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  1. I thought he played quite well today other than the poor marking on Petersen's goal.
  2. Well that would be an interesting destination....
  3. According to whoscored he's playing as a CB with Nachreiner moving out to RB.
  4. Hopefully he can get a 5th
  5. Germany Davies starts for Bayern as they face second to bottom Mainz. Davies goes the full 90 minutes for Bayern.
  6. Nuno really doesn't like making subs
  7. Starting today against Hibernian and he has scored a goal in the 19th minute
  8. We've got a few young #9s right now like Jordan Peruzza, Easton Ongaru, Liam Millar, Theo Bair, Charles-Andreas Brum.
  9. We need them to develop and play young Canadians first before they can be sold overseas. But I do hope we start to see Canadian MLS kids move overseas.
  10. Zator was linked with a move to the championship earlier this year maybe the deal went through and that's why he's not in the camp.
  11. Looks like he was with the Whitecaps youth teams at one point. Born 2002 and he's a defender/midfielder according to the Whitecaps information on him. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/youth/eliteteams/residency/juvraj-kooner
  12. Holy shit! We are actually going to have a camp!!! Cool to see Flores attending the camp. I'm incredibly happy right now
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