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  1. He definitely did not play at CB he was a LM today
  2. Germany 3. Liga Kianz Froese starts for Saarbrücken a win today would bring them to the top of the table Froese went the full 90 in a 2-1 win Caniggia Elva starts for Ingolstadt as they face Kaiserslautern where Andre Hainault is not in the squad Elva picks up a red card in 67th minute
  3. My concern was more about Bradley's fitness. Fraser is currently healthy, fitter and sharper as he played the full 90 against Cincinnati a week ago compared to Bradley who has been off injured for a month it just seems more logical to me to not risk Bradley tonight when he might not be a 100% yet
  4. Oso goes down injured in the 20th minute tonight and Vanney instead of bringing on Fraser who is fit and has played recently he ******* brings on Bradley who is just coming back from an injury and hasn't played in months... Sigh
  5. Man it seems like Lille was a bad move.... They just won't pass to him. Hopefully he has a good game against Sparta Praha in the Europa League
  6. It's infuriating that his teammates don't seem to want pass to him...
  7. Portugal Steven Vitoria starts against Belenenses Steven Eustaquio starts against Santa Clara Both went the full 90 minutes
  8. Well **** that's not good if it's true
  9. According to transfermarkt in December at the end of the season
  10. What if I told you that we could play and develop our youth and win trophies at the same time. If Bayern can do it we can too. Looking at their 2013 treble winning season they played tons of homegrown and youth players like Bastian Schweinstieger, Thomas Müller, Toni Kroos, Philipp Lahm, David Alaba all of whom were young players that came from the Bayern academy and were given a chance and they became superstars. If we actually made the effort to play our young players consistently even if it's 10-20 minutes at the end of game we could develop lots of young players to sell abroad or to have the next Osorio. I'm not a fan of Vanney in the slightest mainly because he doesn't play youth he'd rather sub on Endoh, Mullins or Zavaleta and I can't ******* stand that he doesn't give youngsters a proper chance.
  11. I'll throw Roen Fordyce Hylwka (RW/CAM) into the mix. Top scorer in the u19 oberliga last year, this year he's been quite good in a pretty horrible Sandhausen II side having scored 5 out of the 11 goals Sandhausen II scored (he also probably has a few assists but Sandhausen II assists aren't recorded on transfermarkt). I suspect he'll be promoted to the full Sandhausen squad soon if keeps playing like he is now.
  12. He was arrested two days ago for firing a BB gun out of a car at some students from a different university. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/10/13/uvu-soccer-played/
  13. He came to Canada at age 5 according to Wikipedia so I'd assume he is eligible
  14. I'd rather him go back to the MLS rather than staying in Turkey but Seattle are pretty stacked up front I don't see why they'd want Larin
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