5. I translate that as a bruised knee bone. Which according to the internet if it's mild it could be a few weeks to a month recovery or several months if severe.
  6. It's a big upgrade for them and they probably be a decent team in CONCACAF but they shouldn't be difficult for us to beat. Hahn is the third choice GK at Anderlecht. Outside of Donk who is 35, their CB options are comparable to ours. Their midfield is pretty average and far weaker than ours. And other than Becker their offence isn't particularly strong. They'll be a decent test but I'm confident we should beat them.
  7. We probably won't see him this camp. He's injured and even if he has recovered Regensburg is in lockdown with covid cases. I don't think he'll be able to go.
  8. Dear god this is an absolute shit take imo. What players are you talking about???? He's playing senior football at decent level on a fairly regular basis. Harry Paton is the only player who's ahead of him right now and he's not a pure 10. Lucas Dias and Simon Colyn are only playing youth football though they are both talented. Otherwise we don't really have too many 10s in his age group. He could easily make into at least the provisional roster for both the u23s or the u20s if not the final team.
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